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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - November 5, 1925, High Point, North Carolina Page 4 High Point Enterprise. Thursday. November j. 1925 h Point Enterprise it null scr every afternoon sunday. And a p. Rawley h b. Terry publishers h. A. Cecil business manager M. Waynick Worth Bacon City editor do months. 3.00 three months. One week. The associated press is exclusively entitled to the use for republication of All news dispatches the skyscraper and the chief motive for it. Inwardly a town can be found in Thia country the Long for a a skyscraper of which it May boast. That does not the taller the building the prouder the town. Competition for extra stories is keen and each town with a new building challenges to each with a mighty voice. It is interesting to note that Berlin has decided again formally against the erection of a a a skyscraper there. The German capital will remain a City of buildings limited to five stories in height. The decision 13 based on the Contention that the tall building denies the occupants of the lower floors their needed amount of air and Light. There is another reason supporting the Berlin position against the skyscraper that is not mentioned in the report of the judgment. Credited to it or not otherwise ered a. ,. T ,. Item in thl paper and also the 1 hat 19 the impossibility of making a genuinely Beautiful City with local news publisher therein. J great structures rearing themselves a Quarter of a mile or More entered As second class matter in the air. Perhaps this is relatively unimportant since most cities at the Post office at High pm into Are not interested in municipal Beauty and their buildings of five n c., under the act of Congress of i. Stories or less usually Are decidedly uglier than the tall ones upon March 8, is a. Advertising department. 2726 news department .2355 business department2312 National advertising representatives Frost Landis and Kobe Brunswick building 250 hark ave., new York Peoples Gas building Michigan Boulevard. Chicago. Thursday november 5, 1025. An october prayer by Thorn Well Hayes o blessed fat her god the maker of All the months teach us the treasures of october a leakage Arith its Burnt offerings of red and Brown and Gold and May Kindred sacrificial fires marvellously Enk Indle and enrich our lives. As autumn a sheaves yield us material Joy so May the spirit in which we reap them bring us to walk with thee love thy Sun upon its throne and thy wind and rain which sweeten the world. Free us from Money a madness and treason from the Poison of self and the curse of morbidity. After the manner o master of the melodies in the soon to be denuded Trees Grant us the beamy of Christ companionship with All thou Hast made. Over and above and beyond our Man made Ede less baubles o fair and faultless father we adore thee hear our prayer hold not thy peace at our Praise and Crown us As thou Dost All nature with the glory of thy godhood. Amen. The police were called on at. Detroit to Stop rioting due to the attack election Day on Kun flux Headquarters. The klan seems to incite / trouble even if it must of at the receiving end. Which certain architectural thought of necessity is devoted. The skyscraper City of the world of course is new York and it is new York which has the Best justification for projecting buildings High in the air. The realty available there for business purposes or for residential purposes for that matter is definitely limited. To utilize Manhattan Island to its utmost inspires the Engineer to erect taller and taller buildings. Nearly All cities that have followed the new York Lead Are motivated largely by competitive impulses. A sort of sheep like following of the Metropolis plan begins it and the movement spreads with each Little City and town Basing its claim to notice on the height of its tallest building regardless of the buildings Beauty or Utility. Many a building in the Quot Sticks has gone up an extra Story or two at a very greatly increased Cost of construction throughout when adjoining land for a wider spread of the Structure was available at comparatively Small Cost. Where land is Worth Many thousands of dollars to the Square foot the unusual height of buildings is justified by economic Force but the smaller cities with wide expanse of territory on which to build would add to their Beauty and detract nothing from their serviceability by spreading out and devoting More attention to the construction of Quality buildings limited to the Berlin Standard or some other Standard that discourages excessive height. This is particularly True in these Days when Quot parking space is one of the fundamental problems of business in the average City or town. Much like another. No seems to be in sight. He is really just going Over his bad stretch of Road and even if he has to travel it for three or four years it will do him no harm for it will teach him patience which is valuable to the journeys end. Progress j m p conference hears reports by its pastors today it is Rue to paraphrase the old hymn that some seem to be carried to the skies on flowery Beds