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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 18, 1925, High Point, North Carolina High Point Enterprise sunday october is 1925 pack v sports of All sorts through Edgren a eyes by Robert Edgren giant football line of past have been superseded by players with nimble legs and agile brains modern football has shifted the weight from the line to the Backfield. Many of the Best Back Field men in the country today would shave been playing in the line a few years ago and some of the mar centres and guards and tackles % of today would have stayed on the sidelines Twenty years ago. The Forward passing game and open play have made Speed and brains the chief qualities of men in the line As Well a behind it. Nobody Ever heard of a a proving Centre Quot in the Days of Heffelfinger Hickok Bucky Hall Glass Chadwick Cross Warner of Michigan and the rest of the old time giants in those Days the coaches combed the College for big men for the line and it did no to make much difference whether they were lean or fat fast or slow As Long As they were too heavy to push Over and had feet like anchors. Their Job was to push Forward like a steam roller and 1� stand like a Row or hitching posts when the other Fellows had the Ball and were trying to March Down the Field. I remember visiting Yale one Early season to see the football material line up and in uniform on the practice Field were two of the r heaviest and fattest men outside rare ump a circus. They were pointed out wit ii Awe As the most promising Centre Rush men discovered Iii years. As it happened neither made the team As it developed in the practice that if either happened to sit Down it took four or five men to hoist him to his feet again which delayed the game. But for this single failing they would have been very useful and some of the coaches even argued that they could be used sitting Down when the enemy was bucking the Centre. In a sitting position they would present an insurmountable obstacle and Stop any smash on Centre Ever devised. Even if they rolled Over they a Mam Phi up anything from a flying wedge to a straight Buck. Heffelfinger a a giant in size and strength some of the giants of other Days Are still famous and their names Are by Pugh up whenever old timers get together. The greatest of these was Heffelfinger of Yale six and a half. Feet tall weighing 230 pounds and without an ounce of soft flesh on his Gigantic body. Heffelfinger was a real athlete and his strength was tremendous. Ifs said that a a hello never was thrown Back by a charging line. He stood like a Rock above the pack of smaller men Alining around him. On the offence he was like a charging Buffalo after Heff left College he went to work for a while at Railroad building in the West. Here he bossed a gang of men laying rails. Hearing something of his football reputation they decided that he was a and one Day a dozen men jumped him at once to beat him up. Heff cleaned up the whole Hunch and drove them Back to work. Hickok was another great Yale 4iant. He was intercollegiate Barnier and shot Champion As Well As a football Otar and one of the fastest big men in football. Hickok could run a Hundred Yards very close to ten seconds in his football togs. Not All of the big linemen of ancient Days were slow. John r. Dewitt of Princeton was the giant of the old time Back Field men. Famous for his running and goal kicking. He drop kicked last game scenes world series son. Virginia Defeated Georgia t to 6 two weeks ago. The line up and summary Virginia Isi to. V. M. I. To Ahner. Fain l. E. Tyler. Kulp . Mackall. Berry l. G. Reynolds. Monday c. Cockrill. Mormon r g m i. Scoring touchdown Dietrick. Field goal White placement. Point after touchdown. White Dropkick. Furman loses Battle to Georgia bulldogs aug i St a ga., oct. apr the Georgia bulldogs Defeated Furman University Here today 21 to 0 in a game in which oppor Holland. Smith 11 unities to scare were Seldom or b a looked. The bulldogs surprised j Fri Prihar Yap their most ardent supporters will h a i a sustained attack and a defense Hustion. Caldwell that was not to be denied. Q b a nine Yard pass from Hollis to Cuddy. Willis Morton be Ted the bulldogs their i h. First touchdown in the first period. Loth. Dietrick i Furman threatened the bulldog pc h. Roal soon after when Popkins re Hutter Whitec lived a pass from Haw i and race i f. B. V 50 Yards to the bulldog 17 Yard score line. Pipkins and Mcgee Carri id Virginia. 0 titi tip is the Ball to Georgia s eight Yard v. M. 1. 