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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 31, 1939, High Point, North Carolina P a to fourth High Point Enterprise jew Mon Center of Industry High Point North carotid v wednesday. Max 31. 1030 High Point Enterprise published afternoons and sunday mornings j p. Rawley. Publisher a a a 191 f>�?1937 _ Rob. Terry. President d a. Rawley. Sec a and treas. Hammett a. Cecil Gen. Mgr. Cabus m. % subscription rates Fly and sunday by earner in h Point and nearby towns a Well months. Six months. Piaree monies. One month. One wee. 110.10 t a.2u i j but. .90. To Farrier in nearby towns Art not per a Suud to collect Tor More than on. Week. In adv Anc. Carriers in City ars not permitted to Collet for a period of Mort than los weeks. Subscription Tor a longer period is Dmund is ment should be made direct to owes. The associated pre is Solus Usalj 11-tied to the use Tor republication it ail news dispatches credited to it or not a the i credited in tins paper and also ins Cai news published therein. Memmer of audit Bureau of circulation _ w. Tried As second class matter at ins in High poll. A a a it of Congress of March it. Doz. Quot hat Iqual adv. Represent att the joint Bido co. Clo Lexington Ava. New York ohs wednesday May 31. 1939. Cd Wjk ought for to Barnall minded i death Btu to be spiritually minded a Ute and 8 6. Ass what ii a Man. Ii his chief Gen Ai and Market of i Quot time by but t0 sleep and feed a beast no More Shakespeare. Tolerance Tow Ards third term the threat or Promise of a third term fight has increasing definiteness. No one has been warmed up to fill the Roosevelt place. Inherent in the statement that the president Hopes he will not be forced to in is something fairly close to announcement that he May choose to in. The Gallup sampling of voters As to their presidential preferences May not indicate xxx hat Man the people would like Best to see lodged in the White House but it throw interesting and important Light on one moot Point. It reveals an unexpected popular tolerance of the third term. A have assumed that the prejudice of the american people against a nerd term was sufficiently deep rooted to make it Almon a perfect bar. But when the sampled voters advise the poll taker Thau they Are fifty fifty As Between Roosevelt and a popular Republican Prospect the prejudice loses much of its seeming robustness. Washington could Hae remained in the presidency for a third term but he chose to return to his country Home on tile Potomac. In defining the third term he established a precedent which never has been ignored in presidential campaigning. If or Roosevelt should seek and obtain the nomination he would be the first candidate boldly to aspire to three full terms. In other instances where third term bids were made or considered a technicality at least encouraged the friends of the third Wermers to contend that they were not Vio lating the precedent. Both Theodore Roosevelt and Calvin Coolidge had served portions of terms to which other men Yvere elected the Campaign of 19 to is not to he politically a Good will period in this nation. Indeed the nominating conventions Are Likely to furnish fireworks with which to launch the Campaign. Tho Roosevelt inn program undoubtedly will be under fire. The looming question is whether the president can get consent of his determined spirit to turn the defense of it Over to some administration infidel chosen from the right or some inadequate apostle from his oxen Camp. A third term bid is not out o it he equation. Strain of heroic living we have had interest ing american individuals who preached the doctrine of living dangerously or living strenuously. The late therodore Roosevelt was an individual who both preached and practice the strenuous life. But most of us prefer simple existence to the heroic. The reflection arises from consideration of the present demand made upon the German people for life in the heroic manner. They have dinner into them the Beauty As Well As the necessity of living for the Reich. We cannot estimate How the German people like this immolation to which they Are subjected but in the Long run we believe any people xviii turn against leadership which places demand upon them for the rigorous living to which germans Are subjected now. Regimentation and inexorable discipline can hold a people in line for a Long time but revolt May be expected ultimately As they measure their losses of individual initiative against real or fancied gains of the state. The lesser tragedy a natural reaction of sensitive and conservative human beings to the reports of such death defying ventures As that of Thomas Smith flying the a baby clippers into the Atlantic is that they wish a they do the cringing from the seemingly senseless waste of Young life is Normal. But it be More deplorable than the occasional tragedies to have in this Western world of ours no youngsters like Smith willing and determined to take the risks the chief difference Between Smiths fatal stunt and Lindbergh a flight lies in the Success of the latter. Many thought Smiths trial doomed to failure because of the physical conditions but Many More believed then that Lindbergh was facing certain death. The United states needs