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High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives May 1 1939, Page 2

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 1, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Page two Hie High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry Kich Point North Carolina monday May i 1939 Huber Natoria candidates Are Quot jockeying or position in Early stage of contest governor i ant j o pick \ Middle ground Man to support Enterprise Bureau sir Balter hotel by Nix by a Krill Raleigh my i. A North Carolin gubernatorial Rara definitely in Progress right now although the primary in t to be held for about 13 months has reached the jockeying for position stage with several candidates Impo tuning a the administration for support others in a highly receptive Frame of mind should such support he offered and still oth trying to devise ways and Means of getting along without it. The importance attached to a the administration and its Blessing lies primarily in the fact that no governor of North Carolina within the recent memory of Man has Efren elected without it. Ain t Suomi As for governor Clyde r. Hoey the personification of int administration he Isnit saying a thing. But there Are reliable indications that he has been doing some conferring As to the direction in which he should look for his successor in the executive mansion. The governor always a compromised and conciliator to the very last Chance is highly desirous of picking a candidate around whom the so called Graham faction of the party would rally hand in hand with the Hoey Psi Der Wing and it is to that end that he has held More than one heart to heart talk recently of there be any truth in the reports said to come straight from these conferences. Weather Treasury to eliminate Quot deterrents but that in t unite As easy us was Lytton North Carolina fair tonight and tues Day slightly cooler tonight except on Southeast coast Light scattered Frost in mountains and Northwest portion. A ind so Hatteras to Jacksonville moderate northerly winds probably fresh at times Over North portion partly overcast weather tonight and tuesday. Sandy Hook to Hatteras moderate to fresh northerly winds and fair weather tonight and tuesday. Charlotte n. A May a official weather Bureau records of the temperature and rainfall for the 24 hours ending at 7 30 a in. In the principal Cotton growing areas and elsewhere station Asheville. 84 Atlanta Augusta Birmingham. 78 Charleston. 72 Charlotte. 75 Chicago. 70 Columbia. 74 Denver. 74 Detroit. 82 Evansville. 72 oat leg ton. 78 Orre Tutoro. 74 Hatteras Jacksonville. 78 key West. It Mitchell. New Orleans new York. Raleigh. San Antoni Osan Francisco Spartanburg Tampa of it a ins despite the fact thai then is no fundamental difference in philosophy Between the Home and the Graham group both Are conservative from the Bottom up. There remain the very serious of Wymington. 72 High Lowks fall 84 52 of 78 so of 76 52 of 78 50 of 72 62 of 75 St to 70 40 of 74 52 of 74 so .00 82 54 14 72 48 of 76 66 .00 74 48 of 88 54 of 78 62 of 82 74 of 44 52 .00 78 88 of so 44 .14 74 50 of 84 64 of 58 48 to 76 52 of 84 64 of 58 40 02 72 54 of Center ast time today Jeanette Mcdonald Lew Ayres a in Broadway he re ionic starting tomorrow it aim a braise Praise every vhf re it a my a pygmalion Quot min tint let girl to Ritemour a wit Llu Leslie Howard Wendy Hiller Kitka Walt Disney a color cartoon Ferdinand the Bull smother Tine of Tho crime does t pay Novelty subject a a while interim sleeps Quot sync Lea of personal ambition and personal animosities. Gabon kit in then too there exists in the mind of Many a distinct suspicion would not Avreet incomes under that o. Max Gardner desires to i 15.000 a year. Four Point program drafted for submission to legislators Washington May apr Tho Treasury was disclosed by Well informed legislators today to have drafted a comprehensive four Point program to eliminate taxes criticized As a business the lawmakers outlined the program As follows 1. Elimination of the present undistributed profits capital stocks and excess profits taxes. Substitution of a Flat rate corporation income Levy of not More than 22 per cent. 2. Reduction in higher bracket personal income taxes from a maximum of 75 per cent to a maximum of 6u per cent. 3. Authorization for corporations to carry Over tax credits for loaves for three years instead of one. 4. Modification of the capital gains tax in an Effort to encourage