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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 26, 1974, High Point, North Carolina . State reigns As Mcaa cd Pion details on pages 3b, 4b weather possible showers More data on Page a 90th year no. 85 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 882-1719 High Point n. Cd a tuesday afternoon March 26, 1974 38 pages classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c secret report turned Over to committee the Wolf pack picked up All the chips with every one of the nearly 16,000 seats filled the Greensboro coliseum was the scene of Victory monday night for the North Carolina state Wolf pack. Having deposed sex Champion Urcla on saturday afternoon state conquered Marquette University in the National collegiate athletic Assn. Final game to Cement its position As Best in the nation. More photos and stories in Section a staff photo by Sonny romanian trawler seized off . For answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Car Washer s wages q. I recently worked at a car Wash in High Point and was Only paid si.40 an hour and is this Legal i am 16 years old. Thank you. Anon. A. The legality depends on some information that Isnit Given. It would be fairly Safe to Rule out that you a be entitled to the Federal minimum wage $1.60 As the car Wash would have to sell $5,000 per week in goods or services a total of $260,000 a year in sales to be under this Federal minimum. The state minimum wage act set the minimum wage at $1.80 but excluded certain employees and establishments. For instance it does not apply to any business that does not have four or More persons employed at any one time the immediate family of the employer does not count in determining the number if they work there. It also does not apply to part time employees who work 16 hours or less per week if the establishment has three or less full time employees at any one time. One or both of these exemptions May have applied in your Case. Others excluded from the state minimum wage include those in Domestic service in non profit organizations charitable religious educational newsboys shoe Shine boys caddies baby Sitters Ushers Concession attendants Cashiers travelling salesmen or outside salesmen on commissions taxi Drivers any person under 21 in the employ of father or Mother any person under 16 summer Camp employees persons confined in state institutions those employed in seafood or fishing Industry on part time basis any person 65 or Over. There is a Section on determining the Page of a tipped employee and special provisions for handicapped workers learners and apprentices. Of you would like a leaflet describing the n. A minimum wage Law As amended by the 1973 general Assembly you can request a copy from the n. C. Department of labor Raleigh n. C. 27602 Misc Geny question q. Of a Black woman is going with a White Man or a White woman going with a Black Man and he or she has a Job in a Public place is there a Law which states this person could be fired from their place of work what Steps could be taken if there is no Law and whom do i talk to about it. We Are very much in love regardless of the difference in our color. G. A. This is a civil rights matter that should be answered by the equal employment Opportunity commission. The District office is located in the Draper building 411 Tryon St., Charlotte n. C. 28202. Sign Painter q. Id like to take a course in sign painting As in be heard there is considerable Opportunity for artists in this Field. Is such a course offered around Here b. H. A. Davidson county Community College has an adult course in commercial Art specializing in sign painting which began monday. Associate Dean l. H. Ballard suggests you Call him at 475-7181 for information on registering. Portsmouth a. Apr the coast guard said today one of its cutters had seized the romanian trawler Imam off the North Carolina coast for illegally fishing in United states territorial Waters. A coast guard spokesman said a party from the Cutter Uniak boarded the 290-foot Stern trawler and seized it at 3 40 a.m., about eight Miles East Northeast of Currituck Beach. The spokesman said the romanian trawler had been observed shortly after Midnight hauling in nets within the 12-mile territorial limit. U. S. Law forbids foreign fishing within 12 Miles of the american coast. The Uniak was told to escort the fishing vessel toward Cape Henry and to await further instructions from 5th coast guard District Headquarters Here. The coast guard said it was probable the Luau would be escorted to Baltimore and there would be officially taken into custody. A coast guard spokesman said the Luau has a Crew of 82 romanians and two polish engineers and is a very new. The Uniak based at Yorktown va., is captained by capt. W. P. Allen and was on a routine fishery surveillance a the coast guard said at the time of the seizure. The seizure was the first in Waters supervised by the 5th coast guard District whose jurisdiction extends to Virgnia Maryland and North Carolina. Or. Thomas Linton director of the North Carolina office affairs said cooperates with government