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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 31, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Eather ? r 1 North Carolina partly Cloudy. Holy Wamer in West portion Sun preceded in rulers in East por sunday morning monday go neral air and mild Washington. Mardi 30. A api a Athar Bureau record of temperature i rainfall for the 24 hour ending 8 a. In the principal Cotton growing As and elsewhere ration Ana. Ravine. Anta. Antic City. Mangham. Iton. Halo. A Langton. Irlotte. Scago. Cicinnati. Veland. Las. H or. Rolt. Uth. Paso. Veaton. Ire. Usaa cd y West Naville in Phi a idiom into bile. V Orleans a York Folk to and Ore. Hand me. Hmon4loui a Annah n past Burg a a mint on h l. R fall 5? 34 of 63 55 .15 68 58 .03 48 42 .14 67 51 07 64 40 .07 45 45 .14 46 39 .18 67 60 i 69 48 of 56 52 35 48 43 .22 80 50 .00 71 37 of 54 44 of 40 27 of 80 47 of 77 58 of 56 35 of 70 64 .20 80 44 of to 74 of 79 54 .00 72 55 of 60 50 .27 73 55 of 74 62 .71 r2 74 of 51 29 of 79 61 .00 74 61 .00 57 43 .13 72 59 47 50 48 66 61 48 of 35 of 70 55 06 75 50 .00 90 55 of 56 56 1.49 73 60 of 77 68 .00 76 59 of 67 so .05 71 is .50 funeral rites. Hattie Rhi Metal service for mrs. Hat hire 51. Widow of who died at the Home of he her miss Marie Rte. 13� Russell Street at 3 of clock a afternoon will be Ron a sunday afternoon at 13u Elk from the Green Street tat Church. The services will a charge of Rev. A. Lincoln pastor of North main so reel int Church and Rev. Dwight be pastor of the Christian he. In funeral part will meet at in a once funeral Home. Inter will be made in Floral Gar cemetery. A a Maggie a Hux moral services for mrs. Mag-1 2. Hill. 32, w Ife of Clyde v. J who died at Hor Home High to route 4. Shortly before o cd Friday afternoon will be acted sunday afternoon at o clock from the Archdale Odist Church. In service will he in chaise Rte pastor. T r. O. H. Mitchell j w. D. Helsabeck. Pastor of North Hamilton Street Chris-1 Church. Rev. K. Vav. Jones. J or of Providence Wesleyan Feu dist Church. Rev. Hillary j of and Rev. Berger. Inter a t will be made in the fair i Church cemetery. A 111 a Jore about or. Roosevelt continue from Cage one m i \ pm Iii Imp it Perlmutter strode from the i Luvi office Glim the president said he used be in the publishing busies himself Quot he told report a. He wanted to meet me and of out How i wan going to Dve this problem i told him i As going to change the head of add a be n two to Tim tory and he thought that he swell Knight raises canes our photographer had to move quickly after snapping this picture in London recently for his subject sir Charles Allom British architect and contractor vehemently objected and started on the double for the photographer. Sir Charles recently mentioned As being concerned in contract charges threatened to thrash the Laberite my who made the charge. Cooley Calls flue cured Weed growers for amendment study proposed changes in tobacco control act will be reviewed for Benefit of persons it affects Hutson w ill represent triple a office Washington. Mardi 30.�? up a proposed amendment to the tobacco control act will he nub Jet Ted to minute study Here april 3 at a meeting of flue cured Leuf growers and their representatives from Southern producing states. Representative Harold d. Cooley of Nashville n. C., who called the meeting said All present would he Given an Opportunity to express themselves on the amendments and make recommendations. The amendments would afford Onfro of marketing Farmers an Opportunity to say. Har brought about by loss of whether they desired elections on eur an markets because of the marketing control quotas con bog land the principal us tinting More than one year but Tomer topped her sales to rennet in excess of three in fore ext Hall the present Law requires a Cooley flg0 out a a a. Referendum each year on 1,n Juo program extending More position of quotas the following of it would do away year i under the amendments. I m howl a ref Ronda. Farmers would decide two questions. Whether they wanted control for one year Only anti whether they were willing to Authorine Secretary Wallace to say quotas would continue two or three years. Good representation Cooley said a sizable representation was expected at the conference. Including growers from Virginia North Carolina South Carolina and Georgia. The greater portion of the flue cured crop however is produced in the Carolinas. I under the quota program the Secretary of agriculture gives acreage allotments to the growers. They May sell All the tobacco they grow on this acreage without paying a penalty More about state tourist continued from Page one a Motorist we be Able to use he Highway in broken stretches 11 mum. From