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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - November 12, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Page two Sec. Aide High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry Nikii Point North Carolina sunday november 12, 1039 weather Europe s new peacemakers doleful Leopold anti jazz Wilhelmina North Carolina a mostly Cloud sunday and monday somewhat cooler sunday in South Central and Southwest portions. Seek Means warfare in to end Europe Washington. Nov. La. Map a weather Bureau records of temperature and rainfall for the 24 hours ending 8 p in. In the principal Cotton growing areas and elsewhere station h l. K fall Alalia. 32 27 of Asheville. 52 of Atlanta. 55 32 Atlantic City. 52 .00 Birmingham. 53 .34 Bolton. 49 47 of Buffalo. 31 .03 Burlington. 41 40 .00 Charlotte. 09 57 of Chicago. 45 27 of Cincinnati. 49 28 of Cleveland. 42 29 of Delias. 47 47 .73 Denver. 59 36 of Detroit. 43 27 of Duluth. 28 to .00 Elpaso. 38 of Galveston. 08 06 la Havre. 56 3 of Jacksonville. 79 57 of Kansas City. 60 36 .00 key West. 81 72 of Little Rock. 48 43 .13 los Angeles. 00 .00 Louisville. A 49 31 ,04 Memphis. 50 42 .00 Meridian. Cd 53 .04 Miami. By 74 .08 Minn St. Paul. 46 18 00 Mobile. 79 54 of new Orleans. 79 59 .00 new York. 47 .00 Norfolk. 64 55 of Pittsburgh. 44 32 .08 Portland Ore. 04 49 of pot hand. Me. 49 45 of richmond.60 53 .00 St. Louie. 29 .00 san Antonio. 53 .33 san Francisco. 54 .00 an Nab. Ii 46 .00 Tampa. 83 64 .00 Vicksburg. 54 50 .52 Washington. 50 47 of Wilmington. 75 55 of when doleful King Leopold of the belgians teamed with Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands in the latest bid for world peace it Wasny to the first time the two crowns have been linked in the news. Once before while Princess Juliana of hol land was still looking for her Prince charming the wires buzzed with reports that Leopold would lie the Groom. The news died Down. Juliana married her German Prince and so Leopold is a Monarch of equal rank with Juliana smother not a son in Law. Leopold a Man of 37 sobered by two tragedies death of his father in a Mountain climbing Accident in 193 4 and of his wife killed in an Auto crash in 1935�?is strictly a family Man. When on a trip to London in 19 37. He went partying with a Beautiful but unidentified Blond it was so unusual that the magazines made much of it. He rarely smiles they say since Queen Asili was killed. But when the King was asked about his solemn Mien he laughed out loud. His taste of War came Early he was Only 13 when he persuaded his father that he should be enlisted As a private in the belgian army then j locked in the world War. Of course he saw Only As much of War As the under age son of a reigning Monarch should see. But it was something. Leopold s Conquest of swedish Princess Astrid a announced at the time by his father As a Quot marriage of inclination a was built partly on a a it in Dalton of cookery so the court gossip goes. She helped prepare him a meal and won herself a husband. After his marriage he lost his shyness. Queen Mother Elizabeth helps him with his three children. Every night he goes with them to the Nursery for prayers and a Good night kiss. Norris denounces labor s extended family quarrel continued from pm a a a one amendments out on the floor and see what Congress wants to with the Al has proposed a series of amendments to the Wagner act ajl of which have drawn opposition from the Cio. In considering these and other amendments offered by senator Burke d., neb one of the chief critics of the labor Board the Senate labor committee started hearings last summer. Chairman Thomas <d., Utah of the Senate committee said he expected the hearings to be concluded the Middle of january after Cio officials appear for filial testimony. He declined however to estimate How soon after that the committee could act. House get Ion is expected to be delayed pending completion of an investigation of the labor Board by a special committee. There has been no indication that the labor groups would renew their peace conferences although there was some speculation about this possibility after president William Green of the Al and John l. Lewis of the Cio paid separate Quot visits to the White House this week. Green said that he and president Roosevelt had discussed among other things the resumption of peace negotiations broken off last april 5. Lewis advised reporters not to bet on the prospects of renewed pc ice meetings. Gestapo hold a repairman for Munich blast continued from Page one while the investigating commission was examining More than 1,000 clue in the Juerg Arbrau Hail explosion nazis asserted that Quot moral As Well As actual responsibility for the Al fort to assassinate Hitler and party leaders lies the Berlin newspaper nac Taus Gabe brought British prime minister Chamberlain directly into the affair through a cartoon entitled Quot the second cd a m be Klain i 1 1 cd led it showed Chamberlain in the autumn of 1938 carrying an Olive Branch into the fuehrer House where the Munich conference was Beld and Chamberlain in the autumn of 1939 outside the Ruer Ger Brau Hall wearing a Black mask and lighting a Long fuse. Hess. Hitlers general represent goats tested As successor to cow on poor farm land by pail Dinga Tuskegee Institute ala., nov. up a a paper eating Briar nibbling Goat intended to