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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 29, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Wednesday March 29, 1939the High Phim Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point North Carolina Page seventh Enterprise Page of entertainment for the family Queen of Holland horizontal i Queen of Netherlands. 9 she has ruled since she was ten s old. 13 Wren. 14 roof part 15 violence. 16 armadillo. 17 arabian. 18 Crescent shaped figure. 19 machine parts. 21 most acid. 22 plural pronoun. 23 gained. 27 feasted. St to regret. 32 russian Village. S3 water streets in her land. 86 famous Flower in her land answer to previous Puzzle a a or. 44 her heiress. 49 wastes time. 50 frosts. 52 Gaiter. 53 snare. 54 gaelic. 55 Buffoon. 56 gathered after the reaper. It hawaiian Bird 39 Amsterdam is famous for a cutting. Vertical 1 gun. 2 Kafir warriors. 3 Fields. 4 to injure. 5 relied for support. 6 disfigurement. 7 Bugle Plant 8 tips. 9 form of 10 Eagle. 11 Tennis Points. 48 appellation 12 slumbered. 51 credit 15 soft plumage. 20 to be indebted. 24 Point of time 25 wine cask. 26 beverage. 28 sour Plum. 29 sesame. 30 silkworm. 33 putting in code. 34 to release a tight knot. 35 male child. 36 cymbals. 37 dishes. 40 image of a deity. 41 bitter Herb. 42 plateau. 43 perished. 44 joke. 45 consumer. 46 distinctive theories. 47 Genus of honeybees. A dramatic serial. Mkt Koc t a a re re i a a i a a 34 35 a a Quot a to a f of a a a Quot new 40 41 42 a a to it in l a a i do _ to Quot to i i 16 it a a Vav Al v v of Vii a to co. 29 so Jcj Al pc in 2 5b i St 46 41 48 s2 55 la Uncle rays Corner facts about Cane sugar a s tory by Tom Horner the Cha rafters and situations in this Story Are wholly fictional. It St of of hatters Alan w Hue no ambitious Young country doctor. Emriex Warren a Alan a wife. He it a n e a construction Engineer. Till. Farrell Alan a elderly ungulate. Eye Terra Emil realizes Iii the Chii that a die loves oui Xian that lie Iii to remain with him. Meanwhile As Alan is operating a tamp is Poi Oil to hop Oil i Jinni Ala ii. To catch head. It to Erie Ai r Nix a Harrison in hollywood4 a a a Frank Morgan can toss the Quick quip even after cameras Are Cut wizard of of sequences All in Green give camera Man i he widgets chapter i the reflector was Only inches from Alan a head when Erie caught it in both hands pulled it toward him so that the heavy Metal Container would fall Clear. Agonizing pain shot through his hands up his arms. Then numbness. His Raincoat protected his body but he Felt the in tense heat on Hie face scorching the flesh digging at his eyes. The Container missed Alan and i Farrell cleared the table by a hairs breadth fell to the floor with a rash. A Man behind Erie jumped Cut off the Gas pulled th1 lamp from erics Des a Prato grasp. Erie stood his Teeth digging j into Hii up. Every muscle rigid his hands flaming torture. I Alan startled by the crash. I looked up. A Erie a Farrell was Ai Erie a Side holding his wrists Grady was i rummaging in a hag for unguents. A it a would a a hit you Alan a Erie groaned. That Barge. Twelve others Lay there too hut they with Good Luck and care would recover. Still others sprawled or stood with Arne or legs in awkward hastily made splints. Below him a Crew of men dug steadily at a huge mass of gravel. Bud prices body was still in there. A there Isnit much left is there a Erie asked. Alan looked around. Over the Toj of the diversion dam into the Waters of the Lake it had created a Lake now strangely still. Water trickled through a Gash at one end of the Earth and gravel fill. Spilling Down to splash on the timbers of the broken trestle the wheels of a half buried truck were there. Too. Looking like a i ids toy buried in a Sand pile. It was the damage Donc the one a splendid framework of the main dam that he hated to see for he knew that the pain it caused Erie Hurt far wont than the Burn on his hands. Sunlight glistened on the grease on Eric a face As he turned to Survey i broken dream. A if we could have had More time More steel More Concrete it might have held a he said a it Isnit completely ruined is it a Alan asked. A a can to you Clear away the wreckage Start again a a possibly. Depend on what they want to do in Washington. This River can he licked and if let me ill lick it yet a Baker was waving to them from the Shack. Slowly silently. They turned away started Down the Steep Steps to the waiting launch. This wan to a Well How do those hand feel now a Alan aka a. A about like the dam Erie managed to Grin. They stood at the Edge of the i trestle High above the broken wreckage in the Bright sunlight of a Chilly March morning. Far Down the River Alan could see the Barge