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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 3, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather fair warmer Friday More data on Page 3a 90th year a no. 275 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. C., thursday afternoon october 3, 1974 36 pages Call us circulation. 8921719 classified Ada 885-2177 other depts. 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c Public utilities Issue warnings industries May run Short of Gas for heating by Louise Cook associated press writer Public utilities arc warning businesses across the country that they May not get natural Gas for heating this Winter. Some utilities Are refusing to accept new customers Industrial or residential. An associated press Survey showed there is a shortage of natural Gas in almost every area. With the East coast apparently facing the most severe problem. Natural Gas provides 31 per Celt of the Energy used in the country. Spokesmen for the utilities and some state officials blame the Federal Power commission for the shortage. They say the pc ceiling Price for natural Gas is too Low and discourages exploration. A the companies need More Money to explore and get additional Gas a said George i. Bloom chairman of the Pennsylvania Public utilities commission. Other officials note that As fuel Oil became More expensive Many people switched to natural Gas boosting the demand Over a Short period of time without development of new supplies. Meanwhile the associated press Learned that Federal officials Are preparing contingency plans to Deal with a possible shortage of Coal if miners walk out when the current Coal contract expires nov. 12. The plans include diversion of some Coal supplies from electric utilities to other industries an embargo on Coal exports and standby Legisla tion under which Industry could be ordered to Cut Back on production. They also include plans to seek legislative authority for an excise tax on electricity in the event of a need to reduce demand. The contingency plans Are outlined in a memo from the Federal Energy a Duimstra tion to the Interior department. The a obtained a copy of the memo. Last june the pc revised its pricing system for natural Gas replacing a series of regional limits with a single National Price of 42 cents per 1,-000 cubic feet for so called a a new Gas from Wells that began operation after Jan. I 1973. Previously the Price ranged from 19.9 to 34 cents per 1,000 cubic feet and averaged 27 cents the commission said. The government action was expected to mean another boost in prices for Consumers who already Are paying More than last year. A spokesman for Minnesota Gas go. Said for example that rates for residential customers Are 12 to 14 per cent higher than last year and Industrial customers Are paying 30 per cent More than they did in 1973. The shortage will hit hardest at a interrupt Ibler customers a Large Industrial users whose contracts Call for them to be Cut off in times of trouble. These customers make arrangements for alternate sources of Energy like heating Oil. Cold weather frequently has meant cutoffs for the a in the in cover up trial Nixon asks excuse from testifying Washington a lawyers for former president Richard m. Nixon asked . District judge John Sirica today to excuse Nixon from testifying in the watergate cover up trial. The request was made in two motions to quash subpoenas issued for Nixon s appearance at the trial by one of the defendants and by the government. For answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes ii impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. They re still taxable q. When you order something by mail out of the state of North Carolina Are you required to pay the North Carolina state sales tax on the article thank you. h.e. A. The 4 per cent tax is a sales and use tax so anything purchased from out of state for use in no. Is subject to the tax. The state gets an enormous amount of use tax on for instance hosiery machinery purchased elsewhere for use Here. If the business has operations in the state they have to collect it. Of you order merchandise from a Catalon for your use in this state the tax should be paid. The Law is obviously difficult to enforce or control and there a Many a Gyp per a twixt the Law and Remitter. The out of state business May collect the use tax from the buyer As required but the state must rely principally on the integrity of the company to remit the tax to the Revenue department. Drying Flowers q. I have a Cockscomb Flowers that a Beautiful. Could you Tell me if it could be dried. Is there any Way to keep it Beautiful As it is now through Winter anon. A. There Are books on How to dry or preserve Flowers. One entitled a the decorative Art of dried Flower arrangements a by Georgia Vance says you can preserve them either with Sand or Silica gel. For Sand drying White Sand is placed in a Container the Flowers placed in it and More Sand is gently sifted on them to a depth of two inches. In a warm dry place the Flowers dry in from to Days to two or three weeks. Silica gel looks like Sand but is lighter. It dries the Flowers faster in three to four Days More or less. The Container must be airtight for this method. A wire 24-gauge florists wire can be put through the Stem and Flower head before drying. Some Flowers should have the wire hooked through the Flower head to prevent slipping out or shattering. You can get the Silica gel at Garden and Hobby shops or the whole kit to do the Job. Dark colors turn Darker and Light ones lighter. Sometimes White turn Cream color. Orange reds turn red Blue reds turn bluer Clear Pink retains its color but Rose pinks May turn to Lavender or Magenta. Airport fire equipment q. I and some other adults recently took some children on a tour of the Airport. At the fire station there we were concerned Over the poor condition of the trucks especially the crash truck which had Slick tires. They were Octagon shaped from the front end being out of alignment. We wondered How the Airport could justify getting a couple of Brand new red staff cars which we were shown while the fire fighting equipment needed attention. I have read