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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 6, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Weather Chance of showers More data on Page 3a 92nd year no. 280 the High Point Enterprise Cau us circulation ____882-171# classified ads 885-2177 other dept. 885-211 High Point n. C., wednesday afternoon october 6, 1976 80 pages daily Lac sunday 35 second debate Carter will take off gloves tonight san Francisco apr Jimmy Carter says he s ready to slug it out with president Ford in tonight s debate on foreign and defense policies but White House aides say Ford in t preparing for what May be the toughest questions hell face. The second of the three debates Between the two presidential candidates is scheduled for 9 30 p m., Edt at the historic Palace of Fine arts in san Francisco. The three major commercial networks and the Public broadcasting service will televise the encounter. There have been suggestions that Ford May be asked during tonight s debate about the effect on african nations of the racial slur that led to mondays resignation of his agriculture Secretary. Earl Butz and Ford May be asked about a report by the general accounting office which says 41 american lives were lost in the Mayaguez incident last year because of Hasty action and poor intelligence Ford advisers brushed aside suggestions that the Butz affair could come up in tonight s debate but ambassador to the United nations William Scranton was asked in a television interview on sunday about Butzu comments and he said they a a will Hurt in the United Ford has been unavailable for questions on the Butz matter since it became Public knowledge last Friday night that Butz had made an obscene racial slur about Blacks Fords Only comments about the Butz Case were on monday when he read a prepared statement in which he regretfully accepted Butz resignation Mike Duval a White House special counsel said Ford has been Given no special briefing material on responses he could make either to questions about the Butz affair or the Mayaguez incident. For answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every invasion q. Would it be invading your privacy like if i was arrested and they broadcast it on the radio plus they put it in the paper done to you think that is depriving you of your own private rights Why should everyone know and i would like to find out. Anon. Boy. A the person arrested is the one who has usually invaded someone s privacy or deprived another of rights a whether the rights to their Side of the Road or the Security of their life and property. The invader is in no position to protest. It s a lesson in what the experts Call a learning to accept the reasonable consequences of our behaviour Quot bad publicity is a reasonable consequence of committing an unlawful Dee Junky Yard q. I know the City has an ordinance that requires people to keep their Yards clean however i would like to know How the Yard at manages to have it look like a junk pile All the time anon. Man. A. The building inspector says the House is now vacant and the owner has secured a permit to make the necessary repairs and clean up the place. When the minimum housing code requirements Are met they will Issue a certificate of repairs q. It is not Ray nature to be critical of anyone but a few weeks Back it took Ever so Long before phone was repaired. It seems Only one repairman is in the High Point area on Call at night and he was on vacation. The Man who finally came was from Trinity and was not familiar with the streets in area. Anon. Man. A. North state official Bill Hilton said their technicians and repairmen Are on 24-hour standby duty to restore service and in some instances repairs can be made quickly when extensive work on outside cables and wires is not required restoring service is sometimes delayed for the safety of Telephone repairmen when lightning storms Are prolonged or High voltage lines Are Down and in Contact with Telephone facilities. When weather conditions cause widespread service outages More than 24 hours May be required to restore service he said even with All Crews working around the clock Hilton would like for you to talk to him directly about the problem you experienced if weather conditions were not a Factor in the off i just received name stickers from the disabled veterans and i usually Send a Dollar for the stickers but this time i am thinking a Little More. I have a son in service now and i read the letter a Little More. I have been to a a Hospital and seen the crippled and the sick. They could have been Home and not been crippled but for us they Are in this condition and unable to get out and work and do the things we do. Please remember the disabled veterans generously and Send a Large contribution. It Isnit much for what they gave for us. What is a Arm or leg Worth to you it would have meant a lot to them if they could have kept theirs. Give generously. It is tax deductible and these boys Are the sons of some mothers a wife a husband or some child a dad. They need you now like you needed them when they gave so much. Mrs. E.b., Thomasville. Carter who said after the first debate that he had not been aggressive enough said of the second encounter Quot i think it will be a much More freewheeling much More aggressive but White House press Secretary Ron Nessen said Ford could be inhibited