a Pont South of Roanoke. Members of the flue cured to i a a a ,. .7. \ a., to blowing to k. A North Coo advisory committee head i a. Carona Scenic attract on. Based by Claude t. Hall of Wood Dale n. A and representatives of the North Carolina farm Bureau federation of which j. K. Winslow of Kinston a cd a is president will attend. J. R. Hutson assistant Agri cultural adjustment admin in la , my tor Aho will be present As Well As members of Congress from tobacco growing districts. The amendments drafted Dur Birt Imi docs St re it ing Denaray said these stretches would have bituminous surfacing and there would he other sections of the Parkway covered with gravel which would be open in v a cd stalk Ca it a a cold envy Sci a a a a scheduled broadcast to the listed states from Paris by Fen h f a in is cancelled tonight when at is Heric condition prevented tort Wava i a u a t la n to. Cum ing the Early part of this session scribed As one of the most the National seashore stretching Down the North Carolina coast from a Point near Virginia to Cape Hatteras has been de in of Congress have received tentative approval from Congress members but Cooley said it was desired to have growers themselves made familiar with the usual undertakings of the Park service. Sponsored by representative Lindsay c. Warren of washing ton. N. C., who obtained Coo provisions and to get their aug-1 Grea atonal approval of enabling Gest ions. I legislation it w ill be the first pressure for More continuous National Park of its kind. More about Churchill warns continued from Page one to a Hitler and the nazi German a it is no Paft of our policy to seek War with he said. Asserting a fall is quiet on the Western front and today also thus far nothing has happened on the sea or in the air a he went on a but More than a million German soldiers including nearly All their Active divisions and armoured divisions Are drawn up ready to strike at an hours notice All along the frontiers of Luxembourg. Holland. And Belgium. A at any moment those Neutral countries May be subjected to an Avalanche of steel and fire and the decision rests in the hands of a haunted morbid being who to their eternal shame the German people in their bewilderment have worshipped As a god. A that is the situation in Europe tonight. A and can anyone wonder that we Are determined to bring such a hideous state of alarm and menace to an end As soon As May be for once and for All Quot tot Hes polish a to he touched on the Fate of Poland recalling his inspection of a polish destroyer recently one of those which escaped through the North sea and is attached to the British Navy. A i comforted Churchill declared a with the thought that when these polish sailors have finished their work with the British Navy we will take particular care that they once More have a Home to go he said the finnish War had a exposed to the w Hole world the ravages which communism makes upon the Fibre of any nation which Falls victim to that deadly mental and moral turning to the suffering of neutrals. Churchill asserted that 200 Neutral ships had been destroyed and nearly 1.000 Neutral seamen j a slaughtered in hitlers frantic Endeavor to terrorize All w to seek i to Trade with Britain. A. Only yesterday while our sailors were carrying on stretchers eight emaciated dutchmen they had rescued after six Days j in an open boat a dutch flier in strict neutrality was shooting1 Down an English flier. Mon it Roch pow or a Maud this Germany is the monstrous Power which even the very neutrals who Are suffering most Are forced to Supply with a Means of future his direct reference to intent self Catlon of the War was a it seems to me that intensification of the struggle is to to expected and we certainly Are by no Means inclined to shrink from he alluded to the Power of the Allied fleets by alerting that Only one in 800 ships which have taken advantage of British and French convoys has been sunk. Britain has sympathy with neutrals. He went on a but when we j Are asked to take As a matter of course interpretations of neutrality which give All the advantages to the aggressor and inflict All the disadvantages on the defenders of Freedom i recall a saying of the a late lord Balfour a this is a singularly ill contrived world but not j so ill contrived As that a no reason for Rushia he said there was no reason for j Russia to come into the War a unless upon the promptings of and obsolete imperialistic ambition she1 wishes to do so of her own vol j Hon and of malice Propene and throw her weight upon the Side of the enemy. A your affair is with Hitler Aud the nazi Oer Tau Power. There is the head and forefront of the offending Power and it is there Aud there alone that we seek to Britain did not know