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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 18, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Stith Tom a the High Point Enterprise Piwcio ii Center of Industry High Point North Carolina monday March in. I to while h port a editor of a Hanle is a via it for the Day aka a Harry i noon. Ron Roctor of a column of i own called a i he payoff a will fill till two column Page majors have famine of southpaws reds and cards wallowing in mire of cellar Brooklyn. Bort Haas vol inc innate Mike Mccormick stealing Bookie show a a a of of a a a of of nationals strut after stomping Amer St. Petersburg Fla., March 18.�?someone asked Joe Mccarthy Why the Yankees gave the reds Joe Beggs of their Newark farm for lanky Lee Grissom and his questionable Arm. I. A gris some a left handed Isnit he a replied the manager the Grapefruit Lead of the world champions As though that were something out proved anything to Date ii of the Ordinary. And it is for Good southpaws suddenly have thai the Cincinnati Beds ? become As scarce As capable catchers. Lark Griffith cracked Jeu i Iff Grissom i in Quot fight for Mccarthy. Something about Washington having the finest port siders in the business which Well be True for Bow legged Joe Krakauskas and Kendall c Hase have tremendous possibilities. But right now Carl Hubbell would have to do a Complete comeback to give the majors two really High class left handers. And the other is the 40-year-old Robert Moses Grove. I it. Mob at use the equivalent of $<5,000 Philadelphia phone of who has vet to Demon Phi a Diephu athletic a Johnny Vander Moor startled the baseball world with successive no hit no run performances in 1938, but was a bust last trip. Vernon Gomez was mow form. Milnor come through Marcus Russo of the Yankees is a remarkable Prospect but Larry French of the cubs and Bob Weiland of the cardinals will Surprise if they do any better than they have in the past. Al Milnar of the indians find himself one of these Fine Days. Hut Thornton i be of the White sox Cliff Melton of the giants Howard Mills of the Browns. Fritz Ostermueller of the red sox Milburn Shoffner of the reds Vito Tami Dis and Al Hollingsworth of the dodgers Are on the mediocre Side. Other left handed hopefuls Are Lanier and Tom Sunkel of the red Birds and Macon of the Brooklyn. Clyde shoun of the cards is a Relief worker. The pirates gave Syracuse for a 8-foot 9-Inch Johnny gee. Strate he can Field a bunt in major league fashion. And this is As Good a time As any to relate that the belief that All left handers Are screw Halls is a fallacy. Possess natural advantage did you Ever Knoy a More sensible Hall player than Hubbell remember Eddie Plank lefty Gomez in t half As Daffy As he is painted. He a just a Good natured kid Basing a lot of fun and Choc Ful of class. Sure Rube Waddel Ysas left handed but bugs Raymond was right handed and he Yves As eccentric As the Rube. A left hander has a natural Ady anlage in pitching for several reasons. One is that the hitters see fewer left handers than right handers. And i recall when Charley Graham smart owner of the san Francisco club would hire any left hander who could get the Hall Over the plate. A a that a about All he has to remarked Graham. Why the shortage of left handers that a hard to figure out. Perhaps it is because mothers Are teaching the youngsters to throw As Well a seat and do everything else right handed. Sports in flume Mil Utz by Judson Bailey Amhi Ard press sports editor of baseballs Spring squirt. Lie has it is i Aud St. Louis Ltd animals Are about to 1 have a great to Xvi club race for last place in the Grapefruit league. Playing Tho Samp Brand of opponents the new York Yankees and each other the cardinals have managed to fake the lowest i Crouch in file cellar by losing seven oui of nine zanies Btu the reds have dropped six out of eight to make a Stout fight. Tiu it us it kit the Cleveland indians on the other hand have won foul and lost none of their exhibition zanies and the Detroit tigers Hae triumphed in six and dropped one. It just goes to show that the Spring struggles Ara All in fun or of least futility. In the Early innings of the Grapefruit grind a year ago the cardinals were set Ting a hot Pace for All the major league Chiba and the indians were not even threatened