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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - November 24, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Page eight the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of High Point North Carolina Friday. November 24. 193 Carl Durham was visitor in City congressman Carlt Durham of Chapel Hill was a visitor in High Point last night visiting it lends Here and renewing acquaintances. Congressman Durham declared that there was no political significance in his visit and he had no comments to make about the sixth congressional District political Battle which will loom again shortly while Here he was the guest of Rufus c. Russell local druggist. At the dinner meeting of the High Point i ions club. Congressman Durham is a druggist by profession congressman Durham who has not get announced for reelection indicated he would make a formal announcement of his candidacy about the first part of december. States fighting own Battles against neighbors barriers Babson says United states becoming a bal Kanizer a due to unfair restrictions erected by Indi dual governments by Rog or w. Babson Babson Park mass., nov. 24.�?a new War is being fought Between the states one far More threatening to the Long term future of America than that fought from 1861 to 1865. I fair state taxes truck restrictions ports of entry agricultural quarantine stations toll Gates and other discriminatory Bat tiers being erected by individual states against their neighbors. Governor Stark of Missouri says a America is rapidly Balkans Zed by this unchristian policy. Eminent woman Are As becoming the movement which was born As the result of the Depres Sion need to keep Trade and wages at Home. Gained momentum right Tup until 1 939. To feel the full be much fresher if it flew to you. By Tim Bisson on Nom buy to. Economical Fin Silt Blue plat e Mayonnaise Cranberry thru evs cd Amu Khy it ii Kun a nil it it fity thu Phi Xii Init turkeys Ironi diced Cran hem saute. I be cd i Cream i hank1 i to Bim Hee a Tor eve Jacint dinner. Cio Iii due. Frs / Davis Usu flour. I own tout Nyji Iii Ori or Jeu. In it cd whom Nom Active Young socket demand the i Uptou qualities present in in. Wits arum biscuits ate better when they to made with Davis Quality tested flout. Because into every bag go Choice ingredient and every step n the Mill Rig it done under strictest supervision �.2 to assure uniform High Quality yet you pay no Premium Tor this Fine sour in tact. You actually eave Money your grocer has the Brand Ai your Choice effect of this torrent of hampering legislation you have to he doing an inter state business. While the supreme court has j been making history by extending the Long Arm of the Federal inv. J the states have been trying to j isolate themselves in a spirit of in american autonomy. Instead of standardizing their Laws and making it easier for employers to expand and to hire new workers they Are returning to medieval practices. If this epidemic spreads much farther it will either destroy the economic basis of the Union or will Force the Federal government to take Over states it rights Hugh staffs of Fader s these state barricades have not been wanted by the new Deal i vet the latter in putting into effect hundreds of new Federal Laws concerning business and labor has Given state legislators a lot of ideas. Hence instead of one set of hundreds of new Laws there have been 48 set of hundreds of new Laws. An employer who does an interstate business today must retain a staff of experts. These experts Are not employed to search for new products or improve manufacturing technique. Their Job is merely j to keep their managements informed on the Stream of new tax. Labor and other legislation take the social Security set up. For instance. There is the Federal Law and in addition each i state has a Law. Consequently. If a concern has employees in 4 8 states it must make returns in 48 different ways to 48 separate social Security boards As Well As to the Federal Hoard. The wag j Ner act has been hacked up by labor acts in Many states but j they All differ state labor hoards make decisions which May or j May not be consistent with the j decision made by the National j Board. Right now. The Wisconsin labor Board is about to come to grips with the National Hoard. Then there Are discriminatory Trade taxes. We have Chain store taxes in 19 states in some counties and cities even and they Are i All different j a Dos and a of Sfa tanks there Are 34 states have income tax Laws Aud one of these is different Are 28 slates where sales Are now in effect 18 of have the hard boiled a use restrictions on the free Tai Ion of farm products horizontal 1,5,10 famous woman i Clivious Leader. 13 eggs of fishes. 14 oat grass. 15 form of 16 to relate. 17 bursts. 18 Genus of frogs. 20 mass meetings 22 obtained by imposition. 24 North Carolina. 25 memorandum books. 29 growing out. 33 one that tunes. 14 jockey. 35 to turn into a Star. 37 to make amends. 