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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 24, 1925, High Point, North Carolina High Points population u. 8, go. Eminent census. 1923 22,279 vol. 34�?no. 19high Point Enterprise High Point the growing Industrial City of North Carolina has a total of 125 manufacturing plants a v weather forecast rain tonight and possibly sunday morning warmer tonight colder sunday night full associated pres amp High Point n. A saturday afternoon october 24, 1923 6 pages today Price five cents constitutionality of Law in Scopes evolution Case sole Issue before supreme court that tsp ruling greeks mat face by the Tennessee t All evidence of Bryan experts and some others will be ruled out enemy say 27 saved in mid Atlantic storm Bulgaria is reported to calling troops to the colors now by Knoxville. Term., oct. 24.�? apr the constitutionality of the Law prohibiting the teaching of evolution in the Public schools of Tennessee will be the sole Issue before the supreme court of Tennessee in the Appeal of John Thomas Scopes Dayton school teacher it was decided Here today when the supreme court sustained the states motion to Rule out the Bill of exceptions. This action Means that the record of the Case including the testimony of the late William Jennings Bryan As Well As that of the scientific experts offered at the real in Dayton will be excluded from consideration by the supreme court arguments before the court will be confined entirely to the constitutionality of the Law. Chief Justice Greene handed Down Tho decision today. He said that while it was True that judge John t. Raulston who presided at the Dayton trial signed the record containing the statement that sixty Days had been permitted to file the record this judge had also signed the minutes calling for Only thirty Days. The chief Justice said that judge Raulston had no Legal right to extend the right from thirty to sixty Days after the court which tried the Case had adjourned. Following the opinion this morning attorney general Thompson filed an agreement of both the state and defense counsel asking that the consideration of the Case lie postponed until after january i. It follows therefore that the Case will be tried at the following Timm of the supreme court in Nash Vale. Scopes was convicted of teaching evolution in violation of the a Law and was fined Hoo. The Case appealed to the supreme court. At present Scopes i3 studying geology at the University of Chicago. Or. John r. Neat of Scopes counsel was present in court As was g. W. Rappelyea of the Evo Lution trial who initiated the proceedings that resulted in the Dayton trial. Vienna oct. 24.�? apr dispatches through Belgrade say Bulgaria is mobilizing. Reports received in the Jugo Sla Vian capital from the Border state that forty comit Adjis b. Is irregulars Are in route to Mel Nick to reinforce the army. Episcopal letter powerful support of 1esusjligi0n religion of Jesus and not about Jesus is needed say Bishops not synonymous message goes to the whole Church clergy and laity from new Orleans the pastoral missive trophy seaplane race postponed at Baltimore because of it Eather Bay Shore Park Baltimore jct. 24.�? apr the International Schneider trophy seaplane race scheduled for this afternoon was formally postponed at to a. Rn., today to be held tomorrow weather permitting. The Chesapeake was covered with White Caps and an increasingly Strong Easterly wind was blowing squalls of rain when the contest committee decided to postpone today s program. The postponement will give the British team another Chance to attempt to qualify their Reserve plane tomorrow morning to substitute for Cap an Henry c. Biardo a super Rene Napier 8-4 which was wrecked in a tryout yesterday. To i Kue to sea14en is Melnick is ten Miles Northeast of Petrich previously reported under greek Shell fire. Based on radioed information this is How the president Harding fighting its Way through the storm to the Side of the foundering freighter Ignazio poured tons of Oil on the troubled Waters shot breeches buoys across the doomed ship and rescued Twenty seven men and the ships cat just before the Craft founded. Capt. Paul c. Grening hero of the most thrilling Rescue of recent years is a world War Veteran. Requisition papers sent Philadelphia for Richard r. Brown to Raleigh. O t. 24.