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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 15, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Fage two the High Point Enterprise Piedmont of Industry High Point North Carolina wednesday May to 1910 Morf about French line broken to tinned from rage one it tack were frustrated with heavy losses for the enemy. A during attacks on the Saar front the first lieutenant of one infantry regiment hails Schoene and his company distinguished themselves by extraordinary bravery in storming a commanding position in the Rocky Hills South of Plum Sens. A the main weight of German air operations yesterday Lay in attacking the rear connections or the enemy his transport roads and Assembly stations. Or the theatres today Center Melo it in music Manhattan a a tiny As the great White Way Lana Turner George Murphy Joan Blondell a in a a tw0 girls on Broadways Broadhurst three girls in love and with the same Bot i a and one was beautiful�?T1 starring Robert Billie Cummings Burke Laraine Day Jean i in Ann Morris extra Oil Gano comedy a a the new Pupil Quot add a thl is. Yuha Curit Marx Brothers a in a at the circus i thi Rhi a Carole Lombard a in a Vigil in the night Rialto the horror of submarine warfare revealed u boat 29 first showing in City a enemy efforts to hamper German fighting activity through operations of Strong flying forces were repulsed with heavy losses for the opponent without much interference of our command in the air. A Over to British and French fighting and Pursuit planes were shot Down at one Point alone. Total losses of the opponent on May 14 amounted to Over 200 planes of which about 170 were shot Down in air fights 17 by anti aircraft and the rest destroyed on the ground. A thirty five of our own planes Are missing. Armed reconnaissance before the Netherlands coast yielded great successes. As previously reported in a special announcement two cruisers and one destroyer were sunk by bomb hits an additional Cruiser was struck by a bomb one merchant ship of 29.000 tons and four transports were destroyed. A the defense fight around Narvik to extend scope having forced surrender of All but isolated units of the Netherlands 400,000-Man army in five Days of Blitzkrieg Germany sought today to extend the scope of the newest Conquest by urging Belgium to follow the dutch example. Hour after hour starting Early in the morning All German radio stations broke in on their programs with appeals to the belgian soldiers to Lay Down their arms. In flemish and in French the soldiers were told that Germany does not wish to harm the people that the German invasion of Belgium was brought about because great Britain arid France were getting ready to attack Germany through Belgium. A belgians a said the broadcast a if you want to preserve the live of your men if you cherish the Security of your country if you want to safeguard the economic life of our country follow the example of the dutch nation which now has been saved. A Stop your resistance. Follow j the example of the dutch and stack your arms. Germany foes not want War with the belgian nation. Belgians Lay Down your Success of the nazi forces in their lightning Campaign in the i Netherlands was hailed by morn ing papers throughout the country. One authoritative commentator described the achievement of Adolf Hitler s military machine in bringing Down a a Well armed nation of Over 8,000,000�?o in a Little More than too hours As i a unique in another stressed the a tremendously stimulating effect of the Victory on the morale of the German army. But in military circles the strategic value of the dutch surrender As it affects the Progress of the Campaign against the allies was singled out As the most vital Factor. More thin one newspaper com i mediator pointed to the fact that j with dutch airports in German hands the War now is virtually j on England a Doorstep. I Mommi a --db,.�? a a a father son held for Bank robbery Greenville. May a a father and son identified As Theodore Williams. 38. And William v. Williams. 18, or pin county. Were in jail today charged with robbing the Bank of Winterville of 1276 48. All but $20 was recovered. Highway patrolman w. A Massengill said. Total of 34,544 Register in county Quot heavy Quot registration pleasing and shows interest in things political special to the Enterprise Greensboro. May 15 a reports from the last three precincts in Guilford county today brought the total registrations for the county to 34,544, de Hudgins chairman of the county election Board has announced Here. Reports from the 66 precincts in the county Are now Complete. The three precincts reporting today were South Madison with 73 registered 45 democrats and 28 republicans Sumner with 54 9, 392 democrats 148 republicans and nne independents and deep River with 40 2. 