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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 12, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Thur Dav october 12, 1939the High Point Enterprise a a Mon Center of Industry High Point North Carolina russian grab meets resistance when it s Finland s turn to give Page three Sec. I sgt Jet stirs trouble in roiling Baltic aka scr of Finland the Little known Kun Opean nation whirl won Fame in not worrying about the de j it re Sion is making headlines i Cain by worrying about Russia the Thrifty finns paid their world War debts Fin Amial vanity. But the new War finds the Soxie n Ltd versa Ion a mos Low reeking a Price that Finland ii not so willing to pay Russia wants three finnish in nod islands who h control the approaches to Leningrad. Russia soil of Miler Arctic Ocean re Russia Kyosti Kallio president of Fin and leads his nation in resistor e to soviet Baltic demands. Reins Holland Island As Prater in for its naval base at Kroner r Ussia grabbed rights from homa easily hut it is up against More stubborn opponent now. A Libou i Quot a Meme Lith. \ Kovno / a l \ a a % a a i j Wilno Germany"1 5 leg report Russia agrees to restore thie area to Litas. Yew Killian mores in or ire Road for Beltie domination. Reached that state alone because it has usually minded of trouble and strife. Inn , Boom la he a s a a a Ludi. Quot Quot Quot a Quot /0 j Hon i the. Finn. Or lok r w bmh.2 la or la lbs old in the. Vol. La. Or of both he Rii ii i Southern rum,., to . Mrw Lehtom my ratty government he cause j a calmly tried Russia was almost constant. Finally in Iso. Finland was captured and made a gland duchy of the Empire for to Yeara. The finns twisted in the russian War saved the situation the czarist regime toppled. On dec. I Taij jail electric ranges a refrigerators it in a to in in in a a in in in in in he m in j in a i Immi in i s Immi six in. Enjoy these features new Ultra Speed balt i a Sprod Cal Rod cooking unit hitts filter up to 4% saving Sci to a Ltd it Eica i Rod Mem ii much a a 64% of current to Many cooking operation. No Guesswork hot Point five Stirru Muety controlled cooking heat a a Shlat Keuter Quot if the Telephone ring turn a Witch to Quot warm no worry about fond Hunting or boiling Over. Warming heat a food including Coffee kept hot and tasty for hour without Bowling. Us motto in with su1ct-a Speed Caligo spied Mot Point a revolutionary cooking unit 5 Mccutc of or o on trolled looking bpm Cit see the new hotpoint electric Range and learn How modern a Range can be. Hotpot to a amazing new select a Speed Cal Rod cooking unit i the Speed heat electric cooking unit known. Cuts electric cooking costs As much a 64. 5 different speeds from Low warm Tom speedier intense High heat. No More Guesswork about the Correct heat Tor frying boiling simmering. In a be Zigata today. Electric Range tomorrow last Day of free ail electric cooking school see and hear mrs. J. Watson Shockley noted Home bion Mist demonstrate Klet try the Hirv this minute by refrigeration co. La North main Street phone 2023 a i Mem a a mowa10 Mihill the words you Are about to look at in the split seconds that they hit your eyes form a new kind of reporting. This will take sixty seconds to retd. While you Are Reading these sets the events they describe Are a ritually Laking place. W hat happens in is in motion. Destiny Unne minute on Earth. A world folds itself Start Reading War problem have thrown Balkan nation into nervous fit. Yugoslavia la spending $20, every go second on communications. Letters phone Calls wires the f. May fall in now for belligerent Trade with latin America. The nazis business with i Atin America a Worth $400 a minute the Hudson River in new York deemed by Many to be the worlds most Beautiful River gets merchandise floating Down it at a rate of $600 Worth a minute. The amount of travelling done by trucks and cars in America averages so that each vehicle