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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 30, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather scattered showers More data on Page 3a 90th year a no. 150 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 882-1719 High Point n. Pm thursday afternoon May 30, 1974 44 pages classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c by 28-10 vote warning letter sent to Nixon by John Beckler associated press writer Washington a the House judiciary committee today warned president Nixon he May be providing grounds for impeachment by refusing to Honor committee subpoenas for watergate tapes. By a vote of 28 to to it authorized the sending of a letter to Nixon stating that his refusal will be weighed by the committee when it votes on whether to recommend his impeachment. A in meeting their constitutional responsibility a the letter says a committee members will be free to consider whether your refusals warrant the drawing of Adverse inferences concerning the substance of the material and whether your refusals in and of themselves constitute a ground for an earlier draft had said members would be a obliged to draw such an inference but it was softened at the suggestion of rep. Lawrence Hogan. Red. Eight republicans joined with 20 democrats in approving the letter which was signed by chairman Peter Rodino . The letter was a response to Nixon s letter of May 22 saying no further watergate matter would be provided. In his May 22 letter Nixon based his refusal to Supply la tapes subpoenaed by the committee on the grounds that it would Lead to a never ending process of continuing requests. Nixon said a such a massive invasion into the confidentiality of presidential conversations would fatally weaken the office of the presidency. Nixon also told the committee it already had a the full Story of watergate insofar As it relates to presidential knowledge and presidential approval of a response to Nixon a letter was Only one of several matters to be settled by the committee today after the completion of the preliminary presentation of watergate evidence. White House lawyer James d. St. Clair said the Combee warning on Page 2a judge Sirica withholds Nixon tapes Washington apr . District judge John j. Sirica today refused to turn Over tapes of four White House conversations sought by the House judiciary committee for its impeachment inquiry. Sirica said he was legally powerless to meet the request because the tapes of the four conversations two on june 20, 1972, and the others from june 30 and sept. 15 of the same year were delivered to him for rulings on claims of executive privilege by president Nixon. He said it is up to Nixon whether or not the tapes should be turned Over to the committee. Citing this As a special see judge on Page 2 a Kissinger in Cairo truce will take effect on Friday St. Clair contends bypassing of court a judicial haste Washington a White House lawyer James d. St. Clair told the supreme court today that bypassing the . Court of appeals in the matter of the watergate for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Visitation rights i am a girl and my Mother has custody of me. My father is coming Home on May 31st and he lives in another state and my Mother will not let me go and is there anything i can do about this As i really want to see my father and see him bad. I cannot give you my name because i am afraid to and please help me and Tell me what to do. Thank you. Anon. A. Visitation rights Are usually included in custody rulings but we done to have any idea what the situation is in your Case. What you can do is Call the court number 882-2591, and ask to talk to Aubrey Strother a juvenile court Counselor. There is no guarantee you can see your daddy but or. Strother will be Happy to talk to you to see if it s possible. Saturday s the Day q. When will the swimming Pool at the City Lake open thank you. . A. The Pool opens june i. Hours Are 12 noon to 6 . Monday through saturday 1-7 on sundays. The fees Are the same 50 cents for those 12 and Over 25 cents for children la and under. Charging out of town residents at the Entrance Gate will not Start until june 7. A soggy 2-year-old q How old was Mark Spitz when he first Learned to swim or. A. The time Magazine cover Story on Spitz in september 1972 tells that his family moved to Honolulu when Mark was two years old. His Mother was quoted As saying a we went to Waikiki every Day. You should have seen that Little boy dash into the Ocean. Head run like he was trying to commit assuming a Mother let her toddler dash into the sea like a Lemming unless he could swim it follows he could paddle on his own when he was Between 2 and 3. When the family returned to California four years later and enrolled Mark in a swimming program at the local Myca he won almost All his races. Garden plowers q. Is there anyone available for hire to plow a Small Garden plot about 40 by 60 feet and what approximately would be the charge the Garden plot is really too big to plow with a Tiller and it is also overlaid with Sod and would be very difficult to plow with a Tiller for the first time. Thank you very much. Do. A. The classified ads in the Enterprise often have several a have tractor will Plowy notices of they Are All booked up Call us at the newsroom. Re action to the person who made the inquiry about the log Cabin quilt pattern one May be seen by calling 883-2421 after 8 . And make an appointment. The pattern for the parts can be taken from the quilt. Tapes and documents would result in a Sun judicial a when a Case raises the most fundamental issues of the allocation of Power among the three branches of the Federal government it is More important that it be decided