when the War started he Aid a that ital w Ould not be our enemy and we could not be sure that Japan would not be our enemy Many Peoples had Hopes that Russia would re enter the comity of nations and help shield working Folk All Over the world. A but none of these things bad or Good has happened Quot w a i Mth eked he declared the British had not i tried to conceal from themselves the terrible Side of War but were convinced that Quot our resources and our manpower once developed match those of the As Churchill spoke informed More about j Germany promises continued from in Efge one White Book was a cheap Complete digest they also let German newspapers have a Complete digest of editorial comment and news reports from the United states with the result that the afternoon press blazed with american reaction to the documents. The for instance had the ban Nerline a America tremendous impression of War guilt bullitt s name was featured by More than one paper. Just when the a Vintage stuff Quot is coining was not disclosed. Officials shrugged their shoulders when asked and said a it takes time to sift and translate everything. A a it was obvious however that they had the next Batch of diplomatic ammunition ready for firing. The officials hunted foreign correspondents to inspect the a original documents a found in Warsaw. Those reports attributed to count Jerzy Potocki polish ambassador to Washington were signed a a map a under which were the words in French a paper a Lettres Quot letter or Rostand under that the word reports attributed to the polish missions in Lon Don Aud Paris were on paper of american or British make. All the documents bore various official signatures til Varico lored pencils and were underscored in places Aud liberally annotated. Less attention was paid in general Here today to last night s speech of soviet Premier Yach i Slaff Zolotoff. Galled Hati fac Tok y this was described officially As a satisfactory a yet it left open j one question of the greatest Eon eel to German diplomacy a How about Russia unequivocally synchronizing her policies especially i in the Balkans with Italy s As i Well As Germany so while Germany appears to he satisfied with the russian stand insofar As Russo German rela a Lions Are concerned it is believed in informed quarters that j Mussolini wanted something More j definite As a basis for a tripartite joint policy for the duration of the present War. At least however informed germans believed Zolotoff s statements were tantamount to an Assurance that All would remain quiet in the Balkans. Zolotoff speaking before the supreme soviet said Russia had never raised the question of recovering Bessarabia from re mania by Force of arms although it had never recognized Rumania Possession of that pro Vince. Hence he added. A there j Are no grounds for any deter Ora Hon in soviet rumanian Vela he was however some-1 what Sharp in his recollection of the disappearance of the so j Viet Diplomat Butenko in re j mania in 1938, and warned ru-1 mania this must not happen again. Moreover. Zolotoff recalled that Italy sent air planes to Fin land to be used against Russia j and spoke bitingly of Britain a j failure to try to prevent the italian invasion of Albania a j year ago. A i i Postma Vuk Holiday Newark. N. A. March i Impi a postman s Holiday is introspect for Peter Dubois 65, j who retired today. His 26 years with the Newark peat office were passed indoors. Now he plans Long daily hikes. On the first anniversary of the mass physical exercises for officials and office workers in Tokyo Japan gymnastic dancing and motion pictures were pro-1 Vidd for those who had attended the regular daily exercises Dur Jing the year. Belgium has decreed that transport planes May follow their Normal route Over the country even if above the Clouds. Wan is housing to go Forward 400 Flint st., High Point n. March 30, 1940. Editor the Enterprise so the so called a citizens committee a a comprised of the real estate Bah Rdse leading members has a petition and their petitions contains 900 rallies so what does 900 names in a City of approximately 50.000 inhabitants necessarily signify that the majority is against Low Cost housing it most certainly does not i quite agree with or. Lawrence Seton Ross who says he can get 900 names on a petition to do anything. Kure in a City the size of High Point its no trouble at All to find that Many people who will write their names on anything that so showed under their Only a few Days ago while attending a social gathering in the City i observed one of the men getting up a petition to parole a convict who was then serving his sentence. Most every one that he showed it to remarked that they did not know the fellow or anything about him never the