investment. The in Alator indicated that president Roosevelt had approved the entire program except the proposed reduction in upper level income tax Secretary Morgenthau probably will discuss that idea with him before talking to the hot e ways and Means committee next week. The suggested tax reduction fils Duoc a Ith viol by Robt. Ripley Quot of Landon will speak on Europe it methodist s unification s�?T1 Cecil Jackson Kilgore Lexas pitched 3 innings banned 3 batters walked 3 men gave 3 hits allowed 3 runs made shits Broadhurst if a i nigh blot artha Raye Bob Hope Andy Devine a never say die Quot bring congressman Lindsay Warren into the race As his personal hand picked candidate despite the former governor s recent and fervent abdication of All ambition to play any role in the Campaign. Getting Down to cases certain predictions can be made about certain candidates and their chances of getting support from both Hoey and Graham factions. To begin with there in t even a ghost of a Chance that Sandy s Loyal hackers and friends will Ever work for any candidate handpicked and stage managed by Gardner. That was Kandy s basis for attack on Hoey in 1938 and. De spite Many statements he observer to the contrary it was an attack which made him thousands of vote Tat the expense of Ralph do Donald t. This go for Warren. In spite of the Washington legislator s w id spread personal popularity. It Hasni to been forgotten that he was the Gardner right hand Man before going to Congress. Johnson Oft another candidate whom Gra Hamiter will not unite with the Hoey men in supporting is state treasurer Charlie Johnson. There does t seem the slightest Chance that he will enter the lists but if he does he will do so with full knowledge that he Isnit the favorite with grahams followers and won t he. Commissioner of Revenue a. J. Maxwell would probably be acceptable to the Graham group but its members Are none too optimistic that a tax collector can be nominated for the governorship and that s without the slightest aspersion on the Maxwell ability to nuke an outstanding governor. If Ever Over the primary hurdles. Lee gravely of Rocky mount would get at least part of the Graham support of he should run but would tack a lot of getting All either of it or of the Hoey Camp. That leaves lieutenant governor Wilkins Horton As about the Only other Prospect who candidacy depends largely upon getting administration and Graham support. No mention has been made of j. M. Broughton and Wilmington s mayor Thomas e. Cooper and they have been left out of the discussion because of All those so far named they Are the Only ones who Are sure to run whether or not they get administration or Graham or any other particular group s support. Moth Are to All intent and purposes already Active. Working candidate who have definitely made up their minds to announce the Only question being a when a so Hack to Horton it seems entirely logical to regard him As the one candidate Likely to get the United support of a big majority of both Graham and Hoey leaders. In 1936 the Pittsboro Man was not in the least objectionable to Handy Graham. In fact it can he said that Graham and his lieutenant were far More Friendly to him before the first primary than Wert i amp an action Bill after the House ,000 the Treasury experts Hope that the program will result in no loss of Revenue. They have not yet determined exactly what the Flat rate tax on corporations with income of less than $25,-000 a year would be Given special favourable treatment. The present Law levied Flat rate taxes on corporations with incomes of less than $25,000. And imposes a tax ranging from 16 to 19 per cent on larger companies depending on the amount of profit turned Over to shareholders. Congress still faced with a Hor problems continued from Page i request for $1,750,000,000 for Relief activities in the next fiscal year is brought up. Republicans will open their fight to turn Relief supervision Back to the states there Are almost As Many neutrality proposals As there Are members of the Senate and House foreign relations committees. Republicans Are opposing est wet of the president s a Bority to devalue the Dollar a measure which already has passed the House advocates of various old age pension plans Are trying to bring their measures to a House vote. Kanik appropriation8 despite continued Economy talk it appears that appropriations for regular government functions will he abour the same As Foi the in Quot tent year. A Senate farm