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High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives May 12 1957, Page 1

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 12, 1957, High Point, North Carolina The weather a loud much a or a Ihm warmer today continued Elzadi and Abe Wara warm tem pc re to Rod Mendar. 73rd year no. 132 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. C., sunday morning May 12, 1957 76 pages what s inside editorial. To Torl tar., Loo. Is radio weather a f la if led ,. 5-od Batino ,. Id theater a # a $>011 aporta # a tee. D daily so sunday to Mcclellan says Beck possibly misused mail mothers Day with a smile and a handful of Flowers five year old Emily Foister says a i love you to her Mother mrs. T. W. Foister of 808 w. Ray St. Staff Abote by Jamet Teaga i by summer new work level High is predicted Wilson j opposed j to Cut i Houston tex., Mav la 7p>�?secretary of defense Charles e. Wilson said tonight he is against anyone trying to Cut the defense budget a with a meat a no matter whether it is the United states chamber of Commerce or any other j group of the outspoken defense chief who Only last week had criticized his a Rich a friends in the chamber of Commerce on the same Issue took out after them again in an address prepared for the Junior chamber of Commerce. Wilson a former president of general motors corp. Said a no one enjoys paying taxes. I have thought my taxes were too High for 25 years but i Haven to squawked about it. A i could join the meat a boys who want to chop Down the de sense budget if i did t know so much about it. In my opinion it is a peril Point budget and should not be Cut change Here seek test plan with i Russia i Washington May la it the United states is seeking to get soviet Russia to accept a Pilot agreement providing for arms reduction and inspection in a Lim a a a a a a Ltd that in seasonal expansion in agriculture construction and a rather austere defense program mind this country is consulting 0er season industries should push National Job totals a hav. Scheduled is being be and Canada on Ato r verely Gnu cozed and political reminder he declared that a some of the attitude in Washington presently reminds me of an old purchasing u m,? Tetef Butch ii is Mitchell predicted today the nation s employment level no Remar was air aug a your will hit a record of about 68 million this summer. Price is too High what is it a a Mitchell said a continued economic strength coupled Wilson said that this year asks investigation in widow s Case by John Chadwick Washington May la Ltd a sen. Mcclellan . Said today that teamsters Union president Dave Beck May have run afoul of the Federal mail fraud Law in his handling of a widows Trust fund. A the treatment he accorded the widow of his Dearest Friend is typical it seems of his dominating characteristic of greed and avarice a Mcclellan told newsmen in reviewing the latest testimony about Beck. A Mcclellan is chairman of the fraudulent mail at new Peak Washington May lob a Britain. Franceva a a it it a a. Proposed reply to Russia s latest new All time highs this Yew. The prior record is the 1956 mid disarmament proposals. Officials Here said today that poll 11c a i leaders on both sides of the aisle a a a a a a a Aara my fax in terns of the Bil Immer Mark or to lops hired seasons workers numbering Lions that can be Cut but he1 the test area if one can Ever he the government on Friday an about. _. 700,000 Are hired in the said a none of them contend that agreed on might very Well be to Al a Tota of 64 i Frowine and harvesting seasons. He Basc Quot nation in the world rated in Europe. Nit not entered a a a construction is another in Duna a a changed or that the treat a offering warm weather Job oppor Carea in in run cont i to a on the dividing line Between East a month and West Germany. Mitchell s comments came in a authorities Here also ruled out statement telling More than two bunnies. Any positive United states inter Milton High school graduate and. A a a Quot lessened he said that in 1953 a we were severely criticized for reducing the defense budget by approx i in new York Billy Graham holds Bible and the hand of his wife Ruth As tie walks through subway passage near Pennsylvania station yesterday on his arrival in new York to open crusade. It a wire so a new York revival opens wednesday new York. May la up a evangelist Billy Graham diced True medical miracles its special Senate rackets investigating committee which will re i sume monday afternoon Public hearings in which Beck has been j pictured As using Union fund for the enrichment of himself and j members of his family. The 62-year-old teamsters Boss who already has invoked the fifth amendment Protection against r. A a. A pm Ime self a incrimination 150 Summerfield Umes in refusing t0 answer com Rel n Orv a Luc sons. Of by recalled ical quackery by mail has reached water in the week prob a by the highest level in history wednesday Mcclellan said. Summerfield said that a tar Newi w Mcclellan this year postal inspector have to mrs a rav uh<1 who so t in bu5band Quot a a a Quot of ical of the. Old Misja. P Al Beck was trustee of an to. Too fund raised for her from in action May take the form of lion members after Leheney a fraud orders a which