310 democrats 187 republicans and five independents. The chairman expressed pleasure at the a a heavy registration and declared that it showed interest in things political. He expects a Large percentage of this registration to vote in the coining election he said. N. Y. Stocks Palace theatre Salem Street Comfort Ahi pc Onjo Rahlf coming tomorrow a French without tears with Ray Milla no Ellen draw last times today a Man from Montreal with Andy Devine admission or 1 r of except the is. Adults Ioc l it Loc and saturdays children a a Thomasville a Ltd 6 a j a t it 10c look what the Paramount i is going to have j a Brand new Gene Al try Urs run musical adventure its a a Honey Quot too the first chapter of the biggest serial picture in years Man Here a a show you dream about More about Battle of Meuse continued from Page one southward from Namur Belgium. Fresh reinforcements were arriving in the German lines from Bouillon Industrial settlement North of Sedan. In the belgian ardennes mountains Between Namur and Dinant the germans established Bridgehead on the West Bank of the Meuse which immediately Drew Strong counter attack from the French forces on the same Side of the River. A French military spokesman described German landings on the West Side of the Meuse under Allied fire from land and air. Tank attack repulsed a German tank attack in the level Region Northwest of Namur near Gem Loux was hurled Back by French counter attacks. The germans were reported to have suffered a enormous losses particularly in tanks and their Crews and a 4-to-l ratio in planes. The situation of the allies in Central Belgium was Declaredofavorable.�?� part of the German Force which crossed the Meuse South of Sedan was hurled Back into the River. Heavy French forces pushed eastward against the germans. The German troops were described As the a a bests Shock detachments. Additional reinforcements Wert arriving from neuf chateau. Belgium and also coming in behind German lines from Marche. Belgium. French and British Aerial forces meanwhile were laying Down a tons and tons of bombs on her Tau rear lines troop concentrations highways boats and Bridges. German planes were reported bombing the French rear guard. East of the Moselle River in the Maginot line sector several a very Strong local German attacks ran into defense fire from French Advance posts and wilted. Air raid alarms were sounded this morning in the regions around Rouen. Havre and Bor Deau but no attacks were reported. While the Netherlands military Campaign apparently had ended with the general staffs order to the dutch to Lay Down their arms it was understood the Netherlands Fleet still was cooperating with the allies. More about Britain continued prom Taffe one army to continue the fight against the germans. There was no estimate of the number. This source said most of hol lands Navy left Netherlands Waters Aud already had arrived at British ports. Queen a Vilhelmina who fled to England with her government is continuing to govern Hollands overseas Empire from London. News of Hollands virtual capitulation was first received Here last night in a drastic broadcast by Genera Henri Gerard Winkelman. Dutch commander who said he a had no other choices except to order his men to Lay Down their arms. War nth i exists the dutch legation in London later issued a statement saying that a state of War still existed Between Germany and the Netherlands and that fighting was continuing in Zeeland province which consists of a Cluster of islands fronting the North sea on the extreme Southern end of the country. It was made Plain that the a cease firing order did not affect dutch naval units and was in no sense to be interpreted As a surrender on the part of the Netherlands government. A a wild Bill Elliott a Overland with kit Carson Quot self the greatest Indian fighter of them ail swing into action Fri. And sat. Last chapter of Quot Flash Gordon a a i wo&Quot"11111 Porky pig cartoon a Porky the giant killer Quot Paramount a Sosow Carol a twi atm More about Netherlands continued from in mitc one and the people to co operate in the preservation of order a until the arrival of the German regular troop?.