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High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives Mar 31 1957, Page 1

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 31, 1957, High Point, North Carolina Thi weather generally fair and mild today monday mostly Cloudy with scattered Shower. 73rd year no. 90 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. C., sunday morning March 31, 1957 76 pages what inside society. See b editorial. Ca Heather. 2\classified to Sjo Fadlo to it Lla sports. Sec. H theater. Via daily 5c, sunday 10c Nasser charges would starve Egypt termed suicidal israeli chief visits i Koops pre item troop installations facing the disputed Mier David Ben Gurion left chats with Gaza strip area. Map wire photo. Israeli soldiers the prime minister vis Bulgarin warns Danes on bases senator pledges Union probe Aid bomb sets off Paris imbroglio Washington March 30 a sen. Mcclellan d Ark pledged full cooperation today with the Al Cio investigation of teamsters president Dave Beck and any Paris. March so a a mob of other labor efforts to rid its ranks of what he called a Sun Young frenchmen shouting for a Quot i wholesome tougher French policy in Algeria Mcclellan chairman of the rioted and clashed with police on special Senate rackets commit the crowded champs Elysee to tee which tried for two Days Carli after 3 bomb blast. One per of this week to or. Anteri?0&Quot bomb and. Four in the ensuing noting from reek about hts financial. _. J. A m. Algeria French shouted dealings with the giant teamsters the Denion Trau led by a group Union the nation largest. Of men in the Blue and red berets London March 30 Jya righty Beck invoked his fifth Amend of French paratroopers. Hel Wing conservative re. A i men a Protection against possible dieted Security troops and police prime mister in refusing to s001 Down. Clubbing them into Ian 10-week-old government to tac rumination in refusing to at least four person Macmillan government in danger Copenhagen Denmark. March 30 a Premier Nikalai Bulgarin warned in a letter published today it would be linked today it would be suicidal for Denmark to permit use of her bases for atomic War against the soviet Union. Ominously the soviet Leader reminded danish Premier h. Hansen that a single Hydrogen bomb might destroy a territory a with a radius of hundreds of Kilometres and said the soviet reaction would not be limited to one bomb. Same to Norway the letter followed the same lines a 3.500-word communication Bulgarin seat Norway March 21. Made Public in Oslo without comment tuesday. The note to Norway spoke of fearful retaliation in the event of War if that country a which faces powerful soviet military forces across a 120-mile Arctic Frontier a permitted establishment of nato atomic bases on its soil. Norway Aud Denmark Are the Only scandinavian members of the North Atlantic Alliance. However the russians also have included Neutral in Eden and Finland in their Spring diplomatic Ary spirit in Den of sending spies to the soviet Baltic republics. �?�7 answer. Were carried off by ambulances the dramatic resignation of yesterday the Al Cio exec one automobile was set afire. Lord Salisbury Over the release of five Council suspended Beck a. Archbishop Makarios of Cyprus member and vice president and assemble Al Tomb from exile brought the threat o directed its ethical practices com the demonstrations marked a trouble on a wide front to the Dis Mitt to investigate charges that group of organizations consisting Finland was accused of Mayer Cabinet. He has brought Quot the labor move mainly of right wingers and former a revival of the Mill conservative party leaders men into disrepute servicemen assembled at the waited apprehensively for a Par Mcclellan was asked at a news Tomb of the unknown Soldier Liam entry debate monday which conference whether his Senate to protest the disappearance of will probe into the reasons tor committee. Conducting a far Flung Cap Rene m our eau last june in lord Salisbury de cum to re probe of racketeering in Ute labor it foot co. Sign lord a Readl of the management my. Had offered Tai re. It Council government Leader of the cooperate with the Al Cio in House of lords i and Potica vesti gation. His a controller of atomic Energy Deve h. A. Niche by a slim youth. Nom eat a a replied no formal offer has he was caught and beaten by Sev Salisbury known the King la we sad 1 .v111 Fra demonstrators he tried to Salisbury known we King they know the