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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 25, 1976, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise an Independent newspaper Randall b Terry president co publisher d a Rawley co publisher David a Rawley Orvice pres. Mrs. C. H Lockwood vice pres. Joseph p Rawley Gen mgr Joe Brown editor Good afternoon Art gift promoting free Enterprise 4a thursday March 25, 1976 after the primary if theres anything conclusive that might be said about the 1976 presidential preference primary in North Carolina it is that for the first time in contemporary political affairs the tar Heel state has advanced to the major leagues. That became evident in the last weeks preceding the voting and it became even More so in View of the balloting results. The attention paid by the major candidates themselves was the initial signal for the first time whether in primary or election there was a great Deal More than perfunctory touch and go visits by those most seriously in Contention. Important National significance is being attached to the facts that a Gerald Ford who had confidently expected to win was beaten and thus became the first incumbent president to lose a primary vote in a full head to head confrontation. A Ronald Reagan who had fully expected to lose posted his first full scale win in six tries this year a Jimmy Carter proved that he can outdraw fellow southerner George Wallace in the South Given the Assumption that Florida does not really qualify for that Label a George Wallace has lost much of his vote pulling Power in areas where he once headed the pack political theorists will wonder More about the Republican outcome than that in the democratic race. One school of thought holds that despite the Lack of any distinctly negative reactions to Gerald Ford there is a prevailing negative reaction toward government itself and toward anyone positively identified with it. While Ronald Reagan hardly qualifies As a a fresh face he is As yet an outsider As tar As Federal government is concerned. And since much of his Campaign Effort was directed against what has gone on in Washington he represented to the disenchanted voter a something different a of one is to follow this theory one must assume a As we do a that there were a lot of votes cast on tuesday by people who for reasons of disenchantment or otherwise stayed largely insulated from the political debates until it was time to go vote. There is another school that believes gov Jim Holshouser proved to be a liability rather than an asset to the Ford Campaign republicans have certainly demonstrated during the Early primaries a Sharp divisiveness in a Campaign that presents a clearer cutting than is evident in the amorphous mass of democratic candidates a substantially smaller percentage of Gap voters pulled the a no preference Quot lever on tuesday than occurred in the democrats columns. Or Reagan likes to believe that the voters responded to his harder Issue campaigning techniques than he had used in the earlier primaries he came Down hard for instance on such items As Henry Kissinger i which translates into a softness toward Russia and the Panama canal which translates into International toughness. The results in primaries to come especially in Wisconsin and new York May have to shed further Light on whether the outcome in North Carolina hinged More on National issues than on intrastate knife throwing in the meantime analysts will attach their own measures of significance to the fact hat Ford made his Best showing in those Western counties where Republican traditions Are strongest while losing in the Urban areas and in the Eastern counties where republicans Are relative strangers. On the democratic Side the waning Wallace strength was entered in the Eastern counties where racial animosities linger to a greater extent the alabamian picked off a number of counties which still maintain their a this is kor territory billboards but was swamped in the cities and larger towns As he gained a plurality in exactly one county outside the three Eastern congressional districts. Nearly four per cent of the North Carolina democrats who went to the polls voiced their discontent by pulling the a no preference Quot lever which must be added to the Large numbers who did t go at All i in High Point that was two out of every three registered voters a the Montgomery legend Field marshal Viscount Montgomery was described As the greatest British military Leader since the Duke of Wellington Wellington was. Of course the Man who took the full measure of Napoleon at Waterloo. Montgomery and his British eighth army took the measure of Gen Erwin Rommel and the German Africa corps 127 years later at Al Alamein. That was a Battle in another Century after Waterloo and even in another continent but Al Alamein was a great Victory for British arms. In the aftermath. Montgomery and the eighth army pursued the fleeing germans for 2. Khz Miles along the Mediterranean littoral of Africa until there were no lure germans on the continent the Field marshal never had such a Victory again yet it is from that Victory that this last of the great military commanders of the second world War is remembered and judged in part at his death he was British and he commanded from the British perspective especially the British experience of the first