�?T from London Queen Wilhel Mina sent a proclamation that a the Netherlands will one Day with the help of god resin its whole european but today All but a Small segment of those 12,700 Square Miles of territory was in the hands of the invaders who merely were delayed briefly la their Advance by the flood water defences with which the Netherlands had hoped to guard the rough rectangle enclosing the cities of Amsterdam. Rotterdam the Hague and utrecht. New York. May 15final stocks. Adams exp. 5% Adams Millis 20v4 air reduce. 404 Alaska Jun. 5% Al chem amp Dye 158 Alleghany. % Allis Chal mfg. 28va am can. 103 am car Fly. 25% am come Alco. 5% am for pow. I am pow St it. A am Rad is St s6 am Roll Mui. He Arn smelt is ref. 40 >4 am Sug ref. 15% at amp to 155 a am Toh b79 Anaconda 248 Arm 11147s a t is s f17% acl. 12 at ref. 22v4 Atlas pow. 74 a lat corp. 5% Baldwin. I6va b St o3y, Barnsdall. 9 Bendix a lat. 29 Beth St. 80 a Boeing Al rpm. 194 Borden. 19% Borg Warner. 16% Briggs mfg. 171/4 Budd mfg. 3% Budd wheel. 4 Burl Mills. 15% Bur add Mach. 8% Calumet St Hee. 5% can dry. 15% can Pac. 3% Cannon Mills. 32% Case j i51 Caterall trac. 48 a Champ p St. F 21 a Che St o34% c m 8t p St p pad. 3-18 Chrysler. 68% coca cola. 113 Colum g St e4va come credit. 33% come 8olv10% com with St Sou. 1% Consol Bdl. 27% con Chi. 8% cont can. 37% Corn prod 55 Curtiss Wright. 8% Curtiss Wright a25% Del Lack a w3% Doug Aire. 83 Dow chem. 152% Dupont. 187 Eastman Rod .141 Blee Auto it. 32% Blee pow a it. 3% Firestone. 16 Freeport Sui. 29% Gen Blee. 32% Gen foods. 42% Gen Mot. 43% Gillett. 4% ol.dden13 Goodrich. 12% Goodyear. 18 Oraham Pale. % of nor by pad. 22% Hud Mot. 3% Rupp Mot. % in cent. 7% int Harvest. 50% int Nick can. 24% int Tel a Tel. 2% Johns Man. 53 Kennicott. 32% Kinney 1% Kroger Ore. 37 Libby o t of. 38 Ligg a Myers b99% Loews. 36% loft. 22% Lon lard. 30 Louis a Nash. 464 Mack truck a. 19% Mccrory store. 12% to k to Mont Ward. 39% Murray corp. 4% Nash Kelt. 4 Nat biscuit. 1934 Nat Cash Reg. 11% Nat Dairy prod. 14% Nat dust. 21% Nat Lead. 18% Nat pow St it. 6% n y cent. 11% no am a lat. 17% North am. 18 nor Pac. 54 Ohio Oil. 8% Otis Elev. 13% Pac o a e .28% Pac Mills. La Packard. 2% Param Pix. 5 Param pad. 79 Penny j c80 Penn Dix. 2% Penn r r17% Phillips pet. 33 % Pitt Ber St b5% pub Sec n j35% Pullman 19% pure Oil. 8% radio. 3 Rad k of Rem Rand. 6% rep St. 18% Reynolds b39 seab a a. 3-16 seab Oil. 14% Sears 70% Shell in. 8% Storony a 9% Sou Pac. 8% Sou by. 10g Sperry. 39% std brands. 6 std of Cal. 20% 8td of ind. 24% std of n j .37% Stewart Warner. 5% Studebaker. 7% Swift 21 Tex corp. 40 % Tex Gulf prod. 3% Tex Gulf Sui. 28% Timken det a. 21% trans Amer. 5 trans St West air. 15% in carb 73% in Pac. 84 unit Aire. 46% unit corp. 1% unit drug. 5 unit fruit. 9% unit Gas Imp. La u s ind Alco 21% u 8 Pip. 26% u s rub. 227 u s smelt St ref. 34 u 8 steel. 53 Vanadium. 35% Vick chem 41% Vacaro chem. 2% Warner pie. 2% West Mary. 2% Western Union. 16% West Blee a mfg. 97 i Wilson. 4% Woolworth 35 yell t a c13 Youngs s St t34% a More about $975,650,000 continued from fair one was a a incomprehensible that Federal officials a at least in Louisiana were not cognizant of the waste and diversion and Mia apply cation of the $975,650,000 wha appropriation was compared with a la 477.000.000 Relief outlay for the full 12 months of the current year. The committee said the proposed sum would provide employment for an average of 1.330,000 persons is used Over a 12-months period or 1,950,000 on an eight months basis. Permission to Nae the Money in eight months if necessary was c. F. Tomlinson is Monarch speaker discusses Institute for better government the High Point Monarch club at its luncheon meeting at the Sheraton hotel today heard c. F. Tomlinson prominent manufacturer of High Point on the Institute for better government in Guilford county. Or. Tomlinson said that when he was growing up government was considered a liability but that now it is considered an asset at least by hundreds of thousands who Are on the payrolls and on Relief. The speaker cited Nebraska As a Model state at least in its conduct of its own affairs no debt no income tax. No sales tax All of which resulted from initial work by a taxpayers organization he told of the state of North Carolina taking Over the roads and schools relieving the counties of these obligations then he said the people wanted to know Why the county spent so