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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 31, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Ign Point nterpr1se Pibil Ishad Ite noon and sunday morning a p Rawley publisher a a a a 1915�?1937 b Terry president a. Rawley Sec a and Trees. My ext a. Cecil Gen. Mgr. Pus m. Waynick Edh or subscription rates Dally and sunday by Carrier in High Point and nearby town Cive month. Months 5-20 Iree month. A 1 j e month. Off week a a a a a a a a a a a Carrier in nearby town Ere not permitted to collect tor More than one a Eek in Advance. Writer in City a not permitted to edit for a period of More than five week la subscription for a Tonger period is desired meat should he made direct to office. Be associated pres i. Exclusively in led to the use for republication of ail Quot # dial acne credited to it or not a Afie credited in this paper and also the a1 news published therein member of audit Bureau of in in circulation a a tiered a second class matter at the ass id High Point n a. Under the of Congress of March 8, id a. National adv representative thi John Budd co. 420 Lexington ave. New York City sunday Marcu 31, 1940. Lists of nothing More than a failure to indicate approval of the utter disregard by the third Reich of conditions which our country helped to establish in Europe at the close of the War in which we did participate it doubtless will be bearable without a lowered a Koushi Hose Soever sins be remit they remitted unto them and whose ver sins be retain they Are retain a John 20 23. A ins Are like circles in the water a Stone is thrown into it one Oduces another. Philip Henry. E matter of of in axion Al w a ii Iliou Haven to seen anything yet German spokesmen declare the something like the leering thus asm of a Barker in front a Wootchie Wootchie show Asey Promise further documented relations about the a War guilt the United states. From the secret archives of wished Poland Are coming these of stained bits of loot. Events i prove whether Germany is Good judgment in this sex or reverting to the Blunder Jug methods by which Imperial Manv lost whatever chances e had to win a War a Quarter a Century ago. Washington hastens to deny the res that our representatives i in High places tendered cements which encouraged id and Poland to stand and tit. From Berlin we hear now at it is needless for officials to firm and repudiate that Forth Ming evidence. Available As As thoroughly translated ii substantiate the German Argos with indisputable signed in Respondence. We await the further revela it is with no very pronounced easiness respecting the extent american a War if the Emery of the american Public not Shorter than it should be in american people ought to be la prepared to learn that some Ings were said and done if not Itten which indicated in implant quarters the uneasiness this Side of the world Over the i Success of i. Chamberlain s casement police our ambassador to Germany e late William e. Dodd spoke until immediately after his resilient from his Post of his fiction that Hitler ism had to confronted and put Down then farther Down the Road after its nth had increased. Then who gets the spread by Grapevine the impression that Kennedy hence in London had stiffened in British Backbone. The people of this country Ould not lie prepared for any a1 evidence that our spokesmen Road acting authoritatively d made commitments of Amer participation in the War in a any conditions. They ought be prepared for evidence that her Chancel lories Drew hopeful actions As to where our sym Thies and even substantial help Ort of War would lie. F anything an american abroad presenting our government said wrote communicated the deep Mcern of the majority of Amer is Over the continuing unlearned encroachments of Herr Hitler should we be surprised a bless if the secret vaults of Llin could be emptied As Ruth sly As were those of Warsaw in More astonishing reports on d emanations from our quark of the Globe would be exiled. If our a War guilty con Ana drive which deserves Success an Effort to translate into effective action some of the ideas brought frankly into the open during the recent Community a a clinics will be made this week when canvassers work in the interest of better support for the chamber of Commerce. Open discussion of the deficiencies of the City indulged during the a a clinics Are not to be construed As evidential of lost Faith in the City and its destiny but More accurately we believe As proof of the resolve of civic leadership to let nothing stand in the Way of the right sort of Progress for High Point. Do you cringe from unpleasant facts about your own health or that of your City perhaps All of us must watch lest we prefer a pleasant delusion to realism but honest thorough diagnosis is the Best Start of treatment for anything that ails Man or City. Know the truth and the truth will make you free a and Strong oftener than not. The beginning of any successful attack on the enemies or ailments of individual or state is open estimate of the characteristic of enemy or ailment. The chamber of Commerce Here has been faithful with Little to finance its work we believe it has proved its right to be entrusted with additional