�? add Deputy Warden e. Mckernan was sent this afternoon to Philadelphia with requisition papers on the governor of Pennsylvania for the return of Richard Russell Brown who escaped from state prison on july 25, 1922, it was announced today by superintendent George Ross Pou of state s prison. At the time of his escape Brown \sa3 serving a ten year sentence for larceny. He wife were sentenced from Rowan county in february 192". In connection with be theft of sonic diamonds in Salisbury. His wife served her sentence and is living in Raleigh but Brown has been at Large since his escape until he was apprehended in Philadelphia. Or. Lou stated he is wanted by the Federal government in connection with a group of automobile thieves operating Between Philadelphia and West Palm Beach Fla. North Carolina has priority claim on the prisoner however he having failed to compete his sentence at the state prison. At the conclusion of Lis sentence in Tate prison he will be turned Over to the Federal authorities Pou said. Big merger new York. Oct. 24.alliance of four of the leading phonograph companies of the world representing a total capitalization of approximately $17,000,000 and operating factories in la countries was announced today by the Columbia phonograph company one of the concerns involved in the transact i Lens. Just As the world had begun to believe that hostilities along the macedonian Border had ceased and that the warring factions would remain quiescent until the Council of tile league settled the controversy the greek artillery its late firday afternoon loosed a rain of shells against the already sorely stricken town of Petrich and greek troops advanced further into Macedonia. The Athens government is of the opinion that the French Man Euver was made before the greek commander received the orders to cease hostilities but to remain in the positions occupied by the greeks until Bulgaria had acceptably replied to Greece a demand for indemnity and an apology. Ju3t How far the greeks have invaded bulgarian terrain has not been definitely established but bulgarian advices assert that they have occupied 240 Miles of territory and that in addition they Are resorting to veritable pillage requisitioning wheat and foodstuffs of All kinds from the panic stricken inhabitants. From Sofia comes a tale of terror and suffering in the War Ridden territory. Fifteen thousand persons Are homeless and other thousands men and women and children suffering from cold and hunger Are choking the roads in Hasty flight to get out of the danger zone. A majority of the fleeing refugees Are without food and without Hope of securing any and fear is expressed that disease shortly will Manifest itself among them. In the shelling of Petrich the greeks Are declared to have used Long Range guns. Three children were said to have been killed by a Shell which exploded Al the railway station. The town is a mass of ruins. Frequently during the bombardment terror stricken peasants along the roadways were heard to ask a has it come again the War a the Council of the league of nations has taken a hand in the affair. It has been summoned to meet next monday in Paris to Endeavor to Settle the strife in the notification to both Greece and Bulgaria to Send representatives to the meeting it was pointed out by Aristide Briand president of the Council of the league that under article Xii of the covenant of the league both sides to the controversy must submit their dispute either to arbitration or to inquiry by the Council and agree not to resort to War until three Mouths after the award of the arbitrators or the report of the Council. Smiling troops Sofia. Bulgaria. Oct. 24.�? apr Bulgaria is sending troops into the a War area and has decided to made a stand As far As her limited military strength permits in Case the greeks continue to invade the territory granted them under the treaty of Neuilly. This is stiffed in Authora Tive quarters Here. First train Load of water leaves today for Asheboro 9 tank cars Niue tank cars tilled with water left High Point this morning at 8 of Elock for Ashel Ioro to relieve that towns water shortage resulting from the prolonged drought. The cars were pulled today by the regular train but it was stated that arrangements Are to be made to have a special train for that purpose. High Point has promised to Supply Asheboro with a Tittle More than 100,000 Gallons of water daily until other Relief measures Are taken. Each of the tank cars has a capacity of Between 10,000 and 12,000 Gallons of water. The cars were placed on a siding Between main and Wrenn streets yesterday afternoon and were filled with water from the hydrants tire Hose being used for that purpose. Several hours were required to fill the tanks. At Asheboro the water is to be Limpid from the cars. Between 250,000 and 800,-000 Gallons of water Are necessary daily to meet Asheboro a needs. Mayor Dock Mccrary of Asheboro states that the present Supply is Only half of the Quantity needed end to even have enough for conservative use the town must take in 100,000 Gallons each Day from outside. High Point is prepared to answer Asheboro s Appeal and is answering it in a Way that has caused favourable comment throughout the state. Power must be found Strong enough to bind men together Iii world brotherhood it says special taxes mock prices at luxuries Are up new High Levels House ways and Means committee concludes first of two weeks hearing unprecedented volume trading on the new York Exchange of weather for week Washington oct. 24. It a weather Outlook for Nek beginning monday. South Atlantic states Consic occasional Shower monday to mar a Day and near a or i Eam probable. A Lief Lay or Normal Therea. The Gulf and Cool cd h go Wayman freed by governor Mclean Raleigh. Oct. 24.