heating the injured men. Farrell Grady Weber and i miss father Johnson toward prices led. A a we a let by pail Harrison Nea Servile Stair a orm pendent Hou a Wood. March 29. Not in All the land of of and the adjacent precincts of the Watcho were there such powerful magicians As the special effects men now working on the picture at metro. I watched the introduction at the court of of. Winn the wizard talked with Dorothy the tin Woodman the scarecrow and the cowardly lion and it was a lot More exciting than in the Book. Thera was the great Green glittering throne room with the imposing throne empty on s dais. But As the trembling adventurer approached jets of steam hissed up and out of the vapor boomed the voice of Frank Morgan a i Ain a of the or a eat and Torr a Ribis the wizard himself was sitting in a portable sound Booth behind Tho camera and was speaking in quite a Normal tone. But his words were amplified until they Shook the raft eix from then on the interview was punctuated with fancy pyrotechnics. There were lightning flashes ilium Carbon Ana. More steam puffs of coloured smoke and occasionally sheets of flame would curtain the whole throne. All these manifestations came through a Maze of pipe and wires hidden behind the scenes. During one take the sheets of Gas flame puffing Clear up into the catwalks overhead got a Little too hot. A Tut a yelped Victor Fleming the director. �?�1 believe the throne s on and so it was the upholstery was blazing Brickly. Croaked the disembodied voice of or. Morgan a a aha the hot seat Quot merge it s too frightening this Accident required time out for repairs so i did t get to see the subsequent scene in which of reveals himself in the form of a huge grotesque head. Fleming is a Little worried that it May he s bit too terrible especially site it w ill he Able to Grimace and Mouth it words. This is More movie magic the artificial head will hang on i wires in Long shots. For nearer a shots where it must he shown talking closeups will he made of an identical rubber mask worn i by a Man. This and dozens of other a Tunis i of trick photography Are up rec i dented in technicolor. Not Long ago they use color for Ordinary process shots in which backgrounds Are projected on a screen and re photographed along with the characters in front of it. But they seem to have licked All the problems now1, even to inc dissolution of the wicked Witch of lie of a it when Dorothy Warren called Early morning doctor a a nurse saying. Quot she wanted you Call As soon a you i hey were on the Sun porch of the Hospital. Erie stretched full length upon a lounge while Alan slumped comfortable and relaxed in a deep chair. Quot thank you. Miss Anderson ii he going Home soon As that gang of reporter gets off the front door the Wall of an infant came faintly through the corridor. A a that a Young Alan Warren Anderson explaining Mother keep Point and waiting ambulances him two White sheeted forms Lay on i this a Little morning longer than usual she was worried about her husband. Now lies spoiled already and hates going Hack to the Alan laughed heartily. Quot he a rather Young for that but let Harry and Maryanne have him in the room with them if they want to. It wont Hurt him. Harry a pretty glad to be Here Safe. Well Erie feel like facing the press barrage Quot Erie sat up. A just As Well get it Over a a reporters gathered around them As they headed for a waiting taxi. Quot or. Warren you and or. Kane Stop there. Now shake his bandaged lights flashed in their faces. Cameras clicked. A is it trite. Or. Warren that you did All the surgery a Alan Shook his head. A of burned your hands when you beat out the fire on or. Warren s blazing gown did no to you or. Kane a a have they found Bud Price yet a an aged Man stooped his head bowed was walking toward the j group. Two younger men walked at his Side supporting him. A just a minute Fellows a Alan said. And hurried to meet him. A i m sorry. Or. Price a he said As he reached the Many a Side. The old Man took Alan a hand in his i two bronzed and calloused hands. A i know. Alan i know Quot he j said resignedly. A it had to tears glistened in his eyes. Quot but if they d got him out. I know you d have saved him. Just like you did my daughter s husband. Got to go see him now. Come out and see me. Alan. Got some chickens about ready to the old Man walk a slowly on Alan used Erie from the reporters. Hurried him into the taxi Quot Tome on Erie. Well get some food and some sleep. We need it a a a Emily a waiting in the doorway Tor them. She rushed to Alan her arms encircled his neck pulling his face Down so that she could kiss him again and again. A a in a so glad so glad you re Home safely so she was laughing and crying. Erie