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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 4, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Weather Rani Cloudy continued cold sunday fail. Vol. 56 no. 125 Iii i his i Point Imi Morisi Mem huk associated Freno High Point n. G., saturday afternoon May i 1910 has the census taker seen you it is lushly important that every res went of High Point or counted in la. Census now underway. Ii the Consul taker has not seen you. Telephone it my of Complete he ski be Price five cent German planes Send British battleship to Bottom troops occupy port of Nam sos Cruiser destroyer hit in air action Chamberlain s Cabinet faces sternest test even his own party voicing opposition to conduct of War London May 4.�? up a j collapse of Tho British Campaign in Central Norway ii r 0 la g h t Primo minister j Chamberlain s Cabinet its sternest test of the War today j is members of his own con i Serva Tive party hungry for military successes showed signs of Active rebellion. Parliamentary sources indicated 1 that unless a signal sure for j British Arma la achieved before next tuesday when the House of commons begins an inquiry into the norwegian reverse the present government will face a hitter fight a for its life. Norse general decrees fight against nazis is finished fast moving forces move in As quickly As British move out by Wes Gallagher Stockholm May i.�?<7p d raids yesterday off Narvik in a. The far North stating that eight German forces sweeping British warships and transports northward were reported to were sunk or badly damaged in Day to have entered Nam sos j the attacks there and at Nam sos. Officials in Berlin claim wide successes in raids carried out in Northern area warship victim of 30,000-1 on Elizabeth class Berlin May 4.�? apr Germany officially reported Toda a British battleship and a heavy Cruiser were sunk out Cruiser was damaged and one destroyer hit in heavy German air action yesterday off the norwegian port of Nam sos. An official announcement said constant attacks by German warplanes including five bombers were carried out on a British naval unit which had taken aboard Allied troops withdrawn from the Nam sos re the announcement also report 4-- ton British not through says London report London May i. A i pm Britain will conf Lime fighting for Norway Quot wit ii the greatest vigor Quot an authoritative source declared Ixia. Quot the instance from the Herman air base of the operational area around Narvik far Northern norwegian Ore a Ort will undoubtedly prove to in in our favor Quot a a Aid the Iii it i i a Turec. Growing Rea Vivenes within the prime minister party a evidenced lard night when Richard i Kia a. Or in Ber of parliament for strongly conservative Hull. De i dared that the government a Quot attitude t a 11 the problem must he Cha Tig Timbe count in in eight of \ i it tot y hopi Ymske 1 oni Idem e it i k Clement Davies. Welsh member j of parliament a Liberal a trial a us a 1 the government announced sin nil Ita Neou la thai he had met with a group of Eola Agues who bad decided to oppose any if a it of Confidence during Quot Tho biggest crisis we Ever had to lace Quot the Manchester guardian raised its powerful video to do l ire that chamberlains Quot Cap Cliv for sell id in. Commenting upon the withdrawal a of troops from Norway. Quot what makes the taste of the whole episode More the i i a it it Folio Quot a so much shallow optimism not to j say boat my Law whose father Bonar Law. Led the conservative party tinder Asquith warned sternly against a widespread Atid highly danger i it delusions the War is going j to win itself without loss or Sam-1 fire that time is on our Side and that Hitler Lias missed tile Simon comi s i muoi ii the government critic were put a a disadvantage however by the i declaration of sir John Simon Chancellor of the exchequer that Norway a temporary capital shattered by bombs a Section of the City of Elvema temporary capital of Norway after the government fled Oslo is shown in ruins in the Wake of a devastating air raid by German bombers. The City became a first rank German objective while the norwegian government was established there. It was defended strongly and bitter fighting resulted. A associated press photo from Paramount news. Italy warns allies against invasion f assists say they will fight any attack from massing naval forces Norse Monarch must negotiate further fighting seen As nonsensical in Oslo a a. It i i Ima i in a Salt k id Bjorn i Ric Hari cd. Massih k Ost Mav 4.i Relief that Rome May i.