world War when the nation was bled by four years of frontal assaults on the German entrenched lines of the Western front it was Montgomery a intent never projecting the news to place British troops in that condition or to use them in that manner if he could help it. So at it Aen he was methodical and thorough he always ordered the artillery to action before the infantry to the americans he was too cautious but at Caen he kept the German in close embrace while the american third army broke the flank and began the race across France the Field marshal disliked much about americans and their supreme commander he considered Eisenhower a failure As a military commander knowing very Little about either strategy or tactics Montgomery saw himself As the great Leader the great strategist with the plan to end the War in one straight single stroke. His own caution led to the failure however of operation Market Garden the giant airborne assault on the dutch Bridges Over the Rhine in the late summer of 1944 the great Battles Are in the history books now the commanders Are gone. He is an old Man and he is very tired a the son said just before the death of the Field marshal so must it be with All soldiers in time College students amp business in the late sixties and Early seventies Strong anti establishment feelings swept Many of the nation s College campuses such sentiments often found expression in open hostility toward big business. Accusing business of complicity in the Vietnam War and of environmental abuses students directed some of their strongest invective at hapless company representatives who braved picket lines and catcalls to recruit Prosper Tive employees business was no More enamoured of the students than the students were of it. As a result the two sides settled into a posture of Mutual distrust and distaste now everything appears to have changed chastened by the recession and by the apparent devaluation of the College degree today a College students Are re appraising their anti business biases. They Are lining up to talk to recruiters from Many of the same companies that their older Brothers and Sisters so vehemently denounced the relevance students seem to be seeking today is Job Security a remarked John Cunnyngham chairman of the economics department at Ohio state University in a Wall Street journal interview although College students still do not give business High Marks for honesty or strict ethical standards they seem willing to Swallow their scruples in order to land a Job. One outcome of this new More favourable attitude toward business is an upsurge of interest in courses leading to a master of business administration mba degree. And it s easy to see Why according to the College placement Council business hired 18 per cent fewer College graduates of All kinds in 1975 but almost All of those who earned advanced business degrees last year at Dartmouth s Amos tuck school and the University of Pennsylvania a Wharton graduate school had been placed in jobs before they received their diplomas the 30th annual Endicott report prepared by Frank s. Endicott retired director of placement at Northwestern University predicted that the nations larger businesses would hire 9-11 per cent More College graduates in 1976 than in 1975 the report advised Liberal arts majors to take business related courses and Avail themselves of Early career counselling engineering students were encouraged to take summer or Par time jobs in Industry this years typical mba is expected to receive More Job offers than the 1975 graduate whose average was two or More median salaries which Are up too Are expected to Range from $15,000 to $18,000. Mba graduates from backgrounds in such technical Fields As engineering and accounting will Start even higher. By Holt Mcpherson Enterprise editor emeritus today at Raleigh the business Community of North Carolina is making a gift which May let s Hope encourage students visiting the state Art museum to get a better understanding of the meaning of the free Enterprise system in our country the North Carolina citizens Assn under the driving chairmanship of Kinston businessman c. Felix Harvey a trustee of High Point College is making the 200-year-old portrait of Benjamin Franklin patriarch of american free Enterprise a gift to the state museum of Art As a contribution to the state s Bicentennial Celebration Many High pointers contributed to the project. The Duplessis portrait of or Franklin a like a Stuart portrait of Washington a was the basis for one of the nation s first two postage Stamps which appropriately bore the likenesses of those Early american leaders. Among collectors the Duplessis portrait of Franklin is considered the most outstanding stamp Ever issued the business Community raised something like $175,-ooo to provide the painting and with it brochures that will be handed to school children visiting the museum to encourage in them a Fuller understanding of what the free Enterprise system Means and to cherish it As the Backbone of successful business in our land Patriot philosopher scientist and inventor Diplomat a Benjamin Franklin was All of those and More Only one example of his uniqueness is the historical truth that he was the Only Man to sign All four of the major documents in americas history the declaration of Independence the treaty of Alliance with France the