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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - November 19, 1925, High Point, North Carolina Page 2hilh Point Enterprise thursday november 19. 1921 Florida is to have for three cities Jacksonville Miama and Tampa Are to be connected with planes Washington nor. 19.�? apr air mall service Between Florida s three principal cities Jacksonville Tampa and Miami by april i next with Extension to Atlanta. Not later than june i has been divided upon by postmaster general new. The postmaster general today invited bids for the operation of a contract air mail route Between the four cities. The Bidi will be opined Here january is it la expected operation of the service will expedite material or important mail Between Florida cities and the principal Northern financial and Industrial centers through close train connections at Atlanta. The schedule determined upon by the air mail service officials Calls for departure of planes from Miami at 7 a. Rn., Tampa at 9 40 a. Rn., Jacksonville at 11 40 a. Rn., and arrival at Atlanta at 3 p. In. The southbound planes will leave Atlanta at 7 a. In. Jacksonville at 10 25 a. In. Tampa at 12 30 p. Rn., and arrive at Miami at 3 p. In. An average flying Speed of a proximal in ninety Miles an hour Over the 600 mile route is stipulated. In inviting bids the postmaster general included a stipulation As to the time of beginning service a feature not included to previous Airt mall contract invitations. The service Between Jacksonville Tampa and Miami must he placed in operation not later than april i next and the Extension to Atlanta no later than june i next. The successful bidder May operate service Over the entire route prior to those dates if he is prepared to do so. The Mother its cruel to a a physics contract will be limited to a four year term. The air mall postage rate of ten cent an ounce will be charged and Tbs contractor May receive up to eighty per copt of the Revenue from air mall postage derived from letters carried. T postal officials believe the route will he one of the most profitable in the air mall service. They expect a Large amount of intrastate business in Florida in addition to heavy mailings from Florida Points to Northern centers and from the Large cities of the North to Florida. Connections with mall twins at Atlanta will place mall posted in Tampa and Miami one morning into new York and Chicago the following evening. Three cities invite u. D. For next year your child of. W. M. Cald Wallat the ask or is to or. A b. Caldwell of month jello 111., a practising physician Ifor 47 years it seemed cruel that to Many constipated men Woaten children and particularly old folks had to be kept sick by taking cathartic pills tablets salts Calomel and Nasty oils. While he knew that constipation Quot was the cause of nearly All headaches bilious Ness indigestion and stomach misery he did not believe a that a sickening Quot purge or a a physics every Day or two was necessary. In or. Caldwell s syrup pepsin he discovered a laxative which regulates the bowels. A single dose will establish natural healthy Bowel movement for weeks at a time even for those chronically constipated. Or. Caldwell syrup pepsin not Only causes a gentle qty Bowel Mon ement but Best of All it is often months before Ano tbsp dose is necessary. Besides it is absolutely harmless and so pleasant Thoj even a Cross feverish bilious sick child gladly takes it. Buy a Large 60-cent bottle at any store that Sells Medicine and just see for yourself. Or. Caldwell syrup pepsin hot Springs. Ark., novl9.�? apr although three cities have entered the race for the Honor of being Host to the 1926 convention of the United daughters of the confederacy Only one potential candidate for election to president general has been brought Forward at this years convention now in session va., Seattle wash., and Memphis tenn., Are seeking the next convention. Mrs. St. John a. Lawton of Charleston s. C., will be nominated for president general. Her supporters declare there will be no other nominations for the Honor. Mra. Lawton has the unique distinction of having served As president general of two divisions Virginia and South Carolina. Mrs. Frank Harrold of Americus ga., the retiring president general has served in that position for two consecutive terms and hence is not eligible for re election. Election of officers is expected to be held late today. In close touch. Washington nov. 19.�? apr Tho White House is keeping in touch with the condition of col. John c. Coolidge by Telephone connection with Plymouth. Reports received thus far have not indicated conditions serious enough to necessitate a trip by the president to Plymouth. Play tomorrow Salisbury. Nor. 19.