�?6p a a warning that Italy would fight King Haakon Vii mud i govern off any attempted attack from Allied naval forces massing ment. Now in hiding. Must open in the Mediterranean was sounded today in authoritative circles. This warning followed publication of British and French naval movements. % tout in Mil on Rnic Arf in a blast shakes Dupont Plant powder explosion Felt Over ten mile area i Penns Grove. N. J May 4. Liv two ton of Rifle powder exploded at 4 4b a in. Est today in a building of the in i do pout de Nemours company at nearby Carney Point. The Ida to Hook thin South j Erie Aren for mile bul caused no serious injuries or property damage. Two workmen in another building Iso foot dts Tanet suffer cd from Shock and were treat of at a Hospital. They Are j i. Robert and la. L. Curtis both of Penn Grove. A company spokesman said the Power blew up a in what is known a a Rifle glazing barrel where powder i the barrel As located Iii a one Story gala or the explosion was not immediate a determined pow Dek i Misir in three Small narrow gauge rail i a i cars loaded with powder that la id jilt Iii i in s 1 in i of and burned nearby. The 1 oui a in said ear contained i t too Poinda of powder. Which burned Ion did. Mot explode about 150 men were at work the Plant at the time. The j inn e a a i i it in w11 Iii i ii five mile away and across 1 Delaware River in Chester alarm Hook a. Nearly 4,009 nazi trapped French report declares germans in bad Way Paris. May i i i the French War ministry announced today that Allied Force had surrounded 3,boo or 4.000 germans in the sector about Narvik Otway and that the Posi Ion of the germans there was desperate. Meanwhile norwegian troop still operating in the trondheim Rector after the British withdrawal Are still battling the German Quot with Rome Mace in the Vicinity of Boros a spokesman declared. Fighting on the Western front according to military dispatches was marked by Quot rather serious Quot artillery fir Between the Biles River and the Vosges Mountain sporadic firing and occasional reconnaissance flying a reported elsewhere. The French High command s regular morning communique on Western front operation said. Ditch arrest Twenty on e the Hague. May 4. A go Premier Derek Jan de Leer told rile nation in a broadcast today that 21 persons Quot who endangered the Security a of the Netherlands were arrested and interned during the night. None a a foreigner. I the authoritative Virginio Gada wrote in it Gior Nale i Ita Ila that Quot the italian nation Doc not yet really understand exactly j what particular design inspired i the joint decision of England and i France to reinforce their War Fleet in the Mediterranean. A ele it at Alexandria an Allied Battle Fleet yesterday reached Alexandria. Egypt. In the Eastern Mediterranean near the Suez canal. A ii by id that it is certain i that the Mediterranean is keep. Ing Quot completely i Quot it is not the first time that ital sees concentrated in the is i i Terraneau with openly unti Hal Ian aim Fleet of England Ami i France operating in accordance j j with joint political plan Quot Gayda i negotiation with Germany in an attempt to get the Best possible terms was expressed today by norwegians who said they voiced the general feeling of their Rountry ment in this German occupied capital. Their View a that further fighting was nonsensical after the lied withdrawals. Authority limited the norwegian government s authority now i limited to the three northernmost counties Nord land trom and Finmark which norwegians said under or Dinny audition could not exist without port of Allied withdrawal too Miles North of trondheim. The Stockholm newspaper of to bladet said nazi troops were occupying the destroyed City and occupying other Points in the Region deserted both allies. Col. O. B. Get acting commander of norwegian forces in the control area who yesterday asked Germany for an armistice in the District issued a new order of the Day this morning in which he said that effective today the fight against the germans was finished. Plans a Ell shielded the afto bladet also carried a report that the norwegians had found it almost impossible to shoot Down German Heinkel i planes because they carried Armor 1 in the underside. One plane which i was forced Down it Aid because j the Pilot had been struck had sustained 28? hits. Alone and encircled Quot with Only enough ammunition for one Day Quot i the norwegian Central command j asked Germany for an armistice acknowledging the nazis As masters of Norway and bitterly a a i casing the allies of Quot incomprehensible action Quot in i without Prober notice battled norwegian forces. The fugitive norwegian government which alone a authority to sue for peace formally was report d fleeing into the mountainous North country