committee will co fit maker for the decisive role he of i with them in every Way played in making Macmillan in the world in every Effort they smash window prime a. Openly make to Elimu Ute the a whole police with Tommy gun and Makarios. of Ciai today president Quot nobody can deny the soviet natural and indispensable right of self defense. Bulgarin told Hansen. Quot it obvious that the Security interests of the soviet state demand such precautions to make it possible to annihilate bases of the aggressor if War opened against the . And the annihilating Power of modern weapons so great it would be tantamount to suicide for countries the size of Denmark if foreign states might establish bases within them in Case of an atomic War. Straits cited Bulgarin said Denmark has a special responsibility since she it the Quot guardian of important International Straits Quot on which the Security of Russia and other Baltic sea states depends. Since the Brush Freach israeli attack against Egypt and the rebellion in Hungary he said Aew attempts have been made to Quot Worsen International relations and Force the Peoples on a Road leading to the aggravation of the threat of a new War an example he mentioned Quot plans to place american atomic units with special purposes Quot in West Germany and other nato countries. He said Quot naturally the situation would to further aggravated if these plans were realised. Declares Russia has help policy by Tom Masterson Cairo March 30 up a president Nasser charged today the United states trying a to starve but despite this u. S. Pressure he said Egypt will run the Suez canal by itself and will not let israeli ships use it. Nasser spoke to visiting Ameri-1 a. Dog blamed for blast killing 12 can editors the first ship convoys in five months transited the newly reopened waterway paying tolls to Egypt on Egypt terms. In one of the most stinging at i tacks he has Ever made on the. United states. Nasser asserted Quot the United states aiming to starve while the soviet Union aiming to help . Quot we like to be Friendly to the United states but not a result of pressure. Long we have wheat and bread we will continue to resist pressure. Quot we wont surrender a local newsmen were barred from the news conference for 29 . Newspaper and radio editors touring the Middle East. What Nasser said was reported by two members of the group Dwight e. I Sargent of the Portland Maine press Herald and Roy Pinkerton of the John p. Scripps newspapers Ventura. Calif. Milwaukee. March 30 <j�-a5 Kauter said Egypt will keep 10-year old girl collapsed and died Rael ships from using either the at school yesterday the fourth canal or the Gulf of Aqaba Iso child in her family to be stricken Miles East of Suez despite threats similarly within a period of about or pressure. Israel has been Send-�?T11&Quot nine years. My foreign Flag ships through the a a w a Margaret Rose Molitor col Gulf to in Southern port of Eilat a pc na/1 in an lapsed at Pius i High school since israeli troops knocked out i 1 to a a a Vii while attending a mass. She was egyptian guns last fall that had a i Iii j dead on arrival at county general blockaded the alternate route from asks la Usu on fourth to die a Margaret Rose Molitor 16, of Milwaukee collapsed and died at school Friday fourth child in her family to be so stricken in past nine years. The parents or. And mrs. Norbert Molitor have two surviving children. A wire photo. Death hits family for fourth time Mexico City. March 30 a fit the fireworks factory explosion wednesday that killed persons and injured to was blamed on a dog today. The son of the owner of Tho factory and dynamite warehouse Antonio Joya Meneses. 22. Told police he believed a dog overturned a Box of explosives and touched off the blast that levelled a City Block near Mexico City International Airport. Joya Meneses father Antonio Joya Chavez missing and Tho object of a wide police search. He has been charged with storing explosives illegally. Hospital. The red sea no ticket for Ike for breaking 70 but in Lively speculation it be came apparent Tome conservative Quot a party leaders think must ii More a of a a a j r _ was involved and that they believe Yvo Oit and Iee the decision to release the Arch a ii i c l _ Bishop a one result of Macmil attitude Bho Wii Ian a meeting with president Al p ii. I a a a a Senhor for in Bermuda. By most uni oils Bermuda the topic of Tomor % Rammer .,.office both the ult and the canal Are to a Flint in car mid death was due to an Quot appear Egypt territorial Waters Nasser cull 1051 ent heart attack. Said and he intends to keep them Margaret Rose was the fourth keep a a Quot a Washington March pc of a child of or. And mrs. Norbert ten Days in Advance of the Barclary defense Charles e. Imsfr��?