of ease while others fight to win the prize or Wade through bloody seas but life is filled with inequalities and they never seem to make a great Deal of difference. In the end the Man who keeps plugging along gets there if he thinks while he plugs and has a definite idea of where he is going. Let him be sure of that and the Road May not seem so Dull and uninteresting for he will know that every Day will carry him Over the desolate stretches steadily and that by and by he will be rewarded with the sight of a Mountain Valley. There Are Many roads in the desert but to some of us they Are necessary because the desert lies Between us and the mountains. And if we Are really determined to gain the mountains we must Harden ourselves to trouble for a while forget the sting of the Sand and the bite of the Alkali dust and keep going cheered by the thought that we Are on the Only Road that will fake us there. Copyright 1925. Bell Syndicate now a what shall it be by Albert t. Reid continued from Page i authorities Are to investigate Grade crossing Accident in Georgia which resulted in the death of several children. They will find no doubt that the bus Driver reached the Grade crossing at the same time of the train s arrival. The new governor of new Jersey pledges himself to work for the modification by Congress of the volstead Law. Vell in so doing the governor can keep his promises and Congress will hardly notice his activities. The religious element in Virginia voting the fact is revealed that a spurious report to the effect that one Man on the democratic ticket in Virginia was a member of the knights of Columbus and therefore Catholic was responsible for a heavy Adverse vote for him. His of j potent got the greatest strength that any Republican has drawn in a general election in Virginia in Many years. He missed election but he did no to miss it by any great margin. What the influence of the religious prejudice had has not been weighed sufficiently for any conclusions to be drawn but enough is known to show the s Lgth of the protestant objection to Catholic candidate in Virginia. Many have said that the same objection would be expressed generally in the South if a Catholic were nominated for the presidency. In other words. Al Smith might split the solid South if he were picked As the democratic Standard bearer but there might be worse things happen to the South than a split. The a a solid South is politically negligible i Lithe nation since it always is already even the president Speaks of hoping to visit the South quite As he might speak of let desire to tour Mexico or Central America. Group were advancing a Century ago but the methodist protestant continues his distinct and separate course thriving without Bishops and operating under a somewhat More democratic government but adhering still to the fundamentals of the Mother Church. When the denomination comes to the Celebration of its Centennial three years hence it will have a great showing of Church strength to make and a record to hold up of great accomplishments. Every High Point citizen has an added interest in methodist protestant activities and successes in the conference of this state because All High Point is concerned with the development of the local College which is one of the big educational undertakings of the denomination. The Road in the desert by John Blake letters november i 1925. Editor of the Enterprise please give space in your paper for the following letter a sus Christ was a a a Hardshell a therefore he was the founder of the a a Hardshell doctrine John 6-44, 60. 65. 66. In his doctrine he taught that Many a works were nothing it was the spirit that quicken and the Flash profit eth nothing. John 6-63, and that god was their teacher. It was written in the prophets they shall All be taught of god. Every Man therefore that hath heard and Learned of the father cometh unto me. John 6-45. Jesus therefore taught that the people were taught of god and not of Man. And some of the people did not believe his doctrine As they do not today and they said this is an hard saying who can hear it. John 6-80, so some of our modernist like or. Stephens revised the word hard rating to the enemy of that doctrine in that Day called them hard Sayers and the enemy of that doctrine today like or. Stephens Calls us if the enemy of Christ s doctrine called him an hard Sayer As recorded in John 6-60. No wonder the same enemy Calls us a hard shells today. They received it from their fore fathers handed Down to them and they Are keeping he traditions of their fathers. The Law of the lord is perfect converting the soul. Spa. 19-7, and All the inhabitants of the Earth Are reputed As nothing and he doth according to his will in the army of heaven and among the inhabitants of Earth and none can stay his hand or say unto him what Doest thou Dan. 4-3 5. So you see god does his will perfect and none can hinder him. But or. Stephens you done to believe the Greensboro record comes out for a. M. Scales for a any office to which he May that a a sweeping commitment but probably not nearly As reckless As it sounds. Or. Scales aspires conservatively. The