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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 20, 1940, High Point, North Carolina A four 14-m. Guns by Flore lifebuoy cd two 14-in. Guns do multiple porn Pornes Bridges c on i r o i Tower sea Cabins of a navigation Bridge go main director Tower he mom fire control top a direction Tower for secondary armament Jet o r p a d o direction Tower k�?4 7-m. High Angle guns in multiple porn Pom m�?5.25 in secondary armament no port aircraft Bongar of aircraft Coop we pm Boot aircraft Crone q�?5 25 it in secondary armament re aft control Tower 5�?direction Tower for secondary armament to aft fire control top us aft mom director Tower a vv�?8 Borrel my i it pie porn porn a a four 14 in guns Jiji no Van rum a amp ii i i ird Mont Center of Industry High to i Mhz ii a hoi Ina Page 150 years of Aerial warfare. First of three articles. Priest foresaw Hitler s horror in 1670 War Napoleon used air Arm. Against belgians town of London Britain still betting Fate on Fie commissions 5 High Speed Battiest first Iii it of Tho balloon Iii warfare the �?o1, Over the French Linos its Napoleon de if time tin i it a in Iii Kusir a i Tiu. From an of it print. This is the first of Throe a rides Deni Tilting hip a Odt lug. Reid Turies old Story of military aviation Sim i Friggens aka service staff correspondent priest Iii i to. A no City ran any Mil ii attack time lie placed directly Over it it Titi the Sam a House ii n a Des Soldi to i ii vat to not if or surf mkt of in i u by intr grimly prophetic that Sucre inspired Napoleon. In secure against or planned the first invasion of ships May at any1 Britain by air with a huge balloon i redly Over it carrying at least 4000 soldiers. May discharge and ample supplies. The germans e would happen planned the same thing at about and ships of the the same time visualizing fleets of balloons dropping whole armies and a projectile a against which no nation would have adequate other nations considered the air Arm. The austrians Are said i to have bombarded Venice with balloon a a torpedoes in 1849 when they get their guns up i under in charge of close enough. Balloons were used Quot spotted for the in Egypt at the Battle of the Nile. I artillery at the a tile of1 1799, and at bloody Solferino in Belgium on june 26. 1859, t prayed that a god will such an invention to a a but More than a Cen Napoleon was putting effect in the French Revo Lle was the first to use the a in War. French army in 1794 had a in comm i next Lincoln introduces Aerial warfare to America. Tate funds being used to Loos Brighton says Cooper Telegram to Frank Dunlap demands investigation of charges or said he had sent the Fol Telegram to Frank l. Dun Irman of the state High-<1 Public works commis your letter or a bating you would make Deavor to keep High Rison departments out and thereby promote i Call Ilion you at this t ii wit ii and immediate vesti gation of All High son and Highway Semi 10 Are putting out false that i will demote or Intendente of prison 11 foremen and guards. Start this effective treatment j.,a it a i.%4 in Lashame and relieve the itching torture 11 now introduced a a not Simental in effecting f Law giving state pm Oliway employees prison intent and soap a a Low and Thoo triers a scratch Resinol a a a a a ft0m i Concrete roads can take it once More newspaper headlines like these following the recent heavy freeze broke the bad news to motorists. But there a another Side to the Story. Concrete resisted the damaging effects of heavy Rains and severe cold sated millions of dollars for motorists. Concrete has the Quot bridging strength needed to keep pavements from breaking up when the supporting soil is weakened by Frost and soaking Rains. Because of this simple engineering fact your con Crete roads remain Safe and efficient in All weather need no Load limit Quot or Quot Detour Quot signs Are kept in prime condition without expensive maintenance. Concrete is a Trelow Cost Road Quot Over a period of years. Portland Cement association state planters Bank bldg., Richmond a. A National organization to improve and ext end Tho Vias of Coner. Through scientific research and Ong mooring hold work Joe Welborn elected to student dance committee Chapel Hill. My 20.�?bill Blalock of Charlotte has just been elected chairman of the student Lance committee at the University for the coming year it was announced today. George Cox head of St. Petersburg fla., was made Secretary. The following members were also elected Sam gambit Elkin representing the rising Sophomore class Bob Rose Smithfield Junior and Jack Towell Mooresville senior Joe we Horn High Point and by ones Pennsgrove n. J., representing the order of the grail. Ike Grainger Wilmington Jack Garland Gastonia and Tom Wright. Wilmington. German club Henry Greene. Roanoke rapids pharmacy school John Hoyle. Lawndale representing the Law and medical schools combined and Charles i Che Albany. N. Y., graduate school. Holdover members for the ensuing year include Leon Galloway Cherryville Tom Heath. Kinston and Frank Holton Lexington. association cancels Chi ise blowing Rock May 20.