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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 24, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Weather partly Cloudy tonight Ami thursday the High Point Enterprise elicit Point Industry at High Point offers Good Opportunity for year around work vol. 55 no. I 11 member associated press High Point n. C., wednesday it Knoon. May 21, 19399 Complete Nea service prick five cents believe 27 dead in sunken submarine suggests Quot double budget system for nation. Undersea prison por 62 men Harvard prof proposes plan be Given Tough. Like Sweden test in Rescue seven brought to surface by diving Bell to diving device sunk Iii 240 feet of a re unable to risen mgt rating a a How the kin1 of the giant Haler off White Inland near Portland v h., with 02 men on Board the i. S. Submarine squalls trouble but a red smoke bomb Sig Nal went to the surfer. The sister ship Sarago pictured above undersea boat. Where sub dived newcomer to Fleet Hope for escape built Only in Mouths ago. The i. S. Qubti Darlne Squall. Whdeh mip Alane allows location of Sank off Hie new Hampshire roast was of the Moat modern de White Plains,.ja. A near which sign. Like its sister slip the Seal whoa mighty Bow is shown the submarine Squall Sank with above it was one of Fen new submersibles authorized under the m2 men aboard. La Elf -j17 naval construction program. Rescue ship steams to scene i k Navy officials reported that on Hoard the sunken stint Nanrine syllabic there is a full Supply of escape a a lungs like the one worn by master diver James Macdonald above. Trained in tilt use of tie a a a lungs submarine seamen last minute bulletins vat he eliminated Uhal Ake eng. May 24. Up a Dirk Chapman of. Greenwich Conn., Defeated Charley Vales of Atlanta the defending titleholder today in the third round of the British Amateur Golf championship 5 Aud s. Taxation i p for Dis Mission As Roosevelt Calls in leaders Washington May 24.apr Alvin la. Hansen Harvard University economist proposed to the monopoly commit Lee today that a special study be made to determine the feasibility of a a double budget system for tile Federal government. A the limn is Ripe for such an he said. A we have already been stumbling piece meal toward a double budget system but without any organized Hansen suggested that under the system similar to that employed in Sweden capital investments be budgeted separately from purely operating expenditures. Such subsidiaries As the reconstruction finance corporation would be budgeted separately. Including both self liquidating and other types of investments. For capital expenditures on which a Here was no return or self liquidating projects on which there was a loss a charge would be made against the operating budget for maintenance depreciation or amortization. Had the nation been using such a system with the unemployment insurance carried under the capital budget Hansen said the a whole method of financing Relief would have disturbed the Federal budget taxation essential to any Type of budget was up for discussion at the White House Toufer i fences. President Roosevelt arranged to see rep Cooper t a ten chairman of the House a ways and Means subcommittee. And chairman Harrison a miss of the Senate finance committee other developments of the Day the Senate military committee was informed that drover i Cleveland Bergdoll the draft dodger would return to new i York tomorrow for surrender to military authorities the White House tax conferences coincided with reports that senatorial foes of the in Disirio ated profits tax were Leady to demand its Complete repeal. Harrison was said to have decided that Only elimination of the tax would encourage business. There had been reports of plans for a Compromise agreement whereby the rate would be Cut i from 2�?Tit to i 4 per cent. To see Morgen the the ways and mean committee j negro religious Leader j i ill la Washington May 21. A ave the diving in-11 being used in an attempt to take tile men front the submarine squalid has never been operated under such difficult conditions. Navy officials voiced Confidence however that a successful Contact might he made if weather conditions remained favourable and tin1 submarine a on a relatively even keel. The Rescue chamber of which the Navy has five. Are built to withstand an external pressure of imn Pound Jar Square in Eli which they suggested provided ample allowance for being operated at tile squat us depth where the pressure is i pounds. The Rescue Crews Are thoroughly familiar with the device being required by naval regulations to attach it to a submerged platform every few months Aud to take men from a submerged submarine once a year. The tests usually Are conducted in about uni feet of water thus for the chamber have proved efficient. Some of the Iliff it ult in faced to Lay include tire Strong currents prevalent off Portsmouth and the possibility that die submarine partly buoyant might shift it position during the re Cue operations. Anti semitic move planned Deatherage testified he i asked i till Newport Rich folks about program Washington May 24. It r a George e. Deatherage. Head of the Knight of the White camellia told the House unan Merican committee today he had discussed an anti semitic Campaign with wealthy socialites at Newport r. I., prior to the 1936 presidential election. Deatherage testified in response to questions that he went to Newport a late in 1935 or Early in 1936�?