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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 9, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Page four the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center no High Point. North Carolina tuesday a 0. 1900 High Point Enterprise published afternoons and sunday mornings m j p Bailey publisher Mai 1915�?1837__ r. B. Terr president d. A. Rawley Sec a and Orcas. Hammett a. Cecil Gen. Mgr. Caplis m. Waynic editor subscription rates daily and sunday by Carrier in High Point and nearby town twelve month. Six month. Three my nth. On month. One Carrier in nearby towns Are not permitted to collect for Mort than Ona week in Advance. Carrier a City Are not permitted w eos Lect for a Pena i Ai More than five a it Elc. A a subscription for a longer period a a do Rcd. Payment should be made direct to office. $10 40 5.20 90a the associated pre it exclusively in it cd to the us for republication of All fwd Depatch credited to 11 in credited in the it paper and Aho thic a1 new published therein. Member of audit Bureau of circulation entered a second cd at Jug Toff ice in High Point n. A. Under the it of Coo Tea of March i. A by i. National adv. the John Bijou co. 420 Lexington ave new York City tuesday May 9, 1939. It jew uht Confer your faults one to another d Pray one for another that be May healed. The effectual fervent Pray of a righteous Man a Alloth much. Lame 5 16. A a Rte Pray eth Best who Loveth . I Ost important change in reorganization after the storm Over the presidents reorganization of Yvern ment Bill Congress enact i a measure which gives the Alite House the Chance to rear Inize a with the veto Power eld in congressional hands. I Ner this act the president is prodding to rearrange bureaus and apartment in the interest of streamlining Quot the government. His estimate that the changes Iii save Twenty millions a year i operating costs May be a Decidable one but if so that much saving in the conduct of our government is taking a very Light Traw from the camels Back. The most important change the White House has made is the Ransfer of the budget Bureau to tree presidential control. In the ast the director of the budget As been the one functionary who it und his orders in the Laws ingress enacted and was free f executive regulation. Congress accepting the change perhaps realizing that it has the Power to store the old relationship if conditions seem to demand peroration. The practical effect of this Ransfer May prove to be unobjectionable but we confess a to it Ive preference for a budget urea apart and free legally from executive domination. This has appeared to us among the important checks and balances of in Republic which founders and Withful supporters have Emp a 1 1 offic Jet Chi sch i is in the proposal that the discipline of United methodism be relieved of a Little of the severity of the Northern churches old position on whiskey a use was denounced at Kansas City and tabled. The denominations position is reaffirmed to the effect that methodist Church membership and drinking of alcoholic beverages Are inconsistent. The Issue troubled the conference deeply. It is the kind of Issue which is Likely to be troublesome permanently possibly no requirement of alcoholic abstinence should have been made part of the discipline originally. But positive action for its repeal would be misunderstood As a weakening of the churches intolerance of one of Many a vices. The denomination thus struggles with a centuries old distinction Between hatred of the sin and hatred of a sinner. The kindly Christian May question whether Jesus would have spurned an erring Follower or placed him on trial with a View to ousting him from Fellowship. May we not presume that those who sought at Kansas City a modification of the denominational requirement that the Drinker be brought to trial and expelled from membership if he ignored pastoral admonition was mover in no part by a desire to embrace the Demon years of service experience is Likely to make one suspicious of the statistics of Public service agencies upon which accurate Check cannot be made. The temptation to Rule questionable factual matter in favor of the Agency makes padding More or less commonplace. But we May discount heavily the service figures of the agricultural Extension service of North Carolina and still Praise that service for its remarkable coverage. Yesterday the Silver anniversary of the establishment of the Extension service was celebrated and in connection with the occasion announcement was made that the service program reached 256,139 of the states 300,967 farm families last year and that 288,747 of those families adopted improved farm and Home practices a presume Day As a direct consequence of the influence of the service. The reach and effect of the service Are not Likely to be minimized in departmental records naturally but the Devotion of the Extension service to the purpose Back of its founding is a fully established fact. North Carolina farm families