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High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives May 1 1939, Page 4

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 1, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Pack Fohr the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center High Point North Carcia a monday May i 1939high Point Enterprise published afternoon and sunday morning a a j p Hawley publisher Mai in 15-1937 _ r. B. Terr president d. A. Rawley Sec a and treas. Hammett a. Cecil Gen. Mgr. Capus m. Waynic editor subscription rates daily and sunday by Carrier in High Point and nearby town twelve months. F1. A six Mouth. Quot three months. A a a a one month. One wee in. A a carriers in nearby town Are not permitted to collect Tor More than on week in Advance. Carriers in City Are not re matted to collect for a Penna of More than five weeks la a subscription for a longer period is desired payment should be made direct to oink tile associated press is exclusively entitled to the use for republication of ail news dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited in this paper and the local news published therein. Member of audit Bureau of circulation entered As second class matter at the Pohto Allce in High Point. N. A under the act of Congress of March 9. 1872. National adv. Repro Sontan emf. John Bloo co. 420 Lexington ave. New York City _ monday. May v1939. Q Jhaj Ouchi my voice Shalt thou hear in the morning o lord in the morning will i direct my prayer unto thee and will look 5 3 the fewer words the better prayer. Luther. A in Kofu expansion with no immediate prospects for completion of the local . Building As originally planned the association is giving some thought to an addition to the Plant on Russell Street which would permit the housing of a health club. Such an addition can lie built for $5,000 to $6,000, according to estimates. We would encourage the project suggesting however that More spaciousness be provided at slightly higher Cost than the present plan contemplates. If the experience of other associations in North Carolina can be taken As a guide the health clubs popularity Here can be expected to establish the Inadequacy of the proposed proportions very quickly. Generous space rather than crannies quarters should be planned at the outset for this important addition to the Plant. Several have found an expanded Field of service through organization of health dubs. At a higher than Normal y membership fee electric Baths and the service of masseurs Are supplied. The club has an Appeal to the business and professional prospects in a Community that can be exploited to the advantage of those prospects and the association As Well. Here is an expansion of the local association Plant and service where the service May be expected to finance the expansion and leave a surplus. An investigation of the experiences of the Raleigh and the Greensboro associations would be convincing As to the merits of the proposal. Goose stepping children on May Day hitlers speech today to 135,-000 boys and girls a a Germany is one of the most heavily armed nations of the world today thank thanks to our strength and thanks to our that a the May Day message. It gives Point to the Christian science monitors estimate that a children of the world a generation tragically enslaved to the vengeance Pride and lust of militarism a new aggressions a Are emerging As the real hostages of War in the Modem conquests by threat and by with an estimated Quarter billion youngsters on Earth says that same authority a it is regarded As probable that at least 25 per cent of these Are either drilling to build the forces of aggression. Have lost their families in War or have seen their Homes destroyed or live in nations where the tension of proximity to conflict if not actual War gravely affects their ii vet a \ a recent poll of College campuses in the United states revealed a distinct hatred of War and a Strong resolve on the part of a Large percentage of College youths not to fight under any circumstances in event of War. Of Coulee they will fight when the Call comes but their present sentiment reflects the fundamental desire for peace and International Good will. As we hear the note of the Reich a message to the impressionable Young of Germany we must recognize the contributing causes which our nation might have influenced. For instance if Woodrow Wilson a messages to the German people before the end of the War had really furnished the tone of the peace conference possibly Germany might have been celebrating May Day differently this Day. Finally while Hitler is right in telling German childhood that their nation is a heavily armed a May we not say with some authority in the Light of history that it is not Well armed kindly Germany where children play instead of Goose step scientific Germany where Talent directs energies to save life and artistic Germany where Genius enriches life must be restored before Germany will be Well armed. An Over fed system during the past three years a thorough Survey has been made of North Carolinas 60,000-Raile Road system. The work has been financed largely with Federal Aid funds and the director of the project has it far