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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 5, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Weather partly Cloudy details on Page in 92nd year no. 249 the High Point Enterprise Cau us circulation 882-1711 classified ads h85-2177 other depts. 885-2161 High Point n. C., sunday morning september 5, 1976 122 pages daily 15c. Sunday 35c Ford says Kelley won t be fired Washington a president Ford announced saturday he will not fire Fri director Clarence Kelley for accepting gifts from subordinates. And the Justice department indicated it would take no disciplinary action. A the president is satisfied with the conclusion of the department of Justice that the gifts received by or Kelley from subordinates were allowable Quot under existing regulations. Press Secretary Bon Nessen said Ford said he is satisfied with Kelley a Promise to make reimbursement for the gifts and reaffirmed his support for Kelley in his a efforts to strengthen the in a report to Ford atty. Gen Edward h Levi and other department officials said. A it is our View that or Kelley should remain As director of the Fri and that he should reimburse the Bureau As he sought to do Kelley responded in a Brief statement saying he was a very appreciative of the expression of support from president Ford and the conclusions of atty Gen Levi a i want to personally thank the president the attorney general and the american people for the Faith they have in the Fri a a Faith i feel is not he added later in Kansas City for a speaking engagement. Kelley expanded on that statement saying a the Fri is not infallible nor its leaders without occasional error i can assure however att of us Wilt keep error at a minimum and performance at maximum. A the department issued a statement saying atty Gen Edward h Levi and one of his deputies had reviewed the results of an official investigation of the gilts to Kelley their conclusion was it is our View that or Kelley should remain As director of the Fri and that he should Clarence Kelley reimburse the Bureau As he has sought to the department apparently rejected recommendations by Justice department investigators. One of them lawyer John m Dowd had urged that the president fire Kelley. Dowd s supervisor Michael Shaheen. Said Kelley should not be fired but recommended that he be reprimanded after these reports surfaced. President Ford asked Levi on wednesday to Issue a report to him a within the next Day or so Quot reportedly among the gifts at Issue have been a $200 Walnut table a $250 clock a $250 easy chair and a teak and mahogany jewelry Box Kelley has also paid the government $355 for drapery valances built in his living room by Bureau employees. He has said this work was done without his knowledge Federal regulations allow government employees to make voluntary gifts of nominal value to their Bosses on special occasions but prohibit virtually ail other gift giving the Bureau explained the gifts and services this Way two plywood valances constructed in Kelley a Home were installed Tor Security reasons and had not been re Quested by Kelley the department said Kelley offered to pay for them a the exhibits Section also repaired a hinge on a damaged Cabinet Kelley had bought and provided him with a plywood bed Board a Fri garage employees did work on Kelley s personal automobile the department said when Kelley Learned of this he stated that thereafter the car would be serviced at a private garage at his own expense the Bureau officials initiated the service in fear of a Security breach a during the terminal illness of Kelley s wife he asked that the Bureau loan him a Small Cabinet to hold materials he used while working at Home the Bureau also loaned Kelley two television sets during this period without his requesting them both sets have been returned. The statement said Levi rejected the reasoning that Kelley should resign or there would be an Aura of special treatment because of his High position it said that Kelley s conduct was different from that of other departmental employees who have been subjected to disciplinary action or criminal prosecution a for us to consider All gifts in the same Way one considers those which Are Given for base or illegal purposes and to equate actions done with honest intent with those which Are mendacious and mean can Only in the end protect the venal by disparaging the decent the Justice dept has also concluded that no disciplinary action against Kelley is warranted the report submitted to Levi by the office of professional responsibility was also reviewed by Deputy atty Gen Harold r Tyler or. Two assistant attorneys general who were not named and the head of a different Bureau in the Justice department the three consultants and the Deputy attorney general agreed that no disciplinary action should be taken but that Kelley should reimburse the Bureau for any items that could raise a question whistling swans residents of Aurora North Carolina have begun to look for a flock of whistling swans that annually makes the Lee Creek phosphate mining operation of Texas Gulf. Inc., its Winter Home the Birds come to North Carolina seeking w climate of their Home in Arctic Circle warmth from the cold hard Canada As far North As the a vireo of majority of voters May stay Home Washington apr a majority of voting age americans Are so disillusioned with government leaders that they May not vote in this year s presidential election possibly producing the lowest percentage turnout in More than 50 years a new report concludes More than to million citizens who voted in previous elections probably won t vote this year according to