�? up a because of the War situation. The members of the North Carolina bar association will not make their customary convention cruise to Bermuda this year and instead will meet Here june 28-30. The Chang in plans was announced Here by Aviston Stubbs Secretary. 20 per cent increase in pay As a member of the general Assembly in 1935 when Yoti were director of the budget. A these Semi officials Are not Only putting out propaganda but advertising matter for my opponent. A Broughton using states gasoline states automobiles states time and state expense accounts while doing so. Quot with renewed expression of my belief in your desire to keep the prison and Highway department out of politics i remain a sincerely yours a Thomas e. Cooper a the democratic candidates for governor besides Cooper Aud Broughton Are Paul Grady Lee gravely a p. Horton a. Maxwell and Arthur Simmons. The republicans Are John r. Hoffman Robert f. Mcneill and George m. Pritchard. No comment Broughton declined to comment on Coopers Telegram. Dunlap was travelling on business in South Carolina and could not be reached for a statement. Grady issued a statement last night asserting he was the first it the candidates to endorse the renomination of president Roosevelt Aud to advocate the reapportionment of the general Assembly. Both these proposals were approved by the state democratic convention last week. Today Broughton will speak at Buncombe county courthouse Maxwell will attend the Mecklenburg festival at Charlotte and will speak in Burlington Cooper will speak at Elkin it. Airy Jonesville and North Wilkesboro gravely will speak at Williamston Greenville and Rocky mount and Horton will speak at Statesville. By Milton Bronner Nea service staff correspondent London May 20.�?London-City of millions is today one of the devastated cities of Europe. Not because it has been bombed but because of the fear it May be bombed. The devastation takes the form of business shop after shop being vacant of Street after Street of residences being empty of tenants of Flats that Are Dusty and deserted. When War was declared the authorities in anticipation of a possible bombing attack evacuated nearly one million London children and in Many cases their mothers. They were mainly from the poorer quarters of the town. The Rich and the socially elect evacuated themselves. They had a better Hole in the country. And there Many of them have stayed. Their absence naturally affected the business of the retail shops and the restaurants. Dauk for Light company a measure of what All this has meant is Given in a sort of apology issued by the Central London electricity company. In most american towns when an electricity company raises its rates r simply does so and that s that. But this London company Felt an obligation to its customers to Tell them Why it had to make them pay More. It explained this was due to three reasons and two of them graphically show wartime conditions in London. First since the beginning of the War More than 15,000 Consumers of electricity furnished by the company have vacated their premises and asked that the current be discontinued or they simply left and did not even trouble to have the current disconnected. Odly 5,000 have returned. Even More serious is the loss of Revenue from big office blocks and business premises which though still connected with the company a Mains Are occupied by Skeleton staffs or by caretakers. The usual West end shops reported no Trade. Hotels closed Down whole floors and their banqueting rooms and hundreds of Small residential hotels and boarding houses went out of business entirely. Second the blackout hit the company hard. The thousands of electrically illuminated signs All Over the Piccadilly Leicester Square Oxford Street Regent Street Section of town were shut off. Ninety one Miles of Street lighting in this Section were Cut of and the shop windows in the retail Section were of course no longer lighted up after dark. At the outbreak of War All the theatres and movie houses shut Down for seven weeks. Since the the movies have reopened on staggered hours but Many of the t bean is still remain closed hit by High Coal Price the company operates in the heart of the town the retail shop theatre hotel and swankier residence Section of London. It was not possible therefore to make up for tills loss of business by an increased Revenue from factories working night and Day