talents. We Trust the support which will be sought this week will be forthcoming. The Opportunity seems to be opened to the consolidation of forces Here earnestly interested in making the most of the Basic greatness of our out for the Cen syst Aker when the first census was taken in the United states the total population exceeded tile present population of North Carolina by fewer than a half million persons. That first census was in 1790. When Virginia was the most populous state and had the largest delegation in Congress with North Carolina running her a fairly close race for honors. Population shifts changes of Boundary lines and other developments place North Carolina now ahead of Virginia but far Down the National table in number of representatives. With the new count of noses to Start tuesday this state is looking Forward with reasonable expectation of getting another member of Congress. Whether redistribution of representation on the basis of the census is done or not immediately following the report a which will be made to the president not later than december in is do it on Dent on the will of Congress itself. That body could redistribute the present 435 members in the House of representatives in accordance with the population figures or it could add new members if it elected to act at ail. Not since 1910 has the total number of congressmen been increased and in 1920 no change was made at All. We got an added member by redistribution in 1930. Then North Carolina made few changes in District lines other than to carve the populous fifth into two districts. Doubtless More important than finding out where the people live or How Many they number Are other data to be adduced by the census takers. Particularly the round of the counters May find the facts about the extent of unemployment As of april i. Many estimates have been made but no actual dependable count has easter what seeing then that we have a great High priest that is passed into the heavens Jesus the son of god. Let us hold fast our profession. For we have not an High priest which cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities but was in All Points tempted like As we Are. Yet without sin. Let us therefore come Holly unto the throne of Grace that we May obtain mercy and find Grace in time of hebrews 4 14-16. A High priest occupied a unique position among the ancient jews. In the time of Christ despite All the Power of Rome his religious authority was preeminent. He after performing All the rites of purification had the privilege of entering the holy of holies. After coming from that sacred place worshippers looked upon the High priest with reverent Awe. During the crucifixion of Jesus the veil of the Temple in Jerusalem was rent in Twain and this in time was regarded by the disciples of the master As a sign that All True believers in the Christian Way were no longer separated by priestly functions from the holy presence. In other words the Middle Wall or partition which separated believers from direct Access to the father had been broken Down and the just were to live by Faith. The writer of hebrews had no qualms in referring to Jesus As the great High priest. The fact is that the master came As Prophet priest and King. As a Prophet he foretold much that came True during the lifetime of the apostles As a priest he performed the offices of a priest but going much farther in that he was the mender of broken bodies and souls As a King he was not an earthly potentate but the kingdom which he established was a spiritual kingdom and his subjects were those who bound by the spirit found their greatest Joy in doing the will of their King. Bodily the sacred presence was withdrawn from them but he could he touched by the consciousness of their infirmities their weariness their besetting sins and their disappointments Over the slowness with which the kingdom of god seemed to move among men. Their pattern was perfect in that though tempted in All Points As a son of Man he was yet without sin. As he conquered his subjects could conquer through him who loved them and gave his life for them. All that Christ was on Earth his life his teachings his miracles his death resurrection and ascension proved to be the establishment of the Way and his passing into the heavens made possible the sending of the holy spirit to guide inspire and uplift All sojourners in that Way. That spirit is at work in the world today and Many believers since easter have walked confidently feeling the Power of Christ a resurrection. There Are Many More who need to think seriously of the admonition of the writer of hebrews a let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of Grace that we May obtain mercy and find Grace in time of two sons of a Farmer in this state were once at a the mourners let encho in a Little country Church during a revival. The lads were groaning greatly Over their sins. The father went to the Bench got Between the boys put an Arm around each and prayed aloud a lord save my boys now. Vou can do it and not half those boys were soon up from the Bench joyously claiming that they had been saved. Such boldness May not Appeal to Many but the Church has undoubtedly lost much of its Power in the world through