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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 8, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Weather showers mild More data on Page 3a 92nd year no. 282 the High Point Enterprise Cau us circulation 882-1719 classified ads 885-2177 other i pets. 885-2161 High Point n. Cd a Friday afternoon october 8, 1976 24 pages daily 15c, sunday 35 Ford on defensive debate statement sets off reaction by Dave Riley a writer president Ford making his first extensive trip of the fall Campaign is finding there Are More thorns on the Campaign Trail than in the White House Rose Garden. Ford often has been criticized by democratic nominee Jimmy Carter for his Early strategy of remaining in the White House away from the Rigours of the Campaign Carter complained that Ford carried on his candidacy with Bill signing appearances in the White House Rose Garden where he had Little Chance to fall under Public scrutiny but Ford is in the Middle of a week Long Campaign trip. His third and longest vote gathering expedition since labor Day he was heckled by a group of students on the Campus of the University of Southern California and found himself on the defensive thursday because of two statements he made during wednesday nights debate with Carter a first. Ford touched off a flood of Adverse Eastern Europe area under discussion a w.rph0�0 reaction when he asserted during the debate that the soviets do not dominate the nations of Eastern Europe second. Ford vowed during the debate that he would order the Commerce department to make Public the names of u s corporations that have participated for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one party Headquarters the locations of the in High Point thank q. Would you please give me democratic and Republican offices you. . A Tho democrats office is at 210 a main Tel 883-1273. Mrs Gay Johnson is managing it during the hours generally from 9 to 5 the republicans local office is at 125 in main to Volunteer or for information persons May Call the Republican phone Bank 886-2114. Feeling poorly q i be been having some female problems for several months and have a lot of headaches but i have so Many Bills to pay i can to afford to go to a doctor. Is there some place that gives checkups if you Don t have Money to go to a doctor thank you. Mrs. M. A the place is the Southside health clinic at 401 Taylor St they have a chronic disease detection clinic every morning except wednesday and it s open to any woman or Man who is a Guilford county resident you can make an appointment by calling 885-9512 nurses Check among other things blood pressure and pulse haemoglobin urine take Pap smears give breast examinations test for cd blood chemistry is done for 12 things including cholesterol and diabetes. Results Are usually Back within two weeks and arc sent to the person s private physician if she or he has one if not the patient will be referred to one if a condition is found that requires a doctors care. Tree order q. I ordered one of those Trees that was advertised in the family weekly Over a month ago and i Haven to received it yet. I wonder if what they put in the family weekly is legitimate because i have not received mine yet. Or. . A we suggest you wait a few More weeks Nursery Stock is usually shipped at the Best planting time for the Section of the country and its still a Little Early for these parts family weekly makes sure their advertisers deliver by having a service department to receive complaints. If your tree has not arrived by the time the Frost is on the pumpkin you May write them at 405 Park Aven y., n 10022 sound off please can you help me find a pattern i need badly. It is a simplicity bridal and evening gown pattern no. 7479 put out in 1970 or 1971 and i need a size 9 or to. I am desperate. Can anyone help me thank you. Anon. 475-3323 or 869-4982. The Guilford county head Start Home based program server families in South High Point. The Home visitors go to the Homes of the participating families to share with the children the same Type of activities they would receive in a head Start Center. They also provide a Well balanced snack such As fruit and cheese. To keep these perishable items a refrigerator is needed of you have a refrigerator you would be willing to donate to the program please Call 886-4159 or 686-4158. We need this very badly. Thank you. Guilford county head Start program Secretary. In the Arab Boycott a of Israel or of companies employing jews by thursday. Ford was in effect backing off on the Eastern Europe question although he did not acknowledge he was doing so and did not retract his original statement. And Commerce department officials said what Ford had actually told them to do was to release names of any companies that become involved in the Boycott after thursday names of companies that participated in the Boycott earlier will not be disclosed said spokesman Horace Webb those companies Are said to number in the hundreds. Webb said he could see that some people might have interpreted Ford s remarks As indicating past reports would be made Public. He said it was a a matter of semantics a Carter and his running mate. Sen Walter monday. Hit the Eastern european quotation hard at each Stop obviously adopting the Ford statement As a major Issue Carter said repeatedly that Fords Eastern Europe statement was a a Blunder a a disgrace Quot and that it showed insensitivity Ford said during the debate that Quot there is no soviet domination of Eastern Europe