enough advanced to enable him to make a report to the North Carolina Section of the american society7 of civil engineers last week at Pinehurst. The Survey director James s. Burch called attention in his address to the fact that North Carolina a is the Only state in the Union which has taken care of All its local roads without a Road property tax and without other income than gasoline levies and License he adds a there is a real doubt that under present fiscal policies the condition of the main roads can be kept up to the Standard for Many present fiscal policies include the seizure of Highway funds for general fund purposes the seizure being supported by the slogan a the state owns the roads the roads do not own the this Effort to make the Road system appear a Plethoria creature grown great on the states meat and now unwilling to share the food Supply is a bit pathetic in View of the facts. Take a look at some of those facts As revealed by the United states Bureau of roads Survey to which we referred government of the state at the expense of adequate maintenance of the Road system including support upon which the system May be modernized is an a a appeasement government to use a Well understood term ultimately of heavy Cost. In the news War talk can have a pernicious effect on sensitive youth. A Young Man 17, in los Angeles calif., dreamed that War had come he arose said that he did not want to kill anybody and Sti Nightway went out and hanged himself. A report from London recently said that three persons within five Days committed suicide each after listening to broadcasts on the european situation. The Concord Tribune says a the Coroner in one Case made this comment which competes strongly for All time championship in understatement. A a news is not always happily expressed Over the no not always happily. Yet the news being in itself in the main unhappy what can be done except to face it bravely resolutely and with All the courage we can Muster Day by Day a with. Dale Carnegie author of a How to win friends and influence people a to indicate the present need for modernization the following facts May be cited of the 4.504 Miles of High Type pavement on the state Highway system. To Lier cent Are More than 15 years old and 69 per cent Are More than to years old. Road life studies indicate an average life of from about 13 to 18 years for these older pavements. A taking All a All weather roads into consideration we find 21 per cent Are too narrow for modern traffic. This mileage is Only 16 feet wide. Trucks Are eight feet wide. A of the pavements Only 27 per cent Are Tot narrow. On the entire state Highway system we have 1.304 narrow Bridges no wider than 18 feet and the aggregate length of these Bridges is 29 Miles. A on highways which carry More than 1.000 vehicles per Day we find that 12 per cent Are no wider than 16 Fet. There is a Sharp curve every 2.26 Miles and this mileage includes very few Mountain roads. A Blind spot of insufficient sight occurs on an average of every half mile. We found 467 Bridges no wider than 20 feet with an aggregate narrow Bridge length of 16.2 Miles. A on the county system of some 17,-900 Miles Only 1,520 Miles or 3 per cent have All weather surfacing. A the remaining 46,350 Miles of dirt gravel and soil roads with their Bridges require constant maintenance and frequent betterment to provide summer and Winter Road service for school buses Rural mail and general you la remember i wrote i wanted to get a collection of mottoes which have been of the most help to you readers and that i would $2. Each for All i could use. I was overwhelmed by the responses for i never realized before How Many people had favorite mottoes nor for How Long a period of time they would continue to flow in. Heres the motto i picked first a from Robert s. Phillips1895 Fredonia drive. Hollywood California. With it goes a Little Story or. Phillips made a trip across the country and Back again with my old Friend. Aviator Captain Frank Hawks. Frank Hawks who had won so Many medals and cups that he did no to know what to do with them was killed last summer in a crash when Only sixty feet from the ground. Here according to or. Phillips. Was Frank Hawks own motto and the one which had inspired him to win enviable aviation honors make the fellow ahead break a rec Quot if you can to be a Winner then the second motto came from Carl s. Letts. Flushing. Michigan. His motto is the mime As that of Admiral Peary who made seven unsuccessful expeditions to reach the North pole. Then after incredible hardships on his eighth expedition he reached a place called fort Conger which was not a fort at All but just a Little wooden building. Hts feet had been so badly Frozen that ulcers had appeared. His men knew he would never March again. But Admiral Peary knew he would. Nothing could conquer that indomitable spirit. His men carried him in and placed him on a hide Little cot up then4 in that Barren North land. The wind howled the storm heat and torn at the Little wooden building which Shook and trembled. But it was a shelter. In a few Days Admiral Peary was Able to sit up. He called for a Pencil and a stub of a Pencil was found. He took it and wrote on the Wall a to find a Way or make