a National Survey by pollster Peter Hart and about 60 million of other potential voters May stay Home it reported the poll was conducted for the committee for the study of the american electorate a nonpartisan research group for the first time in 50 years it is possible a majority of eligible americans May not go to the polls a said Hart in an interview a the reason they Are not going to vote is that they Don t believe in the leaders but they do believe in the system they Are out there groping for someone to believe in he said the voting percentage could conceivably Range anywhere from 48 to 57 per cent Hart based his conclusions in part on . Registration figures. Which showed 95.565.000 people registered to vote in 1972 but Only 90.305.000 so far in 1976. With the deadline approaching he also referred to a declining percentage of voter turnouts in recent elections from 61 6 per cent in 1952 to 55 4 per cent in 1972 he and ins associates also interviewed a Cross Sample of people who would be eligible to vote. Out of these he picked 1.486 people whom he identified As non voters these Are citizens who Are not registered to vote and do not plan to Register. Who think their chances of voting in november Are 50-50 or less or who voted in two or fewer past Federal elections out of these. 177 who voted in 1972 said they definitely will not vote this year an additional 94 who had voted in 1968 Only said they would not vote. Only 193 who did not vote in 1972 said they might vote this year Hart said the Survey results indicate More than 70 million potential voters out of about 140 million persons of voting age. May not go to the polls that could mean that presidential election turnout could drop just below 50 per cent for the first time since 1924. When Only 43 9 per cent of the voting age population cast their ballots he said about 87 per cent of the no voters said they agreed that the country s most pressing need is a a few courageous tireless devoted leaders in whom the people can put their Faith a a neither president Ford nor Jimmy Carter attracted the no voters enthusiasm with no More than a handful citing either one As the political figure they Admire most but Hart estimated on the basis of the Survey that about to million no voters could be persuaded to vote in november about 43 per cent of the Likely voters said they would vote if they could be persuaded a candidate is Worth going to the polls to support another 34 per cent of this group said reliable information on the candidates would help for answers to questions or help with a problem c All or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered hut please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Collection boxes q. I am a resident of Londonderry estates and for a Good while we have been checking into the possibility of getting a mail drop Over in this Section. I have spoken to the resident manager about this and she has contacted the Post office i was wondering ii perhaps you could Deal with this through the paper. Thank you. Anon. A postmaster Blackwood says they have to install the boxes where they will collect a heavy volume of mail in their evaluation Londonderry estates does t have the population to support a collection Box teacher qualifications q. Why does the Trinity school system allow so Many teachers to team h without the b s. Degree it seems to me that there Are plenty of eligible teachers that do have the . Degree and it looks like they would get he most qualified people to teach our students. Thank you. A concerned Parent. A. Your source of information was incorrect the Randolph county school system requires that All classroom teachers hold at least a or b s degree and Many now hold the graduate degree John Lawrence superintendent of the Randolph county schools says the level of teacher certification in their system is the highest it has Ever been in the entire history of the Public school system. Lawrence laments that it seems to be a part of human nature to want to believe the worst and then communicate it to As Many people As possible. A one of our goals in Public education today Quot he says a is to teach our students to distinguish Between fact and fiction we will work hard to accomplish this. Because it will solve Many problems for future generations i believe we will be it s a Good thing there Are optimists in our schools too old bricks for gardens q. Could you Tell me where i might be Able to get old bricks i want to make a Flower bed and done to want new ones. Anon. A. Of you la look under a wrecking contractors Quot in the yellow pages you will find a couple of companies which have some from demolition jobs. President s supporters say Carter s stand like Ford s Elizabeth Dole taking leave by the associated press president Ford s supporters suggested saturday that democratic nominee Jimmy Carter sounds like Ford when he says a balanced National budget May delay implementation of some social programs when James Lynn director of the office of management and budget heard of Carter s statement he said that Carter had begun to Echo the president on the need to curb Federal spending inside Reading Back to 2d transsexual problems. Page 13b unions Back Carter Page 9b editorials. Page 4a women s new Section e sport Section c c 12, 13, 14, i so obituaries Page 5d 6-20d apparently agreeing. Ford told reporters to always glad to have a convert Quot but Carters press Secretary. Jody Powell maintained that Carter was not changing emphasis or direction in warning that social programs May not receive top priority if he is elected president Carter has said that the achievement of full employment would be his first