where British. French and norwegian Force still Are trying to dislodge a German contingent around Narvik Arctic Ore port. Report bombardment there waa unsubstantiated reports that British Fleet units wire a a now engaged in a heavy bombard and bombed by a meat of Narvik. It i the Board claims of Success for Germany a Busy warplanes came Early in the evening after the High command in its regular daily communique reported the sinking of a 30.000-ton battleship i of the Queen Elizabeth class. Quot York lass Quot Ruser the heavy Cruiser also report. De sunk was described As a vessel j of Quot the a Ork the York is a vessel of 8,250 j i tons and has a Normal compte 1 i mein of 600 men. Its armament i includes six eight inc Bers and i four anti aircraft guns. Naval 1 handbooks lists no Quot York j heavy bombs the germans announced struck the Cruiser on j i the Quarter deck and prow fire broke out and there were no j Merom explosions and the ship Sank in 30 minutes. Adolf Hitler and air marshal Hermann Wilhelm Goering were represented at Over Joyed at the j news of this latest German sue j Cess which they were said to re 1 Gard As equivalent to the defeat of an army. The vessels of the Queen Eli j Beth class represent an invest j Blent of approximately �2.524,000 j a about $12,000,000 at the rate j of Exchange prevailing during retreating their construction Between 191gl to the pm j is. Arries Over i uni men vessels of the Queen Elizabeth class of which there Are five normally carry a complement of 1.124 to 1,184 men. The class includes the Queen Elizabeth War spite and valiant each totalling 30,600 tons and the Barham and Malaha each of 31.100 tons. It was announced also today that an enemy submarine had u. S. Ship survives by scarred american freighter flying fish is shown tied up at Dock in new York while members of her Crew told exciting stories of the vessel boing raked with gunfire when caught in a furious Battle Between germans and Allied forces at Bergen Norway last month. Capt. Vav. Vav Wollaston left at Bottom is seen telling new York reporters the ship was been sunk by a pursuing German struck accidentally by bullets from a norwegian land Batu boat after it had been sighted tory which had been taken Over by the germans who were and bombed by a German inn. A no lha. Chg i Ottlo a. A far to. Or to rondo.-, a War. Quot it a a a ii"1&Quot&Quot a a j bran there him Comitia fall to i Quot Branch Alpine la let Anil id. A ported Nai Amanca Plana. The location waa for no at British planes. Some members of the Crew insisted pm u. A no ii a a Ai a c. A. V Quot not press Ethel and is she never a has continued in constitute a unified District with the germans occupying the Ort port of Narvik the Only remaining norwegian army Force is one division scattered Over All three counties the Oslo newspaper Aldens teen published Lin tier German supervision said thai continued fighting would not be a defence of the High command said the hat. The vessel to Reship sinking actually took place i i however that one of the Allied planes accidentally fired upon had with units who were charged with the i yesterday hut that it task of eliminating High perched held the news a in order machine gun nests built by the Winston Churchill first lord ii germans on the Hills around Nar a the British admiralty k Chance Vlk it was indicated the allies were now making an intensified drive continued on in Stern free earning out of her policy in Ward Protection of her legitimate National interest or Drerup a her views of the highest european interests. Giovanni Ansaldo newspaper writer who often Speaks for for the neutrally but would make not eign minister count Galeazzo i per said. Quot this is today his Bistort i Ciano predicted Germany event Mission for the norwegian rally would invade British Terr the newspaper Nationn also tory. J under German supervision said writing in Ciano newspaper. I the government should try to in ii tri Eta to of leghorn Ansaldo i de stand the present real situation spoke of British fear of a German by Norway. Into British territory _ j and said that w hat italians knew mice Day for Hay Day show Falls at blowing Rock Ever More firmly that there will be one Quot blowing Rock May 4 it put other newspapers also Specula j now Here last night. Cd on the possibility. 