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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 28, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Weather partly Cloud and continued w Arm sunday and monday the High Point Enterprise High Point Industry at High Point offers Good Opportunity for year around work \ of. 53�?no. I in member associated press High Point n. C., is now morning May 28, 1939 Complete Nea service Price five cents ill submits neutrality act revisions Oey c Aires n a. Sovereignty invaded by Power commission six Point plan Tate to enter Ower dispute Ity unaffected Quot new Quot supreme court poses for its first picture kno sax i it a full authority i rider state Laws if the courts should decide the Federal Power commission state to contest Federal government for control of Yadkin Raleigh May 27.i apr bluntly housing the Federal diver commission of attempt j exceeded its authority in Isle to invade North Carolina s suing a License for High Points Flower project and if they should find further that the City went beyond it scope of authority in accepting the ii Cerise the $6,�?Ti00,000 municipal i Hydro electric development would yet be unaffected materially. That i Tho position City Man i Ager e. M. Knox took on the matter last night after having been informed that governor Hoey had instructed attorney general Harry s. Mcmullin to in Verein to governor Hoey to by instructed attorney Lineal Harry m a Mullan to inter one in a suit which May de mine whether the state or e commission can control the so Kin River. The suit was brought by rest knits of Yadkin county to regain the City of High Point in constructing a pea Finane dam on the Yadkin River veral other similar suits also live been brought the in Morgenthau submits tax Law changes offers five Point program to House via a and Means committee is okayed by administration is stated Flat i Vii Tiv i vivid Terrene in a Yadkin county in the. Yadkin minty nutation. Juni Lor .ut., Wever. Definitely had in Quoit Ion about Hie a Tho River. Hoey said dint has taken the stand that photographed together for the first time arc the four appointees of president Roosevelt and the five a old Quot members of the i listed states supreme court. Seated left to right they Are justices Harlan f. Stone and James Clark Mcreynold thief Justice f Harle klans Hughes Justice Owen j. Roberts. Standing left i o right Are Hustle Felix Frankfurter Hugo Lafayette Black. Stan lev Forman Reed and William o. Kim glad. Raised i the i my Nav or control an emphatically that in his hib to Penlon whatever derision the court May reach with regard to ran Yadkin county i j"1 a a of v or Quot in in a adjacent loth River by Tbs o Quot a a a a Bull Quot of a per Quot in of a Perm i. Fro a the pow u.,Orty pro it state commission he added ,. Love nor Hoey to. The a a Thor it the Quot Challenge pr0f Quot ring the Federal License was no in lieu of nor in subs i Reich wooing All friends moderate business upturn on the Way rutted Mcmillan to be authority of the Federal owl comr Hsion to exercise y control Over this he tin red that if the commission bit rolled tie Yadkin it might it a in con and of virtually All her River in the state in a letter to the attorney Neca i he added Quot the Yadkin River is non Tkv liable and i do not believe in Congress intended to Confer poll the Fedora i Power com give of free lits of Danzig left hanging on i to shelf spreading belief Mark v Bange in senti men i prevailing since february by Loi is p. Vijh la Ner Talon the authority which it no seeks to exercise. And at the special session in i uis Quot if the commission Eon i a that if flip Federal government or on for the authority of the state As a matter of fact or. Tio it said one of the first things the Federal commission required i of the it it when it applied for the License was that it show it had acted in compliance with a1 requirement of the state of North Carolina. Be City cont lids that it derives it authority to build the the free City of Danzig stays just 1 Cloine in politics Ami general Plant from acts passed by the on the Edge of the shelf. In mines conditions have made general a Embly in 103&Quot. 1917 a. A a i Sineaka Tiiu irions Navi mime italian foreign minister Flint Anor song v co fit ent a bar Lin May 27 i Pazi Germany has embarked on a policy of wooing old and new Friend with lavish entertainment. While the Issue with Poland Over malt today International ate by Henry Paynter a business writer new York Max 27,-financial Ami Industrial Leader it of the Yadkin then it can take Large of practically every Stream f any consequence in the state id require All the developments i these Rivers to get License oui Aud pay fees to the fed Al government and completely ast the jurisdiction of the state it All practical purposes. I maps in Quot the entry of the state will get Cerve to either hinder or de y the determination of gets of tile litigants. The e already pending and the Issue 1 the Federal to woo Coni mls on authority has been raised Ani unwilling to Cit idly by and ii to do everything possible to a Orect the state f opted invasion of 1 he this Federal the governor Sal u t Lei Patton in t to mixed solely to Ltd the of of the Yadkin u i la n in m this attic Sov Ereign item y Quot i the Date s ult would be Issue of connived. Mime Quot fake sides Quot on in other Lianes involved. Hot gird. Last. Year the stat a lost a , development at tuck town