on War contracts. These new and old factories Are a mainly located in the outlying be Wuis of town. The first four months of the War brought the company a total loss in consumption of 54,000,000 units a a decrease of 27 per cent compared w Ith the same period they a before. Thir meant the loss of a million dollars in Revenue. Third the Cost of Coal has gone tip to double what it was in 1935. As there is every indication Coal will be even More expensive it is estimated that soon the Cost per electric unit will he 50 per cent greater than in 1938. Municipal taxes have gone up. Another heavy item of Cost has been air raid precautions. Owing to its vulnerable position the company had to take elaborate measures of ensure As far As possible. That there would be no dangerous breakdown or interruption of Supply in its area a the most important in the nation s capital. Lost Colony to open fourth season intr run Bureau sir Walter hotel Raleigh. May 20 a the fourth summer season of a the lost billed As Quot Paul greens mighty outdoor music will not fail this year for Lack of loud and prolonged Ballyhoo. Already the irate county Cham bet of Commerce is distributing thousands of copies of a pamphlet which goes into ecstatic Over the performance cites the favourable opinion of Many theatrical critics and quotes president Franklin d. Roosevelt As one of the very Well satisfied a i Ost Colony fans who is loud in his la Dation. The premiere for this summer will be presented june 29. And from then through july 7 it will be repeated nightly. Thereafter there will be no performances on mondays or tuesdays through september 2, the closing Date. As in previous years the spectacle will be produced in hip Waterside theatre at Roanoke Island. A every american should see the lost Colony has been adopted As the slogan. Non-4 Tom Merci it a the lost Colony Quot is sponsored As h non commercial venture by the Roanoke Island historical association with state senator d. Bradford fearing As president and or. Frank p. Graham president of the University of North Carolina As honorary chairman. The action of the show takes place on the Mammoth Waterside theatre stage behind Stout Palisades facing Roanoke sound the site where sir Walters ships were probably moored. The cast numbers 2 of pet Alm Ner sketch show makeup of one of Brit Man new George v Cia battleships. By Milton Bronner Nea service Stair correspondent London May 20 while the British flee has been whittling Down Hitler s Navy. British shipyards have enhanced John bulls sea strength with five of the fastest. Best armoured and most powerful battleships which have Ever taken tile Waters these Are now undergoing their trials and at some time in the near future will probably be ready to go. These new ships Are known As the George v. Class. Great Speed has been manifested in their completion. The keel of the George v was Laid Jan. I 1937, and the ship was launched feb. 21, 1939. The keel of the Prince of Wales was Laid Jan. I 1937, and launch ing took place May 3, 1939. The keel of the Duke of York was Laid May 5, 1937, launching was sept. 16, 1939. The Keels of the Jellico and Beatty were Laid the summer of 193 7, launching was nov. La. 1939. Even him Ger ships on Viv these five ships differ from any at present in the i aver. They mount to 14-Inch guns in two quadruple and one win Turret. They fire a Shell weighing 1400 pounds have a very High rate of fire and their Range i Superior to the 15-Iiieh guns formerly prevalent in the bigger British ships. In addition to these big guns per hour. Hath of them will have 16 5 1-4-Inch and Many lighter guns to say nothing of very for Midale pompoms and other anti. Aircraft guns invented by the Navy Jand destined to give any nazi bombers at hot time. The most advanced British ideas on underwater defense against torpedoes mines and bombs have been employed in i these ships. In fact these together with the sch Aud deck a i Mot constitute 4n per cent of the weight of these 35.000-ton ships. I they Are among the speediest big i vessels of War Ever built. They Are expected to Ai Fain a bit More i than 30 knots or nearly 35 Miles i per huns. Each of them w ill have i a three aircraft and a complement of 1500 men. Nor is that All if this War goes i on. British naval Yards have under course of construction fours monsters of 4o, tons each which it is predicted will he the a boats Ever built. And on top of that delivery will soon Stait of a whole flock of Light cruisers and destroyers which had been prepared for is pre War programs. Mahan influence Sti id Imam ram All this is just another Lintel of the Faith the British place in the thesis of the great american naval historian. Admiral a. T. Mahan who wrote the classic work on the influence of sea Power on