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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 29, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Weather Cloudy warmer More data on Page a 92nd year a no. Hos the High Point Enterprise Cau us circulation m2 1719 classified ads m5-2177 other depts. 885-2161 High Point n. Cd a Friday afternoon october 29, 1976 30 pages daily i to sin Day 35c 60 per cent vote seen in state Raleigh a state elections director Alex Brock says he expects Between 50 and of per cent of North Carolina s 2.5 million registered voters to cast ballots in the general election tuesday. Quot i Hope the vote will be bigger Quot Brock said in a Telephone interview. Quot we re going to be above the National average a he said National pollsters predict that less than half of the nation s eligible voters will go to the polls. In hard figures. Brock estimated a turnout of i,481,165 to 1,525,000 voters he said he took into consideration Tho votes of the past two presidential elections the recent registration of voters and other factors Quot in making his prediction. Brock noted there was a 64 per cent turnout in 1972 and a record 76 per cent in 1968 he predicted a turnout of 38 40 per cent in the August primary. The actual Vole was 38 4 per cent about 118,000 new voters were added to the books during the period Between the August primary and Ort 4. The last Day for registration few the nov 2 election the largest increase for such a period bad news for Ford i economic indicators decline Washington a the government Index designed to predict future economic growth declined for the second month in a Row in september the Commerce department said today bringing More bad reelection news for the Ford administration the decline in the Index of leading economic indicators was seventh tenths of a per cent in september the same As in August it indicates that the economic slowdown May continue economists say they Are not certain that the Index Points to an economic decline until it has gone Down for three Muntel Tina Row rut the latest report seem certain to raise new quasi on about the Sti a Ngun of the economic i every. Since other re rent statistics on economic growth and unemployment have also been disappointing however one Commerce department analyst said it was t Clear irom the Index whether the decline reflected the slowdown in economic growth that has already occurred or whether it pointed to a further slowdown in the months ahead for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the in Terris. Every request in considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Sick Trees y. We have several Pine Trees in our backyard plus some other Trees thai we want to Cut Down. The Pine Trees to ave this disease i think they Call it Pine Needle Worms or something and if anyone wants them and would come and Cut them my clean the mess up of course they Are Welcome to them. Thank you. Anon woman. A the Pine borers have apparently invaded your Pines you can hear them chomping and chewing from a Good distance at times in an Effort to keep the beetles from spreading the state foresters started cutting infested Trees the big catch is they can to be located anywhere near a House or other building or Power lines we think you la have to rely on it and pay for a tree service to do the work if the Trees Aren t taken away before the borers abandon them they will move to other Pines nearby and kill them too six Inch Cliff q. When they repaved Fairfield Road they left about a six each drop on Thomas Street where we have to come la and out each Day and i want to know what they Are going to do about it. It la tearing our cars up. . A assistant Public works director David Smith said the Street Mai tence department will Feather the drop As soon As weather permits help for homosexual q. I am a homosexual and i would like to get help and would like to know who i could Contact for such a problem. Thank you. Anon. Man. A. You cancan Tom Watson at youth unlimited 431-2114. If needed he can refer you to other Counselor who have been effective in helping those who want help. City surplus Sale the person who inquired about the Date the City will sell its surplus equipment will want to know it will he held this saturday oct. 30. At to . The first auction will be held at the National guard armory 1041 Ward St. This will be the big stuff autos trucks sailboats canoes two trains formerly used in the Parks. The second auction will be at i . At the armory at 2210 English re. This will include smaller items typewriters duplicators leather jackets desks Etc. Homes for unwed mothers q. Do they have Homes in North Carolina for unwed mothers and if they do does it Cost to go i need this soon. Anon. A there is a Florence Crittenden Home in Charlotte Faith cottage in Asheville and the salvation army Home in Durham. Girls usually go for the last three months of their pregnancy but could be admitted sooner if necessary. The Cost depends on the individuals need and circumstances. Hie state could pay for the stay if the situation warrants it. Agencies which help girls get into the Horner include the adoption unit of the Guilford county dept of social services 883-7154, ext. 3834or the children a Home society of in Greensboro 274-1538 the Commerce department revised its figures on the performance of the August Index which originally was reported to have dropped 15 per cent. The revised figure showing a decline of seven tenths of a per cent during the month still is considered a