announcement that the Piedmont and Northern directors Are moving to secure right of Way from Charlotte northward is fair indication that the death of or. Duke will not interfere with the proposed Extension of the electrical Railroad. The courier journal at Louisville commenting on the Republican Victory in town charges that the g. O. P. Used slugging shooting and repeaters. The republicans signify they will enter suit so it seems safer in Kentucky to say rifles. It with the Charlotte observer writes a a prohibition is the Law of the land. For that reason the Republican candidate for governor of new Jersey is to be Given greater Praise for his defeat because he chose to be Defeated a within the Law a than to be elected on a platform which la a Defiance of established Law. In a strict analysis of the new Jersey outcome a Democrat has been elected As representative of an element in rebellion against Law and Law the Republican governor was quite right in going Down to defeat for what he believed right but the Winner is also a a within the Law a when he runs for office on a platform of opposition to what is the statutory Law now there was a time when the open Saloon was a a the Law but that did t place outside the Law any candidate who elected to run a or office on a dry ticket. The Law s not As that of the medes and persians. The Coin Feeken a in session Here the North Carolina methodist protestant conference in session Here is the controlling Church body of the denomination in this state and it has a particularly Hearty Welcome to High Point. The denomination has seen fit to choose this City for the location of the College of the conference and Back of the High Point College is Tho moral and financial support of North Carolina methodist protestantism. No great percentage of the laity know the history of the denomination. Soon the methodist protestants will be celebrating their Hundredth anniversary As a Church. They started their denominational life with a body of about 5,000 members of the methodist episcopal Church who were forced out by that denomination because of what were regarded in 1828 As their Radical views of Church organization. These prototypes of the present m. were protestants against the centralization of Power in the m. E. Church. They suggested for instance that the Bishop instead of holding office for life should come tip after some years of office holding for re election or supplanting. There were other Points of difference Between them and the stricter Brethren of tile methodist episcopal Church nearly All of them occurring Over the matter of Church government rather than Over Creed. In All the essentials therefore other than these matters of government the methodists protestant and episcopal Are close together. Since the methodist protestants organized a separate denomination time has brought their former Brethren around to the practice of some of the ideas that the protest the City Man was tired and disgusted. He had travelled three Days on a j this because you said a a you Felt that Railroad train and two Days in a isome Hardshell were standing r. It in the Way of some converts. Jesus four horse Wagon. Now he was on the hard Ayer of Hardshell said horseback. J woe unto you scribes and Shari the guide who Rode ahead of j sees hypocrites for you Compass sea him pointed to a Mountain which Jand land to make one convert and ,. T. When he is made you make him looked ten or twelve Miles Distant athe a a i two fold More the child than More than a Hun yourselves. It. 23-15, Jesus says in but was really dred. V a a that s the place a he said. A we go this Way he pointed to a Dusty winding Trail which led Down toward a hot Sandy Plain. Nothing was to be seen on either Side of it but Cactus and Mesquite Bushes and White patches where the Sand was encrusted with acrid bitter Alkali. A a we keep on this Road for three Days a said the guide. The City Man scowled a a Why do we have to take this terrible Road. We be had trouble enough already with bad a because this is the Only Road that will take us where we Are going a said the guide. A of course if we Wasny to going nowhere any Road would be just As the City Man smiled feebly and spurred on his horse. And at the end of the journey when he was encamped beside a sparkling Stream in a Green Mountain Valley j with wild Flowers Blooming around i lira. And a Cool Breeze blowing from a Mountain top not far away i he Felt that the Long Dusty Road was Worth taking. Most roads that a Are going anywhere Quot Are the Diotis some where along the Way. Some of them Are tedious up to the last few Miles. But better hard roads to desirable destinations than \ Beautiful roads that end in nothing. I have lately talked to a Young Man just out of College who is beginning his business life on a rather tiresome Road and is worried about it. He does not seem to be getting a a j very fast. He could do better work than lie is being Given to do More interesting work. One Day is the same scriptures above in John i came Down from heaven not to do mine own will but to do the will of him that sent me and he also says in it. 28 to his disciples go teach All National that All Power is Given into my hands and because the �?