As cellar champions. Lot of k \ in kill i a k \ tilt a a lot of managers have been experimenting. Possibly As a re suit there seem to have been fewer Rookie a Spring sensations than in the past. Exceptions might he Belt Haas of the Brooklyn dodgers who stole Home once against the reds and hit two homers and a single i in another game and Mike Mccormick of the reds. Who broke up one game with two triples and a double. From the amps nats banking Onsi Hudso As full timer the handing Chih Cleveland indians Detroit tigers Boston red sox Chicago White sox new York Yankee new York Olanta Chicago Cuba to ton bees Pittsburgh pirate St Louis Browns Brooklin dodger inter Intra Sii league league 0-0 1-0 to 1-0 a-1 of 0-0 0-1 0-0 0.0 t-0 0-0 2-0 0-0 0-0 the Sands of time Are having difficulty obliterating this Trio of 40-year-old veterans. Hob Grove. Bolton red sox Pitcher above. Left started his career in 1020. Ted Lyon. White sox standby below left began his stretch in 1023 and Gabby a Hartnett cub Catcher who broke in Back in 1021, still Wield a mean Bat. Sees Crew set Feller Aback i ninth inning rally Fin fire Baller ins 2-1 Dee lion for Knacker is nats by Whitney Martin Tampa Fla. March 18.�? Pic the Long abused National 1 leagues today strutted the streets in Broad Daylight and if pressed very lightly would say casually a ooh yes the american league. We had their stars Over for a practice game yesterday. Beat them 2 to i with our which in a ence is True. The National league All stars did win an exhibition game which More than 1.1,000 spectators contributed approximately 20.000 to the i finnish Relief fund to see. And i three substitutes did blend their talents to score the winning run in the ninth inning proved nothing i but in reality the game proved nothing except that the pitchers Are far ahead of the hatters in Spring raining arid that a lineup of sluggers is just another lineup when the fast ones and not the i hurlers Are snapping however the Victory was greeted gleefully by the senior circuit. For a Spring exhibition it a a corking Ball game with the big Surprise the inability of the Row on Row of siege guns in the Ameria an lineup to get much More than a loud foul they were held to five hits Rill Dickey and Frank Cros Etti getting two each and Jimmy Foxx one and none was better than a single the National leagues collected six flows. All singles putting two of them together in the ninth for All Star game yesterday. Vin by the a Nam lated pre Pitts ii ugh pirates san Bernardino Calif. Frankie Frisch plans to carry full Crew of Pittsburgh Pira almost up to 15, when a. J league squads must he Cut to players. His idea is to get a go look at the rookies under fire St. Kolis Lardin m s St. P Rte re i big Lively stepper in the Grapefruit league the Detroit tigers we seeking their Tutti straight vie tory Imlay As they engaged the St. Louis cardinals. The Hosp Tai list of the redbirds was reducer i by the recovery of Johnny mire and Curt Davis How Ever and they hoped to Square accounts. Rih m in by v ill Ink re Clearwater. Els. To that Hugh Casey would Hail Good year with the Brooklyn p gees were bolstered by his r Formant against the Boston ref sox yesterday he allowed c one hit in file innings and Down his first la foes in Ord it senators Orlando teammates on the Washington senators Are discovering that Sui Hudson Rookie pit her who held the Detroit tigers witless for three innings yes Ferda. Gets his Power from height rather than heft he weighs Only Ita hut stands feet four. X recruit from the class d Hor Ida league he is being counted on to support dutch Leonard As a regular for Washington. Lle Liam Imp is fort Myers a. Manas Oscar Vin of the Cleveland i Diane in t worried a bit by to fact Rob Feller did t Shine in to 4-t 5-1 o-4 2-5 0-i 1-i 0-0 2-5 Wnm Hington senator 1-1 0-2 Cincinnati re 0-4 2-2 St Boul cardinals. 