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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - November 12, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Page Etc hts Sec. Athe Hatch Point Enterprise pm Mon High Point. North Carolina sunday. Nov mfr 12. 19."9 j f a v sport Bir Carolina Wallops a Davidson. 12 i Blue devils Roll Over v. M. I. 20 7 i i ukr soc Chakales / snorts f i Tor meet or. Mungo somebody has been kidding the Public. For the past several years in be been Reading the newspapers about the temperamental Lingle Mungo Stormy petrel of the Stormy Brooklyn dodgers who had to be fetched from his Home in Pageland s. C., from a pout two or three times a year. Over on Flat Bush Avenue a couple of years ago three taxi Drivers told me that Mungo was the Only major league baseball player on the Brooklyn roster. One Day so the papers reported. Mungo pitching another one of those Ball games in which All the fielders think is Rugby popped up with the none too new idea that the dodgers of that particularly year actually were Bush leagues. took off Tor Pageland so they say and it was several weeks before the Brooklyn management could persuade him otherwise. Hell lie was very much different in our office last night. Quot we got a Good Hall Chih. We be got a Fine spirit on our team. We re going to give some boil some trouble a Mungo predicted. It did no to sound like a pop of Guy to me. A pop off Guy talks in the first person and if that old fashioned Community a a we Isnit in the first person. A lot of you old timers around Here will re Merlier the Brooklyn fireball artist when he was flinging them for the twins Back in 1930. Mungo remembers it. A yep i remember. I pitched a fourth of july double header against High Point. Ike Boone hit one out of the Park with two out in the ninth to boat me 1-0, in the morning game. That was the eighth straight game i had lost. I broke my losing Streak that afternoon by beating High Point 5-2.�?� Lippy i Hirochek is a ballplayers manager judging from what Mungo had to say. A every tidy on the club likes him. Lies one of the players. Just the same though he keeps discipline on the club. I Arry Macphail is Good to All the Ball players. All of them like by the by All of the dodgers received a Bonus from the red headed tennessean who with a group of american soldiers tried to Kidnap the Kavier after the last world War. Ray Haworth who was with the dodgers until a late Trade last september sent him to the giants had Mungo up on big Horseshoe Bend in Virginia on an Elk Hunting junket. I forget to ask whether they got any Elk. Tommy Bridges the slim de Troiter was along and Bill Ingram one of Mungo s fellow townsmen. Mungo said he was leaving town this afternoon. Mungo who suffered a broken foot last year was testing the pedal on the Hunting trip. A it did no to bother me a bit. Ill lie Allright next summer i that bids bad news for the giants and an assortment of other clubs in the National league because Mungo can throw Mem. At least that a what the National league hitters say. A who is the toughest Batter up there for you a i queried. A a Well that a the ten thousandth time in be been asked that. Anybody that walks up there with that War club is Tough. He lie carrying a Bat if he Wasny to Tough a Mungo explained taking in the whole Field. Entire squad used by Wolf against cats Carolina reveals ground Power in crushing lighter opponents by soc Chakales Enterprise sports editor Gray memorial Stadig a Winston Salem. Nov. 11.�? a Ardilla s Silver sheathed passing machine levelled off in second Vear Here this afternoon to pull to an easy 32 to 0 Victory Over Davidson Iii preparation for its tit Stile clash with the Duke Blue devils next week. Coach Ray Wolf used his entire squad in racking up his seventh win of the season including five Southern conference triumphs and two intersection Al victories. Except for a couple of olt Camions the Carolina Mentor did not put hts entire first unit on the Field substituting ii Large n urn hers at frequent intervals. Win Ston Kalem. Nov. Ii a api a statistic of the David on North Carolina Iamb Herr today n. Dav on first Down. I Yard gained Rushing net uis it Yard gained Forward passe in Forward passes attempted. 