by the subject of tonight s debate because his words will be interpreted by foreign leaders As reflecting american policy a Jim Karyn. Debate project director for the sponsoring league of women voters said Quot i think the candidates will be looser now that they be been through it almost certain to come up in tonight s debate is the report by the general accounting office on the 1975 Mayaguez incident the report issued tuesday is critical of the Ford administration s handling of the incident. Forty one americans were killed in the operation while the assault was underway the cambodians who had seized the Mayaguez a merchant vessel released its Crew the Gao. Congress auditing Arm. Said a Marine assault of an Island off the coast of Cambodia was ordered despite reports from . Pilots that the Crew of the Mayaguez was not on the Island a we disagree with that Nessen said of the Gao report. Quot the president carried out the actions in the Mayaguez Case and believes they were the first debate staged in Philadelphia concerned economic and Domestic policies an associated press poll conducted As soon As the debate ended called it a draw with a slight gain in support for Ford. Even before the 90-minute confrontation ended spokesmen for both candidates were claiming Victory. Similar claims can be expected tonight if neither candidate succeeds in dominating the discussion the format of the second debate will be the same As the first a Coin toss will determine which candidate gets the first question. He will have three minutes to answer. The questioner then can ask a followup query which the candidate has two minutes to answer the other candidate then gets two minutes to comment Karyn said the panel has been asked to keep follow up questions a on the same Point As the original question Quot a different panel and Moderator Are chosen for each debate the Moderator tonight will be Pauline Federick International affairs analyst for National Public radio. Questioners will be Max Frankel associate editor and former diplomatic correspondent of the new York times Richard Valerian diplomatic correspondent for Abc and Henry l Trewhitt diplomatic correspondent for the Baltimore Sun. The second debate could place foreign policy differences Between the two candidates in the forefront of the Campaign for the first thai police keep leftist students under guard at the University soccer Field it a wire photo thai police storm University Campus Bangkok. Thailand apr Thailand a defense minister seized Power today after frenzied fighting Between leftists and rightists Over the return Home of former military dictator Thanom Kitti Fachorn. Police said at least 22 persons were killed most of them students and about 180 wounded rightists hanged two students and mutilated their bodies witnesses said. And other bodies were set afire. Radio Thailand said defense minister Sangad cd Alayu had taken Power from of rime minister Sera Pra Mojo selected government and declared martial Law Sangad. 60. Was armed forces supreme commander until named to semis new Cabinet six Days ago. The City was Calm As night fell with no overt opposition to the move unconfirmed reports put the death toll at 35 or More in the riots at thammaset University. With some bodies mutilated or burned. Fighting first erupted Between right Wing and left Wing students then Waves of police firing machine guns stormed the leftists. Right Wing groups moved in again behind the police. Then a right Wing mob of about 10,000 broke through the Gates of Thailand s government House but did not enter the building itself which was surrounded by 1,500 police witnesses said rightists hanged two Aioso ignored warning and faced disaster la Paz. Mexico apr f or most of the night and Day. Hurricane Liza a furious winds uprooted Trees knocked Down traffic lights and spread destruction thousands of peasants sought shelter in their cardboard and tar paper shacks in a dry River bed on the outskirts of the City of peace it was 3 30 p in. Sept 30 in this tourist Center of 85,-000 on the Baja California Peninsula several Miles up the dry River bed. A 30-foot High earthen dam that diverted the Ca Jocitos River began to weaken City officials had warned the residents living just below the dam a 15,000 persons most of them in the shanty town others in a government housing project a to take shelter in Public buildings. But what about their few precious belongings they asked would they be there when they returned9 most chose to stay. About four Miles below the dam. Pedro Olvera arrived Home from his Job at the social Security office changed out of his soaked clothing and settled Down to watch television. His House was one of those in a hous ing project and was sturdy enough to withstand any storm he thought. A half mile closer to the dam Lupita de Velazquez was upset because one of her two sons had left the door open and the rugs were soaked from the Hurricane s rain in the Shadow of the dam. Francisca Vega de Marquez was More concerned the wind already had stripped pieces of scrap Asbestos from the roof of her Home she huddled in her husband s taxi with her six children the dam dark and High above them Pedro Olvera was also upset but for a different reason it was now 7 p m., time for his favorite television program a and the electricity was off but now Lupita Velazquez was no longer worried Only about a soaked Rug the