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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 27, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Weather rain folding details on Page 7a 92nd year no. 87 the High Point Enterprise Cau us circulation ski 711 classified ads 85-2177 other deals. 85-211 High Point n. C., saturday afternoon March 27, 1976 32 pages daily 15c, sunday 35 Argentine violence resumes by Susan Linnee Akin associated press writer Buenos Aires Argentina apr Gen. Jorge Videla the army commander and member of the Junta that deposed president Isabel Peron will replace her As president of the Republic monday the Junta announced As political violence flared after a Short Lull. At least to persons were killed on Friday and three others in the previous 24 hours the deaths raised the years toll to at least 198. Violence had plagued the crisis Ridden 2l-month administration of mrs. Peron who was overthrown wednesday in a bloodless military coup she is reported under custody guarded by 600 soldiers in a luxury Retreat House owned by a provincial government Khz Miles South of Buenos Gres. The announcement that Gen Videla would become president was made Friday. He same Day the United states recognized the new regime. Videla is the chief of the ,000-Man army. Other members of the Junta that took Power in the coup Are the chiefs of the Navy and air Force. The news service Noticia Argentina a said it appeared hat Videla would exercise kith his army command and ii presidency and that he Oulu name a new Cabinet and replace the Interior military governors Videla 50, a professional Soldier and devout roman Catholic is regarded As staunchly anti communist. The military coup brought a temporary end to violence in which 1.700 persons died during mrs Peron s term in office. The political killings however predated the Perom St regime and go Back nine years through former military governments. In the worst of the new attacks leftist guerrillas killed two bodyguards a one an army Corporal a on duty in front of the suburban Buenos Aires Home of an Argentine executive of the Ford motor co. Subsidiary in Argentina police in Cordoba 450 Miles to the North said another extremist group engaged in a shootout with Security forces and three guerrillas were killed no police casualties were reported Videla was recently quoted in a Magazine interview As saying. A a in a not a Peronis. I in a the armed forces continued arresting former officials of the deposed government. The former sports and tourism Secretary Adolfo Cesar Philipeaux was arrested As he tried to flee to Chile with guns and $3,000, the authorities reported. Philipeaux was one of mrs. Peron a closest supporters. Worried neighbors peer from windows Friday As Melvin David threatens to hurl his three year old daughter. Ebony and himself from the fourth floor fire escape outside his Harlem apartment David held off police for More than an hour before they were Able to lunge through a window and seize him. He rushed out on to the tire escape with his daughter following an argument with his estranged wife. A wire photo 1st leg of Washington subway will open for service today Washington a it would not be a difficult proposition to build a subway Here in fact i can think of no place where it would be it Asier or less expensive those confident words Elt to Down the years from 1909 when uttered by James k Taylor supervising architect with the Treasury department. He predicted Swift development of a subway system for Washington d c. Today a saturday March 27, 1976 a the subway finally opened More than 66 years liter Taylor and other Washington leaders detailed plans for a rail system burrowing beneath the nation s capital. Metro rail opened just 4 6 Miles of track a a a shape route from near Capitol Hill to a portion of the City a business District. Another 13 Miles Are to open Jan. I 1977, including service to National Airport in Northern Virginia initially fares will be 55 cents Tor a one Way Rush hour i Ide and 41 cents for a ride in ii o n p e a k hours. But to thousands were expected to take tree rides today a special introduction to the new system. Regular service begins monday. With less than half its pro it Ted too Miles completed or under construction the final Cost of building the rail system is estimated at $4 65 billion some critics have predicted it will end up costing $6 billion to build and untold millions to run when finished about 1982. When ground was broken for the system in 1969, its Cost was pegged at $2.5 billion with the completion expected in 1978 tornadoes hit seven states by the associated press a total of 24 tornadoes touched Down in 7 states Early today and Friday killing 2 persons injuring More than 60 and leaving parts of several towns in scattered rubble. The . Weather service reported that severe thunderstorms and tornadoes moved through the mid and lower Mississippi Valley on Friday and shifted into Alabama and Mississippi Early today. Tornadoes were reported in Illinois Alabama. Missouri. Arkansas Oklahoma. Florida and Mississippi. In Spiro okla., National guardsmen and local authorities patrolled the Community of 2.500 after a Tornado dipped Down and killed two persons injured about 50 others and knocked out electrical Power. The Tornado first hit Talihina. Okla., where five person4 were seriously injured and at least to Homes were destroyed Bill Golden a county civil defense director said his workers would Survey the damage in Spiro today and work to restore Power to the town. There s just a line of rubble Down through there now a he said. A we done to know How Many Homes have been destroyed exactly a there s no Way of telling a he estimated As Many As 30 residences were completely destroyed