�? apr Gastonia and Winston Salem will not meet Here tomorrow afternoon in the Semi finals of the Western race for state High school football honors but will clash Here saturday at 3 of clock. This change was made last night by Mutual agreement of the two teams. King of Siam stricken shortly after he reduced one of his wives from the rank of Queen because she bore no offspring to carry on the Royal la via Ann nnmo/1 n n a4-Vi a 4 a Jau m 4umama in a t71mm n line and raised another Toffee throne the King of Siam Paia became seriously ill at his Palace at Bangkok. Sub Rosa by Kimi May he have your photo graph time was when an inspiring suitor timidly approached the lady of his heart and with much faltering and blushing asked whether shed deign to favor him with an inexpensive but handsome likeness of herself. And she after some hesitation and consultation with Mother carefully wrapped up the desired portrait and sent it to him marked confidential a and a handle with not so in these Days. Witness the Young Gallant who has danced twice with the same girl in one evening. They Are standing talking be tween dances and he asks carelessly a a Haven to got a snap of yourself or a real Good picture have you i d like to have one for my rogues gallery. Ought to make All the others look pretty and she answers in the same spirit a a afraid i Haven to any with me but if you la give me your address perhaps i can dig up one for that Sall the Romance left in the poor old photograph question. Yet some girls Are still flattered by a request for their pictures from boys they be known exactly thirty five minutes these girls write to me in the greatest exd tement asking me whether i believe in love at first at our store this is boys week Good bread builds Energy that wins november 16th to 21st. You will find a size and a style to suit every a a terror on shoes in this Sale. Each shoe is a representative of our Standard. A was Good As any and better than Many 10% reduction on All boys shoes Sale closes saturday night whether you play quarterback or Bridge you need the Good healthful Energy provided by Merita bread for it is As Good for brain As it is for brawn. It contains the very elements that go to make up a Complete food. In carbohydrates gluten protein and vitamins there Are Only a few foods that equal it. Merita bread is made from the finest kind of hard wheat flour Cane sugar pure vegetable shortening Barley malt milk and yeast. That is Why it has no real rival in the bread Field. Merita comes in two sizes 10c and 15c. Made by the american bakeries company extra Rich bread Merit shoe co., inc. 130% South main Street High Point n. Fresh daily from your grocer sight and Isnit it wonderful How some people get along with each other almost at one a and they All end up with the pathetic query a May he have my photograph a certainly he May have your photograph if you done to mind having it a tuck up beside that of the girl from his Home town and Tessie the Beautiful circus lady and a few thousand movie stars he a never met. But if you re giving him your picture under the impression that its going to have a sacred place in Bis heart and Home then you re rather Apt to be disappointed. You girls forget that the erase for popularity today la not entirely a feminine mania. The boys Are rather fond of being thought sheiks in their heart of hearts. And the boy whose room is a sort of gallery of Beauty feels rather pleased with himself when he surveys the landscape. That a Why there Are to Many sudden requests for photos nowadays and Why so Many girls Are led to believe that they have made an instantaneous hit. If a boy asks you for a Nice picture of yourself within a couple of hours after meeting you done to flush with pleasure and ask yourself a what is this Power i have Over men a a just use your common sense and Realise that of he wants to see you again badly enough hell have plenty of time to ask for your picture in the weeks to come. Done to waste your photographs on a lot of collectors. Sav them for someone who shows that he really wants them not As trophies but a remembrances of you. Of How she lies a yes i know j the famous Doris told Billy care Lessly a a in be danced with him often and we re quite Good Billy had often heard of Doris acquaintance with the great so he was not at All startled by this news. Instead he remarked innocently enough a a that a Good because he s Here tonight and by Jove Here he comes now. See of you can persuade him to play for us will you id love to hear him at close the great Man was approaching and Doris bit her lip furiously. Finally Flushing a Little she whispered to her companion �?�1 done to really know him very Well Bill i was Only Billy looked rather taken Aback for a moment but he recovered quickly and grinned in a Friendly fashion a gosh but you Are a Little Fibber he forgave her then and she forgot the incident. He forgot it too but not forever. The next time Doris told him lightly of some sensational exploit in her life he listened politely enough uttered the customary ejaculations a but he wondered. After a lengthy period of time in which she had managed to avoid being caught in any of her numerous fibs Billy was almost ready to take her word As Law again. And then one evening she lied badly so badly that even Billy saw through it. Instantly his old doubts and suspicions of her returned this time stronger and More bitter than before. He went on trying to persuade himself that her Little per variations did no one any harm but he could not get it out of his mind that if she lied about these Petty things so glibly she d be capable of de Shenandoah court is under Sharp criticism a shadows of the Navy a a Shenandoah court of inquiry overcast the Mitchell court martial today when representative Frank r. Reid. Counsel for colourful Mitchel asked that the court martial Call to the attention of president Coolidge the Shenandoah court s Quot High handed the court martial was informed that major Frank m. Kennedy ordered to testify before it today had been subpoenaed also by the Navy court Aud had been threatened with contempt proceedings of he did not respond to the Navy summons. Court. Eleven men convicted of Milt Demea nors started terms on that county Chain gang last monday. Them Are five men under suspended sentence. Sure Relief for in bestir to serve sentences. Asheville Noy. 18.