and there never will be under a Ford on thursday Ford told an audience in los Angeles that the United states Quot firmly supports the aspirations for Independence of the nations of Eastern Europe the United states has never conceded and never will concede their domination by the soviet Union a Ford speaking to a crowd of about 15.000 at Hsc said it is his policy to help Eastern european countries Quot become less dependent on the soviet Ford s statement during the debate touched off a storm of protests both from allies abroad and from groups representing americans of Eastern european descent Fords running mate sen Bob Dole also said Ford s comments presented a a some Dole said he was Uncer so debate on 2a i what s inside i amusements10-ua bridge.6b classified ads6-1 in comics.12b crossword10a editorials4a financial2a obituaries .2b sports3-5b television .2b women a news6-8a weather.3a Jack Ford defends father Charlotte a president Ford s son Jack 24. Today defended his father s statement that Eastern Europe is not dominated by the russians Young Ford said in an Airport news conference that he accompanied his father on a trip through Eastern Europe and witnessed evidence of Independence from Moscow in several countries when the yugoslavs want to buy american weapons and the romanians want to enter a Trade agreement you see them showing that Independence a he said the poles Are very proud that this is the first head of state that they invited without consulting the russians. He said president Ford visited Poland in july 1975. In september jobs rate unchanged Washington a the nation s jobs picture remained virtually unchanged in september with a thin improvement in the unemployment rate countered by declines in total employment and the number of people actively trying to find work the labor departments last monthly report before the nov. 2 election showed that the official jobless rate edged downward one tenth of a percentage Point to 7.8 per cent of the work Force from the August totals. At the same time total employment stood at 87 8 million in september Down 162. 000 from the month before. And the total civilian labor Force meaning persons with jobs Pius those seeking them was put at 95,203,000, Down 280,000 from August. The total employment and labor Force figures thus detracted from whatever cheer might otherwise be derived from the marginal improvement in the unemployment rate. Moreover the department attributed the decline in the jobless rate in part to a drop in the figures for unemployed teenagers while the rate for adult men actually went up slightly. Labor department analysts said the changes in any Case. Were not Large enough to have statistical significance a a we consider it about unchanged with both unemployment and employment on a plateau a said one official. The Job figures were the latest in a string of statistics indicating stagnant economic performance. On thursday the department report that wholesale prices had soared by nine tenths of a percentage Point in september a rate that would amount to about la per cent if projected Over a year. Boycott requests retarded couple make go of it Fresno. Calif. Apr almost everyone who knows Floyd and Estelle Montgomery told them their marriage would never work mentally retarded people can to expect to make a go of it together friends warned them and it s True that the Middle aged couples meager income makes it difficult to pay the rent and keep food on the shelves both Are unemployed and have no skilled Trade but As they sit Side by Side on a threadbare sofa in their sparsely furnished living room both say they be never been happier. Quot it was the right decision Quot said Estelle 45, in rapid slurred speech Quot when i lived with my sister everybody made my decisions for me a now in a leading my own life Quot Estelle a right leg is shrivelled by polio and she needs Floyd a help dressing and bathing Floyd 38, regrets Only that he did no to meet Estele sooner in life. A never since we be been married i be been Happy Quot he said Quot people told us that mentally retarded people just done to work out together they said i d just get tired of her and throw her out after a while Quot but we knew better than they did a he said with a smile that Estelle returned they met at a workshop for the handicapped and began courting after Estelle fell and broke her leg Floyd Rode his bicycle six Miles every Day to visit her at the Hospital where he proposed Quot with a broken leg she escape a Floyd said. Quot i had her cornered a workshop officials there discouraged them from marrying As did friends and relatives but a Friend took them to get blood tests and a marriage License and a Justice of the peace performed the ceremony. Seventeen states ban marriages of retarded people but California is not among them married almost a year and a half now Floyd and Estelle said that setting a few ground rules helped them make the partnership a Success Quot we play a game of marbles Ever Day and the loser does the housework Estelle said Quot and our biggest Rule is that we never go to bed mad at each other a Eyan Ces Davis a social worker who makes sure that the Montgomery receive proper health care and social Security benefits described both As a moderately retarded on a scale that runs profound severe moderate and mild a a their arrangement is certainly not something i would recommend for All mentally disabled people but they seem to have handled it very Well Quot she said quote Loyd cares a lot about Estelle and Estelle cares a lot