water in the dry River bed had risen a foot and a half. Some of her neighbors were fleeing for higher ground with their children in their arms the water had not reached her House but the Telephone was dead at 8 p Francisca recalled later. A we were All in see most on 2 a students then set upon their bodies with Sticks gouged out the eyes and Cut the throats the body of another victim Lay headless on the College grounds. Associated press photographer Chee sae Chu saw a mob drag four students from the University Gates through nearby streets beat them soak them with gasoline and set them afire. Strips of automobile tire were used to feed the flames. Chee said he could not Tell if the victims were dead or alive when they were set afire. Authorities arrested More than 1,300 University students Field marshal Thanom. Whose own regime was ousted by widespread student rioting in 1973. Returned from exile to Thailand on sept 19 and was ordained As a Buddhist Monk he said he wanted to be close to his 91-year-old father. Leftist students and labor groups have demonstrated almost daily since Thanom s return. Demanding that he be deported or tried for the deaths of 72 civilians during the 1973 rioting and other crimes allegedly committed during his Rule leftists and rightists have also clashed Thanom was staying in a downtown monastery guarded by about 5,000 members of the Village scouts a youth group. When the rightist mob reached government House today prime minister sent came out and climbed atop a bus to address the demonstrators through a microphone he promised that he would resign if their demands for the resignations of three Cabinet members were not reported Detroit a the 22day-old strike against f Ord motor co. Is expected to last at least another week while workers vote on a tentative agreement which puts Union members on the Road toward a fou Day work week. The three year Accord reached late tuesday must be ratified by 170,000 United Auto workers members who struck the no. 2 Auto maker in 22 states at Midnight sept. 14. Union officials say it could take a week to to Days to win ratification and end the walkout which has shut Ford Assembly and manufacturing plants and halted the firms North american production the agreement made it seem Likely that the strike would not damage the nation s economic recovery financial analysts had said the walkout could have serious Impact if it lasted longer than a month. Law president Leonard Woodcock said details of the settlement would not be announced until after it is reviewed today by the Union s International executive Board and on thursday by the unions National Ford Council. But sources said a key element in the pact is a provision for 13 More paid Days off spread Over the three years in addition to 33 Holiday and vacation Days Ford workers now receive each year. The Union had demanded More paid Days off As a first step in its Long Range goal to shorten the work week to preserve current jobs and create new ones i what s inside amusements. .1h7c Bridge. Ioc classified ads. 19-23c comics. Ii crossword 104 editorials. .4a financial. .2a obituaries .3b sports. 1-5c television 2b women a news .6-16a weather. .3a views differ on Public financing of campaigns Hunt and Flaherty agree on Many issues Pinehurst no. Apr Jim Hunt and David Flaherty the two major candidates for governor disagree on Public financing of campaigns but agree on several other issues including the 55-mile-per hour Speed limit. They aired their views tuesday in a face to face debate on television. The debate sponsored by the North Carolina Assn. Of broadcasters was recorded on video tape for later programming on the states television stations. Both candidates took occasional pot shots at each hour during the hour Long debate. Flaherty showed a More vigorous attack while Hunt was More Subtle Arlan Andrews the libertarian party a candidate for governor Felt that Flaherty and Hunt said nothing new Andrews objected to the debate being carried on the state s educational television network. He complained that tax Money should not be used for partisan politics. Andrews said the party decided against trying to prevent the debate being aired. He added a the More they the voters hear those two Fellows the better the libertarian party is going to fare this Hunt said he likes the concept of Public financing of campaigns a we spend too much time raising Money we ought to spend More time talking to people who have needs a Hunt said adding that the Federal program should be followed if it is successful Flaherty termed Public financing of political races Quot a very serious mistake because the candidates Are still out raising Money the commitments Are still being Wally Ausley of Wplf in Raleigh served As Moderator. The questions were asked by Ruth Mary Meyer president of the state league of women voters Dick Hatch of the state to network Wayne Ashworth of Xii to Winston Salem and Allen Jones Wavd Durham. Hunt and Flaherty agreed that the state will have an additional $147 million to spend next year that they will promote the equal right amendment and that roads need to be emphasized. They also Felt that the death penalty deters murder. Both supported spending More Money on education and a Cost of living pay increase for teachers and state see Hunt on 2a Jim Hunt David Flaherty

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