covers too feet a minute. A distance equal annually to Obe third the distance around the Earth the United states is me living Gold from All countries except Italy and Germany. Twenty five Hundred dollars Worth a minute. In one minute the nazis now produce Over 150 Gallons of is making an amazing number of things out of celluloid which has become so important they make a Pound a second. Stop Reading. Distributed by a quart features inc. Reproduction strict prohibited. Copyright. Is us Esquire features or lessons in English look and learn i How can i by Vav. I j. Gordon by a. C. Gordo by Awe Ashley words often misused do not write a this is our no apostrophe is required in writing the possessive pronouns ours yours theirs its. Often mispronounced attache pronounce at a Sha first a As in at. Secand a As in ask unstressed third a As in Shade secondary accent on first syllable principal accent on last syllable. Often misspelled truly not trively. Synonyms descendant heir. Scion offspring. We Ord study a Ytse a word three times and it is let tis increase our vocabulary by mastering one word each Day. Today sword imputation whatever is ascribed or charged. A it is the Summit of humility to hear the. Imputation of Lavater 1. Who was the Republican party a first presidential nominee 2. How Many times a minute does the average adult in repose j breathe 3. How Many time belts Are there in the u. S.? 4. What is Mussolini a first name 5. What state has the most water areas in it not including water sulfite of oceans. Gulf of Mexico or great lakes ans Krs 1. John c. Fremont in . 2. Eighteen. Four Eastern Central Roun and Pacific. Benito. Minnesota. Modern etiquette by Roberta Lee previous to the Horseshoe method of Hoof Protection for horses socks or sandals wort used for the horses feet. Q. How can t cause Coal to Burn More slowly a. It is claimed that if the Coal is sprinkled with a solution of i 2-Pound of washing soda to a i gallon of water a few Days lie fore burning the Coal will Burn More slowly and also give More heat. Q How can i economize More on Lemons a. Instead of cutting a Lemon in half w Hen just a Small amount of juice is desired make a Small illusion in one end of the Lemon and squeeze out the desired amount of juice q How can i Whiten handkerchiefs a. One method is to put them into a Basin of cold water to 1 which a Quarter of a Teaspoon of q. How Many persons should a Host invite to a theatre party a. This depend entirely upon the extent of the hosts generosity and his pocketbook. The usual number is six or eight person. Q. What would be a Good Toast i for a Man guest to offer to his hostess a. A ladies and gentlemen i give you our hostess the wife of the Luc Kiest Man in the world a in q what is the most popular hour for a luncheon whether formal or informal a one of clock. The blood in tour bodies travels at an average Speed of seven Miles an hour. Houser it s a Cream of tartar has been dissolved. And allow them to soak overnight. Join the thou Aqda of housewives who no the pleasant to relieve Inorg a a Nie headache period pain or neural. They take Ami Dine a at Andev remedy or forty jews. Cap Udine jul wkly re Nieves pain. Thee tense Norv a. Briny delightful relaxation. I or or soc to Lilian i world Evant Aetna miniature radio wit built in ass a wave scope Combine plug in Aerial ground 75c size Baume Bengue 43 facial tissues a a Soe select 14c a Nwe it. M annually pushed northward. Rito i Quot. Is i it Ira a til Appert it after the Experiment. 