Well he made one the condition of his feet improved. No amputation was necessary and eventually he again Sot out on his quest. This time he won he was tile first Man in the world to reach that coveted goal the North pole the third selection is from Hardin Sabo stenographer to Deputy commissioner Edward Corsi of the department of welfare. New York City. This motto which stands on commissioner Corsit i desk. Is also the one that inspired Jane Addams founder of the famous a Hull House a Chicago. Here it is a Justice can Only Ive worked out upon this Earth by those who will not tolerate a wrong to the feeble St member of the the next one was sent by mrs. Faye w. Bowman Box 292, Woodward. Oklahoma a a Man is Worth two dollars a Day up to his head. From his head up Well that s up to him a Here is the motto of will Durrant who wrote a the Story of philosophy Quot nothing so educates us As a . I j says republicans have not controlled t High Point. N. C. May 1st, 1939. Editor. The Enterprise i am a Mere youngster of Only 83 years of age and i want to Appeal to some of the older citizens for a bit of information and that is when the Republican party was in control of the City. I noticed in an and. In yesterday s palier the democratic party took Over the City in 1931 and enumerated the Many things done by Republican administrations prior to then. I have lived Here Only 83 years and we have had a non partisan form of government in the City before the democrats took Over in 1931, and i am anxious to know when the Republican party had control of the City. Will some of the older citizens enlighten me thanking you. T am respectfully. S. H. Goodman Hicks St. Now heres a real problem Winchell on Broadway copyright. Ims Dolly Mirror. Inc imaging father time i Man about town the Conrad Thi Haulton he s the concert troubadour will soon place the matter with their solicitors. She becomes a Bergdorf Goodman Manikin in 2 wits. Barbara Hutton s new Shadow is w. Palmer Dixon socialite. Churchmen say that Bishops Mooney and Miffy May be the next selections Tor it a Binal Elevation by his b. Gimbels of Phila. Are on the verge of a Dirge. At to Gene a Murphy will give the Federal judges 6 months to Clear up their calendars some of which Are five years behind. Amelia Earhart s widower Geo. Palmer Putnam and mrs. W. James Jean consigned will be ready for the Chimes on May 19. The Day after her decree is final. Insiders w ill betcha former fed. Judge Thomas of con recently subpoenaed will never testify supposed to by very sick but what a Story a prominent attorney associated with the Case is a also in the Hospital Quot Etc dutch Schultz a widow was slugged for allegedly calling a Abba Dabbas who was erased with her Groom a 3-letter word. Ten years ago news a Silver Loving cup has been awarded Jones amp Peacock of High Point by the National surety company of new York for winning second place among their agents in this state. The contest was for increased production in surety and casualty business. Boy leaders will take Over the reins of government in this City tomorrow. David Parsons will serve As mayor of High Point for one hour. About people a mrs. Farrell Gray has returned from Danville we Here she was the guest of her sister. Mrs. O. B. Peat toss. Mrs. Jack Grubb has returned from a visit to miss Elizabeth Wannamaker has returned from a visit to relatives in Columbia s. C. The president told a group of clergymen and educators in the Sherwood Eddy seminars in Washington last week that the chances for a european War were 60 40 that the democratic Powers would probably be licked if Uncle Sam did no to furnish them with munitions and materials and that Uncle Sam would not Send troops abroad. One of the same group a which had private audiences with key men in the gov t from f. D. R. And the supreme court justices Down also relays this via a High ranking state depot official. That the govt knows All about the scope and purpose and methods of nazi prepay Ganda in this country hut Quot that if the people at Large knew the gov t did a mob of patriots would probably raze the German embassy in news briefs the Vadenburg Case at Gastonia will go to a jury the a. S. Senate is expected to vote on the farm Relief Bill during the week and. Socialists and communists Are observing May Day in Europe and America. I Ady Lind lip estranged from the Ion of Britain s famous Allsop Sale tribe is a Chorine in Vincente Mineth s Amazon spectacle at the fair. Wildman who allegedly hit John Perona the Al Morocco chief almost crawled with editor Stanley Walker at Bleeck s during a match game Over a week ago the lady in wait my to her Royal highness Crown Princess Ingrid of Denmark countess Sybille Reventlow is Barbara Hutton a Cousin. Harry Hopkins who finally has his illness licked will make headlines soon with a comprehensive Domestic program.