bloc s trying to aul to lie Tot crop a Illy payments which the House rejected As Well As $150-00#, for disposal of crop sur plumes these funds would be in addition to the regular $500,-000 in farm benefits. Modification of business taxes is being urged in Industrial quarters and the Treasury is said to have drafted a four Point program to meet criticisms of the present system. White House conferences with senator Harrison i miss and rep. Houghton dec. In charge of tax legislation will Crystallite the situation in a week or two. Three other pities of tax legislation definitely Are hinted for action the House ways and Means committee last week voted to recommend freezing old re insurance taxes at the present one per cent level for three ears. The committee also is expect d to recommend proposals for continuing miscellaneous a nuisance taxes and providing for reciprocal taxation of state and Federal securities. The Bigg St administration Victory so far this session in the eyes of its supporters was approval of a government rear House burned but Wood in the fireplace did not the residence of Clara 6 Loomis Seneca pal in n a burned Down compact div but 2 Elm logs in toe fireplace West smoked and charred a Littie s it Kansas City. May up a Alf m. Landon a United states Delegate to the pan american conference in Lima last december. Will express his views on a he delicate european situation to the methodist unification conference Here wednesday night. Tim 1936 Republican presidential nominee was pictured today by a methodist spokesman As a greatly concerned Over the possibilities of a european War the spokesman said Landon would discuss the United states foreign policy and possibly suggest changes in the Roosevelt administration s program. The address before the general conference committee on world peace of the methodist episcopal Church will be broadcast nationally arc Blue 7 to 7 30 p. Rn., Cost if arrangements can be completed it also will be broadcast by Short wave to Europe and Central and South America. Landon. Usually reticent concerning his Addias has Given no hint of what he will say. Tho a methodist spokesman however recalled that on his return from Lima Landen said of Roosevelt a military preparedness program a every Hue american is with him too per cent in any program of adequate preparedness xxx but i am equally sure we Are not willing to spend minions on a helter shelter program whipped up to satisfy hysteria of the methodic last night heard a plea for More vigorous evangelism in their United Church. Addressing 7,000 delegates and townspeople or. J. N. R. Score of fort Worth tex., said a we need a free pulpit free to denounce sin and the current evils of the Day. X x x i do not mean that methodism must endorse the half baked ideas of her preachers x x x but to throttle the mind of the Church would be to throttle the mind of symbolic of the Healing of a 111-year-old schism in the Church the conference consecrated James h. Straughn of Baltimore and John Calvin Broomfield of Fairmount w. Va., a Bishops from the former protestant denomination. Nov 1956 a Frog can jump farther than a Man records Frog 13 it 5 in. Man a 12 it in Harry s Joseph amp in chief has shaken hands with every president prow Gratt Roosevelt Caf in a Nam Wailun Warta it Agta it a a a a Auto Agency co proprietor for Wark Dwa held up and robbed by pair 1 Quot Al 1,5 1 Quot h against squawk Tarboro. May i up Zeb Brinson co proprietor of an Auto Mobil Quot ported to off-1 Washington Vry i pier. Toil that he had re d employee. Robbed of att automobile by two a work. men. Poem a pro. F f d pee Tiva customers who forced him ,. _. At pistol Point to drive them into"0 two Quot a in the country and then get out of the car. Brinson said one of the nun Quot Hovet a pistol against his Back As he was driving them up main Street to demonstrate the automobile. He was told he related to drive out the Rocky mount Highway Aud then into a Side Road where he a left. He hade his Way to the nearest Telephone Aud reported the robbery. Hitler promotes Henlein and governor of Austria b k r i. I pm or. Reysz i quart who has been governor of Austria today was appointed by Reich fuehrer Hitler to be minister without portfolio. Simultaneously Konrad Hen Lein. Who has been Reich commissioner of the suet Tiland. Wag named governor of sudetenland. Price stabilized by body says Mhz group executive Roosevelt a government reorganisation plan would to a disciplined a he did not say what form the