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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 3, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Weather cooler monday More data on Page 2a and year no. 277 the High Point Enterprise Cau us circulation in 171 classified ads ms-2177 other dept. Ms-2111 High Point n. C., sunday morning. October 3, 1976 in pages daily i so. Sunday 35c94th Congress comes to end taxes spending big issues Washington map it the heavily democratic 94th Congress closed up shop saturday after spending much of its two year life wrangling with president Ford Over taxes and spin Ding the spending Issue was dramatized shortly before Congress adjourned when Ford s veto of a 156 6 billion appropriation Hill for the Libor and health. Education and welfare departments was easily Over Ridden the Bill exceeded the presidents budget by $4 billion he said his veto was part of his fight again inflation but democratic leaders said it showed a Lack of compassion for social and human needs one provision of the Bill supported by Ford barred use of hew funds for abortions except when the life of the Mother is endangered two jobs Bills pushed by the democrats escaped an eleventh hour presidential veto Hie was a $3 7 billion measure for Public works construction and the other extended for another year 260.000 Public services jobs in state and local governments Ford announced he would sign these Bills after c ingress passed legislation extending the Revenue Shar my program through 1980 it provides for returning to state and local governments $25 5 billion Federal tax receipts in the final legislative crush before adjournment Early saturday action was blocked on a clean air Bill. A measure to Force full disclosure of lobbying activities. And legislation to penalize u s firms participating in the Arab Boycott of Israel. The clean air Bill. Running afoul of a filibuster in the Senate would have Given the Auto Industry Only a one year Extension of the deadline for meeting tougher emission standards and have imposed new requirements for keep ing clean air areas clean. Also killed in the Senate was a House passed Bill backed by the administration to let private Industry Start producing enriched uranium for nuclear Power plants but there were a number of other Bills on which Congress completed Adion in its final hours one of these would extend unemployment insurance to an estimated 8 6 million additional workers state and i Deral employees and certain farm and Domestic workers it also would raise the tax on employers that finances tin program another prompted by a scandal that led to the indict men and conviction of More than 70 persons would establish Federal controls Over the process of inspection gain for Export one of the major actions of Congress in the past session was the passage of a massive tax revision Hill that extends through Der 31. 1977 individual and corporate anti recession tax cuts amounting to about $19 billion a year Ford wanted a $28 billion Cut Congress said the government should spend no More than $413 billion in the timing year Ford wanted a 1400 billion limit Ford used his veto on Bills he said would add unnecessary spending and in crease inflationary pressures Congress overrode some but failed to override the majority this Congress which began in january. 1975. Talked about but bulk no action on such issues As National health insurance and welfare Reform it conducted investigations of abuses of Power by the Cia and the Fri. And also a probe of a sex and payroll scandal in the House the tax Bill makes hundreds of changes including an increase in taxes on the wealthy and corporations of about $1 6 billion the first sear and a com plete overhaul of gift and estate taxes at the Windup of its first session last year. Ltd ingress had first extended the an til Eversion cuts and also eliminated the Oil depletion allowance for major Petroleum companies and scaled it Down for smaller producers Ford had urged a tax Cut of about $28 billion with an offsetting reduction in Federal spending and has vowed if elected to renew his efforts in the next Congress ills major proposal boreas my the tax Burden on individuals is an increase in the set taxis on a after racial slur Batz denunciations increase by Randolph e. Schmid associated press writer renunciation of Earl Hutz racial slur threatened to engulf the agriculture Secretary saturday As both Republic ans and democrats called for his resignation a White House official said the slur might bring Butz Early departure from president Ford s Cabinet but added that president Ford has not talked about it. The official who asked not to be identified said Butz had not volunteered his resignation As of saturday night. Democratic presidential candidate Jimmy Carter called Butz words evidence of his insensitivity to people an embarrassment to the Ford administration and a danger to Ford s chances for election Republican party leaders in Toledo. Ohio. Cancelled a Buu appearance sunday