~0. It he. Sudan c. Nai l official reopening la ships in a do in und Quot pm a a a a rom Quot i the first 12-year old fresnel. Tb0 Convoy a d him a null influential Quarter to be out of collapsed and died while playing from Suez at Ila Southern end to h pm a a in Quot la tot Han a p re said of Quot &Quot>0 Mediterranean. Dosed no abnormal heart cond the largest was 7,000 tons a1 we Waits Tom out. Though Egypt Suez canal a Wilson who has lived through More _ overtime work in the convoys were ships Quot Fly and monumental uproar still in turn in his Case his Mother said. And see Quot attitude today in the More Liberal attitude. Case of Dave Beck. Teamsters a Ruso minutes i Mon president who resorted to t the fifth amendment under sen a a berate France from Ameri a ate committee questioning on his can a a routed the marchers at financial affairs one Point. About 3,000 police and the Al Cio executive couns cur a .�p5 took Parton a a cd yesterday suspended Beck Asp a a Palm was restored after a federation vice president and a th�?T&Quot"1/ a a m. Number of the Council pending. ?.med thor1ouhfare was Fla. March sol a outcome of Senate charges thai a Risu 0 amt can and by Gardner l. Bridge j Nita Mirin in died i h in fit nut menu Quot a a a a in Washington March 30 a the police made it in an elderly Man from a Street a a per min spa to Quot in of Par Only a Rivad _ ident Eisenhower Isnit going to get car in december of 1949. Death pm a �000 in 10 pfc through than four years of Over up Tittl any for hitting 70-75 Miles an hour on that trip to was listed by the medical exam. ,w7c, up Fly a1 the Iuli Cul Date Glass window in a Branch Vesterdal nor due to an Quot apparent Quot heart g. A it a Efu Otta a. Re a a a he Hanl decided office of l express a weekly by Surg Jesie Raay. Attack. Greece West Germany. Romania. A the simple fact that i Haven to newspaper supporting the policies in fact a police Vojt they did them to slow Down to a Legal Thomas who also was 12 at the a Berk a. Ethiopia. Panama and made up my mind what i am goof former Premier Pierre Mendes no even a observe the Presa m p h. For a time. Time of his death collapsed while and they paid Tous directly going to do seems to bother peo France. Tents car going that fast and Sperd to Aga a swimming july 12. 1948 the red to the canal was he says. A Mendes to the Gallows a they a they Are concerned the in then the press cars had to zoom ical examiner report in his Case by the British French and it obviously bothers mrs. Wil shouted. Trident closed. 1 w m to catch u with gave a heart ailment the basins in october Many son. She recently revealed she mend i France opposes the gov they did observe three press he four we e Hume Lim ,,.s. Cause med a a 1? a cry had Sar cd ur6ink a Quot it a a a a it a a surviving. In addition to the t0 use the canal even retire from government he a1 Are two More children though they paid tolls to the old ready has retired from the Indus Row debate the prime minister. New Vork March 30 in Emmens current policies on Al cars travel of hard in Benbow Lurf port assigned to cover the Sun Xvi to Lead off the discussion. In on men generally took a Quot wait Gloria and apparent favor a Era Wake however and forced Are supp05e< keep go Entz. And attitude to Nav in the More Liberal Attilid la a . . 1____l 4.4-year student held in whipping of Stepson Tampa. Fla., March just a outcome of Senate charges Law student charged with Aggra by misused Union funds rated assault on her 6-year-El a Survey of Union reaction Survey of Union Stepson said Toa one win Miry i across the eem a brought out Nixon Sun norts jail until a hearing april ninth info so me demands that Beck resign 5 cause _ i have done nothing also a Rong Nti ment Fexis candidate mra"1 Bondsman conferred with of shoud , 5 Day in c0�?ort Washington March 30 it -1 at a psf Posert m Ami before a Al judgment a a passed vice president Nixon put in his was told she had no intention of there appeared to be no move political oar to right in support of was 10 a by afoot however for any fund Republican Thad Hutcheson can posting the it a Raisig Driya o and Bcck for the Senate in next j peace Justice w. The preliminary hearing will take lense. Place before Hendry nude swimmer barely gets judges nod London March 30 swimmer who loses his trunks in a race and finishes in the nude still the Winner a at least in Britain. That was the decision of the Amateur swimming Assn. Today after discussing the Bare facts of a Northumberland and Durham swimmer who did just that recently at Newcastle. The Issue was whether the loss of his trunks helped him swim faster. In with him when he out in Nuh j4�?