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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - November 15, 1925, High Point, North Carolina Hich Point Enterprise. Sunday. November 15. 1925 cd Singer is m greeted German stage a Assion players again prosperous and slip work on orders from u. S. Berlin. Nor. 14.�? apr cite is of Munich who have to leave their native Hob Rauhaus with regret when their business takes hem to the Reich s capital soon will be comforted to find that the bavarian government has erected a Quot Branch dispensary to slake parched bavarian throats in Berlin with real bavarian brew. In the spacious a Europa has under construction opposite the an Halter station where trains from the South arrive the bavarian government soon will open a drinking Emporium As a Branch of the state owned Hob Raushaul at Munich. Never before has the state erected a bar outside Munich. Optimists profess to see a diplomatic move in the new Hofbaue Branch. They Are convinced that the bavarian prussian re approach ment which has been Well under Way since president von Hinden Borg visited Bavaria last summer will reach its culmination through the medium of Hof Brau Yvette Quilbert the celebrated French Chanson Singer still enjoys an unimpaired popularity in Berlin where she was a frequent guest before the world War. To show her appreciation of the attention showered on her on the occasion of her first visit to Berlin since the War. She offered to give a matinee performance to her Brothers and Sisters of the stage. The Komo Edie theater was Given Over to the performance and there assembled More prominent stars and stage directors than had been seen under one roof in Germany in Many years. This select audience literally went wild Over mile. Guilberto a program in which the humorous was interspersed with the tragic. The French singers Superb acting coupled with her clarity of diction and her expressiveness of gesture made the afternoon As memorable an artistic event As the recent visit to Berlin of Firmin Gremier the noted parisian director whom mile. Gilbert heartily supports in his efforts to bring about a Franco German artistic approach ment. That body of yours by Jab. W. Barton he. Oberammergau. The passion players Village left destitute by the world War again is attaining a measure of Prosperity. American orders for carvings have kept the people Busy for a year due principally to the visit of Anton Lang and other passion players to the United states. The villages wealth also was considerably enhanced by the recent 5 0th anniversary Celebration of the unveiling of the crucifixion group presented by the late King Ludwig ii of Bavaria. The Celebration attracted almost As Many visitors per Day As does the passion play. Entertains student mrs. J. E. Millis god Mother of one of the classes at Ray Street school entertained about forty of the students by taking them to the Broadhurst theatre on Friday. The boys and girls had a big time viewing the pictures. Eye trouble it is not unusual to come across an individual who is having considerable trouble with his eyes. They seem to tire easily Little spots seem to float before them the lids Are red and painful. Thinking his glasses Are not Correct he consults an optician who fits him pretty Well the a he is tested but his symptoms remain just about the same. He then consults an Oculi St who likewise spends some time with him but finds that the glaces fitted by the optician were right or nearly so. His symptoms remain however and he returns to the Oculi St again. The Oculi St who is a graduate in Medicine and news the human body suggests that there is nicely some infection somewhere in the body that is causing All the trouble an a Ray of the Teeth reveals some assesses and with the removal of the infected Teeth Hie Eye symptoms Clear up. Sometimes it is the tonsils or some infection in the nose or the adjoining Bony caverns or sinuses. But your Oculi St will Tell you that the commonest cause of these floating specks in front of the eyes the red lids the poor vision is due to Poison from the Large intestine or in other words constipation. And of you look closely at such cases you will see the Dull Eye the drooping lids that usually accompany an Ordinary Case of indigestion or bilious Ness and the cure for this you will remember is the old fashioned Castor Oil or Calomel and salts. It certainly is surprising the Way we look for the causes of various troubles throughout the body and yet our parents and grind parents always gave Castor Oil or Calomel and salts for everything at first. If it did no to dear up then they consulted the family doctor. I am just wondering of the old folks were not just a litle Wiser sometimes than we Are at present copyright 1925 Bell Syndicate inc. Family night is Pun of theater fonday family will be admitted on one