at a Gap rally. A the Republican party a the party of Lincoln a a cannot condone such intolerance anti vulgar attitudes a said the county party chairman asked if Ford might have taken the initiative in cancelling the Butz appearance. William Greener spokesman for the president Ford committee in Washington said a no. He did not a a in reply to another question. Greener said he had seen no indication Butz might resign Ford reprimanded Butz on Friday and the agriculture Secretary apologized saying he regrets his language in a recent comment quoted by the magazines rolling Stone and new times. Butz referred to Blacks As a a coloureds and described in a derogatory manner what he characterized As their sexual dress and bathroom predilections Ford s vice presidential running mate Bob Dole called Butz remarks a stupid and a will but compared them to recently criticized statements by fitter about lust and adultery whither it Hutz or Arter it to me the Are Iran people deserve better Quot Dole said Quot even of a Butz on 9 a m g"2@g0 Public works project Ford reluctantly signs jobs Bill fur an wer to questions or help with ii problem Call or write action line in Carr of the Enterprise. Every request is considered hut please understand that the volume makes ii impossible to answer or even acknowledge every Onedear John i would like to know John Travolta s address because i am a fan and would like to write him. Anon. Girl. A we confess to an abysmal deficiency in recognizing names so a clue to what the person does is a Boon better yet and much quicken Call the Public Library the source of All addresses we give and very obliging in giving addresses Over the phone after asking a half a dozen people. We found one who thought he appeared on Quot Welcome Back. Rotter television performers can be addressed in care of their television performers can be addressed in care of their program and network in this Case Abc television 1330 Avenue it the americas. New York. N y 10019school helpers q. I read the news article on volunteers needed in the schools and meant to save it. But the paper got thrown away. Would you please Tell me who you Call ii you Are interested bul want to know More before deciding or is it too late a mrs. Be. A it s not too late. The coordinators of the program Are Mary Garland 882 42261 and Ann Jeffords 882-6633or you May prefer to Call the chairman of the school where you might like to help Here s the list Andrews High Alice Giles 885-6181 Central High Lorraine Griffin 882 3067 and Jean herring. 883-0481 Ferndale Daisy Winfrey. 882-1567 and Faye Craven. 882 8465 Griffin to Armstrong 883-2131 and Velva mock 882 4093, Northeast. Joyce bean. 869-4432 and hat Brown. 869-5027 Brentwood Honda Farlow 886-4676, Fairview. Gena White 882-6102 and Myrtle Hargrove 883-6475 Johnson St., Ray Hill 882-1336 and Darlene Warren. 885-0924 Kirkman Park Roland Hanes. 883-6222, Leonard St., pain Hunter 882-2685, Mon lieu ave., Mary Ann Billingsley. 886-5342 and Mary Alyce Watkins. 882-0878 Northwood Carol repack 885-9460 and Beverly Poston 885-3139 Oak Hill Sandy Harmon 882 8306, Oak View Mary Mason 869-4003 and Leah Martin 869-5440 Parkview Beth Riddle 882-0933 Shady Rook. Jane Beal 869-569? and Sara Kelly 869-3743 Tomlinson. Bobby Henderson 885-8579 and Linda Autry. 883-6054cooperate, please to the person who called about a drug party would you please talk to an officer in the narcotics division of the police department it would be very helpful to them Washington a it with great reluctance. President Ford on saturday signed a $3 7 billion Public works jobs Bill which he called inflationary supporters of the measure say it will put some 300,000 unemployed persons to work. And Ford s democratic presidential opponent. Jimmy Carter had urged that the president sign it the Money will go for Public works projects and for local governments in areas of High unemployment another confrontation with Congress on this Bill is the president said. Noting that Congress earlier had rejected his veto of a Bill authorizing the appropriation for the jobs legislation in a signing statement. Ford said a these funds will not create lasting jobs. But will create new inflationary pressures a i still believe that the Best and most effective Way to create new jobs is to pursue balanced economic policies that encourage growth in the private sector without risking a new round of inflation a we must continue to Challenge the Congress on the underlying principle of this pork Bai re make work legislation a Ford said the president also signed a Bill extending 260,000 Public service jobs in state and local governments through fiscal it ear 1977 it authorizes expenditure Quot of such sums As May be Man accused in murder was 8-year-old killer Miami Al a one of two men charged in the Kidnap murder of a College student shot a playmate to death 13 years ago but was released because Florida had no facilities for an 8-year-old murderer police said Nathaniel Winkle a Taylor. 21, and David Leroy Washington. 