�, Audrey Christie of Quot i married an Angel Quot and Groom Guy Robertson Are imaging. A the Man who killed Hitler Quot published a a anonymously by Putnam was authored by Dean Jennings recently with real detective Magazine Ken s Best item Quot Lucius Beebe who has made a career of foppish Ness and food has his stomach pumped oui every two weeks Quot Miriam Verne who became famous when Hitler praised her jigging can to get her hands on More than a third of her salary. And in German Marks not american dollars As the contract states which be been mounting in the Goeb Bels owned metropol theatre since last her family in Pittsburgh Are in Quot dire need Quot according to intimates. m financial situation is better than yours. He has Large holdings in London new York and in the Bank of Egypt mid Western utilities Are said to he backing the Boom for gov. Stark of Missouri for White House tenancy. Young Jack Dorrance Campbell zoom heir has his ear rigged with a tear Gas device that mows Down kids Aux is Fri stance by merely pressing a Button under the dashboard. Uncle done a divorce became final on the 24th. He and Betty Marsh an innkeeper s Dotter from Scalp level pa., were due to be Middle aisle yesterday. Those initials Quot Vav. on the new big buses commuting Between 50th Street and the worlds fair do not stand for Quot worlds fair Quot but for William Fox. The sex movie magnate. Eddie Polo silent Flicker Star amassed a Fortune of 15 million Marks in Germany. He a Back in he Wood after recently a a escaping with $6.50 to his name. Josie Heather the English comedienne erroneously listed As a a goner a is recovering rapidly at the French hos the daily Forward a jewish Gazette finally got around to the Faith Bacon publicity stunt in which she was Sootoo undressed. The photo caption was Quot not so Twenty years ago local new a effective this Date the High Point Enterprise becomes the property of r. B. Terry. J. P. Hawley and associates they acquiring by Purchase the entire holdings of Parker r. Anderson formerly president of the company owning and operating the Enterprise. Or. Hawley will continue As manager of the Enterprise directing its policies which position he has held for More than four years or since the time the Enterprise was sold by j. J. Farriss its original owner. In a meeting last night of banners and business men at the South main Street school auditorium it was practically decided to secure a Creamery for High Point. George m. Ruch of Asheville an experienced Creamery Man addressed the meeting about people mrs. W. S. Of Neal led a Centenary prayer service at Wesley memorial Church last night. G. H. King with the 81st division has cabled his wife Here that he has sailed from France for America and that he will arrive in High Point soon. Carter Dalton is recovering from a Tonsillectomy at the High Point Hospital. Foreign offices of the great Powers including Germany rate the Exchange Between f. D. R. And Hitler As More than a Man to Man defeat for Hitler., Goebbels was Given two weeks to build up Hitler s speech but neither he nor Hitler could offset the terrific Impact on the German people of f. D. plea for peace. According to these reports f. In r emerged As the spokesman for the worlds common people even More than Wilson after the world War. Comm. Valentine is going to be urged by an official to assign such dependable detective As John Cordes John Broderick Fred Ste and Barney audit sky to the Brownsville sector to Clear out the toughest gang there. They could do it in a week just with their fists. Roxanne Stephens the Canary with Ozzie Nelson s Crew at the Casa Lias lost her breath Over the fiddle thump or and will wed him next month. Gus Edwards is too ill at mayors Miracle clinic Billy roses a a aquacade at the fair has an Advance ticket Sale of Over in xxx ducats. Looks like the Chorine will get their Back rehearsal Money at that. Dorothy Bigbee. Of the Diamond Horseshoe and Julian Green of the f. B. I. Are Middle aisle bound. He a a a Man and she s a a Stringer. There a one thing about the new women s hats no one can Tell when they re on wrong. A. Frazier a favorite Nassau indoor sport is h. Hughes yacht the new Lacongo claims 7 is capacity in the first 4 nights the try Lon arum Peris phere idea Mulla been inspired by Childs specially Chicken croquettes and a Ball of mashed potatoes. Dress always for the occasion and dress to amuse yourself actress Kitty Carlisle Winner of fashion Academy award. The sate Post will soon publish a the real inside Story on the strange individual who was both Philip Munich and f. Donald Coster. Of editors in Washington want a Good Story on the Pardon Given Coster by president raft 25 years ago. The original papers have been discovered and Are now in the paws of Brian Mcmahon of the Dep t of Justice at the Capitol. When Federal judge Manton goes to trial Don t bet that or Conboy will be i chief counsel Lou Gehrig can to understand Why so Many newspaper men Are counting him out. Lie defies quitting this season rather than be benched. What a this about Lindy inheriting one of those six new jobs As ass t to f. D. R. And who believes that Myron Taylor will succeed Sec y of the Navy Swanson?., that a some word War in a tiny times so. Hotel room going on for Days. The newspaper guilders via the Norb versus the n. Y. Times owner. Mainly Over his alleged blast against a closed shop Quot id rather sell my paper first a. Kansas City a police Force will face probing on several accidents listed As a hit and run some a pedestrians Quot it will be charged had Bullet wounds or were beaten to death the Sharkey uniform