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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 31, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Page Totite High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry pitch Point North Carolina wednesday May 31, 1939 weather Umah weather today noon. It i of last night. In High up sturday. Of �?.�?.�?,�? North Carolina a partly Cloudy. Occasional showers in the mountains tonight in West portion thursday. Winds h Atter a8 to Jacksonville moderate South Southwest winds Over North mostly southerly winds Over South portion partly overcast weather tonight thursday with a few scattered showers. Sandy Hook to Hatteras a moderate Westerly winds becoming gentle to moderate variable thursday fair weather tonight becoming overcast thursday. Charlotte. May 31�? apr official weather Bureau records of the temperature rainfall for the 24 hours ending at 7 30 a. Rn., in the principal Cotton growing areas elsewhere set for attempt to Glide across Lake Michigan station h. L. R fall Asheville. 82 62 .04 Atlanta. 84 70 .20 Augusta. 92 72 of Birmingham to 68 .36 Charleston. 84 74 .00 Charlotte. 90 70 ooch cargo. 86 68 of columbian. 92 70 of Denver. 88 56 .00 Detroit. 84 68 of Evansville. 86 68 of Galveston. 84 74 40 Greensboro. 88 66 .14 Hatteras. 80 72 of Jacksonville. 90 74 of key West. 86 76 .90 Little Rock. 86 68 of scr Angeles. 70 60 of Memphis. 86 72 of Meridian. 82 68 .02 Miami. 82 78 i 84 apis St. P. 94 68 of Mobile. 78 70 2.04 Mcmitchell. 64 so .00 new Orleans. 80 70 .06 new York. 84 72 .00 Raleigh. 90 72 of sen Antonio. 90 62 2 70 sen Francisco. 66 52 .00 Spartanburg. 88 66 of Tempe. 8 72 2 06 Washington. 90 68 of Wilmington. 82 72 of in his German mini Moa glider Dove of peace above 27-year-old Ted Beliak right will attempt a 54-mile motor less flight across vast Lake Michigan. The 54-mile course for Sturgeon Bay wis., to Frankfort mich., will be longest Over water distance Ever attempted in a glider. Vvs of a bring nut to of High Washington May i up a Secretary of War Woodring j be earn 49 years old today sex pet Long to remain in i Cabinet Job d spite recurring reports he would resign or accept a diplomatic Post. Taking note of the reports intimate friends predicted the former Kansas governor would a stick till 1941. Evacuation of millions leaves London Mere Village of War comes news of coloured people Mhz. Ii. G. Ohi Sheaks to profess Iona l la ii the High Point professional men s club meeting at 1116 riven drive monday evening with Thomas w. Hughes As Host had As its speaker mrs. Ethel Griffin Cobb teacher of social science business at William Penn High school. Mrs. Cobb spoke briefly but very interesting on methods of aiding the youth of the City. Specifically. Mrs. Cobb suggested that the club sponsor a big brother clubs for boys Young men. During the business part of the meeting the club Laid plans for sponsoring a swimming contest at the municipal coloured Park this summer. Or. J. J. Wilson l. B Haizlip or. J. Morgan were appointed members of the sponsoring committee. The club also made plans for holding the final meeting the Spring next week. Mph. Emma Raeford mrs. Emma Raeford passed away at her Home in Wallburg monday morning. She had been in declining health for a year. Surviving her Are nine children All of Wallburg. Funeral arrangements will be announced later. Coal opponents in Washington i. Philip Murray John l. Lewis left right in right hand photo look speculatively Over at Trio of mine operators after White House conference in which president Roosevelt served 24-hour ultimatum to strike deadlock affecting bituminous Coal Industry operators left to right j d a. Morrow l. Q Gunter . I. Rovison. Between Murray Lewis is Druid j. Mcdonald another member of United mine workers committee nation honors u. S. War victims Utu uses new clinic tasted Quick Relief try or Schotts new Mck trite for callouses Burn in a in ii to Oro or Trover or on Bottom of Yout Fott Cushion Boothr the sensitive spot. New tented design he i Carat medication included for quickly removing callouses. Get a Bot today i Cost hut a trifle /vl-a4t d Ruchos Lino pads by Milton Bronner Nea service staff compos Dent London May 31. A greater 1 London which sprawls Over goo acres contains about 8,000.-000 people will become a deserted Village in the event of War. This will he in striking contrast to conditions which prevailed in the British Metropolis during the i last world War. Then London was occasionally raided by German i planes zeppelins scores of j people were killed Hundred of others were injured hut there was no widespread Slaughter Aud no wholesale destruction by explosion fire Gas. life went on As usual in London. Rut the Gigantic air Force of Germany Italy coupled with the immense punishing Power huge bombs have will make the possible London of the possible next War quite a different place. Life will not go on a usual. The tree movies All probably will be closed so that great masses i of people will not be crowded in certain vulnerable localities. Ruses i w ill disappear from the streets so j will i that the gasoline May by sat d fori the largely by the underground railway by foot by bicycle. Widespread exodus will Drain City the population of wartime London will be due to Many factors sooner or later if Britain has a War conscription will he put into Force this will take at least underneath the various government office buildings in White Hall. Rut thee Are intended to shelter Only Skeleton forces. The main body of civil servants with the under secretaries of a state the responsible Cabinet officers would be elsewhere. 