1 the fall was sufficient to be they accused the British of Rill visible when the Suu came i trying to spread the War to the a it Tod a when ii melted quickly. Balkans and the Mediterranean i resident could not recall when Quot the said them snowed Here in May. The w Ca i her w As rather cold but Clear go tinned on Dirge seven i today. Way participant in the european War bulletins Psi. Historic Mission Quot in View of the present Condi Hon in Norway. King Lla Akon a the duty to make a personal de vision for peace or War Quot the p her x 11 Gic reek por i watches British s Amani k a. Greece May i. A Bxs Strong units of the British Fleet have been sighted in the Aegean sea off the Eastern coast of to Reeve Crew of merchant ships arriving Here retained gala. They said British naval Force Here Ainee the War started had been strengthened. Salonika residents nervously awaited developments. In the event of a swing of the War to tin Mediterranean this Ort would be a strategic prize for either Side it a pointed out. Tri e Star. A mudder. Out of Derby sunni ngg Louisville Kyd a Ala ply True Star is oui of the bit ii running of the Kentucky Der ii j this afternoon. J to say it first j when Churchill maintained 1-i Lance the High command Felt the information should he delayed no longer it was said German authorities said that numerous hits were scored on the i battleship during the attack which the communique said a carried out by dive bombers hut j it was thought that one bomb must have struck the Magazine. I Lames leap sky Cru that alone it was said. Could i have caused the flames which were reported to have shot up Over j 1,500 feet into tile air. Quot after the Cloud of smoke said the High command communique Quot there was nothing More of the ship to he seen except authorized sources speculated whether the command of the bit ish expeditionary Force to Norway was aboard the warship and were anxious for an announcement j from Churchill. Apparently the German dive continued on Page seven refugees say germans can t hold at Narvik Long fighting has weakened nazis who Are suffering from Lack of food games postponed Brooklyn at Pittsburgh no cold. By Elmer xxx. Petterson Stockholm. May i up refugees arming from Narvik said today that a nazi Force greatly weakened by three weeks of fighting and Lack of supplies could not hold out indefinitely against Allied land and sea attacks despite tile tenacity of the germans hold on Hilltop position above the Shell battered Ore port. The arrivals from the Arctic port the objective of the Only Allied forces remaining Iii Norway said that after British naval guns drove the nazi out of Tho town itself they dragged Mountain artillery and machine guns to High perched positions commanding tile Railroad from Narvik to the swedish Frontier. They can be displaced Only with the greatest difficulty and were said to he hanging grimly 10 their Well placed Moun talk fortifications As Allied aided a Al Pat by in nazi War Birds in scandinavian nest and one felled on Wing of huge German seaplane alight off Stavanger. Norway item like giant watch bugs to Crew of Shrak. Planes in Ligh Over the norwegian town. According to British censored caption. . Bombed the nazi War bids soon after above photo was tak German fliers take to their air inflated emergency raft after heir huge Dormer bomber was shot Down Over North sea in 35-second combat with an r a f. Reconnaissance plane according to British approved caption on above photo which recently reached new York. Weglian slowly. I lies feared break these refugee from Narvik a id they believed the allies caution a prompted by fear that the trapped nazi would destroy Narvik s Railroad communications including a Long Tunnel through the mountains Anil prevent their be for Man month by lie Alite. The arrivals from Narvik pictured the general scene there a one of extreme de dilation. Blo King the Harlor Are tar wrecks of German destroyer and half submerged Ore ship. The Long Ore loading pier whirl stretches far out into the fjord i badly damaged Aud every part of lie City they i id show the effect of the British bombardment. The 123 British merchant seamen prisoner released by the germans Ai Narvik when there was no food to feed them Are now recovering at a salvation army Post at John North Sweden after a gruelling four Day trek through Arctic snows from Narvik to the swedish Border. I n Erst attack Many of these seamen and they were Ali Ord Brit do merchantmen Iii Arik Harbor during the firs British attack to april to Aud thai after reaching whore Iii Lifeboat they bad been taken prisoners by 1 lie German. When food supplies ran out their raptors set them free Aud told them it was Only a few hour walk to Sweden the seamen said so they started out already half starved some of their number wounded without food or adequate clothing and without any idea where Sweden was. They said several of their number died in the Snow Aud that they had dragged others too weak to walk on improvised a

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