Law barring storm trooper uniforms Here now needs the mayors signature along with those of the Board of estimate croon what a retarding them. Gilbert Miller the producer now in London is sending intimates Here British ads for a bomb proof shelters to show How much better it is Over Here after two broadcasts Jimmy Walker is screaming Blue murder about the censorship of you re a Hunch player then remember this a Johnstown a the Derby favorite has Bruce Cotton in Washington by Bruce Catton Washington May thing which makes argument Over the neutrality Law so heated i is that the opposing forces have diametrically opposite ideas about the immediate danger of War in Europe. The group which endorses the Roosevelt policy of sup porting the euro Pean democracies i and wants to see Thi in a a a a a neutrality Law Modi in Iii. Tied thinks that a Brae Pattee european War May come at any moment. Its at tude is Best summed up perhaps by the testimony which Raymond Leslie Buell of the foreign policy association gave the other Day lie fore the Senate foreign relations committee. For. And against briefly or Buell argued like this the neutrality Law hurts France and England More than it does Germany hence makes their defeat in War More Likely. Germany and Italy Are hungry and have big ideas. If they beat France and England the Day when they would actively muscle in on american preserves is brought that much nearer. Hence it is to our interest to support France and England by a measures Short of War the moves we have made to Date have almost certainly averted a general War in Europe. The opposition argument is Well presented by Frederick j. Libby head of the National Council for the prevention of War. It goes like this neither Hitler nor Mussolini wants to fight neither wants a world domination a and neither is Likely to encroach on our preserves. They Are putting pressure on France and England for certain concessions which will have to be made eventually. The Only danger in the situation is the Chance that by giving France and England our backing we May encourage them to fight. So there you have it. Each Side sees the world situation in a completely different Light. One Side thinks that Roosevelt is helping to Axer a world War the other thinks he is Only making it More Likely. Speaking of foreign affairs. For background to today a news go to your Library and study the newspaper files for april 1919. Just 20 years ago. The Versailles peace conference was on at that time. Italy was demanding world War loot in the shape of territory across the Adriatic. The reparations committee was suggesting 45 billions As the sum Germany could properly he asked to . The bolsheviks were in control in Hungary and also in Munich socialists and non social Tets were fighting in italian Industrial cities. Woodrow Wilson was promising France american Aid in Case of a new War with Germany. Japan was being eased out of her claims to the Shantung Peninsula in China. A meat famine was reported in Berlin. The German delegation coining to Versailles to sign the peace treaty was stoned by the populace. And at the end of the month an american correspondent writing about Wilson s efforts at the conference closed his dispatch with these words a the Hope of a grand peace that would stamp out militarism and end War has been fading from the hearts of the people. The president has been surrounded by influences that operated against anything in the Way of heroic it w Ould have taken the seventh son of a seventh son to see 1939, Back in those Days. Presidents record disk form president Roosevelt is going to he a a waxed a and so Are the members of his Cabinet. To he in the jargon of the radio business is to make a speech which is recorded photographically so that it can fix broadcast later when the speaker has gone on about other business. Transcriptions have been made of Many of the presidents speeches but never before has he spoken directly to the Wax disk without any immediate broadcasting whatever. Now however a series of disks entitled Quot United states government reports is being prepared by the National emergency Council. President Roosevelt will be interviewed for 15 minutes by Lowell Mellett head of the Nec and disks of the interview will in sent to 150 selected radio stations they will be put on the air on May 9, at hours to be selected by the individual stations. After that. Or. Mellett will interview All of the Cabinet members and their disks will be released at weekly intervals. After them probably will come the Heads of the various Independent agencies. Success in marriage depends on the ability to see life from the standpoint of the other. A or. Leland Foster Wood authority on marriage for Federal Council of churches. We have realized that Public spending could Only be a Relief and not a cure unless one is prepared to take the whole of business into government hands. A finance minister Charles Dunning of Canada. A Lucky Omen. Its nose has a White a so in is Rife i a Quot missionaries in India Are baseball fans but have to get up a1 2 a. In. To hear broadcasts from the u. S. At that hour an error by the Home team u Mil i even tax a Roach Era a a tie Nee

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