500,000 of the younger men away where they will be is naturally to training Camps battlefields one of the most closely guarded during the War scare of last governmental secrets. It is very fall Liana were made to evacuate j probable the big departments into the country 500.000 school would not be located in the same children another 600.000 town. It is More probable that the younger children together with with their mothers. These children women will be Billet Ted upon everybody who has a House. The government itself also proposed to build shelter Camps. At least 250,-000 More people who have friends relatives living outside of Lon do Dou will Betake themselves away from the Metropolis. It is also probable that of air raids Home office would be situated in one City the War department in a town some 150 or 200 Miles away. Hut All the government departments will be interlinked by Telephone Telegraph communications also with the office of the prime minister wherever that May ultimately be. Similarly there will he arrangements for Rev. Dunn to preach a i emm am Al Rev. J. F. Dunn pastor of St. Stephen a. M. E. Zion Church. Will preach at Emmanuel Baptist Church thursday evening beginning at 8 o clock. Leonard Street radiating exerciser thursday p. M. The seventeenth annual graduating exercises of the seventh Grade of Leonard Street school will be held in the school auditorium thursday afternoon at 2 30 o clock. The program centers around a unit of work. The Progress of the negroes in High Point from 1867-1931�?that was worked out in the school tills year. The material that la used in the Oral selections is a summary of the written work from All the grades a very cordial invitation la extended to All to he present. Whites h Hool of Beauty 4�?Tulti re the White school of Beauty culture will hold Ita Spring graduation at the first Baptist Church sunday afternoon june la at 3 of clock. The Public is invited to the exercise. By the user lated pre americans Soldier Sailor dead from those who perished on civil War battlefields to the 26 entombed in a sunken submarine last week were honoured on memorial Day in ceremonies which echoed widespread appeals for peace. N h ral of the addresses there were indications of the forthcoming Pongee atonal Toht Over neutrality proposals intend j de to keep the nation out of War. Tait knocks intervention senator Taft a Ohto speaking at Arlington va., near the Tomb of the unknown Soldier which King George of England will decorate with a Wreath next week opposed american intervention in foreign affairs. He criticized the use of a methods Short of War Quot a a atom phrase uttered by president j Roosevelt in trying to a top ag-1 Gre Sion. A no nation can take methods i Short of War unless it is prepared to carry through the War j to which auth measures inevitably Taft a Ald. Senator Radcliffe did speaking at Sharpsburg md., j where one of the civil wars i bloodiest Battles was fought j championed the peace efforts of j or. Roosevelt. Other oratory of the Day j touched on present economic con i trove Sieg. By re at Getty sri to senator Rydd first southerner to deliver the annual address at the Battlefield at get Teaburg pa., said elks differences had replaced old a clonal hatreds. A what will it accomplish Quot he asked a to achieve sectional atty Only to he divided by economic dissension Quot parades grave decorating ceremonies were held in hundreds of cities towns. Off the new Hampshire coast warships fired a Salute a coast guard plane dropped Flowers on the cold Waters covering the sunken submarine Squall its victims. Only nine veterans of the civil War were Able to turn out for ceremonies in new York where a half million person watched 25.000 soldiers sailors Parade on Riverside drive. Flowers covered the Rostrum of the House chamber in Washington for the annual tribute to members of Congress who died during the last year. 7flahjom& Vii Chi add i address your questions about your problems to a amp a Jorie Mansfield in care of the Enterprise. Your letters will j i be answered in these columns. I continue in intensity the govern calling parliament together out More vital need. Travel will Hament will evacuate at least 2, Mio too adult civilians who Are not performing essential services. Government officer scatter Fri verment is building immensely Strong air raid shelters Townsend Bill due to die say leaders Side London if necessary. The City a London s Wall Street a is prepared for emergencies. The great banking insurance Chipping concerns will i am informed largely scatter to Small towns in Wales Scotland. Flashes of life by Tbs associated press Washington May 31.