� to see some a int a Ted people in the Hope of raising funds. said he made the trip Prin Quot warily to see Howland Spencer new York real estate Man whom he described merely As a the Man who sold the land to father father divine new a Ork quire Only 23 of the 59 i rapped fur 29 hours Iii 240 feet of water in Squall definitely accounted for As alive first survivors report 25, including three officers Are alive bulletin Portsmouth. N. H., May 24.�? apr enacting probably the most dramatic Rescue in the history of undersea Craft seven men entombed for More than 29 hours aboard the sunken submarine squalls were hauled to safety in a diving Bell today and 25 others known to be alive stepped close to free air and Freedom. Against the names of 27 of their colleagues however were marked the terse words a Little Hope is held that they Are Portsmouth n a May 24 map a seven men entombed for More than 29 hours in the crippled submarine squalls were pulled to safety today in a Rescue chamber raised through 240 feet of water and immediate preparations were made for another recent in an Effort to save As Many As possible of the other 52 men still trapped below. The first survivors reported 25 of their colleagues including three officers were still alive inside the submersible and that still others might have held on to life without their knowledge. This figure placed the Likely death toll at 27, inasmuch As 59 had been aboard. Even As this first definite report came from the rescued men the diving Bell plunged below on a second mercy trip. One of the seven saved was an officer Lieut. J. Nichols of Chicago another was a civilian employee of the Navy department and the other five Mere enlisted men. All appeared in fair condition after their harrowing experience. A great cheer arose from the Crew of the Rescue ship Falcon As the dripping Rescue Bell arose from the sea and was landed gently on the deck of the surface vessel. All seven were Able to step from the Bell without help and walk about on the deck drawing their first free air since the squalls was trapped on the Ocean floor by an open induction valve during a dive at 8 40 a. In. Yesterday. Aret were a fireman a civilian depart Wash tie submarine Rescue ship pm Iron which i White Island n. Ii., where <12 men were trapped a Quale. Speeding from its new London on Hie Ocean hot loin in the i onn., Inise to. S. Tahitia Iii appeals studied by supreme court loan made for Mantone favor former of. S. Four Jurist on trial Iii new York new York May 24�? a it a testimony that a $25,000 loan to former u. S. Circuit court judge Martin Manton would a rebound to my benefits wan Given in Federal court today by John l. Lotsch one time Patent attorney and former director of the fort Greene Hank of Brooklyn. To Tach pleaded guilty to the indictment barging conspiracy to obstruct Justice under which Manton now is on trial lit described a meeting in Manton Chambers at which William Fallon was present. Fallon alleged Salesman of Manton judicial favors also has pleaded guilty. Lotsch testified he was told at the meeting that Bis Bauk would receive Large deposits from a corporation for which Manton had appointed the receiver if a loan a made to Manton the witness said Fallon told him previously that he would like to introduce him Lotsch to Manton Quot because he thought Manton would be of i defendant to a lesser verdict than help to me in any cases before j guilty of first degree murder. A his court a Elf i could obtain Loans i remark of the presiding judge for the j a Clement that Buchanan a letter from Manton to Lotsch a a swore both ways in testimony in connection with negotiations j about his work was attacked As $25,000 set Manton i prejudicial As was comment by plane explosion kills five Marlette my ii. May 14. Map a an army air plane exploded and crashed five mile West of Here today killing the Pilot second Lieut. Hamilton Mcclure 27, of self Ridge Field. Lieut. My chirp whose Home was at fort Worth tex., a alone in the plane. Expect toll Ami Down decision on sales lax controversy Raleigh May 24. A .79 the supreme court took under advisement today appeals from death sentences imposed on Julius Buchanan and James Cureton in Forsyth county. The court was to hand Down opinions late in the afternoon on the docket for argument late in the Day or tomorrow was a suit by Paul Leonard challenging the americans hold sweeps winners pair win $140,000 each Oil Derby Winner Blue Peter new York May 24�? up a United states holders of ticket on Blue Peter Winner of the Derby won la 40.4a l each to Koonst rationality of the state s j Day in the Irish Hospital sweep three per cent general sales tax stakes. Restore .wo,000,000 Washington May 24. Map a a joint Senate hour conference committee restored $00,000,000 today to the Hill to acquire Stock of strategic War materials. Senator Thomas in Tail chairman said the measure when reported for final action would carry the full $100,000,-000 authorized by the House. This had been Cut to $10,000,-ooo by the Senate. Which turns about $12,000,000 it Early into the state Treasury. Buchanan was convicted of the killing of his wife. His counsel argue that a contradicted testimony was hat the wife assaulted Buchanan with a Hammer and that he then hit her with a Hatchet. Richmond Rucker arguing the Case contended this entitled the for the a Worth at a upwards of $750,000.