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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 31, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Weather after Sim Wen More dad clo Page 1a nod year no. Lit the High Point Enterprise Cau us Cirr Alatini a Iti classified Ada ms-1177 other Deli ms-2111 High Point. N. A. Monday afternoon May i 1976 20 pages daily or. Sendai 3se heavy political spending slated in Early summer Raleigh tape because they believe voter might become tired of politic Thi Mummer North Carolina gubernatorial it Adirine Pion to milk record aum into their pre primary election advertising Campaign the candidates have hired Media production and polling companies to help them overcome political boredom or the summer doldrums at least three gubernatorial hopefuls Arr expected to spend near the Legal limit of 836j.900 for television radio and newspaper advertising a you have to wonder about the effectiveness of a Media Campaign when the democratic National convention will dominate in july and the he publican National convention will dominate in August said Walter Devries a pollster working for Democrat George Wood candidates Are fighting the summer Campaign problem for the fir Lime this year i deviously primaries were held in May rather than August Charles Dunn manager of Democrat de o Herron s gubernatorial Campaign Call cd the new summer Campaign one of the great unknowns in the governor s race o Herron will comr close to of ending the $363 Don limit to overcome possible voter disinterest in politics he said several democratic candidates will lace another problem it gov Jim Hunt Hunt a Den rat has become widely known during the four years he has served As lieutenant governor some of his democratic opponent feel they have to increase their own name recognition in the stale to offset his pm Pul artly democratic hopeful George Wood has hired magus production of Philadelphia which a worked for presidential ran dilate Jimmy Carter and sen Hubert h Humphrey to Minn it to prepare his mrita advertising Campaign and or estimates he will spend close to the Legal limit before the primary Hunt is using him talents of David Sawyer to promote him this summer Sawyer i a new York television producer who handled Charles d Ltd Ugi Havener gubernatorial Campaign in Sou la Carolina Ile too plans to spend several Hundred the. Hisa my dollars for primary advertising sen Tom Strickland a Democrat said he will spend a More moderate $75,000 on his primary rain sign Ile has hired productive t Ommund Adon id Oroz Ville and o la Garrisol Raleigh to produce his Campaign him and advertising material Republican gubernatorial candidates fore a much smaller electorate on August 17 and Are spending less for advertising than candidates in the opposition party Republican David Flaherty said he will spend about $95 too for summer primary be heavy on 7al among the 8,301 by a Dieffenbach the Seattle times Marg Maten the Netherlands api a it is a sobering experience to stand among 8.301 headstones of men who died in world War la especially sobering when one White Marble Cross bears the family name Quot Rudolph a it Effenbach. Sgt 16 inf. I inv. New Jersey. Mar 30. 1945 hello again big brother Rudy it s been 34 years since you went to War you were killed 40 Days before the War in Europe ended and i know inside me that it broke Mother s heart she died months later at age 53 i am so achingly sad. So impressed and so proud that i have to let the tears fall on the impeccable Lawn of the burial area a hauntingly Beautiful place but too Little for the sacrifices that were the Price of admission in memory of the valor and the sacrifices which Hallow this Are words chiselled among the inscriptions on the Wall of the Margrate memorial Tower and Chapel it must have taken valor and dedication and forbearance to travel As a Warrior oldest of seven children from North Africa to Sicily to a Day. Through Normandy and across the Rhine As a member of the isl division. America s famous big red the aide in the visitor building a 24-year army Veteran himself pulled an old Sheet of Green record paper from a file Cabinet infantry purple heart rattle Field promotion Bazooka Man. Machine gun squad Leader Oak Leaf Cluster Quot for my big brother six years older a for a Guy who was t a Star athlete nor very big. Nor a Street fighter who never liked guns who would rather have worked on an old automobile who was an apprentice with a lower new York printing firm1 two years after you left i was delivering telegrams for Western Union lots had a purple Star signifying that somebody a brother or son. Or husband or father was wounded or missing fewer but still too Many. Had two stars the message inside was Quot killed in action a the first one we got had one Star the second Lay uns. Among on a flags Honor dead at Arlington cemetery 5-2�gi for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write Anion Lioe in care of the Enterprise every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge Ever one debutantes belong to club 4. Please Tell me Bow be High Point debutantes Are chosen i have never known anyone to be one except Emerywood girls and this is discrimination since it is called the