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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - November 9, 1975, High Point, North Carolina Weather partly Cloudy mild today �?�1st year no. 314 the High Point Enterprise Call us circa Latroa 882-1711 classified ads 885-2177 other oepts. 885-2161 High Point n. C., sunday Moening november 9, 1975 122 pages daily 15, sunday 35 football scores . State. Penn state. Maryland Cincinnati. 19 Clemson. Carolina. E. Carolina. Virginia. Duke. A a a a a a a a by to Wake Forest i4 appalachian. 39 South Carolina co a a a a a a a Kansas. 23 Oklahoma. 3 a so for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Setting up business q. I would like to know the procedure a housewife would go through to have a Small business in her Home. I am speaking of something like arts and crafts. I have been thinking of making some of these for Sale either Selling direct or on consignment in local gift shops. Of course working alone and just part of the time the net proceeds per week would probably be from $15 to $20 a there would be no great amount. I would like to know if you would have to report this for income taxes if you need a License and if there would be certain sections of town that you could not do this. Thank you very much. Anon. Woman. A. First Check with City building inspector Freeman Hill to see if a Home business is permitted where you live. Some occupations in residential District Are allowed such As Beauty shops and sewing As Long As no noise or traffic is generated and no signs Are posted to advertise. If it is permitted then you can go to the City licensing Bureau. There is a $10 a. Minimum License fee. You will have to report your profits for income taxes. School Calendar q. Could you please repeat the 1975-76 Calendar for the High Point City schools As i missed it. Anon woman. A. Thanksgiving nov. 27-28 Christmas new year holidays dec. 20-Jan. I Pupil holidays Jan. 22-23, March 26 Spring holidays april 19-23 last Day of school june 2. R old rebel show q. I would like to know How you could get a child on the old rebel show that comes on in the mornings at 9 of clock on Channel 2. Does it Cost anything thank you. . A. You can write or Call the program director at a my to drawer 22047, Greensboro . 27402, Telephone 274-0113 and let them know what Date you would like to bring your child and they will confirm it or let you know if it s filled. There a no charge. On Kennedy s neck q. What is the Little Emblem about Halfway Down the neck on the Kennedy half Dollar anon. A. It represents the initials of the coins designer Gilroy Roberts. Glynn Furr of Glenn a Coin shop solved the mystery when a magnifying Glass did no to. Dish rag Squash q. Could you please Tell me How to dry and take care of dish rag Squash . A. Ifs time to Harvest the sponges when the Stem turns yellow. Dry them for a couple of weeks until the skin hardens and turns Brown. Soak the gourds overnight or longer and the outer skin will Peel off without much trouble. While soaking the sponges you la have to weight them Down to keep them from floating. After peeling shake out the seeds and shape it for whatever use you want a a Bath or car sponge slippers a Basket or scrubbers for vegetables pots and pans or Woodwork. Stamps Are nontransferable q. I am a checker in a grocery store. Two ladies came in one Day and one did not have enough Money to pay and the other lady gave her some food Stamps. I would like to know if that is Legal or not. If it Isnit i would like to know what can be done or what a checker can do about it. Thank you. Anon. A. It seems hardly right to Call an act of generosity illegal but food Stamps Are solely for the use of the family for whom they were issued. A spokesman at the food stamp office said if it happens again you la have to Tell them you re sorry but the Stamps Are not transferable to another household. Ford sets Low key efforts Washington a president Ford says he will enter every Republican presidential primary next Spring and vows to a stick it out until he captures the gop nomination at the party a convention next August. But White House press Secretary Ron Nessen said today Ford does not plan to do a lot of primary campaigning. A a i count on him doing a whole lot of primary campaigning a Nessen said. A i would expect him to spend most of his time being president and to let people judge him on his referring to the feb. 24 new Hampshire primary Nessen said he did not know Fords plans for campaigning in the state but said a the will not be sloshing around in the Snow in new Hampshire every Ford already has been to new Hampshire twice As president and is a a running on his record a Nessen said. A a that a what is really going to persuade people not sloshing around in the Nessen also dismissed speculation that Ford May give up his annual Christmas time vacation to Vail colo., to ski instead in new Hampshire with a View toward gaining some primary support. Nessen said new Hampshire a skiing is often icy and Snow conditions Are Uncertain and Ford does not plan to go there. Nessen who said he talked with Ford after the president declared he would enter every gop primary told newsmen that a the president has no concern about avoiding one or another of the primaries and is perfectly Happy to be judge by his record and accomplishments in All the love it or hate it nobody Neutral on new York by Louise Cook associated press writer to Gary Christian of Seattle new York City is traffic jams and prostitutes. A a it