~ve,r old Donald and Yvonne. A canal co., that Egypt had trial world. Friend report Ahe up nun him when he out it a pub nationalized in july. Intensifying the Campaign. Lie and the secret service men Are aware of this. Presidential news Secretary James Hagerty obviously disturbed by newsmen on the spot accounts of yesterday incident. Ii a a brought up the subject at his news conference this morning. He said be had received an unsolicited Telephone Call from col West faces defeat on main Issue in Suez canal Battle tuesdays special election in Texas. Mrs. To Ibert was arrested at offers her life for amnesty it a Home Northwest of Tampa last a Washington March 30 of a dictate they Are prepared silently 1888 treaty guaranteeing right of James. Mcauliffe. Superintend the United states. Britain. France to yield to exclusive egyptian of transit to All nations. Egypt would Cut of police in Montgomery coun and other big shipping nations to Ond Quot Ltd Rosiale for. He set aside 25 per cent of the tolls to md., through which lies the. R.9rfv Best safeguards they can get for route to Gettysburg. Day appeared t0 about read it to their shipping rights or development of the canal and Hagerty said Mcauliffe called to a a a a a a jul Yjih re Uthe of has a a ,0 5 per cent for Payin 0,f a a for report Quot in All fairness to the thls2 the Point 01 by we or 8�? cd co. From which that the two squad president Gamal Abdul Nash a of pro Poul to the . And to the property Asmi last july car officers who flagged Down the a. I the United states oter other provisions of the egyptian newsmen Quot did not observe any from the time that Nasser nations this week o a p an or u. Imn Rodur acts of and kind on the seized the Suez canal july 6 operating the vitally important plan Cali Lar develop Niento of a i part of the president or secret was can nations and others had waterway through the egyptian of rules to govern the canal of service cars fought for International control of canal authority. Ration for appeals and arbitrage canal operation. This authority would collect All Aon procedures open to shipper her _ night after returning from classes at Stetson University Law school in St. Petersburg. In. Buford Cooper said the boy. Paul David Wolbert a a was the worst beaten child in be Ever seen in my life and that includes a lot of years of police work a Cooper said the boys Back was Black and Blue in spots his legs were striped there were welts on his face and one Eye was Black. Deputy sheriff q. E. Blewfield. The arresting officer said mrs. Wolbert related she whipped the a reporter called Mcauliffe and a or ,./_a a who feel they have been treated Bandit chief sends message american woman Safe raises question a reporter called my fiume aaa change of plan., All signs now in ing to the egyptian memo by an Quot a asked him what that meant j k a unfairly and for filing of the Egypt policy Tehran. Iran sunday. March 31 of a the Leader of the desert said a it looks quite hopeful a the embassy said it had been Man in Karachi announced whether it meant that the White House car were not speeding. Quot the officers did not observe them violating any Law that a what it Means Quot Mcauliffe said. He added he had discussed the matter with members of his department and other county offi a. Cd als and had been assured there the spokesman said it was c a never have been any complaints outlaws who kidnapped mrs. Anita determined the outlaw gang split Tain the gang has not yet crossed from Cuzens or Thors about Carroll has agreed to release up after the ambush in which mrs. The Frontier into Pakistan. Way the presidential party whizzes her if he allowed to go free. Carroll husband and three other earlier today a desert tribes through the Countryside the message came from the men were killed last sunday. Man told of seeing a White faced j 1 1 1 in reply to questions Mcauliffe Toibert Reinwa one i notorious Bandit Leader dadshah., she was away by one foreign woman Riding on mule Quot Quot by a boy with a a Witch she said the a de erg of