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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 10, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Weather Clear and Cool today and monday 92nd year a no. 284 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 882-1719 classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2161 High Point n. C., sunday morning october to 1976 138 pages daily 15c, sunday 35c average electric rate in America up 7.4 per cent by Stan Benjamin associated press writer Washington a the average american family spent 7.4 per cent More in electricity Bills last year As new yorkers paid the highest rates and Washington state residents the lowest. Compared with the previous year average household electricity Bills increased As much As 26.5 per cent in Oklahoma the steepest rate hike in percentage terms. However thai state still had one of the lowest electricity costs in dollars at $13.90. The average monthly Bill increased by various amounts in 41 states surveyed by the Federal Power commission but Montana broke even and the monthly electricity Bills turned out to be slightly lower on average than the previous year in the District of Columbia and eight states Connecticut Delaware Maine Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina Alabama and Virginia. Actual household electricity Bills of course May have varied considerably from these general state averages depending on local rates and the amounts of electricity used. The Federal Power commission report simply reported the averages and did not try to explain precisely the reasons for the Large regional differences but it said that they were probably due to such factors As the Type and nearness of fuel or Power sources population density and the types of Utility ownership. Among privately owned for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or writ action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge even one. Freedom train Freedom train school Days will be get. 21 and 22. Teachers wishing to schedule classes to visit the train please Call Greensboro 373-2044 Between to and 3. Local performers who would like a Chance to entertain the waiting crowd May Call 454-3819 during the Day or Curtis Holt in Greensboro 292-4248, in the Book covers q. On the Back of the Telephone directory it says it is unlawful to attach covers or binders. Through the mail quite a few of us received plastic covers from interstate plastics in Nashville. On the front of the covers is a list of people in High Point who supposedly paid to have the covers made. Did they realize that it was against the Law for us to use these i think a lot of people would be interested As it does affect a lot of us. Thank you. Mrs. . A a few months ago the statute was struck Down and out following a court Case. You Are free to encase it in plastic or swathe it in needlepoint if you wish utilities for examples consolidated Edison of new York charged the highest rates at $36 64 for 500 kilowatt hours about As much As the average household uses in a month the pc said. Among publicly owned utilities the highest rate charged was $25.44 by the Austin tex., electric department that a about 30 per cent below con eds prices. The lowest rate for a private Utility was the $8.36 charged for 500 kilowatt hours by Washington water Power co and the lowest Public Utility rate was $5.42 by the Seattle department of lighting. In comparison the monthly household Bill nationwide averaged $19 26 for 500 kilowatt hours up 7 4 per cent from the previous year s $17.93. Neither the Price increases nor the sometimes Large geographical differences were very surprising the Cost of Oil Gas Coal and nuclear fuel All Rose substantially in the Wake of the 1973 Arab Oil embargo and the pc said these increases in fuel Cost were passed straight through to Consumers in thousands of communities and electric utilities on the East coast burning imported fuel Oil for example have far higher costs than utilities with Access to hydroelectric Power such As the Federal projects of the Pacific Northwest. Thus new York state s average monthly household Bill was $29 87, while that of Washington state the lowest was Only $7 58 for the same amount of electricity. Amid this wide Range. West Virginia s electric Bills were closest to the National average at $19.20, Only six cents off base. Mrs. Diana Levy to her Oscar Hammerstein was grandpa Greensboro apr to Diana Levy of Greensboro famed lyricist Oscar Hammerstein was simply mrs. Levy 25, was Diana Hammerstein before her marriage. A my Grandfather died in 1960, and i done to really remember that much about him a mrs. Levy said a we lived next door to he and my grandmother once on a farm in Pennsylvania and what i remember most is him being upstairs All the time in his study the Only time he Ever came Down was for meals. Sometimes not even then a Hammerstein noted for his work on such musicals As a the last time i saw Paris a a a