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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 31, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Page four w Yip to t i tvs Borders most of the essential faed reply was a a no. However i la i Voll a Vij i i duties. Charlotte for instance would be willing to fight America p without waiting to see whether the Side of the 1 ekr Kloe be is 100,000 Strong or Only 99, the Story concludes with a state 000, has voted enthusiastically ment to the effect that the hitch her belief that she can support a hiker was asked to get out of i 9 a the High poli erf or prise Piedmont Center of ind try High Point North Carolina it Moon and Luda Moraine Friday. May 31, 1940 Frankenstein j. P a we it. Publ her mss Public Library. The car at once which he did. It. B. Terry president d. A. Rawley. See Yani tres Hammett a. Cecil Ota Mir. Capus m. Waynick editor a a tis Dally and sunday by Carrier Iii a Point and nearby town twelve Tonth. T0 4� three month i i m plunge be taken Many Are Ona month i Bah one weak. M Carrier nearby town Are ant permitted to collect for More than one week Advent carriers to City Are not permitted to col. Lect for a period of More than five week la a subscription for a tonner period is desired payment should he made direct to office if Italy really enters the War general opinion abroad seems to be that Italy a Entrance the War is imminent. Not later than tuesday of next week will saying. If so will the move be with or without the consent of the House of Savoy the Little King of Italy is not the Arnee i ated pre la a weakling from All accounts titled to the us for republication of All a Awa it Boatchee credited to it and other years he was quoted we credited this paper end Law it the. Omi new published the term. Member of audit Bureau or circulation Fayetteville Lions monday night heard a secret service agent Tell How to detect bogus Money. Commenting the Fayetteville observer says a that is very important. What is More important is How to detect bogus americans Many of whom Are circulation and plotting the overthrow of this government. Their detection and suppression is also a task of the secret serv a a we y a As saying that Italy would never under the heading a Grady entered is second class matter at Tho Post office Ltd High Point a. C under the aet of co Greet of March i. Uva National adv represent Atlee the John Budd co. 429 Lexington ave. New tot a City Friday May 31. 1940. O Janus he counter to the wishes of the that it by head of the Catholic Church , if ilium. Thou halt not urn altogether Mussolini has my whosoever Shah a a 4&Quot ugly decision to make one a a Matthew Vin. Caum Fukuji fight France while his family Mexwell suddenly deplore a Sec reigned. Ond primary Quot the Raleigh times perhaps it might be said that cites some recent history. Thom the House of Savoy reigns now As a. Cooper of Wilmington ask at the will of Italy s dictator but cd his fellow candidates to agree some question exists As to Wyeth with him to forego requests for or the italian people would follow a second primary. The times Mussolini against the King. Fur declares Quot not a single candidate the More entry the War would would even danger of the judgment 5 31 consider such agreement and so Toms sound truck went its roaring Way. Now at this late Date it seems a bit ironic for Maxwell and Awa 4iaa a it eth which the objections of those who Grady to look with horror a a a a do not like a pro War decision second even irony murder itself is past 1 expiation tie Likely to be subdued by the can speak tingly. Paul Grady e greatest crime which nature doth press i implicit the Progress says that a majority of our peo of the i a Pip a thinking now More terms of their personal and economic Security than the continuation of any further political the greatest . Of the German conqueror. Yadkin a response to offer Yadkin county has declined the High Point Power commis proper combination of taxes and debt the combination of the proposal to lift the National debt limit three billion dollars with Sion a .<60,000 offer for county definite specifications for raising owned land and certain roadways the Money to pay off the three which would he included the billions a period of five years proposed hydroelectric dam site seems to us to be propel. The City wants. The refusal was we have less concern about not the categorical kind of thing the increase of Public spending that closes the doors against fur by the Federal government that ther negotiation. We May As has characterized the present and sume then that the county ministration than Over the Widen wants More Money or wants ing hiatus Between income and offer a the the outgo. One made was connected with the use of the National taxing strings which held it rather far Power to equalize living Condi away from a barrel head. With Dole Carnegie author of a How to win friends and influence people of necessity the offer was tentative As we understand the 1915, during the world War a Young aviator went up to engage his first air fight. The enemy saw him overhead anti aircraft guns were timbered and began to rain steel at him. A Shell struck his air plane and Walter Winchell Broadway i�m4� Mark a Wawa cprr1 it. . Dmytr my Rry a it Pagin father time crr it the hic town be prof and editor Walt winched a Jack Dempsey the cafe keeper. Sass there Ain t no other woman the problems of the Power commis j i # .4 to Felbaum to a a p. Is Sion. That body does not know definitely whether it can go ahead with any Promise of Success the venture or not. The aviator plunged into the