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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - November 28, 1925, High Point, North Carolina Pack 4 High Point Enterprise. Saturday. November 28. 1925 High Point Enterprise published liter afternoon and sunday. The smoke for women during their College Days. Ortance until they have been found out. But even those who Are telling ,1�7e have no smoking problem a declare Many of the Heads to truth Are a Little Over elated of Southern colleges for women j. P b. Terk Rawley r publishers h. A. Cecil. Business manager M. Waynick. Editor Worth Bacon City editor Dan r. Schroder adv. Mgr. The Western institution generally take the same position. All the North Carolina colleges declare smoking is no problem most of them saying that smoking just in t being done. 1th their Success a Little too eager o impress their listeners. And Why they bet a in months. 3.uu one month.55 one week. The associated press is excl a tevely entitled to the us for re publication of All news dispatches credited to it or not otherwise cred red in the. Paper and also the local news published therein. Entered As second class matter at the Post office at High Point n c., under the act of Congress of March 8, 1872. Advertising department. 2725 news department.2355 business department2312 National re preset to advert song Tivee Frost Landis and Kohn Brunswick building 250 i Ark ave. New York Peoples Gas building. Michigan Boulevard Chicago. Saturday november 28, 102r, Briand has chosen a new Cabinet but it does t follow that France has. Incidentally this is the first time in Many years that the country has had a shocking vice president. Judge a. M. Stack today married his a boyhood sweetheart a so he evidently looked before he leaped. The thanksgiving Hunting bag contained several youngsters As Well As the usual run of old men. Evidently it is As profitable to hold up a High Point citizen on the Street As it is to Rob a store in some places. The Mitchell court martial has proved that certain elements in the army Are warlike. Pinchot apparently has decided he has waited Long enough for his neighbors to pitch in and help with the Coal strike. The North Carolina Laws protect the game in the state fairly Well but there is nothing to save the game Hunters. Possibly the people of Texas wanted a Ferguson when they voted for a. At any rate pass governor. It takes something like a compound murder charge to get a North carolinian off the Public payroll. A a red Grange got about $20,000 for his first game As a professional. That is a substitute for considerable glory in these Cross Days. This is a Day of specialization. A Chicago gang has been disco i German acceptance ered that confines its criminality to tion. The German prompt acceptance of pact Germany tried to master her environment with Force and arms Germany now seems to be convicted of the Folly of her policy and to be ready to tackle the Job on a new basis. The prompt acceptance of the Locarno pact As National Law is accompanied by the official proclamation of Germany s Hope that she May live at peace with her neighbors. The German mind is efficient whether it is benign or not. Germany guessed wrong when she surmised that. She could build a military machine that could override the world. But the same abilities that were devoted to the creation of the old program for Germany can be As effective in other channels. The most promising or the most menacing fact about the situation internationally is the ready of her Situa he merely professed discovery and offered to pass his find on for a Dollar a dose. The judge and jury probably found the right verdict. In these Days nobody has a right to expect much for a Dollar. The Durham Chap is in the same class with the Fellows who sell the a a secret of Success a in bound volumes. Is he to be judged harshly merely because he keeps his Price Down to a Dollar and furnishes his prescription in capsule and people soon find them out. For every Man is so intent on his own importance that he is impressed by no other Man unless that Man has done something really big. If he emulates such a Man he will be More useful than he was before he met him. And being useful is our real Mission on this Earth. Copyright 1925, Bell Syndicate letters i Success is Well Worth getting and whether this is Blissful ignorance of facts or not anyone May lha sew a have taken the trouble to guess. Most of the Heads of North Carolinas women s colleges it 11 Are entitle gtd t0 to it Oast a Little it ii i i i a i a i now and then. Are men. Naturally they Are somewhat limited As expert witnesses. If in boasting they imbue other we notice that the Dean of women at the greatest woman a College with the will to do something Worth 16 i in tie 9late�?T North Carolina College at Greensboro contents her boasting about they have Don real self with remarking that there shall be no smoking on the Campus. 