do rely upon it for guidance and for help in Many Fields of their operations. The Extension service has improved Home and farm conditions in this state and we deem it entitled fully to cordial congratulation upon the work done during its first Quarter of a Century. No other Agency has done More in our opinion to improve living conditions for the 65 per cent of North Carolinas people living outside the Urban communities. In the news the Duke of Windsor spoke tingly yesterday when depicting the effect of another general War he said a in modern times the Victory will lie Only with the Powers of it would be a mistake to say that nothing Good came out of the world War. Science made wonderful Progress surgery was advanced a generation great drives in humanitarian service resulted. But nonetheless forces of evil were loosened that have not been recaptured science still gives far too much attention to wholesale Slaughter the map of Europe changed to permit the growth of democracy has been re changed to make people the pawns of dictators. So the arc criminal enthroned by the world War was none other than the Devil himself. There a no apology Here though for your Uncle Sammy trying to keep the Devil in his place. Apparently the Mcdonald Observatory in Texas with its big Telescope is going to confuse us with a few More mysteries. This item is among the latest to come out of fort Davis where the Observatory is situated a instead of constellations astronomers now detect such things As death rays millions of Miles Long highways where stars travel to and fro Dusty sky deserts a special continent of stars near the Earth and Light that does not come from maybe after All sunstroke is not Sun stroke but a death Ray shot. Perish the thought a we were just on the Point of saying that we knew of two or three spots Over in Europe where the Ray might do some effective work for humanity. In a note to its news department the Goldsboro news Argus advises a give space to any real news or anything that is really humanly interesting about British King and Queen. But no More t Han that the president of a Small Central american a spin country is really More important to citizens of the United states than the British King and Queen because he at Home really rules while the Royalty do so in name the editor of the Nevis Argus is not talking through his hat. At the same time we rather Welcome the idea of something to get us away from the eternal round of politics the bickering As to whether eur is a dictator or not prospects of a third term and so on. Luckily in paying respects to English Royalty we wont have to a Bow and scrape and most assuredly we will not be asking the King and Queen whether they Are democrats or republicans. Item from los Angeles a for eight years or. Popenoe has been trying to uns Narl Domestic tangles in los Angeles nearly half of whose marriages end in divorce. He is director of the Institute of family we be knowing the doctor but surmise he has a whale of a Job. Those Young men who fear to undertake marriage because of the Many divorces might think on these words of t. L. Peacock a marriage May often be a Stormy Lake but celibacy is almost always a Muddy with Dale Carnegie author of a How to win friends and influence people Are Cwi superstitious and have you been taunted about it ? Well if so Don t worry for you have Good company. In the Spring of 1909, Admiral pm Ary was Hie first Man in history to reach the pole and he did it after 23 years of Heartbreak and cruel discouragement and on his final dash to the pole he wore a Good Luck Coin pinned to his shirt seventeen years later. Commander Richard e. Byrd was the first Man Ever to Fly Over the North pole and As he flew Over it he had pinned to his shirt the same Good Luck Coin that Pean had carried and he actually rubbed it with his fingers the moment he flew Over the pole. That lit Flo Good Luck Coin is the Only known object that has Ever been to the North pole twice. Napoleon Bonaparte conquered Europe and changed the map around As if it were a Jigsaw Puzzle and yet he was afraid of Black cats Peter the great was the most famous and cruel Czar who Ever sat on the bloody throne of Russia. He was so cruel that he murdered his own son yet he was afraid to Cross a tiny Bridge unless he made a holy sign. Lord Nelson is the greatest naval hero m English history yet he was so superstitious that he had a horse shoe nailed to the Mast of his ship during the famous Battle of Trafalgar. Or. Samuel Johnson one of the Moi to Brilliant intellects in All the annals of English literature was so superstitious that he struck Ever lamp Mist that he passed with his Cane. The Day after Abraham Lincoln was elected president he looked into a Mirror and saw his body reflected with two faces and one of them ver Yale he feared that was a sign of oncoming death. George Washington had an Iron band put on his stepdaughter Patsy to cure her of epilepsy. Think of it. But she finally died of epilepsy so i guess the Iron ring was no Protection after All. Matthew