Cut off mail death service or prosecution in the Federal courts or both. Profit Summerfield said that during Donol f. He lung. A Seattle the last 12 months 46 such fraud mortgage banker testified yes orders have been issued and 106 ter Day that he and Beck shared other persons or firms have an $11,585 profit from investing signed agreements a to discontinue this Money for mrs. Leheney. Their questionable Enterprise Hedlund described Leheney As rather than attempt to defend the Beck s a Best and closest Friend. placed in evidence was a letter Summerfield said that on the from Beck to mrs. Leheney in basis of reports by chief postal which no mention was made that inspector David h. Stephens the Beck and Hedlund would derive medical frauds of today appear a profit from the Sale of Mort to be a More lucrative than any Gage which he recommended to other criminal activity and that her As a sound investment. I new ones Are springing up daily f a Rifle in. To Deal with la. He mid thew is j. Lei _ called Becks breach of Trust department is using a special unit in the transaction said a there is of inspectors in Washington to co _ or a a possibility the letter he wrote ordinate investigations her would come within the Feder in an Era when wonder drugs.,. A Sunj ,.am Ai statute Banning use of the and great advances in surgery defraud a a and legitimate Medicine have pro mails 10 defraud est in the Creaton of a Neutral other students who win be seek i no j a a a a a mat five sized or demilitarized zone in the full time or vacation jobs this included amusement and Redrea we dlsc0ver_. Heart of Europe. They made a year that Job Hunting should be Quot a a a Mumma carry Ove r rom provlou5 less of the worlds largest City to conversion Sharp distinction Between s chd in most sections of the a a year. Not needed to carry out the Ruhp hastened ,0 say he has a no new ideas to offer Quot he also said he thought the internal Revenue service and the and techniques for enforcing favourable with Many employers arms control agreements could be looking for both full time and u a do Tad establishment a b a be r a a quote is went a at bsf1 Vea con a whatever is achieved will be done by the lord working manufacturing Banks insurance Kris insisted upon Motif an ,3 through him. Railroads saw Mius Dit ional 900 million dollars for the a there Are minions of people and most protracted religious defense program even though As praying for new York and i think campaigns Ever staged in the f j t Alt a a Quot my a _ a. Ill la. Mfr i Ai i a. In a a zone which would require the Tion. Removal of Allied troops from main defensive positions and a Strong and further Job gains , zone of Smau dimensions in which ahead Young Job seekers win find arms and forces might be limited Abor Market conditions generally. Billion dollars when who has conducted religious crusades around the world paling that so Many people in a a a a a a a Quot a a a a but Ted a Den roue in me tue ume or vacation Job this 1.we discovered Quot that there was a arrived today to put his pulpit Power to leading the god a a a Quot a a Teresta in finding out whether i funds from previous i acc the a in rms a lord act Rita to ror i Ramos Eummer Mieia Saia. Reported and paid income tax on his profit in this Deal As Well As other financial transactions brought out in the testimony. Beck already is under indictment on a charge of evading income tax payments for the year 1950. Violation charges Mcclellan said testimony now in the record has a clearly revealed. And further testimony asked if his coming Here con. Demand that they swear loyalty us Itu Ted an a indictment Quot of is Tarm a eth or face permanent expel has rust Sion. The sure by the department of de the Impact will be Felt tested. One killed by flood in Texas Dallas. Tex. May club new temporary workers but he said it May not be Good Job Hunting everywhere in the country. A City a history. Tense that the funds were not re As he stepped off a train from a Don let think we Ever Felt More Bridges sees cuts que red now he bended there Washington. He conferred there inadequate and dependent on god a a a. Are demands for unjustified cuts yesterday with president Lisen than in co Monk to new York a in the budget i re in View i j a reds tighten hold on students Berlin May la a comm Are demands for unjustified cuts. I yesterday with Bower and said Eisenhower handsome preacher said nist Kast Germany was reported i a showed great interest in the q himself and his 35-member staff cracking Down tonight on 122 re Washington May blur a the results of present policies new York crusade. Jat a news conference. Jbell ious College students with a a Young people a he said. A must Bridges p no said Lod 4mflkfor themselves he said Aske. Take into consideration that pm administration concessions a1-1 a ill tary by com situated an whom he termed his payment conditions vary from ready have sealed a two Bivion 1uni/t imperialism has been halt churches. Graham replied there and Clun area to a Rea. Job prospects win Dollar Cut in president Eisenhowe 0ur omy is healthy and have always been evangelists \ our a Graham is a a put Hig be better in some localities and or s budget requests and More re bowing with Prosperity wide a jul find them in the Oldland new we # presbyterian