history. The Island kingdom still places its main Reliance on its fighting ships both for scraps and Fot blockade of an enemy. Rat extermination drive opens in Thomasville spatial to the Enterprise Thomasville Max Thomasville a rat external a drive Quot will open tuesday in ing with approximately a tor red Squill being used As i ceral san Idson and other John Faulkner consulted in typhus control for Board of health l. C. I. Rodent control Spe site College and Isis in the drive persons in the City civic the City of Hornier a e contribute to make the Cam r a clean up week cd which was held time to be of great the rodent drive. Get Quick Relief when headaches strike headache usually yield promptly to Tho Quick acting ingredients in the Quot by Quot formula. Try a Quot Bce a the next Tim a headache in pounding away. Not How quickly you a relieved end begin to feel much better. Quot by a in also effective for the Relief Al muscular aches pains of neuralgia functional periodic paint and a a sedative in simple nervous Fin according to direction on package sad always consult a physician Whan Paine a rust 10c 4 25c site. Two wats to it ease tour Bride. / i a Nitro of Comfort of your Homo m Ille american Khatim. Ii my mint Standard pm Ai him. My this to sri oaf building of the new York world Quot a fait any woman will feel As Happy at a june Bride when heating and Good plumbing Benr better living to Home and never before have they been so easy to plan easy to buy on any size budget for whether your Home is Smalt or Large whether you or Radiator or warm air heating or air conditioning you la the right products in the Complete line of Ani St a Hea equipment for Coal a automatic or hand fired Oil or from the full array of Beautiful amp Tatt Dard Quot plumbing fist you can choose a modern charming bathroom and a Labouring Kitchen that suit your requirements. And this is i whether you Are building or modernizing. For modernizing heating or a combination of heating plumbing you can now use our summer finance of a no payments until october 15th plumbing alone can modernized on our Cha plan no Down payment a Mont payments to Start within 60 Days from Date of installation plans give you up to 3 years to pay. For further information write for a free copy of the 64-pe Booklet described below or consult your heating and plumb contractor today american tat Davd Radiator Ait Itai Wrol rat Cor of r Ati on att Iron amp steel boiler k Furnace tor Coal Oil Gay Radiator plumbing fixture is fitting a air conditioner a Coal k a Walar Heater Copper pipe Ai fitting a Oil Burner a heating a Catorie showrooms in principal cities fear right tax re sanitary t Ortw Ranee mow in space Savine Arco Hamati de Over a much warmth at old Natyla Radiator a Vij i mtg fuel saving worm air Furnace and air conditioner i in addition to the Complete line of Ideal boiler Tho Amish heating line includes Sunbeam warm air furnaces and air conditioners in All size Amienee ranges for Coal a automatic or hand fired Oil or Gas. Clean efficient economical the Sunbeam unit you choose will deliver years and years of satisfaction and Comfort Low Cost Comfort for any Hemal even though your Home and budget Are Small you la find the right equipment for efficient dependable Radiator heating in the Complete line of Ideal boiler for Coal a automatic or hand fired Oil or Gas. Provision for economical Domestic hot water May be included in All automatically fired Ideal boilers. So ? Oia Blu tit Coa a Vail Ahi tor author Stoker or hand i tug a Standard Quot Nosko Swik Braga Beauty and a Mcrancy to Iha Kitchen distinctive bathrooms Blad a a a from the Complete line of Beautiful standards bathtubs closet and lavatories you can select a group to More than satisfy your special desires. Available in White and la striking color standards fixture Are shown in Many attractive and colourful bathrooms in the free 64-pare Booklet offered on this Page. Write to our Pittsburgh office for your copy today Standard sets the style in Kitchen sinks in the Complete line of Standard Kitchen sinks in White and color there on to meet your particular needs and budget. Each i designed to bring you the utmost in Beauty efficiency convenience. The deep sink Well useful Spray Hose Handy swinging spout Are just a few of the features that make Kitchen work easy work Fri #4 p Agi Kook lit tells the a inside Story of heating air conditioning and plumbing. Beautifully illustrated in full color. Will help you plan better Comfort for your Home. For free copy write american Radiator the Standard sanitary corp. Pittsburgh a. Or ask your heating a plumbing contractor to show you our Complete catalogue. Loft stardard nip an if Sain Ai emerges Moat Dia Tinetiah Bathtub

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