hesitated. Emily ran to him kissed him on the Cheek. Quot i know1 what you did too Erie or. Farrell stopped on his Way Homo from the Hospital and told me about the lamp. That was Fine of you Erie. Of your poor hands a Alan saw the kiss saw her take Eric a bandaged hands in hers but he gave no indication of seeing. Instead he put Emily Between Erie and himself and hurried both of them into the House. To starved Herminia Quot he shouted to the Walls. Quot put on All the food you can find. Well eat it. Emily was hanging on to his Arm lovingly proudly. A now i have to know everything a she ordered. A begin right where you left me at the Dock. And done to miss a single a so you see it was t much. After Alan concluded his recital of the night s events a Story punctuated by mouthfuls of food and swallows of Coffee. Quot but it was it was great Aud heroic Quot Emily insisted. A and How Brave of you Erie to take that terrible Burn to save to save Alan for me Emily thought and for Sumner. Scars on his hands would never interfere with Eric a work but if Alan had been burned he might have been forced to abandon obstetrics maybe All his i Ork. And if his eyes had been Hurt she could not Bear to think of Ilia a yes forever Dull. She owed Erie a debt never to be paid for bringing Alan Home safely. She owed him and his dam even a greater debt for making her realize her love for Alan. Quot to save the words stung Alan. To save him to come Home and give up Emily to Erie Quot or. Peterson called this morning Emily was saying Quot from the Airport. A said the papers were full of stories about the dam. And noon editions were praising you. He a sending Jim a contract. Said head Call you from new a Well if in a still asleep when he Calls Don t Wake me Quot Alan said with a laugh. A come on a Alan about last night about what i said about leaving a Emily began. A save it until later Emily. I have something to say about that i too now a to in toll till la it so last month we had a Story which told something about Cane sugar hut it was mostly about its history. Today As part of our series on sweets i wish to take up other important facts. The world uses More can sugar than a1 Lother kinds combined. Last year the crop was estimated at More than 20,000,000 tons. This estimate compares with about 12.000,000 tons of beet sugar which is the Only great rival of can sugar. Al growing sugar Cane. Those figures mean an average of about 80 pounds of Cane or beet sugar Man woman and child. That is a world average but the amount per Parson is not the same in All countries. The people of the United states Are Large sugar eaters. They a heat their own weight in Ugar East h year even More than their own weight. The. Average use of sugar is about too pounds per person. Men and women usually weigh More than the but children average a great d less. Cuba leads the world As a p Dueer of White can sugar. A i yearly report gave a yield of in than 3.000,000 tons As the i for cubans crop. India led All Lions in its output of Brown Gar. Java Formosa the Phi Pine islands Brazil. Hawaii puerto Rico also had Large or of Cane sugar. When sugar Cane is brought the Mill the juice is taken for it. At first the juice is greyish Creen in color but it is cd up with the help of Che Mic chiefly Sulphur dioxide and lit the in ice is run through flit to take out bits of mud. In past times it was the e Mon custom to Boll the Cane i in open kettles. This plan still followed hut Many modern in use a vacuum steam i heat the syrup and it boils we it is not nearly so Bot As we placed in open kettles. A mixing machine with u turning paddles stirs the syr and there is More boiling be it becomes molasses. Furt work goes on and at last molasses is turned into suit Brown sugar is obtained for the molasses and a fair Amot of it is placed on the Market sold. Usually however the Bro sugar is boiled again and Reft until it is White. Most buy is a granulated Quot of what that i. The Gre into a Txie we h Mea in tiny grains can he broken Down Der and in that Cas powdered sugar. For general interest of your scrapbook if you wish a copy of a it adventure you May cure it by addressing a req to me in care of this new spa enclose a self addressed stamped return envelope. Uncle Ray tomorrow sugar beets. 