the county budget had quite a surplus and As a taxpayer i would like to see some of it go to the Airport s fire equipment. Anon. A. Roger Sekadlo executive director of the Greensboro High Point Airport authority says the operation of the Airport fire dept is the direct responsibility of the Guilford county fire marshal. The red staff cars Are owned by Guilford county and Are used for work throughout the county by the fire marshals staff. As the regional Airport expands says Sekadlo. Modern and adequate fire crash facilities and equipment Are of primary concern to the authority and they will take bids on two new crash Rescue vehicles just As soon As the specifications Are completed. He says he is at a loss to understand the reference to the Octagon shaped tires. Some of the tire tread on the vehicles is of a special design for operating in unpaved areas and perhaps this is what you observed. Sirica refused to state the grounds cited in the motions but they were believed to claim that Nixon a health will not permit him to travel for at least a month. The former president is in a Hospital in California for treatment of phlebitis and a blood clot in his right lung. His doctor said earlier in the week Nixon should not travel for up to three months. In a statement Sirica said the motions to quash the subpoenas will be kept under Quot quake kills several in Lima Lima Peru apr an earthquake Shook Lima and Central Peru today and radio reports said a number of persons were killed and Many were injured. There was no immediate official report on casualties. The quake struck at 10 21 a in. Edt and another tremor hit five minutes later. Electricity and Gas supplies were Cut off for about an hour. Radio reports from Carat about 120 Miles South of Lima said Many houses collapsed crushing a number of people. In Lima people were struck with terror As signs and masonry fell. At least six old houses in the downtown area collapsed South americans worst recorded earthquake hit Peru on May 31,1970, killing 20,000 persons. Another 50,000 were missing 50,000 injured and 800,000 homeless. The National earthquake information service in Boulder colo., said today s quake hit 7.4 on the Richter scale which measures the movement of the ground. A Reading of 7.4 usually results in extensive damage. The quake that hit san Francisco in 1906 measured 8.3. Panic stricken motorists in Lima made a mad Rush to get out of the City Many of them colliding. Other people tried. To Rush Home or Call relatives even though phones were out. Water Mains and sewers burst flooding some streets. The Richter scale is a measure of ground motion As recorded on seismographs. Every increase of one number Means a tenfold increase in magnitude. Thus a Reading of 7.5 reflects and earthquake to times stronger than one of 6 5. A Reading of 7 indicates a major quake capable of widespread heavy damage. Seal a until the court has had an Opportunity to review them the judge received the motions while he continued for the third Day the meticulous task of selecting jurors for the trial. In the first two hours today he had questioned Only two members of the Pool of 144 persons left from the screening in the first two Days. One of those was excused. The questioning is going on behind locked a doors in Sirica a courtroom which has been prepared for the Long trial ahead with 175 sets of earphones to enable jurors and spectators to listen to the tapes As they Are introduced into evidence. But those not in the courtroom will not be Able to hear the controversial White House tapes. In a letter memorandum to Sirica chief District judge George l. Hart or. Said the radio and television networks cannot receive copies of any of the tapes admitted into evidence. Hart said he understands that typed transcripts will be placed into evidence and available to the news Media adding a that would appear to constitute More than adequate disclosure to the Public of wha the tapes meanwhile Federal prosecutors linked one new name to the conspiracy Case that has brought five Nixon loyalists to trial on criminal charges of obstructing Justice. In making the claim of newly discovered evidence the prosecutors said they May add other names to theist of alleged conspirators. The five defendants John d. Ehrlichman . Haldeman John n. Mitchell Kenneth w. Parkinson and Robert c. Mardian appeared to take the snails Pace in stride. With the jury selection is Nixon on 7 a zip your lip adults sometimes Tell youngsters to zip their lips but Grant Grothen 6, son of or. And mrs. Neil Grothen of Rural Hastings neb., did this one Day All by himself. Grant was playing at school when he got his jacket Zipper stuck on a tooth. The predicament sent him to the dentists office. A we done to really know How it happened a said the boys father. A wire photo letters and Telephone Calls swamp Hospital by Frances Lewine associated press writer Washington a Betty Fords sudden ordeal with cancer has touched off a sympathetic reaction among women across the country and an Awakening to the dangers they also face. Ten thousand letters More than 500 phone Calls Over 200 telegrams and scores of Flower arrangements have poured into the White House and Bethesda md., naval Hospital since word came of mrs. Fords breast cancer operation saturday. Mrs. Ford was reported continuing to make a Good recovery. A medical bulletin said she is on a regular diet october temperatures plunge by the associated press record breaking Low temperatures were reported across North Carolina this morning. Raleigh Durham Charlotte and Wilmington were among the areas where new records were established while temperatures in the mountains plunged below freezing. A Low of 32 at the Raleigh Durham Airport broke the previous record Low of 39 set in 1947 and also equated any Low recorded so Early in autumn. A Low of 36 in Charlotte shattered the previous Low of 38 set in 1886 and equated the Low for so Early in the fall set oct. 2, 1899. Wilmington a previous Low of 45 set in 1876, was topped with a Low of 39, also a record for so Early in the fall. Grandfather Mountain near Linville reported a Low of 19 while Laurel Springs and Canton registered lows of 24. The weather observer