2 2 Forward passe completed la fad. Passes intercepted by and lost att. Fad passes i average distance of punts to tilt Tot. Distance kick returned a 13 Opp. Fumbles recovered .3 i total Yard pertained. 34 12 52,000 see Tulane beat tide by score of 13 to 0 try Kenneth Gregory new Ohi eans. Nov. /pi�?tuli.ne�?T. Green wave powerhouse overvalue a three year a a Jinx today to subdue Alabama s Crimson title Iulo to and remain among lie nation undefeated football machines. A record break i no Dixie crowd of i Mhz watched tile Battle in be big sugar howl stadium. The putting the Mas i a Green wave battalion in a tie Saith Tennessee anti Georgia tech for the Southeastern conference leadership was featured is bruising defensive play and a sensational he Yard touchdown run a Harr Hays a if Al Polonti halfback. Alabama triumphant user Tulane for the last three year proved no menace to Hie Green Ware today. Hie a Rulison shorted Grinders got no closer to tile wave goal i Ila ii the. It Strum on two other occasions Alabama got As far As lie Jia and jew a aril line. Tulane a play a hit ragged showed Complete superiority. Big Harley acc Obom a Islo Pound tackle mood out like a giant on defense in the Greenie a Stout line. Hobby Jitterbug Kellogg Iii there most of the was Quot a a Bai fied Star. After most of the first half saw nothing important happen Hays a Junior speedster broke the Monotony wit ii Bis spectacular dash. With the Ball resting at the wave ill Hays swung out to Hie rigid and then Cut Hack through tackle. Ricking up wonderful interference he raced to the goal line for Tulane s longest run from scrimmage i his season. Kellogg irs for the extra Point was blocked. A a break coming Early in the third period set up Tulane a second touchdown. On a punt Alalia a Charley Boswell handed the Hall to Sophomore Jimmy Nelson who reversed the Field and ran not to the tide to hut an Alabama player was guilty of clipping Aud the title was it vital fixed to its one Yard Stripe. Boswell punted from the end Cone hut was rushed by Mccollum. The Hall went out of Bounds on the Alabama 20. After two plays bad netted nothing Kellogg dropped Back and shot a i it i it aril ass to quarterback. Stall Nyhan. Buddy banker hit Center for three Anil Kellogg Bree led outside tackle for the score without a hand timing Laid on him. Kellogg converted with a place kick. T i he fit wets Yards Ond do the 1� skipping eight ing heels Quarter cd it a him Pluto Yard tin around a a in i Frei ilk in ooh Nhi so hit 7 k a is Asti Lincoln neb., nov. I i i a a 32-Yard punt return fax Nehra touchdown Over Kansas too Here to it the touch do the Ait Yard Hraska Horn Happy. A Santa it la it a again san Francisco not. Oring a touchdown mid a i Chat i or a 26 i i re War in the open of r period Clitia i by r Hei r i in Boh Rig Clara Defeated m i c h i g a n state a a be con id quae Ter 6 to 0. Today in their int or Sec and a to Vicic Iona football Garn p before some in i a Erst before 2 6, 18.000 fans. For the last i free Ida y. R Ohi in a coed periods it was bitterly i might we on a Sinai a h it i oui i contest with Sal it a Clara Stavie to id 11, p its it ing off a at Ichii is n state drive oco Ming Crow d Home of 4 9 a ids which h ended on the i i four. Scored once in when Stirn it for eight is in the Seeling Over from e. Don Baker right end for Yards and Stirnweis pass re Yards to Pinky Elliott in the end none and once in the third when lion Baker made a sensational catch of Laia nue a 11-Yard Pas on the goal line. Only two of the extra Point wet convened one by Harry Bunkie and the other by Challie idol Reserve fullback from High Point in attack the Carolina offence basically an Aerial game was mixed tip today with passes playing the most prominent part. However Iii the second touchdown of the second Quarter the tar heels marched to Yards for a score without the Benefit of a pass. Carolinas touchdown twins. George St it ii West and Jim la Ianne were Elfei life but some Sill a t Lona i running aaa turned v Don Baker hairy dual in hid Sadoff. Also the Caroline headed by Dick a bite Jim Woodson played Beau defense and Iii i and lift off Bali on the he Nisi by s Harpe passing muffled a Mondary As often hands. However a Sophomore put show in carried raided As a Bho was an Alert that hanged As the half Dave on a the final quae As far a