Gulf of Riga. Just a his Hope began to Wane a battleship steamed toward a piece of floating wreckage to which he a clinging and he was lifted out of the water. But with Only one leg. The other had been shot away. There he was his first trip into the air As a fighter and Back with one leg gone. This Young Man was Alexander de Seversky. He loved Fly up Sim no sir determinate me while the supreme court a Ltd it so vent into the and at the same time quit adding things about his crack up with his spou.,.,. To his headaches by sating things that ainu to so big doings Over at Toots Shors inn Honor of Mark Hellinger who now a a Hollywood celebrity. Davey Green spoke a piece saying that the gathering Mark s Honor proved not Only that we All miss Mark but that we Are also glad that he did no to miss his. Very Nice thought say we. A that belgian opined Glenn Carr the Abc musician looks like the biggest sell out since a gone with the those gals Bud Desylva s new show a la. Purchase a at the Imperial opry House sure Are lookers. Specially that Zorina. Golly xxi .c�novr5�?~ models have a neat trick. They charge then boy Friend Sjo per Date which they turn Over to the red x. V allege boys get bargain rates�?$10. No checks though. Lions for the american people is offensive to Many. That Power should he exercised Only to finance a a essential governmental functions the conservative contends. And should not be employed to effectuate social reforms. But must we not realize that the supreme court decision was a Imper feet ions the economic dog fall Between the litigants system operated by free initiative that it disposed of one of the must be compensated somehow if chief barriers to Progress while the people Are to be expected to keeping effect the injunctions a a a Law he oing to go i permit the political system to of the lower court. the mean not a. Not i. A Duce time while the supreme court Hon and grit. So he went into performances under the a Wel decision was awaited the Blan be ring of vation. And now fare Quot clause of the Constitution keying of the project with and Uibo. Are tolerable to us although they verse Superior court judgment the Seversky planes. Well they re his. Go far to the Liberal Side provid served to put the whole under Here Are three has accomplished they Are paid for As the nation taking at a disadvantage the a a he a a a a a line marches . It is this business of important element of time. Or broke the world record for am a steadily mounting debt that the indications Are that the a and alarms those who believe a bal Power commission is taking Toa tir7� of 1081 he leg he is taking be thought i life Ai aviator a my. A need budget is among the Best piously what it deems its respond o or. He sent into nether of Foll it win our Elk a Quot Ltd he he it complaint. Evidences of the Success of any Sivility to go As far As it 11 made Success the number of men who have made outstanding successes after having lost a leg i most heartening Benny Howard i research Pilot for the United air lines but he has Only one a % a a leg. He left the other Down new be shouldered As the government implications the negotiations Mexico two years ago As the result plans extraordinary National de with the agencies of the Federal of Acci 1cnt. But recently he took lense spending will he easier to government. For that the com flown do its trial trip. When Herbert Marshall was a Young Soldier Fiance he planned his return to London to go the stage to become actor. A bomb exploded. His leg was torn off. But he became ten years ago local news a a. A. Millis last night was elected i silent of the Wharrie Council j3qy scouts of America for the six la time. The Junior High school Boa glee club will sing at Central neg his Church sunday. The new Hluch Foint College annual a been def Cratl a to the City of High Point. About people a to masses Adelaide Crowell violinist Millili Gold Clark cellist and Alma Andrews pianist local High school state enu will be presented a Gradali no recital at the american theatre tomorrow of nearly every joke Crook sent the Wise crack about Leopold being hit Lemoon at 3 30 odor1. The program Ler s secret weapon which we Don t think la comical anyhow. Will be under the a action of miss better by Heck is calling the surrender a a quit Krieg Quot Virginia Frank. As tar As a a institutions including the Feder can effectuating the purpose a1 government As a going con for which the commission was Cern established and living up the extra tax Burden about to squarely to the agreements and a a 0--- a null hic carry View of the comforting Mission cannot be blamed even consideration that it will liquid by those w to doubt the economic Jean Ford of Fortune Magazine s editorial staff becomes mrs. Vern. Brenner today. The bridegroom is a reporter Over at need s esteemed rival the world Telegram. Jean and Bill will honeymoon out Montana Way. That reminds us about Al Cook remarks of last monday following be eds radio speech the eve g before. Al mentioned that our talk started More excitement up at no than for did. Al said 55 folks phoned at once but that ainu to a according to official at the station. They 4ay the radio editor must have misunderstood what they told him. That 55 Call came but wily three were from grouches that All the other hollered Hooray and requested Copic of need remarks. Al will never gel to a Cave or p. M. With that kind of scooping a a. It a bouncing baby boy. A the saying goes Over at the Harry Bostons. The Lovely Mother is Gertie Bailey of the women pages at Roy howards paper. All Are Well at Leroy sanitarium. Congrats say we. Milt Bede. The town Clown went under the surgeon s Blade at the Park West Hospital t other Day. Had hts nose bobbed. Milt ainu to Ever going to fool or. Hitler that Way. Irginia p rank. News briefs Bobby tone has captured the British Amati eur title. Five persons w Ere kill a i the memorial Day automobile races at Indianapolis it esterday. A Josephus Daniels say that tue nation has a Niia la Bugaj been the Moat laggard. 