wisely than that it be decided hurriedly a St. Clair said in a Brief submitted to the High court. . District judge John j. Sirica ruled May 20 that president Nixon must give tapes and documents subpoenaed by special prosecutor Leon Jaworski for judicial inspection last Friday St. Clair appealed the judge s order to the circuit court of appeals. Shortly afterwards Jaworski asked the supreme court to take the Appeal directly skipping the appeals court on tuesday the court asked St. Clair to respond by today and he said he would. The White House also was facing another court deadline today on a watergate matter a this one on orders of a Federal judge. . District judge Gerhard Gesell has ordered president Nixon to state in writing by today that he understands that charges in the plumbers Case against former presidential assistants May be dismissed if subpoenaed notes and records Are not provided. Although the supreme court does not disclose in Advance when it will announce specific decisions it has the regular weekly conference scheduled for Friday for the purpose of reviewing cases to determine which will be heard. If it considers Jaworski a request conference the decision could come on Friday or monday. St. Claire a response was delivered to the office of the court clerk by assistants. St. Clair said he agreed with Jaworski that the constitutional issues in this Case Are exceedingly important. A but it is precisely because of the importance of these issues that the president opposes any attempt to shortcut the usual judicial process a St. Clair wrote. A prompt judicial action is important in this Case but prompt judicial action does not mean a judicial haste a he said quoting from a 1971 supreme court decision. St. Clair said the Case was of such importance a that the court must be assisted to the greatest possible extent by the lower courts and by counsel and that the court must have the Opportunity for careful reflection and deliberation that Wise decision in his petition Jaworski suggested that if it accepted the Case it require All briefs to be in by june 14 and hear arguments As soon thereafter As possible. The last schedule see bypassing on Page 2a by Barry Schweid associated press writer Cairo Egypt a Henry a. Kissinger arrived Here today in route Home from his 33-Day Marathon peace Mission and a senior american official said the cease fire agreement he mediated Between Israel and Syria would take effect As soon As it is signed on Friday. Before leaving Jerusalem the american Secretary of state told newsmen the pact May become a a turning Point in the history of the Middle the senior official talking to newsmen As the Kissinger party flew Here to report to president Anwar Sadat on the Accord said wounded prisoners of War would be exchanged within 24 hours of the signing in Geneva. As part of the agreement to separate israeli and syrian forces in the Golan Heights the official said Israel would give up the Golan City of Qun Eitra and six or seven villages taken in the 1967 War As Well As land gained last october. The . Official said Israel would retain Possession of three strategic Hills and All of its settlements but will yield about a a Field and a half of cultivated land East of the disengagement line. The text of the Accord distributed to newsmen gives syrian and israeli negotiators until wednesday to work out details of the troop separation in the Golan Heights. Actual disengagement is to begin by next thursday and be completed by june 25. All of the remaining 73 israeli and 408 syrian moroccan and iraqi prisoners Are to be repatriated by thursday in a protocol accompanying the agreement Israel and Syria agreed that the u n. Peacekeeping Force will number about 1,250 men and will carry out regular inspections. But the Force is not to hamper the syrian civil administrators who will move into the demilitarized zone Between the separated armies. Kissinger and Sadat Are to lunch together during a six disengagement this map depicts probable disengagement lines Between Israel and Syria according to israeli sources close to the negotiations. The Center Black area will be the Buffer zone with the shaded area to be the approximate 12 mile zones on either Side of the Buffer where armaments will be restricted. A wire photo another Arab Oil embargo unlikely Washington a americans help in negotiating the israeli syrian troop disengagement virtually eliminates the possibility of another Arab Oil embargo a . Energy expert says. A this agreement removes the major impediment to Good relations Between the United states and the arabs a John Wilhelm director of producer country affairs in the Federal Energy office said wednesday. Wilhelm a statement capped a Day of Good Energy news for the country. The Federal Energy chief said electric utilities should have enough fuel to avoid Power problems this summer and it was reported that for the first time this year there Are no gasoline shortages at the end of the month. The diplomatic breakthrough in the Mideast achieved after 32 Days of mediation by Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger came just three Days before Detroit Home target of attacks a somebody asked for a log Cabin quilt pattern in action line and anybody interested can get it in the grit paper. There is a pattern and everything with it described As to How to make it. Mrs. A Thomasville. By Joe Lapointe associated press writer Detroit a Matroit Richard sat behind her boarded living room window Reading her hate mail. A member of the Black Vietnam veterans group which has pledged to protect her family stood by. Quot in a afraid of my own Shadow a said the Black Mother of six whose West Side Home has been the target of rocks garbage and harassment since she moved into