disciplining would take but Veteran Bra employees a Iii they believed it meant they would be discharged. I Lckes warning was contained in Washington May i. Up a memorandum to All employees. Silas h. Strawn former president or. Roosevelt reorganisation i of chamber of Commerce of submitted to Congress t1� United states urged today former c. Of c. President says Hitler s advice Good Robertson sees four minute Miler in negro new York May in pm Lamg 1 Oft ii Woodruff had just run a 17.1-second i Garter guile to gite Bitt Burgh it Foin i championship of Hie 4 a the bin relay amytal. Earlier Flint Day he had done better Titan 21.4 for sek Yards and the Day before he had run a 1 51.2 half mile. Each of Tho a time is within hailing distance of a Nett world record. In each of those race Woodruff had seemed to to running no harder than Johnstown in a morning ranter. Yet lawsuit Robertson Veteran conch of i. 8. Olympic teams a oddly reserved Iii his enthusiasm. A that boy should hate been Hie worlds first four minute Miler a said Robbie. A with proper training he would have been. But of too late now. He a been running the wrong distance and can t change Over any More. If too russian nazi. Jap tie up is predicted plan no. I last week provided among other things for establishments of a Federal work Agency which would take Over the pm a. The latter Agency has been under Icke so administration since 1933. Aides said there had been muttering of discontent among Many Lunation would mean centralization and mass demobilization in the Field. Washington May in pm organization of milk producers into associations the Federal Mon a employees who feared that rear poly committee heard today can be a Quot Strong factors in stabilizing milk Price. A. F. Beach of Pontiac mich., Secretary manager of the producers association of Michigan testified that it a born of a the necessity of having a association to milk producers could sell their milk his association he said. Represent Sulo ,65 per cent of tile producers around Detroit. He told the committee he favored pending Stato legislation under which producer would be licensed and marketing areas established. State is ranked second in building contracts put governor Hoey and his aides de j spite the fact that Horton Nomi a nation is generally credited to i Hoey support in the second primary. Horton Goyal All during the current administration. The lieutenant govern-1 has been entirely and outstandingly Loyal to his chief and cer i mainly has done nothing to put the governor in a Frame of mind to oppose him actively. All tills of co a i so. Is largely a matter of up filiation. Nobody knows what a in the Hoey mind lie s u master at keeping Ilia thoughts to himself and ifs in Pigeon holed year. The program Las Mav Ohi ins Cotton new Orleans. May in apr cot ton futures opened steady i to 5 Points net higher. Prev. Close open May. 8 52 8 49b july. 825 8 24 oct. 7 80 7.75 dec. 7 68 7.63 Jon. 7 Sab 7 lib much. ,. 785 7 61 May new. 7 63b 7 58b july new a e a. 7 62b 7.57b Jones urges control Over rail reorganization fees Washington. May pm chairman Jesse Jones of the reconstruction finance corporation urged the Senate interstate Commerce committee today to impose drastic controls Over fees and expenses in Railroad reorganizations. Jones said the committee could a not be too drastic in preventing a the outrageous and ridiculous fees that have been allowed in some receivership. The committee had under consideration a proposal to create a three judge Railroad reorganize court with Power among other things to fix reasonable fees and expenses in receivership and reorganizations. Richmond. A. May i North Carolina ranked second j a in of g t he five states and the do Drift of Columbia Iii increase in building contracts awarded doting March in the fifth Federal re a serve District. The Bank Here announced today that the District of Columbia had a 120 per cent increase Over March 1938, with a total of $6,783,000 Worth of contracts awarded while North Carolina s $9,039,000 awards gave it an increase of 103 per cent. A a a a a with the coming of Rural Power lines. Increasing numbers of farm families Are having electric water system. Installed in their Homes thus doing away with the laborious task of carrying water. Not Only human beings a subjected to Snow blindness animals Are afflicted with the same malady. That Tho United state a tend to its own knifing in world affairs. Here to attend the 27th Annua meeting of the organization of businessmen