much Money. The county replied thu it had taken Over Many obligations of the cities welfare and other things and then the people went to the City to ask Why if so much Relief had come from the county it still Cost so much to run the City. About All we got there the speaker remarked was that if we would help them build the Hydro electric Plant we have any taxes at All to pay. Or. Tomlinson explained the purposes of the organization and said it was not formed for the purpose of bringing charges against anyone but that it is an organization and said it was not formed for the purpose of bringing charges against anyone hut that it is an organization of taxpayers for their own Protection. C. R. Morris Secretary of the Occidental life insurance company of Raleigh and t. J. House Secretary to the president of the same company were guests. Roy Culler president presided. Mrs. Sally l. Snider claimed by death Dies at Home on Winston Salem route four or. Sally Louis Snider 62, died at her Home Winston Salem route 4, about 8 of clock this morning. Mrs. Snider had been in declining health for the past 18 months and in a serious condition for the past two week. She was born february 4. 1878. In Davidson county the daughter of Joseph j. And Martha Hayworth Davis. On january 12, 1902, she was married to Branson j. Snider j and had made her Home in the Hopewell Community in Forsyth county for the past 20 years. She was a member of the primitive Baptist Church surviving Are the husband. Branson a Snider seven sons Wyatt Snider Frank Snider. John Snider and Ira Snider All of the Home place Honea Snider route 4. Winston Salem James Snider of Lexington and Willie Snider of Pennsville. N. J. Six daughters miss Margaret Snider and miss Mildred Snider of the Home place. Mrs. Kelan Hege mrs. Russell Hege. Mrs. Walter Everhart All of route 4 Winston Salem and mrs. Paul Berrier of route i Lexington three Sisters mrs. R t. Joyce mrs. Walter Smith and miss Ollie Davis All of route i Kernersville and 16 grandchildren. The body was carried to the late residence this afternoon funeral services will be held sometime Friday time and place to be announced later. Recommended the committee said. On president Roosevelt s request that this be done and in the Light of reports showing a decline in Industrial activities since january when the chief executive made his original request for $975,650,000 for 12 no Ziths. While bearing the Way for expenditure of All the Money in eight months the committee a without explaining Why wrote into the Law restrictions on the total number of persons who could be employed in the five months from july i Umil after the november elections. These restrictions which the committee said were based on a pay a estimates of its own needs were a top of 1,700,000 persons for the months of july. August and september 1,800,000 for october and 2.000.000 for november. Take it up today House leaders arranged to take up the big Relief measure today after completing work on the farm appropriation. In addition to wha funds the measure carried As recommended by the appropriation committee. $115,000,000 for Rural rehabilitation work of the agriculture department a Cut of $8,000,000 under or. Roosevelt a request $3, 500.000 for the puerto Rico reconstruction administration a Cut of $3,500,000 and $1,700,000 the amount requested for Indian service Relief. Additional allowances for administrative work in connection with Relief were also included in the Bill a $1,111,754, 819 total. The measure represented a $543,076,084 reduction when compared Wilh corresponding appropriations for the current fiscal year and a Cut of $ 14,300,084 below the president s recommendations for the next year. The office of government report a White House Agency to which the committee once refused a $1, 065.000 appropriation was allowed $500,000 in today a Bill. Regarding abuses the committee said that the spa commissioner col. F a. Harrington a has made an Effort to improve the management of the spa and has made and is making Progress in that i Caa t Hange upheld what we wont by Walter Winchell the dictators have again proven their argument that the most effective weapon in modern War is propaganda. They know that one honest fool is Worth two Benedict Arnolds. The dictators know that the chief duty to their army of occupation is to first take Over a nations suckers. The declaration of Independence told the world 150 years ago what this nation stood for. Now the american people must warn the world that we wont stand for 1 a we wont let them use free speech to deprive our people of it. 2 a we wont let them use the right of free Assembly to organize private armies. 