1 Good a tha Wold further than that the Dean does not commit herself. All of the Raleigh institutions for women took the attitude that smoking was disallowed disapproved and non existent. Yet there is some evidence that those talking for publication did no to know the facts. A paragraph from a Raleigh news Story follows a although the Heads of the three women a colleges in Raleigh were unanimous in declaring that their students do not smoke estimates made by five drug stores Here showed that Between seven and eight dozen packages of cigarettes Are sold school girls each week. And As one clerk remarked a of course there Are lots of girls who have boys buy their cigarettes for the position taken by the president of Bryn mawr in setting aside a room in each dormitory for the use of the students who smoke has been criticised unfavourably somewhat generally but among those who approve the candid acceptation of the fact that women students Are smoking and that prohibition of smoking is undesirable and ineffective is the superintendent of North Carolina Public schools. A. T. Allen is quoted As saying a i see no reason Why women should not smoke As Well As men. It is merely a part of the general breaking Down of differences Between the sexes. To me it seems there is no material difference Between a Man and a woman a smoking. It is merely a matter of taste or judgment. A a of course the institutions have a right to bar smoking among their students if they like. I think they Are within their rights in doing it but eventually women a colleges will recognize women s smoking As Bryn mawr has done. We assume that general agreement is possible on the proposition that excessive smoking is injurious and injurious particularly to the Young of both sexes. There is plenty of room for disagreement about How where and when smoking should be discouraged but some of our educators Are taking a time honoured position opposing a thing by refusing to admit a condition exists. Ultimately adult women who want to smoke will smoke wherever they happen to be quite As men smoke but this after All does not solve the school disciplinarians problem involving the fag. Editor the Enterprise in View of the Many false statements about Christian science that were made by an evangelist while holding meetings in your City i am enclosing an editorial from a paper in Iowa with the request that you print it As i think it will be of interest to your readers. Emily Johnson Jones Christian science committe on publication. Asheville n. C., nov 23, 1925. The struggle importance by John Blake explosions at $200 a shot. Germany will not sulk in her tent. She is up and doing with a prompt recognition of the fact that two women hold up and Rob a Bank in South Dakota so another the rules of the new game Are to he of the exclusive professions is opened up to the weaker sex. Adopts those rules and is Busy. Ii a a whether this adaptation is promis because one Man wanted to be important the most important Man in the world Many nations were plunged into a dreadful War in 1914. The desire of other men to be important had plunged these nations and other nations into Orer wars. It was probably because he wan enclosure the ministers and Christian science the ministers of the four churches which held evening services last sunday took for their theme the doctrines of Christian science. Various phases of this Type of religious belief were discussed in the pulpits and an Earnest Effort made to help the people to see the Force of the opposition to the teachings of mrs. Mary Baker Eddy. With theological differences the evening free press is not concerned. The editor of this paper is a firm believer in the tenets of the Christian religion but when it comes to taking sides in a religious controversy this paper does not care to enter it. Neither does this paper hold any Brief for Christian science. We have heard a number of lectures Given in the interests of this form of religious belief and we have read a Good Many articles both for and against it. It contains an interesting philosophy and one that cannot be lightly dismissed with a wave of the hand. The fact that it numbers among its adherents some of the brai Niest people in the country people who Are sincere in their belief is sufficient to emphasize the fact that it cannot be lightly tossed aside. An impartial View of the situation will show that while leaders of other brands of religious thought will sometimes attack Christian science the Christian scientists never retaliate. They adhere to their own form of teaching stressing their beliefs but making no attack upon any other form of religious belief. We have studied a number of assaults upon the doctrines of mrs. Eddy and we have likewise studied Many of her writings. We have been impressed Many times with the idea that those who Are attempting to refute Christian science were