-�? apr in custody of Deputy sheriffs. Sam Stroupe Jeter Bell and Luther Townsend convicted of felonies in connection with the storming of the county jail Here by a mob on september 19. Were taken to the state prison at Raleigh today to begin their terms. Bell and Townsend Are to serve four to eight years and Stroupe from three to five years. Herman Banks sentenced to four to eight years has a stay of elocution pending Appeal to the supreme Bellon hot water sure Rattan ellens and 73d pack in where beautify it with Diamond dyes Quot Jutt dip to tint or boil to Duro each is cent package contains directions so simple any woman can tint soft delicate shades or Dye Rich permanent colors in lingerie Silks ribbons skirts waists dresses Coats stockings sweaters draperies coverings hangings a everything buy Diamond dyes no other kind and Tell your druggist whether the material you with to color is Wool or silk or whether it is Linen Cotton or mixed goods. Broadway today and tomorrow Betty Bronson in the Golden Princess a new Sar twinkles in screen land Betty Bronson. Shining at her brightest As a Little Princess of the California Gold Fields. Gained to pounds in 22 Days that a going some but Skinny men women and children just can to help putting on Good healthy flesh when they take Mccoy a cod liver Oil compound tablets. As chock full of vitamins As the Nasty fishy tasting cod liver Oil itself but these sugar coated tasteless tablets Are a easy to take As Candy and wont upset the stomach. One woman gained ten pounds in Twenty two Days. Sixty tablets sixty cents and Money Back if not satisfied. Ask Randall a pharmacy Mann drug co. Or any druggist for Mccoy a cod liver Oil compound tablets. Directions and formula on each Box. A get Mccoy a the original and genuine cod liver Oil american tonight inc Amft Anna Snow in r. J George Whites scan is a i original Kos a of Ottoa i mkt exactly it i or Mot Art 46jk& a Price a tax included i Oft $2.20, $2.75, $8.80 Good Beata available calving him about something big. He got into the habit of not listening when she told him stories about herself a about the people she knew a about the complimentary things other men had said to her. Suddenly one Day when Bhe was in the midst of a rambling tale about what r. The movie Star had said when he met her at the great movie Ball Billy interrupted rather brusquely a a of i say Doris Isnit that a bit too much you done to honestly think i believe All that a Doris looked at him in utter astonishment. She you Seo Hadnot realized How Many Little slips had betrayed her a How each fit in which shed been caught had been added up in Billy a mind against her. So she did no to grasp immediately Why her old stand by was looking at her with a new strange hostile expression in his eyes an expression of mingled pity and contempt. And it took her a Long time to realize that Billy was hers no longer. Done to think that your Little fibs go unpunished girls just because your men forgive you for them when you re caught. In the Long run you lose your sweethearts entire confidences and his Trust and his love and him. Too Many Little fibs make a Black ugly lie. Too Many title fibs make a Black ugly lie. Mill will be glad to answer any inquiries directed to this paper provided a stamped addressed envelope is enclosed. Also she will be glad to Send pod for conversation and How to overcome self conscious american Friday and saturday Ray a a Royal riot Raymond Ness. The Golden Princess at the Broadway of you like a forceful melodramatic Story Rich in action drama and love Appeal with a Strong undercurrent of refreshing humor staged against colourful backgrounds that vividly recall the historic California Gold Rush of 1849, then you Are sure to enjoy a a the Golden Princess a now playing at the Broadway theatre. For this Paramount production directed by Clarence Badger from Frances agnews scenario of a Bret Harte Story is compounded of those elements just mentioned. Furthermore it has the added advantage of the irresistible presence of Betty Bronson supported by a distinguished cast including Neil Hamilton Rockcliffe Fellowes Phyllis Haver and Joseph Dowling. As a the Golden Princess a Betty brings to the screen a character so quaintly Beautiful that words alone cannot describe her. This is her first starring role and she makes the most of it. The plot deals with her adventures in the Gold mining Camps and leads up to a smashing j Climax in which she and Neil Hamilton Are trapped in a mine. The exciting Rescue and the subsequent Cave in of the mine furnish thrills aplenty. Hes a Prince it a Mary Brian was a paths of Par Idise funny ten million people thought so Well Griffith a new comedy is even funnier you la think so too screen play by Keene Thompson Esom the Story by Reginald Morris and Joseph Mitchell directed by Edward Sutherland in addition Delmar the famous handcuff King will appear three times each Day offering a $25.00 Reward to anyone bringing a pair of Handcuffs thai will hold him

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