a entire be Saiq in industries than in others. Auctions Are in sight. Shared. After years of chronic testaments. I Don t think any de a a representative veterinary College of East Berl d. D h a a a those however who want be Bridges who Heads Senate of a ocl Nomine Una pm a by they have halt turned for the news Confer Humm University. Were tremendous Power reposed in him students making third year class up of the the position he holds As president of the International teamsters Union and As trustee of its funds a he said it showed that Beck cloudburst up to seven inches fitter jobs or jobs during the a Republican policy committee cd posed additional flood threats to cation period should be Able to said government agencies have Southwest Texas today As Torna find them a agreed not to press for Senate does harried and Hail battered the Mitchell said farm work is the restoration of 546 million dollars waterlogged state again. Industry offering the most numer Cut from their new Money pro the fresh flood threats arose Ous in a opportunities. He said Powals by the House while heavy overnight Rains up to 7 a 44 inches continued from Abilene id up cd Westward to big Spring and South a Wev Dix Cut Ward past san Angelo and a. Mertzon. A woman drowned in a Flash flood that engulfed an Auto on a Highway near Del Rio on the mexican Border. Overnight Rains that area ranged from two in inches up to seven at Langtry. High water closed the International Bridge Over the Rio Grande at Del Rio. Sugar plan upsets Moonshine boys Queen will visit u. S. In october e Tho fire truck a a a ath no Seldom equalled described Here As staging this to further the financial gain and Law Toms through everything or surpassed 4th Fol Gest to Quot take profit of himself and his family when it comes through everything his Flim hot a to against East Germany s red re and certain friends he desired to gets out of its Way a reach the Jgr me since the workers uprising Graham s Mammo g a not everybody Bas yet found of 1953. In saying that Beck would be Campaign Hwe Long in the Jjon sch lit a he said. A we need an in usuary reliable underground called Back at the conclusion of Ning. Will be stage Ai waa isor. Revocable commitment to sources said All were temporarily the current series of hearings Square Garden in the hew Clag for a new York. To of quoted from the Roug of that Mcclellan said he wanted to give Manhattan an a. New York has More sin than any school a Center of anti comm any persons about whom there is Long used for conventions p other it it is most agitation during the Hungar derogatory Tes Mony an Opp Ortu fights entertainments and new York Jian rebellion last fall Unity to defend themselves a events. 1 Knowland attacks Trade with China tons that have been under Way Washington May la it a the Moonshiner into a dither. Some for months Between Washington government set out today to turn tried sugar substitutes. One re and London. The British Queen life sour for Moonshiner. Portelly even tried Maple syrup j and her husband Are expected to you can to make drinking Whis irs declined to say How his spend about to Days in this coun Washington May lob a Graham opens his appearances Early october has been selected wednesday night and will Contin for the Long reported visit to this be them until the end of june country by Queen Elizabeth ii a the Billy Graham new York and Prince Philip. As it has been titled this was Learned today from thus will be one of the greatest persons familiar with the Neotia Frank disclosures by without sugar and Uncle Sam plans to see to it that As Little As possible of the Sweet stuff is illicit product tasted. Other Moonshiner in new York and new Jersey scurried around St. Louis May la up a sen. Diverted to illicit stills in the buying numerous Small bags of William f. Knowland the Senate Backwoods. Sugar and some offered premi minority Leader today attacked j?1� internal Revenue service us it proposals to Trade with or Supply c worries about the j similar programs Are now get communist dominated nations. Taxes that Moons mers or jilting under Way in the Atlanta the California Republican told is asking a su2ar supp and Cincinnati districts and the l Nev Ai Ivornia rep Toucan Iuliu refuse t0 make any sales to Susa a. American legionnaires celebrating prot persons a that would include plan Quot the organizations 38th try. Suez Conal use seen by Britain this will be the Queens first visit to America since she ascended the throne in 1952. She and. _. A a in in her husband then the Duke of he Suez canal Aga no on Egypt s London May la us a prime minister Macmillan a government is expected to Tell British shipowners next week they can use unemployment shortage of food reported in China sary a it does make sense to me Annivera people who want unusually Large amounts those who Are unknown to the Seuer or Are known As that the United states and our Moonshiner and those who offer free allies would embark on a program to Rescue the communist world from its own evil Knowland said that the communist world is at a a crisis in its Premium prices. It takes about too pounds of sugar to make too Gallons of Mash. This in turn win produce 10-12 Gallons of Low proof but i a a drinkable booze. Irs figures that most americans today buy 1 As