ticket no matter How Large it is the management of the Broadhurst a inaugurated family night a time when All members of the family no matter How Large will be admitted on one ticket. Magnificent George of Brien in a a the fighting heart a has been selected As the at Trwin to entertain the families on monday. This feature is said to be one of the finest of the season. It is one of those splendid Fox productions. George a of Brien and Madge Bellamy will be remembered by those who viewed a a the Iron horse Here some time ago. Of Brien established himself in the hearts of movie fans As one of the most interesting and entertaining stars so far seen at the new theatre a a the fighting heart is said to be a movie attraction that has Appeal for people in every walk of life there Are thrills aplenty and the Story is one of the finest it is claimed Ever Wolten for motion pictures. The purpose of family night is to show Tho parents of this City that Broadhurst movies Are clean and meritorious it is claimed. Also on monday and tuesday the usual funny picture will be on the screen As Well Aith always newsy Fox news said to be the mightiest in the world. One of the highest tributes Ever Given to a screen player has been won by Carol Dempster the Star in d. W. Griffith a great comedy a Sally of the sawdust a a United artists corporation release which in proving the laughing Triumph of the season. It was Given her by probably the most powerful film executive in the world who said a i Hare been moved to laughter tears and laughter again by Only two women players in the films. The first time it was by Mary pick Ford in a Stella Marisa which i Thot the greatest performance a woman Star Ever had Given in emotional variety realism and intensity. A a but Carol Dempster has stirred me even More in a Sally of the saw i consider her performance a great gift to the screen a performance that will prove one of the big moments in All screen history a real Challenge to any of the Art on its moving perfection. Everyone who loves great acting must see this a a Sally of the sawdust comes to the Broadhurst theatre next wednesday. _ to have pageant a pageant marking the close of children a week at Tho Wesley memorial methodist Church is to be Given this evening at 7 30 in the Church. All Tho parents Are urged to be present for this occasion Harvest festival Here Friday night a it will be Given in the High school building by the pupils Cunningham face Brick Tai picture the splendours of autumn in its glorious Luxuriance of colors its lavish Richness its Mellow softness is to describe the natural artistic beauties of the imperishable harmoniously blended tones of Cunningham face Brick samples on display at Snow lumber co. E. R. Lyon representative the annual Harvest festival will be held in the High school building next Friday night november 20. There will be games Side shows Fortune telling music cts one act plays. The main entertainment in the auditorium will consist of four add. The affair is on the order of a carnival and will be known As a frolic. A Small admission fee will be charged but the entertainment promises to be Well Worth the Price of admission. Following the carnival there will be a display of fireworks on the school grounds under the direction of Louis Stookey. The High school students and members of the faculty have made extensive preparations for the Harvest festival and they anticipate a Large crowd. _ Luther Yow injured in explosion comes to his Home in City Luther Yow High Point Man who was injured in an explosion which Cost the lives of two men at Charleston w. Va., several weeks ago returned to this City yesterday. Or. Yow had been a patient in the Hospital at Charleston since tie Accident t but left the institution yesterday and returned to his Home hers. He suffered several Burns on the hands and face. Week of activity Sar tin Law Mon d q 4 5 6 7 8 9 Roll 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 it a Sno Good today that is what you would say about last year s Calendar. And it would be True. To you throw it away. How about last years suit do you discard it like the old Calendar you Are wrong if you do because unlike the old Calendar it can be restored to something very like its original newness. Regular dry cleaning by expert dry cleaners will More than double the life of your clothes. We Are experts in the dry cleaning business and can guarantee you satisfaction. Wont you give us the Opportunity of proving this Sar tin it. M. Taylor pres. Dewey h. Greer mgr. Phone 2352 program for the week is announced by the pastor Rev. Tom Sykes this is another week of continued activity at the friends Church. The program arranged yesterday including meetings of some kind for the Church members each Day during the week. Following is the order of services today and the program for the week As announced yesterday by the pastor Rev. Tom a. Sykes morning worship at la of clock Organ a a Indian summer sketch a Brewer. Hymn no. 489-�?