the Force of the Tornado was such that a train passing through Spiro was derailed and 40 cars were off the tracks. The path of destruction was 11 a blocks wide and up to three Miles Long. Operational costs were first predicted to be met out of fare Box receipts. But metro rail operations now Are expected to lose $45,000 per week during the first phase and the system will have to be subsidized by local governments. When construction began officials noted that it was to be the largest rapid transit rail system Ever built under one plan at one time. It was designed to coordinate with bus routes and commuting by autos. Construction Progress has been hampered by fires and other accidents that have claimed 13 lives and injured thousands of workers. Strikes and materials Shor tages also delayed construction. To Date metro rail estimates that 47 million Man hours of work have gone into the project what s inside amusements .io-11a Bridge. .i0a classified ads. .13-16a comics. .16a crossword. .10a editorials 4a obituaries. 3a sports. .8-9a television. Weather. 7a r last Battle fought in n.c.? historian s evidence says so Beaufort a a Carteret county historian claims to have uncovered evidence that the last Battle of the revolutionary War took place in North Carolina about a year after it was supposed to have ended with the British surrender at Yorktown mrs. Jean b. Kell projects coordinator for the Carteret county Bicentennial commission based her claim on accounts of a 13-Day skirmish Between # Carteret residents and British sailors in april 1782 she detailed her findings in the Spring Issue of the new East a Magazine published in Greenville. Some state historians question whether the incident can be described As the last Battle of the War but they agree that mrs Kelly a research is important to state history. According to mrs. Kell several British ships sailed into the area on april 3, 1782 and entered the port of Beaufort the next Day. Carteret county residents prepared for Battle after the sailors detained several men who sailed out to meet them and arrested capt Deddrick Gibble who had carried a Flag of truce to the ship during the next few Days the Carteret residents repeatedly fought the British when the sailors made forays to pillage the town mrs Kell said that one time the townspeople attempted to Burn the enemy ships by setting rafts and boats afire and sending them toward the enemy vessels the Effort failed when the wind changed and blew the burning Craft on the Beach the invaders took some slaves and other property but released All other prisoners when they left the port april 17, 1782 to sail to Charleston s c. . Seeks return in Turkey Washington a Congress will be asked to approve a new agreement with Turkey to restore the . Military foothold in that strategic country on the soviet Border. The agreement signed on Friday after three Days of meetings Between Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger and turkish foreign minister Ahsan s. Caglayan Gil is seen As the most positive development in .-turkish ties in Many months. It reverses a pattern of competitive reprisals that recently have characterized relations Between the two old allies. About four hours after the final negotiating session both Kissinger and Caglayan Gil signed the document for their respective countries and hailed the Accord As ushering in a new Era of turkish cooperation details of the agreement Are not expected until monday but the agreement is believed to carry a Price tag of $1 billion in . Aid for Turkey during the four year life of the Accord the Accord is subject to congressional approval. Congressional sources withheld comment until details of the agreement Are made Public. About two dozen . Installations in Turkey including intelligence facilities used for monitoring activities inside the soviet Union were shut Down by the turkish government last july this was in retaliation Tor the decision by Congress to impose an arms embargo against Turkey after turkeys 1974 invasion of Cyprus in which american supplied arms were used against Greece also a . Ally. Kissinger said there is no mention of the Cyprus Issue in the agreement Congress is currently weighing new legislation affecting Turkey a Senate approved Bill would permit unlimited Cash sales of military equipment but no . Financed credit sales to Turkey. An amendment approved by the House would place a $125 million Over All ceiling on Cash and credit sales and sales guarantees Ford defends his budgets for military by the associated press president Ford continued campaigning in Ronald Reagan a Home state today promising California voters a hard nosed stand on military defense meanwhile Jimmy Carter a front runner among the democratic presidential contenders has accused state election officials in new York of deliberately scuttling some of his Delegate slates for the states april 6 primary an election he said he expects to lose. The message Ford brought to California was that the United states is not losing ground to the soviet i inure in the military Field and the nation is on the Road to economic recovery. In the text of a speech he was to make to a Republican state Central committee luncheon today Ford said a in my presidency i have proposed the two largest peacetime defense budgets in american history reversing a trend that was reducing our defense expenditures year by year to Levels that were dangerously in repeating a now familiar Tough stance theme he added a we Are conducting our foreign policy with our eyes open our guard up and our powder dry Quot Reagan the former California governor who political observers say has a Chance to defeat Ford in the californian june primary has been resting at his Southern California Home