the Chicago lawyer tiny in an interview that Adolf Hiller gave some Good advice when he suggested Tho other Day that this country mind its own business. Mother drowns her baby in bus terminal washroom Philadelphia May in up a Young Mother who carried the body of her baby from new York on a bus told defective her gent Jacob go borrow today she had drowned the child in a bus Ternina washroom. Go borrow said the attractively dressed woman told him she a a could t stand thinking of my baby growing up x x x no charge was filed pending an investigation. Kaleigh voting today Raleigh. May i a a Raleigh held its biennial municipal election today ending a bitter Campaign for the Post of commissioner of Public safety t. K. Fountain incumbent was opposed by r. C. Boh Powell a hotel Man. Powell led Fountain by 900 votes in a five Way primary contest. Graham ii. Andrews a former banker was the mayoral nominee succeeding George a. Iselo and Roy la. Williamson incumbent was the nominee for commissioner of Public works. B bid. Palace Salem Street theatre Thomasville i. Joyal ,. Comi Dot Able coming tomorrow a up the River with Preston Foster and Phyl in Brooks Timbs today a while new York sleeps a a till Mich i Vav Halin and la s 15c us i run 2 for 25c xxi Kut saturday Ioc j a i ii a is lorely within the Bounds of possibility that tile governor has t any idea of committing himself and his friends fit Hor overtly or covertly to the support of any particular nominee. But there Are plenty of candidates hoping he ukes them and there arc pit my of state officials who wish the governor would give them a straight tip on which Way to to. But if you done to believe the boys Are really jockeying Aud shopping for support just watch the Way they Are running around in it i With the governor s office right in tile Center of their Pathwa. Injuries from Freak Accident Are fatal to Virginia woman Newport news. Va., May iof a mrs l. T. Frailer 55. Newport news Matron alighted from her automobile to help disentangle it from another car with which it had locked in a minor Accident. When the automobiles were called free that owned by mrs. Frazier lurched into motion. Knocked her Down and dragged Lier 16 feet to wedge her against curbing. She died in a Hospital yesterday. Stiff fee Chicago Sam Campagna a grocer and his wife Anne stepped up to two Well dressed men in the Loop and asked what elevated train they should take to reach the Home of friends. The men led the couple to the plat for of a nearby station and i put them on the right train. As the train began to move j Campagnia loosed out the w in i Dew and waved at the men. One j waved Back with Campagnia a Bill fold containing $22. Weeks assistant tobacco of the state College i service estimates that i troika Farmers will in j Leaf crop by 15 Peri battling Nelson still has that Hook e it i Bisi Mirn. Johnny coition swings on the upper strand of rope by Way of ill astr a it that Laming Nelson still bus that Hook. The former Cham Ijams and great fighters of 30 years ago appeared in an exhibition in Chicago. Continued from Page i Man government a George told reporters a was the representative of her allies among the european states. Britain might find a Way of approach to negotiation looking toward the settlement of european difference without resort to War. A in this View of the matter i president Roosevelt May have so Vance the interest of peace and i May find that further common Lea a Lions with Hitler Are unnecessary especially in View of the informal method in which Hitler replied to the president s Nye told reporters it would be logical for great Britain to seek to Start negotiation with Germany he argued that Little could be accomplished by further peace proposals from this government. But con leaded great Britain might bring about a a real understanding by calling a general european conference to Iron out Basic economic and political problem. Will sex Imre the tense european situation a highlighted congressional did i Salon of new neutrality legislation. The a Cash and carry provision Are the Only sections of Tho present Law which expire leaving in effect the ban on arms shipments to belligerents whenever the president finds that a state of War exists. The a Cash and carry system requires that warring nations pay Cash for certain goods purchased in the United states and transported to them in foreign ships. Chairman Pittman a Nev of tile Senate foreign relations committee wants to re enact these provisions and