�hardshell3�?� believe what Christ the a hard Sayers said about it the a soft Shell or. Stephens says it came from the pit of hell and of course if he does no to believe the founder Christ he would not believe his body Hardshell for Christ that hard Sayer said they hated me and they will also hate you. Or. Stephens the old Hardshell. Paul said in romans 11-28, 29. 30 romans 6-23. That the gift of god which is eternal life is without repentance and that they receive this in their unbelief. Say. Or. Stephens do you think Paul told a a hell pit lie a of course i suppose you do hut. Paul also said let god be True and every Man a liar. So we a a Hardshell will take Paul sword for it. Paul said to the philippians being confident of this very thing that he which hath begun a Good work in you will perform it until the Day of Jesus Christ. Phil. 1-6. The Hardshell believe this with All other scriptures. Or. Stephens you done to believe this which Paul said because you Are afraid some a hard Shell will stand in the Way and Stop him. You gave them a Good name for honesty and also attribute lots of Honor to them As having great Power even above god. Paul said in Eph. 1-4, that they were chosen in Christ before the foundation of the world an predestinated unto the adoption Quot of children. A. Morton. High Point. N. Ence a position or. A. G. Dixon president of the conference formerly held. Or. Sexsmith will be one of the speakers at the session tonight. Or. Sheridan is general Secretary of the Board of Home missions of the general conference and will speak to the conference later in the week. The conference adjourned at noon Blit met again at 2 of clock this afternoon with a devotional program. These exercises were followed by an address by or. To h. Lewis president of the general conference. Or. Lewis made the first of a series of addresses which he will deliver this week on a utne minister and his own or. Lewis address was to be followed this afternoon by a round table discussion of Rural Church life in North Carolina. Addresses of Welcome the visitors were formally welcomed to the City last night by Rev. Charles p. Coble pastor of the first presbyterian Church. Or. George r. Brown introduced or. Coble As the Dean of High Point ministers. Or. Coble in his address of Welcome said there were three reasons Why he was glad to have the privilege of welcoming the visitors Here. The first reason he said is because his Mother was a methodist protestant second because he loved the pastor of the methodist protestant Church and the last was attributed to the fact that All the churches Here have been More closely United As the result of a series of meetings. A we feel a said or. Coble a that we Are welcoming you to one of the finest towns in North Carolina a City which i Hope is cleaner and nearer to god than it has Ever been before. And we Are glad to Welcome you because we believe the methodist protestant Church is True to the great principles of the response to the Welcome address was by Rev. N. G. Bethea of Lexington. He spoke of the wonderful Opportunity of service which the Church Here has inasmuch As it is located in the same town with High Point College. A a we thank you for your Welcome a he said. A a and we have already had a foretaste of your hospitality in the Homes in which we have gone. We count it a privilege to be Here and wet ust that our stay May not be damaging but that it May be the other address of Welcome was delivered by mayor h. A. Moffitt yesterday afternoon. The mayor spoke briefly but he assured the visitors that High Point was delighted to have them As its guests or. Newell Speaks the chief speaker last night was or. W. A. Newell of mount airy a member of the Western North Carolina annual methodist episcopal conference. The theme of or. Newell a address was a a problems of the Rural he pointed out that the chief problem of the Rural Church is organization and the the Rural Church is not adapted to function with the Many organizations which Are found in the town and City churches. Living conditions and customs of Rural people make it difficult to maintain the Well organized Rural Church he said. Or. Newell discussed the problem of maintaining the Rural Church. Moving of the population from country to town was cited As a hindrance to Progress and growth of the Rural churches while the migration to other states was pointed out As another hindrance. Rural Church is dying a the Rural Church is dying be cause it ought to die a was a striking statement made by the speaker. Later in explaining the statement he said there Are too Many Small weak churches in the Rural communities. There is no need of two methodist churches in any one Community he averred. As a solution to this problem the speaker suggested the advantages of consolidation of churches or the reduction of the number of churches in any Given Community where there Are not enough people to maintain the separate churches. Advantages of the Highway with regard to the location of the Public schools were stressed by or. Newell and he asserted that the Church located away