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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 16, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather occasional rain More data on Page 3a 90th year a no. 288 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 882-1719 High Point n. wednesday afternoon october 16, 1974 86 pages classified ads h8s-2177 other depts. 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c it. Bragg paratroops alerted Washington a army paratroopers at it. Bragg n.c., have been placed on increased readiness in Case they May be needed in the Boston school crisis the Pentagon said today. Defense spokesman William Beecher stressed that the Alert of elements of the 82nd airborne division is a a purely precautionary measures and that officials do not at this time expect the paratroopers to be committed. The Pentagon action was disclosed a Day after president Ford said that Federal forces should be used in Boston Only a was a last Beecher said the move involving the 82nd airborne was taken so the paratroopers could be moved in a matter of hours if the situation warranted and if what he called a a legitimate request was made by gov. Francis Sargent to the president. In event of democratic landslide Ford fears veto proof Democrat Congress by Frank Cormier associated press writer Kansas City a president Ford told a Republican breakfast Here today that a democratic landslide in next month s Senate and House elections could produce a legislative dictatorship with Congress telling the executive Branch what to do. Departing from his prepared text Ford said heavy democratic gains could Lead to a veto proof Congress that would harm the traditional american system of checks and balances. Quot of you have a veto proof Congress you have one Branch of government dictating to another a he said. A americans Don t like Ford who is campaigning in four midwestern states for Republican candidates acknowledged that he gets a Little discouraged Reading s�2��1 polls that indicate significant democratic gains in the november balloting in his prepared text for a $100-a-plate Republican breakfast Here Ford said that in the economic area a the president proposes but the Congress he called for the election of Mansfield says Ford must act by Jeffrey Mills associated press writer Washington a Senate democratic Leader Mike Mansfield calling president Fords economic program Only a partial answer has urged a larger government role in the Economy. A to a whip inflation now a win As the slogan goes a will require action action that encompasses something More and different than a 10-Point program which begins a a inflation fighters who Are going to keep track of every single Penny this government he continued a unless we Send people into the House and Senate who recognize the role big government and deficit spending play in our for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. No admittance q. A child is refused admittance to High Point memorial Hospital for surgery because his parents have a Bill that has not been paid. Where does be go from there thank you. Anonymous Man. A. The Hospital will not refuse admittance to anyone needing medical care because of inability to pay says the director. If the admittance is for some non essential reason such As cosmetic surgery they will refuse one who is or whose parents Are delinquent in paying a previous Bill. The child s doctor can straighten out any misunderstanding. Insurance requirements q. What is the minimum state requirement for insurance on cars liability and collision anon. A. The minimum coverage on liability As set by the state is $15,000 $30,000 $5,000. The first $15,000 is the maximum amount the insurance company would pay for injury or death to any one person in a wreck the $30,000 would be the total the company would pay for injury or death per wreck for two or More persons injured. The last $5,000 is the limit on property damage per wreck. Collision insurance is not required under state Law. But the company that finances a car usually requires it to protect itself and the owner should it be seriously wrecked during the payment period. Without collision insurance the Man making the payments would still have to finish paying for the car even if it was completely demolished or rendered unrepairable by a wreck fire or vandalism. Can t make the rent q. If a family moves into a House and signs a lease that was for a year and finds they can to meet the payments for rent How can they break that lease or can they mrs. . A. It was suggested that you get out your lease take it to the agent from whom you rented explain your circumstances and see if some arrangements can be made this is no Assurance you can get out of it but it s possible some other tenant could move in and take up where you left off. If this does t work out you can go to the consumer credit counselling Agency and talk to Barry Boneno. By going Over your budget with you he May be Able to show you How you can manage the rent payments. Re action to the person who called alcoholics Anonymous and said they got Only a recorded message there Are other numbers he or she can Call and help is immediately available. One is the Wayside Haven rehabilitation Center in Jamestown 454-4415 the other is Wayside Haven of High Point 885-8739. There is no need to Call Contact As they would refer the callers to us for the help and care the alcoholic needs any time. Oren Mills the woman who called alcoholic Anonymous for help and was upset because she was asked to leave her name and number apparently did not understand How the system works. There is a live answering service 24 hours a Day. The person answering has a list of people who will go to any alcoholic who needs help but their names Are not Given out. This is Why the alcoholic is asked to give a first name Only and their Telephone number. The a worker will then Call right Back and if the person is physically sick at the time they will see that the alcoholic gets detoxification treatment. If it is a woman who Calls for help they will have a woman working with a return the Call if a Man Calls for help they will have a Man make the Contact. We have found this system works very Well. Anon. <4, if the person who called for an alcoholic problem really wants