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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - November 26, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Page ten Sec. Athe Hatch Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point North Carolina sunday november 26. 1939 1940 Zenith radio has feature in wave Magnet it a built in Aerial Inch eliminates need for Yii Tenna or ground connections outstanding among Many new features included on All of the new radios presented by Zenith for the iu40 season is an improvement called the ave mag nil a built in Aerial which eliminates any need for Antenna or ground connections. The Complete new Zenith line elimination of Aerial wires shown by radio scientist. Super Aerial system is new feature of Philco for 1940 has More than 62 models. Among which the new chair Side types now equipped with casters Tor easy mobility with no doubt receive major attention. In addition a Complete series of radio phonograph combinations is being presented. Of special interest Here is the development by Zenith of the Phon Organ a device which makes it possible for volume to be turned Down to an amazingly Low degree and yet pre Here Are real radio values Hock fill Manto la Model can be in anywhere in one s Moville eliminating external wires Lew plugged William h. Grimditch Vic president in charge of engineering Philco radio amp television corporation is shown Here pointing out the newest radio achievement. The super Aerial system. This revolutionary development. Which is built into All new Philco radios not Only eliminates All outside Aerial and ground wires but also rids the radio of Static and troublesome interference. In order to perfect this new twin Loop both indicated above built in Aerial system or. Grimditch and his engineers developed and utilized for the first time in radio a television tube which triples the amplification Power reduces noise and interference increases sensitivity and most important of Del radically improves tone and performance. A Complete Stock of the new Philco radios arc on display at Tho Ingram furniture company 800 North main Street. Radios Are sold in High Point by the Cut rate furniture co., 615-17 East Green Street. Serve the True tones of Low Register notes. Aim i Stahle Tom Nuj the scope of the new Zenith line which continues the use of the radio Organ tone control first introduced last year and the tip touch Type of automatic tuning which enable the owner to re set automatic station selectors i with a simple St Rew Driver pm i braces console cabinets of both period and modern design compact models in addition to the popular chair Side models and one of the most interesting of the new i i portable or pick up radios which Foa Are p1�?��?�1&Quot it it own have developed such amazing a radio for Christmas see the j popularity. Grand table models by j the Zenith reversal portable j on display at Austin furniture also equipped with the newly de a co., said or. Bruce head of the i eloped wave Magnet. Combines in store. I one and the same instrument a these Fine radios Are the per i Battery operated radio receiver j feet Type for the bedroom or Den. Featuring new Emerson radio Austin furniture shows new models one of the most revolutionary and Basic developments in radio history has been made by Philco engineers with the introduction of the new super Aerial system according to Grover c. Rester of the Ingram furniture co., local Philco dealers. The invention of the super Aerial he explained eliminates the outside radio Aerial and All other external wires from the Home. Quot the wireless has finally become really wireless he said Quot by Means of Philcox a super Aerial system. All that a necessary Tor the Complete operation of any radio Model from the largest to the smallest is a Mere plug in anywhere in the Home. No ground wires in installations and no outside Aerial of any kind Are Quot not Only does the super Aerial eliminate radios external wires. Or. Rester declared but it actually improves the performance of the radio and frees it for the first time from Man made and nature made Static. Quot no longer does the radio Quot he said Quot have to a stay put in the Home because it is attached to the Aerial at that Point. No Long Ger does the floor have to be cluttered up with Lead in wires ground wires and other connections to the radio. For the first time All radio models Are freed from these lettering wires. But radio engineers weren to satisfied with just eliminating the outside aerials. Months were spent in research so that elimination of the Aerial be accomplished with just As Good radio reception december 17 at 7 30. Proves but with better. With the new by Jar Harry Parker will direct the per Aerial system this is now a Messiah a and practice sessions fact. No More interference no Are now being held each week record player is sensation of 1940 attachment makes flaying easy the sensation of 1940 is the new g. E. Record player and the g. E. Table Model radio that is being shown at the Guilford radio service co. On North main Street according to John and Bill Bivins who own and manage the place. The record player is filed with a self starter electric motor and will play either to or 12 Inch records. The big feature about the combination is that a simple connection is All that is necessary to put it into operation. As to the table Model radio the boys Are proud to boast that there is no peer to it on the Market. It is a magnificent set offering All the features of any larger radio. This set push has Button nine station selectors or dial tuning. That combination along with its easy method of attaching to the record player makes it one of the biggest Christmas values to be on the Market in years. Keep posted by Short a Newm Strombery Carlson Thomasville group to give Handel s Messiah dec. 17 Thomasville nov 25. A special a the Thomasville ministerial association is sponsoring a Christmas production of handels which will be Given at the Community methodist Church on sunday night. December foreign news when reception 15 Good the radio you want from our Complete line. Buy it on our Lay away plan for a Happy Christmas. M3kut ton a 4 automatic puh Button up you Ardito Ota Tiou at your linger tip. Conomy Auto 9�tore i n c ated e m Dudley 04 North main Street High Point n. C. 42 East main Street Thomasville n. C. Plug it in to a or do current and the batteries Are automatically turned off. The i Niverson portable is especially Well adapted to reception in special locations. Television connections the new 1910 Zenith models also feature television connections so that purchasers