the previously All White neighbourhood last summer. At first Uncertain about whether to flee from the violence mrs. Richard whose children Range from 9 months to 19 years old now says she is determined to stay. A a in be lived with White people All my life a she said a my parents were the second family in an East Side neighbourhood they used to Call a polish two of the Richard boys played basketball nearby with several neighbors in sight of an unmarked police car. Police have been guarding her modest Home around the clock since last week mrs. Richard finally sought their help after a Brick was thrown in her basement window. An inscription tied to the Brick read a go Home Nigger can you dig it a the interested veterans for economic and social Progress moved in wednes Day with a pledge of Lon term Protection a we Are trained in the arts and crafts of warfare a said Robert Jones a spokesman for the group which claims 2,500 Michigan members. A we fought for this country and we should be Able to live wherever we earlier this month the Home was patrolled by Union groups working with the a act. Detroit police commissioner Philip Tannian visited the Home last week and told mrs. Richard to a hold on a since she moved into the neighbourhood last july her windows have been broken and fish and wine bottles have been thrown in her backyard. Last november a car roared across her front Lawn. One of the hate letters see Detroit on Page 2a the arabs were scheduled to meet and review their Oil Export policy. Quot i think with this impediment removed we can be reasonably assured that Arab Oil production will increase especially in saudi Arabia a Wilhelm said. He had made a recent visit to saudi Arabia Kuwait and Libya and reported Arab willingness to increase Oil shipments but said it hinged on .-aided Progress in the Arab israeli dispute. Wilhelm said he could not guess How fast or How far Arab Oil production might be increased. Meanwhile Federal Energy chief John c. Sawhill said the nations electric utilities should have enough fuel Oil to meet Power needs this summer provided the Public and utilities continue to conserve Energy. Sawhill announced that 89 utilities have been allocated 41.9 million barrels of residual fuel Oil for june if the Supply remains at or above current Levels there should be no Power shortages due to Lack of fuel Oil with the possible exception of the East coast Sawhill said. Hour Stopover before the Secretary continues to Washington. Announcement of the syrian israeli agreement wednesday did not halt fighting in the Golan Heights and the syrian command reported the 80th consecutive Day of shelling there Premier Golda Meir was presenting the pact to the israeli parliament today and information minister Shimon Peres said it was expected to pass despite opposition from the right Wing liked bloc. Israeli officials said mrs. Meir might resign immediately after a favourable vote turning Over the government to Premier designate Yitzhak Rabin. The break through in reaching agreement came tuesday when Israel dropped its insistence that the pact incorporate written guarantees against palestinian terrorist infiltrators from Syria. In Exchange for the crucial Concession Israel reportedly got an american pledge that israeli retaliation against terrorist attacks would be a a understood in Washington a interpreted to mean the United states would veto any in. Security Council resolutions condemning possible israeli reprisal raids. Satellite launched Cape canaveral. Fla. Map a a $180 million satellite which will beam televised educational and health programs to isolated areas of the world was launched today. The Titan 3c rocket blasted away from its Kennedy space Center moorings lifting the applications technology satellite 6 into orbit. Initially. Ats6 will be positioned in stationary orbit 22,-300 Miles above the Galapagos islands in the Eastern Pacific. From there it will be Able to View the entire Continental United states and Alaska National aeronautics and space administration officials said the satellite which costs about half As much As a manned Moon Mission will be used by the United states for a year and then loaned for a year to India. What s inside i amusements 5i> bridge.9a classified ads5-11d comics 10b crossword.9a editorials4a financial 2a obituaries .2d sports1-5c television .9b women a news1-9b weather.3a court delays demand for Hoffa release data Matroit Richard surveys damage at her Home a wire photo by Robert a Dobkin a labor writer Washington a a Federal judge today granted the White House a delay until monday to produce records and documents concerning the conditional clemency granted sex teamsters president r Hoffa. . District judge John h. Pratt permitted the Extension after the government notified the court that president Nixon needed More time to decide whether to comply with a subpoena from Hoffa a attorneys or claim executive privilege Pratt had told asst. . Atty. Michael a. Katz on wednesday to Telephone the chief of the White House Central records file William f. Matthews and a Tell him to show up. With As much of the material As he can by this morning also White House chief of staff Alexander a Haig or. Has been subpoenaed to appear in court today to testify about the Hoffa Case. Lawyers for Hoffa Are seeking the records in their Effort to overturn a condition of Hoffa a Pardon that bars him from taking part in Union affairs until 1980. Katz sought unsuccessfully wednesday to have the subpoena quashed asserting that Haig did not have custody of the files. Pratt rejected katzes motion after an attorney for Hoffa David rein countered that the subpoena allowed Haig to Send a representative in his place. It

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