in of Marine the state the Federal surveillance of foreign fishing vessels off the coast. He said however that state authorities were not involved in the sighting or seizure of the romanian ship. Linton said the state operates As a reporting service keeping track of where foreign trawlers Are fishing and what they Are taking. Washington a the House judiciary committee today received the Federal grand jury a report on president Nixon s alleged role in watergate. After giving the report and a Satchel filled with evidence to lawyers from the House judiciary committee . District judge John j. Sirica told newsmen a a they be got everything the grand jury turned Over to Sirica also read a Brief statement which concluded a so far As the court is concerned the transaction is John Doar chief counsel for the impeachment inquiry and Albert Jenner minority counsel spent More than two hours in Sirica s office going Over each item in the Satchel. Also present was Peter Kriendler of the special prosecutors office. Lawyers for two defendants in the watergate cover up Case gave up their attempts to Block transmission of the report to the House after the . Court of appeals turned them Down last thursday. The grand jury gave Sirica a sealed envelope and the Satchel March i the same Day it indicted seven former administration or Campaign aides for allegedly trying to Block the investigation of the watergate break in. Lawyers for two of the defendants h. R. Haldeman and Gordon c. Strachan tried to have Sirica a order reversed on the grounds that once Given to a congressional committee the contents of the report would leak out and possibly prejudice the coverup trial. The appeals court said such contentions were a premature at the the court said such claims should be based on what has actually happened rather than on what might occur. During arguments before the appeals court Philip a. Lacovara counsel for the special prosecutor s office said the sealed material included a letter of transmittal a report that listed the items of evidence and the evidence itself. Sirica said the report a draws no accusatory conclusions. It renders no moral or social judgments. The report is a simple and straight Forward compilation see secret on 2a land buyers granted Relief Dairy Coop pays lbs interests plane rental Washington a the nations largest Dairy cooperative focus of watergate investigations pays lady Bird Johnson a family corporation $94,000 a year for use of an air plane Hangard at the lbs ranch the associated press has Learned. A spokesman for the Johnson interests said the arrangement is a bargain for Small loan interest ceiling increased Raleigh a the North Carolina general Assembly has enacted legislation to raise interest and principal ceilings on Small Loans made in the state. Final approval came monday night when the House agreed to Senate changes. The House passed the Bill earlier but the Senate had made minor changes before giving its approval last Friday. Rep. H. M. Michaux Ddurham sponsor of the Bill said it contained benefits for both Small loan companies and the people who borrow from them. The Bill raises the interest ceilings on Small Loans to a 30 per cent annual rate on the first $300 and to 18 per cent annually on the remainder. It also raises the limit on Small loan principals from $900 to $1,500. Michaux said the Bill helps the consumer by prohibiting several refinancing practices which tend to inflate the eventual repayment charges. The Bill was amended in the Senate to prohibit a special class of Small lenders who Are licensed to loan Between $50 and $100 from giving a Borrower another loan before he has repaid All previous ones. The House adjourned after 45 minutes so lawmakers could watch or listen to the . S t a t a Marquette basketball game in the Mcaa finals at Greensboro. The Senate postponed All major action and adjourned after 30 minutes for the same reason. The Dairy group associated milk producers inc. However the cooperatives Board of directors had tried to end the lease arrangement which is scheduled to run until april 5, 1976. The lease arrangement was initiated by the co Ops former general manager Harold s. Nelson before he was ousted by the Board for mismanagement. Nelson originally agreed to pay $73,500 per year to lease a smaller less expensive aircraft from the Texas broadcasting co., president Johnson a family corporation. That agreement was signed july i 1970, a year and a half after Johnson left office. Details of the transactions Between the milk producers and the Johnson interests Are revealed in a report obtained from court records and confirmed independently by the associated press. Donald s. Thomas lawyer for the Johnson corporations said in a Telephone interview that he had negotiated both the original agreement and the present one with Nelson. Thomas said the present agreement Calls for one of the Johnson family corporations Western wildflower corp., to pay for a Pilot and hangar space for the $765,000 Beechraft King air Model too a 13-passenger Turboprop aircraft. He said two other Johnson corporations Karnack corp. And lbs co., also Purchase