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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - November 18, 1925, High Point, North Carolina High Point Enterprise. Wednesday november 18. 1925 pics daughters of the confederacy meet gets oh3welcome president daughters of 1812 extends Welcome to hot Springs Arkansas in hot Springs. Ark., nor. 17. Map a the National society of the United daughters of 1812 is a a connecting link Between the past and the present and a also a connecting link Between the old North and the old South a mrs. Samuel Preston Davis of Little Rock president of the society today told the United daughters of the confederacy in welcoming them to Arkansas for their thirty second annual convention. After recalling to the delegates that he. Father was a Confederate Soldier and her grandparents pioneers of Arkansas mrs. Davis said that the organization she represented was a connecting link Between the old South and the old North because mrs. Flora Adams Darling born of new England parents who formed the National society of the United daughters of 1812, was the wife of a southerner who became a Confederate Soldier. Mrs. Darling who was a Lineal descendant of John Quincy Adams married Edward Irving Darling of Louisiana shortly before fort Sumter was ared upon she said. He left her in the North and joined the confederacy a a colonel. Boon he was severely wounded and she was permitted to come South under a Flag of truce to nurse her husband Back to health. He afterwards was transferred to the blockades service and perished when a vessel loaded with Cotton was sunk by Federal Shore batteries in the Mississippi River. Mrs. Darling she said delighted in acts of kindness to Allex con federates and after the death of Jefferson Davis she had two life size portraits of the president of the confederacy painted one of which she presented to the Confederate soldiers Home at Beauvoir miss., and the other to William and Mary College at Williamsburg a. Regarding the society a connection Between the past and the present she said there Are 260 daughters of the War of 1812 enrolled in the society. Betty Bronson stars in film Here soon hair Groom is keeps hair combed Glossy Well groomed All Day j a hair Groom is a dignified combing Cream which costs Only a few cents a Jar at any drug store. Millions use it because it gives that natural gloss and Well groomed effect to the hair that final touch to Good dress both in business and on social occasions. Even stubborn unruly or shampooed hair stays combed All Day in any style you like. A hair Groom is greaseless also helps grow thick heavy Lustrous hair. Quot the Golden Princess a which opens at the Broadway next thursday and Friday is of Especial interest to the picture going population and for a two fold reason. It Marks the debut of Betty Bronson a a full fledged film Star and it deals with a significant and picturesque period of american history a the California Gold Rush of 1849. Ever since Betty scored such an instantaneous Success with her delightful portrayal of a Peter pan a her meteoric career has been watched with a Good Deal of undisguised admiration and there will be none to begrudge her this crowning promotion which elevates her to stardom. As the heroine of a the Golden Princess a a Betty is said to have a part that suits her to the proverbial a a to. Picture her As a Little Mountain girl made an orphan through the violent death of her father and the desertion of a faithless Mother reared by a Spanish Mission padre at an Indian settlement and suddenly brought into Contact with the rough and ready atmosphere of the Gold mining Camps. Can to you imagine her dressing up in typical miners outfit discovering Gold winning love fighting bandits and stirring up no end of excitement Well that a just exactly what she does a flashing thrilling melodrama is a the Golden Princess a a credit to the Bret Harte Story from which Frances Agnew adapted it. Clarence Badger the director took particular pains to reproduce with faithful accuracy the historic settings and hectic life of the Days of �?T49. Neil Hamilton Rockcliffe Fel Lowes Phyllis Haver and Joseph Dowling axe the principal support-1 ing players. A real overcoat warm As a Michigan Mackinaw a smart As a fifth Avenue tailor. There a snug Comfort in the heavy fleecing is of the Fine woolens. And there a faultless style in Hart Schaffner amp Marx and Griffon tailoring. $25, $30, $35 and up n. H. Silver co special offer i off on All bed room furniture 3 Days Only thursday Friday saturday prom our already a lowest Price i the City we Are going to give High Point people three Days to Purchase any suit of bed room furniture in our in unease Stock at 1-4 off of our regular Price. Now is the time to furnish that room at a distinct saving with substantial dependable furniture. Use our club plan of convenient payments. No charges or interest stoves and ranges to be closed out at factory prices plus the freight. The famous Progress rival ranges and hot blast Heaters to be closed out at factory prices Pius freight these ranges and Heaters need no introduction in this Vicinity As they have been giving satisfaction for the past Twenty 20 years. Tile time to buy is now they won t last Long. Terms Cash this Poison Gase that is theory