7 3 0 0�?io j line but the Quarter whistle Fitrer Virginia scoring touchdowns. Erupted. Friedberg Hushion and Cuddy. V. In the second Quarter Georgia held on her six Inch Roe Rad hmm punted out of danger. Within three minutes Botand bed scraped up a fizzled punt and raced la Yards Between the Side lines for Georgia a second touchdown. Moo kicked goal Superior punting and defensive play carried a Georgia Back Over the line after Hypps had lost 17 Yards on two plays from the 18 Yard line. Hurt punt fell dead on the 20 Yard line and after the bulldogs had rammed the Ball across Moore again kicked goal. Syracuse wins Bloomington. Ind. Oct. 17.�? i a in Syracuse Defeated Indiana Here today 14 to 0 on a Muddy Field scoring both touchdowns in the second period. A Fumble by Captain Maiks and a bad pass by Kelso at Center paved the Way for the Orange. Indiana showed Little in offensive but presented a powerful defence both against straight and Aerial attacks. Enter i Rise want ads bring Quick results it it % in at Odell a t cop fam Carey scores third Tutu. Have you attended the a mfg Roi it used car Sale yet Many bargains Are offered Sheraton motor company North Wrenn St. Phone 4210 a 48 Yard Field goal against Yale. He was a greater hot Putter and Hammer thrower than Hickok. N it of course weight throwing form had improved by the time Dewitt came along. One of the Western huskies was Jack Munroe afterwards a fighter for a few years until knocked out by Jeffries. Munroe once made ti5 Yards against the California team in successive five Yard plunges straight through the line. De Glass of Yale was another football Plant and All around athlete and a very fast and wiry big Man. In the old Days the quarterback was usually a Skinny Little fellow who could Crouch Down be ii in i the Centre Call the plays and pass Tho Ball Back. He did t have much else to do. The half backs were picked entirely for their feared and their ability to Dodge through holes opened in the opposing line by toe big Beefy guards. Rough tactics of the past football was a crushing slugging game tinder the old rules and before the Forward passing open Field style of play came in. It was possible to pull off almost any kind of roughing when a whole team piled up on the runner the instant he was Down i remember one Western championship game in which eight men from each team were carried off the Field and two from each team were taken to the City Hospital with broken Bones. Before the tame the players of one team were told to cripple two of the fastest backs on the opposing Side As quickly As possible and the Captain of the other team gave his dressing room instructions concisely like this Quot we done to want any roughing boys but the moment it starts you know what to this was done to some extent in the More polite Eastern football circles. One of the greatest Eastern colleges some years ago had a Back who was the red Grange of his time a tall wiry fellow who could run like a Streak and was. A threat from the time the game started. A rival great College famous As a Centre of learning and culture had a negro player who could also run like a Streak and who had a very hard head shaped something like an Armor piercing Shell. The two colleges met in the game that was regarded in those Days As the one game that could be considered an american championship affair. When the first whistle blew and the Ball was kicked off the Dusky player broke away from the rest of the team and went Down the Field through the opposing team like a sprinter straight toward the other teams red Grange. Just As everyone was wondering what on Earth he was doing he reached his objective and without slackening Pace leaped head first into his Man and butted him squarely in the stomach. The old time red Grange was knocked so cold that he w As carried off the Field on a Blanket and he did no to come Back. The hard headed Dusky Baltimore oct. 17.