0 Ptersen s pc 1917. The finns proclaimed land a gained a reputation for six centuries after 1157. Their Independence set up a gov a rather tranquil practical na-1 Finland a part of Sweden. Dur eminent. Now. However the Bolin. Actually the country Only Ina that time. Warring against is taoists became As greedy a the a. Czar had been. Aided by Home contingents of red they penetrated Finland until the major j part of the population under general Carl Mannerheim hurled 1 them Hack. Still the soviets attempted to bore from within. They organized a communist party in Finland filtered into Trade unions the 1 army. In 1929. Young communists. Staging a demonstration at Papua. Were scattered after hand to hand combat with an organized group of neighbourhood vigilantes i this outburst of Defiance by the j i finns spread into the a Apua j movement Quot an association of lol Cal anti red club i Apt tans Hoot Jed communist leaflets out of the country finally awakened the government to the necessity of passing strict measure again russian agitator. Thus did Finland maintain her i Independence she is determined to keep it and to remain Neutral i in the current conflict. Rut Otis j Isla a already taken a Long step i toward Complete mastership of j the Baltic. Further Progress along this line will open the Way for russian domination of Finland i again. Germany however is the real villain of the piece to the finns. While the nazis hated the red. Finland relied on Germany to offset soviet pressure. It granted i Hitler privileges on the strategic i Island reportedly sought by Russia. Now Germany seems to be willing to give Russia Complete j control of the Baltic As far West As East Prussia Ioc size old dutch Cleanser 425 official size amp shape football Guinn teed acc valve bidder plough Over Whitcr Rawhide laces. 12-oz. Pkg. Moth balls 8c Metal shoe Trees 18 is Glass fruit Reamer 6 w 4-Playar sat of table Tennis healthful acc thrilling. 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I i therefore you save 4 in by buying the bottle of too similar i i say nos apply to All the items listed Here. I Rem for coughs 49c 6 of 79c iou i q. Re save i j i in anacin tablets 19< 50% 59e you 9 Rte Lulli save a v Yergens lotion 21c i 3-79c you i i save in onite Antiseptic 3 i 4 of 79� you Erie i save of i h i Valene shampoo 42c a of 69 you acc i 3 save in j italian Balm 29< 9.79 a pc 5112 Bis Odol powder 23 5-83e you not by save a in Vicks Vapo rub 3i-save 9c free 2sc Rose lotion i with soc Woodbine Cream 75c value 33 Hills nose drops. 6 55c size free zone for j c corns 24 j and j Talcum 4-oz. To of. 19 39 save 9c Lofoten cod liver Oil 1s-oz. 32-oz. 119 save 19c lys0l disinfectant 3-i16-oz. 23 83 Al 40 save 48c Drene shampoo 3-oz. 6-49c79c save 19s savings for Home makers Olafsen vitamins clip this Coupon 150-sheets Hudson Bay Kitchen be towels Coupon i in durable Tyson rubber gloves c folded in one piece nonslip accurate time alarm clock thoroughly dependable handsome accurate Blue Jay Corn plasters Vic pc Rrapi tar Cam Saybrook yeast it Iron 0mp0und98< Quot just Botex regular Junior or super it Yea real Comfort a cart Roe Protection Box 12 Dut Prool garment bag 27 holds 3 garments. Sturdy 5-cup Glass Coffee maker 98 will not break from heat. Olafsen atol Vitamin capsules a by a bottle Pac of 25 Oil bottle of 10o, 1j2 ,4 or so Olaf seas halibut liver Oil Vitamin capsules 3l Dottle 50 59 bottle too 98 1-ox. Tube Zinc oxide Point. Of Aye ment pkg. S Gem razor Blades single Edge 23 fresh tobaccos luscious fresh Strawberry double dip sundae doubly i cd Iii ?#?rdelieiou8 it served with 2 scoops of u your favorite ice Cream. A Rich tasty Delight % 5 g g q Pound i tobaccos y0ur for Choice. Oti velvet Raleigh i p. A. Amp half amp half Headquarters for Fine ripes including i Yello Boles at $1 x Kay woodies at 2�$3.50 to $5 Book matches j Carton pc a of 50. 2 1.2$ Bize absorbing 74ci Junior Boc size Angelus Rouge 43 4-oz. Squibbs milk of o a cd magnesia a v student tooth Brush pure v. Ile bristles a a a clip this Coupon Jug 25c size i Cascara aromatic i 7c in Juv. A i pkg. 25 Standard envelopes 50c value poker chips Box Gai too. .�9 6%-Fnch with <3c Coupon -4 bottle too saccharin a a tablets a a c 1-Grain. X x i him nut to tablets 1-Grain medium Bap Ivory soap 2 a Quot we Large bar 2orl5 guest size 4frl5�?~ limit 4 bars each

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