its weakening in the matter of prayer. Mercy May he found the great trouble is that so few realize that they need it steeped As they Are in t heir self sufficiency. Paul who prayed that a the Thorn in the flesh might be removed was comforted by his captains words a my Grace is sufficient for in these Uncertain Days we need to find that Grace which can strengthen and sustain us whatever the future hath in store for us. Those surcharged by that Grace Are Able to say in All humility a to lord and master of us All whate or our name or sign we own thy Sway we Hoar thy Call we test our lives by thine a Waller i Mchellon s headway the old Plank Road by d. B. Carrick emf. New Vork scene the first nights murder was rampant behind the footlights on recent evenings making the past week Quot Broadway s Bobby on mon., there was a revival of Quot liliom a with Burgess Meredith magnificent As the suicide and Ingrid Bergman arriving As 1940�?Ts dream girl. The play Richard Lockridge stated Quot takes the season out of the doldrums. Things got even better the next night we Hen a pair of britons Edward Percy and Reginald Denham Shook the first fighters in their boots with Quot ladies in retirement a a grim homicide. With Flora Robson As the Assassin this play s chills. John Anderson guessed. Quot would Settle the theatres summer problem of air conditioning. Wednesday brought a Quot comics interlude named Quot lady in Gladys George cavort in it. But the play you caught Brooks Atkinson saying was a a corny. The crime wave was renewed thursday night when Quot the scene of the crime Quot premiered. The scene of the crime was the reviews where the critics committed murder on the play. The magic lantern the easter bargains Wert still Good at most bazaars with bookings skimpy. Quot Broadway Melody of 1940�?� has the Best dancing visible anywhere with Astaire. E. Powell and g. Murphy giving plenty of this Best. The yarn is the tenth encore of an Oldie so lets dance. ,. L. Olivier does a rein at of his Quot but tiring Heights Sulker in Quot Rebecca a very Moody and what a the use. But ifs a trim tale Well done and with Joan Fontaine to let the Sunshine in. Bela Lugosi throws his customers in the thames in a the human but you should see what he forgot to throw in. A the courageous doctor Christian a shows Jean Hersholt practising Medicine just for fun in keeping with the Hollywood idea that fees Are in american. The most detestable film of the week was a newsreel so called. It had a narrator getting comic Over the malformation of a baby shame. Quot roving Tumbleweed a a a Gene Autry flick is playing a by Way first run but most of the reviewers refused to give this Hoss opera printing room. The Mirele its hard for the radios bang bang shows to compete with the crimes the dailies expose in murder. Inc. All that Quot this is the most fiendish crime Ever committed inspector sounds Shilleh when you read what the Brooklyn d. A. Turns up. The taunts in the shortened Quot of thee i sing last Sun. With Gaxton and Moore seemed aimed at the present administration. Well this show helped for in 1932, so it has a right to change its mind. The Jack Benny Orson Welles visiting is just too playful for words my dear. The info please wizards played Stone dead on the Best advertised Man in the Cabinet. They recall the name of Ickes. What elegance r. Scott a orchestra trying out a new song de scrubbed the rendition As a the worlds premiere. One of the announcers who plugs a perfume on a local station Speaks with a swish. Flippen collared some famous men for his celebrity minstrels Al Smith. Sam Libowitz James Montgomery Flagg a and Mast of the jokes were equally Well known. The a of the week you figure this out. The allies did no to help Friendly countries like Poland Czechoslovakia and Finland a but they re doing All in their Power to win the Friendship of Italy a country that does no to like them. Readers digest says that at the White House mrs. For is known As Quot Public Energy no. In. One of this columns contributors called her that last year. A headline on variety a front Page a nudity is new British Vogue. Of All things to be dubbed new that Sas old As Adam and eve. Look feature Quot the ten most glamorous men i by Peggy Joyce. It is ironical that the ten most suitable males should be chosen by miss Joyce who has found it so hard to find one to suit herself. Professors i have known i need not Rise to a Point of personal privilege to defend that relatively Large and generally misunderstood clan known As the professors. If defense were necessary about As Large a percentage of the present Day academicians could uphold their position and philosophy fully As Well As those of any other group. To be sure they might concede some slight pecuniary disadvantage to their work when compared with certain other More lucrative Fields. Yet i doubt if any one to Date has shown conclusively any direct or consistent relationship Between weather and intellectual interests. Be these things As they May it must still be confessed that Here and there on the Campus one sees mentally capable but rather Odd variants from the Norm. Such is of course True to a greater or less degree in All classes of people but in none have they been