gr0ui>_perhaps in the party of the Back with the women and Chii. Said he a Democrat. Boy had taken Money from an Southeast Iran the government other boy and had spent his school suspected him from the 0lft. Lunch Money for other purposes Blewfield reported. The ministry said dad Shah sent the boy lather Donald c. G note by a messenger to Jan. Bandits womenfolk or maybe Dren of a Nomad Bandit band pre asked if there a separate with four gangsters who headed in sum ably the one which captured Speed limit for the president he another direction. Mrs. Carroll last sunday press replied no police Are hard on the heels of Mably for Sale a slave after Tian policy statement with the . Quot an International the United states which received a copy of the plan from Egypt has been in consultation with official Quot of the Britts a French and other Western european governments which did not receive a copy. Secretary of state Dulles was reported working with advisors at his Home today on the kind of reply which the United stages should make having in mind the common interests of the other nations Well its own. ,iu., u nuke a t,.�ou.5v. A these groups the embassy murdering her husband and an n. _ Wolbert a pre a t Hahr Here search parties was informed. Other american in the desolate British factory 9 prftst/sffice3 it abolished Headquarters. The embassy spokesman said reaches of Southeastern Iran. Strikes spread in lip were called into the Case the announcement said the gov there has been no Contact with the there was talk that she already error of Iranshahr has been in outlaws despite offers of unlimited had been freed but there was no London. March 30 i spread strutted to Contact the bandits in Ranson and iranian government confirmation from search head ing factory strikes hit this teem mediately and arrange for mrs. Promises the murderers and kid quarters at Iranshahr in the Des ing manufacturing capital today in North Side Flat in Chicago the Kuzmins former rus Carrolls release. Napers would go free if they re Ert. Paralysing More and More of the a. Earlier the u. S. Embassy had leased mrs. Carroll unharmed. The Palm. In not from Tho Industry on which Britain lives j reported the Shah police Ere he flatly denied reports of be Jhc / fc0�?z a an my of workers closing in on two segments of tie got nations. It 7. T a u. U a a a Washington March 30 gang. I Quot there no information that j the Clos my it Quot onto mrs have Laid Down their toys sen. Knowland a Calif it said to a doctor and a nurse were Rush anyone has had Contact with Thel 1is diapers. The u. S. Pm in factories and Pyar a Day president Eisenhower a latest de 0 the area 800 Miles South group Quot he said. Bassy was informed that one of me Grything from hammers to defense of his spending budget East of this iranian capital to the Pakistan government five police columns pursuing the sewing machines and electronic by the youngsters teacher. Knowland vows budget slicing six Are killed in Auto wreck Winslow adz. March 30 i six California tourists were killed seek to return George Kozmin and his wife a today when their cars slammed Beida sit with their youngest son Peter seven months together on a transcontinental in North Side Flat in Chicago the Kuzmins former rus Highway in the predawn darkness Sian slave labourers who were married in a displaced persons Camp in Germany Are being aided by russian mex pow to retire Bassy officials in fight to Regin custody of erect other i san Francisco March m sons and return to the soviet Union. The Kuzmins came i u col John Dau at Usa first to this country with their the sons in 1950. In july prisoner of War to be released by 1953, the three Kozmin boys were made wards of family the North koreans during Quot opera Isnit going to keep Congress from stand by. Cutting about three billion dollars while the embassy remained off presidential Money requests. Alerted police and armed forces to bandits was Quot close to a group of brain computers from engines to court when both parents entered Chicago state Hospital Ilion big switch will retire from be on the Lookout for the iranian tribal women believed to have a bombers so Eek new tankers and Atter mental breakdowns. Peter was bom Atte then the army tomorrow after More noncommittal an informed source bandits a foreign office spokes non iranian woman with liners. I release from the Hospital. A Wii photo. Toan -0 Veals o. Active service. I it amp i i f

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