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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 24, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather show Cool Mort data on Page 3-a a us yeah a no. 145 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. A wednesday afternoon May 24, 1972 60 pages Call us circulation 112-171 classified ads 885-2177 Aii other departments 115-2141 daily 10c, sunday 25c 88 5-2051 for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action Lino in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or a von acknowledge every one. The average stipend q. In Tho Enterprise i Reed that the average wage for a factory worker was about $3.50 an hour. Would you please state what the average wage is for factory workers in High Point thank you. . A. The figures compiled by the Bureau of labor statistics Are derived from samplings of industries and occupations in the Greensboro Winston Salem High Point metropolitan area. Commissioner of labor Frank Crane says they have no breakdown for High Point alone. Tile april 1972, Issue of a North Carolina labor and Industry a a monthly bulletin of the department of labor published in Raleigh includes average hourly earnings for this area for March some of which Are As follows lumber and Wood products except furniture$2.43. Furniture amp fixtures $2.75. Household furniture $2.77. Stone Clay amp Glass products $2.78. Primary metals amp fab. Metal products $3.08. Machinery except electrical $3.32. Textile Mill products $2.77. Knitting Mills $2.68. Apparel and other finished textile products $2.22. Chemicals amp Allied products $3.21. Copies of this bulletin Are sent free upon request by writing n. C. Department of labor. P. 0. Box Usi Raleigh n. C. 27602. Public releases of information gathered in periodic surveys made by the Bureau of labor statistics Are also available at no Cost while supplies last. This includes a table on occupational earnings of clerks secretaries carpenters painters truck Drivers Etc. You May request the most recent a area wage Survey bulletin for the Greensboro Winston Salem High Point area by writing the Southeastern regional office of the bus suite 540. 1371 peach tree Street be. Atlanta. Georgia 30309. The director of this office is Brunswick a. Bagdon. A very carefully q. How do you Root on Azalea mrs. . A. When the new growth hardens i.e., snaps if you break a twi place the cuttings in a mixture of one half Sand and one half peat Moss. See that they get adequate water but done to keep so saturated the cuttings rot. You can also dip the Cut ends in a hormone powder which Garden shops carry before you Plant them which is supposed to stimulate Root growth. A Drar Don t take any chances q. I think i have syphilis. What should i do girl. A. Go to your family physician or if you done to have one the Guilford county health department has a cd clinic every wednesday at i . Star or it s a slow process 0. What process do you have to go through to got a Street paved after you got your petition up How Long would it take to 9ot Tho Street paved thank you. . A. The petition should be turned in to the City engineers office where it will be checked to determine if it has a sufficient number of signers and that it represents a sufficient amount of Street frontage says Jim Oliver. It then goes to the City Council for preliminary approval and a Date for a Public hearing is set. After the Public hearing the Rita Council approves or disapproves the project and a priority number is assigned based on the Date the project is approved. There is currently a backlog of 42 paving projects which represents almost a years work. Projects which come in during january and february usually can be constructed during that same Calendar year. Projects coming in during april and May usually do not get to construction in the same Calendar year. Paing operations Are closed Down for the most part of december january february and March. Preliminary work which must be done prior to paving includes research of deeds and right of Way property surveys and Topographic Survey and design of the Street to assure proper alignment grades drainage and compatibility with intersecting streets. After design is completed Utility poles must be moved water and sewer taps and hydrants must be adjusted underground Gas Telephone and electrical lines must be checked and adjusted if necessary and storm drainage is installed. At this Point of soil moisture conditions Are right grading can begin after which curb and Gutter is installed and allowed to cure. This is followed up with application of crushed Stone which is properly conditioned and is followed with three applications of Asphalt with a time interval Between each course. In general the gestation period from petition to fruition is 12 months. Or or sound off q. Our High Point High school graduation classes of 1941 and 1942 Are having their class reunion on june to 1972. We need 1941 and 1942 automobiles for display. If anyone can provide one Pielae Call Thayer Coggin at 883-0111 or Carter Lassiter 882-1315. Space agreement signed. S. Soviet arms Accord reported a wire Picoto South Viets land Force by George Esper associated press writer Saigon a . Amphibious Craft and helicopters landed nearly 2,000 South vietnamese marines in enemy territory North of Hue today and scores of american planes blasted North vietnamese Industrial plants in the Haiphong area in a new phase of the bombing Campaign. The 7th Fleet Landing Craft put one Marine battalion ashore about to Miles East of Quang Tri City. Carrier based helicopters landed a second battalion about four Miles Inland and a third battalion was airlifted in to the South to act As a blocking Force. The South vietnamese command said the marines clashed with North vietnamese forces seven Miles East of Quang Tri with air and naval gunfire support they killed 133 enemy troops destroyed two tanks and captured 40 weapons and 20 tons of Rice. The command said first reports listed two South vietnamese killed and nine wounded. There