a Hoey Caid. Be aus the it wer commission claimed that it unrolled the Yadkin River. The i Roll a aluminium company canned plans for the development. Tee bring informed the protect on id he subject to supervision r the commission lie added. Build contract ilgner by paper has not the right to Issue a License for the Plant the City still i re italian May go Forward undeterred with its plans tinder state a question naturally arising in that connection is must the City obtain from the state a certificate of Public convenience and necessity to that question the City manager answers Quot no a and by Way of explanation be Pointe again that the City is pro. The reeding tinder the authority of suits i be 1935 Revenue rend act made a part of High Point City charter in 19.17. Which contains no provisions for such requirement. And even if the City were acing under the a it Ope of the 1938 Revenue Bond act that measure contain a provision be Elfi Cally exempting projects under Way at the Date of ratification from a requirement for such certify ate of v permit the Only permit the state of North Carolina demands of the City is one for impounding Waters which the department of health must Issue a a malaria control measure. This the City has already procured. Announcement of Hie intervention by the state in the suit brought no Surprise to City officials Here or. Knox said he bad talked with the attorney general and that the latter bad indicated to him the probability of intervention. Nor was any concern manifested among the officials when they were informed of the governors move. The attitude was apparently. Quot we Are Galeazzo Ciano and his entourage. A War. Shown Hoapil tally his. K to. Lorai business up is no not surprised moreover we Are Chattanooga Tenn. May Little concerned a tvs a Pic a five Day strike of to to Chattanooga news unit of j in Chattanooga newspaper Guild id cd today a news officials id representatives of the Guild Good a contract for a year. The strike tons called tuesday. Nill officials said ii followed series of Quot Ham. in. Id it ins. Fie news has cont tined Rugur publication. Guild officials said the in aet provides against reduction the proportionate strength of e Guild in the editorial and Omerria departments and that to present employee shall be sin bused for reasons of it Calls for a 10-hour week Tot More than five Days for editorial department and five id n half Days for other detriments involved on their visit Here for signing the military Alliance that still is the talk of the town now finishing touches Are boing on Bellevue Palace once the official residence of Hohen Rollern Prince Eitel Friedrich in preparation for the visit next week of Yugoslavia s Regent Prince Paul. Prince Paul and Prince Olga Are due in Berlin june i. They wt41 find Bellevue Palace As refurbish d under Reich fuehrer Hitler personal direction More up to Date than any in whish they have stopped a group of spaniards headed by general Juan Yague will arrive with returning German Legionnaire who fought for the nationalist in Spain civil War. The important Ana had to t be Spanish visitor is afle Ted by the fact thai Field Marshall Hermann Wilhelm gearing himself will a it come them at Hamburg wednesday. While the Danzig to a Ripen a nazi Lech minds foreign observer of the 1938 Czecho Slovakia crisis. Suggestions of mediation by third parties Are rejected. German press accounts report germans badly treated in Poland and Powers which Are ready to Side with Poland Are warned with increasing intensity. Propaganda minister Paul Joseph Goebbels a final warning today to nations which accuse of trying to a encircle Quot Germany is an example. Quot every blow of this front Quot he said in the Voel Kischer Bemba enter Quot will be answered by us with a deafening counter Hitler is regarded As hoping by the Way. Tills spreading belief Marks a change in sentiment prevailing since february. However they expected the up turn would affect consumer lines chiefly. There was Little Hope expressed of a major upturn in the heavy goods Field. Most of those interviewed thought the upturn might be sex petted by late summer some predicted it would begin shortly after Congress adjourned. Definitely better although a few sue k Market analysts this week predicted a turn for tile worse in Europe the general attitude of Wall Street Lead it was that the International political situation a definitely bet tee a a Factor in this country business and that every Day s postponement of hostilities decreased the likelihood of Gene-a1 War. On the Domestic political front Wall Street leaders were a mom insemination artificially Chicago. May 27,�? i it an Experiment in which 17 women became pregnant by artificial insemination from one Man has Boon reported to the american medical association. At the Tim he report was w l Itten. Ii of the pregnant women had delivered tis Blea. Or. Frances i Seymour of new York told in th1 associations journal the reasons for the Experiment which fat Hgt lid proved that an Ordinary microscopic examination does not necessarily reveal Tartlet h or a Man is sterile. The impregnation without physical Contact were made with the consent of the wive and their husbands who were sterile or. Seymour related. They followed her discovery that a professional Man who seem cd sterile actually had very motile or Active sperms Totoa. Which Haie in regarded As a sign a Man is not sterile. With i wife consent