2-3 0-4 1-1 4-3 1-3 w on i the Pine w York. M Frankie Frisch will so Down in the books As he toughest Ager in baseball this year you Don t believe it. Ask rates. Edit in Meary Armstrong Are Baths at hot Spring Hayes known to you Bonaire Umpire says ways from that Mark rail pm in the Cana ran league this year a de Danforth Tania Lour Nal a we have been stubbed in the Back a. A at Altoun in a current weekly depicts Auto tourists pausing Al this sign a Atlanta City limit turns Quot and Hen or King the tint i 0 the i 11 i Miles a Long i Bill will a Tiai Nerino a All correction ambers and Jenkins Wilt not go id maybe later. Freddie Corcoran tournament manager of the Pala is bringing a negro Caddy North from Bradenton. Fla. For exhibition Pur poses ,. The Guy recently shot a 65, equalling the course record. Ernie Quigley Supei visor of umpires in the National league was in charge of officiating at the National basketball tournament at Kansas City. A Patty in Tova no. I Winter Imp in Glt of favorite is Patty Berg. Maxwell Stiles lists the Best Bels As Patty Berg follows in lie i Ais Angeles sports weekly Patty Berg Law son Little Clayton Ileal nor Byron Nelson Dick Meta Dud Ward. Henry pit Ani. Ralph Guldahl Elizabeth Hicks Jim fender. A a Connie Mack not know it. Lint he s hoarding a Carbon copy of Rube Waddell in Jennings Poindexter. The Tribune says the repercussion from the c. Of Chicago s attack on intercollegiate football apparently has left the game in the Middle West in a stronger position than it has been in years. ,. Unless they elevate one of the assistant Roaches. Florida is going to have a Tough time finding somebody to succeed Josh Cody / bowl women Bowling is the greatest indoor sport Iii tile world. It is a game Ilia women can compete with men and some time a goo Pound finds himself at the mercy of a in Pound girl. Loin the coterie of women howlers every tuesday and thursday. It thrilling and it keeps you physically fit. Arcade amusement company yid Yde by u Ding pro am. Title team crowned i Nix or it i of \ Irginia student. Boston Bro no in i Pinehurst Piner i St. March i c Ltd the pro Amateur prelude yesterday to the North and soul open coif tournament Wally Robert Frackelton. Or. Poughkeepsie. N y. A i Niveo of Virginia student and John i ten of Boston. Mas with 31-32 is. Frackelton. With a six s stroke Handicap helped his part i Nee on seven Hole. Runners up whip Bobby ii Knowles of Brookline. Mass., Aud i Byron Nelson of Toledo. National open Champion with 31-31 6 4. A stroke behind at 65. Were five other pro Amateur pairs. They were Sonny Laxier Atlantic City n j., and Henry Chard Hershey a. 12-11 65. H Mayo. Or. New York Aud Tony Penna. Dayton. 0�?z 31-3 1 65. J. T. Hunter. North Adam ma., and Sam Snead. White Sulphur Springs Vav. A. 32-33 65. Mel de a rec Salem. .ma., and Jim Turner Southern Pines 31-34 is John a. Roberts. Columbus and Johnny revolt. Evanston 11131-15 66 a a a today College Day in a a. U. Tourney Denver March is .4>, what does a basketball player at a National a. A. Tournament do when he in t playing basketball that s easy. He watches other fellow play basketball. These Are come Early and tay late Day at Cage Dom s a world series in the High roofed City auditorium and the longest Sitters and the smartest a Cracker Quot among the onlookers Are athletes who have a game hooked for later in the Day or pet haps not until the next. Today i College Day at the 33rd National with 12 games scheduled. All nine collegiate teams entered answer the referee whistle. Including the 20th southwestern Oklahoma teachers team that oath Rankin Williams has fetched to the National. A Ca it be a mor title so Uter. S. C., March is Sumter won he National v. M c. A Junior invitational Backet Ball tournament Here saturday night. Heating Charleston. Vav. A. Id to 2k in the filial game. Pitchers hardiest perennials among major league veterans it a a a a Smith Ward team sinks Poe Mandley the Hall Imp ordered Feller to take things i and fold Catcher Rollie rpm to see that the lows Flash foiled instructions. Both obeyed hers. By or by Bron Ofield Neas my its writer the old Guy with the Cut ver fail to get hindu d. Hut he s having waving to t of major in give up few Hall icy the n the Lenity Duful wont a i id 3 a in i in hut Nan of of Aura nit ext option in which Quot Are pitchers. Oldest combatant in Hurley Root Chicago t us Pitcher of la Mummer who broke in with the Brown ill 1021. Hilo ii Eli sent years Iii tin big time after Mill i tilt two a on eat ii wit ii Terre a Abby Hartnett also 40, went jut one year wit ii by Worcester of tile lantern league in i Filiti and then hopped to tilt lib. For whom lie a been catching for in year a record for service with one outfit. At the ago of 4u Sylvester Johnson i still Riis Hing pm up for the Phillies for