less they invariably signed the petition. And with names that easily acquired the a a citizens committee Only got 900. Us bet if the members of the housing authority should Start out with a petition supporting the proposed project they could get 9000 signers in nine hours and work Only half the City. Who but the real estate Board could object to allowing the Federal government to spend $1,-500,000 in the City in what Way could this Money spent in construction of Low rent modern and Beautiful housing units do enough harm to offset the Good it would do. In the first place High Point Nee it is More housing facilities so that some of the unfortunate families can move out of the Rotten Down a a shacks and discarded commercial buildings in which they now live and pay High rent on. I for one would like to see All those dilapidated a stumbled Down Homes a stand empty until something is done to improve their livability. Furthermore. High Point needs the employment that the project would by ing to the City needs it More at the present time than it has during the past few years As employment in steadily dropping off. Not Only would the project itself provide a stimulus to employment but private construction would consume much of the Citso unemployed inasmuch As the owners of the a shacks Quot that would be vacated in favor of the new houses. Would be forced to repair their houses before they could fill them with new tenants. Why is it that High Point must Battle heavy opposition in everything that is proposed. The hydroelectric project is now almost forgotten. But i Hope this idea does t fad out likewise. We read in most any newspaper that we choose to pick up of new projects and Industrial plants that the surrounding cities Are getting but How Long has it been since a new. Major Industry came to High Point without new industries our City cannot continue to thrive and without a greater Effort being put Forth by our municipal government in the Way of improving conditions and appearances of the City. We cannot expect to attract new industries. The proposed i s h a Slung clearance project would be a major step in that direction. By All Means let us have the Low Cost houses because the City needs it and the Cut tens want it a All but a Small group of real estate business men whose Only interest in keeping the project out of the City is their own selfish personal gain and 900 a petition signers Quot who Are none too particular about where they write their names. Raymond b. Blackman. More about More about Turkey opens census takers continued from Pago one continued front pug one told the Sofia newspaper Slovon that Turkey would a let herself be forced to prevent British warships from crossing the strategic Dardanelle vitally interested As a Black sea nation Bulgaria is vitally interested in this possibility. Turkey might satisfy formalities. Other persons indicated by voicing a protest against passage of the Allied warships and having this protest a duly filed in the archives of the league of be moment stated flatly that Turkey would give the Green Light to the Allied warship a so that these ships can control the tray res Fie of War supplies from russian ports to if the Black sea blockade becomes reality diplomats Here predicted. Russia s non German Trade will be scrupulously respected. Soviet Premier foreign minister Zolotoff s reiteration yesterday of Russia s non belligerency was regarded in some quarters Here As a promising sign for any Allied blockade in the Black sea. A Lues will be free in the event Russia remains out of the european War which Zolotoff emphasized she will do. The allies will be free from the danger of attack from Black sea coasts unless Germany herself pushes through the Balkans in that Case the British French armies assembled in the near East estimated As High As 500,-000 men. Can Start operations. Started in i 7po this Large scale nose counting business started under president Washington in 1790 and has been repeated every to years. The Constitution ordered it to five each state its proper share in the House of representatives i under the 1790 census which counted 3.929.21 4 persons the then 17 states were apportioned too seats in the House. The population per District has increased since then so that the 4s states in 1930 shared 135 eats. It used to lie the custom to increase the number of representatives each to years so that no state would lose a rep native but 435 hats been Standard now since the 1910 census. Congress can do anything it wants to next year about reapportionment including doing nothing which happened after the 1920 census. Eves on unemployed next to the population total the figure most sought in the census will be count of the unemployment the first