4fi world peace discussing acquisition moves. Islands is that inhabitants of Bruce Cotton washings Allied c Caribbean islands hould be u. 8. Asset but Washington May 31. A sweeping German Victory should the United states to take Over British and French islands Caribbean the nation would go great strategic asset a and for the time being a definite economic liability. Born to be Rich these islands today j Are poor. Almost solely agricultural they suffer from the i woes of Farmers everywhere a Over-1 production. For years b to come they Are go-1. Ing to need subs tan tial sums for Relief a and reconstruction. Bruce and they can to furnish those themselves. Furthermore the product they the most of i one with which i United states already has sex Sive surplus production problem. Chief crop of these islands is is Hie Commerce departments yearbook shows that West indies Gar production currently runs a 450,000 tons. For years the United states had to Divide its Domestic sugar Ket with the utmost care with ohs quo As parcelled out to main Cane growers Mainland sugar growers hawaiian and puerto producers and so . Making a change of As Little As too terns any one of these cd Means a Long bitter lobby re fight Congress to bring a Btl new set of producers Able to turn 450,000 tons a year would Senri the whole process beyond a Scogna a a matter of fact 450,000 int capacity for the islands production expanded immensely a Early it a a British government port not Long ago stated that m lands could not Prosper until were Able to add at least 120,000 to their Market. British Survey shows islands costly problem economic distress the if was so severe that the British Mal office sent out a special Cor Sion to investigate two year ago. Commission reported that Auh the British government has around 12,000.000 Pound lands during the past decade it plan to spend at least a million a year for the next 20 years . Education slum clearance Lam Bement and so and should Al also putting half a million into overhead administrative cd Island revenues Are Low the said Many of the Colonie at debt and few Are Able to Mal adequate social services. Island May not like americans French and British Caribbean sessions have a total populate around 2.690,000. Largest brith land is Jamaica with Trinidad considered one of the Moat Imp from a strategic standpoint. Be holds Guadeloupe and Martinique dutch have six Small islands thai important being Curacao Ronan Aruba where there Are extent refineries. One Point americans usually Twenty years a4 h local news a Sou Ihorn furniture manufacturers wih Galt a r at Greensboro wednesday. To Lere it much criticism of the action of the City Council closing the pools rooms of High Point. Effort is being made to establish up Urban Railroad line Between High p Point Greensboro and Winston Seileni to. Tentative plan Call for length. Ish West indies Are strongly Al conscious and probably kindly to a Transfer except emergency. Barbados for instal proud of its title of Quot Little end and of the fact that it has the representative Assembly the eos tors Niv had aria Rel additional warship would he to Europe one it a Tenn rhed Navy Road j100 mile denied Story then sent ships. Tattoo column it \ edit it _ Page dated May 38 not already please junk item rpt Tonky la tired of false ate the three billions of new debt a five year period. The Strain after municipal bigness Charlotte is making a frantic last minute attempt to squeeze Germany. Yes there is Honor into the Hundred thousand class among thieves. The City is striving harder than insurance agent trying to the Raleigh times a lips a Wisdom of the entire thing. the news Mussolini feels that he must ?.n actor an3? Youv seen him abide by his pledge to Adolf Hitler and go to War the Side of the hic town news press special Hollywood correspondent sat a not to be greatly surprised if Alice Faye and Anthony Martin become Man and wife again the summertime. Says that miss Faye is love with the noted movie actor to this very Day. No matter the gossip. About people or. C y Hayworth a the Guert of friends Salisbury yesterday. Leslie Andrews is visiting Bis Cousin. Earl. Andrews Carthage. Mrs. Oso air Smith and or. Paul Gibson have no turned from the daughter of Libert state meet Salisbury. The screen he a one of the Best Acton Hollywood. Did you Ever hear of the War play a what Price glory a it was written collaboration with Laurence Stallings. Laurence Stallings ought to know a Good Deal about War. He lost a leg one. Through College. Ble expediency Occa we Hope she makes the Grade Sions must be considered As Well even if entry into the big class As nobility. Wilhelmina now impairs to some extent the boast England can at least do some that North Carolina is a state of thing about the Netherlands far life. But they can do it not Only can Small vigorous cities and towns Flung colonies. Leopold confined adapt the Seiv if we must have a Metropolis of Belgium hardly has super i 100,000 people or More we Are Sion of his own Kitchen. Quite willing for Charlotte to be the life and times of my father a has Only one leg. Street car. the United states there Are 33,-000 amputations each year. The people who lose a vital limb