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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 23, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Pace Fot i Sec. Athe High Point Enterprise Pimont Center of Industry twill Point North Carolina thursday March 23, 193 High Point Enterprise r. B. d. A. Rawley secy and treas. Hammett a. Cecil Gen. Mgr. Published afternoons and sunday mornings rants it As we Are confident it will within a Short time we shall build our own building As we have done in a j p Rawley. Publisher mob 1913�?193? _ Capus m. subscription rates Emily and sunday by Carrier in High Point and nearby town twelve month. Six months. Three month one month. One Ween. 110 40 $ 5.20 a 2.6j .90 to Carr i Are in nearby town Art not twin a Tad to collect for More than one week in Advance. Carrier in City Ara not permitted to col Lect Tor a period of More than five weeks. U a subscription for a longer period is desk cd payment should be made direct to the associated pre is exclusively entitled to the use for republication of a news dispatches credited to it or not Otho Wise credited in that paper and also the local new published therein. Member of audit Bureau of circulation _ entered a second Cia matter at the pc Toff ice in High Point n. A. Under the act of Oungre of March 8. 1872. National adv. Representative the John Bidi co. 420 Lexington ave. New York City thursday March 23. 1939. O. A we i for the father himself Loveth you because be have loved me. And have believed that i came out from John 16 27. A a a the heart of him who truly loves is a Paradise on Earth he has god in himself for god is love. Lam Ennis. New Goli Rush for North c Arolina Ance this Section was the West pm worlds chief Gold producing area perhaps the chief Gold producing area of the world. Followed the discovery of Gold in California african Fields were developed and Alaska came into the picture. Under the influence of More easily mined and Richer deposits our Gold mining wilted. Today the reminders of the other Days of Gold induced affluence Are the ruins of old mining Sites faint memories in the minds of very aged persons and obscure records in the books. In the land however there remains perhaps As much Gold As Uncle Sam has hidden underground in Kentucky. At least it would make a very considerable increase of that Cache a enough to disturb the monetary balance of the world. It is thinly distributed hard to mine with High priced labor but it lies there recurrently challenging the cupidity of capital and invention. Now we hear that Charlotte is about to witness a revival of the Gold mining business. Listen to this from the Charlotte observer Charlotte within the next six weeks or two months will become the officially recognized Center of the Gold mining Industry in the United states with a Stock Exchange to handle transactions in mining stocks and a Gold producing business that within five years should double the City s present population. That a a prediction by certain gentlemen who Are interested in restoring Charlotte As the american Gold capital. It is the kind of statement calculated to make an impression on the Queen City where mint Street is factual and remembrance somewhat clearer than in other quarters of the Gold bearing terrain. Charlotte after All is Only a few Miles from where the largest Gold Nugget Ever found was exhumed. But Charlotte is also the Home of a very canny of Covenanter who Are Likely to examine the Teeth of any Gold mining nag that May Lye brought along. We Hope with Charlotte that there Are vision and understanding of the nature of the physical problem of getting Gold but of a them thai Fields but revival of the old Gold mining interest in this state has been tried often but to languish. Say the promoters a we were convinced that enough Gold exists in this Region to make this the Gold Center of the country in a Short time and we Felt that it should also be the financial Center of the Gold business in the United states. It was for that reason that we decided to establish a Stock Exchange Here and we have already obtained the charter from the Secretary of state of North Carolina and we Are now fulfilling the necessary Sec regulations. The Stock Exchange will not tie limited to trading in mining stocks but May also engage in other Stock trading. It will of course be very carefully supervised and will permit on its hoards the stocks of reputable concerns. For a time the Exchange will operate in rented offices but ii the Busine War Canada for britishers Canada having a thin population of stubbornly British people has been pictured by some people As the Likely future Center of the British Empire. The land area is adequate for the entire mass of the people of the British Isles and it is not subject to the dangers of easy invasion. The climate is keen enough even for an englishman. In the current Issue of the american Mercury an englishman h. W. Seaman deals More or less facetiously with the possibilities of a wholesale migration. He writes there Are Only forty Odd millions of us in England. Less than the 500.