�?� hanker Dies Chicago May 24.pm Charles v. Oestrogen 63, treasurer of the Chicago Board of Trade for 12 year and vice president of the first National Bank since 19 �?T0, died today of a heart ail-1 the judge that a witness of Good character might possible be relied on More than a witness of had character. They were a Donegal girl 3055 Decatur ave., Bronx n. Y., and a come to 5os West 132nd Street new York City. Five americans held tickets on Fox cub second place horse winning $70,200 each. They were poor Katz 9 95 Bank Street Waterbury Conn. friends of Riverside Hospital. North Brothers laundry new York City please let me win one 2909 Ellsworth Street Philadelphia love and Luck Redwood estates California and Willa Morley 629 Deming place Chicago. Five american ticket holders on Heliopolis third place Winner won $46,800 each. They were come to papa. 60 Madison Avenue Plainfield. N. J. Try again. Rei eased Vienna May 24. A let it a the release of or. And 71 in. Richard Kosann United states citizen arrested at graz., Austria nearly a month ago was announced today. They had held by the Gestapo secret police on charge of photographing military object. A a Horry wins Charlotte n a�?T., May 21. Apr de Schreiber Charlotte High school youth Defeated Frank Ford the Veteran from Charleston. S. Cd a on the 19th Hole of their first round match in the annual Carolinas Amateur Golf tournament Here today. Bobby Dunkelberger High Point the medallist Defeated Wade Haywood Charlotte s and 2. Cureton was convicted in the death of Melvin Nesbit. His it to Arnoys also contended he should have been convicted of a lesser a fax cd a a i 3060 re St., by Battle. Brooklyn. A v 1.38 Virginia i Jackson height 374 Pacific St. Alvin Davis or. It., Vallejo Calif. And k. A. Hill b. A. P. O. E., Ai Hen Ciano Back in Rome Rome May 24 a Ltd a foreign i minister count Gaezzo claim re i turned today from Berlin where tit monday he signed the italian German military treaty reach Ling Rome shortly before shop closed for a half Holiday to commemorate Italy s Entrance into its world War. Has indicated that it soon would i invite Secretary Morgenthau to i Lay before it the results of any tax studies the Treasury has made or any recommendation he might i care to offer. In i address monday to the american retail federation pres id in Roosevelt said he was will ing to have the Levy repealed it equivalent Revenue were raised from the larger corporations Anc if their were no return to tax evasion loopholes. Harrison was represented a believing the president s i conditions could lie met satisfactorily. The presidents lax statement shared attention on Capitol Hill with i assertion that a reason i Able internal debt w Ould not impoverish the nation. Senator Byrd a a Leader of the so called Senate a a Economy bloc a criticized the president policy on debt. A when examined its utter fal Lacious Ness is quickly apparent i Byrd said adding that debt popular is a dangerous Doc i Trine to some Well informed senators j reported that vice president Gar tier had been sharply critical of ii he chief executives remarks on i the National debt. At his press conference late yesterday or. Roosevelt explained a statement in his speech to the retailer that government spending for permanent functions had been less under his administration than under his predecessor he said lie could not cite Fig i urea but that in the performance of some activities the govern intent was spending less than it had under the previous administration. added that new government functions should not be considered in making comparisons. Spending discussions also included a suggestion by a. A. Berle jr., assistant Secretary of state that a Public works finance corporation he created to lend Money for Public and Semi Public improvements at any rate of interest deemed necessary a to get the business done a Hudson River estate. President Roosevelt a estate Hyde Park from Howland Spencer last year the witness on the stand for the second Day. Said that while at Newport he had dined aboard Spencer yacht. said he got a Little More than $200 from Spencer but that others present while a naturally interested in the plan had a a let George do it attitude the committee was developing the detailed Story of a fledgling movement to unite anti com noun is organizations in the United states with those in Italy and Germany. Deatherage furnished first information along this line when he testified yesterday. Deatherage threw the hearing into momentary confusion yesterday. First by demanding assurances that he was taking a a Christian oath and then by challenging chairman Dies Ltd Tox to Quot come Over Here and make me sit Down a husky Capitol policemen continued on Page the other six saved Roland Blanchard. Hershey a. Harold c. Preble a employed by the Navy ment. Washington d. William Isaac a Cook in ton. Do c. Theodore Jacobs signalman a Slaton Island. N. Gerald my Lees. Electricians mate. Richmond. Kane. Charles Ulias machinists mate. New Salem in. Pile ascent of the hell marked the first time in u. S. Naval history that men had been readied under life or death cond Hon from such a depth. Nearly an Hothir and a half elapsed Between the time a diver first reached the deck of the j sunken submarine at to 22 o clock this morning and the a i Taal lowering