whom he won eight Aud lost eight a year ago. It Ninny ills Moi Nii. Ali of la great Gardener Johnny Cooney broke in a a Pitcher with the old Boston Brave when he a 2�> years old Back in 1920. After shuttling Back and Forth Between the Mound Outfield Aud first base he went to the gait Den for Good in photon Beeh Bradenton h a set t of the Boston bees is sideline for probably two weeks with an ankle injury suffered in a game against lox Bester hat univ. Ii to Iii Chah ones r a Arr in haute and to Angelo. Boot Iva 193 1 won not games and Lack ii 1 two Frame of having worked Anno inning. He gained an even Plit a year ago with eight Ami eight. Lyons spent in i irl it y relic with one a i b Lanka Boh Grove of the red t test pm i Over e plate Ever Cike i to 1 with Mart in Blue rid ice league in a pm a ii d All 4 t Ycu i m of w Gill 15 and lost it Yea r to in the sox Aud Are in Dot list at of. Nati a slant inc he i org of the 9 2o. Sot old Rob Only foil indication this trip. In i to the Chicago White sox Lilied Tell Lyon away from Baylor University Al Waco tex., and of the to your old right hander a i it been with the club Ever Inre. He a effective enough in i Tutti to win it is ii i in losing Only in. 4 lint Brown i �?1111 winning for the White in Ai 3&Quot, tile giant ail Hubbell at tile same age i the most respected Southpaw la i tie National league. Fir wicking around in t Iii ago. Detroit w a Hiu Loii Boston Aud Cincinnati 87-year-old i Simmon Rome Lunk to Lite athletic a Outfield where he fir a attained stardom. Earl v vet ill de la it. So is the i Charley 16 hut i Luokla r a Iii. P three w i i it Henry a Dona i Engla West e Cutino Fla. March Horton Smith s ability i lied him and tier. Nation Bui in. Wash. To a 4 and 2 vie Ste iday in the 16-Hole tithe .Uuu Amateur pro Al Hest bail tournament. Mooter by the Oak Park. A on the i Natii for a Birdie sent the Victor to lunch i one Ltd advantage Over Poe Reading pay proves and Harold mandly new it Amateur Champion from Field. Conn Chic yg4> Tbs los Angele Quot cubs took on i farm hand today Dene mid South women s tourney under Way Southern Pines ii Thern Pines. March i i a Field that in Mer title Winner promised to in petition keen today Ole medal play mid in a Golf tournament to w Chi in in it of tile a i a round Aid Manx hut w to is the Lilg Toni upper i a it Iii we if Iii ill lilt Entile make in the Smit ii Here. The Deb to Berg of t rants i Nell son Page Winner in. Ester. Mas Helen War won the to pitchers Pyka do at the heavy hit Era on both team were stymied the Parade of Pitcher marched serenely along the american took the Lead in the second inning when i Maggie walked went to second on Dickey single and went Home on Crosett first hit. The National tied if up in the fourth when Oft walked advanced when Harry Danning a hit by bulk Newsom and scored on Demaree single to right beating a Fine throw by William by inches. Boh Feller started the eighth require any gue inning for the americans. He had manager Gabby plenty of stuff hut a wild a Nard of double play pulled him out of Hole in that inning bul in the ninth Ai Lopez Boston Bee Catcher and the Pride of Tampa sent a slashing single to Center went to second when Hal Trosky Cleveland first baseman dropped Rollie hem Ley s throw on Terry Moore sacrifice and scored the winning run on Pete Coscarart single through Short. Ilk it Home hey rth Debbi n4�hr Rill Mckechnie red manager in charge of the National team started Paul Derringer and followed with Kirby High Luke Hamlin. Bucky Walter and Harry Gumbert with Gumbert the Winton four Ning Pitcher. Joe Mccarthy. Ame a ban Pilot who started seven of unworn would he a fit companion i Yankees. Ent red ruffing to that other Southpaw wonder the Mound and followed him with i of Hon it a York Yankee. Left Ewson dutch Leonard eel Ler. A the Chica r to Angel and it Doest no to say the Hartnett eyed were on voting Loo a Nikoff be slugger whom Hartnett want a replace Hank Leiber in Ceri i Field. It. Loi is a Rhyl is Hin y n ton to Bink Newsom is gone Hilt the St. I outs Browns claim to have his successor in Jack Kramer 22-Vcar-old Sophomore with an inimitable Vera Hulara. Xxx re a record of nine vie. Lories and la defeats last year a a Rookie Kramer sat he he great this year. New York y k leh St. Petersburg Fla just when there a beginning to High me