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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 26, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather Chance of rain More data on Page 4c 90th year no. 146 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 882-1719 High Point n. C., sunday morning May 26, 1974 120 pages classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c Nixon to visit Mideast final withdrawal agreement closer by Barry Schweid associated press writer Jerusalem a Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger appeared to be closer than Ever to a final syrian israeli disengagement agreement following five hours of talks saturday with syrian president Hafez Assad in Damascus. Kissinger flew Back to Israel late saturday night and said he would return to Damascus on sunday. He left two aides there working on what syrian sources said they believe is the text of a final pact separating the opposing armies in the Golan Heights. The Secretary met with the israeli negotiating team after arriving Back in Jerusalem. A senior american official said Kissinger had moved Israel and Syria a quite close to an agreement limiting military forces in the Border area but was unable to close the Gap Between the two sides completely. Saxbe rules against giving up tax records by Don Mcleod associated press writer Washington a atty. Gen. William b. Saxbe ruled saturday that the internal Revenue service May not turn Over president Nixon s tax returns and audits to the House judiciary committee but the White House said Nixon was willing to work out a Compromise. Saxbe issued his opinion in response to requests by the judiciary committee for Nixon tax information for use in its impeachment inquiry. In key Biscayne Fla., where Nixon is spending the memorial Day weekend press Secretary Ronald l. Ziegler said Nixon will direct his lawyers to consult with counsel for the committee in an Effort to make the data for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Don t ired on them q. My husband and i and a lot of our neighbors Are tired of people trespassing on the Lake behind our House. We saved our Money to buy a House with right of Way to the Lake and As i understand it even the people across the Street have no right to trespass on private property to get to the Lake. People from across town come Here to Camp Cook swim fish boat or whatever they want to do Here and who can we get in touch with to straighten this mess out we have no privacy and the people litter the place up so much. They drink and throw their cans every place. Mrs. G. W. M. A. A police department spokesman says this situation has been checked on several occasions and another visit was made on May 19. They agree a problem does exist and the difficulty lies in the fact the private property is not posted. The police say they will do whatever is in its Power to assist the neighbors but cooperation of the land owners is necessary. We expect this implies that you and your trod upon neighbors must put up those mean but often necessary a positively no trespassing a violators will be prosecuted signs and then make Good your warning by taking out warrants against those who ignore them. No time for Equality. I have an la a foot Sailboat and my neighbor next door to me has an 18 a foot ski boat. We went out to Oak hollow Lake one Day at the same time and he had to pay $3 to launch his boat and i had to pay $3 for my Little Sailboat. I think something should be done to set prices on certain sizes of boats. Anon. Man. A. Anyone interested in changing the policies or charges a whether by boat size cheaper rates weekdays than weekends Flat season rates or whatever a should write a letter expressing what you a like sign it and mail it to Marvin Keith Parks director Nathan Hunt drive he will bring All letters to the attention of the Parks commission whose members decide these matters. Signed letters lots of Mem Are evidence in hand and have greater Impact than a statement that a several people have called about evidently the extra Effort or agony of writing a letter is too much for most people Keith says he has received a grand total of two on the subject. P. A while you re agonizing write a letter to the editor too. No More parking q. I have called the police station and i want to know Why we can t get somebody out Here to get these cars off of Barbee. Its a no parking area but they keep parking and we Call the police and they keep Riding on by without stopping. I want somebody to see if they can t get it stopped and do something about it. Mad resident. A. The police issued tickets for four cars on receipt of your message and an officer will periodically Check the area for other violations. Re action in reference to the paper on tuesday May 14th a acupuncture experts a you failed to mention or. Philip Toyama of Galax va., one of the most qualified ones in this area or any place in the United states. He is an accepted graduate . To the Ama and there is also an acupuncturist from Japan. Many people in this area High Point Greensboro and Winston Salem have been treated by this gentlemen quite successfully. Or. . Available a under appropriate Ziegler pointed out that matters relating to Nixon s taxes a have already been exhaustively reviewed and that Nixon had taken a the unprecedented step of making his tax returns Public when questions were raised about them. However the committee also seeks additional information heretofore unpublicized on irs investigations and tax audits including one which resulted in a ruling earlier this year that Nixon owes More than $400,000 in Back taxes. Ziegler added that the irs after extensive investigation a found no fraudulent conduct by the a the president in an Effort to expedite the inquiry of the House judiciary committee will nevertheless direct his counsel to consult with counsel to the judiciary committee in an Effort to assist in