it women were Arifi Eairy Cross inseminated with this Matt a spermatozoa. no pregnancies resulted in a year and a half. Later or tile same 8 Tensional mans wife were Arifi Cally inseminated using a donor whose fart i 111 y was known Aud raising of sub gets underway e tamale it ill of a key it least before Squall taken from Bolton h a for ports Mai the to an Intro it at p ing the $4., submarine squat us and its Crew of 26 dad a a plan so complicated ii May take a wet k or Mitre to execute a was thrown into High gear today with the Navy s Best divers wanting in relay St the task. Quot keep at it Dav and night until the Job is done. There will be no sundays or holidays until the squats is these in effect were the order flashed to the men assigned to one of the most delicate submarine Job in history. The return from Washington by fast Navy plane of two submarine expert comma ador a. I Mckee and a. R. Mccanna with the approved plan of operation was the signal for speeding up the work shortly before noon almost simultaneous with the Landing of Mckee and Mccann the first relay of divers went Down their previous work bad been largely exploratory and with the purpose of Clearing away some of i sue i left as1<1 he of a by the reported agree he 17 pregnancies followed. I a a Uhl Quot Rijs Broughton lauds Woodmen Pat Harrison miss. And a resident Roosevelt to try the obtain passage before adjournment of the Morgenthau Hanc tax revision program. Boone leaders continued to express scepticism. They saw a wide divergence Between the president s economic views in his address before the american retail fellation monday and i reported As nazis i sent later in the to a tax revision program desired by a alg Wall Streeter do not regard the Morgenthau Hanes tax revision program As a tax Panacea by an it Means. They do not expect it to reduce taxes or expenses. They do. Resident Roosevelt gets state ready for Royalty Hyde Park n. A a a May 27�? a a president Roosevelt dug me old clothes and began an tended quiet week end to a by looking Over his family que and estate which will be died two weeks hence to visit a British Royalty. Word a passed along that e Quot lid is on a that there would no Public announcements and tie news from Tho president t the chief executive did receive a Dinand Pecora new York preme court Justice in the afro too. Working women being eased chances of marrying vol holding Job getting Slimmer in i. S. New York May 27. Do a the working girl chances of getting married without losing her Job were Down to a new Low today. A Survey of state capitals showed that in 20 states almost half the nation proposals to prohibit employment of wives in government service had reached the legislative or executive decree stage in one form or other and in four states the bans already had gone into effect. Quot married women Are taking up jobs that belong to men Quot was the argument. A let them stay at Home and be supported by their the Justice of that argument a challenged by miss Mary Anderson director of the women Bureau of the v. 9. Department of labor. A Only about 6 per cent of All our employed personal Are married women he asserted and Quot in most cases they arc a Quot heavily pressed by economic re As Are the men 1 who might replace them. A on Linued on Page hrs see a continued on Page Ion Sec. A Seymour reported i the obstructions from the squalls women and the pro-1 deck a High a Al official said then remained no doubt that the raising of the squalls would he a to f and tedious process. Indications that at least seven Days would by required for Tho work were seen i when the officer said it might be possible to give a week s notice before the Squall broke the sur Fate. From another naval source came the off the record opinion that it might he two weeks at least. Years of experiments by Navy diver with a helium oxygen mixture meanwhile bore fruit today j when the men going Down 240 feet to the squalls breathed it for the j first time under he and death Salvage conditions. The Navy said numerous divers using the new mixture had reached experimental Depths approximating 500 feet and that two divers had exceeded 30u feet in the mean near Portsmouth last summer. At District meeting Derham May 27�? up a j. M. Broughton of Raleigh said at a District meeting of the Woodmen of the world Heile tonight that the Quot principles of this organization Are affirmative not prejudicial a unlike Many group that Are Quot founded on hat a at a business meeting the District organization elected s. E Newman of Elkin president to succeed j. M it Briard of Winston Salem Robert d. Holloman of Durham vice president to us Recd or. Newman and Alton Parker of Vav Inston Salem Secretary treasurer to succeed Edgar o Johnson of High Point. British rebuffs to soviet Boomerang by j a Meh in Reston Lundon May 2 7.