doing so without an adequate understanding of the doctrines themselves. Most of the attacks upon mrs. Eddy a teachings Are assaults upon various paragraphs and statements taken at random from her writings and Gerald Chapman is preparing a eng 0f Good or is menacing depends Brief in his own Case evidently not on the viewpoint. To the portion of interested in the theory that a Man the world willing to have the Ger stipulated by her late enemies. She i Ted to be important that Cain killed j usually wholly detached from v v Abel. Context. This form of comment 0. A ,. I will at once impress one As being Hen the St Sele for in an unfair treatment if her writing Ortance has been going on Stead if one is to answer an antagonist who acts As his own lawyer Bas a fool for a client. Mans contribute to the physical improvement of Mankind it is hopeful but to those who dread with Good superintendent Allen of the reason the commercial Competition North Carolina schools lets him of the germans the Clearing of the self be quoted on the smoking for j decks probably is viewed As a women debate proving that lie is menace. More sincere than politic. The Republican party is said to be hopeful of capturing Florida. Why not the invading army from Republican states is Well in trenched Down there. The dirham Man and his secret a the secret of succeeding in life lies in tile capacity to put up a. Firm All the Southern educators Are denying that Southern women students smoke but a Little thing like that can be forgiven a chivalrous gentleman. Bluff. That and that alone is the Power that moves things be they scepter or armies or kneeling is that information Worth one Dollar a judge of the United states sifting in his court at Raleigh yesterday had to pass upon the question. \ Durham Man had advertised a secret of Success in 3 5 ily Down the Ages. When we see weak and futile people seeking importance by a showing off we smile or sneer. But is not that some desire in perhaps a different form deep seated in us All we Call it ambition or laudable ambition or Noble ambition. Phot puns to Coal statement he has proposal to submit to the Anthracite operators Harrisburg pa., nov. 28.�? apr governor Pinchot decided today to go Forward with his plans to submit a proposal for settlement of the Anthracite Susen Sion to representatives of the miners Here this afternoon despite announcement from the operators that they would be unable to attend the meeting to which they also had been invited. Tile governors plans admittedly were upset by the action of the operators of which he was informed in a Tegt is am from major w. W. Inglis chairman of the operators wage negotiations committee. Major Inglis wired that he was unable to get his committee together for a meeting today and expressed the belief that any plan the governor has should be communicated separately in Confidence to each Side to give them a Chance to go Over it. The fact that John l. Lewis president of the United mine workers had accepted the invitation which the governor sent o both committees Las night and that members of the miners committee had set out for Harrisburg led to the decision to go ahead with the plans. These plans provide for an open meeting at 2 30 p. Rn., at which time the governor expected to submit his preparation to both sides the presence of a a a mediation committee of the Scranton chamber of Commerce. This committee was already in the City its three members having come Here yesterday to Confer with the governor. To meet at the a by a directors gather and make plane for meeting of the club memorial service in St. Paul a Cathedral. In the afternoon Canon Westlake. Custodian of West Minster Abbey who had overtaxed himself in arranging for the funeral of Alexandra went Home ill. A a i m a fraid it has been too much for me a his wife heard him Mummer As she sat at his bedside. Immediately afterwards tile Canon died. At Sunderland wednesday the Warden of a Church was killed As he was muffling the Bells for tolling during yesterdays service in West Minster. A Large Bell which had tilted fell Over and pinned him to the floor of the Belfry crushing his head and body. Ter Day a reports that Lancashire i late tonight the fire laddies spinners had rejected increased curtailment proposals apparently had Little effect. Some buying was readily supplied by overnight Selling orders from the South and elsewhere and bearish sentiment seemed to be encouraged by expectations of a continued Large movement in View of the favourable weather. Be prepared to make the sales. I coeds will go to the firemen Stu fireman John Roach and his i j. Roa it ii were Quot it today id Tising the event. Dressed a comedians they paraded the sir of the City and let pedestrians motorists know of the firemen a traction. Firemen Are to have supper Here tonight directors of the menus Christian evangelistic. Club met last night and formulated