at Grandfather Mountain said this mornings Reading was the first on record to hit the teens before oct. 9. Hendersonville and Hickory reported 29s while Asheville and Henderson noted a Low of 30. Some of the other lows were 33 at Greensboro 34 at Rocky mount 37 at Jacksonville and 51 at Cape Hatteras. And had gained almost full mobility of right Arm. A spokesman for the american cancer society said telephones a have been ringing off the Hook with Calls from thousands of women who want to make appointments with doctors and clinics for breast cancer examinations. A it s a tragedy for mrs. Ford but she May have saved an awful lot of women s lives a said a spokesman for the american cancer crusade which Long sponsored an educational Campaign to Alert women to the need for Early detection and period Check . The outpouring of prayers Good wishes and hopeful advice from those who have recovered from breast cancer surgery like hers has been dramatic. In Only four Days the volume of mail at the White House appears to have exceeded anything first ladies in recent years have received. Wives of senators have been helping mrs. Ford Cope with the flood of messages. Past and officials say the situation will be worse this year. Most utilities said residential customers and High priority users like hospitals and schools would not be affected by the shortage. But some companies Are trying to discourage new customers. Lifestyle alteration foreseen Washington a the end of cheap Oil will Force the industrialized nations to change their lifestyles Iran a finance minister says. Hushang Ansary has been the Only Man to answer the scores of finance ministers who have complained for three Days Here about the disastrous effects wrought on their economies by the fourfold increase in Oil prices. A once cheap Oil is no longer available you have to do something either lower your Standard of living forget about excessive consumption and about waste being an important basis of a your Economy or you have to increase productivity or both a Ansary said. A but How can you do it if you have social problems in your a permissive society. With strikes every other Day a Ansary asked. It was not known whether officials of other Oil producing nations will follow him before the world Bank and International monetary fund meeting which ends Friday. Yet Ansary does not consider himself the spokesman of the Oil producers. He spoke tuesday As his country a finance minister and As governor of the world Bank for Iran he stressed in an interview a the Industrial countries must recognize that As cheap Oil and other raw materials Are no longer available the situation Calls either for a change in lifestyles or an Effort to do away with social ills and increase productivity a he told a hushed audience on tuesday what did he have in mind Ansary was asked. A it boils Down to this a he replied. A cheap Oil and other raw materials made it possible for the Western countries to flourish and to make rapid economic Progress. He recalled that Mohammed Reza Pahlavi the Shah of Iran repeatedly said that Oil prices depend on the rate of inflation meaning that they would go up if the producers had to pay higher prices for their imports. This is now the policy of the organization of Petroleum exporting countries. But this would Ork both ways Ansary said a once you link the two things they share the same future in whatever direction they go a meaning that should the prices of manufactured goods decline the Price of Oil would follow suit. What s inside i amusements6-7c Bridge. 7c classified ads4-9d comics6a crossword.7c editorials4a financial2a obituaries 2d sports ,.17c television .2d women s news. Sec. B weather.3a will computers bring More false arrests Washington a a new Survey by the general accounting office suggests that false arrests could occur More and More often As police around the nation turn to computerized crime files. Sen. Sam j. Ervin d-n.c., who already has introduced legislation to limit the use of criminal records is drafting still another restriction to prevent such occurrences. A a obviously Ervin said recently a a suspect with his hands against the patrol car. Will not be Able to convince that officer that an arrest record. Is inaccurate or incomplete and that he was exonerated for the arrest and should not be arrested a in a statement entered in the congressional records Ervin warned that increasing computerization of criminal records known As rap sheets a could enormously magnify the risk of false arrest because of instantaneous use of incomplete or inaccurate or irrelevant past arrest the Gao study commissioned by Ervin a constitutional rights subcommittee noted the bulk of police requests for criminal records from the Fri and from state files still Are handled manually. It often takes As Long As two weeks for the replies to be delivered by mail or teletype. Consequently a criminal history information was used primarily after an individual was arrested a said Gao investigators. The data showed that records obtained from manual files were used prior to an arrest in fewer than to per cent of the cases surveyed but when the requests were channelled through the computerized criminal history system maintained by the Fri the records were used before arrest in almost one third of the cases. A it is reasonable to conclude that computerization of rap sheets would mean that such information would become available for making arrests a Ervin said. The Gao study Lent support to complaints that rap sheets often list arrests without reporting whether the individual was convicted or acquitted. Officials of Hie three states involved in the Survey a Florida Massachusetts and California a a told us that Lack of disposition data or the existence of inaccurate disposition data Are serious problems Gao investigators said. California officials a found inaccuracies in disposition data in too per cent of the sampled records of some courts a the report said. Ervin called that appalling he said the subcommittee staff is drafting amendments which would Block criminal Justice agencies from routinely obtaining rap sheets before an arrest

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