c Brush a director in 17 corporations and the head of a Hundred million Dollar investment Trust has hundreds of Ivory elephants in his Home. He says that years ago when he was the president of the Boston elevated railways a strike was on. And he was worried. A Little girl brought him a tin elephant and told him that it would bring him Good Luck. A few Days later the strike was settled to his satisfaction and Ever since then he has been collecting a Good Luck elephants. Now when he has an important decision to make he always holds a Little elephant bet Wen his second and third fingers for Luck. When the Stock Market is going up he wears a Blue silk tie embroidered with a White elephant. So done to allow people to make you think it ourself crazy if you Are superstitious. But Don t let your superstition drive you to silly antics or get Between you and your goal. If it does t do these things then be superstitious an Don t worry about it. Competition which exists by the payment of Peon wages is not deserving of the support of any governmental Agency. Kenneth l. Vardon president of United Dairy workers Union of Detroit testifying before Federal monopoly committee. The threat of our tremendous economic strength in 1917 did no to Slop Germany. We had to get into military War. There is no Assurance that this strategy will Stop War now. It is a Gamble a magnificent Gamble on a hairline Chance. Gen. Hugh s. Johnson testifying at Senate neutrality hearing. If you have a quarrel with your wife says a sociologist go out and kick a Radiator or an Ashcan but. Professor a wife is much easier on the foot springtime in the Woods til i a _ ilf1__i a i �0 % of a a Tern none Vav my Al la Iii w a a a Asp j it a it in Broad % gift copyright 13 dully Mirror. Lur. I paging fall Ier line the private tapers of a ctr reporter they say that was a swell word Brawl when the Normandie landed last last week. Between Jay Allen the sex foreign correspondent and Jim Duffy the world Telly ship newser. Allen it appears hied to prevent the reporters from interviewing Juan Negrin former Spanish loyalist Premier. Former Spanish loyalist Premier. And then the word War exploded. Mrs. Catherine Hayes Brown Mother it Star Helen has is is completing her Biog of her daughter for random House she s doing it in the Noval form of letters to her granddaughter. Mary Macarthur. The fair they say must attract 300,-000 admissions daily to Click. Perhaps it opened too Early at that. Henry Young Man a Clever Clown handed Ben Bernie his Hest gag in decades to wit i m not going to any War. They re not going to shoot me with any sixth Avenue Elk the Hollywood reporter s columnist listed Jamestown a the film Colony a Choice to win the by. Derby. Thai nags son Johnstown won. Just another Case of Hollywood being a generation behind the times. It was sad to see Lou Gehrig benched after 2.130 Stead first Basing jobs with the Yankees hut hardly Worth All the breast heating of the sports pages. Of you turned the Vages you a have found an almost cheerful account of the benching of thousands of a paupers. The movie studios Are wondering if the kegs of Coin they squandered toting reporters to Omaha Dodge City Etc helped their flickers at All. The press agents wrote lavishly but mostly about the Ballyhoo hardly Ever about the pictures in a word the publicity a got the publicity in. Rex hold in. Car Bombas Ted that America should take a sleeping powder to prevent the a it eople knowing any More about the horrors of euro a a. The fact that the idea got the loudest Hurrah from Fritz Kuhn and his bodyguards a indicates How useful the senator s idea is a to the Natzis. Thornton Wilder decline it gab Law it it the play he a writing pleading that it is bad Luck to discuss an unfinished work. Worse Luck As or. Wilder May recall from a the merchant of Yonkers Quot to finish it. President Roosevelt is scolded by a Vox Popoff in the n. Y times Tor pronouncing it a const Hoot Ion. ,. Perhaps the explanation is the president considers it More an instrument of govt a than an exercise in diction. Now that their Majestic Are on their Way to the u. S. A., this one should to timely. At the Empire fair in London in 1924, horrified englishmen watched a giant american slap King George on the Back. A put it Here old boy a he boomed. I be just landed and you re the first honest to goodness King Ive Ever seen Quot. The King was amused lie Shook hands. A i can readily believe that a he said with a smile for i see that you have not even had time to familiarize yourself with our customs a Bill Robinson the Cotton club and a hot Mikado Star stopped to have his shoes shined by a Little coloured boy. A How / business a asked Robinson the lad Shook his head sadly. Quot then a said Bill a Why dont you work in Harlem there a a in to shoes that need shines up there. The lad looked up at Bill. Quot you mean a he said a up there there a a Iotta shines need Warner Fink the German actor recently jailed in Berlin for about the nazi lag shots was freed for a while on condition