�? apr Robert c. Bair of Buncombe county was today paroled by governor Mclean of recommendation of Pardon commissioner h. Hoyle sink to go to Charlotte under guard for i medical examination by officials of the Federal government. Hair who is serving a 12 months sentence in the state prison for Highway robbery for which he was convicted in Buncombe Superior court last Tine is an Man and according to the governor s parole a a subject to certain privileges arising out of his the Federal government officials requested that he be sent to Charlotte for an examination. The parole was granted with the proviso that the expanses of the prisoner and his guard to and from Charlotte be paid y the Federal government. Since the prisoner will he uniter Guam the time of the Parol will he credited on his sent tace. Washington oct. 2 4.�? apr taxes on automobiles admissions and tobacco were up for discussion today before the House ways and Means committee As it concluded the first two weeks of Public hearings on revision of the Revenue Law. Reductions in All of these levies were sought by the representatives of affected interests. No place for such cuts however was Given in the $300,000,000 reduction program suggested to the committee by Secretary Mellon except for repeal of the tax 4 on automobile trucks tires and accessories. Or. Mellon estimated that repeal of that Levy would take up $35,-000,000 of the $50,000,000 be allowed in his program to the reduction of miscellaneous taxes. The remainder should be devoted he thought to wiping out taxes which yielded but Small returns and were a nuisance to collect such As those on Art works. As to Tho admissions Levy however he believed that should be retained since it applied Only on tickets Selling for More than fifty cents. In a statement presenting the position of the tobacco merchants association of the United states in favor of a Cut in the tobacco tax Charles Dushkind of new York declared this wound permit Sale of cigars at lower prices. A we Are not asking for a tax reduction in order to increase our profits or enrich any Bandi of our Industry a he said a but we Are looking for it As a Means in fact As the Only available Means in sight to enable us to give the Cus Sumer better a reduction of $2 per 1,000 on five cent cigars $3 on the two for fifteen cents cigars and 4.50 on the new ten cent Grade was proposed. Collections from tobacco levies next year Are estimated by the Treasury at $360,000,000, forming the greatest Revenue producer among the miscellaneous axes. Loss of $50,000 Wilmington oct. 24 map a loss of a Barge and dredging equipment valued at $50,000 in a to mile Gale off frying pan Shoal thursday evening was reported today by Captain John Whalen of the dredge i of the p. Sanford Ross company of new Jersey. The dredge and the tug Wood towing Here have put in Here until Cie weather moderates. The dredge is hound for Miami for land reclamation work. New York oct. 24.�? apr Stock prices swept Forward to new High Levels this week on an unprecedented volume of trading. Bond prices held firm despite a hardening of time Money rates. Foreign exchanges were irregular with French francs sinking to a new Low level for the year in reflection of the budget and debt difficulties of the French government. The recovery in Stock Price caused a drastic decline in the motor on monday part of which subsequently was recovered. Buying broadened As Confidence was restored and although business ran Well above two million shares daily the Advance was an orderly one embracing practically All groups of stocks. Wall Street also reacted favourably to the publication of the Locarno agreements. The usual dividend and merger rumours also accompanied the Rise in Stock prices. Wall Street heard that the Baltimore and Ohio dividend would be raised from $5 to $6, the Southern railway dividend from $5 to $7, the new York Central dividend from $7 to $8, that extra dividends of at least f i each would be paid on general motors common and Underwood typewriter. With the United states Ste a corporation plants operating at is percent of capacity and a steady increase reported in incoming orders steel shares received better support. Sloss Sheffield was the outstanding feature soaring to a new High record at 115. The outstanding Strong Points among the High priced specialities were american can which touched a record High at 256 1-4, u. S. Cast Iron pipe International business machines general railway signal and u. S. Realty. A a invitation withdrawn new York oct. 24.