of police investigating death of a Small child Madalynne Bent is one of Boston s beautify daughters appearing Here in George White s scandals. One would never think that a product of conservative new England Stock would rival the shimmying prowess of Gilda Gray. Miss Bent is classed As one of the greatest South sea Island dancers in America. She recently returned from a two months stay on the Island of pan Goa where she made a close study of the native Dan it it it a. At Tho american theater on thursday night november 19. Harvest festival Here is postponed announcement is made that the Harvest festival a carnival to be presented by the senior class of High Point High school will be postponed from Friday november 20 until Friday december 4 at 7 30 p. In. The festival was ordered postponed by the seniors in order that a Library meeting might be held in the High school auditorium on that Date. Everything is being done to encourage the Library meeting and since a Library would greatly Benefit High Point the senior class kindly offered to postpone their Harvest festival in favor of the meeting. The Harvest festival is the second attraction of its kind to be presented in High Point. Last year the senior class presented a senior carnival which was highly successful. This year the senior class expects the festival to be even bigger and better and postponement of the festival until december 4. Will allow More acts to be worked up by the seniors. A fireworks display will be in Progress on the High school ground during the evening besides Many acts and numerous sideshows to be presented on the inside. Proceeds of the festival will go towards the senior project. Our children by Angelo Patri Chicago nor. 18.�? apr a Middle aged woman who two weeks ago bought a Small vial of chloroform at a hotel pharmacy was the object of search today by authorities investigating the mysterious poisoning of the five weeks old son of or. And mrs. John r. Allen in a suite of the hotel. Discarding a theory that robbers killed the baby while its parents listened to a radio in another room the investigators turned to the idea that Revenue motivated the slaying. Joseph o. Savage assistant states attorney said the mystery had been about cleared up but that there would be no arrests until after the funeral. Ernest Hempel drug store clerk said he would be Able to identify the purchaser without difficulty. He did not recognize any of the women including mrs. Allen a nurse and maid who were present when he told his Story. Investigators have Learned that mrs. Allen who discovered the body had teen in a Sanitorium suffering from a mental disorder before the baby was born. The aliens said the baby had Ben placed la bed while they listened Over the radio with a Friend until after Midnight and shortly after one of clock they entered the baby s room and mrs. Allen found the body. The nurse said she retired about 10 30 and knew nothing until awakened after the child was dead. Governor a tardy in reaching the scene Hazard Kyd a nov. 18.�? apr state troops which left Here yes baby s colds i ars soon a a nipped in the Bud Quot without a a dosing by ass of Vicks a Varo rub ovral mourn in Jura us a to mrs Ter Day morning arrived last night at Hyden scene of a Feu dist outbreak Over the slaying of sheriff Joe Morgan saturday and patrolled the streets All night. Governor William j. Fields who expected to precede the troops into Hayden had not arrived Early this morning advices received Here said. Meager Telephone reports from the isolated Mountain town this morning did not indicate that Dave Steele sought As morgans Slayer had been captured after escaping from Hie temporary fort in the citizens Bank to the mountains. The Iran quarrelled Over an it Lection in which morgans wife was Defeated by two votes to succeed him and in which Steele was a precinct official army factions taking up the respective causes of the two upon Steele a flight. Governor Fields is scheduled to speak in Hyden today advocating better roads. Both his party and the 24 troopers were forced to make the trip into the Mountain country on horseback vehicular Access to the town being impossible. Wall Street new York nor. 18.�?u& 1 with speculative sentiment confused pronounced in regal characterized initial dealings in Stock Market today. Uncertain Over the Money Outlook retail buying of Standard shares Altin _ prospects of special development brought advances of one to the Points in Mack trucks unit states rubber and coca cola. It Island reacted a Point. Fishing will be fun Chichester s pills if you get there w a Tik la Lamond Brand. A i # f w furniture of. 136 South main St. Balky Billy it was examination time. The class was on the whole Well prepared. Miss Louise could count on most of them to pass. Only Billy. Goodness Only knew what he would do. He could pass if he Felt that Way. But would he feel that Way a a now children Here Are the papers. Remember once i break the Seal nobody is allowed to speak or leave his with the ill Luck of the troubled she went straight to Billy a desk and gave him the first paper. He scowled. Her heart Sank and she gave Billy a look of beseeching warning. Billy scowled harder. The class fell to work in strained silence. After Twenty minutes Billy handed her his question