High Point Debutante club. Please put the qualifications in print so other High Point girls could have a Chance. There Are lots of Brilliant girls and some who do lots for the Community who have never been asked. Please answer As soon As possible As this is very important a concerned Mother. Q who chooses the debutantes from High Point do All High Point girls have a Chance to be one or do Yon have to be a member of the country club social set please answer this As several girls in this area Are interested. Thank Yon. Anon. A this is a private social club like other private dinner or dance clubs Bridge or poker clubs membership in t open to the Public or based on any qualifications of High eq., Community service or similar criteria they Are just friends the club s Board extends invitations to the daughters of their friends most have known each other from childhood or their families have been acquainted socially for Many years of a girl and her parents Are total strangers to the club members and the prospective Debs we d think it would be More Strain than fun to plunge into a rash of parties with a or give parties for a people they Don t know Florence King. A former society writer for a Raleigh newspaper published a Book Quot Southern ladies and in a chapter titled if Mary Lou gets Mamed now she won t be Able to come out Quot which gives a Good idea of the vein in which she writes it miss King said a debutant my is the South s Way of hanging onto the old image of the Belle and that the unfailing sign of a Belle was that she exhausted people now she says. It s the debutantes who Are exhausted As Many of them Are working or studying reporting on one Hunt party in which the Deb decided to make a grand Entrance to the banquet Hall on her skittish horse resulting in $5,000 in damages to the club. Miss King wrote special guests included the police a unfortunately this glimpse into the goings on was deleted by the woman s editor who had already gone to pieces during the Bride and Deb season. Is if you re interested in having a Debutante in the family or being one. There a nothing to Stop you from forming your own club and having a Ball help for the handicapped q. My husband and i have a daughter who is 91 and she goes to the cerebral palsy and orthopaedic school in Greensboro. We need a three bedroom apartment or House so i wont have to lift her Down Steps every morning before i take her. We have been trying to get a place with the housing authority where the rent wont be so High and i wont have to lift her Down. For a Long time they have been telling me they done to have a place and they have to help people across town get a place to stay because of Urban renewal. Our daughter can t walk and never has. Can you Tell me where we Caa get a place that my husband can afford possibly $12$ at the most we need it very badly and As quickly As possible because i lift my daughter off the porch every morning and it makes me Hurt and i have pains in my Back and Side. I already have what they Call sclerosis of the spine which is a curved spine. I would Uke it very much if you would help me. Mrs. . A we can to find housing but perhaps someone can help. If so. Please Call us and Well give you the family a name and number. From Nixon watergate Era Martha Mitchell Dies of rare Bone cancer new York api a Martha Mitchell a saucy defender of the Nixon administration who turned on it during the watergate scandal died today of a late Type of cancer of the Bone marrow she was 57 mrs Mitchell the estranged wife of former atty Gen John n Mitchell had been admitted to Sloan Kettering memorial cancer Center Here sunday funeral arrangements were incomplete but a spokesman for the Frank e Campbell funeral Chapel Here said the funeral will be in Pine Bluff Archer Home town she had been under treatment for the disease multiple myeloma for several months and was hospitalized after suffering heavy internal bleeding her doctor said the physician. Or Klaus Mayer said earlier in the evening that the former attorney general had been notified of the seriousness of her condition the Mitchells separated in 1973. A Hospital spokesman said Mitchell did not visit the Hospital she had been released from the Hospital in january after treatment for the illness on May 18. She was described in court papers As desperately Iii without funds and without friends the papers were filed in her successful Effort to win $36,000 in Back Alimony from her husband mrs Mitchell became so Well known As a caustically outspoken Cabinet wife during Richard m Nixon s first presidential term that merely to say her first name evoked instant recognition a give pm hell. Nixon once said after one of her Many extreme defences of his policies mrs Mitchell a Small town girl from Arkansas was heard on everything Vietnam school busing. Supreme court nominations communist China in an administration full of soft spoken diplomatic officials and their wives she became the Harry Truman of the Day. Not waiting for reporters to Call her. But waking a selected few at Home late at night Quot i Don t have any friends Here in Washington but the press a she said in 1970 at the Peak of her popularity a they Are the Only people i really know i get