replace the cow As a milk pro Ducer for the poor Farmer with Little pasture is in the process of evolution at Tuskegee Institute. The school founded by Booker t. Washington. Livestock research directors crossed a highly bred sire an imported Salanon with a Yard Long Pedigree with scrubby Alabama Nanny goats in the Hope of getting animals that could fend for themselves and yet provide sufficient milk for average Rural families. Early stages of the Experiment indicate a Goat that will produce three to six quarts of milk daily ten months of the year in contrast to about a pint daily the Ordinary Goat gives Only in the suckling period. Offspring distributed Tuskegee has about 33 female offspring some of them distributed with Rural families in Alabama and Georgia and others kept in the negro Institute s pasture. Production of All is checked daily. It m. Biddie of new York City provided funds for the Experiment. Tuskegee staff members said the Goat they expect to evolve will require practically no care or purchased feed. Quot its no fable that goats can eat almost anything a said e. M. Booth directing the Experiment. Quot Briars Brambles honeysuckle vines paper it s All fodder for a Goat. Need Little attention Quot where cows require pastureland Winter feeding and constant care goats need practically no attention and can take care of themselves in almost any kind of country. There a Little if any feed Cost in Winter. And anally Goat milk is More nutritious virtually free of disease and brings a higher Price about 40 cents a quart but Booth declined to be too optimistic. Quot Walt until the fourth generation a he suggested. As to the taste Booth notes Little difference. Quot i drink it he said. A the families where our goats Are Farmed out drink it. We Haven to had to persuade anybody so far a Tat Ive. Called the Buerger Brau in j cadent Quot one of the Mort dastardly plots in history. Quot the last thought of the victims was of Adolf Hitler. Their death brought to the full consciousness of the German people that our fuehrer too was to have been a victim t Quot but the fuehrer lives he has been Given to us anew. Tears of Joy have been shed All Over Germany at this Miracle of preservation from harm. Providence will continue to keep the fuehrer for at the close of Hess 12-Mlnutej address Hitler gave the nazi a a Lute before the coffins and deposited a Wreath in each. Military experts see Little gain in a German invasion of Holland continued from Page one the out thrust salient that the Franco German Frontier forms Between Luxembourg and Switzerland is an obvious German move whether to be pressed hard or merely to distract French army attention from the Btl Glan dutch situation. Line Extension Nec Ess a in one reason military experts Advance for concluding that there is Small Chance of a nazi drive into Belgium and Holland is that it would mean an Extension of German lines. A German Quot corridor Quot to the North sea would have to bristle with bayonets to be secure. Flattening out an part of the huge salient Between the Rhine and Moselle would have a reverse effect. It would shorten German lines. There is Little doubt that Swiss military opinion expects some such development even if the main German attack is toward the North sea Remote from Switzerland. There is one item Iii current news of German concentrations on the belgian dutch Border which tends to shake the belief of some military observers that there will be no major attack by either Side this Winter. Several divisions of nazi cavalry have been noted among hone on that front. Cavalry still useful cavalry has fallen from its once proud place As the corps Clite of any big army since tanks and air planes joined the ranks. There Are special situations however which Call for horse soldiers King Leopold and All armies retain such regiments. The water Aud mud of flooded dutch Felda might Stop mechanized forces. Mounted troops could ride through where tanks and armoured cars bogged Down. With j mounted forces included among the nazi units along the dutch Border that Force is equipped for special service in flooded terrain. Miss Lowe weds Denton Man in Farmer ceremony Denton. Nov. 11.-�? special a announcement has been made of the marriage of miss Pallie Brown Lowe of Farmer to James Morris. Or. Of Denton which was solemnized on Friday afternoon. November 3, at 5 of clock at Farmer methodist Church with the pastor. Rev. F. C. Howard hearing the vows. Prior to the ceremony miss Trula Wagner pianist of Thomasville played several selections. J. Edward Hill soloist of Denton Sang Quot the sweetest Story Ever miss Ruth Eagle of Asheboro was maid of Honor. Arthur Morris brother of the bridegroom was Best Man. The Bride who was give in marriage by her father s. I. Lowe of Farmer was attired in a costume suit of Teal Blue with wine accessories and her shoulder Corsage was sweetheart roses. She is the daughter of or. And mrs. S. D. Lowe of Farmer and a graduate of Fanner High school and has been employed for sometime in Asheboro. Or. Morris is a son of or and mrs. James Morris of Denton. Immediately after the ceremony. Or. And mrs Morris left for a Short wedding trip to Asheville and Tennessee after which they will make their Home at 212 Union Street. Concord. Miss Golden Morris of greens Bolo spent the week end Here with her parents or. And mrs. A. It. Morris. Mrs. Clarence Hawkins of