apply them also to munitions. Some legislators however propose abolishing All neutrality legislation and giving the president a free hand in the conduct of for Eiton relations. Others want to adopt a stringent neutrality Law giving the president no discretion in its application. Hitler boasts of Germany s armed might continued front Page i German action toward forceful annexation. An article in the official Gazetta polka was interpreted As meaning that Poland might ask the league of nations a the nominal administrator of Danzig to Transfer certain of its rights to the polish government. Hitler made two May Day speeches taking occasion to strike at american action against German goods. A the United states has organized a Boycott against German Good Quot he declared. A it would have been better to import German goods than German criticizes a s., Britain Tatsuo Kawai. A japanese for a Ign office official sharply criticized what he called the Amer ican British policy of a a interference in world affairs at a dinner today honouring a German newspaper Mission now in Japan. Referring to Chancellor hitlers Reich Stag Pooch last Friday. Kawai said that Japan parti ulary approved Hur c s rejection of a the right of interference us claimed by the United states and great Gotham s fair gets underway history s greatest inter National exposition opened by speech by for by Gladwin Hux new York. May in Ltd it a a a new York s $160,000,000 worlds fair which took three years to build is Here at last. The greatest International exposition in history two Square Miles of Long Island embracing 300 gleaming buildings 50 Miles of roads and 35,000 employ yes opened its Gate yesterday to several Hundred thousand visitors president Roosevelt headed a Galeide Sopic program of inaugural ceremonies coming Down from Hyde Park to proclaim the fair a Token of americans spirit of Friendship and peace toward All the world. He spoke before about 40,000 special guests from s huge wooden stand on the Steps of the $3,000,- Federal building which Heads the fairs main Avenue a Constitution Hall Quot and dominates the a court of peace Quot formed by the imposing pavilions of a dozen nations. Al noon two hours before the fair first ceremony took place in the dedication of the huge interdenominational a Temple of religion by leaders of several faiths. There followed a Parade Down the mall with 25,000 announced participants army Navy marines. Police fair workers and foreign groups in an Eye filling array of variegated costume. After the president address and speeches by Grover Whalen. The fairs Dapper top hatted 1100, chief mayor fio rello la Guardia and governor Herbert Lehman the throng of visitors scattered throughout the ground for a multiplicity of other activities. George Washington a inauguration. Of which the fair opening marked the 150th anniversary was re act a on the mall near a heroic statue of the first president with cartoonist deny wort Man. French from reenacting Washington s inaugural journey to new York in the leading role. Four other huge statues representing the Freedom of speech press religion and Assembly were dedicated As night fell the fair unprecedented display of color humiliation was snapped by the impulse of a cosmic Ray from a Distant Star. Meanwhile the throngs streamed through the thousands of exhibits. Which run the Gamut of the. World s life. They saw everything from the biggest locomotive to the world to the smallest hat in til world. They saw bread cigars and Auto tires manufactured and automobiles assembled red Squill rat Poison found to be effective Mocksville May in the demand for red Squill rat Poison has been so great in Davie county that a new Supply has been ordered reports farm agent i. A. Rankin. Results of the first lot placed in a rat eradication Campaign were of effective that More Farmers Are asking for the bait so As to rid their premises of rodents. Rod Squill bait is recommended by the it. S. Department of agriculture and is sold to Farmers at Cost. A. Frost Baa damaged Apple and peach blossoms severely in Western North Carolina counties some banners reporting As High As 80 per cent Loso. Nerves feel frayed it Ca Kir Uke 7w/5-$ i a a when your head ache when your nerves feel a of about to a Nap use Capulin. It not Only relieves pain gently and quickly but soothe tense nerves. Cape done quirk action is due to its being liquid in ingredient Are already dissolved All ready to work

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