the at ii de As shown in a a shown in life Maga my Here. The newest news in shoe a Jarman a Cedar cured styles the leather in thee smart Jarmans is Given an extra finishing touch by the exclusive a Cedar cured proc to Chow the leather make it Wear better and give k the lasting Aroma of Cedar drop in mat and wok Over a pair. Molt Silt s5lo750 inc hop Noh the main str Kot i Nae. Iraqi Vin i la Vidanos i of plemely tar Heel personnel changed Spencer one Man Ter that Carolina Twenty six on one occasion. In the fourth Quarter uprising Spencer connected with ten Yard passes to Nivens and Stien with and then eight and seven respectively to the same pair. The drive that carried to the Carolina Twenty six was sparked and halted by Spencer who fumbled trying to make a first Down. The Ball went Over to the tar Hecla. Ugh. And m ainu play Charlie idol High Point boy got into tin game in tile first and second halves and performed Well turning in some Fine plunges through the line and Oliver ing one extra Point. George Marsh another High Pointer played half the game guard for Davidson. Marsh in several Good tackles. Tan Yoder was Davidson a enslave standout making three fourths of his team s tackles Nom the Hacker up position. It did no to take this Carolina team bul two minutes and ten seconds to score against Davidson. Gales Kimball performing for his Home Tow ii folks went dashing into Bill Hollo on the first play after the opening Kickoff and the plucky Davidson balk fumbled on his own 19. Bobby Smith. The states Best enter recovered the Ball on the Davidson Twenty. From that Point it was a matter of Only four plays until Carolina went storming Over. Sadoff banged out six Yards on a reverse at left end a pass from Stern Weiss to Mallory was batted Down by Granny san Ripe but on the next play George badman moving behind some Good blocking by a Jill Woodson deployed six Yards for a first Down Oil the Davidson eight. A moment later Stirn Weiss stormed around left end or Tho touchdown. Bahnson broke through to Block Severin at tempi for the extra Point. The second tar Heel score was the product of s 4 a Yard drive. La la ii be returned Sharpens kick from the fifty to the Davidson forty three to set up the touchdown in the opening of the second period Lalanne rifled a shove pass to George madman off tackle and he win Haik Back ploughed out thu Yards be fur by was downed on me Davidson thirty three. Two attempts at passes one to Radman and one to Bobbitt were incomplete and Carolina was set Back with a five Yrd Penally. On the third Down the Bayou bomber dropped an Aerial bomb into Radman s hands that was Good for 14 Yards one Short of a first Down. Harry Dunkle whirled through Light guard for i e Yards and the first Down on the Davidson Nineteen. Ill ankle Moher Don Baker utilized a revers for seven Yards around Rig end and Dunkle picked up the same yardage on a full sume inside right tackle to make i first Down on the Wildcat five Dunkle made less than a half Yard and Stirnweiss followed with a three Yard plunge that put the Ball on the i halt Yard line Dunkle. Picking up steam hurdles the Center of the line Cdr the touchdown. Dunkle committed one of his rare errors missing Bis try for the extra Point via placement. That made the score 12-0. S timing the use of their favorite weapon the Forward pass the tar Heel opened the Hood Gates through the talkies and drove 73 Yards for their third touchdown of the game in the second Quarter. Starting from the Twenty seven Don Baker split right tackle for eight. Connor on a pair of reverses around left end pounded out dashes of la and 12 Yards for first Downs to the Davidson forty two. Harry Dunkle Carolina s Brilliant Booter swung into High rear battering right guard for la Yards and another first Down this time to the Wildcat la St u new Ell donated a thine said Ain around right and Dunkle made it a first Down on the Davidson Nineteen. The flying dutchman reentered the picture at this juncture dashing around right end for la Yards to the Davidson eight. Lion Baker broke into the scoring Parade with the touchdown around right end. Dunkle inverted the Point with a placement to make score 19-0. Don Baker also lit the fuse that set off the explosion Foi us tar Heeria fourth touchdown when he grabbed Granny Sharpens