Goldsboro spent the past week Here with her Mother mrs. J. F. Cameron. Mrs. Wilma Hill of Southmont spent Friday evening Here with friends. Mrs. C. Bisher and mrs. Harold Fiaher spent tuesday afternoon in High Point shopping. Or. And mrs. Lewis Cranford and daughter Nancy recently spent the Day Here As guests of mrs. J. T. Sexton. The Ranger quartet will enter Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands Only woman who rules a kingdom today finds War at Lier door for the second time in her 41-year reign. The dutch Queen has lived two lives since that Day in 1898 when As a girl of 18, she ascended the throne. Religious and Strait laced Queen Wilhelmina has never known any other than the Remote world of the court. Lonely and isolated More so since the death of her print a Consort and the marriage of her daughter she spends much time at Home sewing or Reading. She takes her Carriage drive regularly at 4 each Day but always in the privacy of her own Park. Her eccentric liking for ridiculous hats is not reflected in her character. Short full and beamy she has the Blue eyes heavy upper lips and the profile of circular Cheeks and Chin that is the epitome of everything dutch. Hers is a queenly Carriage on the victorian style. She loves jewelry boasts one of the finest collections of diamonds in Europe. Though she professes no great liking for music she can play and sing. She paints in water colors and occasionally indulges in outdoor sports like bicycle Riding or hiking in the Royal Park. She plays Tennis is fond of dogs and As befits a dutch Queen she skates. In her private life she is currently fighting the inroads of the jazz age brought into her staid court by her daughter s unloving Consort Prince Bernhard. These she is Able to forgive for birth of two granddaughters has assured Queen Wilhelmina that the lineage of the House of Orange that has ruled Holland ten centuries will continue and on the feminine Side. Queen Wilhelmina Poland rebuilds under German eyes War cuts into u. S. Exports loss of German Market for farm product one pig Factor Washington nov. 11.lf the War May have contributed to a slight Advance in the level of american farm prices but it has had a Quot depressing effect on exports of those commodities the agriculture department reported today. S foreign shipments of farm products during september the first month of the conflict were Gaid to have been smaller than those of August or of september last year. Nazi Market lost obliteration As a Market of the German controlled areas of Europe the imposition of wartime commodity control measures in other countries the German submarine Campaign against Allied shipping and Sharp increases in Marine freight and insurance rates were listed As Quot unfavourable a Export factors. American farm exports were valued at $150,262,000 during til first Quarter of this fiscal year july september. This figure compared with $189,911,000 in the corresponding Quarter last year. Gotto increases save for an Quot exceptional foreign situation which has been play ing into the hands of this country. The farm exports might have been much smaller officials said. While Cotton exports increased 28 per cent Over september 1938, foreign shipments of other agricultural products declined 15 per cent. Heavy declines were reported in exports of tobacco fresh fruits and grains due largely to decreased purchases by belligerent nations. Contrary to expectations of farm officials exports of cured pork during the first month of hostilities failed to Rise above the september 1938. Level. Imports of agricultural products on the other hand continued to Rise. Their value for the july september Quarter was estimated at $256,180,000, compared with $219,638,000 last year. Imports of cattle and calves played an important part in this 17 per cent increase. Life must go on even after a War and these pictures released by nazi censor show How poles Are beating Back to Normal under German supervision. Above left a helmeted German Soldier keeps a watchful Eye on the ticket taker in a Posen rail Way station. At right under German overseers polish prisoners rebuild a blasted Road. Below w Omen in a Posen factory paint new signs for streets that now Bear German names. Senate democrats seek to delay bitter issues continued from fac one into the democratic convention. Senator Adams a Colo. We has criticized some administer lion legislative proposals said h could not agree with the idea tha Congress should pass Over Contr Vearial questions until 1941. Quot i think that of you have problem you ought to Settle it Adams declared. Quot you should no have it banging Over you like tooth that ought to be platform worry Adams an opponent of the reciprocal Trade program said tha even if Congress should let it get pure it still would have to b dealt with in the democratic plat form for 1940. Quot it would Hurt the Democrat party All Over the West if the program is continued and i would be almost equally harm Ful if it were left in the mid die of a congressional co Trovei a until 1941,�? the coloured senator asserted. All departmental a proper tons Bills must be enacted an Strong pressure will be exert for revision of the farm program legislation also is expected t compensate shipping Campania and maritime labor for losses Sui fend under the administration neutrality program. The Relief problem must be a canvassed and