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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 26, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Thursday october 26. 1939thi Hiu no int Enterprise a Piedmont Center ref a n i in pm hint. North a Akim Ina Page three Sec. Serial Story Joan of Arkansas by Jerry Brondfield copyright 1939. Nea service inc won 1,000,000to Battle with storm cast oct h a Ilu teds Joan Johnson a a mysterious Cord Glamor girl of the tech Campus Keith Rhodes a techs Star Ful i Hack headed for All America honors Dan w Hudeko tin Block ing Back who clears Keith a Way a steady industrious student. A yesterday a it Granger wins the Homecoming Queen election. Keith does no to gel in from the Celebration until 1 80. Webber is angry later blames Joan for keeping Keith out. She starts to protest that she Dill keep Keith from drinking then stops. Walks away from Dan. Chapter Xiv a High geared tech steamroller crushed West Virginia that saturday and started preparation for the Homecoming game with Vanderbilt. A a won the Able to see you at All this week a Keith told Juan in class monday. A Slocum is going absolutely punch nutty honest the poor Guy is going around muttering to himself Why his wife has forbidden him to drive the ear because he can to get his mind off football. She a afraid hell wrap himself around a tree while trying to dope out a new Keith Shook his head Dol fully. A a he a got us eating thinking and dreaming football. And that Means there la it m Homecoming dance for us Friday night. We thought maybe the old Man would let us show up for a half hour or so but he s i afraid some second string tackle will break an ankle shagging. to sighed a we Don t stir i out of the country Quot gee a a she said. Quot too bad. We could have had Quot i can get one of the boys to j take you. A he offered. Quot nope that a out. No More Homecoming activities really got under Way Friday. Young grads old grads a they poured Hack for two Days of riotous reminiscence. They descended upon the University District and really took Over. Loan met so and so from 32 and some others from �?T34, and then there was a flock of matronly Alpha nits from �?T2 4 and �?T25 who stopped in with Paunchy Semi Bald husbands. A something for us to look Forward Elaine cracked. All hut a handful of girls had dates for the dance that night in the gym. Granger dont up in Black Marquisette was prepared to reign in All her queenly glory. Quot to put it in simple said Jean sweeping a glance Over her a a you re the a did you Ever Stop to think that you might have been standing Here instead of me had you so desired Quot Kay asked softly. Jean pushed her out of the room a a Quot wan get going before i Start bawling. I m not going to your Little party a a know. And besides Rob Lake has been waiting for you for 15 minutes a a Boh Lake As chairman of the hot becoming committee was Kay a escort for the dance and the game next Day. was a Delta rho from Memphis and had a cute Southern drawl. Quot have fun Quot said Joan As they went out the door. Saturday was Crisp and Golden not Only from the Bright november Sun but from thousands of inures that were in evidence. Sitting in the stands Joan a Arni and the others Felt a glow of Pride As they witnessed the pre game ceremonies. A motorcade of tars rolled around the running track and came to a Stop before a portable Micro. Phone. That was when Kay took Over. She greeted the returning grads and enthusiastically kissed the rival captains Good Luck As a Battery of photographers went to work. Then As an afterthought Hay ran Over and gave Barney Hughes an extra smack for Good measure and the crowd roared. A cute he Quot Elaine Giggle the More serious Busine hand Wasny to quite so cute. Vij although the underdog was de for Bear. Even though southerners were crippled by injuries they put up a terrific Battle until they ran out of competent reserves in the last half. Midway in the third Quarter skipping lightly behind Dan Webber who Rode the Vanderbilt end All the Way out of the play Keith went Down to the 6-Yard line on a 33-Yard Jaunt. Tony Mangano bucked it Over in two plays. A few minutes later Johnny White heaved one straight Down the