�? a a the Townsend Bill to old age pensions up to $200 a month i reached the House floor today i after years of intensive nation wide campaigning political i controversy. Rut no amount of debate both i democrats republicans agreed will keep the House front defeating it when the Roll finally is called tomorrow. Representative Boland of Penn i Sylvania the democratic whip i estimated there would be not i More than 50 democratic 75 Republican votes for the Bill. Rep. Hendricks a Flaa i Thor of the measure said he had requests for speech making time i from 30 proponents. Each Side was allowed two hours for present ing its Case. Only two chances remained for i upsetting the democratic Leader i ships carefully Laid plan to kill j the Hill by a resounding majority. Some republicans were understood to he fighting parliamentary procedure which would prevent any change in the measure on the House floor. If they should succeed democratic leaders predicted they would not a the Hill might be so modified As to win More supporters. Then when All debate is finished. A motion will be in order tomorrow to Send the Bill Back to the ways Meana committee for further consideration. This strategy some sources declared w its calculated to appear to members who might not wish to go on record for or against the Meas-1 ure. The Bill would provide 1. Pension up to $200 a month j for persons 60 years old Over who arc not gainfully employed or in prison. Some statisticians have estimated it probably would about $50 a month at the Start. 2. A graduate a Gross Revenue a or transactions to ranging from one half of one per cent on producing manufacturing wholesaling jobbing businesses up uses stif j comfortable enjoyable Thomasville Palace theatre 9 Salem Street a a coming tomorrow Friday a spirit of Culver Writh Jackie Cooper ,.nd Freddie Bartholomew last Timbs today a cipher bureaus also serial comedy \ omission adults 15c 2 for 25c Eli it Drill except saturdays 10c # a j n to 2 per cent on a other business Quot including retailing. S. Beneficiaries would have to spend their pensions within the first five Days of the next month. 4. As far As possible beneficiaries fould have to buy United states goods use the services of United states citizens. A nazis Welcome soldiers who served Franco continued from Page one ish civil War on july 25. 1988�? a week after the outbreak. Plano declared however that j Italy did not intervene until an other foreign Power he did not identify it tent planes to assist Spanish Republican forces earlier j on the same Day. Italians depart the article was reprinted in this morning s edition of la to Polo do italia Premier Musso Init a newspaper a on july 25. 19 36, Twenty five plane took off from Marseille destined for red Spain Quot says count piano. A upon learning of that action upon the request of the nationalist. The italian government on the same Day authorized departure for Morocco of nine italian planes Given by the italian civil aeronautic Industry. The pilots were enrolled in the Spanish foreign legion xxx. A on dec. 22. 1 936. Three month after the red intervention the first 3.000 italian volunteers disembarked at Cadiz x x x.o minister hits at proposal in parliament continued from Page one i Zolotoff As foreign commissar on May 3, was seen among the deputies. The program called for the approval of decrees issued during the interval Between the second third sessions of parliament before to Lotoff address. Zolotoff talked for 40 minutes Laht neg Jet with sir William seeds the British ambassador whom he asked to clarify some Points in revised proposal for an agreement advanced last week. Hard Luck Champ Philadelphia a when fire for the first time in two year almost wiped out Morris Berger rag shop he was t discouraged because a a year a half ago he was injured seriously by an 800-Pound Hale of paper which fell from a loft. Rarely had he recovered when an automobile ran Over him broke three ribs. Then Only a few month before the fire a weight fell on him broke i leg. Repaid Collegeville did a a silk stray dog named Mont Morency indirectly repaid Hob ranch St. Joseph College pre tend student for making him Well. Danely noticed the dog moping on tin Campus. He took him into the Laboratory operated on him wrote an article on it. After infecting Frisky Mont Coreney now fully recovered the judge gave Danely the prize a unwed annually for the be scientific paper. Two out Baxter Springs a Buck Hampton Catcher for a local Semi pro team raced for second. Shortstop Leon tester Man of Joplin ran to tag him. They collided. Both were carried off with broken legs invitation at vetted Kansas City. A mayor Bryce it. Smith was Host to a jul orphan at i farm last fall. A come again next Spring Ani Well have a Fried Chicken dinner Quot he told their teacher. Reminded of i Promise Smith renewed i invitation a Only to discover it had been. Accepted eagerly by All youngsters in the Kansas City Orph Iii Hoy Home plus 12 teacher. A is a a a a that the Jackpot in t it Quot asked the Mirrl of mayor a Flint i run do it. Hist Tell them to come a a a. Hungary a decreed hat fat people must extra railway fare. Senior class night play departing