plans for the meeting of the club at the y. M. A. On sunday afternoon. The new president w. B. Mcewen presided at this meeting and went Over the plans with the director. The club has been late in organizing but now with a splendid organization it is believed much work will be done in the City and Section. The club members Are to conduct two revival meetings Here next week. One Wirtl he held in the first methodist protestant Church and the other will be in Welch memorial methodist protestant Church. They will be Community revivals rather than denominational meetings and All the people of High Point Are invited to take part. Edgar Hartley chairman of the gospel teams department of the club was instructed by the president. To assign teams to be in charge of the services in the two churches. Members of a your gang also will have a pious meetings. Alexandra rests in Royal Tomb Queen Mother carried to Windsor for the final interment. Windsor eng., nov. 28.�? apr England a Queen Mother was brought Home to rest among the tombs of the Kings at Windsor this morning. While London slept Alexandra a body was taken from Minster Abbey where the funeral services Ware held yesterday and conveyed by motor Hearse to this the most Beautiful of All the Royal castles in England. As the procession entered the Palace grounds the suns rays flashed on the Flag draped coffin and brought into Strong Relief the Gray Snow capped towers of the ancient Home of Royalty. The casket was placed on a cat Falque below the Steps of the altar firemen of the Southside no. 2 fire station will serve Barbecue and Chicken suppers in the old dutch lunch stand in the y. W. A. Building on East Commerce Street tonight. The supper will begin at 4 of clock this afternoon and from then until we have Macle a few changes our store recently. Come in Ai note the improved appearance we appreciate constructive c leis in. Mann drug co. 2164�?phones�?2106 drugs with a reputation in St. George s Chapel where it will part in the Reli a rest amidst a profusion of Flowers until a sarcophagus is prepared be the meeting tomorrow after. Side that of Alexandra s husband noon for members of the club is j Edward Vii. The statements he makes must not Only he taken at what they say but one must understand the meaning the statements Are intended to convey. This paper has no quarrel with any minister who tries to enlighten his people upon the fundamentals of truth. If he believes they Are following error or Are in danger of following it As a Good Leader he but it is the same thing a yearn should teach them the dangers of expected to be interesting and inspiring. President Mcewen will preside. Thousands View of at 11 30 of clock a simple private committal service was held with a11 the Royal family present. The ancient cloister abutting the Royal Chapel was filled with wreaths from All parts of the world not since the funerals of Victoria and Edward Vii has such a magnificent Coli dec tion of Choice Flowers been seen. By noon thousands of people a1 ready had come to View the cloister and Many More thousands Are expected tomorrow. Patent leather popular whether ones afternoon frock be of Satin velvet or one of the Lovely soft Woolen weaves the Patent leather pump is a most becoming complement. Being so appropriate Patent leather appears Here in various strap and step in models each delightful that you May suit your personal preference. Quaty Hegt Pmj a fit me new i ing to Shine before our Fellows to be something that the common run is not. Turn but old Washington is equipped splendidly with Shock absorbers. Report Bas it that Washington is awaiting the a Shock of Dawes re the his advertisement was broadcast in la National publication. He offered he a a secret a for $1 and he received some demands for it. Then he was chinese Are being smuggled into j arrested for using the mails to de this country at $1,100 a piece. J fraud. Evidently some of the Heathen the judge turned him Loose rend tii Ink there is a considerable and j ily when the jury found him not Vantage to be derived from Chang guilty. Both judge and jury seemed ing their habitat. The instinct to be important is a useful instinct As All instincts an it was implanted in Man by a creator who was All Wise. He knew that if Man was Content to be just an animal like other animals he would remain an animal. But there was work to do in the world and the creatures upon whom brains and speech were Dis the erroneous belief. The ministers of Perry Are to be commended upon the courage they show in grappling with what they believe to be error. That does not Lessen the fact. However that they have a difficult task on hand when they try to combat Christian science. This is due to two things first unless they have once gotten the Christian science viewpoint they will no know How to meet it. Second j Christian science is a religion of service. It gets results whether upon a or gang hypothesis or a Rich i one. Honest men and sincere to i men testify to their own Healing j by this teaching. They testify that they have been made wronged. More than 70.000 persons filed by the Bier to View remains new York Cotton new York nov. 28.