making available to the committee under appropriate safeguards the information which the committee believes it needs a Ziegler said. Treasury Secretary William e. Simon who has jurisdiction Over the irs had asked Saxbe to Rule on the committee request because of the a extraordinarily difficult Saxbe ruled that statutory provisions making income tax information confidential except in certain carefully prescribed circumstances prohibited release of the Nix on material. Officials had predicted before saturday s Lith session with Assad that the Secretary would make another visit to the syrian capital during his current peace Mission Only if a settlement was reached. Kissinger told newsmen before his Jet took off from Damascus a we continued our detailed examination of various elements of a disengagement agreement. Two of my associates or. Carlyle maw and or. Alfred Atherton stayed behind to work on the preparation of some Basic documents and i will return tomorrow to discuss further details with president i earlier a senior american official said Kissinger would return Home by monday night whether or not he achieved a troop separation in the Golan Heights. By then he will have been away from his desk 30 Days trying to end the fighting and separate the syrian and israeli armies. In key Biscayne Fla., a White House spokesman said president Nixon would visit the Middle East a at some Point in the near future a but there was no immediate indication the trip was connected with Kissinger a current Mission. In Jerusalem a senior government official said a Middle East visit by Nixon could augur Well for a a successful conclusion of the disengagement the senior . Official with Kissinger said the Secretary had not yet formally presented a . Proposal to the two sides regarding a thinning out of their forces in the Golan Heights. The . Official said if Assad a a gives on the Points in dispute Kissinger would be ready to make his formal proposal expecting it to be accepted. About two thirds of the draft agreement is already completed. But the official stressed that throughout the negotiations there has been a a tendency toward hangups and that there was no certainty Kissinger would be Able to Complete the settlement. After one year watergate probe nearly Complete Washington a marking its first anniversary the watergate special prosecution Force announced saturday that its investigation of the break in and Rover up is a nearly completed and that its probe of Campaign dirty trucks is in its final stage. Spokesmen for the prosecutors said the greatest number of criminal investigations still pending involve Campaign contributions including those from Dairy Farmer cooperatives. Other investigations also Are proceeding in the itt Case and in matters stemming from the probe of the White House plumbers unit including alleged misuse of executive Power alleged illegal wiretapping and alleged misuse of the Fri the internal Revenue service and other government agencies the spokesmen said. In a 10-Page report the spokesmen gave a Box score of the years activities �?36 men and 13 corporations have been charged by the special prosecutors with some Federal crime. Of these 22 men and 9 corporations have been convicted two men have had indictments dismissed and the remainder either have yet to plead to the charges or Are awaiting trial. Those who have pleaded guilty include time to remember a Lone visitor stands among rows of neat White grave markets at the National cemetery in new York City Friday As the memorial Day weekend begins. The visitor holds a Small american Flag to place on the grave of a Soldier who gave his life for his country. A wire photo president s report economic Progress seen by Gaylord Shaw associated press writer key Biscayne Fla. Apr president Nixon reported encouraging Progress saturday in easing the nations economic ills but prescribed More a harsh Medicine a a prudent Federal budget tight Money and no tax Cut a to Complete the economic recovery. In a National radio address from his Bayside Home. Nixon also announced that his former Law school professor Kenneth Rush will become his Cabinet level coordinator of Domestic and International economic policies. Rush now is no. 2 Man at the state department. The president said he would Send Congress next week a special report on the state of the Economy and would hold a series of meetings with labor and business representatives. The Florida White House said the report would go to Capitol Hill on tuesday and would Deal with a review of the inflation situation and measures necessary to Deal with it. A ranking Nixon adviser said however that no changes will be proposed in the administrations economic game plan. In his 18-minute radio address Nixon told the nation a we Are beginning to emerge from a very difficult period in the history of our Economy. We Are not completely through this difficulty but All the economic indicators prove that we Are making encouraging Progress. A the weeks ahead will still require restraint and sacrifice. But the ultimate goal of Prosperity in peacetime is one which is worthy of sacrifice. It is the president said a the requirements for full economic recovery May sound like harsh Medicine a budgetary restraint no tax former atty Gen. Richard g. Kleindienst former White House aides John w. Dean 111, Jeb Stuart Magruder Frederick c. Larue Egil Krogh or. And Herbert l. Porter and the presidents former lawyer and fundraiser Herbert w. Kalmbach. Inside Reading pc summer school. Page 2c Tom t. Hall sings. Page in teenage alcoholics. Page 3c classified. Pages 4-22c editorial Page 4a women s news Section b sports Section d 14d entertainment pages 13, 14, 15d obituaries Page 4c Cut tight Money a but there is no he singled out suggestions for a general tax Cut As a possibly the gravest danger to the Economy a however popular that May be nothing could be More irresponsible than to Cut taxes in the