consideration undoubtedly will he Given to the question of increasing the prefer $45.ooo,boo,boo limit on the in to Octal debt. The debt stands no1 at More than $41,000,000,000. Tain with a special program in the auditorium of the High school Friday evening at 8 of clock. Miss Ola Covington of Albemarle recently spent a few Days Here with relative. Miss Joanna Snyder spent the past week in Albemarle the guest of or. And mrs. Wade hat special any Plain garment dry cleaned and pressed Cash and carry Ria she was accompanied Home i by mrs. Harris to spend the weekend. Or. And mrs. Grayson Lomax were recent visitors with friends in Goldsboro. Or. And mrs. Dexter Short spent the week end with or. Shorts Parent Rev. And mra. Robert Short near Virginia. Or. And mra. Worth Cranford of Thomasville were recent visitors of or. And mrs. Carl Cranford. All this week e e e e e the auxiliary Circle no. I of the Central methodist Church held its regular monthly meeting monday evening with mrs Charles Hoover As hostess. An impressive devotional service was conducted by miss Minnie Garner and special music was rendered by miss Ruth Osborne and mrs. Roy Morris accompanied at the piano by miss. Mary a Ira Bee. The business was presided Over by the chairman. Mrs. Ruth Hoover. Mrs. J. W. Griffis was in charge of the games during the social hour. There were Twenty members present with two visitors and two new members. After refreshments and group singing was enjoyed the meeting was closed with a prayer. Lust for Power neglect of the poor base craving for ill gotten health flight from the land levity in entering into marriage i divorce breakup of the family xxx birth control xxx weak Jenlung of respect for authority or obsequious Ness or rebellion neg-1 Lect of duty towards one s country and towards he said also i Quot we raise our voice in Strong albeit paternal complaint that in j so Many schools of your land a Christ is often despised or in a noted explanation of the Una verse and Mankind is forced within narrow limits of material ism or rationalism and new Edu i rational systems Are sought aft-1 or which cannot hut produce a sorrowful Harvest in the intoned a Mal and moral life of the a the encyclical recalled i 150 years ago Tope Pius erected the first diocese of United states in Baltimore. The pontiff expressed his fact donate regard Quot for the j Erica people praising the Marrable life of Christian Devo i Tion seen everywhere and the work of the clergy. That i the Quot of a a Quot re Felt hats cleaned and blocked y main Plant 1808 English Street 210 East Washington Street 611 South main Street 42 West main Street Thomasville pontiff attacks modern zils asks peace Between capital and labor continued from pit a one j the plague of divorce a the Pon Tiff exclaimed. Quot Lam reverence for religion. Let Fidelity toward the great am a Erica ii people counsel energetic i action that this disease alas too j i widespread May be cured by exp i Moorby Fri la listed As among modern i evils i Quot immoderate and Blind ego a inn. Thirst for pleasure the vice j of drunkenness immodest and costly styles in dress prevalence lot crime even among minors two rare metals were found recently in Furnace gasses in Russia. France is expected to prohibit the Export of brandies during the War. Palestine has nearly doubled its purchases of american goods this year. Nearly half the bicycles in latin America were made in Germany. A a. A Russia reports that 150 City and 250 Rural schools were built this year. A a a a. A. In a recent week 3 21.12 1 National savings certificates were sold in Britain a # Australia will nearly double it.-, expenditures on civil aviation this year. Armistice Day shaded by War continued from Page one Germany took no official ret ignition of the Day burying it read seven victims who die wednesday in the Munich e Losion apparently intended t kill Adolf Hitler in Gla in of Kex a in or wartime restraints Marke to gland Celebration. The pm ternary nationwide silence at i am. Was foregone publicly by observed privately. The menu rial service at the Cenotaph a tonal Monument la White a was cancelled for fear of a Poi Sable air raid on the Large Crow which would have sat Herec services were held however i it atm Luster Abbey where by Tain s unknown Soldier Lay. King George Vul Wreath we tile first placed Ai the can Oapl Laid there by commander i void Campbell Querry in Wai lug it was joined shortly b Many others. The familiar British Legio poppy was displayed widely an with it was the French con Flower. A Symbol of Freud British Alliance in the new a Quot it was Only an army St after began an editorial i the Lindon evening news. President Lebrun of Kraut said in an address that Mon support of presently Neutral in tons was Quot our justification an the Quot guarantee of our Victor in the current conflict. The Ai Triumph was scene of a cd tailed review of troops a in the United states a to minute silence was observed i la a in. In Canada. Units of to i Canadian Active service Force a Veteran of the last War March together to Cenotaph for Eer monies led by prime m Mist w l. Mackenzie King Ai , lord Tweedsmuir Italy s armistice was eel i nov. 4 a Date of the i of world War lighting on to j i Talian Austria front but yet i i i Day the nation joyfully be rated the 7 0th birthday of Al Vittorio Emanuela ill

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