substantial drop the August decline was the first in 18 months cancer patients get Vitamin c Washington api Ermine cancer patients live about four times longer alter receiving Large doses of Vitamin c. Says Nobel laureate or Linus Pauling other researchers say his findings look promising enough to warrant further study a study conducted in Scotland by Pauling and Drewan Cameron says the moan survival time of too dying cancer patients was More than 210 Days after they were declared untreatable by con vent Iona methods this compared with a mean survival time of 50 Days for i too terminal patients who were used As study controls because they did not get the Vitamin said the report in the october Issue of proceedings of the National Academy of sciences Pauling awarded the Nobel prize in chemistry in 1954 and the Nobel peace prize in 1962. Has been at Odds with much of the medical Community for advocating Large Vitamin c doses to prevent and treat common colds there still is no overwhelming consensus on that Issue or Paul Chretien of the National cancer Institute said thursday there Are serious questions about the methods used to conduct the cancer study but the results still Are encouraging enough to indicate Vitamin c May be useful in conjunction with other therapies in treating cancer he said this study should prompt a repeat study of an identical nature that is controlled by a statistician said Chretien. Chief of tumor immunology in Ncik a surgical Branch a there would be no question about the results if it had see cancer on 2a Campaign Hazard Shelby api a to glad to be Here in Cleveland county tonight Quot democratic gubernatorial nominee Jim Hunt said with a Grin thursday at a i Oil District rally near Here there was a gasp in the audience As someone said quietly a this is Burke Hunt quickly composed himself a Well i in even happier to be in Burke the crowd roared. No one had thought to Tell Hunt that he had just crossed the county line. Since the nation began to pull out of the deep recession of 1974-75. The Index stood at 107 9 in september compared with the 1967 base Index figure of too. The major Factor contributing to the september decline was a drop in new orders for consumer goods and materials also contributing to the decline were the average work week Down to 39.6 hours from 39.9 hours the month before the manufacturing Job Layoff rate up to 1.5 per cent from 1.3 per cent in August Vendor performance change in liquid assets changes of sensitive Price and the Money balance. Partially offsetting these declines were gains in business formation contracts and orders for Plant and equipment building permits and Stock prices. Building permits showed the strongest gain top administration economic spokesmen already under pressure because of the recent unfavourable statistics on unemployment and economic growth acknowledged in Advance that the indicators Index probably would be Down again but they continued to maintain that the slowdown in the Economy was about Over and that the economic recovery remains basically sound Carter Ford spar Over . Economy by Dave Riley associated press writer Jimmy Carter said today republicans have failed to Stop inflation a because they believed that unemployment was the cure Quot president Ford s spokesman countered that economic indicators which have dropped Over All for a second straight month show a solid Carters attack came in an economic position paper it accused republicans of fearing a to stand up to powerful special interests they have sought to play business and labor and agriculture and Consumers against each other rather than seeking cooperation a the democratic presidential nominee said he would economic Aid programs at areas of High unemployment. Enforce antitrust Laws More intensively and launch an Active White House Effort to hold Down inflationary Price increases presidential press Secretary Ron Nessen took note of the second monthly decline in the government Index designed to predict future economic growth by saying an examination of the leading economic Index shows that the recent pause in our economic recovery is concluding and the Economy will continue its solid the Index declined seven tenths of a per cent in september it dropped by the same percentage in August although it indicates a current economic slowdown May continue economists say they Are not certain of a sustained decline until the Index drops three months in a Row the major Factor in the september drop was a decline in new orders for consumer goods and materials other factors were a drop in the average work week an inert ase in the manufacturing Job Layoff rate and deterioration in Vendor performance liquid assets sensitive prices and Money balance a we Are particularly encouraged by the two key in v 11 a 90 \ familiar smiles these Jaek of lanterns Are the products submitted in a Jimmy Carter smile alike contest sponsored by Louisville Jefferson county democrats in Ken dictators which have the most influence on future economic Nessen said he cited capital goods orders and building permits Quot both Are significantly higher Quot he said Nessen issued his statement in Milwaukee where Ford told the Wisconsin Branch of the National education association that the governments multiple education Aid programs should be consolidated because they cause confusion and unnecessary waste. He said school administrators a Are buried under an Avalanche of paper generated by no less than 128 separate and often overlapping Federal Aid to education Ford gave no blueprint