present inflationary situation a he said repeating his opposition to democratic proposals for a Cut. A another temptation we must avoid a Nixon said a is the Call for cheap Money by Means of monetary expansion. This will Only Speed up the rate of inflation and increase the Cost of borrowing the prime lending rate is hovering at about la it per cent and Nixon indicated he sees Little Relief soon. A if we Are going to Check inflation we cannot quickly escape the disciplines of tight Money and High interest rates a he said. But he did predict a further improvements in the Economy during the remainder of the year a saying output should Rise More rapidly and the inflation rate should a be significantly lower than the rate we have experienced in the past 18 Rush his new economic coordinator will hold the rank As counsellor to the president and a will serve As the presidents chief economic adviser a the White House said. Rush will preside at the daily morning meeting of such Nixon economic advisers As Treasury Secretary William e. Simon director Roy Ash of the office of management and budget and chairman Herbert Stein of the Council of economic advisers. Strikers threaten blackout by de Blanche associated press writer Belfast Northern Ireland apr protestant militants said saturday they would impose an immediate Power blackout if British soldiers were called in to break their crippling 11-Day-old general stake. The Ulster workers Council which organized the strike said it would also suspend the few remaining services if the army a is used in any capacity to break the walkout. Britain a administrator for Northern Ireland Merlyn Rees returned to Ulster earlier in the Day carrying British plans to break the strike. British prime minister Harold Wilson who has refused to negotiate with the strikers scheduled a National television address on the crisis in the evening. There were reports the British were prepared to use troops to restore essential services such As distributing Gas and Oil. It was feared such a move could trigger More violence from the strikers who have enforced the shutdown with barricades intimidation and attacks on police. Hard line causing Nixon Ford rift by Carl p Leubsdorf a political writer Washington a president Nixon a hardened attitude toward the House impeachment inquiry appears to have created the first serious Public differences Between the president and vice president Gerald r. Ford. Ford is making it Clear that he disapproves of what he Calls Nixon so Stonewall attitude and that he fears it May be the catalyst that As possible with the House judiciary committee. A Veteran of 25 years in the House Ford knows the sensitivities of congressmen and realizes that a refusal to cooperate will raise the institutional backs of even House members eager to support the president. This is in fact what is increasingly happening within the judiciary committee As shown by its lopsided votes in favor of subpoena ing evidence Nixon refuses to brings about the presidents a give. Impeachment. On wednesday Nixon set at the same time he indicates his Oft stated pleas for Compromise and moderation Are falling on deaf ears and that he sees no sign the. President plans to reverse his course. For weeks now Ford has been issuing periodic Public warnings that Nixon a plight would be deepened by a refusal to cooperate As fully off a new showdown by informing the panel he would give it no further watergate material. That night in Wilmington del., Ford took some questions from his audience at a Republican rally. A Man asked if he would use his Good offices to bring about compliance with subpoenas and other demands for evidence so that the republicans could put watergate behind them. Ford gave his usual response about the Large amount of material Nixon had already provided then added that after it is digested a if they want any More that a relevant to the issues to the impeachable offences in the Constitution i Hope the president will give it to them the sooner the Ford expressed Confidence in Nixon a innocence but added a a let a get it All out there and the quicker the late thursday morning. Nixon summoned Ford to one of their periodic chats. When he arrived at Andrews air Force base that afternoon to Fly to new York for a speech the vice president was barraged with questions about the session but brushed aside questions about whether the watergate situation was even discussed he later passed the word that he was annoyed at the Way he had been hit by questions without warning upon arrival in new York he looked unusually somber and aides said he was a a Little uptight because the meeting with Nixon had thrown his schedule off. Later thursday night however Ford gave More of a clue As to what might have been bothering him. In an interview with abcs Bill Zimmerman he indicated the White House had again rejected his advice and said a it seems to me that a Stonewall attitude Isnit necessarily the Wisest when he was asked if he had any reason to believe that there might still be a Compromise he replied a at this Point i done to think in a in a position to give you any authoritative answer. I can Only say that in my judgment that would be a better in another interview Friday with the Washington Star news Ford said president Nixon a did no to give me any reason to believe that he would change his position on supplying additional material to the committee. Since he was named for the vice presidency oct. 12, Ford has shown steadfast loyalty to Nixon mixed with some criticism of White House tactics and a Clear indication there were quite a few things he would have done differently. Now with the background of his knowledge of the House of representatives he is trying to Tell the White House what will happen if Nixon persists in his course knowing that failure to get the message across could put him into the presidency

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