from the conventional class night exercise the senior Cia of William Penn High school gave a very entertaining play a Quot this la the Day Quot by Emile Geh ring in the auditorium tuesday night. It entered around the hit of frivolity seriousness usually associated with Cia night a i wises hut differed from the con j vent ional in that it had a plot whose denouement a very delightful. The event of the play occurred around the throne of King in earn ing. Otis Wells Aud i Queen i Alma mater Irene Martin. The entire Las a cast in the play j the main supporting roles however were portrayed by the following senior Gwendolyn netted Prince charming Henry Wright sir nonsense Harry Caldwell old exam Edmond Haywood Lucifer flunk Phillip Mccall the play a die cited by i or. E. P Wilson adviser of the i senior class. Or. Migalti speak at w m. Penn comment ement or. Rayford w. Logan professor of history at Howard University Washington. D. C., will deliver the commencement address j at William Penn High school j thursday evening beginning at 8 15 of clock. Do National to Griffin portrait project the president of the William Penn High school student Council announced today the name of the clubs that have donated to the fund being raised for the Purchase of a painting of the late prof. Alfred James Griffin the clubs Are 20th Century professional menus. Alpha Art Aud i d k. Several individuals have also donated to the fund. Rev. A. S. Townsend will deliver Sermon tonight Rev. A. S. Townsend of the mount Zion Baptist Church will Render a Sermon at the women s memorial a. M. E. Church wednesday night at 8 of lock. Polish War chief talks to French a i dear miss Mansfield for six year i have slaved for my husband a i have worked while he loaded have not Only kept him up but have had to look after his father Mother part of the time he is Able to work claims to be willing but i know he does not try. You can to Tell me any Man wants work Wro sleep till noon then goes to the show every afternoon to a Pool room at night. I a brought up to to again divorce hut i Ani about to change Iii mind we do not have any children amt i feet like i can to just work year in Andy a out to keep up someone who Doe not even appreciate what i do. Brately i have heard stories about my husband other women i cannot endure that. Would i he doing wrong to get a divorce a a Misek Able Quot divorce is a matter upon which you must make up your own mind my Friend for after All it i your happiness which is involved. Many people for religious or other reasons do not believe in divorce of course they Are entitled to their own convictions. But if you do not have such scruples you May he unwise in continuing your present Mode of living. Any woman who not Only keep the House hut also bring Home the Bacon is certainly due the respect Ami consideration of her husband. In your Case it May be that the very fact that your husband Doe not feel obligated to work contribute to his shiftless attitude. Of a Man docs not fee Iii res in she i Apt to a a come a Arches Aln Tut other things. W Hether or not you decide to secure a divorce you should make a definite Effort to have your husband shoulder his part of the family Upkeep of he is not willing to do this either separation or divorce May be your Only Way to secure the peace Contentment which you desire. Simply Tell your husband that he must Brace up or you will make other plans of you eau arrange it go Awny for a time make him look after Iii own need. Tell him that when he proves ills Good Faith by securing work living a decent life that you will consider reestablishing your Home. Of he i merely thoughtless careless is genuinely fond of you he will make every Effort to gain your approval. if he done not care enough to do his part you will tie better uhf without him. Deak miss Mansfield while on my vacation last year i fell in love with a Man whom i had known for Only two weeks. We enjoy the a am Friend have Many tastes in common. He has never been married before. Inf i ran away got married when i was it teen. My marriage lasted Only two months i got my divorce that same year. I have moods when i feel very hitter Aud dissatisfied. La you think another marriage could work out happily for me Quot Anne Quot i 0, i Psi tin Ore have been Africa. Deposit Are said to found in italian East Earth Shock Felt Athens May 31.�? of a a Strong Earth Shock was Felt at 2 20 a. M. Today 7 20 p. In. Tuesday e. S. T. I in Patras a Gulf port. The Walls of several buildings were cracked the terrified population poured into j be Street in night clothes but there were no casualties. Hilts sixteen thousand Trees will be planted along streets of Taskett Russia. Women motor racer in London Are wearing half length trousers. Oil 111 run any trave Carr y i Rig in special per to discuss plans for joint Mill tary action in fulfilment of the recent Anglo French guaranty to Poland general Tadeusz Kasprzycki polish minister for military affairs is conferring with tile French general staff in Paris. F none of us has to make the same mistake twice Anne if you choose your husband wisely do your part to make marriage a Success you should have an