goal As president meanwhile Republican vice presidential nominee Bob Dole accused Carter of shifting his position a about 180 degrees on National economic policy As an example of a shift. Dole cited Carter s claim Friday that the management of National affairs related to inflation is the overriding concern of americans a for a while at least or Carter is talking some economic sense a Dole said in remarks prepared for a Republican audience at Newport. R i a but i fear that this most recent Carter flip Flop on the issues will be Elizabeth Dole. Who is married to the vice presidential candidate said she would take a leave of absence from her Job As a Federal Trade commissioner so that she can Campaign with her husband mrs Dole said she wrote Etc chairman Calvin j Oiler that she wished her leave of absence to be effective aug 19. The Day dote and Ford were nominated through election Day nov 2. In order to avoid any conflict of interest. Mrs Dole has served on the regulatory commission since 1973 Carter his running mate sen Walter Mondale and members of their family were preparing for a heavy week of campaigning after officially opening their election bid on labor Day president Ford will not officially open his Campaign until sept 12. And planned to spend labor Day in Washington Carter planned to deliver a speech monday at warm Springs. A. President f Ranklin d Roosevelt s summer White House before visiting 20 other cities in la states during the remainder of the week Mondale planned to visit to states after officially beginning his Campaign drive in Akron. Ohio the candidates wives. Rosalynn Carter and Juan Mondale and seven other members of the Arter Tami a will also Campaign extensively Carter first indicated that a balanced budget would take precedence Over social programs and other goals traditional to the democratic party at a Friday news conference when he said there will be no new programs implemented under my administration unless we can be sure that the Cost is compatible with my goal of having a balanced budget see Carter son 2a dutch jetliner hijacked flown to Tunisia Tunis. Tunisia a hijackers seized a dutch Kim jetliner carrying 77 passengers and a Crew of eight on a flight from Nice to Amsterdam saturday night and the plane landed 2 a hours later in Tunis authorities reported nothing was known of the identities or nationalities of the hijackers or where they boarded the plane bystanders overheard a radio conversation in arabic and English Between the hijackers aboard the plane and tunisian officials in the con Viking life search parts May be of Pasadena Calif apr Viking 2s first photographs showed a damaged Antenna on the Landing Craft and scientists awaited further broadcasts saturday to learn if it might have sustained internal damage while crunching Down amid boulders on Mars Utopia Plain there was no immediate reason to think the Landing Craft s delicate life search instruments were damaged engineers speculated the Craft May have landed on a Roek instead of in a Field of Sand dunes that had been expected. If so said project manager Jim Martin the underside of the Lander could have been jolted directly inside the Lander Are the electronic devices that control the Viking biological and dirt acquiring tools he said a dish shaped Antenna was seen in an Early picture to have been torn during the Landing Martin said the inches Long tear should not affect the antennas performance. A there is enough physical damage that i believe something hit fairly hard someplace somehow he said the orbiting Mother ship was to Send to of Arth information gathered during the descent including the first color picture of the Rock strewn Plain where it landed the information had been recorded but not sent earthward because of the radio difficulties president Ford called Mission control to congratulate scientists for their second Mars Success a it was amazing that something so far away would do the Job without human hands being anywhere on Ford said his Call went out Over a Loudspeaker in the control room Ford also recalled his Days As a navigator during world War la on an aircraft Carrier and said he had always been told Mars was a totally unreliable for navigation purposes. Not so quipped Martin a it was right where we predicted it would be a meanwhile scientists reported More inconclusive but tantalizing results from the final life search experiments conducted by Viking i on a Rocky Plain some 4,600 Miles away in question were repeat runs of two biology tests that had Given positive results when first performed in one repeat a radioactively labelled Gas release test that looks for signs of metabolism in a soil Sample the results were similar to the first run radioactive tracer chemicals Are injected in soil samples to see if they show up in gases emitted later if they do it might mean life related processes Are at work tool Tower the hijackers demanded a full Load of fuel and asked for technicians to undertake a mechanical Check witnesses said the dc9 was being refuelled possibly to Fly on to another destination the plane was on Kim s twice weekly flight 366 from Malaga spam to Amsterdam via Nice it arrived in Nice with 28 passengers and during its half hour Stopover took on 49 More for the flight to Amsterdam police in Nice said passengers who boarded there were put through the routine anti Hijack Check for weapons in clothing or hand baggage most of the passengers were dutch tourists return my from vacations in spam or Southern France. Two of the passengers were Small children. Tunis1 Carthage Airport was closed to air traffic and a a dutch on 2a

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