38 Iron Symbol. Answer to previous Puzzle is i Mun Tai if re up y or Rwm for a a to Tyr Alu ran h i re e ams 39 chosen by ballot. 44 Shoelace. 49 Caterpillar hair. 50 nitrous fruits 52 sound of disapproval. 53 Model. 55 age. 56 Coal boxes. 57 wealthy. 58 she was the or originator of Christian science. 16 she wrote Complete assays or on her principles. 19 she trained some As practitioners. 21 draft of air. 23 to exaggerate acting. 26 pistol. 27 bring. 28 mesh of lace. 30 insect s egg. 31 stir. 32 five plus five. 36 role of film. 40 Cotton fabric. 41 stiff Collar. 42 anxiety. 43 perished. 44 Plant part. Vertical i Region. 3 biscuit. 4to scream. 5 breaker. 6 class of Birds. 45 while. 7 cognizance. 46 Point of jaw. 8 concludes. 47 posterior. 9 coarse file. 48 existence. 10 to Merit. 51 mister. 11 to pull along. 54 form of 12 Sand Hill. 56 Bushel. W Hick every there taxes w Hatch faxes Tran Portal Post ing u. S. Farmers millions of dollars annually. To show How this works. Wisconsin. Washington and Minnesota slapped a whopping big tax on Ole Margarine which contains cottonseed Oil to protect their butter makers. Angered by this discrimination against one of her vital products. Arkansas proposed a retaliatory Law which would slap a 25 per cent tax on apples and Dairy products from these states a and it was barely Defeated. There Are hundreds of other barriers. Take the motor truck Laws for instance. Length Width and weight regulations differ in nearly every state. Trucks can enter some Western states Only at certain Points. These a sports of entry Are similar to customs cranium crackers Chamois am Friga is Here is a selection of famous americans All of them dead. Whose names Are probably familiar to most persons. Select the description which be fits each person mentioned. 1. William Brewster Ai general by Pilgrim father cd chemist Ltd it inventor. 2. William c. Bryant Tai writer Ltd statesman cd poet. Id i Soldier. 3 John Fisk Ai historian bioengineer it sea Captain d dramatist. 4 John Ericsson a Clergyman but explorer cd inventor d essayist. 5. Jay Gould Ai orator i explorer c senator id i railway executive deprive news the deep River Philathea met thursday night for their regular monthly business meeting with mrs c k. Thornton the president mrs. Frank Smith presiding. Much business came up at this time due to the thanksgiving activities. At the close of the meeting Dainty refreshments were served. The next meeting will take the form of a Christmas party. A a a a a a the saturday night prayer service at the Home of or and mrs. Crumpler was attended by about 75 people including the Loving Trio from Winston Salem who did some splendid singing Rev. J. R Swinson. Pastor of Trinity Baptist Church was part Cipal speaker and gave a forceful talk. The next meeting is to he held with or. And mrs. George Waldrup near Hickory Grove Church. Present capacity o magnesium in the United states is 3000 Short tons with the demand far exceeding the available Supply. Magnesium is a competitor of aluminium. Crumpler spent Winston Salem Yates and Sun Here s the Best Lookin. Best Tastin Tom amp in amp pee Youb Ever Hope to see try one folks Stys aunt Jenny a. Al Al Quot tangy Cranberry and Apple a lung he the Lattie Topor Flaky Spry crust Spry and Spry Only gives All these purer. Stays fresh longer. Creams so easily 2 j cups cranberries i j cups apples chopped 11 j cups sugar Combine i Auberrie. J Tablespoons water i recipe Spry pie crust apples sugar and no unpleasant smell and smoke when you Fry with Spry. It to a a so no wonder you can get better tast in foods up i c Alk about i Hank Givin i Day Why you la be thankful every Day of the year for Spry a 3 extra advantages a says aunt Jenny. A you get such Light delicate cakes with purer Spry and mixed so Quick and easy. Such tender Flaky pastry and crispy Fried foods easy to digest too. Get in s ii. 3-11. Ano i is. Cans water. Let stand while rolling pastry. Roll a a of dough and line a 9-Inch pie plate. Rull remaining half of dough and Cut in narrow strips about j Finch wide. Fill pie Shell with fruit mixture. Place a try strips on top crisscrossing them to make an attractive lattice top. Moisten Edge of pie place strip of dough around rim and press together with Fork. Bake in hot oven 425 i50 to 60 minutes. See if you Ever tasted such Flake tender pastry As you can make this easy Spry Way. Spry Fie crust 4 cup Spry 5 Tablespoons water sift flour and Salt together. Add 1 7 Al. Purer All vegetable ii cups sifted All purpose flour i Teaspoon Salt 13 of up and Cut in until mixture is As Tine As Mea so Quick and easy with Irish ctn Ltd Spry. Add remaining Spry and continue cutting until particles Are size of Navy bean. Sprinkle All the water Over top of mixture. With a Fork stir water into mixture to form a dough. All measurements in these tempts Are Levela. A a clip and Tov i hit Spry recipe a a triple creamed for easy mixing Points on he Border of any foreign country. Guards weigh the trucks measure them swarm Over them. And