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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - November 1, 1925, High Point, North Carolina Of jmj Imp High Point Enterprise sunday Noemi r i i ?5 ii new converts and old saints by Rev. Tom Alderman Sykes minister of the intends Charch did you Ever sail across the i the cup of cold water in thy name Otean and get the thrill of seeing for the first time a foreign Shore Tjien do you remember How the Rufty feelings seemed to gradually fide away and you were Down of the commonplace task of just keep to on. As someone says a the Gilt tomes off the Gingerbread a but of our a the Gingerbread itself is the no and not the Gilt or the it is no to us not to 1< fit get stale. So with Christian experience we a Muat not let it get stale we just must for Sakes and for others Sake living in the Christ Way strength As our daily Joy. Rand the glad hour has come to thousands of lives in our City when they Cave taken Christ As their very it Jan for the first time or have renewed a Long neglected acquaintance with him a time in which All of us have been baptized into a deeper and More consecrated attitude toward him and his Baw tie but there is a very real Manger lest we grow negligent in the maintain Hance of this desire for a tie Christ and his Way that desire that has been truly driving us during these latter Days to the Power of great achievement and True salvation. We have Learned it is not a matter of educated versus uneducated or Rich or poor but the inner presence of a big desire to find the Christ of experience and reality. We have seen together rain and sinners that the lord cod omnipotent reign Etc now As of old. And that his holy spirit and Power still dwells among men and thai whosoever will a May come a and that Many have come. Enter in now and control our lives make us coworkers with thyself and teach us again that still counts eternally and drive us Forth in service for thyself with something of the unselfish enthusiasm and holy Fervour of the apostolic Church for Jesus Sake and the Sake of his Brethren. I think there i3 a great Deal to the thought that it helps for an individual to say �?�1 can and will be what i desire to be a especially when that one has become acquainted with the lord Jesus for through him there will come the daily Supply of a Grace sufficient them aa4 that is v by he commands i love to All of us Saint and Sian Are for we All know he loved us because he proved it his blessed life was love in action Ani we too must put on love and brotherly kindness and Long suffering. There is a text that runs a rejoice with them that do rejoice and weep with them that yes my Friend there Are a thousand opportunities each Day right Bere in our own City right where you Are not great things far away but Little things near at hand and it is because of that fact that i want to urge you to do something for some new convert and do it now then other service will open out before you very soon. I remember that what Sunshine is to 11he Flowers sympathy and fellow lutherans Are to observe festival members of Church Here in this City will take part in the program i wbk Tig Tim in Bryant electric co. Electric contractors motor repairing and rewinding 3004. Self. Pellagra can be cured >0-Page Book free have a you these symptoms tiled and drowsy feeling a com gained by headaches depression in state of indolence roughness of Kin breaking out or eruptions Ore Mouth Tongue lips and Throat Laming red much mucus and Hoking indigestion and nausea a Rhea or constipation mind allowed and Many others. Do not Ait for All these symptoms to a tear. Of you suffer from one or Nore write for your copy of the took today. It is free and mailed n Plain sealed wrapper. Or. W. J. Mccrary inc. Dept. 735, Carbon Hui Alabama for every Ned but i Ara equally ship Are to sure there is a part that every j seem trifles Buman being can play that will help the other fellow and there Are two words that we often use that express just what that part is a sympathy and Fellowship Are those words. I am confident there is no More Christlike characteristic than True sympathy. How often we see it in the life of our master himself How he had compassion How he wept Over the grave of Lazarus and Over the City of Jerusalem How. He tenderly comforted the disciples when he was leaving them truly his life was big with Loving sympathy and that makes him so dear to the Haert of every one who knows him. Because his sympathy engenders Trust and Hope and Faith and w e Are glad to remember he is the same yesterday today and forever. Yet knowing a great body of pro fessed followers of Christ in thi and other lands i want to say that have met Many of them whose life wa3 sadly lacking the Grace of sympathy and thus Fellowship was impossible with the other fellow. Perhaps life has been too easy for a lot of these people too full of unbroken Sunshine possibly they have never known what storm and Cloud and bitter experiences really mean to the human heart possibly they were actually innocent of the awful Battle with sin that a being waged by men and women right in their own Community and right at their very door and possibly right in their Church yet it would seem that every one who had taken1 upon themselves the Yoke of Christ would know what sorrow and disappointment mean because the True Christian life is not a Primrose path All the Way it is often beset with Briars and thorns and testings and no one except the Hermit Saint can miss those things. I want the saints the professed and established christians a to really cultivate the virtue of sympathy. It is the Flower of unselfishness. It often blooms out of sorrow or of Community need and stirring and i am sure of Dur hearts have actually been moved by genuine Christian love then there will flow out sympathy As naturally As a Spring from the Hillside upon which the storms and Rains have beaten. Now i do not mean by Quot sympathy just kind words Only for it is often very easy to say things and soothing things at that. It is More than words and it is More than words that the new convert to Christ needs sympathy is an atmosphere and that is what the convert needs the atmosphere of Christ for the truly sympathetic soul need not Many times to say even one word the presence the