were no reports of any american casualties. The Landing was made in the coastal strip of scrub Trees and White Sand which French troops in the 1950s dubbed the Street without Joy because of the frequent ambushes they suffered there. It was the second such counterattack by the South vietnamese marines since Quang Tri province fell to the enemy on May i . B52 bombers and three . Cruisers offshore bombarded the area before the landings. About a dozen . Marine advisers accompanied the assault Force. Their target was a North vietnamese Force believed concentrated in the area for attacks on the northernmost South vietnamese defense line at the my Chanh River 20 Miles North of Hue. The South vietnamese apparently were making no Effort to recapture Quang Tri City or hold territory. . Advisers with the marines said the objective was to inflict casualties on the North vietnamese keep them off balance and forestall a drive on Hue 30 Miles to the South. In the air War against North Vietnam the . Command said four of the enemy a Mig interceptors were shot Down tuesday during heavy raids on the Haiphong fuel depot five Miles North of the port City the Hon Gay Power Plant 24 Miles East of Haiphong and the Nam Dinh Power Plant 42 Miles Southwest of the port. Pilots said they left the three targets in flames. By Frank Cormier associated press writer Moscow a president Nixon near final agreement with soviet leaders on a pact to limit strategic arms joined Premier Alexei n. Kosygin today in signing an agreement aimed at putting american and soviet space explorers into orbit together by 1975. At the same ceremony Secretary of state William p. Rogers and Vladimir Kirillin chairman of the soviet committee for science and technology signed still another Accord calling for .-soviet cooperation in scientific and technological Fields. Under the terms of the strategic arms limitation pact it was Learned the two countries will join in a treaty limiting deployment of defensive anti ballistic missiles and will sign an executive agreement freezing the current number of land based missile launching platforms while allowing the soviets to catch up with an american Lead in missile launchers at sea. Under the Salt pact it was understood each country could go ahead with replacement of present generation offensive missiles As technology permits but would not be allowed to increase their number. Ambassador Gerard Smith is coming to Moscow thursday from Helsinki Finland where he has been negotiating with soviet envoys in the strategic arms limitation talks. The chief soviet envoy at Helsinki Vladimir Semenov also is expected to return Here. As president Nixon met for the fourth time in the Kremlin with communist party chief Leonid Brezhnev the sources said the negotiators Hope to be ready for the signing Friday of a treaty covering the abm curb and a less formal agreement for the freeze on offensive missiles both those based on land and those on submarines and surface ships. The agreement apparently would not bar either country from installing improved missiles at existing launch Sites. It is expected that the agreement will provide for the use of reconnaissance satellites to ver Ify that missile emplacements Are not being increased by either country. Nixon and Brezhnev Are expected to hold both morning and afternoon sessions today and then to participate in the signing of an agreement for cooperation in space exploration the third Accord produced during Nixon a visit to the soviet capital. There was speculation that one of the goals of the space agreement fight be joint orbit a1 trips by . And soviet astronauts before the 200th birthday Celebration of the United states in 1976. The president emerged briefly from the Kemlin today for the first time since he arrived in Moscow on monday to place a Wreath at the Tomb of an unknown Soldier killed in the defense of the soviet capital in 1941. The general Public was barred from the area alongside the Kremlin Wall but about 150 muscovites watched impassively As Nixon a motorcade made the Short trip through closed off streets. Mrs. Nixon continued to do the sightseeing for the first family. Her itinerary today included Moscow University the big gum department store and a night at the circus. The Summit bore its first modest fruits tuesday with the signing of two agreements for american soviet cooperation in combating killer diseases and environmental pollution. Nixon stands at attention after placing Wreath at grave . President honoured unknown Soldier in Moscow today a Wir photo it Kremlin reassures allies by William l. Ryan a special correspondent Moscow has informed the russians and the world that the soviet leaders talks with president Nixon Are a taking place in a complicated International it is so complicated that the Kremlin seemed immensely anxious to get a message across to those who were jittery about the meeting including the North vietnamese. The nervous ones have been Given to understand that the Summit is part of the continuing Over All world struggle and that the Kremlin will never abandon Long Range goals of the International revolutionary movement. The message comes through a curtain of double talk sur rounding a sudden full meeting of the soviet party scentral committee last Friday. General Secretary Leonid i. Brezhnev told the members what policy for the Summit would be. The upshot was a committee decree on foreign policy voicing unanimous support for the Brezhnev course it went on to Heads for California Mcgovern wins Oregon r. I Mcgovern in Oregon the Victory sign a wire photo by Carl p. Leubsdorf a political writer Portland Ore. A sen. George Mcgovern an overwhelming Victor in the Rhode Island and Oregon democratic primaries Heads South today to Battle sen. Hubert h. Humphrey in californians june 6 showdown. Mcgovern takes the momentum he sought and he says that if he can win California with its 271 delegates he might be Able to wrap up the democratic presidential nomination before the National convention opens july to in Miami Beach Fla. The two