3 a we wont allow the Freedom of the press to cover up their traitorous propaganda. 4 a we wont let them run Down our form of government so that they can run up their favorite dictators Flag. 5 a we wont let them turn the faults of the american government into flaws of the National defense we can depend on our army Navy Marine and air corps to silence the guns of any enemy but Only the intelligent civilian can silence the propaganda of our fools. Church social weather More about expect continue from Page one selves in the same the 79-year-old general pointed out that then the allies a protected us during More than a year of preparation. A today a he added a the situation is utterly president Roosevelt working in his shirt sleeves conferred yesterday with congressional and military leaders and then told reporters that the armaments race had been forced upon the country and that it must keep abreast. National defense is the important thing he said. And the method of financing it is of secondary consideration. Authoritative sources said that the president would recommend an increase of $726,000,000 in army funds and $250,000,000 More for the Navy. The objections would be to Complete equipment for 1,000,-000 troops put warship construction in High gear and bulwark coast defences. Peacetime Kwh Ord this eme Rency fund would swell National defense outlays for the year starting july i to about $2.724.000.000�?by far a peacetime record. The salient features of the presidents program congressional informants said would include 1. Production of a critical a items of equipment such a Semi automatic rifles tanks artillery and anti aircraft weapons in sufficient quantities for Field forces of 750,-000 men and 250,000 replacements. 2. Addition of 15,000 men to the army a enlisted strength to permit creation of another streamlined infantry division and provision for training 7.000 additional pilots for the air corps. Acceleration of warship construction already underway and expansion of facilities for training naval fliers. 4 strengthening of seacoast defences for which the army has estimated $82,600,000 will be needed in this country Panama Hawaii and puerto Rico. 5. Acquisition of 20 additional four engined bomber at a Cost of $80,000,000. Uncle same a defense establishment which president Roosevelt says must he Modernised and expanded at once to safeguard National Security looks like this today Navy three Hundred three warship including 15 battleships manned by 145,000 enlisted men and ,-651 officers 25,000 marines and 1,345 Marine corps officers 41.-992 men in the enlisted Reserve 13.769 Reserve officers and 5.382 officers and men in the Marine corps Reserve. Army approximately 227,000 enlisted men in the regular army and philippine scouts Plua 13.831 officers. Of whom 2.300 Are air corps pilots. An audit Nina 4.454 enlisted men Are on flying status and some of them Are pilots. There ire 103,000 eligible Reserve officers and by next year the regular army a enlisted Reserve is expected to include about 47,000 men with previous military training. The total authorized enlisted strength of the army is 280,000 men. The air corps expects to have about 2,665 first line planes on hand by the end of june but is building toward a goal of 5,500 planes by june 30, 1941. National guard strength 251,000 officers and men but president Roosevelt could order it expanded to about 400.-000. Archdale clash in it pox he meet the Susannah Wesley class at the Archdale methodist Church which was scheduled to meet tonight has postponed its meeting for at least one week it was announced Here today. Iff of m my con a i lass plans annual banquet the annual Mother daughter banquet of the Mary Conrad class of the first Baptist Church will he held at the Church Friday evening at six thirty of clock according to an announcement made this morning. 