flight time. But he said the milk producers Coop has first Call on the air plane and in practice has had Quot virtually sole use of the he said that mrs. Johnson had travelled personally on the aircraft on occasion. The milk producers pay $10,000 per year for the insurance and other intangible expenses plus $7,000 per month for a minimum 40 flying hours at $175 an hour. The Dairy cooperative pays another $175 for each flying hour Over 40 hours per month plus fuel see Dairy on 2a Washington a the Federal Trade commission today announced a landmark agreement which could reimburse land buyers for More than $17 million the commission estimates was the product of deceptive advertising the agreement was negotiated with Gac corp. And two subsidiaries with one land development project in Arizona and nine in Florida. The negotiated agreement Between the Etc and the Miami based company requires Gac to provide prominent warning statements in All future sales contracts and to offer refunds to eligible purchasers who default on payments in the Golden Gate estates River ranch acres and Remunda ranch Grants subdivisions in Florida. J. Thomas Rosch. Head of the it cd a Bureau of consumer Protection estimated the refunds could Cost Gac More than $17 million. Future sales contracts used by Gac would contain the statement a the future value of this land like All undeveloped real estate is the contract would also Grant purchasers the unconditional right to cancel with no penalty within to Days. The order would also provide various measures to allow buyers since certain dates to Swap useless land they might be holding for More valuable lots. The government sources said that the commission has probed other Large land development companies and plans to crack Down on i what s inside amusements .9b Bridge. 16b classified ads. I mob comics. Kab crossword editorials. .4a financial. .2a obituaries .2b sports. Television .9b women a news 6-8a weather. .5a several More firms. A the Shock wave that will go through the Industry is going to be enormous a the source said. Although Gac did not admit to violations of the Law under the agreement it has agreed to make restitution in the form of credits of other property to land buyers who can prove they have been wronged the sources said. In addition the firm has agreed not to use the word a a investment in its future advertisements on land and has agreed to permit prospective land buyers a 10-Day period in which they can Call off the sales contract even after signing it. Under current government regulations administered by the housing and Urban development department there is a 48-hour Cooling off period in which land buyers can Back out of a sales contract although this waiting period can be waived in certain circumstances. The commission has been investigating deceptive advertising techniques in the interstate land sales business. According to sources the commission usually goes after the biggest target in an Industry to obtain a Tough order hoping to make it apply Industry wide. I Alan s Best Friend fort Lauderdale Fla. Apr police rushed to a suburban Home to find a Man and his wife handcuffed together in the nude. Patrolman Fred Hansen said the embarrassed couple told h i in they were Quot fooling around with a pair of Handcuffs sunday and locked each other to a ceiling High Bookcase. The husband said he accidentally dropped the key and his dog promptly swallowed it. The couple managed to dial the Telephone operator to request assistance. Hansen said he freed them with his own handcuff key. A i feel Uke kicking the hell out of that dog a the nude Man said. Isolation of cancer viruses within one year is predicted by Alton Blakeslee a science editor St. Augustine Fla apr within a year scientists should isolate one or two viruses that they can prove cause human cancers a prominent specialist predicts. If this comes about it could open the door to vaccinating people against those specific cancers much like a polio vaccination. Or it could provide a Means through which doctors could Tell if the cancer virus and disease were still present and Active or whether curative treat ments were being effective. The prediction comes from or. Sol Spiegelman director of the Institute of cancer research at Columbia University a College of physicians and surgeons in new York City. His own work Points strongly to evidence that viruses cause human cancer. Viruses Are known to cause cancers in chickens and other animals. Spiegelman said he knows of two groups of researchers whose work he thinks will within the year demonstrate that a virus can cause human cancer. One involves a cancer of the breast and the other a cancer of Bone he said. Speaking on monday to a seminar for science writers sponsored by the american cancer society Spiegelman declined to identify the two groups of researchers. He said neither is his own which has come close to such proof. If viruses should be shown to cause human cancers it definitely does not mean that a person with cancer is infectious to other people Spiegelman and others emphasized

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