Middle. Burney took it on the dead run picked up a couple of interferes and went Over standing up. St old Man Slocum ruled with an Iron hand before any game but he always let up after it was Over. The Gammas celebrated the week end with an informal dance at the House and this time Joan did no to miss. Keith kissed her lightly in the car when he called for her and she gave him a hug. A Nice going today. Rhodes. We really poured Jit onto them did no to we Quot Quot yeah once. We got i and then a say. Ifs remarkable the Way you be taken to the vernacular a poured it on them a and stuff like she laughed. A a done to look now i hut in a getting an awful big Kic k out of this football season. And a no ones pulling for an unde feat i i pop what s behind Hollywood scenes John Arledge and Trevor Baratte have be a added to Tho i if a the fighting 69th.&Quot . Production in which James ague Pat of Brien and George Arent head a Stellar All male cast a a hat mom Mani Star of Quot of Lincoln in Illinois Quot could write a let ook Alani Lincoln so extensive have been bus researches on the life of the great since lie received the idea to do Lincoln Nome eight years ago Massey has read almost Mhz took Ami plays on the martyred president. Nav Kyser. The Only Star in the tidiness permitted to Wisecrack mad Lili at w ill it Ltd. M c t or j a Mil in cameras takes full advantage i his prerogative in his firm him that a right. You to xxx one a a Charles enlighten shedding weight title to Hen it Load of the Hunch Quot he a carrying in Quot the Hunchback of notre Dame. Wilfrid eau son English ador in Quot leg Hon it i prising Quot lain Trevor anti John xxx Ayne has minute a re for linty in the Royal air Force in which he served during the last Star. Zorina Star of Warner Bitts. In your has been chos a by the american society of oat urn erg As a the woman with in most Perfitt figure in the norwegian dancing Star a St it designated during the Antal convention of the Organiza an in new York c Ity. As insurance against dam Ige anti lit no t by tire a has Wirtl ult it ii is a producer s Buga uni during the making of All Ter ital pictures tile it Tim 111111. Or Quot the private lives of i Zalich anti Essex Quot were made to icon Inglam Uahle fabric a a first time Quot in the Industry. Dry Kelly who designed the Ostium s for title retie Davis Irrol my in co starring picture inst Esh it Sihle for the Tirc roof apparel innovation. Ile and read recently of a new let Ina of treating fabric to take ii non inflame Muhle. A a a a Geraldine Fitzgerald Lias been looted to play the major it Iii be role opposite Laurence Oliv i a in Warner production of a israeli Quot which will Deal with i Diplomat s earlier career. A a wit ii the addition of Edward Mold and Reginald Owen to it All Star cast of Lei speak in roles Quot tilt Earl of Chi to a a starring Robert Mont Murry went into production tis week at metro Goldwyn a or. Purchased tin Mot lignin a yes recommendation the Story t a Chicago gangster who Iii a rits a titled English estate is rough to the screen by \ Irr Saville directed by Richard hoi a. A a Quot Aal b. Wallis executive product Warner bros., announces Benjamin Franklin Quot As a future bring vehicle for Edward it Pinson. _ Darryl /.amok, production if at twentieth Century Fox in Hon of i <1 i lot of ii \ i ill Tim Paramount to co Star with rom Power Iii a Johnny Pili Quot at the same time it was 1 lion lied i that his Ani xviii would have a major role Hie production which will go fore hit cameras next Monus i lowing Power s completion of t starring role in a daytime a Johnny a Mitjo Quot is an Ginal by Sam Engel and Hal in anti Harry Ole Bro xvii xxx i 11 i As associate producer. A behind closely mud i dour most controversial film which Side glances ii cont of Stust oct. My to acc u a rat off in la lost for More than 24 hours atop it. Washington n. H., As the worst autumn blizzard in recent history lashed the 6288-foot Peak Anne Pearsall of Lowell mass., and two men companions fought their Way Down to safety. Their escape astounded Veteran Forest rangers who had Given then a one Chance in a million to survive the 96-mile an hour sleet Laden Gale. Cranium crackers App in the the words i i others you fell same or some of synonymous Hites can have file same and different meanings 1. Fee hew avoid. 