that he stick to his old Kaiser Wilhelm routine of pantomime. Fink agreed but after each silent specially a As the sex Kaiser a Kink would make this Little curtain speech while still in the Kaiser makeup and costume. A now How would you like a he d say a to have me come Back a. The Kaiser fans applauded so lustily and doing that actor Fink is now Back in a concentration Camp. Following attorney general Frank Murphy a settlement of the sit Down strikes one of the really important motor magnates called upon him. A governor a he said earnestly a this is an historic event. You have ended America s greatest Industrial crisis a without tile loss of a drop of blood a. A i decline any personal honors a was the solemn answer a the people in an Industry can always reach an agreement when no liberties Are suppressed a Adolf Hitler last his most important Battle last week. He lost because you can to hold out an idea with submarines nor can you Pui the truth in a concentration Camp. Hitler attempted to justify his personal demand for War. He such coded in Awakening a univ i a1 cry for peace. In the Field of military Force Hitler can tie bested. In the world of ideas a he is already Defeated. ,. But Over a Long period of time the democracies must do More than meet the Challenge of the dictators the democracies must also solve unemployment. We must do More than share the work. We must also share the Luck. The world will Only Stop sending men to battlefields a when it succeeds in sending them to jobs. Roy Howard s world Telly which this Corner has often needled for attacking Tho administration which it professes to love More than atoned for its sins in an editorial Para Gram last saturday. Ii dealt with the remark of Republican gov. Stassen of Minnesota to Washington reporters that the West was fed up with Roosevelt a policies the governor slyly informed the editorial was visiting the Capitol u it her wad of Money from the spa speaking in the while a Luau r annotation of Mech i Omega award to playwright Rachel a rothers critic John Mason Brown in tied that he would gladly accept As the final portrait of a dramatic critic a the character of or. Peck sniff whom Dickens likened to a signpost. A because Quot said or. Brown a lie was always pointing the Way and never going there himself a a hear w rites Max poll from Baltimore a in toe May 3rd column you applauded a new routine by Eddie be Barons orchestra. It is of course taken from the inspiration for Joseph Haydn to Farewell symphony a whereby papa Haydn wished to give a gentle hint to Prince Nicholas Esterhazy that the members of his orchestra wanted to go Home for even i opponent concede that f. D. A. Can not Only pick men but bring out the beat in them. Which reminded someone of a great debate on the Merit of the Lanoux Confederate generals in the civil War. After listening ten years ago local new the newly elected councilmen met yesterday at 3 o clock and elected c. A. York mayor of High Point. The vote was unanimous a the girls of the local High school in the Home economics class will give a Mother s Day program in the school auditorium at to 15 o clock tomorrow morning. Costumes from 1810 to 1920 will be shown. A inuit people a c. A. York and James Lyon left yesterday for Paradise Point where they will remain several Days. A mrs. B. L. Swart Zberg is recovering from a or. Richard White has returned from a visit to Chattanooga. New Brief a or. George w. Viruett. Of Dallas Texas has been elected president of the Southern Baptist convention in session at Memphis tonn. This is the third occasion he has been elected. A scientists viewed the total eclipse of the Sun in i Hollo philippine islands today. Twenty years ago local new a High Point has gone Over the top in the Victory loan by at least $50,000 a for the second time in As Many Days this City and Section were visited by a severe electrical storm last night and Early this morning there was heavy precipitation and Many gardens in the City Are the worse for weal this morning. A West High Point was visited by burglars last night the office of Frank a Cit Elman on the Southern Railroad was broken into it has not been Learned just what was taken. Hunt people Lawrence Ingram aeolian student is expected tonight to sgt end the week end with his people Here. A mrs. A d. Brown was hostess yesterday afternoon to the woman s Mili tonary society of the lutheran Church. Rev. W. A. Lambeth will address the Barnes Phi lathes convention in Greensboro tomorrow. New Brief a it is impossible to Tell just yet whether Germany will accept the peace terms made by the entente a the congressional equal suffrage act is expected to pass. A it is reported that China will not sign the treaty of peace. That nation did not favor giving Japan jurisdiction Over Shantung the supreme court is being asked to decide whether scotch must come from Scotland. Remember the Days when it used to come from american basements ? to their followers extol the Virtues of Johnston Longstreet Beauregard and Jackson a courtly