�? a player went Back into his line h outplayed by Ita powerful 0 but he didst last Long. A whole1., enraged team jumped on him Iii i a ppm nent during most of the game Princeton played the Navy to a Eddy. Gates fifty thousand spectators see Navy play Princeton to 10-10tie in Henttu buy a radio 10-10 tie before 50,000 spectators in the huge Baltimore stadium today. A stubborn defense in the Shadow of its own goal line is All it Barnett. Jeffers re Hamilton. Ewing a a that saved the sons of old Nassau rank., Dir an i i f l it Karu n a it a k m i a a a a o of the la the next play and he was carried out too. The old. Game was a fighting game but As most of the fighting was done under cover of two piling up masses of men it Wasny tex Tremley interesting to the spectators who saw Only the results from feeling the Hooks when time was taken out for cold Navy Anchor. . Bearer water and smelling salts. The tigers held the upper hand j there is no doubt that the game during most of the game however key. Gilligan has improved immensely from the Navy tying the count in the j up standpoints of both players and five minutes of play on a Short score by quarters spectators. Brain and Speed have i Forward pass which Shapley car i Navy 2 0 0 7_10 discounted beef. As coach Rockne i red 35 Yards for a touchdown. I Princeton. 3 7 0 0 a 10 of notre Dame says that what j Roper elected to Start without Navy scoring touchdown Shap football requires now is a nimble Slagle the Princeton Star halt Ley. Point from by after touch a brain fast legs and a pair of big j Back who last year booted the Field j Lov a Shapley. Goal from Field hands to grab the Ball with. The j go1 that gave Princeton a 17 to Hamilton Princeton scoring Bird Wau. A 52 Inch Chest and Wear a 14 verdict Over the the touchdown Bra Dvo tub tor Diing a number to hat is no longer middies came in with the All Var Nan Njg from t after touch useful in College. Sity hands aboard but were out d go j sub for beares. Copyright. 1925, Bell Syndicate j lucked by the tigers from the Start. The tigers punctured the scor ing column Early. After having its offence stopped almost to a fit what in living offers a Man be much As an evening at Home with its skippered ease and free Comfort and it Zenith radio >4 11 Mips a in i a i panthers and the Florsheim a name that Means More than shoes a it Means satisfaction. N. H. Silver co. Tigers air Lions go do i defeat in games it the y. C. A. In goal from Field Ewing. Referee Murphy b own. Umpire Furze Brown. Field judge Ingersoll Dartmouth. Headlines Man Bank. Art Dartmouth. Time of periods standstill in the opening charge Minuter Ewing the Tiger Field general j _ stepped Back to the 4 2 Yard line a and hooted a Field goal which i a truck the Cross bar and bounded j Over the goal giving the tigers a Lead in the first five minutes of get your it moneys Worth when you buy a radio you want the absolute Best in radio enjoyment. You want a receiving set that delights the Eye that fits harmoniously into living room or Library. You want a set that enables you to select the station you prefer and bring it in clearly and in ample volume. You want a set that delivers under All conditions sure dependable results. Zenith gives you All of this and More. We selected it out of All the sets on the Market because its the Best that Money can buy. Let us show you a Zenith. builder supplies 327 s. Davie Street morality teu$7 v a j Greensboro n. C. Chine end gift shop fir to floor Odell a Piedmont Branch 519 s. Elm Street stages a play. But this Lead was eliminated when Hamilton executed a similar Gdal from 26 Yard line later i in the Quarter. Then the break went against the leopards and panthers were i Navy. With the Ball on the Princeton 24 Yard line and two i minutes to play in the second i period Hamilton attempted a pass. J Shaft by almost got his hands on it but it marooned off his fingers into the waiting arms of manikins. Who dashed up the Field 88 Yards i winners in the a by Quot Junior games played saturday. Phil Surrette a shooting from the floor following some pretty pass work by his mates proved too much for the Lions in the basketball league held j f0 be Navy two Yard lne before dropped v. No yet id Ca Aliers Able to come Back in second period after trailing at first in the Junior up Lions 1 leopards Al f. Thomas Bud Copeland r. F. V. Idol. Farlow l. F. B. Long. P. Surrett n c. We Taylor. E. Ammons r. G. E. . Brockett l. G. Goals from floor Surrett 3i four goal Thomas. J line up i tigers f. Holcombe. R. F. C. Clinard. We. Coble l. F. T. Brockett. C. Hooks c. B. Asbury. C. Smith r. G. C. Hutchens. R. Greer l. G. He was dropped from behind. Bridges carried it Over the line Charlottesville a. Oct. On the first charge and the Prince j 17.