for reorganization but his proposal is part of a larger government program Consolation plan he has been proposing for several months the president got a warm Welcome from the Wisconsin Nea. It s Parent National organization has endorsed Carter Ford said he would not a you Promise or outbid the opposition. A a every program has its Price a the president said adding that his audience was too sophisticated and knowledgeable a to throw your support to the highest he Drew his greatest applause when he declared that no teacher should be subject to physical or verbal assault by a student he was cheered again when he added that teachers should be free of badgering Quot by the undisciplined parents of those he noted a a dramatic increase in school crime and school violence Quot but offered no specific measures to counter it. Carter said thursday he could not Promise voters there would be an Over All tax Cut during his administration. But said his proposed economic policies would make such cuts a possibility. Honecker takes Power in e. Germany Berlin a communist party chief Erich Honecker became East Germany a head of state and assumed All the trappings of Power once wielded by the late Walter Ulbricht today in a Surprise shakeup of top government posts. With the Economy evidently in trouble former head of state Willi Stop reverted to his old Job of Premier with the primary Job of running the government and economic bureaucracy. The changes were confirmed unanimously by the vol Skammer or people s parliament the official adn news Agency reported it said Stop will present his government monday along with a major speech outlining hts program outgoing Premier Horst Sindermann moved Over to become president of the parliament Sindermann took Over from Gerald Goetting chairman of the Christian democratic Union a satellite party. 7i in Tucky. The Center Jack of lantern in the Bottom Row was made by Jefferson county judge Todd Hollenbach. A wire photo Maire drum in Ira woman Leader is killed Belfast. Northern Ireland of protestant leaders predict a new wave of assassinations Street shooting and bombing by the Irish Republican army in reprisal for the murder of Ira woman Leader Maire Drunin in a roman Catholic Hospital the fiery 56-year-old grandmother her name is pronounced Moyra was shot thursday night by three Young men who walked into the Ward on the third floor of Belfast s mater Hospital where she was recovering from Eye surgery a stray Bullet hit another woman patient in the leg but she was not seriously Hurt. The assassins escaped a spokesman for the iras provisional Wing said the killing was the work of the Ulster defense association. A protestant guerrilla army. A we know the identity of one of the killers Quot he said. Born in 1920. The year Ireland was partitioned mrs. Drumm until a month ago was vice president of provisional sinn Fem. The Legal political of the outlawed Ira provisional who have been lighting to end British Rule in Northern Ireland for More than seven years. She resigned her vice presidency to undergo Cataract operations but was re elected a member of the High Council of sinn Fem which Means ourselves alone Iii gaelic. Her family had been making arrangements to move her from the Hospital after a Belfast newspaper published her whereabouts this week. A cheerful Motherly woman in her Home mrs. Drumm was a fiery speaker before Catholic crowds in the streets Quot Send the British soldiers Home in their Collins a a she told one rally. Last summer she threatened Ira destruction of Belfast a Stone by Stone Quot British troops called her grandma venom mrs Drumm her husband Jimmy and their five children Are passionate supporters cd the Ira and the reunification of Ireland i what s inside i amusements.12-13a bridge10b classified ads 10-15b comic sub crossword 10b editorials4a financial2a obituaries .2b sports.3-6b television Iga women s news6-7a weather Joa he spied on communists in . Charlotte a Ralph Clontz a 54-year-old Charlotte lawyer worked As an Fri undercover agent spying on communists in the United states As a a service to my Clontz lived a double life from 1948 to 1953, spying on communists activities in North Carolina and new York his testimony helped to convict Junius Irving Scales a Greensboro native who spent 15 months in prison in the nation s Only conviction for violation of the Smith act the Case of Scales now 56 and living in new York is the subject of a play Quot limits of dissent Quot which is being performed in the state since his conviction Scales has disavowed the communist party. But Clontz contends that 25 years ago Scales Quot taught me most of what i knew about communism Quot in a recent interview Clontz said his undercover work began after world War ii when he was a Law student at Duke University. Clontz a Veteran of military intelligence wrote a letter to army in Tel hence expressing concern of the talk of communism he was hearing from other students the Fri asked him to investigate further. A they wanted me to get inside to be one of them so i could see what they were up to Quot Clontz said Scales a University of North Carolina student had announced his communist affiliation in numerous let Etters to College newspapers across the state Clontz got in touch with Scales who a wooed tutored and nurtured me he took me under his Wing and taught me All i know about the communist Clontz affiliation with Scales son of a see he spied on 2a Ralph Clontz has no apologies a wire photo

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