May be ready for television when it comes to their area As has been its custom Zenith again gives special attention to models for Rural use comparable in every Way to those made available for City use. Those that Are Battery operated also Are engineered for connection to i to Volt line current. Zenith they Are Small and compact yet have All the tone and Range of the Large console models that you have in your living room. The new models have their cabinets made out of a new bakelite material. You can get most any color you desire to go in Harmony with the room. This radio is one of the oldest and most reliable radios Ever offered to the Public. The american a Possum is a representative of the Kangaroo family. More squealing noises no More hum and no More Aerial Quot an unusual feature of this in a mention he stated is that it Marks i also for the first time the use of television to improve radio itself. A television tube is used As an integral part of the super Aerial i system for increase of Power and j exclusion of Static. Other developments which go to j make up the super Aerial system include an especially matched Antenna Loop within the radio and Emerson newly invented tubes called lok i Tai which possess three times the efficiency of previous types of radio tubes. Or. Rester stated that his organization would Welcome the of it port Unity of demonstrating the Many merits of the new Philco to High Point people. At the presbyterian cd Hurch the Community methodist has \ the largest seating arrangements of any Church in the City and it i is expected that the auditorium will be filled for the occasion j members of the various Church 1 chairs and other singers Are Par j tic Pating in the musical event. Of Wivi rudders on boats navigating Rivers of Portugal Are longer than the vessels. Among the oldest of dyeing processes known is that used in French West Africa. Indigo leaves charcoal and water Are placed in a 30-foot pit. The cloth to he dyed is then placed in the solution and left from one to to Days. Super unit Chassis is feature of Silver tones ground Only $79.50 easy Thim ii done to put off. Buy a modern radio now. Farm Worth big name of television brings you a radio equipped to receive television sound right now it has All accepted features plus Beauty and tone of sets priced much higher. Designed by television engineers designed for radios most Brilliant step Forward a television. In addition Farnsworth radios have bilt in Tennas automatic volume control and Many other features that set new standards of performance and value. Come and see what a modern radio can be is designed for use with television converter unit when pictures by air ionic to town the new 19 40 Silvertone console radios incorporate a revolutionary new development called the Quot super unit Quot it is announced Gay Sears Roebuck which is a different and exclusive Chassis built for use with television and requiring Only a television converter unit for reception of the new Type of broadcasting when it conies into general use. The unit according to Sears Roebuck combined with the radio make a Complete television receiving set. The converter plugs into the Back of the radio. The new Silvertone radios for 1940 incorporate a great Host of additional features its makers announce including a new Type of Quot instamatic Quot push Button timing Organ Type tone key buttons which give four degrees of tonal influence super spread hands for exceptional ease and selectivity in tuning foreign stations and an armoured Chassis. The television key on the new models is designed for conversion of the radio into a phonograph As Well As a television sound receiving aet depending upon tipi unit the owner has attached to the set. The new models have a built in television converter hand so that the sound Channel of television May he received through the radio utilizing the Complete audio system. Reflecting the Beauty of the cabinets into which these new features have been built is a four Star feature Model with an eleven tube Chassis and five tuning hands with separate ones for the most congested of the foreign Short wave sections of the dial. Outstanding features of the cabinets of this Model Are curved front sides and the furniture Type of molding at the top of the Grille. Front sides Are of stump Walnut. This treatment is carried Over in to the speaker opening Section or the Cabinet with three additional j column like members. The sides Are of Walnut and top ends Are of sliced Walnut with j shaped Edge. New broadcasts in encli1ii direct from Europa capitals time place my. 7 00 a. M. Paris 15.24 11 00 a. M. London 15.14-11.75 1 00 p. M. London 17.79 4 15 p. M London 15.18-9.51 5 45 p. M Berlin 11.85 7 30 p. M. Rome 11.81 7 40 p. M. London 15.31-11.75 8 15 p. A Berlin 11.85 8 30 p. M. Madrid 9.86 10 30 p. M. London 11.75-9.51-9,58 10 30 p. M Berlin 15.34-11.79-6.07 19-25-49 11 00 p. M Paris 11.72 25 Eastern Standard time shown Here Quality furniture company n. Main and Richardson phone 3207 meter band 19 19-25 16 19-31 25 25 not sunday 19-25 25 31 25-31-31 there is nothing finer than a Stromberg Carlson pumice co household phonograph look what you Geti this new 1940 go radio to i Del h-87 plus a $9.93 g e record player Model Iim-3. Pay Only $89.95 Anil your old set both at a Price you a expect to pay for the a amp a i i 147 149 South Wrenn Street phone 4959 Sily i it la Over the new ight Silvertone radios featuring the Quot Sii her i nit Quot and radio phonograph combination Are being a town at scars Roebuck Aud company. Refvem the radio at will into a combination nut Rumen. Playing electrically to Inch or 12-Inch record a no in maker of the radio cry Cal pick up Ultra modern Brown Pilatic Cabinet. Easy terms to general electric radio Guilford radio service co. 610 n. Main Street phone 2003 service on any make of radio a Rich full tone �T�8-tube performance a magic keyboard tuning a full 12-Inch speaker a play and change 12 record automatically Ith Thia new Stewart Warner you command w world wide reception or enjoy your regular a orites Day after Day without touching a dial or hear a full hour of recorded music with records changed for you automatically. The radio is a powerful super Heterodyne with Stewart Warner s famous magic key Board automatic tuning 9-position tone control volume control and switch outside the Cabinet and 3-Waveband magic dial under the counterbalanced top takes either to or 12 Inch records has built in record Well. Stop in today and hear it without obligation. Household appliance co. 205 North main Street phone 2850

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