1 % a faithful follow Erh class has meeting the faithful followers class met last evening at the Home of mrs. Ola Godwin near Trinity. Mrs. A. L. Hall led the devotional and after a business a session games j Aud contests were enjoyed after which refreshments were served to the thirteen members prent. The next meeting will be held at the Home of mrs. A. L. Hall it was announced. Play to be repeated at Rankin memorial the play a professor Peppy which was presented recently in the basement of the Rankin memorial methodist Church will be again presented on Friday May 17, by request at the same place. A Small admission charge will be made proceeds going to the Church. A Lottie Holden Glass meets thursday p. M. The Lottie Holden Bible class will meet thursday afternoon at three of clock with mrs. Fred Leonard at her Home 120 Chestnut Street. North Carolina mostly Cloud with widely scattered showers slight cooler West and Central portions to night thursday partly Cloudy and colder preceded by showers Northeast coast. South Lina a Cloudy. Cloudy More about allies continued from Page one if the whine of German shells and the Thunder of nazi bombers did not exist. But their faces were traced with lines o anxiety. The German army unchecked after eight month of War might still be in Berlin instead of a few Short Miles away. Privates idled smoking cigarettes in the Sunshine by the Side of powerful tanks and Field guns. Others ate off tables pulled from bombed and deserted houses whose inhabitants had Long since fled. In Fields churned by four Days of movement of men and machines soldiers slept with helmets Over their faces. Streets of a nearby town were empty of civilians. Hob nailed boots of sentries struck Holloway. Half eaten meal near one of the anti tank guns were two bombed houses. In one the family a breakfast still Lay on the table a half eaten slices of bread half filled cups of Coffee. On a Wall at a crazy Angle Hung a picture of a Young Man in the world War uniform of the belgian army with the inscription a Mort pour la Patrie Quot died for his country. Farther on past the British lines Lay some of the belgian dead. Part censored Here a Caisson had been blown up. In the Sun now growing higher and hotter Lay the shattered bodies sprawled grotesquely As though embracing the soil they had rushed to defend against the invader. A it ainu to very said a British artillerymen wryly. We turned away and walked Back past laughing boys who were playing cards past silent sentries looking Forward to where screened by its own and the British mechanized cavalry the German army was gathering for the first real blow against the British forces. On every Road there were belgian refugees a old and very Young the lame the Blind the weak. Old bicycles oxtail and Donkey wagons were their conveyances. One woman was put Hidi a baby Carriage containing a fat. Smiling baby and a pile of household goods. Another wore absurd red slippers with Fluffy pompoms As she trudged through the heal and dust. Caro mostly scattered Shower slightly cooler Interior to night thursday fair. Slightly cooler Virginia Cloudy showers tonight and in East and North Portor thursday morning cooler thursday Ai in West and North portions tonight. Winds Sandy Hook to Hatteras moderate fresh Easterly winds Over Al Treme North and fresh Southwest of it Central and South portions tonight a Early thursday becoming Moderau late thursday showers night and thursday. Hatteras to Jacksonville moderate to fresh South and Southwel winds becoming West and Northwest overcast weather tonight and thud Day with widely scattered showers. Mar flu in Tain non Charlotte. May 15< a off cd weather Bureau record of the Tempe Afore and rainfall for the 24 hours in it Long at 7 30 a. In. In the principal it ton growing areas and elsewhere station h. Asheville. 34 Atlanta. 87 Augusta. 87 Birmingham. 82 Charleston. 84 Charlotte. 88 Chicago. 85 Columbia .01 Denver. 63 Detroit. 86 Evansville. Ai Galveston. 80 Greensboro. 87 Hatteras. 72 Jacksonville. 84 key West. 78 Little Rock. Ii la Angeles. 80 Memphis. 81 Meridian 80 Miami. 78 Minn-8t. A. 53 Mobile. 75 it. Mitchell 71 new Orleans .78 new York. 79 Raleigh. 90 san Antonio. San Francisco Spartanburg. 87 Tampa. Washington Wilmington 93 87 85 92 in l. R of 60 58 63 63 66 83 48 65 41 39 52 61 60 64 65 75 54 56 57 61 74 94 61 40 65 58 62 66 Siai 66 64 64 More a Duce Calls it Vitinu i from rage one might have anti Germar or pro Allied leanings. Ettore Muti Secretary of the fascist party ordered provincial secretaries to appoint before May 20 substitutes who could take Over their duties in Case they were called to arms. Americans who alarmed by events attempted tardily to buy passage Home on the United states liner Washington found every available space including the a lounges reserved mostly by compatriots fleeing from Holland and Belgium. The Washington is j scheduled to sail from Genoa May 18. C. M. Gueth elected York rite officer Charlotte. May 15.