�? apr an invitation exp ended to Arthur Henderson Home Secretary in the British labor Cabinet headed by Ramsay Macdonald to address a Hartford conn., y. M. C. A. Luncheon of business men. Today was withdrawn because of a protest by the National Security league. Mrs. Mclean dead Gastonia oct. 24.�? apr mrs. A. A. Mclean sr., prominent society Matron of this City died Here Early today from typhoid fever. Mrs Mclean had Nurs to tier son through an attack of the disease during the late summer. New Orleans oct. 24.�? a. P speaking to the protestant episcopal churches of the United states in a triennial pastoral letter the Bishops of the Church today declared a we would especially warn Oun people against the superficial Aud false Antithesis just now often dwelt upon Between the religion of Christ and the religion about the pastoral letter read by the. It. Rev. William t. Manning Bishop of new York in Christ Church Cathedral followed the close of the 48th triennial general convention of the Church Here. It gives to the membership of the Church the views of the House of Bishops on problems of the moment. The pastoral letter is issued at the end of each general convention. After sounding a warning that a a of Christ and a about Christ Are not synonymous the letter continued a no such differentiation can be made by those who believe in Jesus Christ As god. There is no such Antithesis in the new testament. We need both the religion about Christ and he a religion of Christ and the Church and the scripture give us both. If we Are to have a living Faith in Christ we must know the truth about him a pledge from the youth of the Church was asked in a a Call to Young people to new adventure in the Faith and service of him who is More modern than any of the movements of our the m be goes to the whole Church clergy and laity. A we look upon a world in which vast changes Are taking place. In China and elsewhere among the Peoples of Asia and Africa movements and forces Are at work which must have momentous consequences. of those Best Able to judge the signs of the times Are warning us of the danger of racial conflict More disastrous than any that this Earth has yet known. Throughout Europe there is a deep disquiet with widespread threaten Ings of social disintegration. And Here in our own land favored As it is beyond any deserts of ours we see much that must give us grave concern. A it is no longer possible for the races of Mea to dwell separate and Remote from one another. A Power must Bow be found Strong enough to bind men together in world brotherhood if they Are not to consume each ther in the world strife. Pointing out the evils prevalent in this county the Bishops called British failed to qualify por race Early today continue Stephens Campaign through next week request is made by Large audience a Broth a is heard at service in the Tabernacle boy scout hero further efforts to be made to get plane ready for the test attention to an amassing of weath a a such As history has never known without a corresponding growth in sense of stewardship and a the the weakening of the ties and the lowering of the standards of Home life a due to the Lack of proper parental control and to the absence from our Homes of definite religious influences to the widespread revolt against the Christian ideals of morality and purity a expressed in much of our literature advocated openly by some of those whose position gives them bearing and influence hailed by Many As the Advent of a Fuller Freedom and a larger self expression and in correspondence with this the appealing and still increasing growth among us of the message called attention to another movement in this country and elsewhere which was described As toward Jesus Christ. Bayshore Park Baltimore oct. 24.�? apr Pilot Bert Hinkler in great Britain a Reserve Gloster Napier Iii seaplane failed to qualify his plane this morning for the Schneider races scheduled for this afternoon. Hinkler nosed half a mile off Shore through a welter of White Caps and Spray when his engine stalled. He was towed in and the British team announced i no further attempt would be made to enter their second place unless weather conditions should Force postponement of the race itself which appeared not a Remote possibility this morning. Should the race be called on a More favourable Day the British plan to try again to get a substitute in the race for their wrecked super Marine Napier s-4. A Strong Southeast wind was blowing today and a heavy sea running