4 Mckenney on Bridge 4 j three Quick tricks Are necessary to Force final contract to game by Xxxi. K. Mckenney Herr far american contract Bridge /cagui1 thin in Hie third of a Serin of in Quot i article Nimmi on Tho the we Erie outlined in �?osiinplith1 contract in now Imma by Frank e. Virkin of Boston Mas. How can i ? by Anne Ashley q How can i Wash blankets properly a put the blankets in hot soapsuds with a Little Borax in the water and rub lightly. Too much rubbing and wringing will Hurden and shrink the material. Rinse in water of the same temperature As the suds. Q. How can i prevent a Fountain pen from leading a. Try rubbing a Little soap on All Tho threaded parts of the pen. Q. What it an i do with Cream that is slightly sour a. Put the Cream into a Basin add the juice of one it Mon and one Tablespoon of sugar. Then whip until stiff. It will he delicious to serve with a pudding. The family doctor gout is still prevalent though simpler living has it declining i trips. Ninety eight per cent suffering with gout Are of people men. The by or. Morris Fishbein editor journal of the american medical no coition and of Liticia the health Magazine although gout has been known for More than too years As a a Quot attack occurs usually in specific disease Aud although # i poop a who Are 35 years or More seemed for a while that it was j in a die attacks occur beginning to disappear due to More frequently in Spring and improved habits of diet and Liv-fa11 although they May Ccu ing gout is now diagnosed not in a any time. Frequently several joints where considerable patients come Ogeth of pains in the tis they sometimes Call Modem etiquette a Roberta Lee Side glances a ill hire you to care for our Lawn but you must never let my husband see you. Lie likes to boast that lie docs is ii himself.1 q. Xxx hat is a Good phrase use when a woman is int Rodu her husband to another woman a. Quot mrs. Martin May i introduce my husband to you a q. Of a Stag dinner is Given at a Many a Home should his wife help him Welcome his guests a. No it is bad form for the hosts women Folk to be seen at any time during the affair. Q. Is it the duty of everyone who was invited to a wedding to Call on the Bride after she returns from Lier honeymoon a. Yes lessons in English xxx i. Gordon words often misused do not say a it is plainly omit plainly. Obvious Means plainly seen or understood. Often mispronounced consomme. Pronounce Kon so Tea. First o As in on. Second o As in so a As in May principal accent on la i syllable. Often misspelled descendant noun. Descendent adjective. Synonyms unholy unhallowed ungodly a sanctified not consecrated. Word study a use a word three times and it is let us endorses her with a bucket of water. An incidental but ironic fact is that the technicolor cameraman in this picture is made ill by some of the sets. Everything in the Emerald City. You remember was supposed to he Green. Metro has provided some variety with different intensities of Green and shades of Blue Green. But the cinematographer perched on a swinging camera Crane and squinting at All this for Days and weeks has been giving Way to attacks of seasickness. Frequently numbers of i or be Ause j sues w hich a j rheumatic. Although the typical Case of i gout involves severe pain in the j log toe or in the Heel ankle or j instep there Are other symptom which Are not so specific and Quot a a a which the modern physician rec-t0 a Ogni Zes As gouty in character ing 1 apparently tile disease runs in families and is to some extent As i soc lated with Over indulgence in j Cating and drinking and with a Lack of exercise. In studying a n ii inner of patients Iii one clinic the authorities i pointed out that frequently at tacks of gout occur after overeating associated with the Celebration of thanksgiving. Christmas new year s Day Aud passover As Well As with the Celebration of birthdays and Lodge banquets. Sometimes gout comes in after. Be Essiri in May he involved although Tho joints of the big to Are the most frequent concerned indeed being affected in 60 per cent of the attacks in gout the affected loot is warm and bluish red the skin appears Shny. Not infrequently disturbances of the kidney Are associated with gout. In the treatment of this condition doctors try to control the diet by eliminating foods that Are Rich in Nucleons such As liver thymus a kidney brain and pancreas or sweetbreads. Such substance As caviar fish Roe and meat extracts Are also believed to be harmful. Moreover liquors wines and alcoholics Are generally forbid Den. The Best diet for a person i with gout contains milk Cream j cheese fruits fresh vegetables and plenty of water j the pain is usually relieved by application of heat which Mav he in the form of heat from an in exposure Ami overeat tra red lamp. A hot water bottle As occurs in association with an electro pad. A moist Park or fishing Hunting and vacation any similar device. This minuted with about the responder on can Quick trick make on j crease our vocabulary by master a ing one word each Day. Today s j word Iliad a Green epic poem ascribed to Homer it narrates vents of the last year of the Trojan War. Pronounce 11-i-ad, i both is As no it a As in add unstressed