-000,000 pounds which according to the lord Chancellor a few Days air bombardment would Cost will pay for the wattage of All of us across the Atlantic to safety. A England will be again the Sweet pastoral land which god intended it to be. It will be More than Ever w Orth defending. An invader would have to reckon not Only with the Garrison hut with the whole embattled Empire. I do not believe that any nation would be so Foolhardy As to contemplate such an invasion. Only we English and our near relatives Are Tough enough to live in England. Frenchmen exposed to our fogs and Vapours would be exterminated in one generation. Italians would drop off like flies. As for germans if the climate did not finish them the Irish is this democracy a dispatch from Raleigh to the Winston Salem journal on the 21st instant bore this ominous message a three times loser to their opponents in committee hearings Wilkes republicans Are in for some More rough going it was indicated tonight. Ready to be introduced Are at least two More Bills aimed at them by democrats. Who will introduce the Bills and just what they will provide is still unrevealed. But it is known that they will be designed to hamstring the . In Wilkes to a greater extent than so is this democracy is it necessary in the least to hamstring the Republican party in Wilkes in order that the True principles of Thomas Jefferson May prevail the pronouncement of or. Jefferson that a fall men Are created free and equal a that is before the Law a bore no reference to party divisions. There is no crime in being a Republican. Neither is it a crime for republicans who comprise the greater part of the voting populace in a county to cry aloud for recognition in the matter of appointments. To live and let live is a principle that should actuate a party in Power As Well As the minority. Wilkes county should by no Means be the shape Goat upon which is heaped the weight of partisan dictatorial decrees. It is not even bad political policy to be fair at least to the under dog. In the news to say the least Hitler is fast changing the map of Europe. Yesterdays Atlas is out of style today. The Greensboro news says that Mussolini has not congratulated Hitler on his Czecho slovakian annexation. A Well a continues the news a it is right unusual to congratulate a fellow for putting dynamite under your own ii Duce has at least let it be known that the annexation is a wok by Italy France and England Are alike in one thing they will stand much from Hitler As Long As he does not tread too hard upon their of n toes. Now that the ice men have had their say in High Point it is Well to consider How both the ice Man and the milk Man contribute to the welfare of North Carolina citizens a last year 63 plants manufactured and sold in the state 3,500,000 Gallons of ice Cream sherbets and ices and the Dairy products used in these plants had a value of $2,000,000.�?� longer holding off coyly and kidding us began to get Down to the business of warming up our Section of this his favorite offspring. In theory that is. In practice it is still a sad Little Spring in these parts. Still have patience mates. It will come. The leaves will flare. The sky will go Blue the Clouds will turn fat and floating Thunder stacks will Tower on the horizon. The land will stir from its Long waiting and sigh and its in the news when a Northern periodical can speak the truth about the negro. The Christian science Monitor says a while the negro population continues greatest in the South it is Clear that problems pertaining to the negroes Are no longer sectional but National the country owes the negro a fair Deal whether he lives North or the Salisbury Post inquires a what to do with the Czechoslovakia exhibit at the new York worlds fair the most representative thing would be to hang a Black Flag Over this pungent sentence brings the sad plight of the Little sex nation Home to us. However America the Foster father would be unwise to treat her offspring in such style. The czechs have endured through Many centuries and will continue to endure for with them As with the jews is that feeling of Solidarity As a race. Their Handiwork should be show n every consideration at the fair even though we hang our Heads Over the deep damnation of what they have been called upon the undergo. The Charlotte news heralds Spring in these words a Well Here it is. While you slept. The Sun swinging northward in relation to ourselves passed the equinoctial Halfway Mark and no Carnegie author of a How to win friends and influence people Walter p. Chrysler was t always an automobile manufacturer. Far from ii he was a Mechanic in the Railroad Yards in Salt Lake City getting $3 for a ten hour Day or thirty cents an hour. Not Only that but he was just one among hundreds. He did no to look different. What one thing do you suppose lifted him above the level of the other and started him up the ladder it was his ability to get things done dozens of other men could tinker with a hot Box just As Well As he could but they did t have the most important trait of being Able to get things done in spite of every obstacle. To illustrate what i mean a one Day