such tabulation in history. This figure May be the basis of far reaching legislation in the future. A Fother first timer will he a tabulation of How people have moved around in the last five years such As the migration of midwestern Farmers out of the dust bowl. Or Al to Yui the party London sources were of the Opin a Ion that the Allied War Council j had decided thursday that a j tightening of the blockade against i Germany sore ships from scan gentlemen Dina via and a stronger contraband our chamber of Commerce s j control in Hie Pacific were the recent clinic reflected the thought Best Means of closing gaps in the that politics in our local govern on line High Point n. Box Hok March 29, 1940. More about Wang makes continued from rage one Only recognizer Japan is the Only foreign Power that has signified its intention of recognizing the Wang government though formal recognition is expected to await the arrival in China of the ambassador designate to banking. General Nobuyuki Abe. Former Premier and ranking army Man. There was Little reflection in banking of Tho bitter denunciation of Wang emanating from chunking. Tile inauguration ceremonies were carried out without incident under the watchful Eye of soldiers of Wang s new army and japanese gendarme. The return to Shanghai of chinese and japanese participants in the official ceremonies Aud nearly too foreign correspondents mostly japanese was delayed for several hours tonight when a freight train was wrecked the second such mishap in two Days on the japanese operated Shanghai banking Railroad. Three coaches of the banking bound express weft derailed yesterday within sight of the City the result of chinese guerrilla activity chinese said. Japanese said both wrecks were a Ordinary Quot accidents. Think red chief behind actions refusal to answer questions a a dictated policy Dies contends Washington mar. 30.�?uti a members of the Dies committee expressed belief today that refusal of communist witnesses to answer questions about the party s personnel had been a dictated Quot by the party s National Headquarters for the purpose of forcing test cases in the court. A we accept the said Hep. Mason r-11la committee member. Chairman Dies a tethys served notice that he will ask the committee to recommend that every witness who defies the committee s authority he prosecuted for contempt. The House already has directed that the Case of James h. Dol sen Pittsburgh communist Leader who declined to answer questions. Be presented to the United states attorney Here for possible grand jury action. Two other witnesses have refused to give the committee information. More about Wagner act it inned from Page one thwarts development and maintenance of stable Industrial rela a Mons. It becomes necessary to consider whether benefits of the Law outweigh the dangers Quot which its administration inflicts upon or a Gani Zed noting that one amendment j would forbid the Board to order j reinstatement of an employee who j had engaged in a will full violence against his employer s property the majority said this would i simply write into the Law the supreme court s decision outlaw. Ing a sit Down strikes. The report said this should be done because the Board despite i the court s decision had subset i Quentlyn attempted to a Force reinstatement of employees who had engaged in a sit Down agreement not inferred i another amendment would state specifically that the require j ment for collective bargaining does not mean an agreement must be reached. Asserting that debate when the Wagner act was before i Congress repeatedly made Clear that there was no intention to require agreement the committee said a How language so sweeping Souid have been disregarded by j the Board so entirely is beyond i the committees comprehension j and is Only to he explained by the boards usual flaunting disregard of employers rights a i the Board the committee added has ruled that consumption it an agreement is virtually the Only method w hereby an employer Ca j demonstrate his Good Faith in a i gaining. Blockade. Special any Plain garment dry cleaned and pressed monday tuesday wednesday Cash and carry Felt hats cleaned and blocked 4.1 4 Icax rills main Plant 1s0s English Street Ell South main Streit men is one of our prevailing i handicaps. So called partisan politics has our citizenry divided into two clans one designated As demo Erat the other republicans each j opposed to nearly everything the other favors. The City s comeback cannot fully accomplish while we Are divided into two foolish fighting political Camps. Basic partisan to i lit is Are the principles that provide us with National and International charts pointing the Way the respective political parties propose to Lead us. Since