Long pass on Bis own .55 and carried it 31 aids a k to the Davidson thirty four. The Bronx heaver did no to wait Long to go into the air this time pitching to Pinky Elliott of Charlotte for 18 Yards Aud a first Down on the Wildcat 16. The drive was thrown Back temporarily when Stern Weiss was nailed for a nine Yard loss around right end. But on the next play Stern Weiss hit the tangy Pinky Elliott on the goal line with a pass thai was Good for a be gain of 25 Yards and Carolinas fourth touchdown. Charles idol. High Point boy who had entered the game a few minutes before converted the Xii a Point with a perfect place mein to make the score 26 to 0. Sea Ekin in i Eib erts Granny Sharpe. Davidson pre Blier Hunker saw one of his aerials go astray Paul Severin taking the chunk and carrying to the Davidson forty nine in the third Quarter. Sid Sadoff Carolinas line smashing fullback cracked guard Tor 14 Yards Lalanne in two tries made it a first Down on the Davidson Twenty five. Radman picked up two and then Lalanne added eleven More for another Mist Down on Davidson a twelve. Sadoff got five at Center and Lalanne nearly nullified Hie gain by losing four on a shot at right tackle. Hut thai made Little difference to the Carolina system of scoring. On the next play Don Baker went up into the air on the goal line Aud simultaneously caught Lalanne a 11-Yard pass with Davidson a Hackney i Carolina Back wrestled it away to gain most Possession of the coveted Ball and the officials Lilied it a touchdown. Carolina almost scored on two More occasions one being made Aud ailed a. K on a penalty and another on a pass Inte Reep lion. The tar Heel touchdown that i Slier bark was Dpi Hail the Piet Liest play of the play. Starting on the Davidson seven after substitute Sieck had recovered Sharpe s Fumble on the Wildcat ten. Lalanne began racing around Light end. It looked like a run suddenly Lalanne stopped flipped a perfect pass to Richardson unguarded in the end /.one. But the play was called Back and the Hall Given to Davidson. In the first Quarter Bill Bolin interfered with Severin making a catch of Lalanne a pass on the Wildcat four and Carolina was awarded the Ball at that spot Lianne intentionally grounded a Forward pass and three play later Bill Bolin intercepted Severin attempted pass on his two and carried it Back to the then. Severin was Hack faking a place kick when he attempted the toss. The tar heels racked tip is first Downs on 225 Yards gained Dom scrimmage and 112 Yards Dom nine passes completed in 20 attempted. Davidson managed six first Down four of them in the last Quarter and gained 42 Yards running and 5o passing. The lineups Rod. N. In Coli a Davidson let Severin Cowan Ltd White. Bahnson la a Woodson. Johnson Ltd a Smith. Caldwell Hgt Faircloth. Richmond it Kimball. Bell Rich Mallory. Stand wit or a Sill a Weiss. Sharpe la Radman. Bolin re Bobbitt. Hackney fun Sadoff. Yoder score by periods North Carolina 8 20 8 0�?32 Davidson. 0 a 0 n o North Carolina storing touchdowns. Baker 2. Stirnweiss. Dun Kle. Elliott Points from try after touchdown Dunkle idol placements i. Referee. A. D Foster. Hamp Den Sydney Umpire ins Tebell Wisconsin head Linesman. A i. Frew Washington and Lee Field judge e. T. Sanders Washington and i be local soccer team triumphs y. M. \. Defeat Davidson College Iii score of 2 to 0 the a by a soccer team engaged Davidson on the College Field yesterday morning and came Home with a 2-0 Victory. Williamson scored the first goal of the game in dip opening half following a Lively s Dunnage in front of the collegian goal. Both teams in this stanza played a Good passing game but like a a Hitler a High Point kicker had to have a Little More Luck. Davidson found the defense of fullbacks Sinquefield and Tai Johnson too much to break t i of itch. In the last few minutes of play hucks and Hedrick speedy left wingers worked Lite Ball Down the Field to pass to Hart at inside right Wing who deftly placed one out of the reach of the Davidson goalie. Summary Davidson comics High Point a a Quot Vinson. Land goal Tallmadge. right fullback Gammon. T. Johnson lefty fullback Carca. R. Johnson right halfback Harnsberger. Hedrick Center halfback Joyner j. Johnson left halfback far Tor. Williamson o. Right Spencer. Hart i right Washburn. Wright