fliers Vith the Resolution and daring of Young Smith. It can ill afford the loss of one such trained to Fly but better the loss than undue difficulty in getting the american fledgling to take to the air in hazardous adventure. the grief Over every fatality be mixed with Pride in the fact that 1he number of those willing to take the dangerous chances increases cumulatively in the news the Fayetteville observer in its monday Issue has marked Back 108 years to the great fire which a swept Fayetteville a striking this City a blow calculated to make Les amp Jardy citizenry told up and quit. Fayetteville after the great fire of 1831 rebuilt gloriously from t in ashes. Today we Honor our forefathers for it but we wish those canny scots had foreseen the horseless buggy Days and the parking problem and seized that once in a Century Opportunity to Widen tin1 streets. We need wider streets today but ave done to want a fire to give us the Opportunity to Widen fortunately for High Point this City did Start with one wide Street the old Plank Road and that has been the incentive for Xvi Dening other streets. Fires we have had but they have not affected the Street problem very much. The w widening processes however have not come without heated arguments. Now Vith More commodious streets few complaints Are heard unless it be that the City has not gone quite far enough Vith the construction of streets or boulevards for the High Point of tomorrow. Stressing the need for the rebuilding of our roads the Martinsville a bulletin says a it has been estimated for instance that 97 pm i ent of the surfaced Highway now Laid Dow n is of the two Lane 20 foot variety which is after All nothing but a horse and buggy Road surfaced. It is not a motor Road at All. Germany coming into the motor age 20 years after the United states knows better than we did a that needs must lie met in modern highways. Starting now practically from scratch and Vith military needs constantly in mind she has gone ahead with a Road system which As far As it goes is perhaps the most modern in tile the bulletin rightly feels that this is one More answer to those who say a America is All built there is nothing left to the Greensboro record finds that current reports from t he far East Quot indicate that the japanese May yet Wear themselves Down and pass out of the picture before they quite Complete their present a Victory March Over China. Two years ago Here in High Point Zensuki Hinohara principal of the Hiroshima Japan methodist school for girls said that the desire of Japan was simply to get China to co operate with her in the matter of Trade that Conquest was not the prime motive. Perhaps it is impossible for americans to see the problem through japanese eyes but we believe that the world has never had a better example of the utter futility of trying to secure Friendship and co operation by Force of arms. After the world War Japan had a wonderful Opportunity to be a Friend to China but instead of Friendship she showed ruthless greed. In these latter Days she has completely thrown away the key to Paradise. With Dale Carnegie author of a How to win friends and influence people once Samuel m. Vauclain Xmas called on to sell Railroad locomotive to a Tough customer. Or. Vauclain who began As a lathe Osier air with the company is now chairman of the Board of the Baldwin locomotive works but at that time he was just getting a Start in the sales department. The Tough customer was Daniel Willard known As the hardest nut to crack in Railroad circles. Word had gone out that Willard Road was in for engines but no one knew How Many nor what Type. This was the Man that or. Vauclain was sent to conquer. First he made careful inquiries As to the possible number of locomotives that or. Willard wanted and then with All the information he could get together he went to heard the lion. He decided not to ask for an appointment but to take a Chance on Heinie Able to see him. Or. Willard looked up in Surprise when or. Vauclain was announced and told him right off that he was not interested. He might by later he said but not at present. Or Vauclain had to think and think fast he knew other salesmen would by in the order would slip away. On the Spur of the moment he decided Iju do something no other locomotive Salesman had Axtt Dom or could do fur that matter. He had worked in the dialling room and knew How to draw engines. He began telling about a new engine that his company had ready to offer a a a a consolidation it of locomotive As he talked he brought his chair up to or. Willard s desk and Drew a picture upside Down of the engine. That is it was up Side Down to him but right Side up to or. Willard or. Willard was fascinated. There right before Bis eyes an engine was coming to life As or. Vauclain Drew. He talked pointing out this feature and that a All the time his Pencil flying or. Willard s Secretary entered. Someone had called. But or. Willard was fascinated and sent the Man away at last the engine was done a but or. Vauclain was t. He had completely captured or Willard a interest. I Willard asked about different parts of the engine and or. Vauclain Drew t born up sic p Down. An hour passed two hours three. At last. Or. Vauclain stood up he had an order for 50 