a what the rest of the world is liable to become if we done to watch to William Wenzler of Milwaukee new York City is a diversity of people and sights. A it is a fascinating vibrant exciting place to visit and i would suspect to Christian a chemistry professor and Wenzler an architect typify the wide variety of opinions that people in the rest of the country have about new York. The associated press asked a random sampling of people in about a dozen cities How they Felt about new York whether they had visited or lived there what sort of experiences they had and whether they would want to live there. Those who had been to new York had mixed experiences. They remembered the Heaters and Wall Street the museums and the Ballet. But they also remembered the dirt the hurried Pace and the fear of walking the streets after dark. Few people said they wanted to live in new York. It was too big too expensive too unfriendly. But almost All of them said they Felt new York City had made a contribution to the rest of the country a in culture in education in Medicine in business and in acting As a unique melting pot that is the Gateway to America. Peoples emotions often were coloured by their personal experiences. Christians most recent visit to new York was several years ago. He said head never return. A i was caught in a traffic Jam and my bus from the Airport was delayed. From times Square i took a cab to the hotel and it took me one hour to go two blocks. One of the first things i noticed was prostitutes on the Corner and it was a fairly Classy Wenzler in contrast has other memories of his visits to new York. A i would spend a lot of time walking including East Harlem. In be taken the subway up there in be walked the streets in be even gone into old fashioned apartments to see what they were like. I asked people on the Street if i could could see them and they invited me the difference in viewpoints is reflected in some of the Many Public opinion polls on Federal Aid for new York City although pollsters say the timing of the surveys and the Way the questions Are asked have a lot to do with the outcome. Or. Irving Crespi a vice president with the Gallup organization noted that different surveys showed widely varying results a pro and con financial Aid. But he added when you take them All together a it is very Clear that the widespread Assumption that the nation hates new York City just Isnit marchers mass at third Point a stranger snapped by neighbor before grocery store robbery a wire photo neighbors foil Holdup try at grocery store Agadir Morocco apr unarmed moroccan marchers were reported massed saturday to enter the Spanish Sahara at a third Point As King Hassan ii and a Spanish Cabinet minister reopened talks on a possible Compromise Over the disputed territory. The moroccan newspaper la opinion quoted a Field correspondent As saying a Large group was preparing to open the new front just 30 Miles West of the algerian Border a joining the 120,000 marchers facing a Spanish minefield and legionnaires near the Atlantic coast and an unconfirmed number at another front roughly Midway Between the coast and the algerian Frontier. Antonio Cairo Martinez Spain a minister of the premieres office flew unexpectedly into Agadir Morocco a temporary capital after a discussion of the crisis by the Spanish Cabinet on Friday. King Hassan received Cairo in his Agadir Palace. Among others attending the session were moroccan Premier Ahmed Osman an foreign minister Ahmed Lara i. Before the meeting Between Hassan and Carro began moroccan information minister Ahmed Taibi Benham told newsmen a you can expect a decisive turn of events in the next 24 he did not elaborate but the statement was widely regarded As confirmation of reports that a Compromise was in the making. Those at the first opening began crossing the Border thursday South of Taraya but stopped when they came to what Spain Calls its a dissuasion line of mines barbed wire and legionnaires about six Miles across the Frontier. Milwaukee apr they All come into my store. These people Are really Good a Martha Harrington says of her East Side neighbors who foiled a robbery attempt at the Small Market she operates. Police said William Schaefer 28, of Hollandale fla., was loitering near the store for several hours Friday and ignored a Small boys warning that a everybody in the neighbourhood a a watching Mark a 5-year-old who frequents the Penny Candy counter at Martha a food Mart a just walked up and told this Guy everybody was watching a mrs. Harrington said saturday but Schaefer a stayed around Ken Novak who lives across the Street from mrs. Harrington a store had been taking pictures of the stranger All afternoon with a telephoto Lens. And Paul Paikowski another neighbor had a loaded Shotgun ready. Novak and Paikowski conferred with mrs. Harrington about the stranger then left her store and watched from across the Street with a 17-year-old neighbourhood youth. Police said Schaefer walked into the grocery vaulted the counter put his hands Over mrs. Harrington a eyes and then scooped Money from the Cash Register. Mrs. Harrington a widow for 24 years who says Only that she sold enough to collect social Security screamed and her neighbors went into action. When Schaefer ran out of the store the 17-year-old boy chased him into a backyard and tackled him. Schaefer pulled a knife and lunged at the boy but Paikowski then fired his Shotgun into the ground and told Schaefer to freeze or he would kill him Novak said. Schaefer