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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - November 18, 1925, High Point, North Carolina High Point Enterprise wednesday. November is. 192 Page. S Faith Moulds the Rev. Spectate addresses baptists at Char Lotte on relation of Faith and conduct Charlotte. Nov. 18.�? apr choosing As his subject Quot Faith a and conduct a Rev. W. D. Spinx is tor of Brown memorial Baptist Church of Winston Salem delivering the annual Sermon before the Baptist state convention Here last night declared that Faith Moulds conduct and character that the Christian Faith of Many today is shaken and Uncertain and submitted a Quot Faith which we believe will keep the soul steadfast and Serene told troubled the three articles in the Faith i omitted by the minister were Quot the supreme value of the immortal soul Quot Quot the Superior dignity and Mission of the Church of Jesus Christ a and Quot the supernatural ministry of the holy taking As his text i corinthians 15 58, the speaker reviewed Paul sliders to the corinthians and de Lared that throughout Quot the apostle Leals with Faith and conduct As felted to the Church reaching the Climax of his arguments warnings appeals and instructions in the Fords which he takes for our text a therefore beloved Brethren be be head fast unmovable always bounding in the work of the lord for As much Asye know that your labor is not in vain in the and the implication runs throughout the fifteen chapters Laid the speaker Quot that Faith is Che foundation of Quot Why Hooter and conduct a he con calluses lift off with fingers does t Hurt a bit drop a Little Reed one on any aching Corn or Quot on Bottom of St. Instantly it stops hurting Len shortly you lift it right off 1th fingers. Your druggist Sells a tiny bottle Quot free zone for a few cents Buffon to remove every hard Corn it Corn or Corn Between the toes the foot calluses without reness or irritation Well known merchant praises it he used Herb juice with wonderful results and it had also been of except Mal Benefit to his wife. It am glad to make a Public tement in behalf of the great pal remedy Herb juice. I re never found the equal of this Licine and i know it is due full lit for my improvement in Lith. I gladly lend my name to further the cause of such a undid preparation. He above statement was made the Herb juice demonstrator a Days ago by or. G. H. Wil Well known and popular reliant who resides at417 East Street Winston Salem n. C. I tinting he said Quot a Combina ailments namely Constina indigestion inactive liver and Titis had impaired my health to extent that i was in a very r run Down condition and poor the of health. A Good Friend unamended that i try Herb ice. I am thankful indeed that lok his advice. To make a Long Short i am feeling too per beater have lots of Pep. Diges organs Are functioning prop bowels regular and i have Trace of constipation. My wife Herb juice for general lows condition nervousness constipation. We have tested this Medicine for the above fed ailments and have found it get the most effective prepare we have Ever used. We both been exceptionally benefited to use. Quot we believe that Herb be does now and will continue represent the Means to better the. Like myself my wife is an Herb juice enthusiast j she joins me in praising it Ary impending it to our friends and att on drug co. Is Herb 5 Headquarters in High Point. Sold by leading druggists r where. Tinned Quot a but an exposition of Faith. What i believe i am i do i the minister gave As examples of this declaration the character and conduct of the apostle Paul prior to Bis conversion and after. He also cited the Billet of the Ger mans before the world War a that they were commissioned by heaven to conquer the world and dominate it by German a now what shall we believe what must we believe if we Are to be atsed fast unmovable and always abounding in. The work of our lord i think you will agree with me that we Are living in a Day of great unrest a Day of disturbing and demoralising agitation. Menus souls Are being tried sorely. The Faith or belief of Many is being tested to its very foundation. Many we fear Are discovering they have n t the Faith they once thought they had or what they took to be Faith under he test of the times in which we live. Is resolving itself into Mere speculation. They have not that Faith. In their breasts which made martyrs and saints. A Faith pc. Which they could gladly sacrifice their life blood but not one Inch of conviction. They do not have a Faith which produces a life steadfast unmovable and referring to the three articles of Faith he submitted or. Spinx said that Quot by Faith we do not mean opinion or speculation by a deep abiding assuring conviction which is what the author of hebrews defines Faith As of the first article of Faith a the supreme value of the immortal soul a the speaker said Quot that the soul of Man is of supreme value is admitted by men in realms other than religious a and he thus defined the soul Quot the Center of the inner life a for just As the heart is the seat and Center of the emotions the soul is the seat and Center of life itself. Our self is our soul. We mean that which we think Jesus meant that in Man which is capable of knowing god of fellow shipping with a holy god of enjoying god of being Rich toward that which is in danger of being eternally separated