so lonesome i Call my old friends in new York whenever i her husband the former attorney general was convicted Jan. 1.1975, for his part in the watergate cover up during the Nixon years. Martha Mitchell offered a striking contrast to her dour pipes noting husband who appeared quietly bemused by his wife s rising notoriety John Mitchell left Washington As Nixon a Campaign director before the 1972 re election Campaign really see Martha Mitchell on 7a John and Martha Martha Mitchell and her husband John arrive at the White House on june 12, 1971, for the wedding of Toncia Nixon and Edward Cox. At the time Mitchell was attorney general in the Nixon Cabinet. The Mitchells separated in 1973. I Eaf Abington cemetery War dead remembered by Terry Ryan associated press writer in the year of the nation s Bicentennial America paused today to remember the 700,000 people who died in its Battles from Lexington and Concord to the streets of Saigon. At Arlington National cemetery tourists assembled As the Honor guard marched its slow Steps in front of the Tomb of the unknown Soldier. As with so Many presidents before him the schedule called for Gerald Ford to Lay a Wreath at that Tomb today. In his prepared remarks Ford warned americans not to repeat the errors of others by weakening in the Pursuit of Liberty. A nation born of a Faith and carried Forward by action requires from each of us a commitment to Advance individual Liberty and to maintain our guard against those who threaten our Freedom a a he said although we thank god that no americans Are dying in Battle today we must renew our resolve to use both our moral leadership and our material strength to keep the around the country there were ceremonies at other cemeteries a Flag raisings silent salutes and appropriate words there were other More private remembrances a Flowers and silent tears it was also a Holiday the Windup of the three Day weekend traditionally celebrated As the opening of summer. N 111 n r n n Flat ref mfr of $ i officials conduct i i infractions probe i i on student hiring Charlotte Al it Derai officials want to know Why several Hundred apparently ineligible Charlotte students were hired in a federally financed Job program for poor youths the u s i pertinent of Libor idol in Atlanta which financed the program says Meckien Burg taxpayers might have to pay up to $95 too. Unless local Oft Tai can Kim that All the students were eligible eligibility is determined by the family s Mas Linum income under Federal guidelines a Slu Dent is ineligible unless that Range is from $2,590 a year for a family of one. To $6 690 a year for a family of six those students of questionable eligibility include the daughters of schools supt Roland Jones and assistant supt e k Waddell who was in charge of the program Jones earns about $40, 000 a year and Waddell earns about $22,000 both men said they were unaware of the poverty guidelines until the Middle of last summer Jones also said he was unaware of his daughters participation in the program they also said their daughters repaid their earnings when they of wind out artful the guidelines i nil paid the City nearly $1 85 million for the program during the past two years the department is preparing a final report on Hie project Ami City of a finals have been told to respond to dds questions within to Days the report will include a decision in whether any Money is owed the Federal government the City subcontracted with the school system during the Summers of 1974 and 1975 to run the program so City officials Are seeking an explant i Umi from the schools school Ohi nals have been Given two weeks to explain the apparent in Correct hiring Magna Carta to be delivered Washington Al i the top leadership of the u s Congress last week went to London to accept formally the loan of the Magna car to now the top leadership of the Mother of parliaments is Corning to Washington this week to make the actual delivery. At the presentation ceremony thursday the Job of figuring out when everything happens and How Long everything is going to take has fallen to the u s army As represented by the military District of Washington the Mew has produced a what s inside amusements4-5h bridge.6b classified ads6-1 in comics.12b crossword.6b editorials4a obituaries .2b sports 3-4 b television a women a news8-7a weather.3a Crisp plan to keep things moving right along from the Start at to a in a oops 1000 hours spectators May find reason to by a grateful to the military if the plan is followed for example it allots exactly one minute each to the three main speakers sen Hugh Scott the Senate Republican Leader House speaker Carl Albert and Britain a lord Chancellor the ceremonies really get rolling after a the american delegation minus the key members a is ensconced in a room on the House Side of the Capitol and Quot the British delegation minus the key members on the Senate Side the key american members assemble at the dismount Point the foot of the Capitol a East Steps at 1027 while the British key members relax in automobiles at a nearby holding Point they Are a released from the holding Point so As to arrive at the dismount Point at 1030.�?T�?T

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