26. Were charged Friday with first degree murder and kidnapping in the abduction death of Frank Meli a 20-year-old accounting student at the University of Miami. Officers said saturday that a third suspect was being sought in 1963, police said Taylor killed in 11-year-old boy in the front Yard of a House belonging to Taylor s Mother police said Meli s body was found Friday in a 2�?~z-foot-deep grave in the Back Yard of the same House police said Meli had been lured from his Home tuesday by a Man who said he wanted to buy a car Meli was advertising Meli later called his brother and said he a being held for the $2,700 he had in the Bank police watched As the Money was dropped in a specified location but the pickup was never made officers said Washington sold Meli s car to a dealer Washington and Taylor were arrested Friday police said he victim probably was killed in an is monday is final Day to Register to vote monday is the final Day of voter registration for anyone wishing to vote in the nov 2 general election after 5 p.m., the registration books will close for registrations to All people who have not yet registered anyone who has been a resident of Guilford county for 30 Days by nov. 2. And who will be 18 years of age by that Date is eligible to Register and vote voters who have moved from their precinct 30 Days prior to nov. 2 will have until oct 12 to sign an affidavit of Transfer and be eligible to vote the final Day for Absentee ballot applications is Ort 27. Voters May Register at the Board of elections office in the City county building on s. Hamilton Street or at the Public Library on main Street. Voters can also Contact precinct registrars for registration by appointment. Clarence Kelley and Bride after marriage at Maggie v Alley am a put o1 Cape attempt before the Ransom was prepared police said that in 1963. Taylor had a fight with another boy on the Way Home from second Grade Taylor ran into the House and picked set Man on a poll puts Carter Ford even new Yore api president Ford and Jimmy Carter Are running neck and neck for the presidency each with 43 per cent of the vote according to a poll released saturday by time Magazine the Survey by Yankelovich. Skelly ii White. An opinion research firm. Was a sampling in september of 1,308 registered voters the remaining 14 per cent said they were still undecided the firm s August poll had Given Arter a 6 per cent Edge Over Ford the Survey says that Carter s Lead dwindled As a growing portion of the population perceive him As a Liberal the poll also showed that 44 percent of those interviewed Felt Ford would win the november election while Only 40 per cent saw a Carter Victory. In the August poll 57 per cent had seen Carter As a Winner with Only 34 per cent willing to put their Money on Ford regionally Carter holds an 8 per cent Lead in the South a 5 per cent Lead in the mid Atlantic states and a 3 percent Lead in new England Ford s stronghold appears to be in the West where he commands a 15 per cent advantage although 86 percent of the respondents indicated a preference Between Ford and Carter 52 per cent admitted they still have not made a final decision a a finding which paves the Way for a november Cliff Hanger time said the poll indicates that Fords strongest Point is the voters mistrust of Carter almost two thirds of the bord supporters said they have too Many unanswered questions about the georgian governor Fri chief wed in West . Maggie Valley. No api a Fri director Clarence Kelley slipped quietly away from Washington on saturday and married Shirley Ann Dyckes. A former nun and elementary school teacher Only members of the immediate families attended the ceremony at St Margaret s roman Catholic Church the Best Man was Kelley s son rent Kelley and the Matron of Honor was the Bride s sister mrs John h Slavsky or of Birmingham. Mich Kelley 64. Is a widower whose first wife died last november of cancer miss Dyckes now lives in Washington she spent 15 years As a sister of the holy Cross before leaving the roman Catholic order 6 years ago her parents live near this Mountain resort news of the wedding came from an Fri agent who hand delivered a terse news release to the Asheville citizen shortly before the Early afternoon ceremony the release said the newlyweds would return immediately to Washington and take up residence in the District of Columbia the Fri in Washington confirmed that Kelley and miss Dyckes had been married Kelley announced his intention to marry miss Dyckes Early last month at a dinner in his Honor in Kansas City lie said he had known miss Dyckes for five or six months miss Dyckes declined to give her age to reporters at the dinner miss Dyckes was born in Miami Beach and raised in the Miami area she is the daughter of or and mrs Stanley a Dyckes of Waynesville she attended St Mary a College in South Bend ind., and has a master s degree from Catholic University in Washington according to the Fri news release. 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