this week he is to speak tonight in Richmond a. Carter made it Clear during a tour of Rochester and Buffalo on Friday that he does not expect to win the new York presidential primary. In fact he said he would Settle for about one fifth of the 206 democratic convention Delegate. A bitter tight lipped Carter accused state election officials earlier in the Day of deliberately cutting out slates of Delegate candidates he had fielded in some of new York s 39 congressional districts. The state Board of elections earlier this month upheld technical challenges made by Washington sen. Henry Jackson Campaign organization against a handful of Carter slates As a result Arter has full or partial Delegate slates in 30 districts compared with 36 for Jackson 37 for Arizona rep. Morris Udall 19 for former Oklahoma sen. Fred Harris and three for Alabama gov George Wallace officially uncommitted slates Are running in about 20 districts on Friday Ford aides said the in resident now considers Arter a serious contender for the democratic nomination and advisers Are taking a close look at the former Georgia governor s stands on the issues we re looking at Carter a hell of a lot More seriously because lie s doing so Well in the primaries a Ford Campaign spokesman Peter Kaye said Ford previously has said he expects sen Hubert Humphrey to be the democrats candidate the president began his latest weekend Campaign trip Friday with fundraising visits to san Francisco and los Angeles and after stopping in Fresno late today he was bound for Lacrosse wis. And a a Public forum tonight before returning to Washington frayed Cable suspected in Colorado lift mishap Vail Colo a a frayed Cable May have caused the derailment of two Aerial gondolas that dropped too feet to the Mountainside at the Vail Mountain ski area killing three people a ski area official says. A the cars looked like tuna fish cans. It was mangled. There were ski poles sticking out of the top a said a skier who arrived at the scene moments after Friday s crash which also injured nine persons. Bob Parker senior vice president of Vail associates operator of the ski area confirmed witnesses reports that a Cable carrying the gon Dolas was frayed and acknowledged that the frayed Cable May have caused the Accident Parker said the Cable was last Given a thorough inspection in May 1975, but added that it was inspected and greased weekly by Vail associates. A six member . Forest service team has been assigned to pin Down the cause of the crash the Gondola lift installed in 1969, has carried 5 million skiers 2,178 feet from the base of Vail Mountain. It has been used by president Ford during his Christmas skiing vacations at the Mountain resort witnesses said the enclose ski passengers await Rescue three died when cars fell to ground Friday i a wire photo de fibreglass and steel cars each carrying six skiers a collided when one broke from the overhead Cable or hit a steel support Tower about two thirds of the Way to the Mountain a third car stalled on the Cable and slipped backward slamming into the car behind it. Leaving both of those cars dangling precariously from the wire said Howard Bronson of Vail who was skiing nearby. Harriet Cooper of Woodbridge con who was in one of the dangling cars said the people in her car noticed that a Cable ahead of them was frayed. They were planning to advise lift operators at the Mountaintop a shortly after that the cars started to rumble and really shake a she said. A then the Cable began to really go up and Down a we All ducked and held tight the car careened Back and hit the car behind us. When we looked up ahead All the cars were gone a we were hanging very tenuously on a string up there a she said. A we knew if we moved there was a Chance the car would smash to the ground she and 224 other skiers in the stranded cars were rescued safely by ski patrolmen using a Pulley system with rope and Canvas seats to lower each person tar Divi dually. Moslem vow to fight until Franjieh resigns Beirut Lebanon apr Savage House to House fighting raged in lebanese towns today and leftist moslem armies vowed to continue the civil War until Christian president Suleiman Franjieh resigns unconditionally. A it s a Day of armed madness a wide open hell of hand to hand combat a a police spokesman said. The War is escalating hysterically in Beirut and the rest of he said incomplete estimates showed 96 persons were killed and 157 wounded by Midnight Friday along the two mile frontline that divides Beirut into moslem and Christian halves. The spokesman acknowledged that police estimates were largely Guesswork a since we have no real Means any More to get into the Battle zones in Beirut or reach Mountain towns where fighting erupts a newspapers said the top leftist warlord Kamal Junblat is travelling to Damascus with palestinian guerrilla chieftain Yasir Arafat for talks with syrian president Hafez Assad on ways of ending the 11-month sectarian conflict. It has already taken More than 13,000 lives by modest official count. A it seems everything hinges now on the outcome of the Junblat talks in Syria a said a spokesman for moslem Premier Rashid Kara i s six Man government which no longer governs with his forces pressuring Christian militias in Beirut and the hinterland of mount Lebanon Junblat said he would not Budge on any of the leftist demands. A despite attempt to curb our armament a he said in a statement Quot we shall carry the War to the bitter end. This is a matter of principle that can to be influenced by the Damascus this indicated he would resist any syrian attempts to use its geographic control of All leftist arms Supply routes to pressure the left into a moderate stand a

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