inspect he cargo. These state barricades cause bad feeling. In a vindictive spirit neighbouring states put up retaliatory harriers which Are More a Tangent and the situation be i it me progressively worse. She ring new Emma frs the Basic effect of All this is to make it hard for employers to give jobs. Employers who would normally be expanding their business into new areas hesitate because they do not want to add to their Legal worries they do not want to buy licenses Register a foreign corporations pay social Security income and sales taxes study labor Laws Etc. They figure it is cheaper and easier to a sit the people who would get jobs if these employers opened Branch sales offices or Branch plants in i year a new state lose out. So does i the state because it has to sup port More unemployed. Sooner or later it has to impose higher taxes thus driving employers already in business out of the i stale. This further increases in employment and the tax Burden. J it is a vicious Circle. Thoi Sands of forms to file a graphic illustration of How these Federal and slate Trade harriers Are increasing is told by the saturday evening Post. Ten j years ago the Post flied a Hundred forms with the Federal and state governments. In recent years the Post has flied Over 100.000 forms yet. For Canada they ale Only one form. Imagine the Cost. Of making out these thousands of forms to say nothing of the amount of taxes paid. The biggest problem which we face today is the same one we faced seven years ago when Franklin Roosevelt was elected namely our millions of jobless the Only solution of this problem is More employers. We cannot expect that people will be nut Back to work if we make it hard for employers to hire them the great need of America today is not More Laws More restrictions or More barriers against our fellow men it is exactly the opposite. What we need is More unselfishness More fairness and More Friendship toward our neighbors this gospel which Jesus taught 2,000 years ago must lie recognized before real Prosperity will return miss Magdalene Tho week end in with friends. Or. And mrs. A. W. Family were in Basset Day visiting relatives. Misses Doris Marie Wilson Wanda Smith and Norma Winiard were at Asheboro Street friends Church Greensboro saturday where they attended a Young Peoples meeting. Or. And mrs Bill Dillon spent sunday at Shady Oak Dairy with relative. Or. A Beverly several Nephew m. A slow Ida Terest. Born Thornton on november 25, my mrs. Marvin Wood of Hills n. Y., who spent Days Here with their and family. Or and mrs. Wood left monday Tor and other places of in to or. And monday a son Rex a mrs. Rex morning Eugene. The actual pull of the Moon on the surface of the Earth depends on the varying distance at which the Moon is to be found but the results obtained depend on whether or not the Moon is working Iii cooperation with the Sun or against it. Several ships firms were made for american in Denmark this Al when you Cook with Comet its the carefully selected uniform whole grains of Comet Rice that cause it to Cook perfectly. Comet is easy to use too. Just pour it from the famous red and yellow Carton into boiling water. Every package vacuum sterilized Al us Aue a in Cariad i try pour i be i spout top for Fri. Amp sat. Every Day Coffee 3 ii 39c 2 Iii,29c pure hog lard 8 la. Ctn. 65 Maxwell House Coffee 1-lb. Can 24 sour or Dill pickles it. Jar la Blue Rose Rice la. Pkg. 17 Campbell s Tomato soup 3 cans 20< Small Lima Pinto Beans Navy great Northern la. A 5c daily bread flour 79c 9 24-lb. Bag dromedary pie mentos a 5 yellow cling peaches 12. V21 f. F. V. Gem flakes crackers 13 meat department pork shoulder roast Pound .13$c tender reef Chuck roast Pound 15c \ Irginia oysters quart 35c sliced pork liver 2 pounds 25c fresh pork hams i or Nyhoff Pound. 19c sliced Rcck fast Bacon Pound 19c pure pork sausage 2 pounds 25c a old medal it mall or 4 tall milk can 23c no. A size beets 3 cans.25c household brooms each. 19c Standard pack no. 2 size Corn 3 cans 20c r. S. P. Cherries can. 9c nit. A a size t toes 4 cans.23c no 2 size Grapefruit juice can 5c Pound a in of ire my hallows 124c fire i Hief Etc nut matches 6 Bxs. 15c napkins Box. 5c paper towels Roll 5c Roma Oleo la 10c produce dept. Hard Crisp lettuce head is fancy Florida oranges a in Eil 3 potato to pounds .2h fat More cranberries Pound i is fresh t it kale 2 pounds 15< new crop tangerines dozen .12 in new crop Ingli a walnuts Pound 20cl 20-mule team Borax 1-lb. Pkg. 15 Libby s fancy sugar peas no. 303 can to i Hurt linking soda i la. Box 5c Royal Crown flour 24-lb. Bag. 87c Lih Hyp a picnic asparagus tips 15c us hotline cakes 3 he 25c Hunt Ltd lob dog food Pound 5 40c bag makes is lbs. Meat abundant food Blue plate spread a a 27 v2ci Gill s hotel special Coffee 1-lb. Can 27 minx Cook for Spaghetti or Macaroni 2 2 by cans a j Obear we will be closed All Day thanksgiving in East Washington Street 712 English Street Hio South main Street

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