from the effect of such Faith upon i conduct said the minister will result in Quot characterizing it by a holy passion for the salvation of the lost Rouls of men and women. And i when any Church loses a holy passion for the salvation of the lost in god pity that Church a discussing the second article of a it la Quot the Superior dignity and Mission of the Church of Jesus Christ a he said that the churches a a one outstanding and distinctive j features is that a it is the one great Agency through which he operates i and carries on Bis High purpose of i Grace for the world. That lifts the Church Job of Jesus Christ in superiority. In dignity and in Mission As far above any other institution of Earth conceived in the mind of Man j As a glistening Star in Yon heaven is far above a clod of referring to the Superior dignity of the Church or. Spinx said there were three things said of the Church that it would be blasphemy to say of another institution Quot god bought the Church with his own blood a Quot Christ loved the Church and gave himself for it a and a god gave Jesus to be head Over All things to the Church which is his body the fullness of him that Folleth All in the Church he said is Superior in her Mission for Quot her Mission is that of functioning As the living body of Christ on and this Faith he said will affect conduct thus Quot it will characterize con duct by a boldness and aggressiveness that will answer every Challenge of a great task with a ready and full response and the Challenge of every evil with sturdy the minister concluded his Sermon with a discussion of his third article of Faith Quot the supernatural ministry of the holy and he concluded his discussion of this phase of his Sermon a suppose we look sincerely to the holy spirit to teach us to Comfort us to glorify god in us How will it affect conduct it will affect it in characterizing it by a deep and intent spirituality. And when a Church loses the glow and warmth of deep and intense spirituality god pity that Church no matter How great she May be in numbers or Rich in material resources. A and do it Brethren with a Faith in the supreme value of the immortal soul leading to a holy passion for the lost. With sincere Faith in the Superior dignity and Mission of the Church of the living god leading to boldness and ready response to the Challenge of every task or of every evil. With a Faith in the supernatural ministry of the holy spirit leading to a deep and intense spirituality we shall be steadfast unmovable always abounding and our labor shall not be in vain in the the gift was As a Token of the Friendship and love which these women hold for miss Gainey said mrs. Mcintyre. The officials in charge of i he agas pleased with the Way in which the efforts of the Home Aud farm agents Are being received by the people with whom these agents work. Miss Gainey especially it Ricu Tural Extension work in North j is stated is one of the most Val Carolina have expressed themselves table workers of the state College Force and has done much to increase the interest in better Home making in her native county. In this work she has always re conduct revival announced by Duke University a minister to conduct Tho Annot Durham nov. Is apr or. I thormities. J series of Evaa Galiati meeting. It a. Edmund i. Soper Dean of the j this is the first time in a aum Looper came to Duke Thia be for from school of religious education will j Ber of years that the Council of re Northwestern University. He la vice Ceist d the cordial support of the conduct the annual Duke University j Gigious interests has not. Gone out i president of Duke University and leading farm women of the county j revival that is to be Beld for one of the state or to the largest j is considered a National authority it is stated Here. Week. Beginning december 2p, it is i churches in the state to secure Aion religious matters. Agent m gift Home demonstration agent Given testimony of appreciation of jew Ork Fayetteville n. A. Nov. 18. Map a Home demonstration club women of Cumberland county presented miss Elizabeth Gainey Home demonstration agent with a leather travelling bag which contained a Crisp new fifty Dollar Bill on her birthday recently. In reporting the presentation miss Estelle t. Smith District agent says that the presentation was made a simple ceremony in the office of the county agent when a number of the leading club women of the county gathered there presumably to hold a business meeting. The presentation was made by miss Mcintyre of the Godwin club started this morning the most stupendous most Gigantic m o s t amazing Sale of wearing apparel Ever held in this City i have slashed prices until actually Hurt but that a not All possible for every wage earner in be made it to dress up for thanksgiving and Only pay one Dollar Down new Coats 47 to 57= garments with big City style vividly portrayed in every line. Hundreds of the seasons most wonderful creations fresh from the biggest style marts of the world. Models you will be proud to Wear at prices far below your expectations. Get yours now. Dresses 14to$35 Beautiful dresses for women and misses in All the newest shades and colors dresses with All the newest end most adorable trimmings dresses for every occasion and a in every new Model and in All sizes including the slender izing Stout models. 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