�? apr the Cotton Market opened steady today at a decline of 3 to 12 Points the relatively steady showing of Liverpool and confirmation of yes posed were chosen to do it. So that desire to he important healthier and happier by following was Given them so that those with a Fri Tea cling. When it heals the says the Raleigh times a Winston Salem journal demands that the corporation commission get extremely Busy in an Effort to do something about the interstate Commerce commission s order putting the Pullman surcharges into effect in North Carolina. The one Leal objection to this suggestion is that there Isnit a Doggone thing that the corporation commission can do about it Quot i of the opinion that the Man was i delivering w hat he offered to de liver. Probably both judge and jury having reached years of some discretion have seen the value of the a capacity to put up a firm doubtless they think the suggestion of the effectiveness of a stiff upper lip is Worth a Dollar to a Man looking for the a secret of the 35 Wold secret is filched the Best brains would seek to Rise above their Fellows. And the Only Way they could Rise was to do something that the others could not do. So life is As it is. On the piazzas of the great hotels we l ear elderly woman telling How Many cars and country places they have and How Many expensive operations they have undergone so that they will be important in the eyes of their listeners. Near by Are prosperous old gentlemen boasting about their Golf scores or their winnings on the Stock Exchange or their control of great industries. They too must impress others. Sick. Cheers the lonely brings i peace to the mind of the Diseron tented it pretty hard to argue against it. Just As Long As it heals where others have failed just As Long As it reduces suffering and i Rives be a cheery Outlook Ort life. Lit will gather adherents in suite of nil the things that May be argued i against it. The sermons preached i Perry minister sunday will strengthen the Faith who have refused to a j teachings of mrs. Eddy i sermons were Strong and by the evening of those copt the for the Earnest ones Chri bodacious by from tile opinions of Sarah Bernhardt but the Durham j sometimes they Are liars and at Ebay was not claiming originality j Tain Only a fictitious and Brief in however. The number of in is i Nee adherents in the Community will no be diminished hut on the other hand the Christian science movement has receiver some effective Durant Jones editor in evening free press Perry Iowa. June 9, 1925. London nov. 27.�? apr thousands of persons rendered homage to the dowager Queen Alexandra in Westminster Abbey until an Early hour today. In an endless line from shortly after the funeral yesterday they passed by the Bier in the dimly lighted Cathedral until i of lock this morning. It seemed to be the desire of All London to tribute to Alexandra before she was Laid to rest today beside King Edward Vii. Her husband in the Tomb beneath St. Georges Chapel at Windsor. When Midnight approached it. Was estimated that some 70,000 persons had filed past the coffin. The line outside the Abbey had lessened in length but there still were Many persons who desired to enter the Cathedral. The tired officials however ordered the Gates closed As the Midnight hour struck. Disappointed people clamoured loudly and at first vainly to be permitted to Render their last respects to the dead. After going through the crowd and talking to some of Tho More clamorous it was found that Many of them had come froth Distant Naris of the country. When this fact became i u it in he Abbey was reopened for one hour enabling All outside to pass the coffin. Three tragic deaths have occurred in connection with the pass ing of Alexandra. Yesterday evening the lady Mayoress wife of sir William Pryke lord mayor Mendon died suddenly from heart disease after she had attended a Ham Bones a meditations by j. P. Alley trouble Bour Pis cot Weathe plys so me any do us flicked Vav a thin blood on do in sides pm thin Cloes on be out-s�de5�. For Comfort in this weather i Allen a underwear too Breezy for Slimmer athletics but still not cold enough for Winter for perfect Comfort in this weather you will like the Allen a underwear. They re Light weight Spring Needle knitted garments fashioned for perfect fitting As Only Al Len a can make them. N. H. Silver Money to lend on improved Iii ii o it f opt Isy Greensboro Bank of Trust co. I i in n agents n. To us. 1. 1 Piedmont ins. Amp realty co. Local a Quot pre Effat .-/6 copyright 1925. By the Bdl synodical. Inc 1st mortgage it 2nd Mort a

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