dropped the knife the Money was recovered and police were called. Schaefer was charged with robbery and endangering safety. A we did no to want to get into the role of playing policemen a Novak said. A but we did what we had to mrs. Harrington said later a a it a a Good neighbourhood. In be been Here Long enough to know everyone like a Book. This is just a Little neighbourhood store but in a proud of my store and in a proud of my naked Man stirs ruckus Elon College . Apr an Elon policeman was bitten the living room of a House was left in shambles and a Mebane Man in his Early 20s landed in jail accused of creating chaos and cavorting in the nude in an Elon College neighbourhood Friday. A naked Man was spotted by a housewife who said he was rummaging through Bushes and throwing garbage cans into the air. She called Elon College police to report the Many a Bare antics. Before police arrived the Man entered the Lonnie Wiseman residence causing Wiseman a 20-year-old daughter to flee in fright Wiseman said. A fracas broke out when Elon policeman Tommy Clapp charged into the Wiseman House. Blood was drawn when Clapp was bitten on the Arm. Common pollutants breathing can be hazardous Washington a Low repeated doses of such commonplace pollutants As fumes in the air and chemicals in drinking water Are increasing risks of cancer heart disease and genetic mutations according to a Library of Congress report. While a single exposure to the pollutants is not harmful repeated doses can build up toxic substances in an individual increasing the Chance of developing the illnesses or damaging genes the report states. It says that new respiratory diseases related to pollution a have assumed sign Iciano the report entitled a effects of chronic exposure to Low level pollutants in the environment a also discloses a the ability to detect chemically induced health dangers is so limited that Only a portion of the damage can be recognized a the costs to society of diseases linked to environmental pollution while difficult to pin Down Are staggering and a expensive and arduous testing methods Are not sensitive enough to detect the polluting agents. The report lists various substances contributing to pollution and health problems. Among them Are Asbestos chlorine fluorides Nickel and Mercury which affects the Central nervous system. Blackout could occur again but not Likely Guilderland . Apr it was to years ago that the lights went out leaving 30 million people Over an 80,000-Square-mile area without electric Power. Could it happen again Utility officials say it is unlikely but they also say the electric Power network did what it was programmed to do on nov. 9, 1965, when much of the Northeast was plunged into darkness for 12 hours. Bryan Gosling of the new York Power Pool said a the system worked the Way it was supposed to. It kept the system from destroying itself and causing a blackout that could have lasted for the great Northeast blackout began at 5 16 . When a safety relay near the Canadian Border designed to shut Down overloaded lines was tripped by a momentary Power surge. The relay had been improperly set to trip at too Low a Load. Five parallel lines took up the Burden until their safety relays tripped As Well. Blocked at the relays Power from the lines coursed blindly backward through a network of wires connecting the Utility companies of Canada new York and new England. All along the Way the staggering surge knocked out generators in what engineers Call a Cascade effect like a Row of dominoes toppling one another. Less than 15 minutes later the Northeast was dark. It caught some people Between floors in elevators and caught others Between stations in the subway. It caught everyone by Surprise. Preliminary planning had already begun on a safer and More efficient system of Power sharing a sending electricity from areas of Low demand to areas of High demand. Inside Reading hat Fields 2d school columns Page 3d Haynsworth revisited page7a clo unified. Fag 6-200 4a women s news. Section b sports. Section c television Page 16c entertainment. Page 15,16,17c obituaries. Page 5d Ford will help . O Neill new York a House majority Leader Thomas p. A a tips of Neill predicted saturday that president Ford will sign legislation to help new York City avoid default. A i have known Gerald Ford intimately for 24 years and i know he will agree to save new York if Congress gives him a Bill he can Liva with a the Massachusetts Democrat said. He said such a Bill will reach the House floor a week from monday. A the president has said he would veto Aid legislation for the City prior to default but has urged revision of the bankruptcy Laws to help a Post default new York run More smoothly. Of Neill talking with reporters after arriving Here to study the City a plight for himself said a Gerald Ford will sign a guarantee Bill into Law because it gives new York City three years to pull out and because part 2 of the proposed Bill changes the bankruptcy act. A in the 24 years in be known him whenever he found himself going Down the wrong Street he would turn around and go Back. A we know we can turn the president around. We will save the City from of Neill said. Tamol like Afiafi Fern a ii a Lapp that would provide Federal guarantees for Loans taken by the City is expected to begin in the House ways and Means committee on tuesday. House speaker Carl Albert d-okla., has said he would personally try to line up congressional support for the

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