locomotives or. Vauclain had done an exceptionally Fine Job of Selling. He had employed three principles. First. He had got in ahead of his competitors. Second he had captured his Prospect s attention by a simple device that contained suspended interest. Third. He had Woven this device and sales talk together. Can to you do that in your business think of some simple thing that will fasten our customer s attention and weave it in with your sales talk simple but tremendously effective. This with other talents and ideas helped to make Samuel m. Vauclain the greatest locomotive Salesman who has Ever lived. He said it it seems unfortunate that antipathy toward the administration should restrain business leaders from benefiting themselves As Well As society As a w Hole. G. Ogden Trenchard of economics statistics inc. Phooey on the governor it s no fair to careful people Joseph Gailey 9, of York. Pa., commenting on new anti f i re works Law. Life is a great adventure and everyone of you can be a Pioneer blazing by thought and service a Trail to better things. A King George i at Winnipeg. Oui spending program has produced not recovery but paralysis and fear. A Lammont Dupont. Pre byte Nam and episcopalians have fought each other in the Pasi but they have fought As Bishop Beverly Dandridge Tucker of the episcopal diocese of Ohio waiting to see the King and Queen be a a it it Jato a in i t i Tam of it Rray a / a a a i a a a a a ill am in in a Walter Winchell on Broadway copyright uis Dally Mirror Lite. I aging new York heartbeat faces about town senator Mcnaboe the fighting legislator watching the radio patrol cars in action in front of Ioe 56th Street at 4 30 yester Dawn. Geo. M. Cohan and Billy Rose. With another Flag waver doing the fair monday eve g. Ethel Merman devouring 32 Eidels of lager at the Zuyder Zee rendezvous. Frances Farmer and her Groom. Lief in convulsions at Joe Lewis equipping at the Riviera. Barbara Hutton stalking out of the exhibit of amazons at Whalen s acres upon discovering it was a display of und raped Femi nity. She did no to even wait to get her two bits Back. Grade Allen and her new Pink hair at the Cotton club. Lillian Gish on 5th near 51 St. ,. Mary Pickford on West 45th at noon. Conrad Nagel and a Looker at the Diamond Swanson and grand Duchess mane of Russia snapping each other s likeness at the hungarian Pavilion. The former owner of a a Connie set Harlem in the whoopee Era who once wagered $100,000 or the turn of a card returning to the Cotton club which he also once owned As head waiter. Hotties in our Alley Doris Fleeson the reporter in her daily Story from Washington tuesday revealed this a a suggestion from a Volunteer correspondent hat Queen Elizabeth has a favorite american columnist who should be invited to meet her was spurned by mrs. Roosevelt a because it might raise a tempest among other columnists which a Broadw Ayite flipped a a there a Only one columnist that could mean Lucius Beebe he a the Only one woo knows How to curtsy a. A columnist rival was beefing about Lucius borrowing his a faces about town theme which Lucius a faces about boulevards., a nah a a d his listener a Atli Beebe and the forty thieves a Midtown Vignette the other afternoon the cinemas were shooting the radio program a information the Board of experts consisted of John Kieran. F p. A., Oscar Levant and Rex Stout. They All took a voice balance by giving their Ages. They a1 said they were 25, but they did no to say in what year. A Little later a techno Jiaan asked Levant not to Strum on the table As it kicked the hell out of the sound track. A Okay have it your Way a sulked Oscar a but it was very effective in emperor Jones a memo of a Xii Onighter no wonder that ditty a wishing is so pretty. Its got a lot of a the wishing song from Quot Snow White Quot in its blood. Hey fled Skelton that quip you used on the air saturday eve Quot she a half scotch and half soda is from the files. The 4�?Tgrouch program on sunday used Clyde Hagers theme quip a get away from me boys you re bothering me a three times. A copy of that Wilson sign amusing electrified on Broadway will be put up in Boston this week. The mayor governor and police comm will attend the unveiling. Marion Anderson the coloured Thrush was refused accommodations at the Lincoln hotel in Springfield Illinois. The Lincoln hotel new York nailed an imposter who came in with two dolls and said he was a scout for this column. When the management said a Why we expect your Boss Here in five minutes he just phoned Quot the Chap suddenly had to leave. Having no dough he left a Security card and other things. The name on the card was a James Dunn. sounds in the night at Armando s lie s a genuine Broadway Ham. His wit in t Sharp Only his knife is a. At the Paradise Quot she Gal umps about the stage like Grants Tomb in love club 18 a ooh you know her kind. She demands a ringside seat so everyone can see her instead of hip show. In Bill s Gay 90s a the s just Hack from Hollywood where he made several class a pictures and several class b actresses Quot. In the 52nd Street Tony s he a been hammered by hard Luck so much head Biff Dippy. It n the Pierre roof a do they Call it tarrying hip Torch because it Means you re at Liberty a. At Bert Frohmann