victories tuesday gave Mcgovern 56 More Dele gates�?22 in Rhode Island 34 in Oregon and he added la More from Missouri District meetings to swell his first place total to 5022 of the 1,509 votes needed to capture the nomination. In Rhode Island where the South Dakota senator never campaigned but relied on his usual spirited Volunteer organization and appearances by his wife Eleanor he polled 41 per cent of the vote. Mcgovern a total was More than the combined sum for Sens. Edmund s. Muskie and Hubert h. Humphrey who finished second and third. In Oregon where he was the Only major candidate to Campaign Mcgovern s percentage hovered at about 50 per cent in an 11-candidate Field. Gov. George c. Wallace beneficiary of a substantial Media Campaign while still hospitalized after being shot eight Days ago was a surprisingly Strong second with Humphrey third. President Nixon easily won the Republican primaries in the two states. A we have lots to celebrate tonight Quot Mcgovern told 500 cheering supporters at a downtown Portland hotel a and two weeks from tonight i want you to know we Are planning a great Celebration in the state of asked if he thought he could go to Miami Beach with the California could be decisive vote an a nows analysis by Walter r. Mears a political writer sen. George Mcgovern has won the final political warmups and now the democratic presidential game is called California. It could be decisive. The stakes Are High its primary Campaign is costly and difficult and if past performance is a guide California voters May not be persuaded by the preliminaries. There Are 17 presidential primaries behind the campaigners now. They have transformed sen. Edmund s. Muskie from a Winter favorite into a springtime also ran. They have helped catapult South Dakota a Mcgovern out of the Field and into a hefty Lead in terms Ai Delegate commitments. They have awarded sen. Hubert h. Humphrey his first primary victories in a presidential Campaign career that dates Back a dozen years. And they have proved the democratic voter in a mood for protest gov. George c. Wallace has won six primaries and often ran Strong when he lost. The form Chart to Date Mcgovern won tuesday in Oregon and Rhode Island earlier in Nebraska and Massachusetts after his underestimated Campaign took off with Victory in Wisconsin. Wallace was the Victor in Michigan Maryland Florida. North Carolina Tennessee and his own Alabama. Humphreys victories came in Pennsylvania in Ohio narrowly and Over Wallace in West Virginia and Indiana. That leaves Muskie which is just what the primaries did. He won in new Hampshire but Mcgovern began cutting him Down with a Strong showing there. He scored in Illinois then went nowhere. His slim Hopes of nomination now Are pinned to a convention deadlock he is out of the primary Campaign although he edged ahead of Humphrey to run second in Rhode Island tuesday. All through the Long primary season Mcgovern has been doing better than his rivals in collecting delegates awarded outside the primary states. His National total is now 502, a Shade under one third of the 1.-509 it will take to win Nomi see California on 2-a nomination wrapped up Mcgovern said that Quot depends largely on whether we win in California two weeks f rom he added a i expect to win in California after a hard he planned to Fly to Sacramento to Start his California drive with a speech to a press club luncheon on the problems of mexican americans the largest minority group in the state. Like Humphrey he pledged to appoint a Spanish speaking american to his Cabinet and said he would fill californians first Federal judicial vacancy with a mexican american. Humphrey already campaigning in California after conceding Oregon in Advance to Mcgovern congratulated his rival but said a California is a separate Arena All to Mcgovern decided to contest the Rhode Island primary Only after Muskie dropped his Active primary campaigning last month. Humphrey made a Campaign appearance there last wednesday and Muskie dropped in for a speech Friday to demonstrate that he was still a presidential candidate. The Maine senator did fairly Well in Providence where mayor Joseph Doorley was a leading supporter but Mcgovern scored heavily in suburban towns and cities. As in Oregon Wallace used television and radio advertising to Register a relatively Strong so Mcgovern on 2-a say that the committee instructed its politburo to a put into action the program of peace worked out by the 24th Congress and in accordance with the Concrete situation to use various firms and methods to achieve policy Aims. The decree said Tbs politburo was charged to integrate decisions on current tasks of policy with a Long term perspectives and Aims of the struggle for peace Freedom and Independence of Peoples and for social Progress and for All these decades the communist a struggle for peace Freedom has meant the struggle for revolution around the world. The phrase a Freedom and Independence of Peoples has meant what has become known As the a National liberation the 24th Congress was held 13 months ago. It seems Odd that it took from then until now for a decree instructing the politburo to carry out its decisions. And having All the Power anyway the politburo hardly needs a Central committee decree any More than it needed the window dressing of the party Congress. Thus it seems that the committee was summoned primarily for sounding Board purposes to reassure not Only allies like North Vietnam and clients like the Arab states but also to Calm grumbles in the soviet leadership. On sunday while Nixon was on his Way to Moscow both pravda and Izvestia devoted Long front Page editorials to the foreign policy decree. Each repeated word for word the paragraph about use of a various methods for coordinating immediate Aims with a Lon term what s inside amusements k Bridge us classified ads mid comics 4d crossword us editorials. 4a f inane in i 2a obituaries 2d sports 1-5c television a women snows soc b ii ii. Wearner. 3a t

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