Oaklahoma Quot a South Pacific a and a the sound of music Quot was different from the upbeat bubbling personality projected in the music mrs Levy said a i think he was More tender in his writings than he was in person i think he was probably one of those people who let themselves go More in his writing than in his mrs. Levy who moved two years ago after studying at Berkely Columbia and Briarcliff has made some appearances in the Greensboro Community theater but she has never looked at the theater with a career in mind Ford s finances at Issue again by Evans Witt associated press writer Washington a president Ford s personal finances have resurfaced As a presidential Campaign Issue because of an old internal Revenue service audit report that he once paid a few personal Bills with Money from a Bank account containing some political contributions democratic presidential candidate Jimmy Carter said saturday that Ford should make Public his income tax returns since a there seems to be a discrepancy Between the audit s findings and Fords statements that he had never converted Campaign funds to personal use. Ford replied that Fri irs and congressional investigations have Given him an a absolute clean Bill of health and added a i suggest that people who throw stones should t live in Glass houses a the 13-Page audit report a copy of which was obtained by the associated press does answer some questions about Fords finances. The audit was of Ford tax returns from 1967 to 1972 the report is dated nov. 9, 1973 it shows that in 1972 Ford paid a handful of personal Bills with funds from a Ijanke account containing speakers fees reimbursements for political and other travel and some political contributions the Money was spent on $871.44 Worth of clothes for himself and mrs. Ford. The report said Ford agreed with an irs determination that the clothing Money was personal income and that he then paid taxes on that amount. The report indicated Ford repaid the vacation funds to the account. Maintained in grand rapids mich., which he represented in Congress at the time the audit report also said irs agents calculated that Ford was Able to get by with Only $5 a week in spending Money something Carter also called on # Ford to explain the audit report noted that Ford himself was surprised to learn How Little pocket Money he used. The report concluded that Ford had taken sufficient action to Clear up irs questions about the special Bank account and his own out of pocket Cash expenditures. The irs required no other adjustments and Ford asked the Agency to give the audit to the joint committee on internal Revenue taxation when he was undergoing confirmation hearings for vice president. Carter has listed two areas that he says need further clarification from the president a one concerning the Bank account and the other concerning Fords spending Money. The Bank account Carter has repeatedly raised questions during the past three Days about Ford s use of the grand rapids Bank account to pay $1,167 for a family vacation to Vail colo., in 1972, and $871.44 for clothes for him and his wife for the 1972 gop convention the irs audit found these expenditures came from the a Gerald r. Ford fifth District account Quot at Union Bank and Trust one of seven accounts it examined a the principal source of the deposits Are honorariums reimbursements for travel expenses and some political contributions Quot said the irs see Ford s on a West co ast suffers Jet Stream reroutes hurricanes by Martin Merzer associated press writer Miami apr the Jet Stream moving South from its usual position is forcing most Atlantic hurricanes away from the . Mainland and bringing devastating Pacific hurricanes to the West coast forecasters say. It is also causing Early cold Waves in this country and contributing to the european drought forecasters at the National Hurricane Center said saturday. The Jet Stream is a current of fast to veg air that flows around the world at High altitudes. It is much farther South than usual the forecasters said and its unusual position creates a sort of High Altitude vacuum. What happens is that the Ocean storms that form move toward the North and East to fill the vacuum Quot said forecaster Gil Clark a the Jet Stream is always migrating but it s rarely this far South a seven tropical storms and five hurricanes formed in the Atlantic this year. Only one tropical storm and one Hurricane reached the East coast none of the other major Atlantic storms in 1976 came any farther West than the Bermuda area in recent years Many Atlantic storms have crossed the Caribbean or Gulf of Mexico and crashed into Mexico a East coast. Most of this years Atlantic storms headed West for several Days then abruptly changed direction a heading North and East but the same High Altitude conditions brought Pacific weather systems toward the East and the West coasts of California and Mexico were buffeted by three hurricanes Clark said that on the average Only one