question whether lefty let Ding Champion is Pat Milwaukee. Other in led mrs Estelle Law of Chapel Hill 1917 torah Veery of Weir. 1916 Champion Aud in of Pinehurst who ornament in 1914, t \ Bolin is open Niay spartan Rug. S cd a March is a the annual Carolina open Golf tournament will he held at the Spartanburg country Chih 9-12, the 72-Hole medal play w ill he for $ 1.4on prix Money. And lome the former made it Clear he would qualify. In yesterday game with the St. Louis cards Grissom took iwo strikes Hatting left handed then crossed the piste and took a called Ihirg a strike from a right handed position. Or Diz in fold for $10,000, and no Bonus los Angeles Herm in t As talkative As is halt a in the fold Diz signed a cont to pitch this sea Sot Cago cub. He will Omoy just half wha year. i by. March is. Vul Dean who i he once a. Tact last night i for the chime Ive $10.-i he Drew last ins sabbat h like the Ped a of a Ive hour i cab for the cubs exhibit iou in Iladel d into the a few not went something 12 10 p. In Ste main from Dallas. Late. Hopped into Wrigley Field whet were billed in an against Connie Mack Plizia athletics. I in p. In. Walk cub dressing room t too enthusiastic a Shiva the recept iou was definitely Hilly. 1 26 p. In found Clarence Pant Rowland. Cub executive and started a conference. 1 37 p. In Rowland announced a we re deadlocked Dean knows the term of his contract and it up to 1 38 p. remarks a if cd known this a the Way it would lie i would t have come out a All 1 48 p. Ill a i wearily and Aloin Box to watch the ing a it looks Lik ing the train a got to get Back to it get to 3 to p. In. A that All no Tellies himself Iii a left Field game Oliser a Pii he catch k to Dallas i i my farm Aud comments i hts Anent the a i m in great shape f no n to 195 pounds and ready to go. Last year i weighed 210 at this the contract it was announced contains no Bonus clause hut it Phil Adelphi y phils my Nii Beach. Fie. A the v it Elan by Aliet Heck should be Many allies for the Phil. Lies this year. The Ace fireman of the Phil la it a year honed himself in Good halve yes Ferda in holding the Boston bees to two hits and no run in three innings. Y s Ami m 4�?Toy Anaheim. Calif Benny me was believed Diz would he eligible i a a hitting Only .267 for the for one if he earned it. I a Ladelphia athletics hut con last year for his $20,000, he n p Arf ack is sure his $45,000 Beau won six and lost four. I a meeting the Hall solidly by the time the season opens. In it reds Tampa Bill Alc keel Trie Promise a a plenty of work for the Cincinnati red he fore their return to the Grapefruit league wars tile. Day. He thinks they looked a a terrible a against the bed sox saturday. Y not her worry for the Beds concerns Iva Good. Man s right shoulder which he Hurt in the All Star game lost summer. The injury a affected Iii throwing and an operation he necessary. Exhibition baseball by i hrs moated press off to a Imp Jerome Hermon Pels a hip Smalls from his Nife As he sets sail for Al forma. At Tamo Fla National league Alist or 2 american league All Star i at is Petersburg fit St louts to i 4 new York i a 2 at fun Brooklyn n i 9 Boston t a. I 2 at Miami bears. Fun Boston in 12. Philadelphia in it i at fort Myers. Fun Cleveland a 2 Rochester cd i. At Orlando. Fun Detroit a 9 Washington a 7. At san Diego. Calif san Diego p. C it 7. Pittsburgh a 4. At san Antonio. Tex St Louis a 12. Tulia t. L l 4 at Loa Angeles. Calif Chicago 4. Philadelphia a l at Hollywood. Calif Chicago Ais Hollywood c p. A 5. Washington Power boat racer lays claim to world s record cubs 1-2 Victory is h a my drives a w a 1 15 p. In walk land s Lintel room 5. 15 p. Tit a i k enters a Arm Iii Arm with the cub official hound for a party Ai into Row Chat lie knot s Houp. A the Wiener fun i it ii Rowland out again smile. That right a Dix adds. Badminton Iii xxi pig Chi Ink Charlotte. March is to the Southern Badminton championship h March 29-30. St. Petersburg Fla., March to a Andy Crawford washing ton. D cd Power boat racing Driver claimed a new world s record for 135-Cublc Inch hydroplane today. His average Speed of 53.254 Miles an hour Over a five Mil a ours in the Smithland regatta help yesterday bettered the time will he held Here of 52 171 set by l. Hyde. I Ai red Bank. N. J. Last year

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