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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 20, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather sunny and Cool More data on Page 2a 90th year a no. 292 the High Point Enterprise circulation Call us 8921719 High Point n. Cd a sunday morning october 20, 1974 124 pages classified ads 886 2177 other depts. 8812191 daily 10c, sunday 25c football scores Carolina .33 state14 Clemson Duke a a a a a a a a a a a a ills 17 14 Maryland 47 Wake Forest. 0 Mars hill.27 guilford24 virginia28 Virginia tech. 27 South Carolin Aio Ole miss. 7 defense lawyers cite Nixon Agnew cases courts feeling effects of leniency new Orleans a it Federal prosecutors say the leniency accorded Richard m. Nixon and Spiro t. Agnew has Given accused criminals a new argument in their pleas tor Freedom . Attorneys f rom across the country said that defense lawyers Are raising the Nix on and Agnew cases More and More often As they urge juries to acquit their clients and petition judges for Light sentences. Some prosecutors suspect that juries on occasion have refused to convict a defendant because of the handling of the Nixon and Agnew cases. But most say there is no sure Way to determine what factors influence a jury s verdict the prosecutors said they see Tow signs that judges have changed their sentencing habits because of the Washington scandals. The prosecutors assessed the Impact of the scandals on their own cases in interviews during a tour Day conference with Justice department of Baals. Several asked not to be named the attorneys say they have arguments to counter a defense lawyer s plea tor leniency based on president Ford s Pardon of former president Nixon for any crimes he committed in office in i Fah. Said prosecutor it Nelson Day of Salt Lake City detente lawyers a Many times refer to Public figures or Well known political figures Quot during trials. Our counter attack is that we re trying this Case and the jury must make its decision on the facts in this Case alone Quot Day continued. A we get it regularly and in a steady dose a said a Southern state prosecutor. They Are using it. It s a problem. We were beat Over the head with the Agnew said Ralph b. Guy jr., the Federal prosecutor in Detroit and vice chairman of the department s advisory committee of . Attorneys. . Atty. Robert e a Curran of Philadelphia said i think there is a residual effect. Most of it is an undercurrent a it s there but you Don t talk about it. There s no question the government has Many agree that govern ment lawyers suddenly Are facing surprisingly sceptical jurors. Quot since All the troubles began we be lost a few cases that we can to really explain. We be had a few Hung juries and can t really said a Wester state prosecutor. A they May believe All the government witnesses Are nutty because of watergate or because of something . Atty. Dean c Smith of Spokane. Wash., chairman of the advisory committee recalled his trial of a fraud Case at the time the Senate watergate committee was conducting nationally televised hearings about tax scandal. A the jury was going Home every night and watching the hearings. We were defending the United states government and it just was t Selling in that atmosphere at All a he said before the watergate scandal Guy said defense lawyers never attacked the credibility of Fri agents testifying As prosecution witnesses Bena use they Felt it was impossible to convince a jury that an Fri agent could he. But defense lawyers now Are testing the tactic More and More often he said the Detroit prosecutor also said that defendants in tax evasion cases Are putting stronger pressure on prosecutors to accept a no contest plea Justice depart ment policy requires prosecutors to hold out for a plea of guilty rather than no contest in plea bargaining. But the policy was waived for Agnew. Some prosecutors say the Nixon Agnew cases have encouraged judges to impose lenient sentences but most say they Haven t seen that Impact. Sure it s had an effect on sentencing Quot said Guy. Quot they Are passing out Light sentences but i can to say Why a a said another prosecutor. A i see a Little More antagonism from judges. But they May be using this As an excuse for saying Nasty things they would say to us for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request ii considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. What Watt q. I am trying to Cut my electric Bills and have a couple of questions. Does it Cost less to run a portable television than a console coloured television and would lower Watt bulbs say 90 Watt take less electricity than a too Watt bulb thank you. A a Black and White to has fewer Watts than a color set and the average wattage of solid state sets is much less than tube types. Your 60-Watt bulb would use Only 3 5 of the electricity of a 100-Watt bulb since we All tend to be Penny Wise on the Light bulbs probably because they re so visible and Pound foolish on the really big Energy eaters around the House we thought it might help to list some appliances their average wattage the estimated kilowatt hours consumed annually by each and the annual Coit. The list was just provided by the electric division of the City so they should be current costs it heh heh figures for electric heat and Central air conditioning Are not included because of so Many variables unit size House size insulation temperature settings Etc also the hot water Heater Kwh consumption varies widely depending on the Type and setting of Heater size of the family and How much hot water is used for showers laundry Dis washing Etc. A kilowatt our is 1000 Watt hours burning ten 100-Watt bulbs for i hour consumes i kilowatt for a residence with an electric hot water Heater the rates Are $4.25 for the first 80 kilowatts used .0288 per Kwh for the next 70 kilowatts ,02k per Kwh for the next 550 and .02505 per Kwh for All Over 700 used. Est a. A. Annual annual Appl Anci wattage Kwh consumed Cost Artinr. Am too i 2 so Tiliti Wienir. 