�?ofrom every Stormy wind that scripture Reading and prayer. Hymn no. 76�?�?oa mighty fortress is our children a Story period. Hymn no. 370�?�?T�?Tthine offertory Berceuse Dickinson anthem�?�?�1 will dwell in the House of the lord a a. Eville. Message and reception of new members into Church Fellowship. Hymn no. 4 29�?�?~�?Tblest be the tie that Organ postlude a Festal March a Roberts. Evening service at 7 30 Organ prelude Quot autumn night a frysinger. Hymn no. 248�?"saviour thy dying responsive Reading. Hymn no. 43�?"softly now the Light of prayer period. Duet Quot have you counted the Cost a miss Beatrice Crouch miss Anna Mendenhall. Sermon a the Joy of pure unadulterated hymn no. 26�?�?osun of my Organ postlude a a a priests March from a magic flute a Mozart. Services for the week monday Circle no. I miss Clara Cox Leader will meet at 2 30 with mrs. Myrtle Mendenhall on Asheboro Street. Circle no. 2, mrs. J. C. Barker Leader will meet at 3 30 with mrs. Sykes 108 West Green Street. Circle no. 3, mrs. D. R. Parker Leader will meet at 3 30 with mrs. Fidello Barker on steel Street. Circle no. 4, mrs. J. W. Clinard Leader will meet at 3 of clock with mrs. Clarence Johnson on the Greensboro Road. At 7 30 on monday night the evening Circle will meet at the Home of mrs. J. W. Hiatt Edge Dale drive. A program on China and social features will be provided mrs. H. A. White Leader. A Large and enthusiastic crowd is expected. Tuesday at 9 in in. In the friends Annex miss Agues Dodson assisted by prof. Charles Vardell will give a concert recital under the auspices of friends women a auxiliary. Miss Dodson As a Soprano and prof. Vardell As a pianist Are Well known artists and a great company should be on hand to Welcome these popular artists. Wednesday at 5 of clock the soya and girls clubs will both meet Fig usual. At 6 30 of clock supper will be served at a Cost of 25 cents each. At 7 of clock or. F. R. Taylor a Bible study class will meet. At 7 o clock the Young Peoples c. E. Council will meet. At 7 45 of clock the mid week prayer meeting. All our membership urged to attend this service. Thursday at 7 45 a congregational social and reception will be held. Every member and attender of All our organizations Are urged to attend this gathering and get acquainted with our new membership. A Good program is being provided and a Good time of Fellowship is promised to All. Hease plan to bring the entire family with you. Friday at 7 30 the Christian Endeavor and Young Peoples night program. All Young people a especially Are urged to attend this service. Saturday at 3 of clock the Junior c. E. Society will meet. Miss Ruth Jarrell will Welcome any of the older friends who can meet and help her with the Junior work. I next sunday will be the Chris j Tian endeavours thanksgiving Pound Day for the Basket work among j the needy families. Help the Young Folk All you can in this work Wien they Call on you. Big tobacco buy new York. Nov. 14.�? apr american tobacco company has bought Between 10.000,00 0 and 11,,got pounds of retried tobacco from the Burley tobacco growers cooperative association costing from �2.500,000 to $3.-0e0,000, it was announced Here today. The. Associated i press Quot there Are Only two forces that can carry Light to All the Corners of the globe1 Only two the son in the heaven and the associated press Down Here. A Mam Twain keep enlightened keep informed. Read the associated press news published daily by High Point Enterprise Jar economical transportation r Winter Comfort 1 at Low Cost to drive in Comfort this Winter you should have Complete protect Don against rain sleet 6now and wind. Only the finest closed car construction can give you that. The Chevrolet coach body is Fisher built the same construction used on the worlds finest cars. Doors and windows fit and stay tight to keep out wind and water. Rain or Snow cannot penetrate the Fisher v v one piece Windshield which gives you perfect vision and ventilation. Long Semi Elliptic Springs and balloon tires it take the jars out of Frozen roads. Add to body Comfort the safety of Semi reversible steering and equalized brakes and the Assurance of Ai motor that always starts easily and you can realize Why Chevrolet spell Winter Comfort. Yet you get All this in the worlds lowest priced Fisher body coach. Let us show you the Quality feature of this Tine closed car and explain How easy it is for you to own one this Winter. Pis Mirn in sch�?~695 f. O. B. Flint Michigan touring roadster a Coupe Sedan Gammer Cui Chassis express truck Chassis 525 525 675 775 425 550 All prices f. O. By Flint Michigan Sheraton motor company phone 4210 North Wrenn Street a Quality at Low Cost

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