excellent Chance for happiness. Of course there is no written guarantee for marital Bliss hut you do not stand More of a Chance of misery than others. In fact you should know some of the Pitfalls which should be avoided in building up a lasting partnership a unhappy marriage is very unfortunate under any Circum Stihi info hut Jou should not allow such an experience to make your attitude toward life hitter unhappy. you Are the Only one who can overcome the undesirable ii abit of bitterness self pity of you want your marriage to be a Success you must a a a cheerful optimistic in your disposition. Of you Moon a round Walt for hard Luck to overtake you in All probability you will get what you Are waiting for a be sure that you Are choosing wisely this time. Marriage after h Brief acquaintance is generally risky you have been prud ent to wait for a year after fall i ing in love with the Young Man. Vacation romances can be As genuine a any other hut the Wise girl Waits a reasonable length of time in order to test her affection. A Moonlight night or a Beautiful Sunset far from our drab everyday existence is conductive to heart flutters but anything As serious As Matrimony should be carefully considered. Lake a definite Aud wholehearted attempt to overcome your spell of brooding dissatisfaction. You can occupy your mind with More cheerful worthwhile thoughts if you try. Do not allow your thought to dwell on past unhappiness a concentrate on making your future a pleasant one profit by your mistakes yes hut clo not waste time in vain regret. A a e. A you la like Cotton s this simmer the Clever shopper will include plenty of Cottons in her vacation wardrobe this year. The r a one Are shown in such an amazing Range of patterns colors Weaver weights that she May choose Cotton appropriately for almost every costume. Besides. She May select fabrics that Are pre shrunk grease reste Tant water repellent Colo fast processed to retain their original Crisp finish through Many laundering. A Bullet can be photographed in flight by new High Speed photographic methods. A a. Wolves no longer Are to be i found in any of the Many National Parks in the United states. 1fir Ion a stand erect on the i twigs the Cones of Pines Aud spruces Liana Down. Presbyterians attack isms general in Fombly to sad Flor Unity proposal i killed Montreat. My a9 a a it to Tom nation of communism fascism on the ground that they denied the existence of god was voiced last night by the 79th general Assembly of the presbyterian Church in the United St at on. The Assembly also at its final session voted Down a proposal to silence the movement for Union with the Northern Church. Tho body left to its 88 constituent presbyteries the question of whether the permanent committee on cooperation Union should be abolished or kept for further study. A minority asked the Assembly to abandon it committee on moral Ami social welfare because the group said it violated the Church Polly of separation of Church state. That proposal a voted Down. Majority Heifort the majority report approved a a whole in addition to condemning communism fascism also warned against profanity Saphath breaking. Censured intolerance in philosophy Tigon urged obedience to parents pointed to expense of armaments deplored Lynching other crime traffic deaths. It Aid adultery sexual laxity were increasing pointed to the relationship of poverty disease said there was a growing disregard for truth. The stewardship Flea inca committee endorsed the Raisin of $350,000 to remove the debt make repair increase the endowment at the assets blvd a training school at Richmond a. It also recommended that a permanent building lie erected for the historical foundation which files Hook records historical document of the Church. By i Kirt adopted a budget of $1.450,000�?$75,� 000 larger than that of the current year was adopted for Benevolence. Placed on the permanent committee on evangelism were the Rev. D. Vav. Richardson of Richmond va., chairman Tbs revs. Warner Dubose of Mobile. Alar. D. Redinger of Asheville j. Vav i Chunru of fort Smith. Ark. J. V. Johnson of Miami Fla. W. V. Gardner of Atlanta. A Warner Hall of Lexington by. E. D. Holloway of Monroe. La Hon. Warren Potts of Kosciusko i. Donkey d. Kill of Sykeston. p. I. Miller of Raleigh a. R. Craig of Pendleton 8. C., representing the Oklahoma Synod . I. Bishop of Heidelburg Snedecor memorial Joseph b. Mack of Georgetown 8. R. G. Lows of Memphis. Tenn. F. P. Brown of Dallas. Texas John a. Mclean of Richmond Ernest Thompson of Charleston . A. A a a in parts of Europe the St. John wort Plant was believed to have the Power of averting destruction by lightning. The Poison of certain spiders is used As a cure for various human ailments. A the planet Neptune has Only one Moon named titon. A a a a the Bible is the world a Best seller an average of 30.ooo,uu# copies being sold annually. A a a a the whippet fastest dog in the world is a Cross Between a greyhound a terrier. Sugar refineries use old Burnt Hon of for filtering whitening sugar. I a Aly a Olive crop last year weighed Over 1,100,000 tons

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