from the Highway will not thrive. Supervisory authority was declared to be the solution in strengthening the Rural churches Aud the advantages of the presiding elder were pointed out As a Means of organizing and maintaining the Rural Church. At the business session held yesterday afternoon a Telegram was read from Rev. N. M. Harrison Dean of High Point College who is taking Post graduate work at Chi Cago University. The message conveyed greetings to the conference. By Nab local highs play Meba Friday hard fought game expected at Welch Park tomorrow afternoon coach Marlette will Send his High Point High school football warriors against the Mebane eleven in the first championship game of the season at Welch Park tomorrow afternoon at 3 15 of clock. The local squad has been drilling hard for the game and coach Marlette declared this afternoon that with one or two exceptions the team is in splendid condition. Jack Kemp the flashing quarterback was taken ill this morning and left school. Whether he will be in condition to play tomorrow had not been determined this , in the event he is unable to Start the contest coach Marlette will Send Gurley into the game As a substitute. Gurley has shown up Well in practice. Raper the Star High Point Center also is on the sick list and it is hardly probable that he will he in the game. Anderson will take his place at Center. The High Point highs have been showing up Well. Their passing in the game with Reidsville last week was remarkable. Mebane has a Strong team but the locals Are de tar mined to win. Tom Sykes Speaks orchestra at the to rotarians Here Sheraton in City friends minister filled the program time at w weekly luncheon added attraction is offered this week by the management lad ran away at age of 20 and is known by aliases continued from Page i travel tip Deal with Carolina Point Louisville a Spring shoes jumping devices for children Are timing tried a a leg developers by male High schools football team. New York a i married a Man and not a says Gloria Swanson Back from Paris and professing not to care whether her husband is a Marquis or not. But he has documents to prove it. Chimney Rock nov. 3.�?for the first time Western North Caro Lina Scenic Region is Given featured publicity in travel tips Magazine the current Issue of which will reach 50,000 residents of the Westchester county millionaire club District in new York state. Travel tips is an official publication containing practical information regarding Home and foreign resorts and travel. It goes into de Tail with suggestions As to cloth ing method of carrying funds lug Gage hotels routes rates and Gen eral or special itineraries of where to go and what to see. Pictures have been supplied and data for news article furnished the illustrations which show the Lake lure District will include scenes at the Devil s head. Bottom less pools. Moonshiner Cave opera Box Rocky Broad River Hickory nut Gorge and the site for Lake lure which is to be the larg est pleasure resort Lake in Eastern America South of Pennsylvania. From plying his vocation in this City. He visited the attorney Many times during his free years and according to or. Baker invariably notified detective Captain Mcdonald. Of his presence in this City to avoid the humiliation of being picked up in the Street and taken to police Headquarters for questioning. Or. Baker said he would arrange to have the body of the Bandit interred in Muskegon and would then communicate with Madame von Teller As to the final disposition of the body of her son Ivan. A she does not get the american papers a a he said a and for Many years her Only news from America Haa been the regular letters from her Anderson met Gerald Chapman equally famous Bandit in Auburn prison when he was serving a sentence for a jewelry robbery in Rochester. He was at that time teaching Spanish in the prison school and found in Chapman a Kindred spirit. From that time or. Baker said their paths ran together until Chapmans arrest in new Britain Conn. In the absence of or. J. T. Bur rus who was program chairman for the meeting of the rotary club today the club heard an address by Rev. Tom Sykes. The Burthen of or. Sykes talk was the individual relation to the permanence and Quality of the rotary movement. Jfe said that something is wrong with rotary if there is anything essentially wrong with the spirit of the rotarian and rotary is All right if the individual is sound in his ethics. He based his talk upon a recent commentary from one Pennsylvania member of tile club who took an exception to the rotary dedication of a service before the pennsylvanian declared that idea impractical and challenged its place in the rotary pronouncement. Any Man who does not believe that service before self is possible and practical has no proper place in rotary or. Sykes believes. He dealt at some length on the importance of the present spiritual Aro sement of High Point and he declared his Faith in the possibilities of service in a club that organizes itself interdenominational by and he voiced a warning against pettiness in sectarian rivalry. Before the principal address of the Day M. Hauser spoke