have to adapt themselves to a new Mode of ii certain social values As Well As economic ones come from concentration of people goodly numbers. Numerical strength a Story is told to the effect that a hitch hiking undergraduate of one of the states colleges was picked up by a Motorist a North Carolina Highway re signifies Industrial Opportunity gently. The Young Many a Ben fac and Community Power for acquire tor soon started conversation. He ing facilities which improve Liv asked the student if he would be ing conditions. This state has a willing to fight Case the United number of cities that Are big states should enter the War enough to create within their the Side of the allies. The alleges to a new Rood of life but they can make a Success of it. The important thing is not to give up because something happens the you. Adjust yourself to a new Way of life keep going. A stranger was our midst last Sundown. Said he was interviewer from Princeton University and just had to see the lungs a a hurry too As the College paper was going to press. P. settled for Hildegarde. That a a pretty Gay dish they Are serving up at the 48th St. Tavern. Tartar Steak a la Lana Turner. The chef does something with two egg Yolks that gets the boys of laughing fit to kill. Boys will be Etc. Down Washington Way need hears that some of the administration feel sure the War will he Over soon me be two weeks. The hic town news press has been wrong before so done to make any bets. Need Don t know Why this is but there was a a Santa clause standing the 5th floor Over at or. Macy store last sat. If any of the fair ladies our set Are thinking of scaring their gentlemen friends they May Purchase a Lucrezia Borgia Poison rings at a certain jewelry Mart Down w. 4th St. Only two bits. The a s. Roosevelt according to Rumor is charging such High rates to bring americans Back from Over there that not Many of the stranded folks can afford to come Back it. Need thought that it sailed a Quot Mission of mercy Quot. a Mission of mercenary Peter Amo the drawer is becoming a water fiend but not the Way you might think. He a merely got a crush Eleanor Lamanna who is mrs. William roses understudy Over at the aquacade festival. New Brief a conf ate veterans will meet Fayette Vittle tomorrow. Heroes of the civil War marched with those of the world War Washington yesterday re mrs. Josephus Daniels arrived Paris today. She will attend thl4 meeting of suffragists Geneva 3 Switzerland. Those who stutter should not be bothered by the affliction. Just look at How history Gors Aimond repeating itself. Englishmen ate said Louise Coal dust for fattening pigs this being a Short Cut toward eventual sni oled hams. alaskan theater the Fth admission to Eskimo patrons smoked Salmon. It develops into of a barter with the enter la being provided by one uncured exhibition bumpers Are require Wear two parachutes practice and a Pillow also comes a no limits hit seems like the United states is Corning to realize All a sudden that no matter How bad we want to slav the civil service loophole s. Shucks that trick would waste evict thing the Johnny Edgars have a tout to protect Outen the War hit us All and our Flag. May not be Fer us. To decide. Used to wonder what the be inv a weds Tom be nobody could my Corcoran and the cd Rmer Peggy find fault with the re a a a Ata it scrap Book Many columns and pasting them the hic town news press returns the compliment of the South China wer doing a a at that army the Navy or Flinty i a i Xvi to u of . It i no of a rub 7>rh i j 41 i a a a. Ii 3cciii5 that their columnist Argus used excerpt from be eds stuff with due Many readers Are cutting out these edit. Need was very excited about the distance never having Ever been so listing them scrap far away from Home Hollywood being Only overnight jump. Hooks so that they May review and a study them As a text Book Success. Why not Start your Success scrap Book now talk about making folks eat their own words. Ham Bridges Tho West of a i. A. A place 72nd Street Ani d the Park the other Stormy night ton the 22nd floor it seems. Tom and Quot Peg Are the president favorite Brick and Groom so Nachelle need is woe irk ring if they the British camouflage a Retreat the High sounding phrase Quot read Jui menu of this is also known As having enough sense to come out of the rain. of lures inn West were just calling friends for a snip coast trouble maker was quoted As follows a i get a Little irritated when ter or did need miss a scoop my views Are ascribed to the communist party because i had them before the communist party came into being me be or. Bridges is older than he looks Tenn rate the views the communist party believes come from Karl Marx a Quot Das capita la Book which was written the year 1867�? and which even or Bridges will have to admit is Long before he was diapered. The air Force. But now Eves Frum the president Down has out that former critics was night right. They calling Fer billion dollars Fer defense and Gress says they shall have it. Somehow they got waked done to know if hits German ail he we Ait to hand it to our esteem and artillery or German made eed thinks somebody should do something about the plot washing ton to let commy Bundu and other no go xxi vome a men if they passed rival the. Y. Faut for saying that the fifth column it Lesnet March a it creeps. That a surd a Safe observation a As Snake Qani to sue nobody for libel. ,. Clocks which done the Job. Hit differ. Like maw said once nothing like plenty of sleep ten folks working condition much of ii and they form a Hal

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