paper. A a where is your answer Sheet a a a a i Tore it up. I can to draw a said Billy gruffly. Miss Louise turned Pale. With tight shut lips she handed Billy another set of answer sheets and motioned him to his seat. She glued her eyes on him mentally pushing him to work. Billy made a few wide gestures Over the paper and Tore it up. Onjo hour and forty minutes gone the class finished to a Man and Billy had nothing done. With despair in her heart miss Louise dismissed the class All except Billy. A Billy you take these clean papers. I am going out of the room for these last Twenty minutes. I can to stand you another instant a and she turned her Back upon him and went into the Little Alcove where she corrected papers furiously. The closing Bell rang and she broke the Point of the red Pencil with sudden pressure. Such Good papers from the class. Only this horrible boy holding Back. For an instant she disliked him hotly. Billy handed her his papers and when miss Louise corrected it behold it was As perfect As a paper could be even the smoke from the steamers stack was floating the right Way and the Shadow under the tree fitted the setting Sun. Billy had a Hundred per cent. In a burst of mingled Wrath and Relief miss Louise told Billy a father. A a yes i know a he said a a he a mighty hard to get on with if you done to know to take your eyes off him. Just give him his Job and take your eyes off him. If you watch him if you make him think you Are afraid he will fall Down he chokes right up and nothing comes out. If you keep out of the Way while he work he turns out the Best Job Ever. And he likes you first rate miss Louise he certainly did you Ever meet a Balking Billy or. Patri will give r a Nal attention to inquiries fro. Parents and school teachers on the care an development of children. Write him in care of this paper enclosing stamped addressed envelope for reply. Copyright 1925 Bell Syndicate inc. _ Tik Diamond Brand ladles ask your f Cal eyes Ter s Dias fills la red Sod it boxes sealed Arith take a. Ether. Bit of year very Slat. Ask foe civic to Teu it Diamond Brand fills for la years known is beat safest always reliable Suo by druggists every Tkv i w35 Tim my for the time Purchase Chevrolet of a new our new Mac time payment plan gives you the Benefit of a reduction in rates at a big saving to you. Come in let us show you the Fine Quality which Chevrolet offers in a Low Cost car and see How easy it is to pay for one. Sheraton motor co. Dunlop tires Are built to a get there and backs. Road punishment does t bother them because the special rubber insulated Cord construction keeps them Cool. Tires Sheraton motor co. Phone 4210 North Wren St. No. Wrenn Street. Phone 4210 smoke Henry in fourth Cigar the Cigar for Leisure smoking and Complete smoking enjoyment. Many sizes autocrats 10c full value 10c Favorita 2 for 25c Queens 15c exceptional 3 for 50c. Barbee Hayes co. Distributors Greensboro n. C. Beauty dignity in bricks much can be accomplished by the intelligent use of color in permanent construction Light and dark Tan face Brick from our kilns Laid in special Bonds will add much Beauty and dignity to otherwise mediocre buildings. Cunningham Brick company offers the builder a wider variety of materials in Quality that is dependable. Cunningham Brick company samples or display at Snow lumber co. E. R. Lyon representative increasing their investments since last february when North Carolina Public service company inc. 7% cumulative preferred Stock was offered to the Public in a general Sale quite a few people have increased their investments. They have found great satisfaction in receiving quarterly dividend checks regularly on the first Day of March june september and december. They realize the safety of their investment and have made application for additional shares. Why not be among these investors who Are receiving regular dividends from a Home Industry. You can invest for Cash at $95 a share and accrued dividend or on a convenient monthly payment plan at $97 a share. You Are allowed 7% interest on monthly payments. Visit our investment department for further information regarding 7% cumulative preferred Stock or fill out and mail the Coupon. North Carolina Puhi to sort la company incorporated Greensboro n. C. Please Send me without obligation on my part further information about your offer of cumulative preferred Stock. Name pm. A address. A a City or town. Horth Carolina Public service oomph m North Elm Street greens Soro. Amp a it the Southern serves the South will the South join in financing its own Railroad needs Southern capital is being invested in Many new enterprises along the lines of the Southern railway system. An even greater gain in production and Prosperity in the South in the next ten years than was witnessed in the last ten seems inevitable. But Industry can expand no faster than the railroads that bring fuel and raw materials and carry the finished products to the markets of the country. Money must be invested in railroads As Well As factories if Industry is to be efficiently served. That much of this new Railroad capital should come from the South itself seems a natural result of the growing investment wealth of the South. Southern railway system

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