for five minutes on the principle of fair dealing in business. He declared that the Man who cuts Corners in his transactions without due regard for the other Man May gain a temporary advantage but rarely a lasting or satisfactory one. In any phase of society in business anywhere the word of a Man should be As Good As his Bond or. Hauser stated and he expressed the opinion that the policy of an even handed Deal is not Only right but that it is foundational for sound Success. President Joseph Cox asked the club to approve the change of 4he ladies night meeting from november 24 to november 23 and the approval was Given. Citizenship class to be the Sheraton hotel will have an enticing attraction every Day this week in the of Henry orchestra from the of Henry hotel in Greensboro. An added attraction will be the foor Robinson collegiate eleven piece orchestra that will play from 6 30 till 9 of clock every evening except sunday and then the collegiate will play from 12 30 till 2 30 and in the evening from 6 30 till 9 00. The of Henry orchestra gives delightful programs and is directed by a talented and capable conductor. The collegiate is made up of syncopation artists not the Choppy kind of syncopation but the irs Sis Tible rhythmic cadence that is that music of the new american school. Woman Secretary of state in Delaware local citizens urged to take advantage of course to Start Here Wilmington del., nov. 5.�? apr miss Fannie s. Herrington for 27 years an employee in the Delaware state a department today Wras serving As Secretary of state the first woman to fill a state office in Delaware. She succeeds William g. Taylor who has not been heard from since sailing South with e. R. Pusey on the yacht Bunny ii two weeks ago. The burned Hulk of a vessel identified As the Bunny ii has been found off the North Carolina coast. The action of governor Robinson in naming a new Secretary of state before definite action had been received As to the Fate of Taylor was due he said to the Legal necessity of having a Secretary of state sign Legal papers. He declared the office vacant and named miss Herrington As the new Secretary. Should Taylor be found the governor said he again would de supt. T. W. Andrews of the City schools announced this afternoon that miss Harriett Elliot of the North Carolina College for women will be at the City Hall Friday at 4 of clock for the purpose of launching a class in citizenship Here. Miss Elliott is to give a course in citizenship and problems of government and everyone interested is urged to attend the meeting tomorrow afternoon and hear the outline of the proposed work. The course is designed to be very beneficial to teachers who take advantage of it but or. Andrews stressed the fact that it is not to be a technical course but a course that anyone interested can derive great Benefit from. The class is to be organized to run for perhaps six weeks meeting once each week at a time to be de upon. It is hoped there Bank i closed at Greenwood today Greenwood 9. C., nov. 5. Apr failure of the commercial Bank of Greenwood to open its doors for business today made the eighth Bank failure in this Northwestern Section of South Carolina in the last two weeks. The largest of the institutions to close was the Bank of Anderson at Anderson 40 Miles from Here which was placed in the hands of the state Bank examiner on october 27. It had deposits of 71,200,-000. Other Banks that have Frej placed in the Bank examine lands since october 22 Are locket it Abbeville Donalds Lowndesville Iva Paxville and Sandy Springs Bank at due West. Also in this Vicin a Ity closed shortly More than two weeks ago on october 19. Inability to Realise on its receivables and thereby meet Dally Clear Ings was said to have caused the closing of the commercial Bani Here in a notice posted on the does by the directors. The Batik a capitalized at $100,000, and hat deposits in open and savings Ai counts of about $225,000. New zealand Paes up dry promo Itoi Wellington n. Z., nov. 6 apr new zealand has decided t remain wet. The question whether new be land should continue its prese liquor License system adopt a Sta Purchase or government Cor of liquor or swing to Purohi Blu was voted on in a referendum duing yesterday�?T3 general elections. The counting of the vote is y incomplete but the results the far ascertained show approximate that the prohibitionists cast 27 981 As against 310,596 by the opponents. In the parliamentary elect the government won a decisive v tory Premier Coates obtaining Good majority in the next pall ment. On the first count it was though that the new zealand Parl iame was to have its first woman me Ber in miss Melville. A recoil of the vote however showed to she had been Defeated for the is for Grey Lynn by the Laberite a dilate. 5�iu to i v Clare the office vacant and re name i will be a hire number present to him. J Morrow Urbana Grange receiving Many Mash notes the with congratulations make about 200 letters daily. New York mrs. James a it Walker who is to be the first i of new y Ork will Continio a to her hair Wear Short dresses dance

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