Hurricane will affect the Pacific coast each season officials said almost 1,000 persons died when Hurricane Liza hit Mexico a Baja California Peninsula two weeks ago and Hurricane Madeline slammed into Mexico a West coast Friday with winds of 165 m p h several persons were killed and 8,000 left homeless by Madeline a the unusually Early cold Waves in the United states Are another example of what happens when the Jet Stream moves South a Clark said. A the cold weather is coming in from the North to help fill the record Low temperatures were reported recently in parts of the Midwest. Clark said the Jet Stream s location is also forming Quot a blocking pattern Quot that is forcing storms to bypass Europe officials said the resultant drought is the worst in modern times there has been rain recently in England but drought conditions persist forecasters said there is no Way to Tell when the Jet Stream will meander Back to its Normal position a providing Relief for the West coast and Europe but increased danger of hurricanes on the East coast Quot there is no real Cycle to the position of the Jet Stream a Clark said Quot we be checked the records and there a no Way we can predict when it will move further North after 27 years of Mao Hua Kuo Feng assumes premiership of Chin Are action to the woman wanting to get on the police Force i am taking a two year course in criminal Justice at . In Greensboro and it should help you get a Job on the police Force or with the court. I want to be a truant officer. evaders q. Where do you report a person who does not report their wages to the state or the Federal income tax department of they Are reported do i have to give my name and where i work i pay taxes and i think this person should also pay taxes and i know for a fact they do not pay taxes on their salaries. Thank you. Anon. A. At the Federal level you May Call Joseph Pagani chief of the intelligence division of the internal Revenue service in Greensboro. The number of his office is 378-5301 the address is . Box 20597, Greensboro 27420. It is not necessary to identify yourself but such reports Are confidential you can Contact the local office of the . Revenue dept on Boulevard 882-2529, regarding the state taxes More on fair q. Is the state fair Down close to the main shopping Center in Raleigh . Q. Is there any place in High Point you can buy tickets before you go to the state fair anon. Q. Will you please publish the general admission Price for the fair anon. Man. A. The Fairgrounds Are located in Southwest Raleigh near Carter stadium Many bus terminals and charter bus companies in the state have admission tickets $1.50 and certificates redeemable at a special Gate for a Coupon Booklet. A Purchase of a Booklet enables the Holder to get a 50-cent reduction on the Price of admission to the Fairgrounds. The purchaser of a $5 Booklet gets 18 rides a $2.50 Booklet entitles one toll rides both below the Normal prices. These certificates Are available Only through oct. 14. The fair runs from oct. 15-23. Senior citizens 65 and older Are admitted to the fair every Day without admission charge by showing an id card or some proof of age. A display expected to be popular is a full scale Model of the Mars Viking Lander. The latest photos received from Viking i and ii on Mars will also be on exhibit. By Kay Tateishi associated press writer Tokyo a Premier Hua Kuo Feng has been named chairman of the chinese communist party Wall posters in peking announced saturday. He takes Over leadership of a nation that for 27 years knew Only the Strong hand of Mao tse Tung a let us unite around the party led by Comrade Hua Kuofeng a proclaimed one of Many posters plastered throughout the chinese capital the Tokyo newspaper Asahi Shimun said in a report from peking the posters made the first disclosure of Huas Elevation to the chairmanship vacant since Mao a death sept 9 chinese news Media did not carry any official announcement. Peking was relatively quiet saturday but much activity was seen around the Central Tien an men Square and official government quarters. The japanese news service Kyodo quoting reliable sources said an official announcement was expected soon. The 57-year-old Hua virtually unknown to the outside world until handpicked by Mao to be Premier earlier this year was appointed chairman by the party s 25-member Central political Bureau japanese press reports said he also was named chairman of the Central military affairs commission a Post that had been held by Mao the reports said Kyodo said Hua would resign from the premiership and name his own successor As head of government. Asahi said a Likely new Premier is Chang Chun Chiao 57, now a vice Premier and head of the general political department of the armed forces. Chang is ranked no 4 in the peking leadership Hua is widely viewed by analysts As a stabilizing influence in the Power struggle Between moderates and radicals in the party his appointment is also seen As a reaffirmation