2. Aet end surmount 3. Inc Pience Pero Rati emanate Transue. In Lowar Are oppo which one which Hay 4. 5. 6. Retention Surre oblivious insets Lackey Liege. Europ Hagye Gulo Der us Losty. X i Syx or on xxx ant Btl Page in in Quot no in a not saying i like it just because in a bored and want to ret oui of Here i really like it a a understand a evacuated from his schoolmates a for the first time Laden with fruit ask of apples they were told they Wert plums ii eds a Slimy i never knew plums grower on Trees. I thought they a ame in ii d on with la boy saw Plum tree what kind and when exclaim Hollywood has photographed in Many seasons is now before the cameras. It is John Steinbeck s novel a the grapes of Wrath a a which Many Magazine and newspaper writers and organizations Huv predicted never would be filmed because of its Frank and tragic revelation of conditions among the okies. The okies Are the Oklahoma sharecroppers who migrated to California from dust bowl expecting to find a land it Promise and who according to Steinback found Only brutal mistreatment. With Henry Fonda playing the starring role of Tom Joad Aud j Dorris Bowdon who came to Hollywood a year ago from Louisiana i state University at Linton Rouge playing her first leading feminine character role in the character of j Rosa Sharn 20th Century Fox mid to Heads ordered out no vis a hours whatsoever be permitted on j the sets and a cordon of officers have been posted around an out a door location where the okie j Camp had been built. Fearing that a new wave of protests might de trend on them from California studio executives instructed director John Ford to take every precaution to keep secret the i scenario treatment of Steinbeck a i novel. Flapper Fanny cops 1919 by Mca service inc t m by Sylvia 1 j de year More than i am and no one wants tech to go to the Rose Row More than i Quot How about me making All America a be prompted. A that goes without saying i you dope a she said snuggling i up close just As they arrived at i the Gamma House. Lit Jas $1 it was a swell dance. Gangs of people were there and Complete introductions were impossible. I but she deliberately managed an introduction to Dan webbers Date a Sweet in Gam named i Eileen Campbell. She spent a casual five minutes with Eileen while they were re a pairing their makeup Aud it s did no to take much More than that Danes taste Eileen. Was As Sweet As they to Admire Joan knew come. A was no to Dan Eileen enthused. I right below the i heard one sports swell today a i was sitting press Box and i writer Tell Uii a he a Gonna be president when he grows up gee in a sorry a i already promised mrs. Smith id vote for her other that he had never seen one Man make so Many tackles in a single Juan straightened her Corsage on her shoulder. They were Gardenias her favorite. A Chi sure was Quot she agreed without looking up. And then she went out to join Keith on the dance floor. A its suddenly occurred to Keith whispered in her ear a that in a dancing with the most Beautiful girl in the House Quot a a you re not being very Gal sin replied. A is that All the territory you can take in a she Felt the pressure of hts hand. A i see by Tho papers that we have a full Moon tonight a he said. A i done to believe what i read in Tho papers Quot she whispered. A Fine. Then lets go out and see for ourselves. You re right about not trusting the they strolled out on the Ter race and continued out to the Garden Iii Back. Quot there it is. Take a look big As a she looked up and he took her in his arms and kissed Hor hard he kissed her again and held it for a Long moment. Quot hey Quot she gasped. Quot give me when she looked up Over Keith a shoulder she saw Dan Webber looking at them from the Terrace. was alone. Dan stared at them for a Brief second then turned and went Back inside. I o in out inc it i belgian Congo times size of Belgium Only once in my travels have i visited Belgium hut the Days i spent there were pleasant and interesting. Most of the time i stayed in Brussels hut i visited one Village and also went to Antwerp the second largest City. Counting its suburbs. Brussels