�? it Jyi a Here in Ivan Mai sky the soviet russian ambassador coming Down the Steps of the foreign office. It is july 19 37, and Mai sky is tale with rage. Quot up there he says to newspapermen with a wave at the Locarno room Quot the British Are Selling the democracy of Spain. Quot soviet Russia is for the Spanish government and democracy. Britain Germany and Italy Are on the other Side. Government would be to aggravate the tendency toward Hie establishment of ext elusive groups of a hone which must be inimical to the prospects of european sitting in the gallery of the House of commons plucking at ills Thlu Goatee Mai sky listened to this statement and duly reported it to Moscow. Then followed two incidents which angered Mai sky and his government. On Oft. To 1938, after the Munich agreement pared off the sudetenland and other areas to halt Nasi fascist Britain called the expansion. I Russia s addition to the British suggestion j French front coupled with an in initiation to War commissar mar eight months later and six j Horn Czecho Slovakia lord win Days after Germany annexed a Triton a member of the British Tria Mai sky returned to the foreign office. He handed a note to foreign Secretary Viscount Halifax in which world Powers were invited to consider joint action against aggressor nations a week later he received the British reply. Quot i majesty govt Ament Are of the opinion a a prime minister Chamberlain announced Quot that the indirect none the let inevitable consequence of such a action As is proposed by the soviet Cabinet explained to an audience in Shoreham that Russia did not help in the Czecho slovak crisis Quot Only made very vague promises owing to her military the next Day Mai sky a ent a scorching note to the foreign office branding Winterton a speech a Quot a Complete perversion of the then British of Oretga policy took an abrupt Hun and Mai sky became a key figure in the realignment of Europe s great pow it s. Since the disappearance of the Czecho slovak Republic Britain has promised to fight for Poland. Rumania Greece and Turkey and All the Genius of British diplomacy has been directed toward getting the support of soviet Russia. Ivan Mai sky has been fee pie ious. In diplomatic quarters it is said in remembers too Well the series of rebuffs the Long fight. In the Locarno room against Britain s Quot hands off Spain policy the polite rejections of Russia s attempts to enlist Britain help Chamberlain s cautious reference to Russia As that Quot half Oriental Shal element e Yoro shutoff to attend British army Maneu vers this fall. The new proposals said to Bear polish Aud rumanian approval were understood to provide the joining of Britain. Fiance of Russia immediately in common defense in event any one of them should be a victim of european aggression. An attack on Russia in the far East would be excl Ted. Cooperation of All three if any one of them were involved in War while fulfilling assurances to other european states thus covering British and French guarantees to Poland and Rumania and possible russian guarantees to her a i tie neighbors. Consultation on common action in event of acts or threats of aggression a declaration that the a tree s of an agreement finally is in Pinsent is defensive Only Quot and Einset Ual position of the It. S. i sight virtually on Russia s terms bodies tile principles of the again six Days after Germany Moscow a new British pro league of nations covenant a absorbed Bohemia and Moravia Powals designed to meet the main though Mutual assistance would Rush is inflight i it i to Aid by sue russian objections to earlier 1 not tie withheld pending a league gusting an immediate conference j terms suggested by Loudon Lur verdict Washington May 27. A Al a a Broad outline for tax revision legislation to remove a business irritants Aud promote a a a lasting recovery is As maid before Congress today by Secretary of the Treasury mor gent Hail. Without making specific rec Morae nations for new tax sched lies the Treasury chief suggested to the House ways and Means committee that it consider a five Point program and indicated the administration was willing to ele Points 1. Reduce some of the higher i individual income surtax rates if i pending legislation la passed to i prohibit future issuance of tax exempt securities. 2. Repeal the remaining 2 a per cent undistributed profits tax. 3. Liberat i be the present Capi Tai Stock tax and the related excess profits Levy. 4. Provide for the carry Over of net annual business losses to he deducted from business profits of future years. 5. Continue cooperative studies with a View to legislation Al the next session to change the present Law limiting to $2,000 the excess of corporate capital losses Over capital gains that May be deducted from Ordinary income republicans on the committee promptly asserted that Morgan Thau had Quot admitted Quot the re pub i bean position on the tax question a con eel in a statement which he said spoke for Hie i to minority members of the committee. Rep. Treadway a Maas said Quot by continually pointing to the country the dangers of the administration tax policies we have finally forced this admission and an agreement to remedy the situation partially x x gof it a Erh u l he continued that the republicans on the committee wanted to Quot overhaul the entire tax Structure and added a whether or not Relief for business from these oppressions and dangers has been too Lone delayed for a Quick recuperation remains to be so in. It is encouraging however that the administration even thus tardily has seen in part at least the error of its ways and is moving to follow the advice a it of the republicans Quot Morgenthau told the committee that president Roosevelt approved of his entire statement. In addition to outlining a basis for changes in the Federal tax Structure the Treasury Secretary also proposed creation of a Small temporary National commission to study Quot Over lapping and competing tax Quot of Federal state and municipal governments and propose a solution without