our City government makes no Laws respecting High or Low tariffs no Trade agreements with foreign governments nor controls the coinage of Money it does not make sense to say we Are doing a partisan politics Job As written into our present City charter. City charter Sec. 4. Provides that elective offices Are for citizen who claim to be of any political party officially recognized in the state. That amounts to a candidate stating he or she is a Democrat or a Republican. Do you wish to be a candidate it is quite simple say you Are a Democrat or a Republican pay 85.00 registration tee and you Are a full fledged candidate for Council or mayor if you prefer. Not so Long ago a Man who cannot read or write met these requirements on the other hand if senator Norris was a High Point citizen he could not qualify because he is Independent of partisan politics. We might adopt some other setup that would cause less friction and fit in much better with our local environment. Instead of Democrat substitute for Republican a candidate deposits his $5.00. States his preference for one of the designate because the haunch and Venison. Oldest inn in Salisbury. England lost All its tankards to trophy Hunting Soldier in world War i chains with padlocks Are now run through the handles of the Pewter brass and Glass tankards which hang from the smoke blackened beams. Beverages Aud is a full fledged candidate. If the candidate denies that he imbibed either of the official drinks tile recording officer should administer the following reprimand a thou unworthy citizen for your failure to conform to the political requirement thou Art forbidden to become a candidate and thou Shalt not vote in the coming primary. Thou arc no better than a certain a s. Senator who declines to affiliate with Auy political this plan would eliminate our prevailing party hatreds and the boys from both Camps could assemble jointly on Street Corners and sing a Sweet ado line Quot we Hope this satire will help you More clearly see that partisan politics has no place or part in our local problems. Partisan politics holds out to every City employee Tho haunting fear that the next local election May remove him from his or her Job. The answer to what we should do about it is this through out next representatives ask the legislature to eliminate Alt partisan politics from our City Charley we can speak collectively through our chamber of Commerce. The present City Council has an excellent Opportunity to regain lost prestige by official endorsement of this urgent Reform. Very truly yours. More about Jurist Calls continued from rage one Ute for selecting Public employees on the basis of Merit and fitness and that it was against Public policy because of russells teachings a and hts immoral character a Appeal Likely an Appeal was probable a Justice Mcgeehan said he expected it a and a move to enlist russells own Aid in i defense was begun by the in Encan civil liberties Union which offered him Legal Assis Tynce. Russell now teaching at the University of California at lava Angeles made no immediate comment. The Justice asserted mrs. Hay a first two contentions were sufficient to uphold her plea of revocation but he based his derision mainly on the third the immoral allegation. A the Contention of the Petitioner that or. Russell has taught in his Hooks immoral aet salacious doctrines la amply abstained by the books conceded a to he the writing of Bertram he said. He added it was Uli Neless to a detail Here the filth whirr is contained in the books but he cited several quotations including these from a education and the modern world a a i am sure that University life would he better both intellectually and morally if most University students had temporary childless marriage x x a a from a marriage and moral a a for my Par while i a quite convinced that companion ate marriage would be a step to the right direction and we it do a great Deal of Good i a not think that it goes far enough x x x i should not hold it a Mabie that either m Man cts woman should enter upon the serious Busine of a marring intended to Lead to child j without having had previous s Ual cites penal from a a Itiat i relieve a a a i a i Peculiar importance attached Ai the present to adultery is Qutul Mcgeehan then cited proviso us of the penal Law regarding rapt adultery and a a abduction of sexual purposes of women it Der 18 and declared a considering or. Russell principles with reference to the penal Law of the state of Keo York it Appeal that not would the morals of the stud i of undermined but Bis Doci Nej would tend to bring them a a in some cases their parents and guardians in conflict with penal Law. And accordingly it

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