a crisis arose. The engine on the crack train Between Salt Lake City and Denver went lame. It was operating on Only one Side. No other engine could be used. This meant that the train would not Only be late. It meant it would not go at All. The famous flyer would have to stand Idle in Hie station. Hundreds of people would be delayed miss their appointments. The reputation of the Railroad would suffer. The master Mechanic was frantic. Twelve of clock noon and the train had to leave at three. He told the Hest Man in the Yard that the Back Cylinder head had blown out. The Man Shook his head. That would take Twenty hours. He consulted another Man. Same answer. Then he saw Young Mechanic Chrysler. He asked him if he could put in a Back Cylinder head by three. Young Chrysler knew the engine. He knew intimately and expertly what had to be done. But he did not hesitate. A will do it if you la give me two two helpers great guns he could have every Helper in the Railroad Yards the engine was wheeled out to Tho Roundhouse pit at ten minutes after twelve. Young Chrysler actually leaped onto the engine before it stopped rolling. The fire was raked from the boilers into the Ash pit. But Chrysler did t wait for it t Cool. He hopped in. It burned his shoes. But he kept stripping off wrist pins nuts bolts and studs. He worked with a intensity. That we As for him the most important Job in the world a and he was going to do it at last he called the master Mechanic. A tile Job s ten minutes of three. The master Mechanic was overjoyed. The crack train pulled out on time. This incident changed Walter Chrysler whole life. It made him known. It raised him head and shoulders above the Herd. He was immediately made Foreman with ninety men under him. His ability to achieve what seemed impossible had started him upward. He had drawn attention to himself by one outstanding accomplishment. He accomplished More in that two hours and dirty minutes than he had in ail the other time he had a pent Lotta shops put together the Road to the East set r a a. It veg a Viva . Via twi Wawa a. Waller winched on Hoad Whf Trade Mark Belitt led copyright. Ims. Dan Mirror. Iou . .v.v. new York heartbeat face about town senator Elmer Thomas of Oklahoma inkling West on 53rd Street near the Stork club. A handsome Man with hair the Shade of Ivory. Dolly Stark the baseball Umpire who in t married As it emed a but we ill be Dunning the playwright and his Lovely wife and daughter. Irene Dunne who is Here to witness la Bankhead a Fine performance in a the Little foxes in Case rho buys it for the magic lanterns Bill Corum hastening for the Penn deep to loll in front of the Roney pleasure s Cabanas. Some Guys have All the Luck shucks Ethel Merman the Thrail Phrom the a stars in your eyes Quot Prolic being urged to sing a ditty from it in a night spot. A what a she said a at these prices a. Franchot tone and Bort Lahry or Beauty and the Jimmy walkers in Ruby foods Den a a couple of Chow Meini acs. John Roosevelt Button holing a Newspaperman and saying a now Locka Here can i Trust you? which the reporter grimly replied a your father Hallie in our Alley Jack Osterman spotted Eleanor Holm and Billy Rose in his a Little club the other yawning and staid to the Bantam Barnum a Why done to you Gimme a Job in that aquacade you re doing at the fair a Rose asked Jack Why a Eye gawd a Osterman Yod eled a a Haven to i been in enough dives Areddy a. A director of a new show was bawling out an actress for her opening performance. A Why a he Why do was no to your heart in your part a. A because a she because a it was in my Mouth a Midtown Vignette it happened last night in the tavern on West 48th Street where most of the actors and radio favourites gather to talk shop. We keep from overhearing the following repartee at the next table. A what Cha doing these Days a asked the first fellow. A a in Man actor now a said the other. A a in a in the american Way show. A Biz fatso Quot said the first. A i saw it last night. What part do you play a ohm a the actor a i have a great part. You probably could no to remember me there Are 250 in the cast. But me be you remember the scene where the spa workers come on Well in a the Guy in the sort of Center Over to the Middle. A have you any lines a asked the play goer. A no i Haven to said the actor a but the Feller next to me has a i memo of a mid Nighter Charles Butterworth a new coast Romance but serious is Lois Early Nice girl too there a a girl at the Weylin who sings it a Jee pahs Cree pahs where a git those pee Perris a Henny Youngman says Chamberlain has Given up holding an umbrella and is now holding the hag. Michel Mok can to recall its Parent a definition of a plagiarist one who gives birth to an adopted baby.,.a Broadw Ayite was groaning on March 16 a gosh a he said a i did no to sleep so Good last night a yeah a said a listener a you and fifteen millions czechs a the saturday even a Post is readying a rapier review of a West coast movie Para Graplar. Tom Woods auth i Rig. Strange Isnit it the worlds fair theme is the world of tomorrow a and Grover Whalene a Mustache is As dated As the