Center Mcfayden. Hucks i. Left Wilson. W Hedrick o. Left referee Grace. Subs a p l a Pinky Quot Hedrick car i Roll Hulin and Smith. Time of halves 25 min. A a South african cities May raise a fund to present s destroyer to tical Britain. Dinky Darnell suffers Arm break in game second straight \ in Diry is costly to Bine Devil machine Lexington va., nov. In a to a Virginia military institutes valiant cadets lived up to the schools fighting tradition in a football game celebrating the Centennial of its founding today but bowed to Duke University a o v e r whelming Power 20 to 7 before a crowd of 12,500. With the Blue devils we Mcafee and Robbie Robinson leading the charge. Duke drove in la opening period to the v. M. I. Eight but the adds threw i Duke came Back the threat storming Back a n d Robinson went Over from lie two in the second period to Climax a 48-Yard drive. Tony ruffs place kick was blocked. After fhe Kickoff Bosh or Liteh first Down on the 25. Pritchard and Lach punted again and lat h returned from his own 4 3 to the v. M. I. Is. Swifter got five and Lach one at the line. Then Robinson faked a spinner and raced around end for a 32 Yard gain on the v. M. I. To. Swiger and Robinson got Only six on three plays but on the fourth Down the Duke fullback burst through for the first touchdown. Three plays after Ruffa kicked of Quot of following the score Pritchard Sot off a Short punt to his own 36 and the Duke touchdown pass was completed. The lineups pos. Be. It la c. Rort re or or my for v. M. I. Duke Johnson. Darnell Walker. Carmazon thrasher. Jett Atkyson. Barnett Reutti bar Helson. Win Treaon Mnugent. Bailey Shelby. Prothro Catlett. Killian Carney. W. Mcafee Shu. Robinson score by periods Duke. 0 a 14 0 20 v. M. I.0 0 7 0�?7 scoring Duke touchdowns. Robinson. Killian. Darnell. Points from try after touchdown. Bailey 2. M. I touchdowns. Nugent. Point from try after touchdown Shu. Substitutions a m , Sexton. Irwin Mitchell tackles. Tipton guards w. Walker. Larrick Center Skladany backs Heely Pritchard red Lof in. Duke ends Perdue Pasecky. Devot Entine tackles ruffs Mcdonough guards. Johnson Nanta backs. Davis Lach. Deane Swiger Siegfried. Officials referee. Paul Magoffin Umpire. Paul Menton d Linesman. C g Mac state Field judge l. J. To Herd smell it Michigan Loyola to in Tosh i a Perry Bien a re. To his punt and own 36, a entered the y a adet Back was rushed Icker out on i Auk Swiger. Who had Duke Backfield a the Quarter opened looped a pass to Frank Killian that barely missed i fingers then repeated the play successfully for a score. Bill Bailey senior end place kicked i h pit a Iaea i i ii Arnell is ores in the third period after Dap lain Paul Shu. Who proved a great defensive player in backing up the line. Plunged for a first Down on v. M. I. A 36 hut Pritchard was forced to punt. Duke forwards had threatened his kicks throughout the game Aud this time Dinky Darnell scooped tip the Hall and raced for a touchdown without a adet laying hands on him. Bailey again place kicked the Point. An 80-Yard a play from Pritchard to Hill Nugent soph end. Accounted for the key Etc a Only touchdown. Shu kicked the placement. Late in the mild period son Shelby. Cadet Quarter took Steve Lachy punt to a. M. I a 4 slut go three off tackle and Nugent Lexington. Va., nov. 11 a it a statistics of the Huke a. M. I. Foot. Ball game Fluke v Al i Hru Deans j g aids gained Rushing net 1�7 to inward passes attempted t it Forward passes completed a cards by Pas. Is it passes intercepted by. 2 y a aids gamed Lunback Litten Epard passes. To a fumbles. 3 i Opp. Fumbles recovered. 0 i average punts is cards punts returned is a cards lost by penalties is 29 on an Etui around made a firs Down on Tho Duke 44. Shit got a three on a reverse and Shelby completed a pass to Nelson cat. Lotto Cadet Back for 29 Yards a s a the Quarter ended. With the Ball on the Duke 12, v Pritchard fired for futile passes. I j three of them incomplete in the end Xone and the Blue devils took the Ball Aud kicked out Pritchard Aud lat h punted Back and fort ii until v. M. I. Edged into Duke territory Only to have Pritchard pass for Mitchell intercepted let a a Boh Barnett Duke Center who was a threat to the Cadet pass re. Revers All afternoon on the Duke \ Winston Siegfried Richmond i