Given the publicity As in the professional instructor. Then have had too Good a press agent in regard to their Short comings. These remarks May be a Case in Point. I once knew a professor who became seriously ill due certainly in part to his personal negligence. So he repaired to a nearby Sanatorium for repairs he was put through the special examinations and As he already knew his stomach was the upsetting member. Digestion seemed to proceed just so far and then refused to follow through. The patient was placed on a special solid diet. After a few Days his weight still declined. Then he was put on liquid food and finally ordered to bed. By this time he had lost thirty five pounds and his usually keen appetite had become ravenous. His spirit began to Flag and his mind wandered Back to earlier Days to the Only physician whom he said had Ever understood him. But. Alas that Good and extraordinary doctor had been dead for Twenty years. How could he possibly help him in his present trouble. However it occurred to him that his old physician had used a stomach pump in his treatment. Maybe that was w hat he needed now. He arose from his bed went to the nearest drug store and placed an order for a stomach pump. In a few Days after its arrival he mastered its technic and Bogan using it daily. In the meantime he had regularly been pouring his special liquid diet Down the sink. Instead of that prescription. He had been feasting on Strong food and Knick Knacks of his own fancy. The stomach pump began to put in some beneficial strokes and gradually his weight began to increase. However he remained three More weeks in the. Hospital paying his fare liquidating his food by Way of the Drain pipe and listening with feigned interest to his doctors instructions. I saw him not Long after his return to his local residence. He told me what an immense joke he had pulled on the doctors and expanded on the foregoing facts. He got several Hearty laughs out of the experience. When i suggested that the Quot prank was a rather expensive one that of paying fairly Good fees for expert advice and then utterly disregarding it he was obviously chagrined. He had not Given that phase of the adventure a thought. He had no Trace of the Scot in his blood. He was indeed a Norseman. And it should be added a Brilliant mathematician of High International reputation. Figure it out if you can. This same scandinavian kept his room Light on throughout the night. When asked Why he explained that he frequently woke up during the night and he could then Tell the time without going through the formality of turning the switch. It we As suggested that he used a clock with a Luminous dial and thus effect the same end but the suggestion is never put into practice. On leaving one june for Europe his last official acts were to Roll up the Shade of the West window open the closet door and turn on the closet Light. These combined Light effects were supposed to put a crimp in the appetite of clothes Moths. But what can be expected of a person who often found it necessary to eat his soup at one place veal cutlets at another and to wind up at a third food Emporium to Complete the meal with Blackberry pie and Black Coffee ? there was another scandinavian who certainly was less queer in fact he was about Normal for one so intelligent. Occasionally however he became quite absorbed in one item and might neglect another detail very nearby. Some Call this absent mindedness and perhaps that term could be applied at times to this icelander. One morning at breakfast he was toasting his bread and at the same time Reading a newspaper. He must have been intensely interested in the news. Presently his Toast began to carbonized. The smoke reached him As he read. Disinterest edly he respected by used his left hand to fan Back the oncoming smoke. His face and mind were fixed upon the front news Page. Seeing the situation a student from a nearby table timorous by stepped Over and communicated to the professor the fact that his Toast was burning. A nah so it is a he remarked with Gravity and thanks. And with Fine unconcern he reloaded the appliance and this time his mind trumped Over matter. After thoughts by Vav. A. Bivins of weather weather this afterthought or has been gently chided for his dissertation on Spring last sunday. But. Mind you. I said that in spite of the chill Spring was on the Way. Sure Aud its Here. But in a not saying a thing about today a weather. Possibly March will go out roaring like a lion on an iceberg but a fellow who writes about what has been has no business trying to prognosticate. Well. Easter sunday was something to write Home about. A Friend told me that in spite of the Snow on the ground on easter monday he took a 200-mile motor trip. In the car he was As snug As a Bug in a Rug. Looked out on the Beautiful White Fields and thanked his Lucky stars that he had lived to see such a sight. My reactions were somewhat different. I thought it was great to to living during that easter Snow and it occurred to me that i might some Day he Able to Tell an afterthought or generation about what occurred. Yes it was Bliss on those snowy Days to be alive but in a not chanting a to be Young was very heaven a the efficient congressman