help Call alcoholic Center in Jamestown or High Point Jamestown is 454-3212 and High Point 885-4611 and 885-9424, but better still come Down to 118 w. Russell ave. Any Day monday through Friday at 9 a m. To 5 . Or tuesday or thursday nights. Anybody that is looking for help will find help at the alcoholic Center Ben Garner director. Economy we never Are going to end this inflation that is costing every american consumer so much a at another Point Ford told his audience a you can make my Job easier by sending More republicans to Congress to work with me in the two years ahead a the president who scheduled Campaign stops today in Missouri South Dakota. Nebraska and Indiana. Declared a i know that this will be a Tough election and some people say that the Odds Are against our candidates this year a but he added words aimed at the local citizenry a the Odds were also against the University of Missouri last saturday a but the tigers Defeated Nebraska in a Brilliant the president made his strongest Campaign pitch in behalf of former . Rep. Thomas b. Curtis who is Sirica considers sending doctors to examine Nixon Mike Mansfield by imposing greater tax burdens on families with annual incomes of $15,000 More than increased acreage allotments for peanuts Cotton and Rice production a Mansfield said tuesday. A words and slogans will no longer satisfy the nation a he said in a nationally broadcast democratic response to Fords economic program. He called for fuel rationing Tough controls on wages prices and profits allocation of credit a Broad system of tying workers wages to living costs and a tax break for the poor. Mansfield said the Ford administration a heavy Reliance on tight Money and reduced Federal spending to help the Economy is Only a partial answer. A sacrifices Are needed across the Board if the nations Economy is to be restored a the democratic Leader said. A in my judgment the people of this nation Are prepared to make those Mansfield said the nation cannot come to grips with inflation recession and unemployment a unless we begin to move in the direction of a mandatory controls on wages prices rents and profits As necessary. A launching a rationing system for Energy and other scarce materials coupled with a tight conservation program a developing a system of indexing under which workers real incomes Are tied directly to living costs when the Cost of living goes up. Wages would go up automatically. A International cooperation to Deal with such Cartel action As that last Winter by the organization of Petroleum exporting countries which embargoed Petroleum to the United Stales and later quadrupled Oil prices. By Mike Shanahan associated press writer Washington a -. District judge John j. Sirica indicated today he is considering sending a team of three doctors to California to determine if Richard m. Nixon s health would prevent him from testifying at the watergate cover up trial. The prosecution then called its first witness a John w. Dean in former White House counsel under Nixon. In contrast to his self confident and articulate testimony before the Senate watergate committee in the Spring of 1973, Dean spoke sometimes haltingly and occasionally stumbled Over his words he appeared thinner and More Pale than his previous Public appearances since leaving the White House staff in april of 1973. Deans first task from the stand was to identify each of the five defendants. He is their principal accuser. Sirica made his comments about a possible examination of Nixon opening the 12th Day of the trial. He emphasized however that he has made no decision on defense and prosecution subpoenas for the former president. Sirica has scheduled a hearing on the Issue for thursday. The judge said today he wants defense and prosecution attorneys to think about who will foot the Bill if he decides to conduct his own medical inquiry. From a podium 30 feet away prosecutor James f. Neal began laying the background of Dean s role As a self admitted planner of the cover up. Dean released from prison so he could testify described How convicted watergate conspirator g. Gordon Liddy was interviewed by defendant John n. Mitchell and then hired As general counsel for the Nixon re election committee Dean then went on to describe the re election committee intelligence plan proposed for use by Liddy on Jan. 27, 1972, in Mitchells Justice department office. A this Wasny to a plan for the United states government was it a Neal asked. Dean said it was for a the reelection a if i should decide either now or later if it should develop that i feel it necessary for the former president to appear personally a said Sirica a who is going to pay expenses to Fly doctors out there a the defense or prosecution a after that the lawyer for defendant Kenneth w. See Sirica on 2a Dean driven from basement of court in Washington tuesday a wire photo emergency action Home mortgage credit fund made available by Peggy Simpson associated press writer Washington a Home buyers should find mortgage Money easier to locate As a result of an emergency housing credit Bill passed by Congress tuesday. The Bill which authorizes up to $7 7 billion for Federal purchases of conventional housing mortgages was a priority request of president Ford in his economic message to Congress a week ago rep. Garry Brown a ranking Republican on the banking committee said he has been assured that Ford will sign the Bill. He said the mortgage purchases should begin soon afterwards freeing up Banks and savings and loan institutions to underwrite More mortgages. Seventy per cent of smile family Homes have conventional mortgages but the governments secondary mortgage agencies have been restricted to purchases cancer research hopeful new York a a system for very Early detection of breast cancer shows Promise of saving women s lives says or. Justin j Stem who is cured of a cancer that struck him 30 years ago. Or Stem president of the american cancer society told its annual meeting today that there a is much to be hopeful for Quot from research against various forms of cancer. Telling of experiences so far in 27 new breast cancer detection programs or. Stein said that one located in Atlanta had so far found la breast cancers of which Only one had spread yet to regional Lymph nodes he said that by contrast