�? apr aided by two touch ton scoring terminated for the Day. Downs in the last two periods by just previous to this play Slagle j v m tumbles the Cavaliers of ran 13 Yaras for a touchdown but an overzealous Princeton Linesman. E University of \ Irginia were had started ahead of the Ball and Able to come Back in the second it was called Back and the Tiger penalized five Yards for offside play. This was the Only break of the game which went against Princeton. The Navy tossed a furious offence at Princeton during All of the final half but a tie is All it j could Salvage from the wreck. Pan the s irs ithe third Quarter was played Al Bob Hubbard i most entirely in Princeton territory but the Tiger fought gamely when the Navy threatened seriously and saved its Lead by kicking out of danger whenever it was fortunate enough to get the Ball on Downs. By a series of line plunges and end runs the Navy rushed the bail to the Princeton 47 Yard line and University Maryland loses to v. P. I. Halt after trailing by a to to to count at the midpoint and Defeated the flying Squadron 18 to to. The cadets held the advantage throughout the first half but in the second found themselves unable to Advance the Ball on straight play and were forced to adopt Aerial tactics while the Cavaliers opened an offensive which smashed their defense in the final minutes of play. V. M. I. Fought to win fought with a dash and spirit that always Marks their play against their ancient rivals. They opened the game with a terrific drive which was not Lanier Price Tuoi of a a but All three Al with five minutes to play in the checked As Dietrick crossed the goal Fink i period resorted to the air to for the first touchdown. Then Vir gain. A Short pass right Over the Ginia made a stubborn stand and Washington oct. 17.-�? Ai i on a Long pass crossed the goal but still trailed when the try for the extra Point went wide. The half Center of the line was completed Hamilton to Shapley the latter running 3 5 Yards for a touchdown v shaking off two Tiger tacklers who ended Quot after the cadets had again a a Fie old goal in the fourth period attempted to grab him from he i advanced the Ball Well into Vir gave Virginia polytechnic Institute Hind. He added the extra Point Ginia territory and the Well trained a 3 to 0 Victory Over the univer with a drop kick and the count j get of Windy White had added sity of Maryland Here today in j was tied. With Only two minutes i three Ponts to his team s score on their annual conference game play a to play Hamilton attempted an a thirty five Yard kick from placed no a Field which was a Lake at other Field goal from the 30 Yard Niento. One end and a sea or mud at the line when the Navy had worked j it was in he Hird Quarter a 0 up the Ball to within kicking distance Young Hushion running a Cava i aul Robertson a Rangy Young but the Ball did not. Even Rise and j Iier team m the absence of cad lain step proved a fitting successor to Princeton recovered it within its Diffey who was forced from the line own 20 Yard lip. J up by illness displayed ability that Shapley and Hamilton earned promised his development into one the major Burd n of the navy0j a be South a great quarterbacks. A Complete Success the Ball j offence while Ewing and Slagle j numerous Cross and trick plans sailing Between goal posts from j were the outstanding performers j figured in the attack which he in gingered so successfully that Vir the line up. 1 Ginia. By closely following the Ball pos. Princeton to j of fake advantage of several a a. Moeser Breaks was Able to score a touch Down in each of the last two Quad. Rosengarten ters and urn what had seemed cer it Fain defeat in a Brilliant is to to. Davis Victory. The Cavaliers second or Southern conference win of the a i the famous Don Rutherford As a drop kicker for the virginians. He made but a single try but that was the 20 Yard line. Three times the i for the tigers. Virginia tech team battered at the i Maryland Gate but each time it i Navy to was repulsed twice inside the fire i Hardwick Yard line. Maryland by Only one real Chance to score and that was Wiekhorst nullified by an offside play on the third Down which Cost a five yer amp Lentz. Penalty. Bull be proud of your Oldsmobile six the Tim has passed when Low Price in an automobile requires you to sacrifice your Pride in appearance or to accept a Low Standard of performance. Today a Oldsmobile six has changed All that. Here a a car you will be proud to display to your most critical friends proud to open its door and invite them to ride. But prouder still of the Way its performance impresses them. Its great to have the satisfaction of knowing that you have invested wisely a that the greater Beauty and finer performance of the latest Oldsmobile make it a value without equal today. Touring $875, coach $950, Sudan Sicz prices f. C. I. Lansing. Tax extra gt4 c. F. Farley Gara 332 n. Wrenn Phon s2c4 Olds bile a a disc i a chiral motor

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