has a population of More than Sou too. People often Call it Quot the Little it is not so old As Paris but has a history going Hack 1,400 years. For a Long period it was owned by Austria. At a later time Napoleon took it into his Empire. It Lias been the capital of the kingdom of Belgium since i so. Belgium a King Leopold Iii. Will he 3<s years old on nov. 3. His Beautiful wife Queen Astrid died four years ago in an automobile Accident Iii Switzerland. The Law making Power of Belgium is in the hands of the parliament not the King. Members of parliament Are chosen by popular vote and Are known As senators and deputies. While i was in Brussels i stayed at the Home of of one of the deputies. followed an old belgian custom of shaking hands very often. would shake hands with me several times each Day in the morning at noon in the evening and sometimes just before i went to bed the chief thing i did during my visit to Antwerp was to visit the great zoo there. It is one of the Best. I have seen anywhere. One reason for its Fine collection of animals is the fad the Belgium owns a Large Colony in Aldeau the belgian Congo. Strange animals of Many kinds have been brought to Belgium from minor suit game is difficult shows exceptionally Fine play by my. E. Mckenney Secretary american contract Bridge league Street scene Iii Antwerp Belgium. This Colony. The belgian Congo is a huge stretch of land in the heart of Africa. It covers 902,000 Square Miles which Means it is 79 times As Large As Belgium. The belgian Congo is Rich in Plant life and Many of the Plant yield products of great value on i the worlds markets. These prod i acts include Palm Oil Palm nuts j Cotton Coffee Cocoa rubber sugar and Ivory. In 1914, the outside world heard a great Deal about Belgium Germany s army leaders ordered hundreds of thousands of soldiers to invade it. On the Way to France the Little country fought off the soldiers As Well As possible hut they were too Strong of Germany had been the Victor in that War. Belgium very Likely 5 would have become part of tin minor suit games Are usually difficult to arrive at As players i will often get into three no Trump. Therefore i thought to a Day s hand was Well did. And the j play to make five clubs is also exceptionally Fine j naturally South must open the j bidding with a club and the Dou Hie is West a Best Call. North a redouble is Fine. East would he justified in passing or some players would prefer the two Dia a mood hid. Having opened the bidding. South must now pass to see what action West and North take North a double of West a two a heart old is for business and South s two no Trump shows the Diamond stopper. When North goes to three no Trump South wisely decides in favor of a suit declaration on tin hand and North follows the same reasoning when he takes the contract to five clubs. The opening Lead is won with the Ace of Spades Aud tin eight of hearts led. West wins with the Ace and returns another Spade Dummy winning with the King the Jack of clubs is played and a k 7 -1 v k 9 6 4 3 a a74 a j 10 4 a q j 9 4 3 n 4 10 8 5 v a 105 w e v j 7 2 6 Jio 6 5 a q2 s a k 9 7 2 a 3 dealer a a 6 2 v 8 a k 9 8 3 a a q 6 5 3 duplicate a. And s. Vul i South West North East i a double redouble 2 a pass 2 v double pass 2 n. T. Pass 3 n. T. Pass 4 a pass 5 a pass opening a a q. \ to a German Empire nations Freedom for travel j scrapbook. It kiddies games and Puzzle he found in the Quot Funmaker Quot let. Of you would Uke a copy St a a 3c stamped return envelope 1 me in care of this newspaper Uncle Ray j tomorrow Switzerland. Til As it was was saved get Ion of your will Leathern to East correctly refuses to cover until the ten is led. South wins with the Ace plays another Spade i and ruffs in Dummy with the club four. Softli discards a Diamond Ion the King of hearts and ruffs another heart. The King of diamonds is asked a Small Diamond played to Dummy Sace and another heart returned. Now East is helpless. Of he Trumps South will discord a Diamond and win the last two j Trump tricks of he discards Declarer will make his Small Trump and lose Only the heart acc and i a Trump. Only the female Glowworm ii Luminous. 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