of Mao a policy of continuing enmity toward a a revisionists a who follow the Quot capitalist Road Quot and toward the soviet Union China Leader strongman s influence got Hua Post an a news analysis by John Roderick associated press writer the emergence of Hua Kuofeng As successor to Mao Tseung suggests the old chairman s influence lives on a month after his death and that the chinese communist party has chosen Compromise rather than confrontation the news from peking leaves no doubt that the Mao protege a virtually unknown a year ago a is taking Over at the relatively Young age of 57 with a firm rather than shaky hand he succeeds to All of Mao s old titles chairman of the party chairman of the military commission meaning he has the army s backing and head of the party politburo it is also reported that he is to choose his own successor As Premier. All this Means that the chinese party a split by a quarrel Between moderates represented by the late Premier Chou in Lai. And the radicals led by Mao s widow Chiang Ching a decided for stability rather than violence As far As China and the International Community Are concerned this could be All to the Good. For what China does internally could deeply affect he balance of Power system carefully elaborated in recent years by the United states the soviet Union Japan and China itself. A Radical China dedicated to revolution at any Cost could alter the Good relations now existing Between peking and Washington and peking and Tokyo these links the product of diplomacy Only four or five years old Are vital to the Over All balance All four wish to maintain with the the soviet Union in the other scale. It now seems Likely that China will remain a viable part of be Mao son 13a Charlotte considers cop change Charlotte a City officials Are considering implementation of an idea which is already in effect in Winston Salem Durham and several other cities outside the state a the Public safety officer Psi program. The so program creates a hybrid officer a half policeman half fireman officers Are trained in both areas and the result so advocates say is a cheaper an More efficient safety Force. Scott Tyler assistant to the Charlottes City manager said an initial phase of training volunteers from among current firemen and policemen a could be in operation in six to nine months after City Council approved Tyler who is completing a study of the so idea said the plan would involve a pay incentives to police and firemen who Volunteer for the program a a reduction in firemen a working hours from 52 to 40 per week pos would work eight hour shifts a and an initial phase in stage with the new pos working in a Low crime and Low fire area Tyler said if the program is adopted All policemen and firemen eventually would become pos and All new employees would undergo the so training Tyler said the work breakdown would be similar to one in Durham where officers Are on police patrol about 95 per cent of the time and on fire patrol 5 per cent. Tyler said some cities which have experimented with the so concept have run into problems such As increased fire losses which Tyler said were caused by inadequate fire training and morale damage for former firemen and policemen. Inside Reading Carter s turnaround. Mccarthy candidacy. School columns. Editorials. Women s news sports. Television. Entertainment. Pages 17, 18, 19b obituaries. Classified. Greenspan say Economy acting As expected by r. Gregory Nokes associated press writer Washington apr despite the continuing flow of disappointing economic statistics Ford administration economists claim the Economy is performing very close to their predictions for the year Alan Greenspan chairman of the presidents Council of economic advisors said in an interview that the Economy actually is performing better than the administration forecast in january he acknowledged that it is not doing As Well As he had projected in revised forecasts in july but said it is nearer the revised forecasts than the original Outlook he said it is still possible unemployment May drop below 7 per cent by the end of this year a it will require a stable labor Force and a bit above average increase in unemployment but it is not an unreasonable he added unemployment dropped just one tenth of a percentage Point in september to 7.8 per cent of the labor Force Down from 7 9 per cent the previous month since employment also declined there Wasny to much Good news in the report especially since the jobless rate had risen the three previous months but Greenspan said if the rate does no to fall below 7 per cent by the end of the year a which was the july forecast a it will do so by Early 1977. Greenspan who was nominated to the Council of economic advisors by former president Nixon has gained considerable respect from his colleagues including some top democratic economists for what they feel is his honest assessment of the nations Economy

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