about Floyd i think they did the right the Montgomery have no reservations about marriage for retarded couples Quot if two people meet and fall in love like we did id Tell pm to go ahead and do it Quot Toyd said terrified pair in 7os hang Young e Ord said he believes his father has gained on democratic presidential nominee Jimmy Carter saying Quot we feel real Good. We feel like we be closed the Gap but North Carolina is going to be a Little f Oul weather delayed his arrival and he missed a scheduled appearance at the Kings Mountain Bicentennial Celebration he continued on to Raleigh for afternoon appearances Young Ford was scheduled to look on As gov Jim Holshouser of North Carolina and gov James Edwards of South Carolina Shook hands across the Border in Observance of the 196th anniversary of the Victory Over British troops the program also called for dedication of a new visitors Center at the Park which lies on the South Carolina Side of the Border Why is this Man smiling atty general Robert Shevon maintains a smile throughout the Swine flu shot procedure at the Florida Capitol in Tallahassee today especially since Robbie Flore a nurse for the Leon county health department has removed her Finger from the trigger. Shevin did t flinch or Grimace As he became one of the first persons in Florida to receive the Swine flue inoculation. A wire photo themselves new York apr four Days before an elderly couple wrote a note saying they Quot did t want to live in fear Quot and hanged themselves a robber forced his Way into their apartment brutalized them and stole $275 in pension Money. Hans and Emma Kabel did t Tell police about the incident the second robbery at their apartment in a month. Such crimes Are common experiences for the Many elderly residents of the Morrisania Section of the Bronx ironically part of the reason for the High crime rate is that neighbourhood residents have resisted the abandonment characterizing much of the area and have stayed becoming easy prey for criminals but on wednesday after 50 years in Morrisania the labels apparently gave up they Laid out their burial clothes on their Beds wrote their note then Slit their wrists and hanged themselves in separate rooms of their neat fourth floor apartment a month ago Kabel 78. Was knocked to the floor by an intruder and two dollars was taken from his Wallet last saturday. Emma 76. Was stabbed by the intruder who stole their pension Money in both cases Kabel had been followed Home and pushed inside As he entered the door police sgt Robert Callahan said the six by eight Block sector that includes the labels a Street Quot is the busiest 24-hour sector in the precinct a a Callahan said More than a Quarter of the crime in the 42nd precinct happens in that sector because of its dense population and the vulnerability of its aged residents the labels were among the German immigrants who joined the first heavy settlement of the area they stayed when poor Blacks and hispanics moved in and the crime rate Rose Otto Jens who grew up with the labels in the same Small town in Germany and followed them to the United states thought he had talked them out of suicide tuesday night Quot in a heartbroken a a Jens said after their bodies were found. Quot i can to talk about what it was like so Long ago when it was still Good for us. It s just too hard to be publicized Washington a american businesses being asked by Arab countries to Honor the economic Boycott of Israel will have their identities made Public from now on those disclosures will be made by the Commerce department in cases of Boycott requests that u s businesses receive after thursday firms that received such requests in the past will not be identified publicly the new policy is the result of the policy reversal that president Ford announced during the wednesday night debate with Jimmy Carter when Ford said the names of u s companies participating in the Boycott will be made Public. E Ord s handling of the Arab Boycott during the debate s generating some Sharp criticism of Ford and some confusion about what he intended he is being criticized by democrats for misrepresenting Congress As opposing legislation to counter the Boycott while portraying his administration As working for such a Law the confusion stemmed from e Ord a statement that the names of u s. Companies that Quot have participated in the Boycott would be disclosed however the Commerce department said thursday that Only the names of companies involved with the Boycott after oct 7 will be disclosed Commerce Secretary Elliot l Richardson said president Fords announcement of the Boycott order could have been worded More carefully Quot it could have been clearer but i done to think anyone who knew the context was in any Richardson said speaking at a Republican fund raising dinner in Wichita Kan Richardson denied the Ford administration opposed congressional disclosure efforts he said it opposed More far reaching legislation because it might have made the Boycott More stringent Quot but we were prepared to accept legislation that would have the effect of requiring disclosure Quot Richardson said the Crux of the Boycott is the wish of the Arab nations to put economic pressure on Israel by refusing to do business with foreign companies that in turn do business with Israel the Arab nations obtain that information by requiring companies to fill out questionnaires a which the United states considers Boycott requests a before they can be so Boycott on 2 a

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