must be an expanded messenger boy an pm ploy ment Agency controversy Oil pourer glad hand extender business promoter convention Booker Namer of babies sobered of delegates Binder up of broken hearts and financial wet Luther Patrick dem., Ala. A the Story Teller Arthur John Kujala two years a prisoner in the soviet labor Camps convinces you in the living age that the Bolo jailers Are just As inhuman As those in the Ratzi concentration Camps. So ill fed were the prisoners reports Kujala that once they failed to report a comrades death a so they could Divide his bread ration. Or. Nathan once Captain of the drama critics who gave Maxwell Anderson two play writing prizes admits in Esquire he a souring on the dramatist. Haywood Brouns great column on the unknown Soldier written nov. La 1937, is reprinted in worlds digest a treasure for your scrap Book ,. Scribner a commentator has an idea for a great dept the laughter and applause excerpts from the congressional record. But it seems better material could be picked for congressmen never Stop saying funny things. Martin Lewis discusses the new fade of reviving old silent movies it As a form of antique Hunting in Coronetti would probably be More fun to dig up the notices the critics some of them now literary biggies wrote on them. The front Page Ferdinand Lund continued on Page 5, Sec. A a notion on emotion a country doctor once told me at the age of 70 that he had enjoyed life and then he hastened to add a but in a ready to go anytime i inquired a a what a the trouble doctor a he replied a Well in be seen about All there is to be he died at the age of 72. The Good Man had absolutely burned himself out in his younger Days not with Strong drink hut in causes to which he had set his mind and heart. In love affairs too he had let his emotions get the better of him and he came to a rather Young old age disappointed Over what the years jihad meant to him. He was one of those about whom Solomon wrote a they shall be afraid of that which is High and fears shall be in the Way and the Almond tree shall flourish and the Grasshopper shall be a Burden and desire shall not for a moment would i try to discourage any person who is working for some Good cause with the full strength of his being. But anyone so we orking must be prepared for disappointments. Some of the greatest achievements of Mankind have resulted Long after the men responsible for them passed away. High emotion has been the undoing of Many men and it is just this which sometime defeats achievement. Never have i been inclined to laugh Over the news of a Young fellow killing himself on account of being disappointed in love. Carry emotion to then the Power and most anything can happen suicide murder and whatnot. Wordsworth was nearing old age when he wrote a the gods love the quiet and not the tumult of the youth is inclined to scorn such advice but if Young men and women we Ould Early learn to possess their souls in patience instead of getting All worked up Over trifles theirs we Ould be a happier life. Say what we May about horse and buggy Days they meant a Calm unknown to those Young people of today w to wish to drink life to the Lees live a Hundred Days in one Day and demand at once that which their fathers and mothers gained through work and Long Days of hopeful waiting. It is True however that there Are Many girls who look older than their motherland their Are Many Young men who Lack the stamina of their fathers. Work is not a curse but idleness and playing fast with one s emotions can be a Curie. Emotion in religion often we hear people say that they wish they could see More of a the old time that which we Call old time religion was Modem in its Day. John Wesley in the 18th Century beheld its outcroppings and wondered As to what would be tile results. I am writing of the manifestations during revivals and Camp meetings in other Days the shouting wringing of hands and breast beating. In the 1830�?Ts in America men and women trembled like Aspen leaves under the Thunder Ings of evangelists some of them grasped Trees to keep from falling Many did fall As though they were dead. Such Phenomena were followed by More orderly demonstrations. But there Are thousands who still believe in High emotional revivals. Such offer to them that which shows visible results. There is no gainsaying the fact that in such meetings people have had heart warming experiences and i am not decrying the Good which resulted. But religious emotion should not be confused with Christian living. It is like the froth on the Ocean and has Little to do with the deep undercurrents of righteous action. Hearts must he touched and changed and in this emotion plays its part but those who feel that the emotions must be constantly keyed up if there is to be True religion have a misconception of the meaning of religion. Or. Harry Emerson Fosdick who we As recently criticised in this City for his modernism w Rote this of the old time religion Quot an uncompromising individual conscience the deep secrets of prayer a courageous Faith in god that rises above the darkest facts of life there were depth and Power in that old time christianity which our thin modernism often just this sort of christianity should be preserved