Handicap the look these Are enough to Comfort and bless and help the new convert. Of course sympathy and help will go hand in hand for we shall show our sympathy for the spirit of self sacrifice and an Ever readiness to go out of our Way to help the other fellow. We Ever want to remember that Christ not Only pitied sinners but he died for humanity they May a but if we scatter them along life a pathway no one can measure the infinite Good they will do. Don to waste too much time looking for results and proofs just keep moving and living for Christ and trusting in his sufficient Grace then Victory will be yours with All its attendant Joys. Done to Ever forget that the beginning of All gospels is that the kingdom of heaven is at hand just where we Are. It is just As near As our work our play our nearest neighbor. Done to you think it is a big pity that the newness of things so soon wears off with most of us do you remember the first Money you Ever earned in your life and the thrill of being a worker that received pay or do you remember the Day you became engaged to that old sweetheart of yours or better still the Day you were married tens of thousands of protestant churches throughout the United states and Canada will celebrate with tile lutheran churches the 40sth anniversary of the protestant reformation. Beginning some years ago Luth eran con cautions began the an-1 Nual Observance of reformation Day on october 31, or on the Sun Day just Befi re or after. It was i on that dab in 1517 that or. Mar to Luther the Friar of Witten-1 Berg Nail <1 to the Church door in that City the famous a ninety five theses a protesting against certain practices among the clergy and laity of the climb in that Day. The thousand Vars in round numbers just prior to the reformation. Are know As a the dark dark because the gospel was under a Bushel and menus minds souls and bodies were shackled. Freedom and Liberty were unknown quantities. It was an act of bravery and fraught with countless dangers for an one to titter a protest against that ruling hand of tyranny in the name of the Church. A the record of Huss. Jerome and Savonarola martyred at the stake was before any Man who attempted a correction of the existing evils. Rut Luther started a reformation that Fred menus souls and minds from bondage. Out of that act developed the protestant reformation which swept Over All Europe Radii ally changing the viewpoint and habits of the people in religion education and political dependence. Luther a subsequent declaration at the diet at Worms has been evaluate by thou greatest scene of modern european history the Point indeed from which the whole subsequent history of civilization takes its it is stated at the new York Headquarters office of tile United Heran Church in Amer i t approximately All of the 3.suo congregations in that body alone will celebrate the reformation festival or special Obi services or in group mass with other lutherans is localities. You is funeral Home funeral directors phone 337 Chapel cot. Broad and Elm streets ambulance ser vice a via a a churches Saint Mary a episcopal College and Washington streets Rev. H. Norwood Bowne Rector. All saints Day. Holy communion 8 a. In. Church school and adult Bible class 9 30 a. Rn., h. I. Coffield superintendent. Holy communion and Sermon la a. In. No evening service. Emmanuel lutheran Rev. F. L. Conrad pastor. Worship at la o clock. Subject of Sermon a Why the dark Ages were Bible school at 9 45. Vespers at 7 30. Subject a How Paul persecuted first Baptist or. Lloyd t. Wilson. Pastor. Sunday school at 9 30, a. E. Tate superintendent. Preaching at la a. In. By the pastor. The evening service is called off in the interest of the Tabernacle meeting. It is Likely that the pastor and members of the Church will hold evangelistic Sarvice at 7 30 each night during the week beginning on monday night. Due announcement will be made if this is decided upon this morning following the preaching service. East end methodist Rev. E. J. Harbison pastor. Sunday school at 9 45, a. H. Holton superintendent. Service at la o clock conducted by the pastor followed by reception of members and the holy communion. No service in the evening As All will worship at the Tabernacle. Real estate Loans \ we Are in position to carry first and second mortgage Loans on improved real estate in and around High Point. See our or. R. C. Welborn for further details. Farlow insurance amp realty co. 412-413 commercial National Bank building phone 4212 first methodist protestant North main Street or. George r. Brown pastor. Sunday school at 9 45 a. In. This will be decision Day in the school and a full attendance is desired. Preaching at la a. M. By the pastor and reception of members. Dan Smith will sing at this service. No night service. The missionary societies will meet with mrs. Hancock on fourth Street monday afternoon at 3 of clock. First presbyterian Rev. Charles p. Coble pastor. Sunday school at 9 45 a. Rn., f. Logan Porter superintendent. Public worship at la a. In. Short Sermon by the pastor. Communion service and reception of members. Good music at this service. No evening service owing to meeting at the Tabernacle. Wesley memorial or. E. K. Mclarty pastor. Sunday school at 9 30, b. C. Harmon superintendent. Preaching at la a. In. By the pastor. Prayer meeting wednesday evening at 7 30 o clock. Cunningham face Brick a f to picture the splendours of autumn in its glorious Luxuriance of colors its ravish Richness its Mellow softness is to describe the natural artistic beauties of the imperishable harmoniously blended tones of Cunningham face Brick samples on display at Snow lumber co. # e. R. Lyon representative first reformed. Rev. Milton Whitener pastor. Sunday school at 9 45, Edgar Whitener superintendent. Morning worship at la of clock. Subject of Sermon a a great no evening service. Friends Rev. Tom Alderman Sykes minister. Bible school at 9 45, Horace Haworth superintendent. Brotherhood class at 9 45 at which or. Elbert Russell will speak in the Annex. At the la of clock service or. Russell also will be heard. There will be no evening service. All members and attenders of the friends Church Are urged to hear or. Stephens in his goodbye message to High Point. 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