of the huge hell j of soon the deck of the Falcon. No one knew for sure what i tale the first men to to saved i could Tell but one High author to try on the surface already had expressed fear that 26 of the 59 i men aboard the sunken Craft Al ready were dead. Hope Soa red Hope for Tho imprisoned men i soared As the diver reported at 11 14 a in est that he had hooked a line on the crippled submarine on which a Rescue i chamber could he lowered. A we should he ready to Lowera chamber in half an hour Quot was j Tho to next age flashed from the Rescue ship Falcon As soon As it received the diver of. It added the sea was calming. At the same time a new message came from the men trapped i on the Ocean floor and the Ful a con flashed a a squalls reports conditions comfortable and even As hurried preparations i were made to lower a diving hell a Loho used As an escape Cham Here a High source at the Rescue scene said unofficially it was he moved 26 of the nearly three score men already had perished through code signals from the i entrapped Craft it was Learned j that those in the Forward min continued on Page Ocean floor 16 its Mouth. Kept today a they of information Craft at the Britain is making new proposals to russians wants i in straps if la wed Kinston May 2 4 Ltd Dan Iel h Bell game Warden said today Eastern North Carolina wardens would ask that All fish trap be outlawed by the next legislature London. May 2t a a a prime minister Chamberlain announced today that the British government a making new proposals to soviet Russia for her to the British French front and he had every reason to Hope it would be possible to a reach full agreement at an Early he said that As a result of conversations at Geneva Between foreign Secretary Viscount Halifax and Ivan Mai sky soviet ambassador to London a fall relevant Points of View had now been made speaking in the House of commons the prime minister reported on the latest stage in the Long drawn negotiations Between the foreign Secretary str mediate acceptance of terms for a three Power assistance pact among d in wives await word often in submarine Portsmouth. N in May 21 Jpio wives sweethearts and children of the men who Lay imprisoned in the submarine i squalls on the i Miles out of p 1 tight lipped Vigil awaited scraps from the Seseui i scene. Pitifully parading from their rented Bungalow Mother with i Young children clutching their hands forlorn brides older Amnion trudged Hack and Forth to the Navy Yard where they asked j with mingled eagerness and such bit of news a had i come Hack from the car Emblem i Rescue Fleet. They crowded around officer returning from the scene of the sinking pleading for words of encouragement cheered at first by word that the imprisoned men had been in communication i with those working for their its i Cue they were stunned today when unofficial word came that 26 of the is men were believed dead. Having followed their a Rov my men from base to base living their itinerant lives the Fain Hies know few of their neighbors and to their grief and anxiety was added loneliness. I seeking Solace they turned to one another and to sin la few friends a they had in the Navy i Yard Community. One unnerved wife and Mother leading her six year old son i walked ceaselessly throughout j yesterday and last night and again today about the base. At j times the pair could he seen walking Hack Acron the Bridge i to the Elty. Then suddenly they i would reverse their Steps and i return. The child did not com i Plain. I an older woman told How she i and Lier husband had planned to a retire six months hence. They. Were going to move to a farm she said to seek the nettled i stability they never experienced j in the Navy. Yes. They were in i ing to a farm. Of course they were it already has been Britain and Russia for their jetted Mutual Aid Accord earlier a hour it meeting had heard a detail port of lord Halifax tall Geneva with Mai sky and f foreign minister Bonfire informed garters said Mutual Britain adherence j France Aud Russia. Chamberlain told the House lie hoped to he Able to announce the competitor of an agreement with the soviet Union by the time parliament reconvened june 5 after the Whitsun recess. The prime ministers statement was Brief he said a the House is aware that my Noble Friend lord Halifax the Secretary of state for foreign affairs was Able to have conversations with the French ministers in Paris on his Way to Geneva a the was also Able to continue in Geneva the conversations i which had been conducted with he Soxie i ambassador in Lon do to. I j Quot a a result of these con vet a h Mons All relevant Points of View russians i bought. A Young wife spoke of the vacation she and her husband had planned. They were going to the West Coset next week to her mothers Home. She already had sent her baby West with a Friend. Some wearied of waiting at the base walked slowly Back to their Little Home a there to Awalt with alternate Hope and fear the Telephone Call that some harassed official had promised if word came. Pro ii net i re that Coati used on Baga f casualties reach 111 Jerusalem May 24�? a a casualties in a Brush Between British troop Aud arabs near tul Karem yesterday were listed officially today a at least la arabs killed and scores wounded a British major killed and a Corporal Aud Titi Vates wounded

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