delay he also suggested that Congress set up a joint committee on fiscal policy comprised of the Senate and hour committees on appropriations and taxation to consider simultaneously each year a what the nation needs Quot and Quot what the nation can afford. Morgenthau was the Only witness at today a session of the committee which adjourned until monday after a two and a half hour meeting. Set up special court for rails ill Ftp cite handling of bankruptcy and he Revit Reship Cage Washington. May 27 t the the Senate cleared Ite decks to Day of another piece of major Railroad Relief legislation approving and sending to the House a Bill to set up a special five judge Federal court to expedite the handling of bankruptcy and receivership vases. The measure w As parsed on a voice vote that left the opposition unrecorded a group led by senator Clark do fought against passage until the last. The missourian contending that establishing the new court might have Quot disastrous and disgraceful results Quot told his colleagues that Thomas d. Corcoran Youthful president adviser would select the judges the measure provide for their appointment by the president. The Senate action left Only one of a series of admin rat Ion sponsored Railroad Bill still on its Calendar. Ii is a House approved measure which would permit carriers in temporary financial difficulties to obtain voluntary agreements from stockholders for postponement of maturity dates on obligations. Would repeal of embargo on arms shipment first of All i Washington. May l>7. Map a Secretary Hull asking first of All for repeal of the present Law s provision for an embargo on shipment of arms to belligerents submitted to a engross tonight an administration program for revision of the neutrality act. In letters to the chairmen of the Senate and House foreign relations committees or. Hull outlined a six Point proposal for legislation which he said would Quot help to keep this country of prov irions he suggested enactment or reenactment of these provisions 1. Quot to prohibit Amer an ships irrespective of what they May be carrying from entering combat Are is. 2. Quot to restrict travel by american citizens in combat areas. S. Quot to provide that the Export of goods destined for belligerents shall be preceded by Transfer of title to the foreign purchaser. 4, Quot to continue the existing legislation respecting Loans and credits to nations at War. 5, Quot to regulate the solicitation Aud collection in this country of funds for belligerents 6, Quot to continue the National munitions control Board and the system of arms Export and in Poi t i provision along these lines the Secretary of stale wrote chairman Putman a Nev of the Senate committee Sud acting chairman Bloomd by of the House group Quot would make easier our twofold task of keeping this country at peace and avoid ing imposition of unnecessary land abnormal burdens upon our j Cit endorsed stamped with administration endorsement the proposals were i submitted after a series of re a cent conferences with Hull by the demo Rifle members of Boti j committee. They were understood to have or. Roosevelt s j approval. Coincident with hulls statement Bloom disclosed that his committee has a draft of a Hill embodying the Secretary a idea Ion the subject and would give lit Early consideration. I Quot we will Start hearings not wednesday or he said. Under the present neutrality Law the president must declare an embargo Aga list shipment of arms to belligerents a soon a Fon tinned on Page Ltd a a Hee a peace is sought by Chamberlain i Catling toward idea of summoning nations for discuss Ion London May 27.f/p a Navine Chamberlain at the end of two critical and policy changing years As prime minister was reported tonight to be looking beyond completion of what he terms Quot a peace front against aggression Quot to a possible world conference in a further attempt to reach a Settle tent with the Rome Berlin Axis without War. He left thursday to spend the Whitsun a religious Holiday in the country confident of an Early agreement with soviet Russia it Gnu a Mutual Aid part to Supply the most vital missing link in the British French front system which replaced his Quot appeasement a policy. Lint the it ares of office followed him in the forefront of which was believed the question of How to make a new peaceful approach to re in a i u a re r Hitler and Premier Mussolini once he has massed equal or Superior strength of in Side. Some observers believed to Wax leaning toward the idea of summoning a conference of the nations of the world where each would a invited to submit any grievances for discussion. Advocates of such a plan argued that refusal by Hitler and Mussolini to he represented or to define their demands for Quot living space Quot would weaken the belief of their own people in the charges of Quot encirclement Quot against the British French front and therefore might bring their participation. Chamberlain himself in recent speeches has indicated his Aims go far beyond the immediate policy of pacts and pledges. Only last week he declared Quot we Are not prepared to buy in Ace at the Price of concessions which w it Only Lead to further demands surely that does not mean a would refuse to discus any method by which we could satisfy reasonable aspirations on the part of other nations even if i Means some adjustment of tile a Kin of thin is. A

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