treaty of peace with great Britain and the Constitution of the United states beyond that Franklin was first in his career of achievement As a Printer in which occupation he earned recognition As the founder and Foremost practitioner of free Enterprise economics it is significant too that Franklin was a businessman who inherited neither great wealth nor land in fact a Rose from obscure poverty to business Success As a Printer As quite a Young Man Ben Franklin saw his older brother James imprisoned for what the British appointed authorities of the fat at viol fir Mvi Milwaukee journal the. Washington merry go round Colony of Massachusetts regarded As scurrilous and seditious material published in his new England courant. Freedom of speech in the american colonies in the 18th Century was by no Means unlimited several decades later world famous As a writer philosopher statesman scientist and Patriot Franklin began his last will and testament with the declaration that Quot i Benjamin Franklin Printer a Many years earlier he had ceased to be an Active businessman in Philadelphia where he made the modest Fortune that allowed him to serve the City and the Colony of Pennsylvania to spend years in London seeking to quiet the gathering storm that broke into the american revolution and further years in Paris soliciting Aid that was vital to the military Success of the struggling colonies and in negotiating the final peace treaty by which the United states of America was recognized As a new and Independent nation in the new world throughout his Long and fruitful life Benjamin Franklin always regarded himself first of All As a businessman a an entrepreneur a As his will attests. Thus it is As a businessman As the Foremost practitioner of the free Enterprise economic system that the North Carolina citizens Assn honors Benjamin Franklin in this Bicentennial year and presents the Joseph Giffred Duplessis painting of him As a Bicentennial gift to the North Carolina museum of Art and thus to the people of North Carolina. Because Franklin was a Man of seemingly unlimited parts the aspect of him As a self made Man of business whose Success was compounded of Diligence integrity and intelligence which were applied in the years of colonial history that permitted a Man to Prosper As greatly As he was Able a that Side of Franklin has generally been neglected Franklin was a businessman and a Good one he Learned the printing Trade in Boston and later As a Young Man during a two year stay in London. He came Home to Philadelphia to work for an established Printer quarrelled with him borrowed Money to buy his own press Type faces and other equipment and went into business for himself. He did not have an easy time of it in the beginning having to delay repayment of his debts beyond the agreed upon Date of settlement. He had Competition but he overcame it by supplying a Superior product he might have been quite successful As Printer alone but As a Man always vitally concerned with Public affairs it was natural that he should Start his own newspaper. The Pennsylvania Gazette. Like any ambitious businessman he was constantly looking for ways to expand had Franklin remained ail his life merely a Printer and a publisher and even had he become a Man of great wealth then history would not have accorded him the Large place he occupies. Having made himself financially Independent in business having startled and delighted the world with his experiments and discoveries in the realm of electricity and with his ingenious inventions from which incidentally he sought and made Little financial gain this Man of Philadelphia found himself Ever More involved in the quest of preserving the climate of free Enterprise which had allowed him to Prosper while serving ably and with dedication a nation stronger and sounder because of his manifold contributions to its ongoing. North Carolina business honors itself in honouring the memory a and contributions of Benjamin Franklin in a world going socialist a some 118 out of 142 nations of the world Are now socialist tyrannies a with a Bare 24 tree Economy democracies we Are the world s newest least understood and Little loved minority. It is Good to see North Carolina raise Ben Franklin s Standard that should become a Beacon Light encouraging Freedom minded folks everywhere multinationals Cia went hand in hand by Jack Anderson United feature Syndicate Washington for years the Central intelligence Agency has known All about illegal foreign payoffs by multinational corporations. The state and defense departments too were at least aware that foreign leaders were being systematically bribed we have pieced together the Story from several government sources it was Standard practice they report for the multinationals to keep in Contact with the Cia about information that would be helpful in securing contracts abroad our sources distinctly recall that Lockheed representatives for example participated in briefings with the Cia in various u s. Embassies like their holdings the Power of these great multinational inuit billion Dollar consortium extends beyond any National boundaries some have become governments unto themselves with their own foreign service intelligence apparatus secret codes and other governmental trappings some corporations including Lockheed have used a secret intelligence group composed of