Spanish american War Vernon Pope editor of look is in town from Des Moines checking data on a piece concerning their majesties it s a new mint to girl for the Sonny Whitney at drs. Hosp.,. That s a swell idea they Are cooking up having the club 18 change its address on sunday nights Only a and putting their show on at the Stork club no Deal yet however. New York novelette he a a Cyrano a quasimodo a Quixote an epitome of All the ugliest gargoyles in history. She a a combination of the worlds greatest beauties retaining the Best features of each. The town opened its eyes when they began going together. It was As though miss universe and a Side show Freak were sweethearts of course everybody said it was her pity for him that shed soon Jeave him and break his heart poor fellow. And so nobody was surprised when they parted and she became the Darling of one of Hollywood a handsomest actors. What people done to know is that she is crying herself to sleep Over the lost Lover who jilted that when her handsome husband to be kisses Here she closes her eyes and thinks of s. L. Souk in the night in the hav Ana Madrid the trouble with sitting next to a bore like you is that every now and then i fall awake. At club Gaucho a ashes got the Kinda figure that makes a sweater an entertainment. In Coq Rouge a they re expecting Franchot tone Petal a no Mcclelland Bakleh and Jules Glaenzer you know. Al Morocco a circus in the russian Kretchmar that was no income tax she signed a that was a confession a. In the Casa Manana a sit Down and rest yer mind the Diamond Horseshoe a if i have a nervous breakdown in a Gonna name it after la Cava a the wants to change her 14th Street dresses into fifth Avenue Negligee at the Midnight Sun the Only part that Ham could Ever get is the one in his club 18 a this conversation is made up of his friends secrets. Leon and eddies a this hands have a habit of cuddling you up to him�?�,.in the Stork a the goes around telling everybody that he gives his old suits to Lucius paging father time ten years ago local new a the High Point College debating team will meet the Wake Forest team at the local College tonight. John l. Moore 68, Well known citizen who lived on West Lexington Avenue Extension died at his Home yesterday afternoon he was a prosperous Farmer and a stockholder in the Moore express company of this City. New briefs the a Blue devils a a dance orchestra composed of Duke University students will play in Belgium during the coming the Cambridge Crew Defeated Oxford in a boat race for the sixth consecutive time today. A the flood menace has spread to Tennessee. A report says that 18 persons were drowned near Harriman today. Boy scouts will stand guard Over the body of marshal Foch of France in the imposing ceremony which will Mark his funeral tuesday Mark 26. Twenty years ago compiler note a the Enterprise was not published sunday March 23, 1919. The following excerpts Are from a later Issue in the same month mourned a dead alive and Well thought dead since Octol it Ell. 1918, Geter w. Adkins a Soldier has Tele graphed his father James Adkins 119 Grace Street that he has just arrived at Camp Jackson and would he Home in a few Days. It was the first information from or about the son that the father had received since october when he was informed that his son had died in a British Hospital of pneumonia. Geter w. Adkins was originally a member of company a the local Uryth of the old first North Carolina infantry. Ile was reported wounded during the break of the impregnable ? Hindenburg line that information reaching his father october 8 on the Lith came the news that he died of pneumonia. ,. Adkins is the second High Point Man officially reported dead to have informed his people that he was very much alive. The first was George c. Wright in w Hose memory memorial services were held at the City auditorium last summer. New Yorch lds those wonderful photos of new York City you can pick out your own apartment in the windows of the n. Y. Times 7th Avenue Side the Happy tune a Sunrise serenade. Glen Gray a Casa Loma recordings for Decca of All the Hoagy Carmichael classics Star dust two sleepy people Lazy Bones rocking chair Etc. A Dodge City a Warner Biff bang Binger. Russ morgans rhythms via a Rcd better than Ever. A outward bound a one of the loveliest plays in town at the playhouse. A Vereda tropical a a a Cole Porter discovery from Cuba and Mexico to be published Here slow and sensuous Rumba. Broadway Ballad it was at a rehearsal of one of the night club revues the Chorine were sitting around resting Between numbers. The featured girl Singer was trying oin tunes submitted by several songwriters. She finally came to one titled a a there a Only one love a and yet there should be two&Quot.,. She picked it As the one she wanted to use in the show there a something about this she said Quot that Sticks in my heart. And so it should be told to her that the ditty was composed especially for her by a newcomer who sits in a Corner of the place every afternoon a listening to her repeat the words he wrote because he Hasni to the courage to Tell her himself. Observation the prettiest girls in town in the 56th Street windows of Bonwit Teller so in out of town girls who come to new York for a a a break and realize How Good they had it Back Home the Drunken woman at 5�?