1,301 in 10 is prying Par. to set a a a. Microwave. I 4so too 5 3? oven. Self c Man inf. 4 100 1.140 32 00 of Tang wittier to. 12 200 lits 33.00 Pang with my chining 0�#n. 12 300 1 205 33.24 Fraser lieu in. I i i 33 4 Fri i a Fri a to to 9cv. It. 40 1,21 4031 refrigerator i241 til 20 30 refrigerator to froth Tett i321 1,22 3401 refrigerator Rattan ecu it i32 1,132 is m refrigerator Fretter prettiest Meg. It i15 12 is 21 clot Nei Ortr. 4 5 03 2210 water Heater Standard. 2425 4210 11 1 water Hatter que e re.ovary.4 424 411 134 21 air conditioner room. I a 1,30 a a to Littek twee Type. 10 350 10 to files wet Rohd sol. 55 120 in to Calor a it Ste Lei. 200 40 12 32 see a doctor a on thursday oct. La on Page a there s an article about a drug called depo provers Birne this has been withheld because of causing cancer of the breast in women and i have just been Given a prescription with the last part of this name a provers a i want to know if this is the same drug. I Haven t started taking it yet. Of not what is the difference anon. A. Quot depo Quot is a trademark of the i Phon co. To denote a delayed absorption inject Able product the Quot provers Quot stands for progesterone a hormone and its use is As a corrective agent for excessive bleeding or a hormone deficiency it is the use of depo Provera As a birth control agent that is still under the experimental stage and not yet approved but progesterone is commonly prescribed it is better to ask your doctor of you have misgivings to explain the difference. We have misgivings in even relaying this information from a pharmacist for fear of misunderstanding him As drugs and their effects Are too complicated for us to fool with. Well take this Opportunity to Appeal to several people who have written describing various symptoms or to ask us to get an opinion on some kind of operation or treatment please ask someone in the medical profession. Beyond suggestions for relieving the itch of Poison Ivy we cannot say More than Quot see a sound off i for one am going to Boycott Dairy products from Wisconsin if they continue this senseless Slaughter of Dairy cattle which was sanctioned by the National Farmers organization. Some in Texas and elsewhere have donated the calves they could t afford to feed to orphanages and other places to be raised which is certainly preferable to this disgraceful killing. Andrew Newby 2,000 hear Ford speech at Airport Ford Waves As he prepares to leave following cop rally at Airport 150 photo by mar Avion tot Al $2 4.7 million Rocky discloses gifts Washington a ice president designate Nelson a. Rockefeller who must pay $903,718 More in Federal taxes said saturday he gave $24,712,245 in gifts to charitable educational and other tax exempt organizations from 1957 through june 30 of this year Roek Leller made the disclosure in a letter to sen Howard is Cannon a Nev chairman of the committee on rules and administration and released by the Rockefeller office Here Rockefeller s largest gilts were for the furtherance of the visual arts his Chiel nonpolitical interest and Hobby. T he disclosure of his charitable gifts came a Day after he announced he will have to pay an additional $903,718 in Federal income and gift taxes a figure Likely to soar past the la million Mark when interest is included news that Roek Leller would have to pay More added a potentially explosive new note to a growing controversy surrounding the former new York governor s vice presidential nomination hut As president Ford made a Campaign swing through South Carolina saturday his press Secretary Hon Nessen issued a White House statement. Saying Ford Quot still has Complete Faith in vice president designate Nelson Rockefeller Quot Nessen said Ford still believes Roek Leller will be confirmed Nessen said he thinks but could not confirm that Rockefeller and Ford talked via Telephone late Friday about the tax disclosure in new York bet Ore the announcement of his charitable contributions. Rockefeller said he is not guilty of any wrongdoing and added Quot i wrote the piece thin made the headlines a this was a reference to the income and gift tax. A theres nothing wrong there s nothing illegal there s nothing immoral and there is no conflict of interest in anything i be done or that s come out a Rockefeller said As he left the Hospital where his wife Happy is recovering from breast cancer surgery. In his letter to sen. Cannon Rockefeller noted that Public hearings on his confirmation would not be held until mid november and thanked him for permission to make the contribution hot Public now. The list has already been turned Over to the committee and to the Fri he said. Rockefeller told newsmen in new York that he had not wanted to publish hts tax returns before the audit but the congressional committees investigating his nomination wanted the figures right away. By Robert Marks Enterprise staff writer president Ford held up the example of Democrat Harry s. Truman saturday for North Carolina republicans to follow if they Are to win in the elections next