a Page tells on most women but on her it shouts a. At the Stork a is he crooked he was Horn with a Silver spoon in his pocket a new York novelette Fannie Hurst the novelist has a Cream coloured cat a persian named Anilla. Sin1 also has a tiny Monkey. They Are dizzy Over each other. The Monk does cartwheels and somersaults to amuse the cat and they eat from the same dish. Yesterday they were playing on the Hurst Terrace. The Monkey was showing off for Anitra he ran up and Down a tiny tree and then jumped in front of the persian standing on his head out of breath. And Anitra just sat there Cool and Beautiful. Miss Hurst ii sure she says that head carry Anitra a books if she had any. Manhattan murals the hot Sun of yesterday wrought havoc with the Wax candles in the 5th Avenue shop windows four in one window Between 52nd and 53rd fell in a humorous pile. ,. Looked like a couple necking. The British sailors and their spic and Span Whites. The arabian in front of Al Morocco and the chinese Doorman of Ruby foods. Playing baseball in the East 54th Street Gutter. The Man chasing his Teeth which bounced All Over tile sidewalk after falling out of his Kisser due to an explosive sneeze. On 47th Between 5th and huh at 4 30 a week ago today a a a the chorus girls sunning on the roofs of their Midtown hotels., Smiekel the Biggie girl at the kit rat who looks like Claudette Colbert with her new hair do. The Pushcart peddle in Greenwich Village who Sells clams. The sign on his cart reads a sea food papa a new orc adds Tommy Dorsey splatter of a Dawn on the desert a a Lovely Melody full of Pash. A Franklin a and c. Friends new to chant a you done to know How much you can suffer Quot until you fall in love. Sammy Kaye s version of a the tinkle song Al the Essex House. Eddie Davis Leon and eddies parodying a my h. B. T daddy a very buddy. Irving berlins score from the new Sonja Ellenie Flicker a second fiddle Quot. Scallions to the Way All the recordings except the Ink spots spoil a if i did t care. And hew come the same line a Why does my head go a round and a round while my heart stands still a is also in a asleep or awake. The a a care ditty had it first. The breezes on the sky gardens at the St. Montz. Bagtown smalltalk we said Texas got 2h billions in Federal funds. Beg pod n. It got on billion six Hundred million Rose lost 36 is on his last Casa Flop. ,. The Paradise refunds to permit d. Lumbers Crew to play a 4th week at the Paramount. The Intel Casino show is a Honey. Eddie Leonard a he minstrel was saved from drowning at new Preston conn., saturday. The Remington Rand display at the fair has a Novelty. Several pretty girls shave you with one of those electric Beard erasers for free ,. A a l Ather time ten years ago local news a five Hundred children from the fourth and fifth Grade of the City schools presented a cantata. A the Walrus and the Carpenter Quot at the american theatre last night. Over one thousand persons were in attendance. A or Nat Walker was elected first vice president of n. C. Slate optometric society Ai Greensboro yesterday. About people Keith Harrison of this City won the orators medal in the annual contest held at High Point College last night miss Elizabeth Nicholson of Mebane won the essayist s modal. A mrs. John be Peacock is now in new York City where she is a guest at the Shelton hotel. New briefs heat Waves have taken a heavy toll of lives in the East. A the British conservative party is trailing the labovites by 41 seats in parliament a Eugene Newsome of Durham has been elected president of rotary International at Dallas Tex. A Buncombe county dry sleuths this morning captured 186 Gallons of a Mountain Dew on the Border of the Pisgah National Forest. Twenty yearn ago local new members of the first Baptist Church after meeting at the South main Street school auditorium for several sundays will go a Aback Home Quot this coming sunday for All services. Alterations Are nearing completion. A the North Corolina Republican press association was organized in this City yesterday by representatives of Republican newspapers published in this state tules Mebane editor of the Beaufort news was elected president. A Hon. Leslie m. Shaw for seven years Secretary of the Treasury will speak at the Chautauqua tonight. About people a miss Louise Bowman who has been making her Home in High Point for several months has returned to Randleman where she will reside. Miss Amitio Pettway of Norfolk is the guest of miss Vera King. A mayor d. A. Stanton went to Greensboro today on business. New Brief a the allies refuse to Amend the it ease terms to comply with German desires. A count von Bern Storff former ambassador to America says no German can be found who will attach his name to the treaty. A seven american divisions Are still in France having never signed a peace treaty. T in Seminole indians Are still technically Ai War with the government. Some tribal leaders think acceptance of spa checks constitutes surrender to the White Man. It it a second thought is it the Indian or White Man who s surrendering ? if you want to see something stunning in a one piece swim suit a then have a hunk of Eleanor Holmes understudy at the aquacade. Her name is Eleanor Lamanna. She a the 33rd girl from the