~2nd and 6th insulting men passersby the old lady on a 5th Avenue bus Reading the headlines to a Blind companion who kept saying a awful awful. The two flip girls in a roadster in this weather yet honking their Horn flirtatious by at Corner shops along 6th Avenue where the a Al Quot used to be a putting up awnings Tor the first time Bruce Catton in Washington by Bruce Catton Washington. March 23. A til american ship of state sails Tiroui perilous seas these Days a seas full of hidden rocks treacherous currents and dense fogs. For guidance the ships pilots have a body of doctrine known As american foreign policy. And because the course a America takes in International affairs to a Day is determined by. Principles Wlinich that Bruce Catton policy is based on every America ought to understand precisely win that policy is. It can be defined easily enough. It is not vague or indefinite a men matter of expediency or unwritten Law. The definition which will be malt in this and succeeding articles is based on a careful study of recent trend and developments within the a a department. Broadly speaking. American foreign policy today can be summed up at follows we stand for the maintenance Ai peace renunciation of the use of Force As an instrument of National policy and the peaceful settlement of Intel National disputes. W to if 4 of All treaties and for the modifies Tion of treaties Only by process in orderly negotiation. We stand for the removal of a Quot tiers to International Trade and Foi the principle of Equality of commery Cial Opportunity and treatment. We stand for the reduction of Arn agents. And we stand for International col operation to uphold these principles. So much for the Broad principle what do they mean in actual Pray lice Complete isolation is out the Basic Factor is that As so re tary Hull secs it today Serrur ? is whether International Law and or Der shall prevail or anarchy and brim Force. Because that Issue is dominant. America cannot waive Hgt a rights fail to protect her interests ahro.,1 in such a situation a the one now prevailing in China for instance because to do so would be to encourage the disregard of Law and Ord a. T to being True America must be f armed All of v �?T�1 Ich or ins that Arr a a % cannot be completely isolationist. To # administration has no intent Ion of a policing the world and it insists up on retaining Complete Freedom of action but a return to the Era of International Law and order implies a def Gree of International co operation that co operation will not the administration insists Lead to a involve Man tsp and entanglements abroad but it must include efforts to Restor peace and to rebuild the kind of or Ter National order in which enduring peace is possible. Furthermore the administrate sees the widespread trend toward Etc nomic aut Archy and self sufficiency with the innumerable Trade Barrie which that trend creates a a Fri Ful source of the world s unrest. Hem the emphasis which it puts on seer tary hulls Trade agreements or Gram. This program As a fundament part of american foreign policy today is of course primarily designed to ii crease the voluble of our own foreign Trade. But it is also designed to befit the countries we Ith which to agreements Are negotiated. By Lea b ing to a general expansion of Inte National Trade it is designed to living standards. World Trade a necessity the state departments argue on that Point goos like this without the economic Securi which a healthy movement of intr National Trade tends to create. O world is not going to have politic stability. Without political Stabile there cannot to any permanently or-1 Derly or peaceful relations bet wee nations. Consequently one of of greatest contributions to recovery an world peace would be a contribute to Tho revival of world Trade and removal of Trade barriers. But there is More to it than that the alternative to seeking a Revi of world Trade and a restoration the old Era of International order to turn our backs on the whole f eign scene and become As Odas possible. This in the stated apartment View would compel us to organize our entire social and decor Mic Structure. It would mean a Low living Standard lower wages a a manent and steadily increasing Unherr ploy Cut problem. The administration has rejected the solution and its foreign policy Toda reflects that fact. All that has been discussed so i is the general framework and Phi in Ophy of the nations foreign policy better understanding of it can be Gar cd through study of its application specific instances in the Orient. It instance in South America and in a rope. Those instances will be examined succeeding articles. I m 50, and happily 50, and Happi so because in a still on the stage Elsie Janis. Although we cannot place h Hitler in the same rank with not a Leon he May yet make several of Napoleon a mistake. A Winston Churchill

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