month. Calling upon tar Heel republicans to minimize their efforts in the next to Days to win in the Senate and congressional races on nov. I the president said Truman set a great example in 1948 by fighting for what he believed in and he won. And America had a great four years under his leadership Quot Ford said. A similar Effort is needed by republicans this year if the people Are to elect an inflation proof Congress the president said in his partisan stump speech at the regional Airport otherwise. Ford warned the nation faces the possibility of a a legislative dictatorship Quot if the democrats increase their strength in Congress As the polls indicate they will. President Ford spoke at the Greensboro High Point Airport to give his endorsement to William Stevens in particular for the Senate. North Carolina Republican leaders Hope the presidential endorsement will do for Stevens what a similar Effort by president Nixon did for Jesse Helms and James Holshouser in 1972 Helms became the first Republican senator and Holshouser the first Republican governor for North Carolina in 72 years. The rally yesterday was markedly different from the one in the closing Days of the 1972 Campaign. State gop leaders had predicted approximately 25,000 for the president s appearance. Less than 2.000 were on hand however when air Force one finally touched Down More than an hour later than scheduled related Story May he found on Page 74. Local and state Republican leaders blamed the Small turnout to the Windy unsettled weather and on the state Caro Itna game in Chapel Hill see 7 000 on 7a russian Grain buy limit set Washington a the soviet Union will be allowed to buy 2.2 million tons of . Grain but will make no additional purchases during the current crop year Treasury Secretary William e. Simon announced saturday. The soviets will be allowed to acquire one million tons of Corn and 1.2 million tons of wheat. Simon said. President Ford on oct. 5 halted a planned shipment of a total 3.2 million tons of . Grain including 2.3 million tons of Corn and 900.000 tons of wheat. The president acted in the face of smaller . Harvests primarily brought on by Adverse Midwest weather conditions in the form of Spring hoods summer droughts and autumn freezes. Following the shipment halt Simon went to Moscow on oct. 12 to discuss the Grain situation with soviet leaders Simon said saturday the Par till resumption of . Grain sales resulted from those discussions. Furniture Industry seeking court action on cigarettes inside Reading police probe dog blood donors school columns ,.Page i Page 3a Page ionic classified editorial women new sport television. Entertainment obituaries a a aet. Page 5-20dpage4a Section b Section Page 14c Page 13, 14, i Sci page4d by Jim Hawkins Enterprise staff writer five furniture manufacturers associations will Appeal a decision by the consumer product safety commission cps rejecting a petition asking that All cigarettes which Are not self extinguishing be banned by the courts according to an announcement made Here saturday. Lyons Keyman president Fox manufacturing co., and one of four panellists speak my at a press conference at the Southern furniture marketing Center Simc asserted that Quot the cigarette is the culprit Quot in 70 per cent of furniture fires and not furniture Heyman spoke on the second Day of the eight Day Market which draws furniture retailers from across the nation to High Point and communities on the Quot furniture Simc officials reported attendance is somewhat below similar Levels for the first two Days last october but Well ahead of Levels for october 1972. In a formal announcement of the plan to take the decision of the cps to court. Heyman said the Federal Agency has also turned Down the associations request Quot for a feasibility study for the development of the self extinguishing cigarette As a solution to whatever hazards ignited cigarettes May pose to furniture bedding and other consumer fires a Ila said tests have shown the average time to ignite upholstery was 27 minutes and that 97 per cent of these ignitions took place after to minutes. A the conclusion drawn is that Only three per cent of upholstery fires would be caused if burning time could be reduced to less than to minutes after the cigarette is dropped Quot he said we done to feel it should be necessary to protect furniture from the careless smoker by making it Burn proof and ignore the cause of the fire Quot Heyman said. He told those at the press conference that the associations have asked the a pc Quot to go to the cause and leave us the announcement noted the consumer product safety act gives the cps no authority Over tobacco products and adds that Quot the furniture group feels the exclusion was meant by Congress to Deal Only with the health Hazard from smoking a he pointed out in speaking to news Media representatives at the press con Fere me presided Over by Robert Gruenberg Simc general manager that there Are already 27 patents on file for the self extinguishing cigarette he also estimated the passage of a flammability Law would increase costs by about 25 per cent. Other speakers included Robert a Cortelyou group vice president furniture division mohascocorp., who said the Quot furniture Industry does no to need or appreciate Quot recent exhortations from Federal officials to citizens that they refrain from the Purchase of Home furnishings unless necessary. Cortelyou said manufacturers have gone to some of see furniture on 2a

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