former Cia agents in London although Lockheed claims to have Cut its ties with the group our sources say the secret organization is still operating Cia officials questioned behind closed doors by sen. Frank Church s subcommittee. Denied any knowledge of the foreign payoffs. The Agency nevertheless provided the Sif committee with a biography of Yoshio Kodamo Lockheed a $7 million consultant in Japan we have also established that the state department kept tabs on multinational dealings including the under table payments. Foreign service officers made it their business to know whom the corporations were dealing with on foreign soil informed sources swear yet for the record the state department also has denied any knowledge of the bribery the defense department also maintained a secret list of foreign agents who received commissions on defense contracts from multinational corporations the military brass should have been aware from the list say our sources that illegal Money was being slipped to foreign bigwigs incidentally our sources acknowledge somewhat ruefully that the bribery often produced contracts White House revolt president Ford s speech researchers threatened to walk out in Masse just As he was hitting stride in his political Campaign two weeks ago. If the five researchers had quit. Ford would have been deprived suddenly of experts who search out the facts not Only for his political speeches but for his foreign and Domestic pronouncements they also produce the research for the White House staff on a variety of subjects the Squall blew up in the office of Robert Hartmann the Veteran Ford aide who supervises presidential speech writing and the research that goes into it. After three unhappy speechwriters quit last december Hartmann reorganized his office. As part of the change he assigned a trusted political aide Owen Anderson to supervise the researchers even though she has Little research experience. Is Anderson tangled with the respected White House research chief. Agnes Waldron and tried to fire her. When is Waldron s Loyal staff heard the news they All threatened to quit with varying degrees of vehemence. But they deferred the walkout until is. Waldron could get a hearing before or James Connor the amiable presidential Cabinet Secretary who has also developed into an informal White House mediator. Connor As diplomatic with staffers As he is with testy department Heads urged everyone to Quot Cool it Quot while a solution was worked out that would keep president Ford supplied with research letter to the editor at this writing is. Waldron is still at the White House but there is no Assurance she will stay. Meanwhile. Is. Anderson is holding her own supervision of the speech researchers to a cautious minimum footnote Hartmann could not be reached for comment some White House insiders blame him for the flare up while others say he is helping to resolve it. Is Anderson and is Waldron did not return our Calls. Another revolt to appease the Fri s powerful friends in Congress the House intelligence committees criticism of the Fri was watered Down on orders of the staff chief. A. Searle Field this caused a mini revolt among the staff members who prepared the Fri Section of the report infuriated they fired off an angry letter of protest to Field charging that the weakened report was an a unhappy Structure which a we Don t senator soaper chemistry or what 11976 by no a inc a live got an idea. When the Field Narrows Down a bit More let s learn the names of the democratic candidates for president Quot to those who think that for in 1040 should be simplified it is pointed out that psychiatric help is a deductible medical expense i scientists Are undecided As to Why the Sun shines Well Why it As Long As its up anyway congressman sludge pump says the older voters Are getting smarter. You can no longer make them wild promises on the theory they won t remember. New lids on Campaign spending May give us the Choice next november Between two of the cheapest politicians in recent years to the editor we do live in strange times indeed in mondays Enterprise on Page 2b an article by Bill Noblitt quoted a consultant As saying that one of the key elements in determining the Choice of a location of an Industry was the a a chemistry Between Community leaders and company executives naturally my Eye caught the word a a chemistry and i thought that i May have missed something in my years of study. Then i got it and the Wisdom of the Ages settled on my brow the consultant who seemed to come from a firm of accountants must have been an avid Reader of Ann Landers although i have never read it she circulates a pamphlet entitled a Quot is it love or chemistry a i wish she had used the word a hormones instead of a chemistry a then i would have been reminded of a cartoon i once saw in which the female chemist is saying to the male chemist both in White Coats and in close proximity. Quot Tell me it Isnit just hormones a i am now sure that the consultant and Ann Landers used the word a a chemistry in different senses in spite of the Many server Sites of modern society and then to Cap All i misread Bill Noblitt a by line As after noon dallies instead o a afternoon dailies and for a moment everything seemed to fall into place. Christopher l. Wilson Shadow Valley Roa t

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