under spatters of rain. Six of the most expert aviators that Italy England and the United states can boost await the drop of the Flag on the starting line in the seventh contest for the Jacques Schneider seaplane trophy this afternoon. While a seventh anxiously put the British Reserve plane through a delayed navigability test preliminary requirement to Entrance in the International air classic. Three Curtiss racers Are ready to Fly the american colors. Two of them will be flown by pilots of the naval air service lieutenant Geo. T. Cuddihy and lieutenant Ralph a Ofstie with the other making its first bid for honors in a seaplane contest and lieutenant James h. Doolittle has been selected to handle the controls. With the contest provision that a nation scoring three victories within five consecutive years shall gain permanent Possession of the trophy today s contest is a crucial one for Italy. The italians have two legs won. The coup will be attended with two Macchi flying boats piloted by lieutenant Riccardo Morselli and lieutenant Giovanni de Briganti. Captain Hubert Broad has proved his Gloster Napier Iii fit for the 350 Kilometre grind today. His machine and that which Bert Hinkler will Endeavor to put through its paces satisfactorily this morning Are identical. Pilot Hinkler will Circle seven times a 50 Kilometre course. Provided he is successful in his navigability test he will take off first at 2 30 p. Rn., followed in order at five minute intervals by lieutenant Doolittle Captain Broad lieutenant Cuddihy lieutenant Ofstie lieutenant de Bri Ganti and lieutenant Morelli. South carolinians body was recovered Newport r. I., oct. 24.�? apr one of the two bodies taken from the engine room of the sunken Navy submarine s-51 yesterday was identified today As that of James Dudley Hesleden or. Lieutenant Junior Grade of he preaches while hit brother takes a needed rest isef amp aaa leg Charles r. Clay twelve and weighing Only eighty seven pounds is to get a Gold life saving medal. He rescued another scout who weighed 175 pounds near their Home in Blaine wash., when the bigger boy fainted in the water. Communists Are f agitators strive to get the coloured Man in the revolutionary fold negroes Are warned american federation of labor discusses the matter with negroes by j. Worth Bacon to Complete the work already started Here the Stephens Tabernacle Campaign will Continua through next week. This announcement was made at the service last night when there was witnessed perhaps the greatest demonstration in he City a history. Men and women in the Tabernacle were asked to vote on the question of whether evangelist George t. Stephens should be requested to remain Here another week. Applause greeted the proposal and when it was Pat to a vote it is said that everybody in the Tabernacle arose. Fred n. Tate chairman of the executive committee Caid he talked with evangelist Stephens a Short time prior to the service last night. The proposal to Continuo the meeting bad been Diac Saaed during the Day and or. Tat broached the subject while in conference with the evangelist. Or Stephens hesitated at first to consent to remain Here but later to consented. A a if they want me to stay and Are going to support the meeting As i believe they will then Iti stay if within my Power Quot or Tate quoted the evangelist As saying. The chairman of the executive committee expressed the belief that next week Wal be the greatest of the Campaign. While addressing Tho meeting or. Tate called attention to the free will offering for the evangelist. He said the envelopes and Blank checks which Are boing passed will be collected at Tho services next sunday. City nearer god a High Point is nearer to god tonight than it has Ever been boat fore a declared George t. Wood in announcing the proposed plan to Campaign for another week. A i a never seen such a spiritual Awakening. I have never seen the people so much interested. There Are continued on Page 4 one pair of teams to decide old tie fears race hatred or. Green of the federation issues document denouncing activities of the communists a faced by the issues of the pre j _ Tronn Tenpa sent time men Are feeling the need identification of divine help and guidance. They a a poit a a the gee in a Quacy of human states1 a Manship to meet the world Situa of Arne a Here a n tion. With a n a Cali a they feel j Lureau o their need of god. The Call to the Netton. Church now is for a new preaching j identity was made at the Hospital by j. In print expert who morning from one identification in Wash determination of a he of the two other bodies of the gospel in All its divine truths Aud the letter closed a we Call the who Church clergy and laity old and Young alike to repentance and new life. To prayer and sacrament and worship to Faith in Jesus Christ the son of god the we May be his True disciples and May Bear out faithful witness of him to the business concluded new Orleans oct. 24.