fast As it can be established primarily irs is concerned about the South where Moon shining is As traditional As pretty girls and Fried Chicken. About 95 per cent of All illicit distilling violations Are found in the Southern states. In trying to Cut off the sugar Supply the irs Isnit depending on voluntary cooperation alone economic and political i their sugar in Quot bags of two five the Law says irs can demand co he said the enslaved people of or in pounds. Purchases larger operation from the manufacturers the Earth will be watching to see than that Mav indicate to the wholesalers and retailers. And it if communist nations will Benefit irs at any rate that the sugar adds. Those Laws will be enforced by the opening of wider doors of is intended for something besides vigorously where necessary Trade if agricultural supplies win a breakfast Cereal. I any supplier who ignores the Edinburgh Wert Here in 1951 As the guests of former president Truman. Terms. The announcement is Hong Kong. May la mba red it in addition to these difficulties. The reason is that red chair China has lifted its Bamboo cur the communist leadership is Grap Man Mao Tze Tung is demonstration and revealed a nation besetting with two problems which a once in he in Able to Roll by unemployment food shortages strike at the very heart of its con-1 a. _. ,. M waited i conflicts among the masses and tool of the country. A Ltd the punch in to a l follow gloomily by 32 a Suez rebels a paralysing bureaucracy. -. #1 in a Mann at it snob a vat to. ,1 a croup of conservative members in a series of Frank disclosures Voic i it is expected that the Queens parliament who want no con in the official press and Over ingress of former capitalists and v0 let Pocai reject socialism i Quot the unyielding Pouch of the the first is widespread unwell hungarian party he has Rex cried _ chinese marxist formal acceptance of an invite president piping radio in recent Days the intellectuals to accept socialism Tion from president Eisenhower they have signed a to piping regime has said that As a doctrine. The other is the will be received Here in two or three weeks. This will be the Sig Inree weeks. Hus win be uie St. 0 Nanri worked out with the British foreign office. Elaborate secrecy has marked the negotiations Ever since they began As is usual in such cases but it is expected that the Royal visit will include other cities besides Washington. Tion warning the government of the threat of famine hangs Over friction Between the masses and and i much of the country in the Wake bureaucratic minded communists of last years floods drought and the disastrous typhoon Wanda foodstuffs Are Short particularly pork. For the first time in Many months some foreign ships calling at chinese ports have left with empty holds because there was nothing to Export. Much of the unemployment is a the conservative party. Kennedy predicts democratic win Boston. May la my sen. Kennedy a mass said today the democrats a have a Good Chance an example red China s newsmen held a forum in Shanghai piping radio reported today and demanded More Freedom to report the West particularly from the methods. He has decreed a program of restraint mixed with firmness and persuasion rather than compulsion. He is maintaining his country rigid posture against what he considers threats from a actual they asked government officials to hold news conferences and permit themselves to be questioned and protested against official intimidation be sent to the polish communists and if More Jet planes will end up in Yugoslavia. The plan was Given a trial run j irs request and Sells to suspect in new York and new Jersey re a persons May wind up in the Pokey gently and irs says it sent tile himself on a conspiracy charge. United states. Mao has called on peasants to the ravaged areas to tighten their belts Trust in communism and work hard to produce a bumper crop this year. An an encourage la Quot win Quot be Quot Quot Narf of Quot the itinerary filled seats in next years Senate ties. Thousands of peasants in a the hungarian uprisings of last ment he has ordered party Mem since talk of inviting the Queen election. Jable to eke out a living have year sprang from a similar set of Bors to get into the Fields and was started by sponsors of this Kennedy predicted his party swarmed to the cities in search of circumstances. Work Side by Side with the farm years Celebration Quot of the 350th an would sweep both houses and jobs. Bad personnel planning for but a far As can be ascertained ers. Urgent Relief measures in a a in Quot Jug a to. 4l�?---u�? a us cd tended to Ward off actual starvation during the lean period before Harvest have been set in motion. Jamestown almost certain-1�?~� grab 13 of but a 21 Boucan byproduct of last year s Calami of reporters. It run a in no it door e inn nip the Mccanns of Nyk Sants in i be Tincani Niv Ersary of the settling of Jamestown the first permanent British settlement in the new world. A again a Clear majority in the Industry has contributed to the from Here the danger of revolt Blouse of representatives for the growing ranks of the jobless action does not at this moment exist first time since 1938.�?� official announcement says. In red China. V i

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