right. Broadway confucius4 remarkable remarks Guy with head Uke Peri sphere Seldom Rise High As try Lon. Girl who Lay heart at fellow s feet often get it stepped on. Better to have bankroll and be called miser than give it away and by called easy. Man Bruce Catton in Washington by Bitt c e Atton Washington Quot May 31. The set a Lution of the a labor problem in America is a thing which begins where the Wagner act leaves off. It is a slow delicate and involved matter of trial and error of self discipline and of a practical application of the democratic process. It can not be reached if the Federal government tries to a use Force compulsion of must give Way to i mediation Concilia j Tion and a patient Effort to help capital and labor w Ork out limit own destiny that at any it is the viewpoint of k Secretary of labor Jcj Frances Perkins. A trim i tin in an extended interview miss Perkins talked in detail about the part the government should play in the Field of labor relations. She does not think that the Wagner act is really a labor act at All As she see it it is simply an act to protect the civil rights of wage earners and to Imp Ost penalties if those rights Are violated she feels that the right to collective bargaining is a thing that must be taken for granted and that is rapidly attaining Universal acceptance but from that Point on the government must Lay aside the big stick and cultivate the diplomatic manner. Hants foolproof contracts a once the right to collective bargaining is established i done to think hip government ought to determine How negotiations Are to take place or what the terms in a Given agreement ate to be Quot she says. A a that a the business of the Union and the employer. I think the governments Jarl is to be available for real mediation in eases where the negotiations done to work out there a a few simple things labor and capital can do she believes which would eliminate much Industrial strife. For one she believes a labor contract should provide that no dispute arising during the life of the contract should be grounds for a strike or a lockout instead it should pro vide Means for settling such disputes most of which she remarks Are minor matters. For another thing she believes that the language of such contracts should be Crystal Clear for Many bitter disputes come just because one party thinks a Given clause Means one thing while the other party thinks it Means something else. But. Of course disagreements in the negotiation of contracts will continue to occur and they will Lead to strikes or lockouts. What then then the government has its Chance to conciliate the two factions and provide a Way for them to get together. This Job says miss Perkins is really an Art. The conciliator has no set of rules to go by he does t sit Down and Tell the parties what to do. Pass judgment on one Side or the other or make any finding of fact whatsoever. He simply brings the parties together helps them to find a common meeting ground suggests ways in which their difficulties can he harmonized but he Only suggest he has no Power to compel and he have it. Sheh against govern i ent compulsion should inert be some Means of preventing strikes and lockouts by Law should there in other words be compulsory arbitration of labor disputes a i think those two words Are mutually exclusive a says miss Perkins. A arbitration that simply Means i submit my problem to you voluntarily and ask you to arbitrate compulsion Means that the government lakes both parties by the neck. It be arbitration it would be wage fixing and hour fixing by the government. A i think that s a Little hazardous for a Nice free democracy like oui Quot where we do what we please and discipline ourselves to respect our neighbors rights a miss Perkins feels that the multiplicity of Jabot disputes of the last few years simply proves that collective bargaining is like marriage Hie fir to few years Are the hardest neither capital nor labor yet knows its True relationship to the other their manners. So to speak Arentt properly adjusted yet. That Point of manner As a matter of fact is important she thinks. A emr. Knudsen of general motors tells me that it took the better part of a year to train their foremen to mind their manners and not say a get the hell out of Here a when a Workman approached with a request Quot she says. A and the same thing is True on the other Side too. The men Jive to learn that although they have i heir rights they Haven to got the right to lie Down on the Job or to be unseemly in their approach when they want to make a kick about something. A a we re going through a period when adjustments must be made. On he whole we in the labor department Are quite satisfied with the Progress that is being made. In a surprised that they re doing As Well As they Are. A there has been a change in the Point of View of thousands of employers. I used to have to make All sorts of Calls trying to get industrialists to accept the fact of collective bargaining and to Deal with their menus unions. Do you know i Haven to had to make a Call like that in More than a year. A i know some men who gulped awfully hard when they had to Swallow collective bargaining. But now they say they Uke

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