�? apr business of the 4 Mir triennial general convention of the protestant episcopal churl 1 was concluded at 11 35 of clock this morning. The Bishops and deputies repaired to Christ Church Cathedral where Here one of which was found yesterday and one the Day before May be delayed it was said owing to the condition of the bodies. Taylor Bas wired to Washington for additional identification records. Continued on Page 4 critically 111 new York oct. 24.�? apr mrs. Lillian n. Duke divorced wife of the late James b. Duke today remained in a critical condition at her Home Here. Her physician or. Byron g. Clark stated that his patient appeared weaker than on yesterday. Mrs. Duke suffered two cerebral Haemorrhages thursday night. Her entire left Side is paralysed my she lingers in a Semi conscious state or. Clark Caid. Washington oct. 24.�? apr communist agitators Are seeking to bring the american negro into the revolutionary fold. The american negro labor Congress which is meeting in Chicago tomorrow is shown in the descriptive literature of which official note has been taken in Washington to have organized chiefly by communists from Russia the purpose of a Awakening to revolutionary significance the negroes of America the quotation is taken from a descriptive manifesto for the Congress which has been circulated through communist organizations on both sides of the Atlantic by the press Bureau of the third internationale. It is put out under the signature of love1? Ford Whitman who is identified As a in Ero Delegate to the third internationale. Negro Trade unionists whose participation in the Congress has been solicited have been warned by tile american federation of labor through its president William Green to refrain from any connection with it. In a statement Dot bouncing the whole purpose of the Congress which in the manifesto proclaims the purpose also of redressing what it regards As the social grievances of american negroes or. Green declares a it w ill not be held to Benefit the negro but to instill into the lives of that race the most pernicious doctrine race a number of trades organizations have been a deceived into sending delegates a or. Green states in warning a fall negro members of Trade unions that they Are being led into a tray that will eventually be their As uppermost among the social demands of the negro a workers and peasants of the Southern provinces of North America to which the Congress would address itself the manifesto includes the a abolition of a Jim crowds my or racial new Orleans oct 24.�? apr Southern football games today Are bringing Only one contest from last year to be decided in a double dose. Washington and Lee and v. P. I. Played a scoreless tie but All the rest decided their arguments on the spot. Alabama Defeated Georgia tech at Atlanta 14 to 0, contributing two of the most sensational plays of the season to turn the trick a Forward pass almost half the length of the Field and spectacular broken Field run by Brown. Georgia Defeated Vanderbilt by a margin of a Field goal in a contest that was anybody a game until the last whistle. Kentucky turned Sewanee to a single touchdown winning 7 to 0. Auburn won from Howard 17 to 0 and Florida Defeated Wake Forest 34 to 0. Centenary lost by a Point to the Tennessee doctors the score being 7 to 6. Furman stopped Davidson by the close count of 6 to 0. Arkansas took Phillips into Camp by a score of 28 to 7. Williams and Mary was a 21 to 3 Winner Over Duke Roanoke downed Hampden Sidney 9 to 0 and Richmond won from Randolph Macon 25 to 0. Lansdowne article flt published after his death under question Washington oct. 24,�? apr the of inquiry into the Shenandoah disaster today ask of the saturday evening Post whether its recent article on the Shenandoah appearing posthumously unde the name of the late commander Zachary Lansdowne was authentic accurate and Complete As it came from his pen. Pleaded guilty St. Louis get. 24.John Ross Kopf and Leonard Schwab members of the Loyal baseball rooters of Cincinnati pleaded guilty to Possession of real Beer on the rooters trip Here last Spring and were fined $390 each by Federal judge Faris. Negotiate treaty w Ashington oct. 2 4.�? apr Secretary Kellogg expects negotiations for a treaty with Panama to replace the Taft agreement to be concluded w us in Lite next few Day _ egg resigns Omaha neb. Oct. 24.�? apr resignation of Carl f. Egg general superintendent of the air mail service and appointment of s. A. Cisler. General superintendent of the Omaha division of Tho railway mad service to it exceed him a a nou aced Kerf

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