however much religious methods May Book for this week by Betty and John Mebane in the Spring a Young Many a fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love. This has been and very probably always will be a truism of the most obvious sort. But a truism perhaps less frequently commented upon but certainly none the less accurate is that in the Spring an older Many a fancy and that of a woman too. Mind you yes definitely that of a woman a turns More than lightly to thoughts of gardening. And in the Spring their fancies turn not Only to thoughts of gardening but also to the delightful thought of being Able to secure their new and Ever More intriguing Quot gardens and gardening annuals. The 1940 edition of Quot gardens and gardening edited by f. A. Mercer and c. G. Holme new York studio publications. Inc., cloth $4.50 wrap pers $3.50 is a volume that no Lover of gardens can actually afford to miss. This is the ninth and in our opinion the Best of these exceptional annuals. Here for example Are articles by specialists designed to encourage experimentation and the evolution of better gardens. Its Appeal while directed salient by to those who live today in belligerent nations those who Are thinking of gardens in a time of War is nevertheless a Universal Apical for As its editors remark of Flowers a their loveliness Beautiful colourings and perennial message of Hope and encouragement summed up most i quaintly in the american slogan a say it with Flowers a have added value in troubled special features of this edition in Jude a review of a la the famous Garden built for Philip v. Of Spain an article on English cottage gardens by Richard Sudell. A review of sir Thomas Hansbury a Rivera Garden. A special a Garden calendars by c. C. Holme and Ray Hayes Quot plants new and there is also a beautifully illustrated article by or. Erno Vajda on Quot the Rivera gardens of or. Vajda is not Only an eminent hungarian botanist but he is also one of the outstanding photographers of the present Day. But even More than this there Are several sections dealing with Garden sculpture Garden and Sun room furniture. Garden accessories and War time gardening. There Are several excellent gardening books but few if any surpass the studios a gardens and a # while some people Plant radishes and others buy frivolous hats to work off attacks of Spring fever be reviewer will still take a Good old hair raising detective thriller to serve As a Spring tonic. And a real tonic for any season is breathe no More by Marion Randolph new York Henry Holt and co., $2. The victim of the first murder is a Man whom few lamented for Napoleon Bonaparte guarded Felt his illustrious ancestry very keenly and did his Best to emulate the conquests of the Little Corporal. His entire household was constantly and unpleasantly aware of n. B. Guarder dictatorial disposition. But it took real sleuthing to discover the reason Why Guarder Connecticut Home was the scene of his mysterious death and Why such an unusual group of people were gathered together for the week end we hich terminated in tragedy. The author of this Quot whodunit Quot is the mystery editor of a new York publishing House who uses a pen name and this Book is is an excellent answer to the often heard Challenge Quot All right. If you done to like mine stir up one yourself a Quot breathe no More is genuinely intriguing and one of its Charm lies in the fact that the murderer conceived his plan after Reading a detective Story which had been sent out for review purposes. We might add that the murderer s plan Back fired and the result is a Chain of Odd circumstances which will fascinate mystery fans. Mark Twain and most of those who knew him personally Are gone. One other humorist who knew him Opie read like Mark Twain a humorist of the american Frontier died Only last november. When he died he left for the Reading Public a heritage that is significant in literary history As Well As thoroughly interesting Reading his reminiscences Quot Mark two Ain and in Chicago. Reilly amp Lee $1. This Little Book is so definitely the last i word that we will have troop those rugged and typically american Pioneer humorists and it is such valuable i Twain Iana that it May be a collectors item. When Opie read was writing for the a Arkansas traveler and speaking on the Chautauqua circuit Mark Twain was also a Chautauqua speaker. Of course he was much older than Opie read. But when they met As they often did they enjoyed having Long evenings of talk. Sometimes Mark i vain would want Opie read i to travel along with him for a few Days and then there would be Many evenings of talk on Mississippi River boats in hotel rooms All Over the country. Opie read has recorded Only the High spots of those conversations in these Brief pointed dialogues. Usually someone asks Mark Twain a leading questions what makes a Good journalist or what is Many a Universal weakness or do we need battleships or what is humor a and Mark Twain a replies Start slowly with some droll Little Story and end Wath a twist that has the Tang of a Good Quot curtain line. There Are seventy five of these Little tales. On will Likely remember continued on Page 3, Sec. A

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