�? up a the York rite masonic bodies of North Carolina closing a three Day annual convention Here today selected new Bern a their 19 41 convention City. The grand chapter elected the following officers Charles m. Gueth. High Point grand High priest Charles h. Pugh Gastonia grand King j. C. Hobbs Wilmington grand scribe James w. Payne Salisbury grand Secretary Willie r. Smith Raleigh grand treasurer j. Edward Allen Warrenton grand Captain of the Host w. N. Harper Charlotte. Grand principal sojourner d. E. Buckner Greensboro grand Royal Arch Captain k. W. Parham Raleigh grand master third veil d. K. Medford Clyde grand master second veil m. F. Me keel. Jr., Washington grand master first veil. Do you \ ant a Many women formerly childless for veers from sterility due to functional weakness Sre now proud and Happy mothers from knowledge and use of a simple Home method known As or. H. Will elders three fold prescription. Parents Are admittedly far happier healthier and More contented than childless couples. A baby gives the real Home spirit and ties a husband and wife in truest enduring love and Mutual interest. 80 often again certain women May enjoy the desire and activities of natures most wonderful creation a Normal fully developed vigorous woman or elders three fold prescription Price 91.50 Complete told by memo drug store. More about $1,475 continued from Pago due Democrat for lieutenant govern listed no receipts and $519 spent. Sam Al. Cathey by Asheville lawyer. ?Ai<1 he had Cei Ved $480. Including $395 Frol a Friend a and had spent �?�39.85 in i fight for the la District congressional Toga. Of y ii a a i de no receipt and $563 spent his Campaign for the Demour nomination for state auditor. R. Hanford. Burlington demo hated expenses of $675 in sixth District congressional fit and d. C. Phillips of South Pines reported $349 spent in eighth District Battle Inch $38 for Quot band boys and music disc of Fossot j skin itch f Jim to Simp com maw Camel notice of Sale of land pursuant to the Power vested a undersigned trustee by virtue 0# a Tain deed of Trust executed by Globe Morts a realty commend o. A. York. Trustee for a. N. Guardian dated june 27, 1929. And recorded in the office of the Reg of deeds of Guilford county a Carolina. I Book 632, Page 248. Def having been made and accords its term the Holder of the note thereby having requested for doom the said deed of Trust the under will sell at Public auction in Trot the municipal building of the Cit High Point. North Carolina on May 17. 1940 at 11 30 a. M or a thereafter a May be. A certain or parcel of land bounded and scribed As follows High Point township Guilford to. North Carolina. Being All of lots no. 280 ant of the Fairmont Park sub Divis loj recorded in plat Book no. 6. Page the office of the Register of det Guilford county. North Carolina. Being All of Lou nos. 108-1c of the j. A. Bundy plat said plat Long recorded in the office of the later of deeds for Guilford cot North Carolina in plat Book be Page 28. To which reference in i had. Being lot no. 2 of the Bridges j As shown by a map or plat of j a dowdy Bridges and Plummer As recorded in Book no. 6, Page 7$ the office of the Register of Guilford county North Carolina. This the 17th Day of april 1940 a 5% Cash Deposit will be req As evidence of Good Faith. C. A. York. Tho. W Sprinkle. Trust attorney. 4-24 5-ij notice of service by publication North Carolina. Guilford county in the municipal court of the City of High Point City of High Point a municipal corporation against s. M Hines estate Emma widow. R of Jones. Trustee for Moore. H. F. Moore and wife Moore. Spurgeon Hines and haute Hines. The defendant r. F. Jones tee for h f Moore will take 11 at an a it t in a a titled a it a it Vel been commenced against him municipal court of the City of Point Guilford county North Lins and that the purpose of Sal ton is to enforce the tax Lien Ai the real estate listed in the at s m Hines estate for the year and the said defendant will of take notice that he to required Pear at the office of the clerk o municipal court of the City of Point North Carolina and anew demur to the complaint in the Sal ton within thirty 30 Days Fror 1st Day of june 1940, or the prayed fear in said complaint it granted the said plaintiff. The the let Day of May 1940 Irvin s. Ingry clerk of the municipal a 5-1-8-15-22

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