accent first syllable look and learn cranium crackers by howar0 Merrill the words you sri about to look at in the split seconds that they hit your a yes form a new kind of reporting this will take sixty seconds to reset while Vou Are Reading these facts the events they describe Are actually taking place. What happens in one minute on Earth. A world i in motion. Destiny unfolds itself Start Reading steam coming out of the a Aith in Italy generates thirteen horsepower every minute of every hour. Right now 150.900 miserable unfortunates in the United states Are suffering from dementia Pra Cox the most wide spread form of insanity. The mental Feas costs this nation one thousand dollars every sixty seconds Cost of support and care plus economic loss each minute the Jordan River pours 160 pounds of potassium Chloride valuable chemical into the dead sea. Canada exports fifteen Hundred pounds of preserved or canned fish a every minute somewhere in the United states a this minute someone is contracting influenza. Eight Hundred pounds of Lead a minute Are consumed in America. Most for making storage batteries a red danger signals on ars streets roads trains Are made of a a Ruby gins which consists of selenium. A rare Mineral used for that purpose. The a s. Consumes a Pound of selenium a minute xxx orld of tomorrow1 two thousand dollars a minute in new capital is now being spent expanding chemical enterprises. Stop Reading. A a j 2 a j 8 5 a Kyj 932 a q 2 a 9 8 6 53 m a k 7 a a 9 3 la i t 5> a q 1064 a 764 a a85 a 54 dour a j 1097 a 10 4 a k7 2 a q10 a a k 8 6 3 # rubber neither Vul i. South West North East i a pats i a pass i n. T. Pass 2 n. T. Pass 3 n t Pas pass pass opener a 5. 29 sound response at the level of one hut must then keep quiz and cannot push. W i i la about two Quick tricks responder can Advance the bidding level and encourage partner to go on but should not drive the auction to game unless the opening bidder shows material rebid values with three Quick tricks responder will almost always Force the anal contract to game. On today s hand. North did not feel quite Strong enough to Force game by calling two no Trump after South a weak rebid. Thus enraged South thought the while to try for game Declarer won the fit St trick Dummy with the Ace of spa an important step in a timing Quot to play. Diamonds were then Al id and East cashed his Kins Spades and shifted to hearts i Darer the had everything hand and ran off an easy is the first trick won or lost gam1 of do it i Ai to it a to Spade finesse. East would i shifted to hearts after taking a King of Spades. Then there w have been no w by to prevent defense from winning a Spud i Diamond and three hearts. Contract problem solution in next Issue South has the contract at i three no Trump. Should South win the first second or third Spade trick what Side suit should he set up for the ninth trick a 763 a q3 2 a Kab a a k 6 3 ? a k 5 a j984 a 75 a j64 a 10 9 a j 1094 a q752 a j 87 a a 10 2 a a k 86 a a 1093 a 5 4 rubber neither opener a q Vul. 21 copyright. 1939 aka Bervie Ina. Flapper Fanny by Sylvia co 11# to Nix sir vice we. T in tee u a at Orr Why a. Gordon 1. Who was the Only u. S. President to he photographed with a King of England 2. What two districts of France Are noted for sparkling wines 3. Where is the jugular vein located 4. What famous Battle in Erica history was fought weeks after a peace treaty been signed 5. On what River is Glasgo Scotland located Xii Wen 1. Woodrow Wilson who was photographed in England with King George v. 2. Champagne and Burgundy. 3. In the neck. 4. Battle of new Orleans. A. Clyde River. Am two had Only one of the following statements is True which is to a Turfie is devoted to horse racing. Three quarrelling people compose a Turfie. A european Bird the Turfie lives in marshes. A Turfie sentence is one used too often. Today lenten question copyright. 1938. Esquire features inc. In France Sontz geese Are fed by forcing food through a funnel into the Birds Mouth. Such forcible feeding enlarges the fowls liver for use As Pate de foie gras. Paul the a military cavalrymen nun. Is the false xuwet1 on apostle once rated bodyguard of 70 and 4 00 infantry statement True or want and Page Trade routes of Asia minor. Which connected the East with the West about 2000 ill were lha first highways known. The fashion of Glove wearing was introduced in Europe in the Lith Century when the doge of Venice Doni Enigo Salva married the daughter it the emperor of constantinople the lady always wore scented gloves in Public and the fashion soon spread to France and Spain. A Sthats funny Row and mrs. Jones wanted two seats in the last or. Smith wants one near ail

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