virginian declared himself. A mighty Good men All of them a he said a to have attacked their loyalty Robert f. Lee just must have been great a Dorothy to relays this one Lynn Fontanne the Star just finished a Cross country tour and says that this repartee Between two women actually was overheard in a Texas restaurant. A that Fontanne has Beautiful hands has t she a. A she sure said the other a do you think they re her own a Bruce Catton in Washington by bocce Catton Washington May 9. A if Congress goes ahead with present House leadership plans and reduces the undistributed profits tax to a Skeleton one of or. Roosevelt a most prize a reforms Quot will go out of the window. The Treasury department apparently is ready to consent to r virtual elimination of la this tax in the inter up it costs of restoration of Jug business Confidence. The departments attitude is if enough business men think the tax a deterrent to recovery it actually does operate As a deterrent regardless of Treasury experts Bro Catt a opinion As to its merits. And if the White House gives open or tacit assent to the change it will be retreating on an Issue which barely three years ago or. Roosevelt regarded As vital. Brought on a Battle the tax was originally passed in june 1936. It called for a graduated levs of from 7 to 27 per rent on undivided corporate profits with a it portion income tax ranging from 8 per cent on the first $2000 to 15 per cent on All in excess of $40,000. It was promptly denounced. Herbert Hoover charged that it tended to a stifle honest Enterprise to Lessen National assets to help the powerful instead of the weak. To Cost men Job a the United states chamber of Commerce assailed it As having a a retarding effect on business recover Quot or. Roosevelt warmly Dei ended it declaring that a we must choose Between democracy and special privilege in taxation a and asserting that opposition to the tax was spread Quot by those who have used corporations in the past to build up their own economic a year ago Congress modified the Law thus bringing on the president % famous speech at Arthurdale. W. Va., when he turned an address to a High school graduating class into a defense of his tax policies and asserted a the administration does not want Large closely held corporations making Large profits to he used As a vehicle by the Small number of their owners in order to avoid Legumina income the extreme sensitivity of congressmen to the wants of War veterans was demonstrated when congressman ranking Bill to Grant or increase benefits to More than 100,000 world War veterans or their dependents passed the House by a vote of 359 to i it was shown even More clearly next Day when minority Leader Martin discovered that some 20 absent republicans had been mistakenly listed As pain i against the Bill. For the next to minutes members were rising to demand that the record he corrected and to insist that a had i been present i most certainly would have voted for this capital Hatchet fight two of the most determined Hatchet men in Washington got on each others Trail when Tennessee senator Mckellar and interiors Secretary in Keg clashed Over the personality and qualifications of Hon Lakin Supe pendent of great Smoky mountains National Park Mckellar charged that funds in Eakins office had been mishandled i ekes investigated and announced that it was t so. Mckellar tried to Amend the Interior department appropriation Bill to provide that Eakim should get no salary but the amendment was voted Down. Eakin has been in the National Park service for years. He a formerly superintendent of Glacier National Park and when great Smoky a set up he was put in charge of it ukes likes to Point out that he cannot inquire into Eakins employees without violating civil service regulations Mckellar who complains that Lakin has hired Many republicans is popularly supposed to have obtained jobs on the government payroll for More people than any other Man in the Senate on the floor his de a is beside that of majority Leader bark Esix weeks ago Lekes issued an or Der transferring Eakin to Shenandoah National Park on the theory that Mckellard a attacks had made Eakins position in great Smoky highly uncomfortable. Congressmen Are vitally interested in All matters affecting the personal rights privileges or reputations of their own membership. The largest and most attentive crowd i have seen on til House floor All Spring was present when congressman Gearhart of California took the floor to charge i hat ids California colleague congressman Elliott had tried to Brand him a Grafter. Of any spa official threatens his workers about testifying before this committee he will be fired the next Day Howard cd Hunter assistant spa administrator testifying before House investigation. We look Back on the last few years of history As a miraculous dream. Rut the Nightmare of 1919 is marshal Goering. Its to the Congress the people lot to keep us out of War senator hire w. Johnson California Republican

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