such a spread has already occurred in 50 to to per cent of breast cancers which women find themselves and a women today discover the presence of their own breast earners about 95 per cent of the time a and hence have been the earliest Detec tors breast cancers Are highly curable when they Are Small and non invasive or. Stem said but when women do find their own cancers they Are usually Over one Inch in diameter. In 1945, he had reticulum cell Sarcoma a form of cancer that can fatally invade the Lymph system. He was Given one year to live but was cured by surgery and radiation or. Stein is professor of radiology at the University of California at los Angeles school of Medicine the breast cancer detection demonstration projects program was set up jointly by the cancer society and the National cancer Institute to a test new methods for the earlier diagnosis of breast cancer a he explained while the Atlanta experience is extremely limited to Date it shows a the time to diagnose breast cancer is while they Are still Small or not even palpable and before the patient has any symptoms a he said of Home mortgages insured by the veterans administration and the Federal housing administration. Middle class Home buyers will Benefit most from the legislation it authorizes the government agencies to buy up mortgages on houses costing Between $33,000 and $38,000 but authorizes the Secretary of housing and Urban development to allow purchases of mortgages on houses costing up to $42,000 in High Cost areas. A ceiling of $55,000 was put on mortgages in the extraordinarily expensive areas of Alaska Hawaii and Guam the housing Industry is in its worst doldrums since world War la its officials say. Home buyers can t find mortgage Money and when they do it is prohibitively expensive because of interest rates approaching to per cent in some areas in a fight on the Senate floor sen William prox mire let Wii a succeeded in getting the Bill s interest rate lowered to the Cost of the Money to the Treasury plus one halt of one per cent or about 8 5 per cent. Brown estimated the interest would be higher than Proxmire had projected somewhere Between 8�?~/� and 8% per cent halloween Price tag has soared san Francisco a whether you re tricking or treating halloween is going to Cost you More this year. A Check of local stores tuesday showed that pumpkins Are wearing a tatter Price tag Candy prices Are up and Broomsticks have soared sky High a the Price of Candy has just gone out of sight this year a mainly because of the increase in sugar Cost a said de swam regional director of merchandising for Woolworth a bumpkins both real and Lake also Are More expensive. Lucky stores says the pumpkins at its grocery markets Cost five cents a Pound last year and seven cents this year. Kevin o Rourke manager of the Marina discount variety store said a those buckets of plastic pumpkins which used to be 88 cents Are now $1 29.�?� it s going to Cost kids More for costumes too. Martha Asten owner of Cliffy a variety store said a rubber masks which last year were $5 and to it now Are $7 and $8. I what s inside i amusements do Bridge 8s classified ads7-111 comics. 61 crossword 51 editorials4a financial2 a obituaries 3d sports1-7c television .5b women a news 1-7b challenging democratic sen. Thomas f. Eagleton in Missouri. The president began his Day with a Dawn meeting with Republican sen Robert Dole of neighbouring Kansas who is facing a Strong election Challenge. Dole who see Ford on 7a guardsmen on standby in Boston Boston a Boston schools opened today with National guard units standing by in armoires and mayor Kevin h. White charged that the guard a May Well be an inept incompetent ill equipped. Undisciplined or under trained state hundreds of police patrolled a High school that was the scene of racial violence tuesday the latest outbreak in More than four weeks of scattered violence Over the Issue of school busing to achieve desegregation. Quot we cannot allow this City to become another Detroit where it took dozens of civilian deaths at the hands of police and National guardsmen to bring in the Federal troops to restore order a White said. A we cannot permit Roxbury a Black Section of Boston to become another Watts. We must not allow South Boston High to become another Kent White had asked for Federal assistance in keeping order in the City but the White House turned Down that request saying Federal troops would be used Only As a last resort if local and state authorities were unable to maintain order. However the Pentagon announced today that army paratroopers at it. Bragg. N.c., have been placed on Alert in Case they Are needed in the Boston school crisis. A spokesman described the move As purely precautionary. Gov. Francis w. Sargent mobilized the guard on tuesday and about 450 guardsmen were to armoires with other units put on standby for possible callup. Haig asked for Pardon says paper Chicago apr president Ford will testify before a House subcommittee that Alexander m. Haig asked him eight Days before Richard m. Nixon left the White House if Ford would Pardon Nixon in the event of a resignation the Chicago Tribune says. Ford will Tell a House judiciary subcommittee on thursday that he made no Promise to Haig and refused to make any deals involving Nixon a resignation the newspaper said in a Washngton dateline Story in today a editions. The newspaper quoted White House sources As reporting that Haig then Nixon a chief of staff posed to then vice president Ford a hypothetical question of Nixon were to resign would he receive a full pardon9 on aug. 8 Nixon announced his resignation effective the next Day. Ford granted him a Pardon sept 8, the newspaper also reported Ford is prepared to testify that Nixon a attorney James St Clair told him about the existence of damaging taped conversations whose revelation ultimately helped precipitate Nixon s resignation the discussion with St. Clair took place aug. 2, the Day after the reported conversation with Haig the Tribune said. On aug 3 Ford left tor a speaking tour of the South. Ford is prepared to testify that St. Clair told him if Nixon did not resign the conversations would Lead to his impeachment conviction and removal from office the newspaper said

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