va., Sophomore Back entered the game and ripped off a first Down j but the drive was checked by an v offside penalty just before the final whistle blew. Costly in the Victory proved costly to Duke in the loss for the rest of these Mao it of Dinky Darnell 19u-Pound Junior end from Winston j m Salem who broke hts Ann late in a the game. The cadets held the Blue Devil a. In Check in the opening moments j a though we Mcafee later aled to Killian for nine Yards deep in his. Own territory. Ripper Walker j i broke through to Down Mcafee Hill Back to pass for a four Yard loss i Killian punted to Hie a. M. L la Al and Shelby sidestepped up the Iii West sidelines for a one Yard re a m turn. After an Exchange of kicks my but flt a fee fumbled and George Alkin a a son. Cadet Center recovered on j his own 37. Shelby completed a six Yard pass to Dale Heely sub a Back but Shu was unable to i Jill Pierce the Duke line Aud Catlett punted to Killian who returned the punt from his own 13 to Hie 23, Here Duke started its first unsuccessful drive. Killian passed to Robinson for i 13 Yards then raced around end i for 14 Mcafee skirted end for j nine and then made a first Down j on the v. M. I. 38. Mcafee hit i i Hie line for eight Ami Robinson i i for one. Then Mcafee faked a j i pass and went to the 15. Three i j line plays failed to yield a first i Down and Catlett knocked Down j shifters fourth Down pass. I till to to a n after an Exchange of kicks i Clite hard passed to Catlett for i nine Yards deep in v. I. I Terr tory and Catlett hit the line for a hink i is kick Beahn Berkeley calif., nov. 11. Up a the Washington huskies and California bears both booted around considerably this season in Pacific coast conference Competition staged a wild and exciting football game today with the huskies taking the decision 13 to 6. Oregon it ate i to a n Ria als Michigan Falls again gophers win 20 to 7 Ann Arbor midi., adv. Ii. A to a thrice Defeated Minnesota which Lins taken a Gridiron cuffing most of Hie season displayed some of it old time Power to crush Michigan 2<i to 7. Here today Jig fore 64,013 shivering fans. Minnesota counted ifs first touchdown after less than eight minutes of Platy. Halfback Harold Aho every hitting pay dirt from two Yards out. From then until the third period the two teams battled on fairly even terms. Then Ann every running mate Halfway George Franck rut Loose with a .10-Ynrd touchdown run that took tile heart out of the so Nappy Michigan Ermeav. Still the Gopher kept driving and in the final period after a pass interception had Given them the Hall the staged a 44-Yard March Down the Field that ended a till Bruce Smith substitute halfback and in Star in i own Light going Over from the i Avo Yard line. Mississippi rebels teach the teachers by 27-7 tally ii atties ring miss nov. La. Pm a three touchdown splurge in the third Quarter gave the University of Mississippi rebels a 27 to 7 Victory o a Sippi Ore a r the i today b it 8,boo fait Kly Gene ore., b the Oregon state College pm never relinquishing period Lead Defeated Theli t ions i rivals the Oregon foots. 19 to 14. Before Homecoming Spectator 11.�? up e Beav s first it Trade web a 20.50 1 today. Held o n even of it run during i first half. The re be is turned on i Power in the third period and a took adv of age of mistakes by t yellow i Icker to build up a co rounding Lead. n tops Washington nov Georgetown University Maryland 20 to 0 Todi the hoyas 15 football to a Lynnl to in in tarps a Ell. Vandy Avins Nashville Tenn nov. I i a the High Hopes Sewanee Tiger held for moving from the Southeastern conference tooth Mea Gene into the big top aver today by Vander ores Long a to Hough this Yea a anything exec 11 i shut a gtd 25 walloped i i by 11 n comr to give i Bill a act victories j the lev h Lave seasons j i he a dlr lers. Ase i be x j no for sports Wear or practical use. Fingertip Coats. Sur Coats. Suede or leather Coats styled by. Tylon wich Sec the Advance 1940 styles in our store. Fingertip Coats. In camels hair and corduroys. Iron .$12.95 sur Coats in suede Cape skin and Woolen plaids or solid colors. From.$9.95 leather Coats in horse hide or Cape skin in Black Tan Green and Brown. Plain and sport re Versille styles. From.$1.50

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